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Friendly Fighter

Leon Hardins's page

27 posts. Alias of EdenOfTheEast.




Eldritch Godling




5'7 in human 15'9 in centaur





Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Leon Hardins

Eldritch Godling attack stats:

CMB:+7 when in human mode +9 when in centaur mode
STR:+3 +4 in centaur mode
Dex:+1 +2 in centaur mode

Formshift (Sp): As a standard action, you can assume the form of a centaur (though your appearance may vary from a typical centaur, as noted under Physical Description). This acts as a transmutation (polymorph) spell with a spell level equal to half your character level. You retain the quadrupedal form until you take a move action to change back to your normal shape. You may use this ability once per day, plus once for every four full character levels you possess. The head and torso of your quadrupedal form matches the head and torso of your bipedal form.

While in quadrupedal form, unlike a normal centaur, you do not have a natural hoof attack and have only a 40-foot move rate (though you can change this with the Stamp and Swift Form feats detailed below). You retain all your racial lapith abilities and gain a +2 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, plus darkvision with a range of 60 feet. You also automatically gain the centaur Undersized Weapons ability.

Godling defense stats:

HP 45
CMD:21/20Fl 24/22 in centaur mode
30/20 speed 40/30 in centaur mode

LV 0 Spells:Prestidigitation,Light,Ghost Sounds,Detect Magic,Read Magic
AC 20/11/19 (+9 armour, +1 Dex)
Proficient: Simple, Martial Weapons, Heavy Armour
Tanglefoot bag (+4 touch)

godling casting and spells:

Casting Stat:Str
Sorcerer/Wizard Spell List as Main List
LV 0 Spells:Prestidigitation,Light,Ghost Sounds,Detect Magic,Read Magic

LV 1 Spells:Color Spray,Ear-Piercing Scream,Grease,Hydraulic Push,Magic Missile

LV 2 Spells:Create Pit,Hideous Laughter,Flaming Sphere,Stone Call

LV 3 Spells:Aqueous Orb,Fireball

Abilities with use per day
/2 -Formshift (Human to Centaur-Standard, Return-Move) +2 Str, Dex, Darkvision 60, speed 40
/7- Touch of Chaos (touched opponent rolls twice on d20's next round)
/7- Touch of Madness (touched target takes +3 to one of atk, saves, skill, -3 on the others for 3 rounds)
/7-Versatile Evocation (change energy type of evocation spell)
/5- Channel Energy (30 foot radius of positive energy, 3d6, DC 14)
*1/person- Cure Moderate Wounds(2d8+6)

Spell DC 14 +spell lvl (15 in Centaur mode)
/3- LV 3 Spells: Aqueous Orb,Fireball
/5- LV 2 Spells:Create Pit,Hideous Laughter,Flaming Sphere,Stone Call
/6- LV 1 Spells:Color Spray,Ear-Piercing Scream,Grease,Hydraulic Push,Magic Missile

godling feats:

2.Defensive Combat Training
3.Emergent Divinity
4.Persistent Spell (Metamagic)
DM Bonus.Emergent Divinity

Godling Class choices:

1:Ascendancy:Lineage Domain: The godling gains an additional lineage domain:Madness
2:Lineage Domain:Protean
3:Divine trait:Divine Portfolio I:Battle:Skill at Arms
5:Ascendancy:Hex Lord:Healing
Feat NO.3:Divine Trait:Divine Portfolio I:Life:Channel
Feat NO.Bonus:Divine Trait:Mystic Inheritance I:Evocation Arcane School/Admixture

Godling Skills and OOC stuff:


+1 Mithral Agile Half Plate +9AC Max Dex +2 Armor Check -4 cost 10850g weight 27.5 can run quad speed instead of normal triple

Belt of Giant Strength +2 cost 4000g

Chirurgeon's Bag cost 400g
Dungeoneering Kit,Deluxe cost 130g
Pathfinder's Kit cost 12g
Ram, portable 10gp
Spelunking Kit cost 174g
Tanglefoot bag X3 cost 150g

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