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Mordant Spire Elf

Limeylongears's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,359 posts (4,024 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 52 aliases.


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Not too bad, ta - how are you?

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
What's your stock rebuttal to the whole "communism doesn't work and capitalism is freedom etc etc" standard line of argument - and what about the even bigger elephant in the room, the problem of words like "socialism/communism/capitalism/government/freedom" having entirely different meanings depending on who's saying them, thus making coherent pro V con arguments all but impossible?

Try breaking things down and discussing, concretely, what makes capitalism work and how much freedom we really have within it?

Getting as far away as possible from words such as those you mentioned with a lot of emotional baggage might help, though it does make the discussion slightly trickier.

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That's the first time I've heard Sid Ifrrrican accents described as sexy. Still, in certain circumstances, of course they would be :)

Also, Steven Z K Brust has been described as a Trotskyite sympathiser, and having read 'Teckla', I can see why. First fantasy novel I've read where the good guys win (in part. Small part.) by selling Revolutionary papers to people...

Also, apropos of nothing, wouldn't you love to be in Zoltan's Phoenix Guard? I surely would.

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'Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?'

Dashed if I know, but the same thing happens with me and squirrels (really) which is why PFPL has started calling me Squirrel Magnet.

Also, I have Edwardian Prowess. Oo er.

Also, she's coming around to my house next week, so the few days before that will be spent frantically trying to cover up Evidences of a Prolonged Bachelor Existence. Oo er x 2


She quivered involuntarily and blushed when I mentioned (entirely innocently) that we needed to be disciplined. Oo er x 30000.

This bodes well for the future ;-) ;-) ;-) !!!

Am trying to make gluten free cookies for PFPL. They've been in the fridge for an hour and a half and are still not firm enough to slice. Something has gone wrong, but what?

This is the first time I've tried to bake since making recreational confectionery at college, so some sort of cock-up was inevitable. Still, never mind. If it doesn't work we'll just eat the dough raw LIKE BEASTS.

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International No Sausage Day, which was yesterday. I celebrated by not eating any sausage and I hope you did too.

Tomorrow is Intergalactic Stap Me Vitals Day, where you are encouraged to use that phrase as a substitute for your usual oath, curse word or expression of surprise. Let me know how you get on.

'It is only thst this individuality is not laid claim to; the female renounces it for the benefit of the species, which demands this abdication' - Simone de Beauvoir's 'The Second Sex'

Not as good as 'It is notable that the living impulse that brings about the vast production of sperms is expressed also in the male by the appearance of bright plumage, brilliant scales, horns, antlers, a mane....'

{Strokes mane, preens plumage, polishes antlers}


Kamasi Washington

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Readerbreeder wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Nobody can Hardy like Hardy. Nobody.

I submit that Dickens may be his equal at some points...

Dickens has always been my go-to for verbosity.

Ah, the 19th century, when the paragraphs were as well-upholstered as the bustles.

I'm reading 'The Second Sex' by Simone de Beauvoir, as a sort of counterweight to all the Gor books.

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
And 'ere we finish up this round...

Err... We'll urinate on Ezra Pound?

I came out as a Commie to PFPL today. She didn't seem to mind.

Kajehase, priest of the aesir. wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
"What could be safer or more sensible than cutting grass with a sickle in shorts and sandals?", I hear you ask, and the answer is "Absolutely nothing, say it again now, unless Cosmo gets involved, in which case you will end up slicing a chunk out of your ankle and bleeding all over the sodding place"
Frej accepts your sacrifice.

Does this mean better carrots? If so, WHOOPEE, just so long as I won't need to pull someone's lungs out through their ribcage next time.

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"What could be safer or more sensible than cutting grass with a sickle in shorts and sandals?", I hear you ask, and the answer is "Absolutely nothing, say it again now, unless Cosmo gets involved, in which case you will end up slicing a chunk out of your ankle and bleeding all over the sodding place"

Krensky wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
I managed to f*** off to the pub before the speeches!

The people’s flag is palest pink...


It waves above this round of drinks...

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Some (Press) pics

Master Pugwampi wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Gunter the Penguin wrote:
Wernk, dood.

Daww, aren't you just delightfully adorable and evil?

*picks up to cuddle*



Whelp, you've had a long prosperous life anyway.

*tosses at MP*

"Ask *Rysky* anything, anything at all!" hmmm?

OK...Exactly what am I supposed to do with an energy drained penguin?!?


Do whatever you normally do with a penguin and just dial things down a notch?

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Reminded myself how much I dislike London today - too many people and too bloody expensive. Mind you, you do come across gratifyingly odd things pretty frequently - the bunch of people outside the railway station trying to prove to passers-by that the 12 tribes of Israel were all South American/Caribbean and that Afro-Caribbeans and Africans were completely unrelated and the very definitely un-Japanese woman walking around in a bowler hat, wooden pattens and a bright pink flowery kimono with a terrible picture of a winking baby pinned to the back immediately spring to mind..

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'The Misfortunes of Virtue and other early writings' by the Marquis de Sade and 'Beasts of Gor' by John Norman. Presently got 'Insurgent Mexico' by John Reed open as on-train entertainment

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D'aawwww :)

I'm down at the big anti austerity march in London - estimated 250k people speaking truth to power, with some also holding up giant inflatabe bananas at it. Everybody's there - us, in a bloc with the KKE and the Indian Worker's Association, the College of Radiographers, the RCPGB (ML), Quakers For Justice and the Class War Women's Death Brigade, the latter being a death brigade (whatever that is) of women in Class War and not some murderous anarcho-misogynist outfit.

Women in general tended to have the rudest signs - my favourite read 'March for the Squeezed Bottom' - and best of all, I managed to f*** off to the pub before the speeches!

'I did not imagine that the Marquis would be so cruel as to refuse me what was mine by right and was convinced that once his first anger had passed, he would not inflict a second injustice upon me' - The Misfortunes of Virtue, by the Defined Arquebus himself

Same thing or two different things?

Oh, Tony Babino!

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Kajehase wrote:
Rawr! wrote:

Um, it won't spread to anyone else, though. Ennui and all...

It would be a pretty boring movie.

Maybe we could get Michael Bay to direct it, so there'd be some explosions.

It'd be like a cosy murder mystery, only with zombie philosophers instead of English vicars.

And I'm plumping for François Ozon for director and Jean Reno or Kristen Scott Thomas as the lead.

Will this mean explosions or will it mean no explosions?

'Cause I want exploding undead Existentialists. And a 50 foot high robotic Jean Paul Sartre who turns into a smaller Jean Paul Sartre with wheels for disguisement. And Megan Fox's bum. And a sandwich.

The sandwich I can do; the rest will have to remain nothing more than a beautiful dream :(

Well, he's already done it, so I don't know what the precise answer to that is. When he first set eyes on some lovely young Spart on the Boston waterfront, perhaps.

My favourite version of the 'Internationale' is Area's, closely followed by Robert Wyatt's

I have finished Jude the Obscure, which had

An extremely gruesome end

I have also read a collection of stories about barbarian swordsmen, called 'Barbarian Swordsmen' - it included Fritz Leiber, Lord Dunsany, REH, CL Moore, Henry Kuttner and a couple of other people who I'd not heard of - Clifford Ball was one of my favourites, but his stuff only seems to appear in compilations, and there's very little of it...

And lastly, 'Slave to Her Desires' by Samantha Austen. Not too bad, though did get a bit silly at the end. Darn sight better than the other Silver Moon book I read



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Mythic Tacticslion wrote:
38 minutes until my 10th Anniversary day starts!


Well , we did scheitlhau (?) tonight. Tricky to get quite right...

Also, there's now someone who I can play at sword & buckler with. Yippee!

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Treppa wrote:

I need calm brain more than anything else. You can cast calm digestive system on my sick dog.

It has not been a good night. Did you know birds start singing around 4 a.m., around the same time cats begin proclaiming love and/or war?


Yes, I do. There's a grove, or spinney or whatever opposite my bedroom window which is full of... crows? rooks? that like to go WAAK WAAK WAAK WAAK! WAAAK! WAAAK WAAK!, alternating with smaller ones (I assume) that just cheep. A lot. When I'm thinking very hard about Red Sonja important things and do not wish to be disturbed.

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Well, if she gets tired of Starks and Lannisters and so on, try delving into the Eldritch Tales of Healy

Less impressive tales of love amongst the commie nerds:

The present focus of my attentions, who I will call the Popular Front For The Proliferation of Longears (PFPL, as opposed to the Democratic Front for the Proliferation of Longears (DFPL), who has gone kinda quiet at the moment) Not sure whether that's offensive or not. I expect that it is. Anyway, PFPL is a Green Party member, so far as I can tell, and is heavily involved in disabled rights, too. Huzzah! Probably not safe to break out the hammer & sickles yet, but we'll see

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Tacticslion wrote:
Hey, Limey: I've a character that uses your alias name... as an alias.

"A surprisingly loquacious individual with propensity to listen to all sorts of things and know exactly what he shouldn't"

This for a D20 modern campaign or something similar? (Gothic Earth? is that still a thing?)

I watched the first 30 minutes or so of it and wasn't gripped enough to want to carry it on. I might have liked it better if it was a bit more 'early 1900s vision of the future'-y (steampunk?) or if they'd camped it up a little bit more, but that's just me. I didn't get the glowy blue destructo-glove the villain had, either.

They seemed to have taken a lot of visual inspiration from the comics, which was fine, but the Green Martians didn't really seem like hulking great warrior beasts. Bit too spindly.

Then again, in one way, the more John Carter stuff there is out there the better. TV series might be good

At football, presumably, and not Tossing The Haddock or Halloumi Wrestling.

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A riff, in three parts:

We ain't got nothing yet - the Blues Magoos

Ricky Nelson - Summertime

Deep Purple - Black Night

Did (1) and (3) just pinch it off Ricky, or is it an old blues riff or summat? I dunno.

Another vote for Meyer here, although the Spanish thing sounds interesting. Might be a bit more duel-y, so it depends on your individual tastes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For everyone's info, 'The Fencing Master' does not have very much fencing in it at all, as I've found out to my cost.

Rysky wrote:
The Fiend Fantastic wrote:

*Heads off to the drawing table*

Murderhobos Adventurers beware.....

Or just don't f*%# with Pugwampis.

Should I start wondering what a f*+%wampi is?

Will I end up trying to eat my own face if I do?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Kajehase wrote:
G+$@@@nit Winnipeg! Stop being so many time zones away.

What's in Winnipeg?

Apart from naked dwarves, obvs. They get EVERYWHERE.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Todd Rundgren's Utopia

When I was very small, I had a very particular idea of what all 1970s music sounded like, and Todd Rundgren comes closest to it.

There was nothing in the house except folk music and late '60s stuff like the Kinks, Beatles, etc. at that point.

I ate some chili
I felt... okay
Then I passed by
A fine cafe
There was a man
Eating a t-bone steak
With a girl in his lap
Feeding him ice-cream and steak.

Actually, none of that is true, apart from the bit about the chili.

Artemis Moonstar wrote:

Soo, got a question for HEMA folk.

Is it a good representation of actual combat, and what are the odds of a novelist being able to use it in a work?

Been thinking of doing it for a while now, and there are 3 potential spots around my area.... I don't like how one of them comes across though... They want the kind of people who think those using historical european fighting for escapist fantasy or role-play is incredibly defending, and refers to them as goobers and wieners. Those who view it as a chivalric game or a dueling show are "unworthy of the seriousness of the craft"... *eyetwitch* sounds like a bunch of high school jocks to me.

I must admit I've never come across that in person - some of the people at my club take part/have taken part in reenactment or LARP, or have to do with TTRPGs. There's a lot of irrational (I think) prejudice against rapiers, though, which are only apparently fit for frilly-shirted perfumed fops. I do not subscribe to this point of view myself.

Some of the Renaissance manuals have some quite poetic/evocative names for the guards (Iron Gate! Strike of Wrath!), but they'd be pretty much incomprehensible to anyone who hasn't already read 'em, and you don't particularly want to have to supply a glossary alongside your super-thrilling climactic fight scene.

Other than that, what Orfamay said.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Proletarian clarinet fun.

The Klezmatics - In kamf (song for Lenin)

:( :(

I found somewhere last weekend that sold *very* cheap loose tea - so cheap it made me wonder, but I still bought some Keemun (banana-esque after-taste.. Odd), some more Russian Caravan and some Formosa Oolong. Not dead yet, so it must be alright.

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It's 2015 here.


'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' by Robert Tressell, which was very good up until the end, when a good-hearted aristocrat came and saved Christmas in true Edwardian style
'Death-Blinder' by Bernard King - Norse themed fantasy which was actually pretty good, despite the cheesy metallic cover
Now reading 'Jude The Obscure'

That are? Underwear plural?!

Mind you, a creature of pure chaos would have [redacted] and [redacted] and possibly even [redacted] here, there and everywhere, so that makes sense. Like a little green singularity covered in Calvin Klein.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That explains why you look so cross.

Oh, and thankyou Kajehase :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Hello, it's me!

Or you, alternatively.

In addition, nobody is fat, unless they really want to be, and you all look good in your pants.

Whether you'd look better in my pants is strictly between you and your conscience.

Scythia wrote:

Interestingly, historically this is reminiscent of a type of easy opening mechanical knife that Rom were known for.

A Navaja?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank Cismo for the phrase 'auditory lavage', which has been added to the Longears arsenal

Cosmo, however, has a lot to answer for, making Naughty Pillbug remind us all of bellowing women in top hats & dreadlocks. Bad! Very bad!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Enjoy the summertime! Gambol around the savannah, with the lioness, the cubs and a cheeky yet adorable meerkat & warthog due (possibly?) !

{Appears in the clouds, playing 'Born Free' on a gigantic gold Casiotone}

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