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Mordant Spire Elf

Limeylongears's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,290 posts (3,910 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 52 aliases.


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Who forgot the code this morning and hence set off the intruder alarm, leading to around 5 minutes of excruciating electronic shrieks and several concerned telephone calls from the monitoring company?

If your answer is 'L. Longears', you are WRONG. I was a mere puppet of Cosmo's malign and omnipresent intelligence and cannot be held responsible at at all.

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Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

That being said, I just had nostalgic flashbacks to playing the video game in middle school over Charlie McDonald's house. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

It is my very particular pleasure.

Today, fact fans, is Thomas Hardy's 150th birthday.

However, I intend to follow up on Hitdice's suggestion and seek out tales of filthy human sows. Sounds like a winnah!

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Kajehase wrote:

*checks the news*

You knw, if you're suspended from your teaching job for violent behaviour, hitting the head master with an axe is probably not going to help your case.[/ooc]

I thought that was standard procedure in most Nordic employment disputes, assuming things don't get sorted out during the linnorm wrestling.

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thesenchagamer wrote:
I have a question for you guys. I have been using a black mug for a while, but just switched to a light grey one where you can actually see the colour of the tea, and somehow the tea seems to be more enjoyable like this. Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me being weird/delusional?

I think you're right - I've started using toughened glass cups instead of china and that *seems* to make things taste better, not to mention making it very, very easy to see the colour of whatever you happen to be drinking...

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Maybe this will help you decide

Kajehase wrote:
Just a pity it's been pouring down with rsin all morning. I'm wetter than a 1990:s teenage girl at a Take That concert.

Or a 2010s 30something woman at a Take That concert.

Or watching 'Poldark'

Youtube does something similar.

I suppose NG Diva doesn't have quite the same ring, but yes, that seems to fit.

Catharsis - Le Bolero du Veau des Dames

Left over from holiday:

'Pornland' by Gail Dines; made me think, at least, but hasn't brought me around to her way of thinking.

'Handbook for a Coup D'Etat' by Edward Luttwak, which I liked

'Thruppenny Opera' by Berthold Brecht

'Hunters of Gor', 'Marauders of Gor' and about 60% of 'Tribesmen of Gor'

Which I finished off today, along with the remains of the Dragonlance trilogy (just book 3) and 'Pool of Radiance', which wasn't much cop, to be honest.

Worcestershire sauce is very good with cheese - cheese on toast particularly.

What is prästost?

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captain yesterday wrote:
Also I challenge Limeylongears to a mask off! :-)


What do we do?

You appear to be wearing a beetle, so I'm not sure whether that puts you ahead or not.

Dave Bixby - Ode to Quetzalcoatl

Christian doom folk. Odd.

Smashing :)

Krensky wrote:
We have those too, but the Heinz Beanz in tomato sauce type is probably the least common sort. Sweet/savory styles are the norm here. The Heinz brand is almost always in the international food isle in fact. I never found the premium price to be worth it, unlike with Salad Cream or Tiptree preserves.

Salad cream?!

Well, each to their own :)

Tiptree preserves are pretty superior, though. I like the rhubarb & ginger.

I can get Heinz Beanz equivalent as a supermarket own brand. I have honestly never thought of it as a premium anything, but there you are. - enlarging mental horizons on a daily basis.


That explains a lot. I had no idea that US baked beans were different from the sort we have. Yes, they are in tomato sauce.

An ethical question:

Is is OK to exchange messages with women when you're semi sort of dating someone else, even if you haven't explicitly committed to anything?

Poems, in particular. Not my normal sort of poems - these do not start 'There was a young lady of...' and are proper artistical.

That's the best sort.

Today: omelette for breakfast, gnocchi & meatballs in tomato sauce for lunch and

Patriotic Americans with weak stomachs beware:

Baked beans on toast

With Worcestershire sauce added to the beans

And sausage

for tea.

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Still on holiday, so spent a good chunk of today working through the section on dussack in Joachim Meyer's 'The Art of Combat', using the tulwar. I'm not entirely sure any of it has gone in, but we'll see.

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'Garden of Earthly Delights' from the Vampyros Lesbos soundtrack. The track's super, smashing and great - so is the accompanying vid, although the latter does need an NSFW label. Good.

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A poem for Celestial Healer.

This is a birthday message
I wish you joy and luck
May you be happy all your life
And never short of a rhyme.

Gary Teter wrote:
How many towed toad toes could a towed toad toe truck tow if a towed toad toe truck could tow towed toad toes?

Toto know.

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I could put together a supercilious tea-drinking Flashman/Errol Flynn Victorian Imperialist type swashbuckler (or dextrous fighter. Or gunslinger), I should think; however, if anyone else wants to nip in ahead of me, that's fine, seeing as I've only just expressed an interest :)

Some interesting encounters over the past week have reminded me I've only really read Marx through a Leninist lens, which I'm going to have to do something about.

Don't know if anyone else has come across Marshall Berman, but his 'Adventures in Marxism' is a pretty good read, and also he and Snarf appear to have some sort of family connection. Who'd have thought it?

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The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Traditional Australian meat pie (filling of your choice Beef or Roo or steak & kidney are mine) sit pie in middle of the plate surround with mushy peas and mash pour so much gravy on the pie floats.

Oh, right - pie & mash, or hot pie and mushy peas (which is what I've just had for tea - it was a steak & ale pie, in case you're wondering). That makes sense!

Also, I intend to make a) a Frito pie and b) a jug of Southern style sweet tea at some point soon, since I believe every man should deliberately look Death in the eye without blinking at least once in his life :P

I have lived near (or in) cities with large Afro-Caribbean populations but never had curried goat I need to do something about that

And I've never heard of a floating meat pie. Is it anything like a pirk pie?

Edit: pork pie. I have no idea what pirk is , and frankly I don't want to.

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I am at a book festival. When not at talks, I have done little else but lie about and read. I have:


Finished the complete works of Byron, with a sigh of relief
Read 'Captives of Gor' and started on 'Hunters of Gor' (I have more or less completed my Gor collection)

Also read a biography of Dashiel Hammett, a book about Marxism by Marshall Berman, both of which were great, and a confusing book about the 30 Years War, as well as some crap porn (Slave Girls of Suburbia) and one of the Wolf Nomads novels, which I disliked, and Tales of Neveronya by Sam Delaney. That was ace too, but I've read it before

Discovered the Vlad Taltos books

Other stuff too, but that'll do for now

thegreenteagamer wrote:

A) We don't call them tins. They're "cans", and even if we did call them by their material they'd be aluminum. Not al-you-min-ee-um, but exactly as it is spelled, ah-loom-in-um. (I almost had to bust out FPM alias for that one.)

B) Why? Pure 100% bland flavor in my experience.

C) I don't personally eat meat, so I can't attest to meat pie, as it's been many a year since I had flesh of any kind, but I question it's comparison to a well crafted pot pie.

D) Sausages and mashed potatoes aren't bad, but I've yet to run into English cooks that understand what spices are and how to use them. They just cook everything up without so much as a shake of salt and pepper, let alone the glorious cornucopia of options available beyond. This isn't 1500, they're like three dollars a bottle, come on man! ...Also, the grease content is disturbingly high, but apparently that's something we also inherited from our parental nation.

Thankyou for the feedback, and any future dialogue will be almost painfully authentic, let me assure you.

I can only speak from my own experience, but most of the English food I've eaten, and certainly all the English food I've cooked, has been very well acquainted with the spice rack. Immigration/cultural influences from the Indian subcontinent/Caribbean/Eastern Europe have helped a great deal in that regard, and I am, after all, a man who definitely knows one end of a bottle of chili sauce from the other. Come into my kitchen , come, come, and don't worry - food poisoning is a myth!

A bit of Worcestershire sauce makes all the difference to beans on toast, too.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Holiday time!

I'm in Wales and it's not raining, which is just unnatural. At a book festival, so I've been to lots of talks (today: the evolution of the brain, the uniqueness of ancient Greek civilisation, the crisis of masculinity and something about cosmology and the end of the universe) and bought a shedload of s**tty sword and sorcery paperbacks - Gor books galore!

Am presently drinking beer and reading 'The Price of Power' by Rose Estes

Gary Teter wrote:
Is the owl upset about the bug zapper?

The owl loves the bug zapper, but the bug zapper doesn't feel the same way. That's why it's upset.

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Don Juan's eyes only:
Not sure whether this will help or not, Doodlebug, but here's a poem I found in Byron's collected works which might be easily adapted to your purposes.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
Feros wrote:

Her first PM? Winston Churchill.


Yes, that's occurred to me too - the monarch is now the vizier!

My fellow Americans, I think we are actually reaching a consensus here - let's rejoin the British Commonwealth!

As the British are likely to say...


( don't have insurance tgtg)

...okay, I'm on board, but only because having a do-nothing genetically inherited party throwing committee is less embarrassing than our healthcare system, the latest reform of which now has me paying higher taxes as a penalty because I don't have health insurance that I don't have because it's still too damn expensive!

Yeah, I'm actually on board. F*** this mess. And a break around 4 to chill with a cup of tea sounds great, too.

But the deal is all English cuisine is now retired (except fish and chips) for American. That's the subclause. I'm not eating bangers and mash, beans on toast, spotted dick, or whatever other culinary abortions I've experienced they call food.

Sings: "Welcome back, Americans

Welcome, welcome, welcome
Welcome, welcome, welcome
Welcome, welcome, welcome

At the risk of Foolishly Patriotic 'Murican going all Paul Revere on my arse again, what is it about sausages and mashed potato or baked beans on toasted bread that revolts you so?

The scene - A typical American kitchen:

"Hank" is sitting at his kitchen table, his head in his hands, weeping and retching. Enter his wife, "Thelma"

Thelma. "Honey! What's wrong?

Hank: "Oh mah GAAAHD, Thelma! I was at the "mall", and there was this Britisher guy having lunch. He opened a tin of baked beans..."

Thelma {puzzled}: "OK...."

Hank: "Then he cooked the beans! Then he toasted some bread! Then he... He... Ohmahgaahd, Thelma! I can't say it! I can't! I just can't!"

Thelma: "Tell me, honey! I gotta know!"




Thelma: "OHMAHGAAAHHHDD!!!!" You know what I'm gonna do, honey? I'm gonna hurl, and once I've hurled, I'm gonna take my dainty pink boomstick, I'm gonna go outside, abd Imagonna WASTE EVERY G&+%$@NED CHINLESS TEA-DRINKING MILTON FIRMER I SEE!!! God Bless Antarctica!"

Meat pies are fantastic. Just ask Sweeny Todd.

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Tacticslion wrote:

After screaming, dragging my heels, denying, and rejecting it, I can no longer deny... I'm sick.

I join my wife, our three-year-old, and our infant in this regard.


Get well soon, TL!

Rysky wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:

I don't, not really. But I also don't want the rest of my furniture to expect stuff from me either. But, but... they're your loyal subjects, your Ottoman Empire.
Please, Rysky Bey, have a glass of Sublime Port to go with your Stilton-smeared roast 'Wampi. Have two!
Along with the furniture a lemon is now talking to me...

A lemon with ears , as well. What are they putting in that port?!

Hunt, the PugWumpus wrote:

I don't, not really. But I also don't want the rest of my furniture to expect stuff from me either. But, but... they're your loyal subjects, your Ottoman Empire.

Please, Rysky Bey, have a glass of Sublime Port to go with your Stilton-smeared roast 'Wampi. Have two!

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I had a job as an assistant shepherd once, but not for long. I spent most of my time tipping sheep over so the chief shepherd could apply blue stuff to their feet to stop them rotting. I did not get a crook, nor did I get a Collie dog. Nobody let me whistle at them and shout 'Come by!' or anything like that.


Ceaser Slaad wrote:

To each their own. Maybe you have something of an allergy to alcohol. And depending on the brew in question some of them are acquired tastes. I drink occasionally, usually beer when I do. I'm partial to Sam Adams, but l'll drink just about anything.

Alas, with the exception of a few microbrews, if you want really good beer here in America you have to go for an import. Probably true for tea as well. I don't know if they actually grow any here. I know it was originally all imported, but that could have changed since the Revolutionary War. :-) Perhaps I should get out more ... ;-)

They do! Here is a list of tea plantations in the US & Canada, for those who may be interested

And if you haven't tried it, CY, you might enjoy Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer, also assuming it's available on the other side of the Atlantic.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Apart from certain Interesting Videos, this is the only time I've ever come across Sailor Moon.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

My staples were bulk rice, dried beans, legumes/nuts, lentils, chicken thighs, cheaper cuts of less-tender not-too-lean beef (slow cooking makes it tender), eggs, unflavored greek yogurt, tea bags, store-brand peanut butter, canned non-albacore tuna. Plan on making use of fresh produce when it comes into season (see next). Keep an eye on weekly flyers for sales. I've found I can often get nuts/PB and jarred spices on sale at dollar stores, and eggs on sale at the local CVS/Walgreens.

Invest in an inexpensive crockpot-style slow cooker and a set of reusable resealable plastic containers, cook in batches (on days off from work & major chores), and freeze the leftovers in single-serving sizes for easy reheating; this assumes you can spare the room in a freezer and have a microwave.

This is pretty much what I do during the week. On Sunday, I make a stew consisting of:


Enough cooking bacon to cover the bottom of the little cauldron (£1.99 a pack, a pack lasts two weeks), 1 x clove of garlic (30-40p), 2-3 chilis (not sure), 1 x onion (40p?), 1 x leek (50-60p), some potatoes (99p for a kilo - only use 5 or 6 small ones), 2 x tins of chopped tomatoes (31p each), a tin of kidney beans (60p), a tin of sweetcorn (40p), lentils, pearl barley, various seasonings (cost negligible, since bought in bulk) and coriander (99p a bunch).

This will easily feed me for 5 days, at a cost of around £6-£7, or $10 in cowrie shells, cattle, wives or whatever else you people use for currency. Breakfast will be bread & fruit, dinner a chicken or hummus sandwich or something, with veg.

Will get slightly more adventurous at weekends, but not very.

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Joynt Jezebel wrote:

I don't think porn's alignment is determined by volume.

Good aligned porn shows consenting adults enjoying sex.

Evil aligned porn is exploitative, cruel or involves children.

Lawful porn conforms to one sexual taste.

Chaotic porn is more eclectic.

The description of Celestial Healer's porn sounds like it would be Lawful Good Gay porn.




Saltaire Brewery's Imperial Stout, which is probably the best imperial stout I've had so far, being hoppy enough to cancel out the rather thick, cloying sweetness such beers often have.

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Met up with Potential Lady Longears again today - third date, of sorts. We had tea & cake in a WWII themed cafe, underneath posters urging us to Do Our Bit and a crossed out portrait of Hitler, facing a wall decorated with bright green china statuettes of puppies and sad eyed infants. Outside, there was a folk festival on, which meant morris dancers, both regular ones and some women doing a bizarre fusion of morris and bellydancing. The costumes were quite sexy, miniature top hats aside, so I didn't mind that too much.

PLL decided to go to a drum circle afterwards, but it is Longears company policy to have nothing whatsoever to do with drum circles, so I went home, and to crown the afternoon, tripped over a stray One Direction scooter while getting off the train.

Overall, quite an odd day.

Hur jag önskar att det var sant. Men jag tror att en trojan Hastur skulle vara bättre än en trojansk häst. YMMV.

Och tack Odin för underkläder översättare, wombling free.

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{Cues up more fighting music}

I'll take your ten quatloos and raise you 12 slaad and a motorised brass thunderbucket.

I paliá halloumi & spinach, this time with black olives (not great, but pretty substandard olives) and cashew nuts, which worked very well.

Still on with Byron, which is getting better (tip: skip the stuff he wrote at University).

Also been reading 'Guards of Haven' by Simon R. Green - hard-boiled cops police The Worst Fantasy City You Can Imagine, doing all the sorts of things hard-boiled cops normally do. Not that into it.

And I also have 'The Art of Combat' by Joachim Meyer to start on, which was a present. Looking forward to that one!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:


1) Already way ahead of you. You can't stat the Chuck Norris. These are not the Chuck Norris. These are "a" Chuck Norris(es). Hence.

Might these be, say, talking eggs, or unicorns, with the Chuck Norris template applied?

You can't hug mutated children with nuclear arms, Clausewitz.

Wait - yes you can.


Rysky, I suspect I already know the answer, but will this always happen when I let the Gerbil lick bronze?

Well, how about a bit of early morning Gunfire?

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