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Wild Watcher

Leralt Littlehorn's page

329 posts. Alias of OmniChaos.

Going to tell/write a story, takes place in Golarion. Fair warning I have no experience or advanced education in writing or literature. Feel free to post comments, questions, criticisms, and what not. All I ask is that they are placed in spoilers so anyone reading the story does not have to pass walls of unrelated text.

Thanks and hopefully enjoy. :)


Old Lessons

Making the bed, fluffing the single pillow, and picking up discarded clothes. These last three years of common and endless chores were finally coming to an end, yet not today. He would not slip, not now nor would he allow his guard to fall. Many before him did not survive and many after him would suffer that ill fate, he refused to stumble. Taking a moment to look around the single room, a luxury reserved not only for senior students but the exceptional ones at that. Everything was neat, clean, and orderly regardless of it's occupant's best efforts. He felt a tinge of pity for his replacement, it was his skill at cleaning that had granted him the post in the first place and kept him safe. Reserved by a older student enchanter for such services, few would trouble him. Not worth it for those in a position to challenge the enchanter and beyond those that could not, yet that too would end with his role. While his thoughts drifted to his fellow surviving apprentices, a shadow crossed the window. He quickly moved to the window, he saw it's source. The imps were massing on the wall, clearly plotting something for the completion of the third year class and their promotion to real studies and true students. He would have to prepare for that.

The door suddenly opened, whirling at the movement one hand was in his pocket, the other crossed the broom handle in his hand across his body. The enchanter ignored him and went to his desk, forcefully opening the drawer. Taking a quick breath to speak the password before it's ward had a chance to trigger.

"Where is it?"

He doubted the question was for him but he responded all the same.

"What do you seek Sir Barlow?"

His dark eyes looked through the neatly stacked scrolls, tossing them without regard. His pale hands moving quickly, stopping only to push a lock of brown hair from his shoulder length cut behind an ear.

"The oath scroll I got a few months ago. The one from that sickly looking necromancer from the hall of whispers for charming that tiefling guard. I can't remember his name, much less his face."

Any other day he would fish for more information, yet it was his last day. Karver Barlow was no longer his problem or guardian, at least not for longer then a few more hours.

"Third drawer on the right, fifth scroll in. If I remember correctly."

He abandoned his current drawer for the suggested one. Grabbing the scroll rather roughly he opened it, a relieved smile quickly spread over his narrow chelixian features.


He left in a rush, returned a moment later.

"Clean this all up, you can take one potion from my desk for the help and your promotion before closing it up. Good luck Bavius."

With that he was gone. Karver was many things, grateful or detailed oriented was not among them. That was only his second gift in all his years of service. He had secreted away a number of items from him during his time with the enchanter. He never spent or used these items, in case he needed to find them should they be missed. In three years none had been noticed, then again Karver had a habit of getting his hands on a number of items he clearly could not afford. Certainly he made use of his enchantment spells, if nothing else he was unusually proficient in them. Personally he found it a little disturbing, the gap was far to great even for a specialist. He shook his head, it was not his problem or business. He plucked his final prize, reordered the desk and shut it. After another sweep of the room he would be done once and for all with it.

You recieve a letter from a messanger, it comes with a wax sealed scroll tube. The letter itself bares a wax seal but no insignia. Upon opening the letter it instructs you to take the scroll tube home and open it there in private. It clearly states to stop reading until you are home at this point as well. On a whim or with purpose you follow the instructions. Once in your home you begin to read the letter once more, the author states that the Solrath Consortium is interested in you. Is even willing to extend membership should you be found worthy. Should you refuse, burn the letter and scroll tube. Should you accept, unseal the scroll tube and read it's contents. Then head to the Blue Velevet at midnight and order a Orc's Tear for the private second floor table.

You have a choice to make.

Opening the Scroll Tube (Elvis Birchtree):

Upon opening and reading the contents, you find them to be a set of exercises. A teaching scroll of an unknown martial form. Once complete both the letter and scroll burst into unnatural flames that consume them. Not even ash remains but you find no difficulty in remembering what you have read. As well as a sense of new understanding.

You gain 1 extra ki point to your total

Opening the Scroll Tube (Bastion Le'Stance):

Upon opening and reading the contents, you find an advanced guide to alchemy crafting techniques. Ways to make use of ingredients and tricks of the trade honed from someone with vast experience who did more then learn from their mistakes. Once complete both the letter and scroll burst into unnatural flames that consume them. Not even ash remains but you find no difficulty in remembering what you have read. With this knowledge you gain a sliver of skill from a master, making your crafting skills better then before.

You gain a +1 to Craft (Alchemy)

Opening the Scroll Tube (Tynan Kaddren):

Upon opening and reading the contents, you find them to be arcane formula's and mastery tips. A way to make better more efficient use of the arcane energy that one so trained can call upon. Once complete both the letter and scroll burst into unnatural flames that consume them. Not even ash remains but you find no difficulty in remembering what you have read. This advanced knowledge now enhances your spellcasting techniques.

You gain 1 extra use of your wizardry powers

Opening the Scroll Tube (Xaviandrin Salhaziri):

Upon opening and reading the contents, you find them to be extensive and detailed studies of inherent weaknesses in vital points shared by most life forms. A in depth study of the weaknesses with in weak points to cause even more precise damage. Once complete both the letter and scroll burst into unnatural flames that consume them. Not even ash remains but you find no difficulty in remembering what you have read. This detailed knowledge of vital points now makes your strikes more devastating.

You gain +1 to sneak attack damage

Opening the Scroll Tube (Marckus the Lucky):

Upon opening and reading the contents, you find them to be a largely forgotten and holy text of your god. One that was once reserved for the most faithful of worshipers but was thought to be lost. For few were thought worthy of reading it, among them few were blessed by them in turn. Once complete both the letter and scroll burst into unnatural flames that consume them. Not even ash remains but you find no difficulty in remembering what you have read. The holy text of Korada has blessed you with empowered healing ability.

You gain 1 extra use of channel positive energy

The Blue Velvet Tavern is a well kept place, naturally on the high end for Underbridge. Pressed against the stone back of the district it's exterior is like much in Underbridge unimpressive and seemingly in poor repair. But those who know anything of the shadow know not to trust their eyes. Like many things in the eternal gloom of Underbridge it is very much more then it seems. Still the meals and drink are fairly priced and among the best in the district by virtue of being fresh, unspoiled, and untainted in anyway. A rare thing in the shadow were fungus and mold thrive with the gloom and spray of the sea.

Those that enter under the dark blue fabric that serves as her sign, find a spacious room of polished wood with matching tables and chairs. Simple but clean and taken care of. A burly human bartender at the bar and a whip thin gray skinned elf ever seated at the end of it, those in the know claim him to be the owner of the Blue Velvet. Yet few if any ever approach the elf much less ask. The bar maids ever attentive are made up of a mixture of races and ethnicities. Each alluring in her own way but never to be confused for anything more then a hostess and server. Less the bartender Mutt as he was known involve himself in correcting such assumptions.

This is your setting, a bit clichéd but it works. Have at it. ;)

Listen well Verdir, we will need to learn much of this land and it's people. We will need pawns and servants, new blood for the Solrath Consortium. The worthy will join us. The rest, well we need not concern ourselves with the rest so long as they do not cross us. This city named Magnimar will be ours to shape in time.

Adventure Background
Welcome all. I am opening recruitment for a PbP adventure here on the Paizo boards. This will be part of the multi-GM and multi-faction extravaganza, the Loom of Fate. I'll be DMing for a group who will in time join the mysterious Solrath Consortium, interested in knowledge or power yet willing to serve not dominate for the most part that is.

I'm looking for 4-5 players who are able to post at least once a day to keep things moving.

About The Solrath Consortium:

The Solrath Consortium is largely unknown to all. A whispered organization that has appeared in Underbridge in fairly recent memory, few believe it is anything more then a rumor despite the persistent tales spoken in corners and alleys. Still their presence hangs in Underbridge like the morning mist, disappearing when any light is drawn to it yet returning time and again.

Those few who have had dealings with the group refuse to say much, silence is often their answer. What is clear is their ability to get things done secretly and efficiently. Often without anyone being the wiser concerning their involvement, unless they allow it.

To apply, please complete the (hopefully minimal) steps below.
1. Build a character using the crunch below. You don't have to create an alias yet (unless you want to). I mostly just want to get a sense of what you're thinking.
2. Share how often you can post/contribute to the game. I don't want to put unrealistic expectations on the group, but I'd like to shoot for one post per day on weekdays. If we go faster, hopefully I can do that.
3. Share why your character is in Magnimar — is he/she a newcomer to the city or a lifer? What is his/her "day job?" Why would he/she be looking for taking on less-than-reputable work? What is her/her long term aspirations for advancement in the Solrath Consortium (it's possible that he/she wouldn't even know that they are initially being hired by them, so they may simply be a pawn at the start before being aware of them). Having these things in your backstory would help.

Character Creation Crunch
1. All characters begin at level one.
2. 20-point ability buy.
3. No Chaotic Evil alignments. The Solrath Consortium leans towards lawful and neutral, just a heads up. Any LG types may have a hard time as the Solrath are not concerned with means, only results.
4. All Paizo-created races are acceptable, but some races will be subject to my approval. No custom or third-party races are allowed.
5. Paizo-created classes and archetypes only. No paladins or summoners, please. We're playing with emerging guns in this campaign.
6. Two traits and one drawback (giving you three traits total). Try to pick traits that align with your backstory, not just add to your character's stats (or figure out how to add stat-boosting traits into your backstory). I'm fine with flavor tweaks to make traits align better with your character's story, but please let me know that you're making the tweak before you assume I'm ok with it (I probably will be).
8. Max gold for buying starting gear for your class.
9. Max HP at level one, roll or 1/2 HD + 1 thereafter. I'm fine with your rolling and then taking the better option for your level 2 roll.

The over DM has requested character submissions be completed by November 8th. Let me know if you have any questions.

Goblin Squad Member

It was said that once the game goes live and public that you wont be able to change any character you create. So lets say tieflings get added at some later date and you want to play one then you have to start all over. While I understand this, I would think that all your hard work should count for something concerning any new characters that are created later.

So I was thinking would a family or for the sake of sense clan system be added to help new characters based off older characters accomplishments. Like minor bonuses or certain abilities of the other characters focus.

Agreements, disagreements, or any feedback would be welcome.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The drow lost Celwynvian to the elves, the result of a foolish young matron. Yet the elves could not hold the city, their are still danger's lurking. An organization called the Wovirl have come from the darklands to take back the city. Your going to take back the lost city and more.

I am looking for 2-3 players maybe more depending. The adventure has already started but is still early so anyone chosen will be coming into an existing group. I am looking for players that will use sound tactical thinking otherwise you will get killed. I am not out to kill you but if you do something in poor judgement expect a reaction by the enemy.

The setting is Celwynvian after the drow were driven out, the great houses of Zirnakaynin want the city back in the hands of the drow. Yet none are willing to send their personal forces so they left it to a mercenary organization called the Wovirl which the PC's recently joined. You will be part of a group that is spear heading the mission.

Character Creation
Ability Scores-25 point buy
Race-Drow Noble
Class-Any (We already have a Summoner, Magus, and Inquisitor)
HP-Max at 1st lvl, Half +1 afterwards
Traits-2 plus 1 tied to your backstory and approved by me.
Money-25,000 gp

When it comes to your backstory do not have any ties with a House. I think that covers everything. If I missed anything or you have questions feel free to ask.

Deep below the surface of Golarion lies the dangerous and wonderous darklands. In the bowels and bones of the earth stand empires of shadow, the greatest of these empires is that of the drow. The seat of their power, the last home of the elves, Zirnakaynin is where a new chapter will begin. Not only for the drow but for the world above.


The drow summoner known as Spider sits in one of countless taverns, this one holding more then just drow patrons. The door opens, eyes dart out of habit not expectation, and a wispy drow with a dark feathered cap strolls in. He spots the Spider in a moment, removing a wax sealed letter bearing a insignia he drops it before him his hands open and empty. Without word and a departing bow he leaves as quickly as he came. The wax seal is the insignia of the Wovirl, a skull over a crossed dagger, wand, on a circle. The only question was what to do?

If he opens it, it is a invitation to join the Wovirl and directions to one of their bases with a time.


Having just finished a mission for the Wovirl, one of the commanders told Elrivor he was to report to one of their bases in the city. He gave him directions and a time. He hinted that it was important and not to be late. It had been some time for Elrivor inside the Wovirl, he learned they were involved in just about everything. At times they even worked both sides of a conflict, with both sides aware no less. He had also learned that their were more of them then anyone knew, most of all they were secretive, careful, and dangerous.


Fresh from the school of fighting and yet to be a full member, none the less Elbennon's skill had gained him some notice in the Wovirl. Never passing up the chance to throw would be recruits into the fires of battle, he was informed to report to one of their bases at a certain time. They made it clear if he was even a moment late that he would not be allowed in. It took more then skill with weapons to become a full member of the Wovirl.


Yasaen showed up to one of the recruiting locations for the Wovirl. After some questions and simple test, he was handed a sealed letter and told to go to one of their bases at a certain time. He was to show up fully prepared for his final test, if he proved himself then he would also recieve his first assignment at that time as well. If not then he would be dead or maimed in which case it would no longer be their concern.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

A dark fortress like mansion with a 15 ft. tall black iron fence around it stands before you. The gate is flanked by two 20 ft. guard towers inside and a pair of standing guards outside. At the center of the main gate is the symbol of the Wovirl, a skull over crossed dagger and wand atop a circle. This was one of their more "public" bases, where customers and such would come to speak with a representitive of the Wovirl.

Here is the discussion thread for the adventure. Enjoy ;)

You have all been summoned by Genedair the Faithful to the Seventh Church in the Ascendant Court. As you walk down the packed streets the temple comes into view, the site of Iomedae's seventh miracle. You notice a great many young priest moving about outside the temple, along with a impressive 10 foot statue of the goddess at the front of the church. One young priest is unmoving waiting beside the church entrance, a paladin from the near by Tempering Hall standing next to him.

Perception DC 15:

You notice that the young priest are on more alert, as if on the look out for something.

Perception DC 21:

You notice someone trying to pick your pocket and slap their hand away. In the dense crowd the thief escaped but your coin is safe.

Failed Perception DC 21:

You lose 2d8 gold coins.

So it begins ;)


I would like everyone who was chosen to post to make sure your in and ready. Also to answer any questions or concerns. :)

I am running an adventure and taking at least four players, maybe more. You start out in Absalom.

Starting Lvl- 12
Stats- 20 point buy
Races- Core, others must be approved
Wealth- 140,000 gp
Alignment- Any, evil must be approved
HP- Average per lvl
Traits- Two, one from Absalom
No 3PP

Interesting characters and good backgrounds will be taken into consideration. But well built characters will have the best chance.

Ya know Absalom, so called city at the center of the world, is not all it seems. She has secrets, dark slippery secrets, she won't let them go easy. She will smile at ya, give you a right ol kiss in that soft spot of yours. Then when she's nibbling on ya ear, she'll put a dagger in your back right up to ya heart. You should have been lookin at her eyes not her breast. To late now ah, she'll never let you go.

-Speaking to the Forgotten Dead, Vekro the Digger

I tend to have alot of ideas and stuff so I figured why not put them up rather then have them remain in the darkness of my hard drive. Enjoy and feel free to post any feedback.

Gulaste Pellice, Lesser Priestess of the Forbidden Word
Female Drow Cleric of Abraxas 6
CE Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +0; Senses darkvision 120 ft.; Perception +5
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17
(+0 Dex, +5 AC, +2 Shield)
hp 38 (6d8+6)
Immune to sleep effects,
Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +11 (+2 vs enchantments)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Speed 30 ft.,
Melee: Masterwork Flail +7 (1d8+1/x2)
Ranged: Hand of the Acolyte (Masterwork Flail) +8 (1d8+1/x2)
Atk Options: Channel Negative Energy 5/day (DC 15, 3d6), Hand of the Acolyte (6/day),
Spell-Like Abilities:
6/day- fury of the abyss
1/day- dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire
SR 12
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
Abilities: Str 12, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 15
Base Atk +4; CMB +5; CMD 15
Feats: Combat Casting, Iron Will, Weapon Focus (Flail)
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) +5, Knowledge (Planes) +8, Knowledge (Religion) +6, Linguistics +5, Perception +5, Sense Motive +12, Spellcraft +9,
Languages Elven, Undercommon, Abyssal, Common
SQ: Demon Domain, Magic Domain, Aura,
Combat Gear: wand of searing light (8 charges)
Possessions: Combat gear plus masterwork flail, darkwood shield, +1 chain shirt, cloak of resistance +1, silver unholy symbol

Money: 160 gp

Light Blindness (Ex)
Creatures with light blindness are blinded for 1 round if exposed to bright light, such as sunlight or the daylight spell. Such creatures are dazzled as long as they remain in areas of bright light.
Poison Use (Ex)
Drow are skilled in the use of poison and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves.

Cleric Spells (CL 6th, 1d20+6 to overcome SR):

3rd- cure serious wounds, summon monster III, meld into stone, dispel magic (D)
2nd- bear's endurance, bull's strength, cure moderate wounds (2), align weapon (D)
1st- bless, cure light wounds (2), shield of faith, doom (D)
0 (at will)- detect magic, detect poison, purify food and drink, spark


Combat/Tactics: Before combat Gulaste prepares for battle by casting bear's endurance, bull's strength, align weapon, and shield of faith on herself. During combat she attacks the weakest looking enemy and spellcaster's knowing that few can stand up to her. She will heal strong allies and herself but lets weak allies die. A favored tactic is moving near a cluster of enemies and channeling negitive energy as well as using her fury of the abyss power to finish off enemies near death. Gulaste retreats if reduced to 20 hit points or below once she is low on healing spells, she summons a dretch to keep enemies busy while she flees normally by casting meld into stone once out of sight and making her escape after her enemies are gone or have let down their guard.

Friends/Allies: While Gulaste commands a number of allies under her, they follow her because of her rank and station alone. The only true ally she has is her personal bodyguard and sometimes lover Ghaunin (Fighter 4).

Foes/Enemies: To many to list.

Personality: Gulaste demands respect from those below her and plots to overthrow those above her. While she see's the worship of Abraxas as a path to power it is one that she truely believes in. Gulaste is always on the look out for enemies and pawns, a careful observer of anything new she is slow to act without knowledge.

The docks are a busy place, men shouting, ships arriving and departing, and dock workers hualing cargo. Among the constant chaos a man stands waiting for a group of new arrivals. He wears a brown cloak but white and yellow robes peak out from time to time along with a silver symbol glinting around his neck.

A wide field of shattered weapons, barrow mounds, and mass graves surrounds the city of Absalom, a vast plain known as the Cairnlands. Rising from the war torn earth like the grasping arms of the dead are countless siege castles, towers, and fortresses contructed over the millennia by would be warlords who tried to take the great city and inevitably failed. Like forgotten monuments to failed conquerors, the siege castles of Absalom beckon the brave, the fearless, and the foolish with the promise of adventure and untold treasures, ever ready to create heroes or to entomb the fallen.

Welcome, now that I have that out of the way this is the OOC thread. I would like the PCs to know each other before hand. Any ideas are welcome, you dont have to be buddies from years ago just know each other enough if you get my meaning. If you rather I come up with something off hand let me know.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was thinking of running a one shot adventure, sense I have never DMed here. If things go well it may turn into a longer series of adventures. If anyone is interested let me know. Below are some rules for character creation for the interested.

Character Stuff:

Starting level 1
25 point buy, no stat over 18 before racial mods and no stat under 8.
Core races are good but am willing to allow others.
Any class I have access to is allowed, but I reserve the right to disallow them with good reason.
One starting trait, I may allow more.
You get an extra 100 gp to starting your starting gold.
No evil alignments, all others are fine.

Let me know if I missed anything or if you have questions.

As the title says I am looking for a pathfinder pbp game. I have never played a pbp game here so I may not know how things work right away. I am interested in the Kingmaker adventure path but am open for any good game.

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