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Lewis Inman's page

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Amen to that sentiment.

I still have the original deck of many things, and although in sad state, I still have the first The Dragon magazine. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got an email letting me know that my subscription would be ending all too soon. At first, I thought it was a bad, albeit late, April Fool's, joke. Now I've sent e-mails to Wizard's (BOOOOO!!!) and Paizo. Paizo may not have always been my cup of tea, but I still think they did a very good job. Kudos for the great magazine pulled way too soon. Send e-mails to Wizard's expressing your dissapproval, it couldn't hurt. But like it was said before, they are money grubbing, and you know any e-zine they make is going to be a cheap knock off of the original. They will give us less bang for as much of our bucks as they can. Good luck with Pathfinder, wish all the faithful the best.

Sorry to agree with the nay-sayers, but I found the giant 30th anniversary issue to be rather ho-hum. I didn't get to see anything really eye catching. I've never liked the big ads...sorry, but they are a complete waste of space. I understand the need for them though, we all gotta pay the bills. For the 30th anniversary, I expected something to jump out at me. Nothing did. I enjoyed a few of the articles, I usually do. Don't get me wrong, it's an issue worth having, but for what was expected, I felt let down. (moch like the April issue...but don't get me started)

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