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Lindum Coralus's page

32 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Neil Mansell.

Full Name

Lindum Coralus


Halfling Cleric 10/Diabolist 1


HP 90/90; AC 22 (T12/FF20) CMD 13; Fort +13, Ref +8, Will +17; Init +1; Perc +7, Sense Motive +14







Special Abilities

Unholy Channeling, fireballing and his trusty imp campanion 'Slip'.






Absalom (Most likely at one of the Paracountess's parties, yay!)

Strength 5
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 22
Charisma 18

About Lindum Coralus

Spells Prepared:
0 - Create Water, Dancing Lights, Guidance, Spark.
1st: Disguise Self(D), Forbid Action [UM], Protection from Chaos, Remove Fear, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith.
2nd: Bull Strength, Cure Moderate Wounds x2, Invisibility(D), Resist Energy x2.
3rd: Dispel Magic x2, Fireball(D), Searing Light x2, [Empty Slot].
4th: Air Walk, Blessing of the Fervor, Confusion(D), Dismissal, Freedom of Movement.
5th: Breath of Life, Life Bubble, Fire Shield(D), Flame Strike
6th: Blade Barrier, Heal, Mislead(D)

Skills: Bluff +9, Diplomacy +19, Disguise +8, Heal +12, Knowledge(arcana) +6, Knowledge(planes) +10, Knowledge(religion) +10, Linguistics +5, Perception +10, Sense Motive +19, Spellcraft +10, Stealth +10.

Feats: Selective Channel, Command Undead, Improved Channel, Lucky Halfling, Quick Channel, Toughness.

Traits: Sacred Conduit [+1 to channeled energy DC], Fiendish Presence [+1 diplomacy & +1 sense motive]

A former slave in service to a fallen priest of Asmodeus, Lindum bought his freedom by uncovering and revealing his master's corruption to the temple of Asmodeus. His divine powers, appearing at this time, came as an embarrassment to the clergy and he was shipped off to Absalom to join the Pathfinder Society.

Small and frail, Lindum nevertheless possesses an intensity in his eyes that few can match. A handsome, almost childlike, face with curly sideburns and a short goatee. Fair haired with bright hazel eyes.

Although a devout follower of Asmodeus, Lindum is fairly moderate in his beliefs. He believes that law, while harsh at times, is necessary to maintain order, which is the ultimate goals of any civilised society.
Lindum does enjoy tormenting his companions a little though, especially if he gets a chance to make deals (or better yet, contracts) with them.

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