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Mordant Spire Elf

Limeylongears's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,134 posts (3,618 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 43 aliases.


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Feros wrote:
I Blame Cosmo that this thread has degenerated somewhat into the "Rysky and the Pugwampis Show."

I blame Cosmo for Feros' lack of love for wuvwy cuddly pugwampis, and wuvwy cuddly Rysky, no doubt

( if you don't mind a spot of level drain)

I also blame Him for the fact that I will be down one whole thumbnail by tomorrow morning

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Sorry to hear that, both of you

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Hopefully Drejk hasn't got THE DREADED SHRINKS and is still 5'10"

I am 5' 11" and about 170 lbs/70 odd kg, I think.

Stone me, it's cold.

Freehold, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! It's spring! Go back to the Sunless Realms of Ice and leave us be!

You can download 'Ulysses' for free from Olympia Press' website, should you wish to. I read it when I was 17 and liked it at the time.

Presently making up for romantic disappointment with Guinness and 'Lean Times in Lankhmar'

Pan, have you ever tried using molasses/treacle in place of sugar when brewing a stout/similar dark beer?

An old favourite, beef, spinach & chickpea curry, with home-made rosemary and roast potato chunk bread to mop it up. Actually worked quite well. Either that or the curry so numbed the taste buds that I didn't notice how revolting it was.

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Went on the Leeds Save the National Health Service march, which around 1,500 people attended in total, they think...

Pics here, but I'm not in any of 'em EDIT: actually, I think I am, as a vague sort of blur.

My Pinko Bingo score was well into double figures, too, thanks to special guest appearances from actual members of the Labour Party and the IWW.

Pinko Bingo rules:

Award yourself points for every LW sect you see on the march/rally you're on. Someone obvious like the SWP, Socialist Party, Green Party and so on gets you 1 point; a more obscure grouplet like Workers Liberty, Socialist Appeal, the CPB, the CPGB (ML) and so on will get you between 2 and 3 points, while a very rare sighting of someone particularly out there like the Sparts, Bordigists, ICC, Hoxhaists and so on can get you up to 5. If you manage to spot all the successor organisations to the WRP in one place, shout "HOUSIE!!!" (or perhaps "HEALY!!!" at the top of your voice and inform your fellow marchers that they're all now obliged to buy you beer.

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Tacticslion wrote:

Just be careful, Freehold... you know how alcohol can affect... people your age~!


Sorry! I just couldn't resist! But more seriously, just as long as you're careful...

Feh! We can take it standing up and laughing, unlike you soggy-breeked whippersnappers! ;)

Sintensis - En Busca De Una Nueva Flor

Cuban prog?!

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Show him your Walt instead.

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Well, I'm 35. Maybe that'll make you feel better. Maybe it won't.


It's moustache wax review time!


Captain Fawcett's (regular) - Not bad. Firm consistency, rich, golden colour, reasonable hold. Just like me, in other words. Sandalwood scented, so does make you smell like furnitures, but other scents are available. Or there might be a wardrobe fetishist you want to click with, in which case dig in. 3/5

Percy Nobleman's - A firmer grip than Captain Fawcett, and an amazing list of ingredients. Unscented, so has a slightly chemical aroma, but otherwise, pretty good. Will last for a jolly good while without reapplication, if not all day. 3.5/5

The Bearded Goon's Ridiculously Strong Beard and Moustache Wax - Beard Wax, of all things. Very pleasant scent, masculine yet understated. Also gives off a sort of honey smell when you get sweaty, which may be an advantage in certain situations. Unfortunately, is a bit too oily to properly dress a moustache and too waxy to dress a beard - hold pretty poor. About 30% cheaper than the previous two, but could do with being one thing or the other, I feel. 2.5/5

Captain Fawcett's (Expedition Strength) - Now, this is ridiculously strong. Ready-mixed cement, epoxy resin or Lucozade might do better in that respect, but none of those three are generally recommended as cosmetics. Rub a very little in first thing in the morning and enjoy all-day freshness and support with minimal maintenance required. Also allows you to twizzle the ends up Salvador Dali style, which is a dream come true. My fave. 4.5/5

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Weather forecast looks likes it's going to snow tomorrow, which would make moving The Black Goblin's Pregnant Libertarian Dreadlocked Girlfriend difficult. Maybe I can squeeze out another day in Brooklyn?

I already helped The Black Goblin move his new gun safes into the Free NH Goblin Resistance Hideout, soon to be renamed something more domestic. Gun safes, it turns out, like everything else have brand names. One was dubbed "Revolution" and the other was "The Ammo Can."

"What is that?" I quipped in between exertions, "The title of the biopic they're gonna make about your life?"

[Hollywood trailer narrator voice]

"He was an anarcho-syndicalist Teamster, she was a Ron Paul-voting welder; together their love was going to overthrow the government! Coming this April to a theater near you, Revolution and the Ammo Can!

Sounds like a Manic Street Preachers album, too...

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Kajehase wrote:
You're allowed to blame Cosmo for 5am starts - it's just weirdos and bakers who don't find that hour horrible.

And mail carriers. The second best thing about hitting the road that early is the complete lack of traffic. The very best thing is stopping at a 24/7 hamburger place and getting a freshly-made double cheeseburger and fries for breakfast.

Unfortunately, that location (Steak n Shake) closed and the new location isn't open 24/7... I blame Cosmo that my late-night/early morning cheeseburger runs are thwarted.

Hey! Does this mean that you're actually PostSlaad Slaad? And her (black and white?) cats?

Early in the morning, picking up the letters in her van?

If that isn't true, I blame Cosmo.

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Freehold DM wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Kajehase wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Going on another short tour with the band I play in starting on Thursday. First show is in Brooklyn, then somewhere near Philly, then Connecticut, and then back in CNY on Sunday.


You know what this means...

Freehold and David's A Night at the Museum 2 reenactment?

that would be...even better.

But no, I really want to go see David play.

Facebook event page

For all you Luddites out there:

Operation Hennessey (Syracuse), Department (Syracuse), Living Room (Brooklyn), and Strange Herd (Brooklyn) @ Don Pedro (90 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY)

Thursday, March 26; doors at 8:30, show at 9; $5 at the door

look for the black guy in the pinkie pie portal shirt. That'll be me.

I only wish I had time to shave this morning..I look haggard.

Let it grow!

Let it grow!
Get a Van D!@~ with mustachio-o-os!

On the one hand, 'The Return of the Native' by Thomas Hardy. On the other hand, 'Assassins of Gor' If I find somebody's draped Eustacia Vye over a giant carnivorous chicken and spanked her, I shall know I've got the two mixed up.

It also says in the blurb for AoG that someone makes an end of Tarl Cabot at some point in the plot. YES!!!

However, given that there are 30 odd Cabotified volumes after this, Gor's Assassins have clearly bungled the job. Sloth and incompetence! Not impressed.

Has La Principessa made any comment about the 'very early '70s' approach to gender relations (see track four, side 1 on Angel's Egg, for example) on Gong records?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Would a cat do? Or a pipe wrench? Or some marmalade?

Maybe those *are* his clothes...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I would blame Cosmo for another 5am start, but that sort of thing is regularly done by the Longboat above with a spring in his step and a Scandinavian twinkle in his eye, so mustn't grumble. No - it's Cosmo's stimulation of my brain stem with his magneto-psychic Misery Ray, making me decide to keep going with the aid of evil caffeinated sugar water which I blame him for. No sleep for me tonight!

Just a Guess wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
Mourn no longer! Sugardaddy tumblr (and dozens of magazines, other sites etc) has what you need. You often have to be more specific about type of underwear these days, though....
The thing is: Now that hardcore is freely available it is what people want and expect. What I mourn is this change where simple erotic is neglected.

Suicide Girls?

EDIT: link is to Wikipedia entry, so presumably SFW...

Scythia wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
Revenge porn and misogynistic harassment can be dealt with under existing laws - moving into a digital age has, unfortunately, made that sort of thing much too easy to do, but it's not as if similarly unpleasant things didn't happen in ye olden times

This is not actually the case. In many parts of the U.S. for example, if a woman voluntarily sends sexual pictures to another person, the person can distribute then as they see fit, and the woman will have no legal recourse unless they are used for commercial purposes.

The idea that there are (widedpread) legal protections is a common misconception, right up there with the idea that existing anti-discrimination laws protect transpeople.

Fair enough - I can't speak for other countries, of course, but there are already mechanisms for dealing with it in the UK:

"Revenge Porn is not new and currently, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) prosecutes cases around Revenge Porn using a range of existing laws. Sending explicit or nude images of this kind may, depending on the circumstances, be an offence under the Communications Act 2003 or the Malicious Communications Act 1988. Behaviour of this kind, if repeated, may also amount to an offence of harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997"

However, they're introducing a new law to make it a specific offence, so what we have presently may not be sufficient

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Tito - Quetzalcoatl

I'm not sure whether the band's called Tito or the album's called Tito, and am also unsure what relation it bears to the ex-Partisan commander and leader of Yugoslavia, if any.

BigDTBone wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
delicate shrinking virgin' cliche.

The idea that the alternative to taking the "money shot" is being a "delicate shrinking virgin' cliche," is pretty indicative of the line of thinking I find objectionable.

Why can't a woman be self-assured, experienced, AND demand her partner treat her as an equal? Why should she have to demand it? Why isn't that the assumption going in?

What part of being treated as an equal brings out the "delicate shrinking virgin' cliche?"

Obviously I wasn't making myself clear. All I was referring to was the old (19th century? Pre 19th century? Non existent outside Queen Victoria's brain?) stereotypes of male and female sexual behaviour - I was in no way counter-posing 'taking the money shot' and being a delicate shrinking virgin or saying wanting to be treated with respect makes you frigid, somehow.

I shall now return you to your regularly scheduled discussion about sexy street furniture and Orgasms Through the Ages

Revenge porn and misogynistic harassment can be dealt with under existing laws - moving into a digital age has, unfortunately, made that sort of thing much too easy to do, but it's not as if similarly unpleasant things didn't happen in ye olden times

Porn bears the same relationship to actual sex as Rambo movies do to actual combat. It will set up unrealistic expectations and cause all sorts of other problems, of course, if people persist in seeing it as a documentary rather than something done by professional actors for their entertainment.

Does it make young men who wouldn't normally dream of doing that sort of thing debase their partners? Not sure; it's not as if I've asked (m)any teenage/twentysomething young women what their experience has been, but it does fall into the old 'brutish, cackling he-beast vs. delicate shrinking virgin' cliche, which makes me wonder.

I'm also suspicious of the thing that gets bandied about regarding regular porno use making you automatically wanting to seek out harder and harder images in order to get the same buzz. Given the amazing number of triggers that can get a man hot and bothered, many of which are oddly innocuous, why would you need to? Not been my experience, anyway, but that's not evidence, of course.

8 people marked this as a favorite.

I went on a date yesterday, which is something that hasn't happened for a very long time. It went OK, which is an even rarer occurence. *If* I get a second date out of it, that'll be something that hasn't happened since somewhen in the middle of the Carboniferous era. Pseudopods crossed!

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For Captain Yesterday, Chaotic Trousers, definitely.

For Sissyl, I'd say CG with neutral tendencies - strong believer in individual freedom and not giving a **** what anyone else thinks of who you are and what you're doing.

I am probably LN/LG in real life, because I believe in Order and Discipline and get vaguely excited by forms, lists and charts and have an inconveniently active conscience which stops me (just) from awakening the bloody-handed tyrant that lurks inside us all. I'd be a crap despot, so perhaps it's just as well.

Michael Shea's 'The Quest for Simbilis' - Cugel actually turned a profit at the end of that particular adventure, which doesn't happen very often - and 'Conan The Liberator' by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter. Also picked up 'Beyond the Gate of Dreams' by the Master Carter, which had a passage in the foreword which I intend to get framed and mounted above the mantlepiece:


...I would not for any price have missed being a kid in the golden age when I was a kid. Thank God I had my mind thoroughly rotted with all that golden, priceless trash! Thank God my morals were wrecked, my ethics perverted, my taste forever tainted with a thirst for the gloriously fourth-rate! Thank God nobody worried about what loathsome effect all those junky comic books, movie serials, pulp magazines, horror movies and other magnificent garbage were doing to our impressionable young minds! Of course we all became sadistic young perverts, the whole starry-eyed, Lovecraft-loving, Shadow-collecting generation!

In my case, it was He-Man, Fighting Fantasy/Lone Wolf gamebooks, Michael Moorcock and nuddie mags found in hedges (the latter being something that today's kids will probably never experience, poor deprived things) and my parents *did* worry about the effect such things were having on my mind, but I approve of the sentiments nonetheless.

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I was very happy when I learned that Gästrikland was next to Västmanland.

The Faber Book of Madness, which is pretty interesting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The spam I get is well, spam. At work, it's urgent invoices which I must download or else I'll be in breach of lawful legal legality. On personal email, Russian women who have met me at the 'mall' and are desperate to get in touch, pictures of naked people doing things and helpful gentleman looking to supply me with magic words that will act like a Maximised Dire Charm on all young ladies within a radius of three miles, or dinkle pills. I wonder why?

No tweets, as I don't do Twitter.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Maybe proof-reading is equally objectionable?

In at 6.45 to ring Hong Kong and the system's down, so I can't do anything. Humdedumdedum.

The Pilz records Xmas sampler, from 1970s Germany

Faceballs has had it, now so can you. Pretty far out version of 'Silent Night', which sounds a bit like 'Bass Strings' in places...

Game Master Scotty wrote:
Game Master Scotty wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:

redacted 1: so there seems to be 3 schools of cupcake bras

redacted 2: They make cupcake ones!? And here I am wearing a lollipop one like a sucker...

Great, now I'm trying to picture who had this talk and how much of it was a verbal mix-up.

I am NOT googling that...

What are the three schools?

I did Google it...

I still don't know the three schools.

And now I'm wondering on the lollipop bra...sounds like a sticky situation with all the rain up there.

So did I, and if you ask me, the three schools are:

1) Bras shaped like cupcakes
2) Cupcakes shaped like bras
3) Covering your upper torso with dough, frosting and candied fruits, letting the mixture solidify and hoping for the best.


Freehold DM wrote:

I love Guinness.

It is an important part of my culture. Rum punch is given to children in many Caribbean countries to batten them up when they seem weak physically. As I was premature, I drank a lot of rum punch.

So do I! Guinness Foreign Extra (the 6-7% stuff) is even nicer than regular Guinness, too - IMO, anyway.

Have you ever drunk Dragon Stout?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all, and happy St. Patrick's Day to all the people staggering around town wearing ginger chinstrap beards and Guinness-branded leprechaun hats, too, some of whom may actually be slightly Irish.

Aaron Bitman wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
55. A giant (and very accomodating) demi-lich
Icyshadow listed "Demilich" as #24.


[EDIT]. 55: Two demiliches - one for each foot. Like rollerskates.

55. A giant (and very accomodating) demi-lich

captain yesterday wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:

I like the fuming cup of <beverage> (tea, surely?) as well.

However, that particular flag also represents our Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish brothers and sisters. The flag of Merrye Olde Yngland is This Or possibly This

Thanks:) i knew it looked different in a way, was in a rush to get the wife from work, however that actually works much better as i have a welsh-irish heritage anyway (and it turns out i'm terrible with flags:-p)

And its pretty bold to wear any flag on your trousers:-p

The Welsh flag's the coolest. It's got a dragon on it!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I like the fuming cup of <beverage> (tea, surely?) as well.

However, that particular flag also represents our Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish brothers and sisters. The flag of Merrye Olde Yngland is This Or possibly This

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Aaron Bitman wrote:
Yeah, the last adventure I ran was "Night's Dark Terror". Towards the end of that module, the PCs...** spoiler omitted **

I imagine 'Riders on the Storm' playing on the soundtrack as they did so. Not sure why, but it seems to fit...

45. An Awakened sousaphone.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Edna Mode wrote:


Preach it, brother Yamakah.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Seven Altars of Dusarra by Lawrence Watt-Evans, which was pretty neat.

I also tried reading 'The Romance of Lust' again, but Treppa was right - it's rubbish.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I've finally got a synth.

Now I need a shiny cape. And a helmet like the one on the front of 'Argus' by Wishbone Ash. Then I will be MOAR PROG THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE EVER.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Shabazz Palaces

I had 'Steal This Book' when I was a teenager. Most of his advice made sense at the time, but none of his handy hints for bringing down THE MAN worked :(

I've had something through from my Union asking whether or not I want to continue to contribute to the Labour Party, which has prompted a bit of angsty soul searching.

On the one hand:

* Most of the present Tory government's policies just continue what Labour was doing before - the privatisations, sneaky (and not so sneaky) assaults on our welfare system/the NHS, etc
* They take a lot of Union cash but never seem to give value for money, being more interested in futilely trying to make Rupert Murdoch love them as much as he loved T. Blair
* Tony Blair. Iraq war, Afghan war, being a cheesy friend of fourth rate dictators and other grubby oinks (Berlisconi, for example), etc
* I'm fed up of having to hold my nose when I go and vote
* Miliband is a massive nebbishy dork

On the other hand:

* They're slightly more likely to do stuff I approve of, or slightly less likely to do stuff I really disapprove of, which is often as good as you're going to get...
* If they don't get money from the Unions, they'll get it from somewhere else (Lord Sainsbury, for example) and things will go downhill even faster
* They are still (technically) the mass party of labour in Britain. No one else - The Greens, TUSC, us, and so on, even comes close
* Any amount of nose-holding is worth it if we don't get another Tory government
* I'm a massive nebbishy dork too, and we nebbishy dorks have got to stick together!!!

That feels better.

They were - certainly in the 18th and 19th centuries. If you had let yourself go a bit but still wanted to look soldierly and dashing on the ballroom floor, you could get a bit of artificial assistance that way. See here for a contemporary advert

You'd think a disease that was fun to have would be amazingly successful. Everyone would want it!

Why, then, have they all evolved make you feel like smurf? Who is responsible?

Who else?

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