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Mordant Spire Elf

Limeylongears's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,017 posts (3,379 including aliases). No reviews. 2 lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 40 aliases.

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A savage paramedic?

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The trouble with a citizen's income is that it will, inevitably a) be used to reduce wages still further and/or b) get set at a level lower than that of any existing benefits it replaces. Personally, I'd prefer people to get much, much more value back from their own labour (or even all of it!) than to have an insufficient sum doled out by the state to augment their crappy paycheck, but I don't doubt that a decent argument to the contrary exists. I've only read one Zizek book - In Defence of Lost Causes - which I liked, even the bits about Lacanian psychoanalysis, or whatever it's called.

In other news, here are some of Karl Marx's dreadful love poems (in English)

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Kajehase wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Drejk wrote:
If I stop posting after leaving for today it will mean that dust wraiths got me. Or vegepygmies.

is it wrong to want to eat vegepygmies?

Because every time I look at them I get peckish. It's not cannibalism, is it? They're plants. Delicious looking semi intelligent plants. I just want to try one. Yes, Sharoth, with blue cheese dressing.

Vegepygmues are fine. Blue cheese, much like mayonaisse and vegetarian bacon, is a crime against the laws of gastronomy, however.

If loving Stilton is a crime, then SHOOT ME AT DAWN WHY DON'T YOU.

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David M Mallon wrote:
The distance between "center of the civilized world" Halifax and "Gotham on Thames" London is approximately the same as the distance between New York and Boston. The United States is f#~~ing huge.


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Yeah, it's working fine now...

I had no idea there was a Jewish New Year especially for trees, so it's delivering already!

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'Sprinkle of jerks' works perfectly as a collective noun.

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Additional Funk for Friday!

The Silvertones - If You Think Your God is Dead, Try Mine

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Or maybe they're just doing a very thorough job of it?

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Good evening.

It is snowing. Great Britain is shut.

Thankyou and come again.

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Igor Wakhevitch - Docteur Faustus

A winner. An album of his featuring Salvador Dali also exists on Youtube, but it's two hours long; there's only so much elegantly moustached loonie that can be taken at one sitting, as anyone who's spent more than three seconds in my company will testify, so we'll leave that for the time being.

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Aaand Hawkwind doing 'Sonic Attack...'


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Iveriya - Pesnya O Gruzii

Yuri Morozov - Neizyasnimoe

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I shudder to think what the Olympia Press edition of Lolita is like. Probably, downloading it would be tantamount to walking around wearing a big sign saying 'Please Put Me On The Sex Offender's Register'

Pt. 2 of Richard F. Burton's 'Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina' ended rather abruptly with Our Hero's escape back to India and has now morphed into a 16th century translation of a contemporary Italian traveller's account of the same journey. Spelling has not been modernised, so not an easy read; most of the time he just seems to be incredibly cross that the inhabitants aren't Christians.

I finally found a downloadable version of 'Proofs of a Conspiracy' by John Robison, so I'm going to read that next.

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Scene: FHDM oe'rspreads the Untainted Condom with a soft mantle of frigid pearlescence

Island Monkey 1: Oo Oo, matey!
IM2: Oo Oo Oo!
IM1: I see Freehold DM is oe'rspreading us with a soft mantle of frigid pearlescence!
IM2: Yes.
IM1: And look! There he is, flying above us wearing nothing but a hat and scarf!
IM2: He's wawking in the air! Tell it's cold, can't you, ha ha
IM1: No need to be rude.

Kajehase wrote:
Point of order: Can you wear a hat and still be naked?

No, but you can if the hat is wearing you.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Can we start a new beer company and hire Sylvester Stallone as the spokesman? We could dress him up in a futuristic cop uniform and have him proclaim "I am the law, and this is the lager!"

Or we could make him look like a cross between Judge Dredd and a florescent dragonfly and get him to advertise our fishing supplies business by announcing 'I AM THE LURE!'

Or give him a big Celtic bugle and make him shout 'I AM THE LUR!'

Or float him in a French river - 'I AM THE LOIRE!'

Etc, etc.

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He's on the beach! In a judo outfit! He starts the song by thwacking a ****ing great gong with a mallet!

Cybotron - Colossus

One of the most aspirational videos I have ever seen.

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An interview with Granbretan's last Communist councillor

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Amby's Brain wrote:
*EveryFaWTLy's away or sleeping... now would be a good time to practice singing*

Eet's halavely day forr seengeeng!!!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Catherine Ribiero + Alpes - Un Jour... La Mort

I have forgotten enough French to have only a very vague idea of what she's singing about, even with the lyrics listed out underneath the vid. Trays bean, anyway.

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Thanks to this evening's longsword sparring, I will have at least three huge great bruises in places I would much rather not have bruises (which, to be honest, is pretty much anywhere). To celebrate, I have just eaten a spring roll.

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Asuper prog album setting Nostradamus' prophecies to music!


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Happy new year - The Qualities (prod. Sun Ra)

EDIT: You Must Be A Witch - Lollipop Shoppe

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Kajehase wrote:
aeglos wrote:
we will go sledding now
*braids some jingling bells into aeglos's beard*

Someone was actually doing this in the high street of the town where my parents live. While playing the hurdy gurdy (if you gave him £1, he threaded a Christmas ornament into his beard and played you a little tune). They were on first name terms with him, of course...

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I did the annual CD exchange with my brother and Dad (Michel Thomas' Learn French Today and Bellowhead's new one from me; Space Guitar by Bill Frisell and Ganglion Reef by Wand from them).I bought my mum and my sister a breadbowl and a garlic press respectively and got a steel buckler in return!

My nieces got umbrellas from me; my nephew got a little rattle shaped like a lion.

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I managed to send a steak and kidney pie to Kajehase once via psychic matter transference, so a hot toddy should be doable.


If that didn't work, it's Cosmo's fault , as are the spoken word segments on Moody Blues records

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Get well soon, Drejk!

Presently travelling cross country with two Hello Kitty umbrellas strapped to my pack, because I can TOTALLY DUAL WIELD HELLO KITTY UMBRELLAS HELL YEAH.

(They're presents for my nieces. Honest)

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All the no longer single goblins! (All the no longer single goblins!)
All the no longer single goblins! (All the no longer single goblins!)


Fergie wrote:
I don't know, now that things have gotten serious, I think we have to pretend that Goblins do it in a refined and dignified way, in a secure non disclosed location.

Pretend - because the truth is too sanity-shattering to contemplate?

So far as I can tell, they take it to the basement , anyway.

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Sissyl wrote:
What about Princess Unnatural Lust-ing?


Yuugasa wrote:
Actually, for you guys that want to find someone special online dating might really work, all you need to do is leave off talking about sex for, oh, lets see, maybe five or six messages?

I have never once mentioned s*x when messaging anyone on an online database, which probably explains my less than stellar success rate and the distinct absence of bumhole-themed communications in my inbox. And I also prefer my porn done in crayon, or perhaps performed by balloon animals, so I don't see why other people are required at all.

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the David wrote:

I'm just wondering about the guys who have problems dating? Are you actually making an effort? I realized that you'll never get on a date if you sit at home all day waiting for prince charming to arrive. You have to get out there.

True, though Prince(ss) Charming is kind of in short supply hereabouts; Princess Suggestion-ing, more hopeful. Princess Dire Charm-ing, nope. Princess Domination-ing, well - [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Ow...

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
KSF wrote:
This could be big news. The Supreme Court will hear the Louisiana same sex marriage case.

This is big news: [SCotUSblog] "Court won’t add to delay of Florida same-sex marriages"... so, barring something unexpected, Florida clerks can start issuing same-sex marriage licenses starting January 6th.

Florida. Here? Here. Holy s$!%!

Holy s&~~ is right; what're you going to say when mom starts hinting about you getting married?!


Maaybe you could say you've sworn never to wed anyone who cannot best you in single combat? (nb: I'm aware that there may be a couple of tiny flaws in that plan...)

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I have plenty of socks, or I should do - where are they all? Answer: Cosmo's Cisatlantic (?) agents (The Cosmointern) have been scampering about the house while I'm asleep, hiding my hosiery. Produce it forthwith, sirrah!

I also blame Cosmo for the very startling way in which my digestive system decided to follow up a night on the chili con carne and Guinness.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The Traits - Nobody Loves The Hulk

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Human Expression - Every Night

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A rather over-elaborate sandwich involving falafels, tahini, black olives and pickled jalapeno peppers, so a sort of vegetarian kebab. Made my own falafels (out of a packet), but they turned out too sloppy. Nothing worse than a sloppy falafel.

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1. Because he's got bored of goats and now wishes to be known as ElephantToucher
2. He thinks it stands for Look! Apple Bottomed Orcus' Underwear - Ripped!
3. Watching a cake have sex with a comic book is actually pretty boring.

Darling poster following me, here are your precious wee questions.

1. Yes, he Hides in Closets, but what is he doing with that bidet?
2. And what does Lyranis turn into at the stroke of midnight?
3. Why should JumboFrotteur get two goes?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yesterday I finished off volume 1 of Robert Jordan's Conan stories, or Pornan the Bare Hairy'un, as I've decided to call it. I've never come across so many nipples since I last read an Andrew J. Offutt book.

I've also started a blog about kakky fantasy novels, which can be viewed here. Anyone expecting Samnellesque levels of research and erudition needs to prepare themselves for a great deal of disappointment.

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Clearing out the cupboard under the stairs resulted in a lot of old crap being thrown out, but I also found:

1) Two old issues of Dragon, which was nice.
2) Sacred Drift: Essays on the Margins of Islam by Peter Lamborn Wilson, which is not as mysticky woo-woo as I'd feared
3) Poor Wizard's Almanac, which I thought I'd thrown out years ago. Whoopee!

Also tried reading Montaillou by Emile La Roi Ladurie, which was very dull indeed, unless you like reading about the daily lives of 13th Century Cathar Shepherds

Guess what?:
They herd sheep. Then eat soup. Then do some heresy. Then herd more sheep, etc etc until your balls drop off from boredom. If you have balls. If you don't, you are at least spared that part of the ordeal
Not a keeper.

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Drock11 wrote:

I blame Cosmo for the Magnum P.I. theme music being stuck in my head.

On a related topic that has also made me ponder how much destruction would occur and what would be the extent of the collateral damage if Tom Selleck's and Cosmo's mustaches had a fight.

I blame Cosmo for the fact that I have already made a feature-length motion picture of precisely that. Several, in fact, plus a 'Making Of' documentary and a children's animated TV series (with accompanying range of wipe-clean poseable action figures!).

Actually, I haven't done any of those things, which is also Cosmo's fault. If Paizo wants to give me, I dunno, $4.75, though, IT CAN HAPPEN.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Well, I'm glad that's out of the way.

My hobo didn't have a spleen when he arrived. To whom should I complain?

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Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Kajehase wrote:

Now, all this is good advice, and had I known it in advance, my... joke? would have been much more carefully constructed. As it is, it's shutting your stubble in the door after Usain has Bolted, I'm afraid.

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Sir Christopher Lee's Heavy Metal Xmas

6 people marked this as a favorite.

It's winter! It's cold! There is rain, and strong winds! Ai! Ai! Cue nationwide panic! (in tabloid media-land, at least). This obviously means that Paizo's Moses of Snow is reaching the climax of some Epic-level ritual in the NYC Temple of Talos, lightning playing about his mass of gold chains as a horde of sexy storm elementals cavort maniacally about him.

Or, in dub reggae terms,

Freehold come.
Drop the winter BOMB BOMB bomb bomb

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Mythic JMD031 wrote:
Are you comparing me to the Chinese Government?

Not at all, but I am comparing you to the Chin-Ease Groovy Mint, a disco themed breath sweetener which also helps lubricate and protect the area between mouth and throat if you dribble enough. Not sure why.

I just thought you needed to know that somewhere, a pun-free oasis exists where you can water your spiritual camel without being tormented by paragraphs like the above.

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Ofege - Try and Love

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When I went to pick up my guttering today (incidentally, if anybody wants about 6-7 inches of plastic pipe, it's yours. Don't all rush), the man at the builders' merchant warned me, 'DON'T GO UP ON THE ROOF!', presumably for the same reasons. Unless Springheel Jack's on the loose again.

More gales, eh? Wonder what'll end up being blown into my front yard this time? Not been anything exciting so far, but hope springs eternal.

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Fergie wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:

Are you talking about Elfquest elfquest, or some other questing elf?

I ask because the original graphic novels warped my young mind, and provided much inspiration when I colored comics later in life (including ones drawn by a guy who did books 7-8). I also happen to live a short train ride from the creators.

I didn't know it was a comic - I'm pretty sure I had the RPG at some point, unless I've just imagined that...

Combining two themes, An interesting article about sex studies, from a blog run by Trotskyites of unknown provenance

NFSW, since they've decided to illustrate it with some early 20th century porn.

I've never read anything by Wilheim Reich (who was in the KPD, very early on). Maybe the library can get it.

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Mythic JMD031 wrote:
Curse you Limey...if I was keeping better track of rant points I would take them from you. WHY WON'T THAT THREAD DIE???!!!!

BARUTHAAHS 'N' SISTAAHS! Four score and seven years ago I had a dream that so much was owed to so few who had in their hayunds a piece of paper and I wanna ask y'all, will we let the hairy beatnik Renaissance merchant man crush our Vision? Will we let him stop our perfumed Glory from waftin' over the world like some heavenleh blast of Febreze? Will we allow the dead hand of repression to clasp us in its clammy, cheeto-stained jaws? Will we? WILL WE?

No, No, No! Baruthaahs 'n' Sistaahs, I want you all to link arms, place a delicate flowah in the button hole of the Policeman standing in front of you and SING WITH MEH!


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Paizo's own Sissyl was once on the final of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?', playing against the cricketer Ian Botham. It was the very last round and the contestants were neck and neck. Ian had got his last question wrong - now it was Sissyl's turn. £1m was riding on her answer!

'Sissyl' , asked Chris Tarrant, 'Which lager refreshes the parts that others cannot reach?'

Sissyl looked stumped -Ian looked smug. He knew the answer! Then, Sissyl asked to phone a friend - and called the Boneyard!


'Hello, Pharasma. Can you tell me


Pharasma was correct! The crowd cheered wildly, Cricketer Botham looked furious, and Sissyl laughed delightedly and told him,

"Never go up against a Sissyl, Ian, when DEATH is on the line!!"

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