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Mordant Spire Elf

Limeylongears's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 847 posts (3,053 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 37 aliases.


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That depends whether you go for length or breadth, beard-wise.

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Cross-posting from Faceballs, but don't care.

Yuri Morozov - the Inexplicable

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Why can't there be triplets - Cismo (LG), Cusmo (CE) and Cosmo (who has transcended the stifling boundaries of your petty morality) ?

'Lies of Locke Lamora' (finished last night) was absolutely first class, absorbing enough to make me unaware that my train had arrived in the station, stopped, then departed again in a completely different direction... I'm also reading My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday, which, according to the introduction, is like a livid jungle split by the screams of the Monkey King and a dark forest lit by burning tigers (so presumably what he's screaming is 'WHICH OF YOU BASTARDS SET LIGHT TO MY TIGERS?!').

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I blame Cosmo for my finding a woman who believes that there's no such thing as too much fake tan and who speaks like a Yorkshirized Madeleine Bassett fatally attractive.

EDIT: found illustrative link, though needs lisping turned up to 11

I also blame him for Chemlak not knowing the difference between Worcester Sauce and Worcestershire sauce.

I also blame him for there being no such thing as Worcester Sauce.

Bit late now, but had you crossed the North Sea on Monday, we could have supplied you with the full-blowing storm of your dreams.

By the time you think you've found us, you'll resemble nothing more than a unhygenic pincushion or a very much past its use by date hedgehog. More than you do already, I mean.

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Britain Needs A Pay Rise - national anti-austerity marches in London and Glasgow yesterday.

Cr500cricket wrote:

Oh dear Overlord of Socialism! I require thy aid! In the game of Civic mirror for civics I have the great honour of being the heroic Socialist.

But now everything is being screwed up because we have a Capitalist Fascist in charge of Government and he refuses to take important areas under the Government's control to ensure equality and prevent the overpricing of goods in our country. How can I convince my leader?

Arguments for nationalisation/state control could include:

1) Other capitalist organisations not being able to get the goods/services they need in the quantities/at a price that allows them to compete.
2) Some things - major items of infrastructure like power grids, roads, sewerage and water - are natural monopolies. I can only speak about the UK, but here, at least one of the water companies is so overloaded with debt after leveraged buyouts that they cannot spend any money on doing their actual jobs and have had to turn to the taxpayer to fund much needed upgrades to the London sewer system. If Joanne Citizen is going to have to shell out for it, why shouldn't she profit from it as well?
3) Necessity for having certain strategic resources - fuel, arms, metals, etc. - not under the control of firms who can go bust or fall under the control of potentially unfriendly foreigners.
4) In the past, things like water and healthcare have been publicly owned because a healthy citizenry is both better for business (fewer sick breaks, etc.) and for the state (fit and alert soldiers). The private sector often isn't initially interested in providing such services if it promises to be more bothersome/expensive than other places where their money could be put, so the state has to step in.
5) Certain industries that require colossal amounts of initial investment (aerospace, for example, or telecommunications), if they're not state-owned, receive a huge amount of subsidy, for the reasons above . Private money floods in once everything's set up and things start to smell of easy money, as you might expect.

I dare say none of these are at all conclusive, but help yourself. These are not arguments for socialism either, of course :)

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Billy Cobham and George Duke - Live In Montreux.

Ambrosia Slaad wrote:

Ugh. Bearings were going out in the power steering pump on the car, despite only having 52K miles on it. Replaced it for $88, thankfully I could bumble through it myself instead of taking it somewhere for a couple hundred bucks or more.

I blame Cosmo for the lack of funds to buy more Paizo products.

I also blame Cosmo that I'm running out of ways to make rice and beans even moderately palatable.

Two words - Worcester Sauce :) Or Neat Gin. Up to you.

GeraintElberion wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:

A good week for picking up inexpensive reading material in charity shops:

I Knew a Young Lady Who.. - Yorkshire Cat's Protection League (99p)
Lies of Locke Lamora and A History of Tea - Helping Hands (50p each)
Das Krapital (Roger's Profanisaurus) - British Heart Foundation (£2.50)

The latter is one of my favourite books of all time, being a huge compendium (?) of indecent words, phrases and expressions, very few of which would be at all appropriate for sharing on However, if anybody has ever cried 'Begone, Demon Lord of Karanga!' after disposing of a particularly arduous bowel evacuation, consider yourself congratulated.

Ah, Viz! I wonder if that's humour which travels well?

Wonder no more - the answer is almost certainly (obviously) 'no' ;)

Yuugasa wrote:
There is a fun question to ask, what are folks favorite LGBTQ characters from fiction? ...aside from beloved pathfinder iconics? =p

Jerry Cornelius.

Bring it on, broccoli features.

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A good week for picking up inexpensive reading material in charity shops:

I Knew a Young Lady Who.. - Yorkshire Cat's Protection League (99p)
Lies of Locke Lamora and A History of Tea - Helping Hands (50p each)
Das Krapital (Roger's Profanisaurus) - British Heart Foundation (£2.50)

The latter is one of my favourite books of all time, being a huge compendium (?) of indecent words, phrases and expressions, very few of which would be at all appropriate for sharing on However, if anybody has ever cried 'Begone, Demon Lord of Karanga!' after disposing of a particularly arduous bowel evacuation, consider yourself congratulated.

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Today (or some point this month) is the 80th anniversary of the start of the Long March

Town Crier of Galt wrote:

Repel Islamic State and imperialism! For democratic workers’ defence and Kurdish self-determination!

** spoiler omitted **

Vive le Galt!!!

I agree, but they got one thing wrong - the Yazidis aren't Christian...

Have the Socialist Party split, then, or is that a new group? Or a new name for the old one?

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Half a million UK health workers in strike over pay

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A book of limericks, called 'There was a young lady...', with quite a few in I've never seen before. However, they've replaced all the rude words with asterisks, so I'm diligently filling them in as I go.

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I blame Cosmo for Fabius Maximus blaming himself for blaming me for leopards wearing UPs. Still, it's nice to see that the pantification of the Serengheti is proceeding as planned. And that Mick Fleetwood is still prepared to thrill asparagus.

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How about some heartwarming pics of happy couples now able to marry in the US thanks to Supreme Court ruling?

Here you go.

I like the one at the bottom best, a) because they both look absolutely delighted and b) classy sideburns on the bloke on the right.

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Finished 'Opium' and am now onto L. Sprague De Camp's 'The Unbeheaded King', inbetween bites of Medieval Warfare magazine. (Lucian and Thongor are for workday lunchtimes, fnar fnar) I find MW's problem page to be particularly helpful.

"Dear Auntie Jeanne,

My boyfriend wishes me to love him to the full, but I honestly want to be wedded in white. What should I do?

'Worried of Krak De Chevaliers'

Dear 'Worried',

I consulted the Voices, and they told me to tell you:

"Hittim in the b*llocks with a bec de corbin
Hittim in the b*llocks with a bec de corbin
Hittim in the b*llocks with a bec de corbin
Earl-aye in the morning

But don't hit him too hard, or you may find married life to be a bit of a disappointment.


Auntie Jeanne"

There was a minor fuss over some (so far as I can see) baseless claims of vote rigging, with a few rather unconvincing videos produced as evidence, but the whole thing's petered out. There will still be a bunch of conspiracy theories sloshing around, inevitably.

Thought initially that the SRA might be some sort of SNLA revival. Glad it isn't.

Aubrey - you mentioned something about UKIP's anti-free market position a few posts back. I've never heard them described as such before - were you referring to their anti-immigration stance or something else?

Kajehase wrote:

Pretending you don't know about your good twin won't change his state of existence.

Hail Cismo!

But it might change his underpants. Or somebody's underpants, at any ra-


What? Whatwhat?! {sadly} I was wearing those... *Sigh...*

Bi Kyo Ran - Parallax

Has lots of mellotron on (good)
Sounds a lot like King Crimson in places (very good)
Mars Volta- esque incomprehensible song titles (um)
Synth brass (ugh)

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I blame Cosmo for my parents refusing to christen me Marius Popp.

I also blame him for the fact that tomato puree is seemingly impossible to find at the moment. The two facts must - MUST! - be connected!

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I believe that tonight is going to involve beer and tulwars, though not at the same time. Safety first, colleagues!

And visit your friendly Locathah game store.

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Nina Simone covers Exuma's 'Damballa'

How to make an already strange and creepy song even stranger and creepier, in a thoroughly good way.

Where does metrosexuality end and dandyism begin, I wonder? Were fops just c18th metrosexuals?

Manscaping (!!) article 1


Both may be relevant; no.2 is also of interest if you enjoy the sight of a damp Daniel Craig with no top on.

If I never hear or see the word 'boyzilian' again, I won't be sorry.



"The goblin is a roused!"


"Like, woah. The goblin is a roused, man!"

"What's a roused, dude?"

"Uh... Uhhh... I dunno, man"


Thankyou, Col. Oliver North and Ann Coulter.

In other news, 'Opium' is very fun to read and has pictures.

Don Juan de Cornelius wrote:
The Ethiopians--"Socialism Train"

"Blow up the lancer, plant your man banana"

Right on!

Lobsters' teeth are in their stomachs.

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'Airlords of Han' had a bit at the end reading

...and I never knew her to show the men and women of any race anything but the utmost of sympathetic courtesy, whether they were the noble brown-skinned Caucasians (sic) of India, the sturdy Balkanites of Southern Europe or the simple, spiritual Blacks of Africa, today one of the leading races of the world
, meaning Aaron was quite right, making allowances for contemporary attitudes. Anyway, it's done, as is 'Pirates of Barbary', which I left at the swimming pool like an idiot. Now reading:

1) Young Thongor, by Lin Carter
2) Opium by Jean Cocteau
3) Voyage to the Moon, by Lucian of Samosata.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

Woops. I missed Solidarity Day IV (V? VI?):

Drop the anti-union frame up charges against Steve Kirschbaum! Reinstate the School Bus 4!

For tankie-led unions everywhere!
Vive le Galt!

I approve, though I'm wondering if 'tankie' means the same thing on the other side of the Atlantic. Probably.

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I blame Cosmo for making me spend two pounds and fifty pence on a tube of utterly revolting-tasting ayurvedic toothpaste. AYURVEDIC SODDING TOOTHPASTE! On the plus side, I do now (apparently) have germ free teeth. Whoopee.

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Exuma II

Weird albums, in both senses of the word.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Gil Evans Orchestra - Crosstown Traffic

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Flying Lotus My life, that's a trippy video.

Aaand more Flying Lotus. He's Alice Coltrane's great-grandson!

Aaron Bitman wrote:

While I wasn't overly impressed with "Armageddon 2419 A.D." (which includes "The Airlords of Han") I think that Limeylongears' description is just a tad harsh.

** spoiler omitted **

Or at least, that's the way I remember the book. I'll admit that it's been many years since I read it.

The plot summary shouldn't be taken entirely seriously ;)

I probably am being a bit harsh, as you say, but she only doesn't seduce him because she let the naked horror of her soul creep into her eyes for just one unguarded instant - could mean she found him repulsive, but I interpreted it otherwise - and because of Wilma's faith in him. I now keep picturing the hero as Fred Flintstone, too, which doesn't do much for suspending disbelief, etc (WIIILLMMMAAAA!).

No idea it was part of a larger work - that helps to put it in context, though I did still find it to be a bit too much of a 21st-century weapons catalogue for my tastes.

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There was a cleaner working at SOAS (a university in London) with the same name, who got sacked. The students held a protest to try and get management to give him his job back, hanging a great big banner outside the building they were occupying saying 'REINSTATE STALIN!'. This was even more amusing since the picture in question appeared in the Morning Star, a daily commie paper I take, where other readers probably mistook it for a Stalin Society advert.

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'Airlords of Han' is turning out to be the first attempt at writing a story by an excitable (and very right-wing) seven year old boy.

Plot summary below:

Tinkergoth is right - the lore book is better than the novels. There was a D20 campaign setting for the WoT too, I think, but I'm pretty sure it's a) out of print and b) damn' pricy if you do happen to find a copy. Will search on Paizo when I can be bothered.

Am reading 'The Airlords of Han' by Philip Francis Nowlan, a '20s sci-fi novel about a 21st century US that has been conquered by Mongolians from outer space after a war with Bolshevik Europe. No actual characters so far - just casual racism and unconvincing techno-warfare, but we'll see. Also restarted 'Pirates of Barbary'. Al-yaar.

I believe that Orthos should stop panda-ing to the lowest common denominator.

Do your stations have the playlists up online? I know some do (the BBC does, but that may not be much help...)

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
The 8th Dwarf wrote:

Farage = Oswald Mosley.


That's probably a bit strong. That said, though they strenuously deny it, it is a party for racists. Farage's unguarded comments about Romanians kinda demonstrates that. The fall of the British National Party (BNP) is thought to be largely down to its votes being cannibalised by UKIP.

It's odd, really. I'm not a big fan of the EU but I recognise virtually nothing of my thoughts on the subject in UKIP. What those Tory MPs think they are doing throwing in their lot with such a demented, incoherent rabble is a mystery to me. We'd surely be better off in the EU than governed by UKIP.

But UKIP is not a fascist party. The BUF was (obviously - Mosley was also an enthusiastic Pan-European, IIRC, in a 'white, Christian bulwark against Asiatic Bolshevism' type of way); the BNP is, despite its somewhat unconvincing denails of such. UKIP is a home-from-home for the sort of Tory who don't feel that their party wants or understands them any more. I think the BNP's fall also had a lot to do with its financial problems, far-right infighting with the EDL and dissaffection amongst its activist base.

The Ed/David squabble was also a continuation (I think) of the Brownite vs. Blairite conflict. The Blairites may have felt that it was their turn after the Brown debacle, which is one of the reasons why so many people resent Ed, who was also the Unions and soft left's favoured candidate at the time of the leadership contest (I voted for him, being affiliated through my TU; not that sorry, seeing as I would have liked the alternative even less)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As Aubrey said, unless I've completely misread things, affable bumbler with charisma, maybe - voters also like a politician who hasn't been (or doesn't appear to have been) focus-grouped into a vague grey paste. Miliband fails on both counts, since he is basically a vast nerd without the sparkly aura that enchants the media/public at large, and furthermore, a vast nerd who's not allowed to play to his geeky strengths. Also, the Labout Party still has a Tony Blair hangover, as the Tory Party had a Thatcher hangover until very recently - any new leader who comes up has to deal with their legacies (positive or negative) dangling over them.

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A memorial episode of Jazz on 3 paying tribute to Charlie Haden, featuring a two year old Charlie yodelling AND ROBERT WYATT! (only available until tomorrow...)

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

In other news, I finally get to start The Knight and Knave of Swords and finish up the saga of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, who definitely are members of the Brotherhood of Inebriated Perverts.

Our patron saints, in fact.

Before I read Three Kingdoms, I never realised 'eyebrows like silkworms' could be considered a compliment. The world seems a happier and brighter place now.

On an Angela Carter binge - nearly finished Nights at the Circus and will move onto The Magic Toyshop once I've polished it off. Nights... is the second book of hers to feature group sex with a troupe of Moroccan acrobats. I wonder why?

Try again:

Setting: (1) Ekh Lyuli Lyuli - Daniel Kahn, Psoy Korelenko and Oy Division
Race: (2) Saneonymous - High Tide
Class: (3) The Promise - The Rhythm Kings
Character theme song - (4) Devil Bones/Straight ahead - Otis Waygood
Minion - (5) The Four Horsemen - Aphrodite's Child
Background - (6) Man of the World - Fleetwood Mac
Motivation - (7) The Fool - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Drawback - (8) Primo Incontro - Il Balletto Di Bronzo
Personal philosophy - (9) Germany - Ace of Cats
Moral Code - (10) Pass Through You - Stealing Sheep.

In an alternative Alaska (variant on setting of Michael Chabon's 'Yiddish Policeman's Union') (1), Yochanan Silverman, half-aquatic elf (2) detective/bard (3), is attempting to hold to his moral principles despite some disquieting revelations regarding his family's past history (4). With a daemonic assistant, who he doesn't trust at all, (5), he's trying to turn over a new leaf and escape his less-than-honourable past (6), making an effort to recapture his long-lost innocence (7). Given that he doesn't want to remind anyone of his history, he has to pretend that he's less world-weary than he is and hasn't seen it all before, which can be a struggle (8). The philosophical principles he absorbed before having to flee the country of his birth still rule him (9) - Marx and Hegel are still very important to him - but he stays aloof from the world, treating the people around him as abstract objects of contemplation that he can't get too attached to (10)

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