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The Cinderlander

Lint's page

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It's gone now. I guess you had to look fast. Oh well. Time to get ready. Hurry up Moxie we're on the edge of our seats.

Double post. What does it mean?

Moxie and Xandu both. :^)

I think you are spot on!

And poof!
Moxie tuns to Kori'el then looks at the demon, "Xandu? Where's....He left us!

Xandu looks at an empty teleporter with no demon in tow,"Oh crap, that didn't work. I better get back to the girls". oops

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Xandu even tried to teleport one of the demons onto another teleporter. He got past the spell resistance but the demon made his will save by one. Xandu then had to run back to the party. Would have been funny. Better luck next time.

A fun fact is that Xandu had given Rikert 156pts of cold protection and himself the same but from fire. As we entered the room Rikert said oh sure you have fire protection. That's when we get hit with two cold spells. Later Xandu gets hit a few times with fire. Xandu turned to Rikert and proclaimed the wisdom of Desna! It was a great fight. Xandu, with one hit point kept moving Moxie (Rikert once) and Kori'el to keep Moxie at range and Kori'el out of trouble. Even had to help Friedrich. Something that hardly ever happens.

The only torch that would be carried for Xandu would be accompanied by pitch forks if they knew I had healed the dragon. Bwahaha Bad Xandu! :^)

I have cast sanctuary so many times so that I can move about and heal the troupe under a false sense of security. The funny thing is so far while that spell was up I haven't been the target of any of the bad guys so I think it's the best spell ever.

Exactly. Scary how well you caught on. LOL

Xandu’s Journal Entry:

As I looked at the cloak I discovered that it only did dimensional door once /day not as good as I had thought but everyone was still adamant about me wearing it. I do like to move about during any fights so I agreed.

We went through the double doors after Moxie had declared them safe, and into a bigger library and study. This large room had been burnt or destroyed with flame. Not much was salvageable as we looked around. Moxie checked the first of three doors that were easily accessible and found it safe and unlocked . Rikert opened it and we all readied for an encounter. Just a neatly stacked pile of dead bodies lay like cord-wood. Upon inspection the bodies were all the same as the man in the other room. At first I thought the bodies came from the mirrors but no they had to do with a cloning spell he had worked on in order to send spies out into the world because he (we) are stuck here. He did mention a possible way out in his ledger. We will need to spend some time deciphering it. The next room was the same, neatly piled bodies of deceased clones.

Moxie checked the next door and again found it free of traps and unlocked. By this time we had all relaxed just a bit and were busy looking around at the shelves of burnt books and thinking about the dead bodies as we approached the doors and Moxie did her thing and Rikert opened the door so we were a bit taken aback when Rikert yelled and was set upon by none other than Delvahine. The demon from the silken pavilion. Actually it was six of her clones. Only one was visible to Rikert. I could see the rest and they had surrounded us outside the door so I divinely moved Davok, GrAnne and myself away so they would have a better shot at the clones. Forgetting that they couldn’t see them. Even after giving Davok true sight He still had to wait for them to materialize before he could hurt them.

Unfortunately a few of the Delvahine clones came after us and we needed to be a little closer to the Paladin so we wouldn’t get our minds taken from us so I had to move us all back to the troupe. We all fared well against the mind attacks save Moxie (poor girl) she was taken briefly by the desire to shoot Rikert. In the heat of battle maybe it was an accident but Moxie fessed up right away after all the Delvahines were dead.

Moxie even gave Rikert a great gift that she had found in the area, to make a mends. Rikert accepted but now must learn to read Thassilonian. We returned to the first study behind the secret door. Friedrich and Kori’el were getting quite a lot of information from Vraxerises tome when the secret door opened and an elderly gentleman came in. The room got colder, he smiled, closed the door and transformed into Arkhryst, the white dragon that had followed us here.

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Xandu's Journal Entry:

I checked everyone for wounds and it was decided that Moxie would escort GrAnne and Sheldor back to the other mirrors and destroy them and then meet up with the rest of us in the large room. (Players missing at the beginning of the night)

I cast true seeing on myself and shield other on Friedrich. I was about to cast true sight on Davok when many voices shouted at once ( telling us to keep the screams down as we died, the master was in his study and was not to be disturbed). That's when the fireballs came raining down on us and Davok ran screaming (just to piss them off) straight into the large room. I told the troupe that the Peacock in the center was an illusion and healed myself. I then cast mislead, (turning me invisible and creating an exact duplicate of myself) my double and I split up. I needed to catch up to Davok in order to allow him to see the foe but he had a large lead on me. Friedrich and Kori'el went towards the center, Davok and Rikert moved straight down the left side of the room. I had my double moving straight till he got half way into the room then turn right.

As I got farther into the room I started spotting the enemy as they reached my true sight's range. At first I tried to avoid them for fear that they could see me but I realized that they couldn't, as they cast spells at my double. I had my double fend off the attacks like he was being effected by the spells. I finally reached Davok but he ran off before I could give him sight. I took a deep breath and raced after him again, this time giving him Desna's grace to see the enemy. He was very excited for his new sight. And started firing away at the enemy with his bow. At the same moment I gave Davok his sight I heard GrAnne scream in pain. I turned in time to see her falling from the sky and off her broom, she landed hard on the ground.

I had no time so I dimensional hopped to her and breathed a healing breath into her body. then healed her she groaned and looked right past me.. I turned to see what it was she saw but it was just her little dragon, I realized that she couldn't see me and might have thought that her dragon had saved her. Good enough for me. At that same moment Davok went down in a horrible display of bodily contortions. As if being eaten. I couldn't get to him in time to save him but I went anyway. I started to bring him back from his sleep but was interrupted by two of the mages running in our direction, they were being chased by the rest of the troupe, Friedrich, Kori'el, and Rikert. I readied myself for their arival and when they reached us I gave one of the mages a mighty whack with Simon's sword. It's much harder to swing than I thought and even mages with no armor don't just die when hit with a sword, I think it's best if I stick with the healing.

As the fight moved on from Davok's body I started the prayer again to bring him back to us. I finished the prayer at about the same time that the rest of my troupe mates finished the mages. I explained to them that there was a secret door next to Davok and I and after picking through the mages for loot we moved into the secret room.

There was a deceased man sitting at a table looking into a mirror. For what ever reason no one wanted to look at the mirror. One object of note other than the many books (many, many books) was the cloak the dead man had on. It looked like peacock feathers, so brightly colored. I'm pretty sure that i moved without even realizing it as I stroked the soft cloak and marveled at all the bright colors. Every one in the troupe agreed that I should have it. These guys are great. Wait till I tell them or show them what it does. Not only is it beautiful it is very functional as in dimensional door three times a day functional.

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I wouldn't have known how to spell his name but I am old enough to know who he is. I still like Tangent 101’s reference to Elton John, that was fast and awesome.

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Elton John, that's pretty good, I can accept that.

Because USEPLANB asked me to post how Xandu dresses (items found in the AP, I will add) I gladly, boldly say....He is wearing at times

1. Pink gloves (spider climb)
2. Green boots (of swamp walking)
3. Red scarf (haunted mansion, which tried to strangle Uther)
4. My normal variation clothing
5. Hat ( of disguise)
So tonight while in the shimmering halls there is a cloak with peacock feathers that we found. Of course everyone starts laughing that I get to wear it to round out my outfit. You can guess where the jokes tend To go when it comes to my character's character. Just saying. :^)

To the rest of you, do you see what I mean. They are incorrigible, girls. I was trying to be Good!!! Smile

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

The afternoon went smooth and the troupe received much needed rest or at least down time. Moxie and I talked about Simon and Lynn. We talked about Sandpoint and the people we missed. The troupe had to hush us several times because we were laughing to loud. It felt good to laugh. Moxie stopped and gave me a look at one point and asked what she was going to do with me, half to herself I think. I told her not to worry about me, that we need to get our troupe out of this alive and that was our main focus for now. I apologized for kissing her earlier and told her I was caught up in the moment. I don’t think I should have used the word apologize because she looked hurt and I started back pedaling saying that I was sorry for kissing her. She gave me such a look, her hands went to her hips her head went all sideways and …. (That’s when it got weird)

I said “No, I’m not sorry I kissed you, I was sorry for the way I kissed you…..Agh” I through up my arms and tried to get up and she pounced on me and kissed me. Then she said “Yep you’re right, it was a sorry kiss. Maybe some day if you’re lucky I’ll teach you how to kiss.“ I started to ask what was wrong with the way I kissed and she gave me that look and I knew we were done with the kissing conversation. We both started laughing and we promptly got hushed by the rest. We talked with the troupe and we tried to figure out how best to help Kori’el get caught up on our findings and ways to keep us all alive. We told her about the beings we had fought and the things we’d seen. She’s a bit odd, she talks to herself a lot, she doesn’t keep her appearance up like most girls or most people for that matter. She’s a mess but endearing at the same time and smart too. Girls!!!! I need a rest.

Fighting demons is going to be rough. My morning prayers went well. Hannah taught me many new spells I could use to help my friends. One of them was a feast and it was so impressive I wanted to show the troupe so I started the day with it. It was a great feast and everyone liked it but no one was hungry. I told the troupe of my great plan to retrieve Lynn’s body but no one liked it. Hannah didn’t think I should try either but she told me to ask the troupe maybe they would help me make a better one, they didn’t. Friedrich called it a “Fools Errand.” Jeez I just wanted to get Lynn back. Rikert said that Lynn was gone from his body and that we didn’t really need his body in order for us to wake him from his sleep (if he chose to come back). I left my daring rescue plan at the table. I guess I was still trying to be like “Simon” like Hannah had said.

We left the “safety” of our hiding place and slowly made our way across the open chamber ready to run from the dragon but it wasn’t there. We entered into Xanderghul’s wing, the walls were mirrored and there were chandeliers lighting our way. I could look into the mirrors and I counted passed forty some images of myself. It looked like it went on forever. While awesome at first it really started to be annoying when trying to keep a vigilant eye. As soon as we turned left (hard to tell the corridor even went right and left) we were attacked by doubles of Moxie and Friedrich. Followed by Sheldor’s and my doubles. At first I was stunned as to how well I looked. I was trying to heal people (Friedrich had just been blown up by his double. He died just like Simon. Well he mostly died…anyway) and trying to help Rikert fight an invisible Friedrich Double (luckily the doubles only tried to “kill” their original) when I noticed my double running towards me. I would have loved to see me dance and swing the totem spear that I use to use…my scarf looks great when I run and my hat is so cool, maybe I should get some different pants. Back to the fight. Davok and Moxie expertly picked out my imposters and shot them full of holes. Why did they look so surprised when they figured out that they had dispatched the right ones?

One final blow to a bear and more healing for Friedrich, would you look at that “Do you see the size of that Peacock?”

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

The void came quickly. The tree and the world around it came into view like a blinding light, then I blinked and I was there on the hill. I could hear the stream bubbling behind me. The soft white grass felt cool and a warm breeze blew my scarf and it smelled like summer. The stars shone brightly over head. Hanna was sitting against the tree reading. She closed the book and looked over to me. “A bit early aren’t you? Or is this just a visit because you missed me to much.” That accent, she could have said I have mud on my face and I’d just smile and nod cause I loved to hear her talk. She went on, “I’m teasing of course. I was watching you. I don’t always, you know, but today some things were all coming together. A pattern that has been weaving around the Storm Guard and it is coalescing.” Hanna put the book away, I don’t know where it went, it was there, then it wasn’t.

She stretched her arms out and above her head and arched her back. Then she planted her palms on the grass and her body rose up, palms and bare feet still on the grass, then she stretched up to the sky. Hands on her hips she slowly turned right then left, occasionally looking in my direction. She didn’t have the armor on that I’d seen before and was dressed like the first time I had met her. Fine white robes that still had patterns but the colors were muted now that she was touching the ground. I looked at my clothes, a bit battle worn, I should have fixed them first. I let out a sigh. “You were watching me? Can you do that? Can you see the others?” She laughed but it wasn’t a big laugh more of a giggle. “No.” she said “It doesn’t work quite like that but I do know that you were in trouble. I was even ready to come to your aid if you asked.”

“What? Oh, that” I knew what she meant. There was a way for me now to call upon Desna to send Hanna to my aid. I didn’t want to say that that might make me uncomfortable. Moxie and all. I let it be. “Hanna, do you know how to fight with a sword?” I asked. I had just come up with an idea and I wanted Hanna to teach me how to fight, like Simon. I told her my idea and she listened with a caring look and even approval it seemed but when I finished my explanation. She took me by my hands and explained that while that would be a most honorable reason to learn how to fight with a sword, that that wasn’t why I was placed into the Storm Guard. She said to me “A foot doesn’t become a hand when the hand is lost. Or a thumb become an eye when the eye is lost. It’s the same with the Storm Guard. When one of you falls you can’t replace them you have to just move on without them. Some one may fill in but never replace them. And then that person becomes a part. And that part is irreplaceable but you didn’t even realize it until they’ve shown up. Take Kori’el for instance Desna had her in mind a while back and even sent you to get her from Magnimar. You missed her then but still here she is and just when she’s needed. As for you, you are an irreplaceable part too. Now get back to your friends and figure out a way to get through this. I’m always here for you but so are your friends. So go but don’t forget to come back this morning. I will have missed you even more by then. Be yourself Xandu, always the humble servant that Desna loves, that we all love.“ She reached out and pulled off my hat and tousled my hair.

Moxie was still lightly singing and playing with my hair. Her eyes were shut. I closed mine again and gave my most humble thanks to Desna for all the beautiful parts she surrounded me with called The Storm Guard.

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

After I said that, Rikert turned towards me with a smile and said “Not just yet but I agree with you she must and will be dealt with”. To that I said we need to retrieve Lynn’s body and remember he had “The” Scroll tube”. Everyone’s eyes widened. I was needing to rest and so I went to Moxie and asked her if she would watch over me while I prayed. Her tears had stopped and she made herself comfortable and I lay beside her with my head in her lap. She sang softly and stroked my hair.

The white tree, the stream…….Hanna.

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

Wow, where to start? I went back to Magnimar and retrieved Friedrich but there was no sign of the woman that Desna had told me about so reluctantly I returned with only Friedrich. We spent a while in the Jorgunfist Library studying. Then back to Magnimar to sell our goods and buy new ones. From there we traveled back to Sandpoint. It was good to see that the giants we had left there remained. Unfortunately there was a sink hole that had appeared and we found more clues to the Thessalonian connection we were investigating. From Sandpoint we traveled to a place we believed would lead us to the Rune Forge so that we could make or forge weapons to fight the Rune Lords in particular Karzoug. We needed to travel to a mountain with a face on it and Simon had a map that seamed to show just the spot. No one wanted me to just teleport us there so I gave them the option of Wind walking, a spell Hanna had introduced me to in one of my dream visitations. The troupe all agreed and away we went. Hanna’s instruction has been very useful. My nightly prayers and meetings with her have become necessary in my growth in Desna’s power.

My bond with her is making me feel closer to Desna and farther from my troupe. Even though she says it is just the opposite. I often have found myself getting through the night just so I can meet with Hanna early in the morning. Our time together has stretched on ‘til dawn on occasion. That is very rare but it did happen once when I was in Sandpoint. Even Hanna was a bit surprised at the length of time that had past. There are many people that I know that I love and trust but there are some that also confuse the dickens out of me.

Hanna is one but not the first. If I was to be honest Ameiko is the first. She makes me feel so welcome and uncomfortable at the same time. I think she was my first crush of Sandpoint. That being said, the next is the little gnome, Moxie, who joined forces with a group of misfits that I found myself apart of. Both continue to muddle my brain when ever I’m around them. Strangely enough when in the Rusty Dragon performing I forget all about Ameiko and my focus is strictly on Moxie and the crowd. Okay Moxie first the crowd is secondary. When I perform well and Moxie dances and sings I have never felt that kind of connectedness with anyone. It reminds me of my caravan days but stronger. Funny, those days were not that long ago.

And no, I’m not without experience, I’ve had female friends, girl friends even intimate ones, lovers. I thought I might try and establish one with Ameiko when I was then distracted by my feelings for Moxie. But although she shows interest she is also aloof and standoffish. Ameiko seems content with staying in Sandpoint. That is so appealing to me because I’d love a place to call “Home”, raise kids. I want so much to be part of a real family. I think that maybe Moxie would like to settle down some time and maybe even in Sandpoint. The thing with Moxie is how she shines when she’s part of the “our” troupe. I could never deny her of that joy. There are so many facets to her that I doubt my ability to facilitate them all. Though I’d love the opportunity to try. So I find myself thus…..

I enjoy the warm friendliness of Ameiko and leave it at that. I absolutely enjoy the radiance of Moxie both when she’s performing before a crowd and when she’s just being the Moxie that lets kept bunnies free in the dead of the night. She melts my heart by smiling at me. From the twinkle in her eye the dimple of her chin. She captivates me. Just to be in her presence, I am happy.

This brings me to where I find myself now. A third wonderful woman has entered my thoughts. I haven’t even acted on the first one and now I have a third woman invading my conciseness. Yeah, I know it is way out there and believe you me it caught me totally off guard. I truly find Desna’s guide for me, her tutor for training me in using her power, has totally taken over my world. I want to please her, I want her to like me. I want to do well when I try the new spells that she teaches me in my morning prayers. I’ve even prayed to Desna about all of this and she just laughs and gives me no advice at all. It’s like she doesn’t care that I find Hanna attractive to the point of distraction. She doesn’t seam to care that I my love someone here where I live on the material plain and someone that might just be an illusion in my dreams. Desna is absolutely no help in this matter at all. She’s the one that is supposed to be on my side. I blame my human side for all these feelings. The sensible elf side would have no trouble at all just picking one and moving on with that choice. So I blame this on my humanity.

So by now you can figure out where my head has been. Not at all with the task at hand.

It’s winter and it’s cold and we made our way north of Sandpoint and into the mountains. Simon had a map that showed a face in the mountain region and Friedrich had told us of a mountain with a face carved into it that would lead us into the Rune Forge. We found a flat hill with seven standing stones in a circle at the base of the mountain with a face. Stairs went up from the plateau up to the mouth of the face, an entrance into the mountain. Each with an open mouth. We guessed that by casting the apropos spell at a stone it would produce a key. The unfortunate part of this is that the stone let out a scream each time it was made to produce a key. We no sooner collected most of the key if not all of them, than a dragon attacked the party. Yours truly was part of it’s first breathe and pass. My endure elements did nothing to stop the cold that came from the dragons mouth. And I took damage.

Without thought I raced to my troupe mates to heal them, move them, help them in any way I could. Then I thought, it would be wise to just make a run for the entrance since we had all the keys so I yelled at the troupe to fly above the stairs to the mouth of the mountain. The face had been carved and its mouth was the entrance. Away I flew deep into the cave until I could no longer see and even a little past that. I waited, it shouldn’t take the troupe long to catch up because we all can travel at the same speed when flying. It wasn’t until I heard something very large suddenly appear some distance beyond me in the dark. Meaning I heard something “blip” in and continue farther into the cave. The troupe arrived shortly after and said that the dragon had blipped OUT and I said that he had blipped In shortly before so lets be careful.

Down and down we went. Simon tried sliding to his death but stopped just shy of it. He wasn’t even worried, woo hooing all the way, because he had a plan. Yeah, well, he could of told us that instead of us worrying about him. At the edge, Lynn and Rikert helped Simon over to the walking path and we took the long way around and to the bottom. There were seven standing stones around an eighth . There was also a pile of treasure. Probably the dragons that was here some where mending his wounds. With Friedrich’s assistance we used our keys to activate the center stone. It turned into a gate or portal to the Rune Forge we hoped.

We came out in a huge chamber with twenty foot statures of the seven Rune Lords and in the center was what Friedrich said was the Rune Well, the place we’d make the weapons. I am not sure how that can be possible. I know how to craft arms and armor and a glowing pool isn’t usually part of the process. Friedrich assures me that this is in fact where we will need to place the ingredients to form our new weapons. He just hasn’t figured out what ingredients we need or where we will find them. He says he has an idea but is not sure yet he’ll think about it and get back with me. Okay?!!?

We chose a corridor to be the first and a plan as to which one was next in line, in case of trouble we would not move randomly about this place should we get separated. The first passage seamed short enough but as we stepped in, a loud voice sounded saying to us, we weren’t worthy and would parish. Simon actually said he felt unwelcome but he was the only one to mention an effect from what ever that warning was. The passage opened into a partially collapsed chamber, a battle took place here and even though every place these Thessalonians build has a lasting and preserving power I don’t think this battle happened thousands of years ago I think it was much more recent. In the middle of the room crackled a rod stuck into the ground. Electricity arced off of it. Most went around it but I wanted to touch it so I did and nothing, the hair stood up on my arms but that was about it. I tied to move the rod but it was stuck solid so I moved on passed.

Friedrich wanted a closer look at the rod and about that time Lynn said “Watch out!” and the rod pulsed. I felt an energy pass through me. I was aglow with Desna’s power feeding several spells I had going They all continued so I paid it no attention. Others started cursing (Simon), he was sure that it was us that set off the rod but Friedrich and Lynn said it would continue it’s pulse for some time if not forever. They were quite amazed at it. That was nothing compared to what we found next. A silvery pool. Friedrich couldn’t get his flasks out fast enough, filling them with the silvery substance, he explained that it was an ingredient we would need and he wanted to get as much as he could because he wasn’t sure how much was needed. Great! I think he’s making this up as he goes. Actually it’s good to see him so excited about something. He is much more animated now that he’s here in this place. Like a kid in a candy shop. And he wants it all. We all waited while our happy alchemist gathered the stuff of wonder.

After he had collected it all, we went back to cross the main chamber, we waited for the pulse then ran to the other side to explore another corridor. All we really found was a kind of ooze. It attacked Davok and Simon. I tried helping with fighting it with little or no result. I think Simon rolled his eyes as I attempted to stick it with my spear. He called me an idiot for trying but who was the one all gooey and stuck so really, who’s the idiot? Davok had found a hidden panel and that is why they had entered into the goo in the first place. After Friedrich killed the ooze the Davok opened the panel and through a lever as far as we know nothing happened. We then moved back to the main chamber. The next chamber we entered, Friedrich said belonged to the Rune Lord Sorshen “Lust” is the sin she was tied to.

Her chamber was immense and colorful and vibrant. The scenes on the ceiling were questionable and provocative. Naked statues, of Sorshen I guess, held up the ceiling. There were cages along it’s outer walls and a huge pavilion in the middle that was made of silk. I hate to admit it but as I looked at the ceiling I couldn’t help but think of Ameiko, Moxie and Hanna. Simon had an approving look as he looked at them and then there were four naked flying female creatures taunting us and making lewd gestures, pouting when we refused them. They were demonic in appearance but still quite lovely. Except Rikert, no one paid them much attention. They were flying out of reach and weren’t really bothering us but Rikert flew up to engage one in a fight. The rest came to the aid of the one Rikert was fighting. Everything happened so fast it is going to be hard to tell the tale without leaving something out so bare with me. Simon, Davok, Friedrich and Rikert maybe Moxie and Lynn as well. Were just ripping the flying ladies apart. All that they had done was to taunt us, Simon has done worse to any multitude of people including us. So I tried to hop up to one and keep her safe but she refused and dimension doored away.

I found out that they really didn’t like the paladin, Rikert was torn up by them, all attacking at the same time like they did. I took out a wand and was healing him when Lynn yelled out that there were giants. Davok braced himself and smiled, notching an arrow to his bow. Lynn was at the huge pavilion and through the door (a curtain not really a door) I saw Lynn being splattered to the floor by giants with huge clubs so I ran. Simon was screaming at me not to get in front but that is where Lynn lie dieing so I dimensional hopped to him and back out allowing Desna’s power to flow out of me to all the troupe and especially Lynn. Then I concentrated Desna’s power to revive just Lynn. I’m going to take just a moment here to explain all I saw in the first room of this pavilion. Colorful silks and soft pillows were every where. Had it not been for the giants and all that followed I would have loved to stay here a while.

It seems that every time I stop to heal one of our troupe, bad things happen elsewhere. Here I am healing Lynn when Simon, Davok and Rikert go racing off into the next room. Not one to be left behind Friedrich disappears, I have no idea where he went. Now Rikert and Simon are arguing about tactics and the like, the same banter as in all our battles. Who did more, who pissed their pants, etc, etc. It just stopped Simon was in the middle of calling Rikert a long line of names when he just went silent. Davok, who is at least usually laughing at them, was also missing from the banter and Rikert’s voice goes from normal horse play to something different it had been replaced by awe or dismay. He called for a halt and as I came running to them I could only see Davok, hands covered in blood holding his stomach together. He was saying that Friedrich had exploded Simon to dust and ash and that he thought the little one (Moxie) had gutted him (Davok) after he had shot Friedrich with an arrow. Davok is difficult to understand at times, his speech is, let’s say, rudimentary at best. I think I know what he said but did I really? I was looking for Simon as I reached Davok. Davok said stinky not right, Simon dead, lit’l sneaky bad, stinky blowed up Simon with sparks, lit’l sneaky shot me, is all I got from my big green friend. Rikert told me not to enter the hall as I ran past him to reach Davok. It was all I could do to get to Davok, I couldn’t have gone any farther if I wanted. There was no sign of Simon, not even yelling or rather cursing. Davok had to be wrong, Simon was just around the corner waiting for me to heal him. Rikert was furious he wanted to regroup but Lynn couldn’t make it to us. GrAnnie for some reason, only known to her, stayed behind and then cut of the path for Lynn to follow us. Everyone is acting strange here. Rikert told Davok and I to stay close to him as we moved down the hall and into the next room. He said he had an aura that would protect us.

I think I healed Davok afterwards I cast mislead, something new that Hanna had showed me, it created an illusion of myself and I turned invisible. Both my illusion and I moved down the hall but in different spots. I was staying within the protective aura of Rikert. Rikert, Davok and I moved in the hall towards a large bed chamber, as we did I searched the room for Friedrich and/or Moxie. Rikert and I had a feeling that they were under some spell that would make them attack their own troupe. Moxie has fallen under such spells before, come to think of it we all have at one time or another, even Rikert. Now I know there is no blame for them but I have to get her and Friedrich out of here before someone is killed. I moved down the hall and pain like a punch to the gut hit me. It was a sword slice from another invisible adversary. I stumbled forward. I couldn’t see who had just sliced me open but I could see the lady I had tried to save in the Great Room, she was standing against the far wall on my left. My illusion continued into the room. As Rikert and Davok came into the room a creature of light or flame emerged at the far wall and it opened its mouth and a blinding flash or ray of light struck my illusion and I let it go. That would have hurt if it hit me. Then a voice from somewhere in the room spoke to us. I still hadn’t found Moxie or Friedrich so I engaged it in conversation.

It (She) complained about how we had come in fighting and all she wanted for us was “Love” yeah, right. I became visible and grabbed a pillow from the nearest bed and moved to the middle of the room and sat down on the pillow. I said “Ask her (pointing to the naked flying lady that had been in the great room) I tried to save her from harm but she refused and fled here.” The voice still had no body and a pillow flew from yet another bed. I was sitting in front of a throne but facing now two shining creatures plus the lady I tried to help. The voice was calling the flying lady her “Daughter” so that’s what I’ll refer to her as. The “Daughter” didn’t look as happy as she did in the great room, she looked scared. I wanted to get out of here but I hadn’t found Moxie or Friedrich. I panicked and said we had come here to make weapons to fight the Rune Lord Karzoug and not to fight with her (the voice). Rikert joined in on the negotiations. Then Friedrich became visible and the voice became angry but she some tense moments ( of which I didn’t know what was happening. Later found out that GrAnnie had claimed Friedrich’s body much like what Delvahine did.) Eventually all parties agreed to help thus we would learn how to make the weapons. A female with wings (probably a demon if I read Rikert’s face right) became visible sitting on the throne with Moxie and her daughter flanking her along with the two shining children. A price was agreed on and we would get our weapons. I then asked for the renewal of our friends, Moxie and Friedrich. That’s where the story goes south.

Delvahine whole heartily agreed to let Moxie and Friedrich go as long as I would bed her. I was at a loss. (Where is Simon when you need him, he would have jumped at the chance to bang some demon in order to free Moxie. Just so he could tease Moxie about it. I could hear it now. Hey Moxie remember the time I had to do that demon to save your sorry a$$ and what do I get in return not even a thank you. I could hear him as if he was right there in the room.) I couldn’t bed Delvahine. Moxie was right there. I had no intension of soiling myself not even if it meant Moxie’s freedom. She would never forgive me, not for that. I told Delvahine that the one that could have sated her had been killed already. I was ready for a fight, Moxie was in view, Friedrich close at hand, and I knew for sure that GrAnnie could fix them if I couldn’t.

I readied myself for a fight. Then Lynn spoke up. “I’ll do it” I’ll sleep with you to free our mates. Delvahine reluctantly agreed. I was in shock, Lynn?, the elf that never said boo or anything. Of the troupe Lynn had been with us from the beginning and I knew almost nothing about him. He kept to himself for the most part. Kind of like Davok. Not partaking in the festivities of the troupe. Why would Lynn do this? There was a lot of commotion, then Lynn said aloud “Are we going to do this or not?” Delvahine showed him to her boudoir. Moxie and Friedrich stood guard just outside the door. We could hear….well we heard. Delvahine came out moments later, blood everywhere, with a smile on her face. She released Moxie first then Friedrich. She went to her throne and sat. I asked for the remains of Lynn and was refused. (That’s not going to go over well) She waved us out and we left Rikert had already left by the time Davok and I had collected Simons remains. We headed out passed the dead giants, passed the cages and when we got to the corridor Sheldor and Rikert were talking to a woman. Friedrich vouched for her and we all headed to the chamber passed the rod for some needed rest and regroup. It seams that the dragon had followed us here and is lose.

It was a funeral precession as we entered the main chamber (a statue had been destroyed just moments ago, Zutha) Friedrich and Kori’el talked as we walked, heads together and in hushed tones. We all waited for the rod to pulse then moved into the chamber beyond to rest. Rikert hadn’t said a single thing not even when introduced to Kori’el. Sheldor kept a vigilant eye on the entrance along with Davok. Moxie fussed over Simon’s body. GrAnnie cackled in a corner. I set myself up to find out what all the rod may have ruined of my stuff and said prayers to Desna. I always find reason not to look at Moxie, she was a few feet from me fixing Simon the best she could, tears streaming down her face, snot running out of her nose, she was a mess and I felt helpless to do anything. Kori’el walked over to the pile of stuff that was Simons. Picked up a dagger and held it high. “ I was a friend of Simon Rogue. Though I never met him, I heard of how he stood alone against the dragon in Sandpoint. I hope that when my time comes, I have the courage to do the same.” She looked hopefully at Friedrich but it was Moxie who stood next. Moxie walked over to Simons stuff and produced a ever burning torch, raising it above her head she said “I too was a friend or Simon Rogue. I am honored to have called him my troupe mate and proudly testify to the valor of his actions in our noble cause.”

What was I going to do? I stood up and walked over to Friedrich and punched him in the arm. “That’s for probably killing Simon” I slapped his face. “That’s for probably stabbing me” Then I gave him a big 'ol bear hug. “That’s for coming back.” I released him gently and winked, I turned towards Moxie. The torch was at her side she no longer held it up. I walked over to her and she shied just a little as I got close, she closed her eyes I could see her body tense as she must of thought I’d hit her. I leaned into her holding her tightly in my arms and kissed her, then whispered that’s in case you ever shoot me you’ll know I already forgive you. Her eyes opened and I kissed her again. I gave her a giant bear hug too. I reached for Simons sword and held it high. “I was a friend and troupe mate of Simon Rogue and he not only believed in me but he believed in us. So I say we go back to that pleasure place and do what he never got a chance to, and Fark that b@*&~let.”

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We were on the verge of TPK. Our small plan fell apart at its start. Xanadu couldn't get close enough to Moxie so he started talking. Rikert also started talking. Not knowing who were allies or foes Xandu decided to explain that they were here to make weapons to fight Karzog.

The short version so you can rest well is that we regained Moxie and Friedrich but lost Lynn as he agreed to spend some "alone" time with De. She wanted Xandu but he just couldn't soil himself especially with Moxie present he would have died fighting first. That's when Lynn volunterred his services. The Palidan is still pissed.

The write ups should be interesting to say the least.

One hour to show time. First we eat. Then off to the basement to storm the castle. Hazah

Hey, I just realized that it's my oh so smart phone that keeps "fixing" my spelling.


What can I say. Poor Xandu. Even his player mistreats him.

Yes, that's right. Sheldor and Lynn. Xanadu, Moxie and Friedrich. My bad. Still not pressing that button 'til after the game.
I have some surprises for tomorrow.

I also have to say that Xanadu loves this place. All it's colorful silks. Reminds him of his old caravan days.

One more note of interest. Xanadu, Moxie and Friedrich are the last of the original group.


You have no idea how much I want to read your spoiler. I, the player, loves (that's LOVES) to push the red shiny button. However I've played poor Xanadu as an easy going wonderer , that finds himself almost always in over his head. And with no formal training as a cleric, learns from his mistakes. Unfortunately I didn't get some spells off that I was intending because everything happened to fast.

Without looking at your spoiler I'm sure you've mentioned some spells like protection from evil and the like. Those are ready and waiting but I've had to heal first and foremost.
Not to worry though Xanadu believes wholeheartedly that Desna will save his friends through him. If GrAnne shows up it will be a little easier. Xanadu will die trying to save Moxie and even though he doesn't know that she and Friedrich are against him, once he realizes it he will need to make some fast decisions. Tomorrow can't get here soon enough.

Nicely written. I'm almost glad Simon was killed rather than have him dominated too. This is going to be messy. Trying not to make enemies out of everyone, Xanadu tried to save the last of the daughters but she left instead. It's hard to talk to other people when the Paladin and the half orc lead with "kill them all and let the gods sort them out". That leads the gods to have to sort out some of us as well. Arg

Simon Roque. A father to me, will be missed. We may not make it through this encounter without him. He had asked me not to try and awaken him if he fell. He explained that he has had a full life and not one regret that needed rectified. He lived and loved his way and was content. I pray that he wasn't as mad at me as he sounded when I ran to the aid of our fellow troupe mate. My only regret is that so many of us fall before we see the end to this plight we find ourselves in. Desna keep me strong.

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I know I've been lax about posting but thanks for the link. It's fun to see how others fare in this game. We had a couple of weeks off because of weather and I can't wait to get back in the game. I hope to post but have been very busy. See everyone tomorrow. May Desna be with us.

I'm listening. You'll get the help you need. :^)

We're back! We start our adventure again this coming Tuesday. Hopefully others will write some short pieces before hand. There is a lot to do yet just to get cought up. We were suposed to email this part but we all got too busy so I guess we'll start where we left off in the library.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to our adventure.

Xandu’s Journal Entry:

I looked around the library and some of the others were still up, looking at all the books and objects in the library. I explained to Moxie that I had tried to contact Flack but couldn’t. I told her what Desna had reveled to me, that Flack had almost been taken by Lamashtu and that his god had protected him and took him away. We were not going to be able to get him back. I also told her that Desna had told me were to find Friedrich, and one other who I don’t yet know. I think I’m to bring them back here. With that in mind I may have to go to Magnimar by myself. Moxie and I talked about my going by myself to Magnimar, she was against it. She also kept a close eye on me and the others as we talked.

Then she got in real close asked again who Hanna was. I wasn’t ready for that question. Hanna had told me that I mustn’t tell anyone about her. I’m sure I blushed has I said that I didn’t know, maybe it was just a dream. Moxie pouted her lip and said as she leaned away, “Fine keep your secrets but I’ll be watching you.” With that, her pout became a smile. “You look tiered” she again whispered “I’ll stay with you and watch over you. Get some rest my little flutterby” She tucked me in my bed roll and kissed my forehead. “What am I to do with you?” I heard her say as I closed my eyes.

Xandu’s Journal Entry:

“Desna….., Hanna…..,” I looked around I was in the library. “Moxie” Sitting up I realized I had been speaking aloud.

“Speak up flutterby. I know who Desna is but who is Hanna?” Moxie said still poking my chest with her finger, it was starting to hurt. I had never seen that look on Moxie before. She was in her night clothes, well her traveling night clothes and she was staring at me very intently. I don’t know if that was a smile or something else but it scared the heck out of me.

Xandu’s Journal Entry:

I didn’t need to look for her, Hanna was standing near the tree when I arrived. As she greeted me and started down the hill towards me I looked at her, watched her. Something had happened and I needed to see if I could get a hint as to what I had done wrong. Her robes more opaque and modest than the first time I saw her but still white and still nothing on her feet. Her black hair was shoulder length, not short or long, common, if I was bold enough to say so. Her eyes were not, they reflected our surroundings, shinning like the stars but not condemning. This was all the same as when I first met her but I was noticing more of the subtle details now. Her robes were not pure white as I had thought but they retained the patterns that they had when they were colorful and bright. Her voice still accented and heavily, held an air of authority. It made me feel safe and I smiled.

“What are you grinning at?” she asked. She stopped walking, looked at herself then at me, as she put her hands on her hips. I quickly explained to her that I was just noticing……her dress still had it’s pattern as when it was colorful…..and she doesn’t wear shoes…..There was a long pause and I dared not to look away. I stared at her eyes. If there was ever a void I could float in, it was her…. “You were grinning because I don’t have shoes?”

“Your voice!” I was startled out of my thoughts. “Your voice, the way you speak. It makes me feel safe.” Desna help me I feel like such a fool. “Even though you are smaller than I, the way you speak calms me.”

“Now isn’t that strange or perhaps it’s just coincidence, Desna has used those exact words when describing to me your prayers to her. Even though he is smaller than I the way he speaks calms me. Fascinating.” Hanna had taken on a serious look. I could feel sorrow.

I knew it. She knows I have done something. I pleaded with Hanna “I must of done something wrong. Earlier this night I tried to speak with one of my fallen friends but I couldn’t, I couldn‘t contact him. I didn’t tell any of the others that I had tried. Hanna, what did I do wrong?”

There was a flash in her eyes and she smiled. Then she said “I do not know but there is one that does, ask her.” Her eyes focused behind me.

I knew who was there and I didn’t want to turn around but I also longed to see her. I looked again at Hanna and saw only love. I turned and standing near the stream was She. The Song of Spheres, The Tender of Dreams, Queen of the North Star, Mother Moon and so many more names, more titles. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I looked upon her. Butterflies swarmed around she had wings too just like them. Her hair dark if not black and her eyes were stars in the night sky. Silvery and shinning. She smiled at me, smiled and held out her hand. I ran to her. Taking just her hand, I asked what it was that I had done wrong.

She told me that Flak had been a devout monk and when he was bested by a creature named Enga, a female kobold. As close to a living embodiment of Lamashtu as they come. While Flak was close to death Lamashtu whispered in his heart and he, Flak, listened. Flaks god allowed him this one forgiveness and instead of sending a messenger to correct him he decided to let Flak follow his inner urgings. When Flak died he was whisked away and protected from Lamashtu. That same protection also kept you from speaking to your friend. He has some redeeming to do before he will be allowed to return to the material plane, if ever.

She also said she was proud of our pact with the giants. That she wanted someday to win over Lamashtu for the domain of beasts. I told her that Hanna had a lot to do with that. She looked at Hanna and smiled. I can only guess what all transpired between them. I stood there what seemed hours but could not have been. At some point I felt her squeeze my hand and let it go. Take care my little one. You are stronger than you know. Keep your friends safe. Look to Magnimar for your friend Friedrich, he is at the college there. There is another there for you to recruit though you do not know her. Know that I am with you always. She reached out and poked me in the chest.

“Have you fallen asleep? You were supposed to be praying. You need to talk with Flak and get him back for us.” Moxie whispered loudly in my ear. Finger poking me in the chest.

I had to catch up. It's been weeks since I posted. I don't like to post in the middle of things. I may have to start. I still have more to post but I need to email the others to figure out some things. Like does Flak want to come back. I have "Do not resuscitate" orders from some. But not all. I do remember Moxie going through his personal effects at the end of the night so......

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

We bound our wounds and mostly our pride after taking that a$$ whipping from a “Female Kobold“. Albeit she was one vicious little lizard. Moxie’s not going to let that one go for a while I think. We made the decision to not engage the “Red Caps” what ever they were and keep moving down into the darkness. We also decided not to use any light unless absolutely necessary which would leave several of us blind for most of the rest of the way unless there was already light in an area.

I grabbed Simon’s cloak and followed him into absolute darkness. I could hear the troupe ahead of me and Rikert and Flak behind me but the darkness closed in on me like nothing I’d experienced before. I even had to shut my eyes on occasion just to get relief from the strain of trying to see. I tried my best not to touch the walls or walk on anyone else’s feet. I tried to remember the woman in my dreams that had started helping me become more familiar with the power that Desna has granted me. Hanna. I know she’s female but I didn’t understand what she called herself, that doesn’t really mater. What I was doing while walking behind Simon was trying to put myself into the void and float there but I couldn’t quite get there. When I got close a sound or movement would distract me, I would try to see what it was but couldn’t and I would need to close my eyes again, it’s so dark it hurts. In the dark the smells and dampness crept in on me. There was so much I couldn’t see even though I knew it was there. I felt very vulnerable, my grip on Simons cloak was tight, I think if I wanted to I could tell you the thread count of the fabric. It is pretty high, a well made item and a great hand hold.

We moved through an area where I could hear the sounds of large creatures and their heavy breathing. There was a noise and Simon stopped, then moved forward quickly. I stumbled but kept my feet under me somehow. All of a sudden I could see. There was light ahead of me and around a corner. To me it looked like we had come to an exit or an entrance and light was poring in but as I rounded the corner it was just a small ion stone of Moxie’s that was shining, so bright I couldn‘t look directly at it. She had it out for some reason. I glanced behind me expecting to see a giant on my heals but there wasn’t one. Davok and Moxie were in a hall with carpeted walls and it continued on but they were stopped, Davok’s hands were red with blood and Moxie was trying to aim at one of the carpets in front of her.

As Simon and I reached them in the hall a spear point of sorts shot out of the wall and gutted Simon. I now knew what had happened to Davok and why he looked so troubled. The rest of the troupe moved to the lighted hall and tried differing approaches’ to deal with the threat. I prayed and focused Desna’s healing power on my friends. A shout from the room we had just moved through caught me off guard. A loud voice in giant was cursing us for making so much noise. I wanted to reply in giant but knew my voice would not sound deep enough to fool him.

Not knowing what the room or hall that we had just come from looked like I cast a spell to hopefully keep the sleeping creatures from hearing our struggle. It felt so good to channel Desna’s power. I felt so alive. It turned out to be two trolls on guard behind the walls that had murder holes in them, that they could easily attack out but almost impossible to get a good strike back at them. The troupe figured all of this out in short order and found ways into the trolls hiding places and killed them without bringing the resting giants in on us. I was almost sorry that the fight ended because I knew I was going back into the darkness. I think I know what Haytham’s Roc must feel like except it doesn’t know when it is tucked away. That’s how I felt in the dark, tucked away until I was needed. We moved further down.

Down and down we went deeper into nothingness. I had finally reached the void that had eluded me in the upper levels. I was able to let Simon guide me along as I seemingly floated in the void. My eyes no longer hurt from lack of light or I had just shut them and forgot about them I’m not sure. I could hear whispers about the change in the rock from rough hewn stone to worked stone. I reached out and slid my fingers along the walls to see if I could feel the difference. I was happy that I could. The stone wasn’t cold or damp as I had expected, nor was it warm. It was just stone. The troupe stopped and a light was produced. I actually looked away and shut my eyes. The light was to bright.

Davok and Moxie had come to a doorway and were going in. There was a glow about the room and I was witness to Davok shrinking down to Moxie’s size. Moxie stayed the same. Their movements once in the room were what concerned me. They started wobbling like they were drunk on spirits. Davok also engaged something out of my view. The rest of us moved into the room Simon shrank, I shrank, Haytham and Lynn shrunk as well. The walls started moving out of the corner of my vision so I shut my eyes. I could hear fighting and some banter from Simon towards Moxie now that he was her height. At which he and the rest of us caught quite an ear full from Moxie. I think the room had an ill effect on her, that or we’re all just about to go bat $h!t crazy.

The troupe killed the two giants that had been stuck in this room or were guarding it. Either way, they died. Lynn told the troupe that the spell that had shrunk half the party would wear of soon enough so we continued on. Simon still laughing (mostly to himself) about size. I didn’t catch it all and that’s okay. I continued to heal the troupe and tried my best to keep track of everyone’s health. I didn’t want to lose any body. Especially this far underground. The next fight came as no surprise as the lead members piled into a room and the rest followed.

Moxie raced to the far end of the room as to attack from behind the golem that worked here. The problem I had is when I entered the room I became very ill. The dim lighting the humid air and the stench from the caldron all coalesced into a nauseating result for me. I don’t know who picked me up and carried me to the other side but thank you. The Troupe killed the golem. Simon says Rikert did the most damage. Who cares I did nothing and am glad to be rid of the whole room. We do a quick heal check and get everyone back to just scrapes and bruises before entering the next room. What a sight this room is. Magicly the room is very cold and there are rows of frozen giants in it. Oh yea, this is where we should not be but it’s where we are all going. Moxie says there’s a door on the other side and as we walk towards her Haytham checks one of the frozen giants he’s walking past. He screams (in the best manly way) undead! Their undead! And at that, several of the giants animate.

I unleashed Desna’s healing power till I was aglow with it. It was wonderful. I healed the troupe I harmed the undead. Desna’s divine power surged through me, around me, and I didn’t want it to stop but it did. We took stock after the troupe had taken care of the undead giants and we moved on.

We may have gotten thirty or forty feet down a hallway when out from the walls came a pot bellied fiend belching molten metal out of a maul in it’s belly. I yelled an alarm and pushed Davok out of the way taking the brunt of the molten metal it had spewed in our direction. The rest of the troupe tried to engage it but it walled off Lynn and Simon and looked at Davok once again. What was it with this thing that it hated Davok so much? I almost wasn’t in time this round to save Davok from the spewing maul of the fiend but I did. Pushing Davok out of the way at just the last second and taking the brunt of damage myself. Simon would be so mad at me if he saw what had happened. I wasn’t in front and neither was Davok and I thought there was enough time for me to push Davok out of the way and for me to escape too. I was wrong.

Wanting to help as many of the troupe as possible and not able to run around healing everyone in this tight corridor with that fiend biting and spewing on everyone I gathered Desna’s power and formed it into a column of positive healing power right in the hallway. I yelled to the troupe if you need healed just touch the column of light or stand in it and it will heal you. I stood in Desna’s glory for a moment before giving way to the others that needed healing. I returned after we had killed the fiend to heal and to bathe in Desna’s light, then it was gone.

Moxie had thrown a sunrod into an intersection and was waiting for the rest of us to catch up. There were huge double doors to the left and a single door to the right. The entire hall had runes on the walls and Lynn was deciphering them saying that they were calming runes. Meditative in nature perhaps. All were in Thessalonian. Moxie said a key was needed to enter the huge double doors and Lynn mentioned a summoning spell on the doors as well and advised not to mess with them. During this discussion some of the troupe had entered the smaller door down to the right. Moxie was stationed outside the door in the hall readying Anne (the name she gave to her long percussion wand, Uther is what she now called the smaller of the two).

The troupe was busy fighting some floating or flying dogs is all I got out of Moxie as she concentrated on what was in the room. Lynn had picked up Moxie’s sunrod and had brought it down the hall but I could still see nothing passed the doorway, it was dark. The dogs were killed and there were a pair of doors on one wall of this chamber. Moxie was heading to the doors to check them out as we like for her to do, just in case. When Flak and Rikert walk right up to them and open them. Moxie’s hands went straight to her hips and she shook her head and walked on over to the doors. I’m glad I was in the back this time and didn’t have to see Moxie’s glare. By the time I got to the double doors Haytham had conjured up a wind to disperse the fog that was within. Flak and Rikert had already advanced into the foggy room and were out of sight.

We all moved in and were immediately accosted by a foul cloud but that too was driven to not by Haytham’s wind, although not before choking some of the guys but no lasting effects. There was a giant and the other end of this enormous room. Even with several light sources I couldn’t see the ceiling. The giant was on a stage some forty feet off the ground and was casting spells faster than the troupe could react.

Haytham cast a fiery furnace wind that engulfed the stage but the giant just stepped out into the chamber as if he had wind walk or the like on himself. Simon, Flak and Rikert were all changing into larger than life personas of themselves. Rikert even had wings. Simon and Rikert engaged the giant and Flak tried too. I concentrated on keeping Davok alive as he was the only one hurt that I could reach. I had cast sanctuary on myself early on in the battle and it works great because not once did the giant try and hit me, even while I ran around helping the troupe. No sooner had I run over to Haytham and asked him to take down the fiery furnace wind so I could go up to the stage than the giant had dimensioned doored out. I received several disappointing words from Rikert and others about me being able to keep that from happening but after I had explained that I had used that spell to power a healing spell all but Rikert were understanding.

We knew that Mocmurian (the giant from this room) would be coming for us soon and with backup. I really thought he would need to heal up a bit more before coming back. Luckily no one listened to me because we did a quick scan of the room and looted as much as fast as we could then went back to a small room that we could all just fit into. I was about to start praying when they came. We were just passed the cold room where the potbellied fiend had attacked us when we started hearing voices. Mocmurian was already back and he was pissed. Then I heard Conna’s voice too. Maybe we won’t die I thought to myself. The troupe moved to engage Mocmurian and his pals once more.

Davok started it with a great shot to Mocmurian as he advanced down the hall towards Davok. Mocmurian staggered back and let a Lamia past to deal with Davok. That’s when Simon and I ran into the hallway. Simon glared at me as I skidded to a halt, trying to remain behind and not get out in front of him. I must of still had the glow of Desna’s power around me because as the Lamia moved up to Simon and I, it ignored Simon and attacked me. Davok, Simon and Haytham focused their attacks on the Lamia and it died. In the cold room Flak had taken a grievous blow but the giants and Conna had turned on Mocmurian and the remaining Lamia and as we killed Mocmurian he read from a scroll. The scrolls power didn’t work and instead his head animated and a voice that I’d heard once before uttered forth. After, the body of Mocmurian quivered and shook in a spasm until he died.

I had walked over to the closest giant and even in my diminutive state he jerked away as I reached out and healed him. Once he understood what I had done he looked at Conna then took off a necklace he had and handed it down to me. I was proud. Conna asked that we stay here for a few days, we could have whatever we wanted of Mocmurian’s loot. She wanted us to stay down here while she dismissed the giant clans. We agreed and she and her giants left.

Right away we started looking through Mocmurian and the Lamia’s bodies for clues treasure and the like. A key was found and it might fit the huge double doors in the hall not far away. It was decided to be tied. I needed rest before I could attempt to even talk with Flak let alone bring him back. So we went to the huge double doors and Moxie was able to gain entrance. Inside was a huge library of Thessalonian origin. Pristine and magically kept it even had a mechanical librarian of sorts. It was decided that we’d stay here. I will need to talk with Flack soon. Sweet rest, black sky white tree.

"Hello Xandu, Humble Servant of Desna." A voice was never so welcome to my ears.

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Awesome. I was there but it's always a treat to hear it from Moxie's view. See you all tonight.

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

We formulated a plan of sorts. Haytham and Sheldor would fly into the pit and search for the female giant. Then one of them would come back and let me know if they found her or something of hers that I could use to help scry on her with. While they were gone the troupe discussed the best possible way for us to get in.

Haytham returned and gave me a feather so I could scry on him. He said that the female we were looking for was there but that there was another giant nearby. We needed to be careful. He flew back in and I gave him a few minutes before I scried on him. I could see him and occasionally I could make out a giants hand and arm. I talked to Haytham through messaging but the giant heard me and went to investigate the source. She then came back and looked at Haytham and asked “Who are you?” Haytham hesitated then said in giant that his name was Haytham and he was here on an errand to stop the giant’s attack on the lowlands. He went on to say that he had hoped that she would be an ally in this venture.

Fearing the gig was up I talked to her also in giant. Telling her that we were interested in only Mokmurian and stopping him. That there was an army of men headed for the stair and we wanted to stop things before a war broke out. I told her that we knew the giants would win but at what cost and what would happen to everyone once Mokmurian gained all the land. That he and his plans frightened us and we felt obligated to stop him at any cost. She agreed that she was frightened of his plans too. And would help us get into a safe place to start our search for him. We agreed to a time for us to teleport into her temple but she would have to show Haytham the temple so we could teleport there. She took Haytham into the temple long enough for me to get a feeling, a picture of where to teleport to. When she did I realized I had seen this place before but didn’t remember why or how so I kept quite about knowing the temple room. My scrying stopped and we waited for Haytham and Sheldor’s return.

It wasn’t long but longer than we had expected before they returned to us. Haytham explained that she had made a map of the lower parts of the fortress and had marked out where we needed to go and even marked places where bad creatures lived that she wanted us to exterminate. We all studied the map and Moxie hesitated about reading the teleport scroll. That’s when we figured out that Lynn could read the scroll but he would need to see the spot to teleport to. He said he could go invisible and fly there with Haytham as a guide and fly back out. This sounded like a great plan. Off they went. Haytham as a crow followed by an invisible Lynn. We waited and waited. After a long time and we were all getting a bit nervous, Haytham and a bruised and battered Lynn returned. As it turned out there was something in the temple that had attacked Lynn when he stepped into the temple. Only by luck did Haytham find the invisible Lynn in time to save him. This brought up a great debate as to weather we could trust “Conna” the female giant. We decided that we would have to trust that she could keep the haunt away from the group. It was time to go.

With great anxiety the druids took flight and Lynn read the scroll. He, Simon and Moxie blinked out. It was time for me to teleport myself, Davok, Rikert and Flak to the temple. Blink

We were in. I introduced myself to Conna and I think she was a bit surprised that I was human. I had forgot to warn her of that fact but she stayed true to her word. As the group gathered in the temple she again asked us not to kill any giants if it wasn’t necessary, to which we all agreed. We left the temple and headed into the depths of the fortress.

Our first encounter was with four giants in a mess hall I could hear others that were out of view (possibly cooks). We decided to try and sneak past the giants and with Moxie’s aid did so. We were in a long corridor and there was a door towards the middle of it so I cast silence on the door. That way any sound that took place wouldn’t alert the giant that might have been in that room and it would keep the noise from the troupe going back down to the mess hall. It turns out that it was very wise that I had done this because as soon as Flak entered the area at the end of the corridor he was attacked by a very angry kobold. She tore into him with a vengeance. Leaving him dieing on the ground as I came to his aid. It took the rest of the troupe to kill the little kobold. I’m glad they did because she kept trying to get to me and Rikert. I healed Flak but I think he’s not the same now as he was before. He has a look about him. A wild look in his eyes, I think I’ll stay clear of him for a while until he cools off.

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Xandu's Journal Entry:

Five days without my friends was hard and as soon as I get them back, they tease me. I laughed at the thought of all that we have been through together and even though it’s been hard and some have even died the troupe still has a sense of humor.

The early morning air was crisp and clean. A small prayer to Desna and the cold doesn’t effect me. As vain as it may be I like to look sharp. I proudly ware my Varisian clothes with my bright scarves. I was still trying to remember last nights dream prayer with Desna, it was more intense than others. There was something else about it too, a guide of sorts. My mind was fuzzy and listening to the troupe move about and talk of the giant encampment took me away from my dreams. What a sight it was indeed.

Jorgunfist was amazing in itself, a fortress the size I’ve never imagined. And all around it were camps of giants. Even one camp that was comprised of just females. When a male giant tried to enter that camp the female giants would beat him to submission and he would return to his own camp under loud jeering. It was overwhelming the size and scope of the valley floor and the giants encampment around the fortress. Only one camp held elder giants the rest were younger, like those that had attacked Sandpoint. We decided to take some time and scout ahead and to make plans. Getting into the fortress was going to be difficult. We all looked around and formulated different plans. I could see a large cave on the other side of the valley from us.

It was to far for me to dimension door to and I had already used my teleport early this morning. I was saving the teleport scrolls for a more important time. Sheldor was curious and turned into a crow and flew over to see if I was right. I was the only one that could make out the cave and it intrigued both Lynn and Haytham. I’m not sure why Sheldor went, I suppose he was tired of all the talking and needed a break from it. He came back all excited. He said the cave had a pile of coins in it, that’s when Haytham and Lynn told the troupe of the dragon that attacked Sandpoint and a map of sorts to it’s treasure. They said that the cave most be it’s lair and that we should try and reclaim it if we could after defeating Mokmurian.

Sheldor’s flying across the valley gave the troupe an idea. Sheldor and Haytham in crow form would scout during the day and give us information that we could then use to try an entry into the fortress. Sheldor said there were a couple of cave entrances but after Haytham checked them out. He checked out a central pit. One that we couldn’t see very well from up here on the mountain because it was in the shadow of the large tower. Haytham said he spotted a female giant there. The troupe thought it a good idea to have me scry on her somehow. That night it was decided to have them both check out the central pit as the caves did not sound like very good ways into the fort as yet and maybe we could learn more from the giant.

Flak and Davok both said getting down the mountain would be easy and we should stop wasting time and start our attack. Simon calmed them by teasing Rikert, this seemed to ease the tension in the half orcs. Flak actually looked like he was in a trance (meditating) while Davok would disappear for long times before returning to camp. That’s when Simon would engage Rikert in discussing his (Rikert’s) assault of the fortress. Trying to show Davok the folly of one man or a small group doing a frontal attack in this situation. I think it worked because Davok would watch Simon goad Rikert and seem to agree with the attack but then he’d listen also to Rikert rebut. The two (Simon and Rikert) had Davok so mixed up and mad that he’d leave again in disgust. Night came early on the mountain and in the valley. We ate cold meals and the fires from down in the valley looked like stars in the night’s sky. I closed my eyes thinking of the giants camp fires.

I remembered the strange white tree. Desna’s bright but warm light. I prayed to her while I thought of the fires in the valley below me. I was in a void. I floated above the camp fires and above me the stars swirled and coalesced into a bright void, then white rolling hills and the tree. I remembered the white grass and the white tree and I looked for a . . . . butterfly? . . . . No . . . . Hanna . . . . Desna’s guide, my guide. I looked about, where was she, who was she. I was in the right place. The soft grass the bubbling stream the white tree. “Hanna?” I said aloud “Desna?” Was I just dreaming, am I just dreaming?

“Hello, Xandu.” Standing next to the tree was the woman from last nights dream. All in white but also wearing armor. A bright silvery metal scale flowed with her movements under her white robes. It covered her from neck to wrists and ankles but her feet were bare. Her movements were slow and deliberate. “You have a lot on your plate don’t you. You did very well last night and Desna wants me to push you harder.”

“Walk with me. Come with me and I’ll show you something.” I looked around and then started up the hill toward her. She turned away and started walking across the hilltop. Her steps were shorter than mine and I quickly got up to her adjusting my stride to match hers. I saw no weapons or anything other than her armor and robes. She gave me a glance then looked up, into the sky. It was dark then my eyes adjusted and I could see stars as I looked out across the night sky the landscape changed. We were on a mountain top looking out across the sky. Hanna pointed down and I could see the giants camped around Jorgunfist. I looked to the right and saw our troupe camped on the mountain side. I could make out Davok and Flak guarding the troupe. Lynn was reading something. Moxie was in a tent. I could even see myself. Asleep and in my night clothes and bedroll. Davok moved and it startled me. “Can he see me, us?” I asked. Hanna took my hand and said “I hope not. Lets not stay here and find out otherwise” We moved and were among the giants in one of the camps.

We walked past sleeping giants and giants that were up and warming themselves by the fires. I saw them laughing and joking much the same as men do. It was strange to be here this way. Looking at the giants I asked, “Why are we here? Shouldn’t we be practicing or something?” Hanna smiled and said “I just wanted to walk with you and show you and help you.” “Show me and help me with what?” I asked. “Here, I’ll show you something.” She said and took my hand. We walked out of the camps and up to the walls of the fortress. Hanna dimension doored us to another room, I didn’t know where but I could see a giant woman talking to a translucent male giant. He was angry and she was troubled. He could see her but I don’t think she could see him. I felt sorrow for the female giant. I wanted to help her. “Good” Hanna said and squeezed my hand. The male giant looked our way, he may have looked right at us I’m not sure.

I blinked and looked at Hanna. She was smiling at me. I felt, I felt “good”. The walls of the chamber we were in warped and we were again on the hillside with white grass and the tree. “It’s time to begin your lessons.” She said. I let go of her hand and took a step back, “What was that? Why did you do that? Where did you take me?”

“I took you to where you are now, where your body is, but you know that. I showed you something that weighs on your heart. You may not know that. I also put you to a test. While that may not of been fair of me I will tell you only that you passed. Now let’s think about how we can make the best of our time tonight. Do you have anything to ask of me?”

“I don’t know what to ask. Did that giant look at us just then?”

Hanna smiled “I don’t know, I was watching you.”

Heat filled my head and I knew I was blushing. “Never mind let’s try some teleport spells it seems they are difficult for me to control.” Hanna smiled and said “Control is the problem but you need to learn to let go not control. Desna knows why you pray and what your need is. Now I know why she likes you so much. It’s been a long time sense someone has tried to control Desna’s power. It’s amazing that you’re still alive. Do you think that the stream tries to control it’s flow of water when you summon it? Now try to think of yourself as the stream and Desna as the summoner. She has brought you into being with a purpose, to do her will. Yes, you can use her power as you see fit but there is something greater than that. Something you can’t see yet. She wants you to succeed, to grow in her power. I talk to much and this is not helping you. Let’s try some spells. Summon those cats like last night. What were they? Leopards. Summon your Leopards, I‘ll play with them as you practice our teleport spells”

I forgot about the giants, I wanted to please Hanna. I summoned Leopards and laughed as Hanna played with them and fought with them. Nothing made me happier than making Hanna laugh. I had no problem with my teleport spell or any other spell. What was it that Hanna was helping me with? The connection I had with this place was getting stronger, I could feel that. I hoped that Desna was pleased with my progress. Hanna said that Desna was. When Hanna spoke of Desna she beamed. I hope others see Desna through me like that.

I woke to clear crisp mountain air. I remembered a dream with stars and Leopards. Moxie in her tent and Davok on patrol. It was time to have the druids (Haytham and Sheldor) go do some more searching today and if they can find the female giant they saw yesterday I’ll try to scry and learn more about what’s going on.

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Xandu’s Journal Entry:

The mountain air was clear and clean. It was cold here in the mountains but warmer than I had expected. It was good to be reunited with the troupe and after everyone had their laugh at my teleport mishap we settled down for the remainder of the night. I watched Moxie’s ion stone shine in the night as I fell asleep. It seemed to get brighter as I closed my eyes and giving thanks to Desna for delivering us to our friends. I remember praying to Desna, Moxie’s ion stone became a brilliant white light, warm and comforting, I knew it was Desna come to visit me. As she spoke to me I saw a shadow flitting within the light or against it. Desna said she was very pleased with my progress and she was going to send me a tutor to teach me how to better channel the divine power she grants me. The shadow looked more and more like a butterfly as it came closer and the brilliant light behind it faded.. The butterfly became colorful now that the light wasn’t blinding my sight. Desna’s voice said “This is Hanna, she will teach you and be your guide. She will show you where to go when you do your morning prayers. Do not be afraid.”

The light dimmed to a glow and a strange landscape took it’s place. A rolling, soft landscape with white grass and white trees. I was now standing mid way on a hill not far from a strange white tree. A silver stream flowed behind me. It’s shining water bubbling past white rocks and reeds the sound was soft and musical, very calming. The creature, I could now make out, wasn’t a butterfly but that of angelic origin. A humanoid with flowing wings and robes. From my view, as it landed near the tree, it’s (her) wings warped and were gone. Her robe’s were much like the scarves of mine. Brightly colored and sheer but as she touched the grass they muted to white. Her curvaceous feminine outline was petite but obvious. As she stood on the hill, she took in her surroundings and then her gaze landed on me. My words would fall short if I tried to describe what I saw. The most beautiful song I know wouldn’t capture her. Hair as black as night eyes that shined like stars. Skin that had never seen the sun shined like the moon. Her movements flowing. The garments barely concealing. I stop in modesty. I will not try, words just fail.

I looked down and at my clothes, even with my nice new traveling attire I felt unworthy. There was dust on my green shoes. I couldn’t look back up. “As you wish” I said to Desna, in a short little prayer. I could hear Hanna slowly moving closer to me. I saw her bare feet stepping closer. Her legs shown through the white robe. She walked all around me. I could feel her looking at me. As she came back around she bent down and looked into my eyes and said in a teasing voice “It is going to be very difficult to teach you if you’re only going to stare at the ground.” Her words were in common but with a thick accent that gave each word authority. Then she reached out with her hand and smiled as she raised my head by the chin. “That’s better. What a clever hat you have and that scarf. Why do you wear such a thing?” Keeping my eyes on hers, Oh crap, I thought.

Oh, Desna. I reached for the scarf and raised it. The red scarf that tried to strangle Uther. Why had I kept such a thing. I knew the reason and said “It reminds me that anyone one of us can die at any time but we don’t have to. It is like a security blanket you give to a child to make her feel safe.” Why was I telling her this? I thought. “Every day I wear it and don’t die, I’ve cheated death.” She released my chin and stood straight up with one hand on her hip and the other holding the scarf. She let the scarf flow out of her hand as she pulled her hand back, the scarf fell back onto my chest. “Cute” she said, “and somewhat endearing.” “That hat, did it try to kill one of your friends as well?” I could tell now that she was in deed teasing me. I laughed and said, “No, I actually like my hat. It’s magical but mostly I just like it.” She took a step back and studied me again and finally said, “It suites you. My name as you no doubt heard is Hanna. I am an Avoral and a messenger of Desna. And you are Xandu, a Varisian orphan who has adopted a whole village to fill that hole in your heart. Many Varisians pray to Desna but she insists that you are special. What do you think?”

I didn’t know, Simon had said that I was special too. He said that Desna had chosen me, what do other people see that I don’t. “I’m not special.”

“Good. At least we both agree on that.” Again she walked around me. “Lets start with some basics, I am thirsty would you please get me some water?”

Instinctively I reached for my wine skin. Hanna raised an eyebrow. “Oh you mean create some water.” She smiled. I prayed and water flowed from the stream and into my hands. I looked at it, my hands cupped and held them out to Hanna. “Thank you” she said then took my hands in hers and drank the water.

That’s how my night went. It seemed to me that we were in that strange place doing spell after spell for hours. All spells I conjured in some way had a tie to this place. I knew now that every spell I did originated here. Desna had created this place and through me it could effect my world. I didn’t want to leave. I had never felt so alive as I did here. I could feel the positive energies flowing under my feet, through my whole being and out of me as I called spell after spell. I brought forth beings and animals that played and ran about as I did more spells.

At some point Hanna said it was time for me to go back. “Back? You mean I’m not in a dream?” She cocked her head and said “Yes, you are in bed on a mountain side overlooking a valley and it’s time for you to go back to your body.” All the magic’s and animals faded out of view. “When you return you will remember but you can’t speak of me or this place to anyone. When you pray tomorrow you will again come here. Remember the light, the tree and me, I will come and teach you more. It has been a pleasure to meet you Mr. Xandu of The Storm Guard, humble servant of Desna.” She bowed and did a flourish in a complete copy of Moxie, hands sweeping. She leapt into the air and colorful wings spread to give her flight and her clothes again brightly colored as well. She soared into the light. The light turned color. Almost red and I could see blue skies and mountains. I rubbed my eyes. It was morning, early morning and some of the troupe was already moving about.

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Xandu's Journal Entry:
When we arrived back in Sandpoint after buying many items in Magnimar, there was a debate as to how best go about our daring “Cut the head off the serpent” attempt, thus foiling the giants attack of Varisia. Walking to the Storvall Stairs with an army sounded safe but terribly slow. We wanted something quicker and with more stealth. Hoping that the news of an army marching from Magnimar might even keep the eyes of the giants away from our small group.

It was decided after much debate that half would fly to at least above the stairs and if Desna willing they’d find the Jorgunfist Fortress. Once they were ready I was to teleport the rest of us to their location. I was very uneasy about splitting up the troupe this way but was made a bit at ease when they said I would contact Moxie every evening so she could give us a quick report of the day.

That would leave me with five days here in Sandpoint to help out with repairs and write some scrolls. I was hoping that Friedrich would make his way back to Sandpoint also. So we all gathered for morning breakfast then went a little way out side of town so Haytham and Sheldor could change into Roc form and carry the troupe on their backs. Moxie handed me a ringlet of her hair to help with my scrying and a lump formed in my throat has I watched them all soar into the early morning light.

I tried to busy myself all day anxiously waiting for the time to scry on Moxie. The hour came at a snails pace and I had all the items I would need for the scrying and messaging spells easily an hour ahead of time. I gathered the troupe that remained with me, Rikert, Davok, and Flak (our newest member and another half orc) into my room at the Rusty Dragon for the first meeting. I was ready to teleport us all there immediately if necessary but as it turned out Moxie and her crew had a wonderful and uneventful day. It made me blush that I had thought any harm might come of them. I said goodnight and cut of contact. Feeling much better with having seen and heard that they were doing so well that I rushed out to inform the Mayor and Sheriff of our success thus far. Mayor Deverin was more pleased than the Sheriff but she’s closer to Moxie than he so it’s understandable. I also sought out Father Zantus and tell him and to ask for prayers. He was exited to hear the good news and seems to have a greater interest in Moxie these days. She does make a person feel important when she talks to you and she leaves you with a feeling that all is well and everything is going to be okay.

I prayed to Desna that night thanking her for keeping the troupe safe and for the wisdom to write more scrolls in the morning. The second day was much like the first, though I was much more relaxed. After that nights scrying on Moxie, I didn’t need to go find the Sheriff or Mayor, they were in the Rusty Dragon talking to Ameiko. They all three looked at me as I came down from my room. The army had informed them that they would be heading out first thing in the morning and had asked for a great deal of food and provisions. The Mayor seamed a little agitated at the amount they requested but said the towns people came through. She mentioned that the Scarnetti’s had helped a great deal in getting all the goods that the generals had asked for. Even in going so far as to help reimburse some of the peoples cost. The way she said it with a sideways glance to Ameiko lead one to think this was not normal behavior for the Scarnetti’s. Anyway I didn’t need to go find them they were right here waiting for my report. They even stayed for a little entertainment after I had told them of the days events via Moxie.

The third day Moxie had some new news to report and was all excited to do so. Apparently they had spotted a raiding parties camp and the party had and was going north. They were all still going great and moxie almost seamed bored with my wanting more information. She answered all my questions but looked like she wanted to be done so Again I bid her a good night and ended the scrying. Like the day before the Mayor and Sheriff were waiting for my report, which I gave. We sat and talked for a while after but there were lots of things I needed to do before I left so I excused myself.

Day four and still no Friedrich. I wasn’t worried because I knew that he wasn’t coming straight back to Sandpoint, in fact he was planning on staying in Magnimar for a while. I just thought that if he heard that an army was on it’s way here and then beyond, that he would come and check on things. Besides I wasn’t the only one checking the gates for his arrival, I spotted his young herbalist friend more than a few times and when she saw me she would go about her business as if I didn’t know she was waiting for him but I watched her look out across the river and down the road to Magnimar as if waiting for someone to return. I left it alone, no sense in making a point of it, I missed him too. Speaking of girls, Simon’s Kitten stopped me on the street and asked of him.

Apparently he failed to inform her that he was going away for a while. I told her that he was gone on business and he’d hopefully be returning by the end of the month. I asked her if she could dance or sing but she laughed and said no. She told me to check with the theater group for help, she didn’t think Ameiko or I would like her kind of performance at the Rusty Dragon. With Simon it’s different and that’s why she likes him. Before Simon came she had only once been a customer and never since becoming a “Kitten“. She said all of the girls at “The Pixie’s Kitten” respect Ameiko and would never go uninvited. I must of blushed. She said don’t worry Ameiko has had words with me and I understand her position. She runs a good shop and has helped the town beyond repay. I’ll say this though she has also softened a bit. Take me for instance. Someone of my standing would never have thought to go, or think she’d be allowed, into the Rusty Dragon before, not saying it’s common now but after that first day, when the misses came to us girls and asked who wanted to go to the Dragon for a day (and night) most girls refused thinking it a cruel joke but my heart soared. I thought joke or not I wanted the chance.

I would do anything to go out and be like a real person on a real date. Say what you want about him. Simon Roque is a good man. Sure he pays me but he’s the only one that lets the world see me too and I in return see a different side of Sandpoint. I know why Ameiko doesn’t allow “girls” in her establishment and I applaud her but I also know that she doesn’t mind me being there. She told me so herself, mind you I’m not allowed to go solicit business there. She told me that too. But she said that me or any of the girls was welcome there. Just no working the gents or she’d throw us out. If we dressed appropriately and behaved she would have no problem with a visit now and again. Right nice, she is.

Feeling a bit uneasy (knowing now that I changed all the rules, all of Ameiko‘s rules) Desna, may she never find out it was me who hired that first Kitten to go to “The Rusty Dragon”. I stayed just a bit for some more small talk but I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Finally there was a lull in “her” conversation (do all girls talk so much, no, Moxie never has two words to say, well maybe two) so I made my exit and I bid the Kitten a good day and down the street I went. I turned the corner and dimension door’d back outside the gates. That was unexpected, I knew I wanted to get away but really? Moving away and just thinking about Friedrich brought me right back to where I was a few minutes ago. Looking down the road towards Magnimar. Then I spotted a cart. Friedrich! It must be him why else would I return here so sudden, Desna be praised. I walked faster as the cart got closer. It wasn’t Friedrich but it did contain an old friend or at least his remains.

The wagon was hired by my friend Friedrich but I forgot there was another reason Friedrich had gone back to Magnimar. It was to return another friends body. Ramad. I hopped onto the wagon as it drove us into Sandpoint. I saw to the remains of the fallen Ramad. I handed him over to Father Zantus and went to find his other friends in town. My day had taken a turn for the worse. That night I failed at contacting Moxie. I was already in poor spirits and now this. What had happened to the troupe? Where were they? To make matters worse Rikert, Davok and Flak had not joined me in my scrying. They were to busy getting ready for tomorrow. That’s when we were to teleport to their location. So I was alone when I couldn’t reach Moxie. Scared I prayed to Desna, please let them be alright and safe. I got a simple reply that they were okay. So little information but at least I knew they were alright.

Even with the prayer and reassurance I had trouble sleeping. Dreams of Ramad’s death on the barge. Friedrich exploding into cinders those cinders catching a field of scarecrows ablaze, and a Giant Black Man rising out of the burning field raising a huge sword and cutting down all of humanity. Fire, Death and Giants. I woke in a pool of sweat. I sure hope that wasn’t one of Desna’s dreams for me.

The next day flew. It seamed there was not enough time to do everything that needed done. Four days that crawled then the last day was here and I felt unprepared. Gathering up my gear and collecting the troupe we entered my room. The wash basin my scrying device, was filled with water and the guys were all ready. Davok with his bow out and Flak, practically hunched and ready to pounce waited for my word. At first the contact with Moxie was difficult. I could tell she was still flying and it was hard to make out her words but she finally landed and brought out an ion stone so I could see her location and BLINK.

We were in a fortified location with a familiar feel about it. Fort Rannick, and the rangers we had left there were just as surprised to see us. We let them in on what was going on and told them that in an hour I’d be teleporting out and to our friends. Rikert didn’t seam so sure and laughed and joked with the rangers while I rested and spoke again with Desna. I can’t say for sure because I don’t ever really see her face but I had a strong feeling that Desna was smiling the whole time I prayed to her. Just a feeling.

When I had finished my prayers and got the troupe ready to teleport I saw Davok hand one of the rangers something when I started the scry on Moxie. She lay in her bedroll fast asleep. I felt uncomfortable calling to her as she slept. I didn’t want to wake her she looked so peaceful. She is more adorable when she sleeps than I could have ever imagined. Rikert slapped me on the shoulder and asked what was going on? I said she’s asleep. Then wake her or not we need to go. Alright I’ll try but you’re right we’ll go either way. It would be easier if she could give me some light. Moxie I called but no response. I called again, nothing. I called several more times with no response and as I was about to give up she answered. It didn’t take her long before there was the ion stone and Rikert Davok, Flak and I joined hands and BLINK.

We were on the ground, hard and rocky but the rest of the troupe were around us and a field of camp fires way down below us. Welcome to Jorgunfist. Now get some rest we’ve a busy day ahead of us. “Farking teleport my arse. Good to see ya kid.” Simon said with a grin. “I told ya he’d fark it up” he told the others.

Sounds dangerous Lian, you should be careful but it sounds like you have great friends. You keep being a good sneak about and you will make them all proud. Your friend from Sandpoint, Xandu.

P.S. The name "Lint" came from my first sneak-about. I called him Lint because he could always be found in your pocket. Sneak-abouts are grand fun to play.

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No spoilers needed. I know not what all this is about. Moxie is the kindest sort of female I have ever been around. She's shy and loving with a mean streak a mile wide. I love to tease her and enjoy our time together. I like Ameiko also and she's a female too. Next thing I know you brutes will be denouncing the Tooth Fairy.

We had fun last night. Everyone was there. I can't wait to read the write ups. I of course made lots of good rolls but failed the "important" one. hehe so we (the four that teleported) took a side trip, what's the big deal.

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Nicely done. And only nine. We welcome the next generation. Keep dictating. Your view of the story is awesome.

I am but a humble servant of Desna but the news of your adventure has reached far. My home is in Sandpoint if you're ever near feel free to stop in and stay at the Rusty Dragon. The food is wonderful and the people are friendly. May the road always rise up to meet you.

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Oh, this is where Moxie has been hiding. Shame on you NobodysHome for encouraging her to stray.

By all means Leilani stop by and go shopping with Moxie and in the evening hours we can entertain the patrons of The Rusty Dragon with song and dance. It would be nice to have a "Lady" around. quick wink and a grin to Moxie.

Way to go fellow "Journalists" keep up the good work.

Oh, and just one more thing. Xandu is Lawful good. Sometimes very close to chaotic good but not quite or there would be a freshly raised dragon flying around and probably a dead cleric of Desna. Just Saying

LOL Tangent101, that video nailed it. At least that's how our barbarian-monk thinks of himself. hehe Even when playing a ninja-witch. And we will miss the fox too. I think we should keep it around. Alas we can't because we are already on our way to certain death.

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Xandu’s Entry


Xandu is a Varisian cleric of Desna. A free spirit that wondered into a town just to see the opening of a temple to his God, Desna. The Butterfly Festival.

We started our characters with a 20pt build so our stats for the most part are above average but not high by any means. Low to med teens for most of us, some stretched one or more attributes at the cost of others I did not. We are all tenth level. I read some of your posts about summoning in creatures to help us but as our core group is so large that by adding more to melee would slow the combat to a crawl. It’s already slow enough because table talk gets so loud while it’s others turn that both the DM and others get frustrated quite often.

I like playing Xandu as a person that wants to help but doesn’t always know the best way to do it. He’s not a hero in his mind. He’s not been trained to be a priest, Desna talks to him while in prayer or after he prays while he sleeps. He loves to travel and is fascinated with Moxie and Ameiko (they‘re called crushes for a reason). He enjoys Simons “fatherly” advice on how to behave in combat because it is so foreign to him. At the start of the game he could fight as well as the others but as we advanced it became clear that he was not able to give out or take damage like the others. As he loves his Varisian outfits he has not used much armor. I know there are ways to make a fighting cleric, I’ve played them before, Xandu is not that kind of a cleric. He prays to find his way in the world and loves to help others as he walks his path.

Sandpoint has become his home, something he’s never had before, with all it’s ties and strings attached. Obligations that come with having a place to call home are worth it to him because when he does get to be in Sandpoint he’s connected to everyone there. They even look up to him (he’s uncomfortable with that part) and they trust him. He looks up to Father Zantus even though he has surpassed him in level. He looks to Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin for guidance. The people of Sandpoint are is his family. The Troupe (as Moxie calls it) are his friends. And this is his great adventure. Thanks for reading along.

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