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Awesome. We had talked about switching the campaign into shattered star and the group sounded interested. Never tried running an AP before. It's nice that we've built a natural lead-in

I'm assuming the adventure path covers making the exploration legal? We noted the Magnimar guide says it's illegal to access the piling and the group has a paladin. Thankfully he's of Abadar which should make getting permission easier but if it's written in the adventure even better.

Simple question: players want to investigate the pillars of the Irespan in Magnimar. I -think- this is part of Shattered Star adventure path but I am not sure. Are there any premade Pillar dungeons in scenarios and/or published adventures to date?

Btw, this is for a game we as a gaming group have well established as a module-based "campaign" so that's why I am asking for published material. I'm looking for something I can pick up, read, slightly adjust and run with. Thanks!

This system seems to make Vital Strike OP. Vital Strike triggers on an attack action, which in this system is specifically a 1 act.

Then again, is that really a bad thing?

*rubs hands together, cackling maniacally before the opened pages of the new unchained diseases and poisons*

They come relevant at very high levels, but some of them are quite good. Stealth 15 is crazy for rogues. Intimidate is pretty nuts as well.

Based on what the OP has said, then no this is not ok. There are circumstances where it is ok to bail. Ex: I have a priest of Pharasma and the quest is specifically to go tomb raiding. But "go underground" is hardly an unreasonable plot hook. Nor do I think the DM misrepresented or failed communicating efficiently as some people here suggest. It's nice when starting a campaign if the GM suggests appropriate builds, but what GM has to warn his players "oh yeah hey in this game you guys might have to go underground!" That's ridiculous. I can't recall the last time I played a character that didn't go underground. I never ever have felt as a GM that players need to be sufficiently warned at character creation that they may have to go underground. If I did say that, I can only imagine the "well duh" looks I would get.

In short no it is not ok. I feel bad for your GM if he spent time developing that plot hook. You basically had the party say "we're not into challenge and adventure, please keep it in the comfort zone or we bail". You may think that's ok b/c you're new, but in my mind it's just the wrong attitude.

The feat Twist Away paired with a Ring of Ferocious Action is going to be staple to overcome bad fort saves. The rank 15 stealth skill is now incredibly amazing. Getting access to Vanish on other form of Invis could be huge. We also now have a class where 2-wep fighting is viable.

Starting a new Pathfinder game and one player wishes to be a Cleric of Pharasma. Within the scope of the lore, help us come up with good reasons why a Cleric of Pharasma would leave the clergy to become a Pathfinder? Could she have received a vision? A calling? Does the clergy feel it appropriate to commit clerics to the pathfinders as a reciprocal service?

Hey Harry Dresden is a badass. He just has tons of hit points due to a high CON score

There are plenty of pathfinder based (and other 3.5 rpg worlds) novels out there and while I havent read them all I'm pretty sure none of them go through a constant CLW wand narrative after each dramatic combat. They wouldn't. Because it's a lame narrative.

Thank you all for the comments! I value your input and appreciate the responses.

My primary motivation is probably best classed as "realism". Maybe that's not the best description, but I really dislike the idea of "wanding" everyone back to full after every fight. It just seems lame. I can't think of any successful fantasy story (movie, book, comic) with this kind of dynamic. Heroes fight through their pains and conditions. I would even doubt there's a single pathfinder or other novel out there where a CLW is utilized even a .1% of the time it gets cranked in your typical pathfinder game.

I do, however, consider slowing down the game to be a huge detriment. Do you believe pathfinder modules and scenarios are really written with the assumption that PCs are going to heal to full after every fight using virtually limitless resources? I would think they largely assume PC's are not spamming wands after each fight, and that hp loss is suffered and heal spells are coming from spells/day from characters.

As for time as a motivator, I love and use this as a DM all the time (ha!). But for a while I will be running straight from modules and cannot always rely on this as part of the story. Also, over using this is also a concern. Always pushing for minute-by-minute demands is taxing.

Ah, the ole Wand of CLW. This has been a party staple for years, but it's gotten way beyond old for my tastes. Do you think it is unfair and overpowered? I'm thinking of starting a new campaign and I am really debating limiting this item. The problem is it is so well established (and PFS legal) and I don't want to play a low magic game. My proposed home rule is just to say all wands are minimum CL 5 (the base CL for getting craft wands). That will at a minimum keep things interesting through the first few levels, and should somewhat stymie the normally outrageous healing per gp that this wand provides.

How would you react to this rule?

You have more than enough damage to handle any published module appropriate for lv 14. With a wand of cure light and lesser restoration you could probably solo a few of them if you're lucky enough to not botch a crucial save. To be challenged your GM is going to have to custom craft high difficulty encounters. Your lvl suggests this isn't PFS, so whether you have enough is really up to how high your GM cranks it. I'd suggest he puts 2d4 Cthulhu's on the wandering monster table.

Surprised no one mentioned Combat Patrol. It can be a nice feat at the right timing, and it has some really cool flair to bring to a Viper build.

Iron Gods. Because... Aliens.

To be honest, in low Stat games druids can be one of the strongest choices because their animal companions will be comparatively stronger, and their basic spells will be more influential.

Big cats, ape, and the constrictor snake are good pet choices if you can get them. Personally I like the snake because it can usually take an enemy out of combat and doesn't demand as much action economy as the cat.

If you get a good animal companion, buffing it is a viable build though other PCs can get jealous.

I prefer stack Wisdom for high DCs and bonus spells over trying to fight with your druid. Druids have nice control spells and later on get some heavy save or get rekt spells like baleful polymorph.

Linguistics is the skill. Magically, if it was water damage Mending would not restore the writing, nor would Make Whole. You would probably need something like limited wish.

Make sure you have 7 PCs

My rule of thumb: Move Action to perceive what can be perceived without actively interacting with junk. Interacting + perceiving is a full round per 5x5 area. Empty space doesn't need more than a move percaption check, so you just need to quantify how many 5x5 areas have significant searchable stuff (cabinets, barrels, etc). Taking 20 multiplies total time by 20.

Simple enough. Increase time if it gets complicated. Needle in a haystack probably more than a move action :)

Slayers are so awesome they don't need a guide, just the urge to kill!

Seriously though, ranger guides are a good starting place. I went heavy shield/kukri on my Slayer and he was a beast.

Combine 4, 6 and 7 and you have what I might call the "Ravenloft" DM :D

It's clear this is not fun nor fair to you. You asked the GM to help resolve the issue for the stated reason and he refused. The GM has rejected any in character resolution. In effect he is colluding with the rogue against you.

This is just abuse for their own amusement against your own happiness. You should leave the group if your reasonable request for a civil OOC solution is not respected.

Keep in mind the argument is not "which stat, out of the box, is better: Dex or Str?". Strength damage and attack is automatic. 1.5x Str on 2handed is automatic. These apply to all weapons, classes and characters. You have to invest in Dex to damage. The question is whether or not that investment cost in feats or weapon properties is undercosted.

Of the ways to get Dex to damage, I consider the weapon property the easiest method of Dex to damage for most characters.

I disagree with the OPs GMs statement that Dex to damage is OP. Clearly your GM has a diminished understanding of what constitutes OP in pathfinder.

Can you build an OP character with Dex to damage? Maybe. You can build tons of OP character types without it though.

Does this Gm also ban casters outright?

Arachnofiend wrote:
Liegence wrote:

#6 for sure.

I hate Perception checks - they constantly slow the game down. Ironically enough, I miss Search being its own skill.

I also disagree that Perception checks are a DM problem. They are, without house rulings, very much a player choice and therefore can easily become a player problem. They check every room, every door, and want checks before every combat.

My suggested solution, if it's a problem, is just determine what is their perception modifier +10 and force a persistent "take 10"

But that robs you of the pleasure of watching your players squirm after rolling a 1 on a perception check on a door. "Seems legit" is one of the funniest things a GM can say.

Maybe if it was on some rare occasion where only one person checked, but when you have a party of optimized players all using perception checks the chances they all fail are drastically reduced to basically zero.

Besides, there is much entertainment found elsewhere in the adventure than just the perception check at the door!

#6 for sure.

I hate Perception checks - they constantly slow the game down. Ironically enough, I miss Search being its own skill.

I also disagree that Perception checks are a DM problem. They are, without house rulings, very much a player choice and therefore can easily become a player problem. They check every room, every door, and want checks before every combat.

My suggested solution, if it's a problem, is just determine what is their perception modifier +10 and force a persistent "take 10"

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The MacGuffin for a quest proposed three or four quests down the line...

I need you to help me find X or all is lost!

You mean this ole thing we find in that Dragon's hoard? We thought it was worthless ... It just has been sitting in our Handysack. Ok well here it is, you paying in coins or gems?

Extra hilarity if they forgot they even had it until after they scavage the dungeon where plot giver thought it might be and came up goose eggs.

As a DM my answer is simply no. Sasquatch and Leprechaun PC's would be disallowed - that simple. If you want to make it work use a simple port - Sas has 1/2 Orc stats with some trait adjustments per race guide and the Lep ports from gnome with trait adjustments. If the player is upset about that b/c he wants a +12 str racial mod then there's a bigger problem here.

As a player, it's very discouraging when you roll up something vanilla just to have the DM subsequently allow a half-dragon barbarian or pixie sorcerer. It's just plain bad for balance and game state overall. It's only fun when it's clearly established beforehand and everyone is allowed to go crazy. And if that's the theme then you're pretty much ignoring balance for the sake of having an anything goes type game

It's easy to limit the availability of Ressurection. Just look at the component: a 10,000 gp Diamond. Flip through the treasure tables and see if you can find the odds of actually having a 10k Diamond appear in a horde (by the treasure generation rules presented I don't even think it's possible). A 10k diamond isn't something the characters can just buy whenever they need one. Having 10k gold on hand doesn't solve the issue.

As for Raise Dead that's another matter, but it has never bothered me before. If a player doesn't want to be raised from the dead I think it's ok in that instance that the spell fails because the soul isn't willing to return.

To answer OP's questions relative to the topic: I would consider "no evil PC's" a common rule. I would also consider NPC tagging a PC that goes evil to be an acceptable solution if in fact a PC becomes an evil character and evil PC's are not allowed. I have no comment on your actual character situation but GM fiat stands apart as the overriding rule here.

Thank you Christopher Rowe - this is exactly what I'm looking for! So most of Season 4 it seems. I should probably check out getting the bundle.

Not looking for AP's, but thank you for the head's up on Night Marches!

PFS scenarios specifically - thanks for the response!

There's so many of them and im not familiar with them.

I'm looking to run a Pathfinder campaign specific to the region of Varisia, at least at the onset, and was wondering if I could get suggestions on good pathfinder scenarios specific to that region.

Any ideas? Starting from level 1 to 12 at most. PC's will be Pathfinders, but the campaign will not be PFS specific

Meh. It's a role playing game. Failing a save in our group isn't necessarily a bad thing - it is what it is. If you miss the save, you role play it. That might mean you act paralyzed, confused, blind, or (if you're lucky) snarl evily at your former allies as you're compelled to kill them!

Game is meant to have fun - there is no win or lose, there's just playing the game.

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Sea Hag. Both the stench and the evil eye gaze do not require actions and both can drop a party rather quickly. Only a CR 4

Ben, from Grizzly Adams!

So how does an Astradaemon attack on a soul in the river play out? Do they ever go after particular souls or are they just random assaults? If daemons are actively hunting down the PC's as antagonists what's the chance of this occurring on death and how could it be detected/prevented?

You are correct. Two weapon rend is a nice DPR boost for 2-wep fighters. Much more reliable than GTW. Likely it is the single best damage boosting feat for a TWF. It also helps a slight bit in overcoming DR, which is a big problem for TWF, because it is additional damage and not a separate hit.

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PC's return from the dungeon of doom only to find that their local lord has sentanced them to bridgework for a fortnight - priceless!

There is no win or lose in an RPG imho. There is only the enjoyment of the story.

End a game like the way Mass Effect 3 ended you should expect criticism.

Some of the funnest sessions I've had were games where the entire party was severly underskilled, particularly in skills like knowledges, diplomacy, sense motive, heal, etc. I think everyone is familiar with those uh oh moments when the fighter realizes that lie is going to sound mighty stupid when he attempts his penalty-only bluff check... good times.

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Property rights is one of those values I often see misrepresented in Fantasy settings that interests me greatly. It doesn't get as much attention as gender equality and slavery because those are fairly hot topics, but almost every medieval rpg I have played in is supposedly a feudal society but with modern/western values when it comes to property and ownership.

Fly Hex goes a long way on survivability. A little CON and Toughness goes a long way at higher levels. At low levels you can wreck mobs with Color Spray or specific targets with Daze/Ear Piercing Scream/Sleep Hex

You only need to push them 5 feet and then you can take a 5 ft step back.

I would say nothing is banned per se. I strongly discourage players that summon or rely primarily on companions not necessarily because of their power but more because they are time consuming. They bank action economy and horde action for themselves usually at the detriment of the other players.

Zark wrote:
Coridan wrote:
How does rage song interact with animal companions? Are they automatically willing or unwilling?

Sorry. Pets are not affected.

Advanced Class Guide Playtest wrote:

A raging song is language-dependent with audible
components, but not visual components. Affected allies
must be able to hear the skald for the song to have any effect.

My bold.

Speak with Animals?

Why limit the additional feature of Empathy to once a day? There is already a limiting factor (spend an inspiration point).

Veil specifically would not hide auras. Veil changes the look, feel and smell of the targets. It does not change the alignment. A paladin senses the alignment of the targets.

This is a bad ruling for Veil. I think it's bad that a level 6 spell could be so easily foiled by a level 1 spell but it is what it is. However, were this deception devised by a creature with sufficient Knowledge Religion he should know that his aura is still exposed and it is reasonable to suspect he would add Undetectable Alignment to his ruse.

It makes sense within the game's spell paradigm. Alignments, Detecting Alignments and hiding Alignments are in the purview of know religion and divine spells. Illusions are arcane, so by virtue of that fact it makes more sense that Detect Alignment can bypass and reveal aspect of Veiled creatures.

My follow up question would be this: if a lich glamoured himself via an illusion spell to look like a nonundead creature does he still ping undead when detect undead is cast?

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Core Bard. It's awesome with 5 PC's, great out of the box no specialty type required. All knowledges basically covered here. Take stealth.

Big Cat Druid. Control caster, some support. Take stealth.

Ranger archer. Hunter bond preferred to share favored bonus, apply fav enemy to campaign if dm drops hints. Take stealth.

Wizard, conjurer. Splurge for an amazing Improved Familiar (Imp, Fae Dragon or the Azata). More control, summons. Dump enchantment and let the Bard cover that and other Cha activities. Out of class stealth and get invis and levitate/fly. Elf or gnome.

Dex Paladin. Half elf is good. Weapon bond your Agile one hand wep that you use. Buff, healing. Your damage comes from smite. Take stealth.

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