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Lil' Bill's page

15 posts. Alias of Xabulba.

Full Name

Tyrone "Lil' Bill" Williamson







About Lil' Bill

Template – Pure Mortal
High Concept – Well Connected Street Hustler
Trouble – Everything is For Sale, (will buy or sell anything for the right price.)
Rising Conflict - Doing the Right thing, (his growing moral conflict over self preservation and doing what best for everyone without profit.)
Background - Street gang member (the P-Stone Rangers)

Great – Guns
Great – Resources
Good – Weapons
Good – Contacts
Fair – Alertness
Fair – Athletics
Fair – Burglary
Average – Empathy
Average - Intimidation
Average - Presence
Average - Stealth
Average – Endurance


First story: Lil’ Bill grew up in the projects and hooked up with the P-Stone Rangers a local street gang at 12. Dealing drugs, selling stolen property and petty larceny fill most of his days until something moved into the neighborhood. Soon people starting going missing, at first it was the homeless then streetwalkers and kids from the P-Stone Rangers. The P-Stone Rangers went out hunting for the person responsible and found a monster. Several of the P-Stone Rangers were killed in the ensuing fight before the monster was killed. From that point on the P-Stone Rangers learned about many of the monsters in the city and how to keep them out of their hood.

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