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Leoian Mousekewitz's page

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Definitely interested, but will be back when I have a little more time to make a character.

Alternating between positive and negative energies depending on the spells sounds good to me. A duality like that seems more fitting for a God like Nethys rather than one or the other.

L3 makes sense to me, seems more likely they wouldn't want total greenhorns for the agency. They'll want people they can trust to get the job done, even if they're being sent off on potential wild goose chases.

I'm in once I make some character decisions.

No relevance at the moment, but want to, but want to bring it up before we run into any traps. Billy has the trap spotter talent and gets an immediate perception check any time he comes within 10 feet of a trap. Dong, you're more than welcome to make these checks in secret on his behalf, current perception check +12.

Also he has no animal handling skill, any interactions with his horse are purely fluff and shouldn't have any actual effect on anything.

I wasn't able to get much going over the holidays, but I'd certainly like to keep going if others are still up for it.

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 4) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 1) + 6 = 11
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 2) + 6 = 10
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 2) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (2, 6) + 6 = 14

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 2) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 5) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 6) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 6) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 3) + 6 = 15
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (6, 6) + 6 = 18

I'm still interested, I've just been busy for the past couple weeks, and haven't found time to catch up on things. I need to get back into the habit of checking posts and posting more often, I kind of fell out of it when we had that long lull. I need to figure out what's going on here, it sounds like Ralph left the ship at some point.

Leoian comes over to the others discussing what they are going to do, having finished tending to the little girl's wounds. He looks to Bryn and frowns a bit "If Finwa is too tired to walk on her own, she is certainly too tired to attempt to invade this slaver camp. Perhaps you could..." He was about to suggest Bryn carry the young girl instead but thinking of how the man has indicated intention for mating with nearly all the females they have met along the way, and that he seems to especially prefer much smaller women, the halfling decides it might not be the best idea to trust the young defenseless orc girl to him. "Err never mind, I suppose I could carry the girl if she is comfortable with that. At least until I'm needed to scout ahead."

He thinks about this situations and wonders aloud "What if this is some kind of trap?" He blinks and looks towards Romycas "Err.. not to say you are not trustworthy sir, but we don't know anything about you other than you were created for destruction and repair... there is a lot of risk in what we're considering."

Leo moves along with the girl and kneels down to examine her wound using some water to clean it somewhat. The halfling stares at the girl's leg not moving, and not responding to Finwa for a time. Finally he nods "Good,there doesn't appear to be any poison, Tagacs must not be venomous." He looks towards Finwa now responding to her offer to make plants "Thank you Finwa, I believe I know what I need. The half sized man begins describing the plants he wants to treat the girl, some that will numb pain,some that have antiseptic, and antibiotic properties "If anyone has anything I can use as bandages that would be quite helpful as well."

Turning back to the small half-orc girl Leo smiles reassuringly at her "Don't worry, the bite looks worse than it really is. We'll have you fixed up in no time. You might not want to walk on it for a while though. What's your name? I'm Leoian, but most people just call me Leo."

Leo furrowed his brow confused by this constructs actions he seems especially concerned about the girl insisting she is the priority, but wouldn't give her to the halfling so he could tend to her wounds. "Mister... it is very difficult to help the girl if you won't let go of her. I can check her wounds, bandage them, and use some plants to help her get better, but not while you're holding her. I need you to let me take her, don't worry I will be gentle."

"Hey don't swipe at Finwa. Shoo you little beast." Leo makes a shooing motion at the creature that attacked Finwa. He makes sure the small feline woman isn't injured then looks towards Mittens "Well we just ate Meowsie, we don't want to overindulge... but when we do eat them that one's first."

He raises an eyebrow a bit at Bryn's creepy smile, it's probably directed more towards Finwa than himself, which was possibly even worse Leo would make sure to keep an even closer eye on him.

At Finwa's gasp he turns to see who she's referring to and shakes his head "I don't know." the halfing moves away from Finwa, and towards the newcomers "Hello, I am Leoian... that poor girl looks like some animal got at her. Let me clean and bandage her we'll want to stop the bleeding quickly." He holds his small arms out as if expecting this patchwork man to pass the girl to him.

"If you're weary sit for a while, we have a little food left, and there are lots of Bunkies around we can catch and roast if you need more." He apparently came up with his own name for the rabbit eared creatures.

Leo looks towards the creature reaching for his hair, and leans away so that it can't reach. "Strange, they're not shy at all, generally animals in the forest avoid travelers as much as possible."

He shakes his head at the discussion "I've never seen them before, I couldn't say what they are, but they don't seem to be like Datarila she's not an animal or a pet, she thinks and acts like we do... what's that called Mittens? Err, Bryn you should be careful, though these things seem tame I doubt they are pets, you could lose that finger."

"As for eating, I'm not sure, they seems somewhat similar to rabbits, so maybe they would make a good stew. There seem to be plenty of them though, we could easily try a couple of different methods."

Leo blinks at Mittens "Vidfilms?" He shakes his head "No, I've never seen them. But it's ok, I don't think I have a hubris." He waves and goes off with Finwa when she's ready.

Leo smiles towards Finwa when she sits near him, and gobbles down her food. "Good isn't it?" He looks over at Bryn when the man walks off towards the sleeping area Finwa made for them "I guess he's right, we should get out early, and you must still be tired from all that work making spots for us to sleep."

The little halfling offers his hand to Finwa when she's finished her seconds. "If you're ready."

He looks to Charlene "Don't worry about things, you should sleep well Ms. Oftenseen, nice fresh air out here, trees all around, it's great." He smiles towards the manager, and waves to the others "Goodnight!"

I don't think this one was unbalanced at all, there were some factors outside of the game that conspired to bring down the mafia. Such as lag making Tina's vote late and an ooc role giveaway most prominently, those unfortunately made it rather clear who was mafia. We still had a chance, but mistakes were made, it's not a balance issue. As Clarence pointed out it is quite well balanced; although the townfolk do seem like they might have some sort of Paizo god on their side.

I thought it was kind of funny that other than Hamish, our mafia characters were really just trying to do what was best for the town, they maybe broke the law sometimes, but it was to keep the town from going under and helping people out. Now this town's destroyed, and first thing Thadius wants to do is move to Sinclair for a new mafia hunt and start the whole thing over. Bringing down one town wasn't enough for him?

Actually I was thinking I might run the next one, and give Meows a chance to play.

I agree, I think if a vote is in before the GM's mark it should be counted, if it's after it should be thrown out. It gives a clear mark in game when the cutoff is. It also confuses me somewhat that you would throw this vote out just for punishment, then instate a rule that would keep it.

Leo is in, just needs a character

Leoian blinks a bit when Bryn talks about laser eyes "Oh, I didn't know you had laser eyes... I guess that might work, I've never used them before."

He watches as Finwa creates a large area with shelters for all of them. He sighs softly and squeezes the small woman's hand "You should be careful Finwa, you wear yourself out... your houses are real nice, but you should save some of your strength, a simple small shelter for all of us would probably have been fine."

The halfling looks confused again peering up towards the man twice his size "Weirding? You always say such strange things Bryn." He gets one of the pillows for Finwa "You should rest, we'll get some food going, and I'll come check on you soon."

"Bryn wait, don't use that for the fire, use these." Leo gets some brush "This stuff will burn real hot, but with a lot less smoke, smoke will be a dead give away that we're here."

In response to Charlene asking for people to go foraging the short woodsman nods "I can find lots of food no problem... my arms are small though, maybe someone can come along to help me carry?"

Leoian looks around to the others "Can most people not see in the dark?" the little man asked as if he'd expected everyone to be able to see clearly in the dark. "Ummm Bryn, how are we supposed to heat rocks without any fire?"

"I guess we should wait until it's light out if people can't see..." He looks confused towards Bryn again the man was often very confusing "What's diurnal?... anyway yes we should go find Mittens' balloon and she can continue with her plan."

"So... he's not a pixie?" Leo asks with a slight bit of confusion not really knowing what the deal was with this safari character.

Mitten's talk about how the multiverse is like a loaf of bread makes about as much sense to Leo as trying to read War and Peace in an alien language. Finwa seems somewhat worried though, as she clutches his arm, the little halfling rubs her arm reassuringly. "Don't worry Finwa Mittens'll solve it." Whatever it is that's going on.

When Varga makes finger pistols Leoians eyes widen and he tackles Finwa out of the way covering her body with his to keep her safe from whatever might shoot out of his fingers.

Leoian mostly walks along with Finwa keeping hold of her hand when he's able, but often scurries off to investigate something, or search for pixies. When he's questioned about the Gomoktooths he shakes his head "No, Huuagh didn't have any wings." He says as if people would know who he's talking about, and that it is in fact relevant to Gomoktooths.

At the appearance of Vargas Leo's eyes widen and he comes over to investigate "Wow, are you a pixie? You're looking for Meowsie? Are you going to be her little companion like Datarila is for Ms. Mayor?" He looks confused for a moment, "But you weren't at the Deathmatch I don't remember you... I was there, I got..."

Stopping in mid sentence the small man looks back towards Finwa with her ears drooped and decides going on about how he was shot in the face might not be the best idea. He comes over and takes the feline woman's hand squeezing it lightly "Well all that's done, we're here together now... what's a safari?"

I can't get into chat either, so I'm leaning towards the first.

Leoian nods as Finwa assures him they'll be out of the town soon "Yes, I'll be fine, this is just the first night I've spent completely out of the woods... it's strange."

The little halfling smiles at the others and offers his idea of what they should get Hugh as they come out into the street "He won't have anyone around the house when we leave and he might get lonely. We should find him a nice little companion like Datarila."

Leoian had gone to bed early though he tried to stay up to help with the dishes, the town seems to just drain his energy right out.

In the morning the night in the town appears to have had the opposite effect on him as it has on Bryn, despite having had extra sleep he still looks tired. The little halfling nods at Bryn's words "Yes... this place is terrifying."

Realising what he said could be taken the wrong way by their host he turns to the man and waves his hand to dismiss any such thoughts "Not your home Mr. Hugh, it is very nice, and we are most grateful for your sharing it with us... I just do not do well without the trees around me, and the comforting sounds of nature."

Leoian watches the man fall to the ground near him then finds himself being pulled away by Finwa and rushed over to a big tree. The little cat-lady seemed especially protective of him recently, that wasn't really a bad thing it showed how much she cared he just hoped she didn't think he couldn't handle himself. The halfling also happened to notice that Bryn, although the man had actually been directly attacked, was not scurried over to the safety of the conifer. It may be a small one, but Leo felt that was a victory on his part.

The small mans miles as Finwa lays her head against his shoulder "Yes, towns aren't good for people, it's much easier in the woods." He looks back towards the others "Looks like things have settled... but that man broke his table, it takes a long time to carve a new table."

Leoian eeps softly and cringes as Finwa pulls him out of the way and a the people start brawling. This one precisely why he didn't want to get involved, and would have much preferred to just move on through "This is why I don't like towns people are forced into crowds and the closer vicinity makes them agitated, then they start doing stupid things."

The halfling man moving carefully away from Finwa comes over and lightly tugs on Charlene's pant leg "Can we just leave? I don't like killing people, and it's the crowds that make these men stupid, it's not really their fault. This place is starting to spook me too..."

Leoian looks quite pained as they stop just short of getting off the streets in this horrible place. He wrinkles his nose towards the bar and looks very uncomfortable about all the yelling. When Bryn goes over there the little halfling grumbles to himself "What is that man doing now..."

When Finwa goes over to the owner of the bar as well Leo feels his stomach turn in knots 'It's not our business just leave them alone so we can get out of here.' They need to settle this quickly so they can get off the streets. Leo moves up just close enough so he can reach Finwa tugging on her hand lightly and leaning in towards her, practically hiding behind her as he says quietly "Can't you just make him a new instrument with your power, then we can get out of here. It smells bad, and there's way too many people."

Leoian returns Finwa's smile "It is kinda hard to say, but I don't know any of your fancy science words."

He looks up at Bryn and furrows his brow as the man says something about oxen, and seeding requests then proceeds to formally kiss Finwa's hand "Y'know I think you're right Bryn is acting pretty strange." Then again a lot of the things Bryn did or said seemed strange to Leo. Maybe he blew a processor trying to flirt with all the women they've met since coming to town. The halfling was pretty sure a horse doctor could fix a simple blown processor.

With a light squeeze of Finwa's hand he turns his shining eyes towards her "Did you meet Ms. Mayor's little companion Datarila? I wonder where you would find a little friend like that. I'm going to talk with her when we come back." He, for some reason, seems confident that he'll be able to converse with the little pixie despite having been told she can only talk to the mayor.

Leo smiles happily towards Finwa at her kiss, not so happy in the market was definitely an understatement. He watches the little lady as she moves over to clean Turble's face at least somewhat, and wonders about the gnoll. "Sounds like you don't like town very much either Mr. Turble, how did you end up here?"

The little halfling grins up at Bryn when Finwa and Charlene talk of taking him to a horse doctor. "Don't worry Bryn, horse doctors are really good, and don't let the name fool you, they're not just for horses. One helped with our dog when I was little, and momma even got one to fix my arm when I fell out of a tree one time, I'm sure they can help with your air-headedness too."

Leoian blinks a bit as the smiling little pixie suddenly vanishes, he looks back towards the others spotting the man holding a trident Datarila must have run off when he came in.

"Bryn's sick?" He looks up at the man curiously "Being sick isn't good... momma would fix you up right away, but I guess we'll have to go see this doctor person instead." He lightly squeezes finwa's hand "Thanks... not going into the crowds would be good... they're scary."

He looks to the mayor and waves "Goodbye miss Mayor, we'll come see you again soon."

Leoian looks to Charlene and frowns a bit "But you're essential too Ms. Oftenseen, I'm sure you play a big part in Meowsie's plan, we just don't know what it is yet."

He smiles towards Finwa when she looks his way, he seems much more comfortable now that they're out of the crowded streets. It's not really clear if he understands the whole Verpien thing or not "I could show Mr. Turble how to do some hunting and fishing, then when he's hungry he can catch something for himself and won't have to eat leather... that sounds yucky."

Leo is still apparently quite interested in the little pixie, and continues asking her questions despite having been told she can't talk to him. "How do you chose a companion? It must be hard only being able to talk to one person... I wonder why that is, is it because of magic? My momma told me that I'm resistant to magic." He grins towards Datarila "Oh if that's why maybe then I'll be able to hear you!"

Hearing talk of Mittens running out of power and being lobotomised gets his attention and the halfling looks back towards the mayor. "It's pretty important Ms. Mayor, I don't want Meowsie to be lobomised." whatever that means "And she can't charge her energy up by sleeping like I do. If you can show us where it is, I'm sure we can get it."

Leoian grins towards the small winged woman then makes a face that's almost like a pout. "Oh, that's too bad, I bet you have all kinds of interesting stories Datarila. I don't meet that many folks smaller than me y'know. You're so cute, why did you hide when we came in? I wonder what it's like from your perspective to live in this big place."

He opens his mouth as if he has a million more questions to ask the mayor's companion, but closes it again with a bit of a chuckle when the mayor mentions him knowing when to wait for answers "Ahh yeah I've been told I'm too curious for my own good, there's just so many things I don't know about, I'm not used to big cities." Let alone a big city in an entirely new world.

Leo ponders the meaning of verpien "So you're trying to find a mate for Ms. Oftenseen? She's really a nice lady, she gave me a hug once, and comforted me when I was sad."

From the mayor's description of the Gomoktooth Leo's imagination started running, he couldn't help picture Alexander letting out a great Hauughhh and flexing his muscles which were nearly bursting out of of a shirt that read "I'mma Gomoktooth" The book seemed to describe him perfectly, well save maybe the wolf part he did have a rather bushy beard though. "I think I might have met one of them. Do they throw cows?"

"Oh Mr. Turble, you're hungry aren't you? I think I still have some fish left it's a little old, but was smoked really well, it should still be good." Leoian searches through his bag for a moment before coming up with a small fish fillet which he offers to the gnoll. "Umm I guess this is all I have left, I must have given the rest to Meowsie, I'll have to catch more for you later."

Noting the mayor's hesitation Leo says "You didn't need to make her come out if she's shy... I was just curious." Despite saying she didn't need to reveal herself Leo seems quite interested in the small woman.

He turns his gaze towards Datarila with a bit of a guilty look "Sorry Datarila, I didn't mean to give you away... I just wanted to meet you. I've never met anyone like you before. You can only talk to Ms. Mayor? Or are you just shy around others?" He asks the small being curiously.

The halfling shakes his head when the mayor talks of being rude "No no, it's ok, I guess you're a very busy lady, and I can ask too many questions... Besides getting Meowsie's balloon is most important. If you have time later I would like to talk with you though." Looking to the gnoll and then back to the Mayor he asks "What's a verpien? And a Gomoktooth? I don't know those words." He also wonders if all halfings are woods people, but doesn't want to start asking too many questions again.

Leoian had been over by the balcony where the mayor was when the group first arrived, he seemed to have been looking for something, but when he hears someone talking about him he comes back, not having been able to find whatever it was he was after.

He looks at the mayor curiously when she asks about his relationship with Finwa. "My woman?" he asks as if he doesn't understand the term "No, Finwa is my girlfriend, I will always stay with her. And Mittens is very important to me, I'll keep her safe as long as possible." He looks to Charlene and Bryn "Of course the others are important too Ms. oftenseen is really smart, and she doesn't show it as easily, but she has a really big heart. Bryn is my rival, but I still care about him."

He looks towards the balcony again then to the mayor "What happened to your little friend mayor?" He looks towards the gnoll "Hello, I'm Leo... You have no home? Why not stay in the woods? There're some really nice trees to make your home in, and lots of game for hunting."

Leoian blinks towards the mayor as she gives him a strange confused, or possibly surprised look. He's about to ask if he said something strange, but the woman has already moved on so he just frowns at being ignored. Bryn at least got somewhat of a smile, and a hint of that look that every woman seemed to give Bryn, what was so alluring about him anyway?

The little halfling is not very good in the bussiness meeting environment. With the Mayor paying most of her attention to Charlene, he finds his curiosity wandering, and he starts looking for an opportunity to slip off and explore, maybe find the Mayor's little friend that he saw earlier. When the mayor moves the meeting to a sitting area Leo appears to be missing if anyone notices.

Leoian being the first one into the room blinks a bit towards the Mayor, maybe she's not quite what he expected "Oh ummm hiya, sorry I hope we're not interrupting."

Interrupting or not there isn't any helping it now so he decides he'll just proceed and meet the mayor. He comes over and offers his little hand "I'm Leoian, you have a really big house, it's really nice, but would be too big for me. You have a kind face, I think I'll like you. Do you live here with the lady in the front? she was nice too. I'd like to have a home for me sometime, and Finwa too of course, but maybe a little ways away... there's so many people here. They don't scare you?" He seems to be doing much better now that he's away from the crowd.

Leo quickly hurries inside to get away from the crowd, he is interested and often quite likes individual people, but is just totally overwhelmed by a crowd. With some space to breath he starts to calm down somewhat, this large building still feels unnatural to him, but at least it's less crowded.

Looking towards Charlene "You're talking about trading with the mayor for the balloon? That might be good... but I have no idea what they might want, or what's of value here. Back home I could trade pelts and herbs for bits of coin and paper," He furrows his brow "which I didn't think was very useful, but other people didn't want my pelts they would only trade for coins or paper. The people here seem to want to trade coins as well, but I don't know how many coins they'll give for a deer pelt here, it's probably not the same as back home."

He considers what the tall woman said about a reason for the Mayor to turn over the balloon. "Well... wouldn't getting rid of such-and-such a menace be a good reason for him or her to turn it over? I'll gladly get rid of whatever the mayor wants if it keeps me away from all those people."

Leo looks really uncomfortable in this huge crowd, and much more so when the two merchants start a yelling match. He tries to be patient when Finwa talks about some flute thing and something called a music video.

Bryn starts talking about writing a song and Leo meekly pipes up "Can it wait for later? I really need to get out of here... I hope we can get Meowsie's balloon soon..." He sounds like he just wants to hide away from all this.

I'm visiting family for the next week or so, I'll try to get posts in while I can, but please feel free to bot when needed; here and in the other games as well.

Trials are
-Survive the tide
-Shield Ally
-Push on

Leoian looks somewhat confused "Job?" He doesn't have time to find out what she means as he sees Finwa is starting off without him "Ack, don't leave me." he hops down and hurries after the small woman with a waves towards the lady in the booth "Bye lady, I'll talk to you later"

He gets bumped and jostled trying to make his way over to Finwa, talking to the map lady was fun, but going through the crowded market sure isn't. "Erk... ouch" He managed to catch up to her "I don't like it here... There's no room to move and I feel like I'm going to be squished." he moves over to take Finwa's hand "I don't want to lose you in this mess." He shakes his head about selling "I don't have anything to trade either, and I'm not very useful to town people... maybe I can sell myself too?"

Sorry Pinvendor, I don't have the mythic rules at work, and I've been busy at home with all this Christmas preparation stuff. I should be able to post them after work today.

DSX if you have combat reflexes and a high Dex you can do it, just have to have a bunch of people provoke.

Leoian blinks a bit and looks up towards Bryn "Map Mistress?" That seems a strange thing to call someone. He hops up grabbing hold of the edge of the booth counter and scrambles slightly as he lifts himself up high enough to look over it at the lady with warm and curious brown eyes. "What's a mistress? And what's your name? you've been really nice, do you want to come with us to find Meowsie's balloon?"

He furrows his little brow a bit as if trying to work through something "Hope we didn't trouble you... I don't know what Bryn was trying to say, he talks kinda funny sometimes saying things like fizzy soul vent. But it would be really fun to have you with us."

Leoian smiles and moves to lift Finwa so she can see into the booth leaning his head against her as he holds her up. When he sees all the people in the market his eyes widen as he starts to realize how big the town is "Wow... this place is huge" it doesn't sound like that's a good thing in Leo's opinion. "I hope we can find Meowsie's balloon."

When he lets Finwa down he takes her hand and squeezes it lightly looking apprehensively about the crowd not knowing which way to go. "Does your map show the way to the mayor?"

Leoian supposes Hugh doesn't have any information on halfling villages he should perhaps try to talk with Mr. Grinch later. He waits quietly as Hugh talks with Bryn about meals and having him over for the night. It always seemed strange to Leo staying in a house, but if that's where Finwa and Mittens were then he would stay there too.

Going to the market was even less tempting to him, he had no money, nothing to trade, and wasn't good with crowds of people. Seeing Finwa has approximately the opposite reaction to the market he gives a bit of a wan smile, and follows his little love to the map booth. Seeing her bounce up and down at the overly tall booth he chuckles softly and offers "Do you need a boost my dear?"

Leoian rides along thinking on what he learned from Grinch and wondering about other halflings. When the cart stops he hops down and comes to stand with Finwa "Thanks for helping us sir, you're very generous offering your home to a group you've just met. Do you know how far it is to the nearest halfling village? Although I still prefer to fend for myself in the woods I would like to visit them sometime."

I think Alice's shot may have wound up in Ralph's shoulder. And no problem DSX I didn't really expect her to just leave Wowbagger to Ralph, of course I didn't really expect Ysillith to leave him to Ralph either. Hopefully we survive for button pushing later :P

He does seem an unorthodox assassin, that's one of the reasons I'm not sure, there are a few reasons that the place could be crawling with militia types, but it could also just be paranoia. Oh well, I guess we'll find out.

Well he may think no one's a threat but he probably didn't account for... the scrawny little street urchin... maybe he has a soft spot for Squirrels?

Yup, that's the one. I wouldn't really expect an assassin to bring an army, but I wasn't sure how to go along with it. For instance Ralph has spent a lot of time crawling around in vents and the like, he'd probably catch any noticeable sign that something's in there.

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