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Mordant Spire Elf

Limeylongears's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,063 posts (3,483 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 41 aliases.


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Limey has come into the office early to open up as he thought people needed to work from eight. Nobody else is here! Truly, the devil makes work for idle hands, uahahaha!

Bird fanciers songbook:

The Most Beautiful Gull in the World
The Rook of Love
Owl Be There
Lil' Starling
I Be Grebe
Falcon By
Reed warblers! Hunh! Good God! (Durdurur) What are they good for? Absolutely, puffins!
Coal Tit Be I'm Falling in Love?
The Hawk of Life
Goose that, girl!
And anything by Vulture Club
Or That Petrel Emotion
As a campaign song for Ros Sparrow's next run for US President.

Thankyou Coriat! :)

"I could here justly tax many other neglects, abuses, errors, defects amongst us, and in other countries, depopulations, riots, drunkenness, &c., and many such, quae nunc in aurem susurrare non libet."

Robert Burton, Elizabethan England's Mr Concise, talking about navigable rivers in The Anatomy of Melancholy

Google says the Latin means "were whispering in the ear, which now do not like to". Make of that what you will.

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Well, *I've* spent the last two days transcribing 30 minute long interviews (in English) with Japanese men about onboard weather routing systems.

Bet you're all jealous.

Giant gerbils were responsible for the black plague

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I read 'First King of Shannara' by Terry Brooks over the weekend, which I didn't like much.

I am also, after a break of several years, trying to finish off the 'Anatomy of Melancholy' by Robert Burton, in between (since one Burton is never enough) having a go at vol. 1 of 'The Land of Midian' by Richard F. Burton.

Drejk wrote:
Pączki. It's a Fat Thursday here, so Pączki are on sale.

I was eating those last week, as my Polish workmate bought them in for everybody to share, which was nice of him.

Something someone said in conversation with me today:

"It's like trying to plait piss"

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Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
Also, the system is woefully inefficient, because British.

Gleefully inefficient, thankyou ;)

Drejk wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
Super fun day at the all-North of England HEMA conference. Learnt lots of things and did some sparring, too. I do now have issues with PF/3E's classification of rapiers as 'light' weapons, though. No they bloody well aren't.
They are not light weapon in Pathfinder. They just have a special rule that allows using them with Weapon Finesse. Anyway D&D (and many other RPGs) confuse rapier with later fencing weapons, such as smallsword. Not to mention that picture of "rapier" in one of the D&D books showed curved blade, despite the weapon dealing piercing damage and not slashing...

Well, you can still thrust with a curved blade, though they are (of course) optimised for slashing - however, point taken, ha ha. Hands up who's ever seen a curved rapier.

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Super fun day at the all-North of England HEMA conference. Learnt lots of things and did some sparring, too. I do now have issues with PF/3E's classification of rapiers as 'light' weapons, though. No they bloody well aren't.

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I saw a cheap bag of 'small peppers' at the greengrocers, which I bought, assuming 'small peppers' meant 'small bell peppers'. Took them home, unpacked them, then thought 'Aha! One of these would make a perfect healthy snack for me!', so I picked one up and bit it in half.

I expect you can guess what sort of peppers they actually were.

havoc xiii wrote:
Baulders Gate....reminds me that I may have to restart Shadows of Amn...stupid Jaheira and stupid romance script.

I have never managed to finish the Jahiera romance, despite getting to what I think is the penultimate stage before


The Harpers forgive her and give her a special pin, which apparently concludes things. Maybe it only happens after Bodhi vampirises your beloved?

People - Ceremony: Buddha Meets Rock. Smashing.

Also, if anyone would like to hear the original tune that 'Sit On My Face' was ...adapted... from, here it is

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Very interesting article about the influence of Murray Bookchin on free Kurdistan, whose militias, of course, are doing the bulk of the fighting against Daesh/IS at present.

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My latest song starts off "I'm a marriage guidance counsellor and I have this to say..." and then goes downhill very rapidly from that point.

And it's something you will never get with a Kindle :)

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I've got a copy of 'The Art of Marriage' by Tim & Beverly LaHaye. Apocalyptic Baptist sex tips FTW!

EDIT: Also had two '80s photos of a (fully clothed) previous owner in the back, looking nervous and clutching a snot-green telephone.

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Most of Judy Thornton's dialogue in 'Slave Girls of Gor' only really makes sense/can be rendered even more disturbing if you read it in Snarf's voice.

For example:
...He laughed and cried out with pleasure in his triumph over the slave girl. "Yes, master!" I cried. "I am Dina! I am Dina! I clutched him, joyously his. "Dina loves Master!" I wept. "Dina loves Master!"

Try it!

Drejk wrote:


Moronic ideas of moronic parliamentary parasites...


Don't mind me. I just consider going to England again but without coming back. At least until England grows equally stupid. Then I have no idea where I could move...


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But thanks to their own unique micro-climates, the east, west and north Orthoses are entirely frost free! :D

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Usual Suspect wrote:
I have at least one character doing the kilt with no skivvies underneath. Proper kilt wear is important. Getting caught with skivvies on under a kilt is a punishable offense you know.

Old joke time:

Inquisitive lady: "Tell me, Hamish, what's worn under the kilt?"

Hamish: "Nothing - it's all in perfect working orderrrr!"

Tinkergoth wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Tinkergoth wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Red Right Hand"
Been watching Peaky Blinders by any chance? That song is played constantly in it (it's the theme song, and used in quite a few episodes). They even have an episode where every song used is a cover of it. I love the PJ Harvey version.
Never heard of Peaky Blinders. I used to listen to Nick Cave all the time, and my memory was jogged by hearing a cover version used in the trailer for "Crimson Peak."

In that case... watch it. Historical British gangster drama set just after World War I. First season stars Cillian Murphy, Helen McRory and Sam Neill. Second adds Tom Hardy and Noah Taylor.

The music is all contemporary stuff (a lot of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, with some other stuff) except for anything that's actually part of the scene (bar songs etc)

And the series also has a signature beer. I drank some on Saturday. It was alright.

Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:

To Comrade Longears

c/o Olympia Press

Dear Sir,

La Principessa read the excerpts from The Teamster and the Termagant back before I tried to kick it to her and, occasionally, asks me when she's going to get her own "piso erotica short story."

I suggested that instead of a short story, she deserved a six-volume novel entitled 50 Shades of Red. She practically swooned.

I hate to impinge on the creative process, but if you could include the following acts, she would be much obliged:

Spoilered for Disgusting Goblin Sexiness

** spoiler omitted **

Thanks in advance,
Don Juan de Doodlebug

I am limbering up (however you choose to define limbering) right now and the first blasts from my mighty quill will be with you shortly.

What I disliked most about 'The Story of O' was a) the fact that the heroine was a complete doormat and had no personality to speak of b) the flowery mimsiness of the language and c) the fact that nobody, not O, not Sir Stephen, seemed to be taking the smallest bit of pleasure in what they were doing and instead went about their tasks with a sort of stony-faced stoicism.

"Flogging time again, Sir Stephen. What a bore."
"Yes. Pain in the arse, isn't it, ha ha. Well, suppose we'd better get it over and done with. Don't want to miss 'Pingu' again"

Well written? Possibly. Graham Greene called it 'A pornographic novel without a hint of obscenity' - what's the flipping point of that? - and if '50 Shades' is worse, I don't want to read it. All of my female colleagues at work went to watch it yesterday, along with my boss and his girlfriend, so I'll get a summary off them.

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The first Stooges album

1 person marked this as a favorite.

'The Power of Silent Command' turned out to be a compendium of cheesy mid '70s sales agents' tips and is not a path to Ultimate Cosmic Power at all. Bah.

I'm reading 'Daggers in the Forum - a history of the Gracchi' at the moment, in between nibbles of Gor and Illuminati. Not bad. Also got a book about the Chartist revolt in Bradford out of the library.

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Meet the Revolutionary League of Men Whom Women Find Unattractive

Formed by a man who, when dumped by his girlfriend, found solace in the Communist Manifesto

End the blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine's Day, driven by the chocolate capitalists!

Yes, they do. Essentially, it means different people are suited to different things.

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And do you express your frustration in inte-grrrs?

Is there a *prime* reason for your difficulties?

I blame Cosmo for my incredibly mythic death at the mythic hands of Mythic JMD031

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David, what is 'Wal Mart Butt Rock' ? I assume it's a genre and not a niche sexual practice...

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My three year old niece thinks my impending (if that's the word I want) nephew should be called either Jesus or Santa.

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There is a great deal about naughty German Freemasons in John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy..., as one might expect.

However, these are no ordinary Freemasons - they're *Cosmo-Political* Freemasons, which means that it's all TRUE and there REALLY IS A CONSPRIRACEY AND TEXE MARRS WAS RIGHT AND THEY'RE TAKING OVER THE WORLD! AI! AI! AI! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

Maybe next time you'll play 'Zeus and Leda', or 'Zeus and Europa', or 'Zeus and Semele' (with somebody else, of course) - if you're lucky!

Or maybe that's after the meeting, wink wink nudge nudge.

Tomorrow night I will bring a packet of mints and watch things go off the wall

Pardon me, stab in the back. We're not allowed guns here until we learn to play with them nicely.

Yours may be different, in which case good on you, but my memories of anarchist meetings I attended when I was younger don't still thrill me 15 years on, to be honest. I wasn't at the one where people took their clothes off in the name of Freedom, which is perhaps why I became such a grim-faced inhuman Statist.

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Last week, I had branch committee

Yesterday, I had district committee

In two days' time I have branch.

Have I got/will I get to do anything exciting in 'em?

Probably not. Maybe I should combine branch with polearm practice. They'd like that!

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It's 1970.

We're in Holland.

Presenting the First International Sex Opera Band

I've just finished 'Whom the Gods Would Slay' by Ivar Jorgensen, an utterly bizarre book which features Vikings, Theosophist witches with hordes of wolves who double up as handy GPS devices when their paws are chopped off, berserker Bishops who save the world by summoning millions of locusts and a nymphomaniac Martian vampire queen who gives birth to ants.

At one point, gratifyingly, 'ants' is given an extra u:

Lall smiled. "Set down the ship. This seems like an excellent spot" A look of tenderness was in her eyes. "Forests. Food for my aunts - until they find red meat"

I swear that I am not making any of this up. If I can find a way of proving it via pics, I will.

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Some South American stuff I like very much:

Geraldo Manuel y El Humo - Apocallypsis


The Speakers - En el Maravilloso Mundo de Ing

Psychedelia done RIGHT.

Happy birthday!

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'Not only are such tactics inflammatory - they are explosive!'

- Merlyn Gundiff's 'The Power of Silent Command'

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You're going to be the Shlyapnikov and Kollontai of Brooklyn!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Non-fiction, more or less:

'Lord Byron's Jackal - A Life of Edward John Trelawney' by David Crane. Mainly consists of gruesome accounts of massacre, starvation and Romantic bad behaviour during the Greek War of Independence and all the more interesting for it.

'Proofs of a Conspiracy' consists mainly of salacious tittle-tattle about the private lives of Weishaupt and co., who have spent an awful lot of time trying to lure the Fairer Sex into a life of Atheistical Libertinage and done little or no actual conspiring so far.

I also have 'Unapologetic: Why, Despite Everything, Christianity Can Still Make Surprising Emotional Sense' by Francis Stufford to read, along with 'Kinesics: The Power of Silent Command' by Merlyn Gundiff ("What seems to be the trouble, Madam?" "Oooh, it's me Merlyn Gundiff again, doctor!").

* Learn to project unspoken orders that must be obeyed!
* Learn to read the innermost thoughts and desires of others!
* Learn how Silent Command brings you the love and admiration of others!

Standard text on Gor, I bet!

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Kajehase wrote:
Hmm... Drejk and the Slaad sounds like a rock group or kids' show from the 70:s. Bet they'd be pretty darn good too.

I liked the Drejk, Slaad and Treppa album better.

It was a treppa LP! Ha ha ha!

[sings]"All in all, you're just another Drejk in the Fawtl"[/sings]

No more puns. Promise.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Just sent the next batch of edited work to the boss at the third job.

Where might one look for this work of yours?


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That does all sound pretty crappy. Hope it sorts itself out soon!

Hello. My name's Limey and I've started reading Gor books again.

mechaPoet wrote:
I think the main benefit of the citizen's income is that it doesn't depend on receiving value from one's labor, which benefits those who are unable to work due to disability and/or discrimination. Although I guess that's what disability benefits are for, and they would essentially be rolled into the citizen's income?

That's one positive aspect - it would do away with the pretty nasty means-testing regime that's in place (in Britain) at present; however, the only major(ish) party who has it as policy at the moment (Greens) have set it at £72.60 a week. Unless it's topped up, that's quite a bit less than the Disability Living Allowance, in the most serious cases. A decent government would make provision for that, but a lot wouldn't, if they could save a few quid here and there

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A savage paramedic?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The trouble with a citizen's income is that it will, inevitably a) be used to reduce wages still further and/or b) get set at a level lower than that of any existing benefits it replaces. Personally, I'd prefer people to get much, much more value back from their own labour (or even all of it!) than to have an insufficient sum doled out by the state to augment their crappy paycheck, but I don't doubt that a decent argument to the contrary exists. I've only read one Zizek book - In Defence of Lost Causes - which I liked, even the bits about Lacanian psychoanalysis, or whatever it's called.

In other news, here are some of Karl Marx's dreadful love poems (in English)

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