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Leo_Negri's page

468 posts. 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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bmcdaniel wrote:

Yes to riding horse with saddle.

Yes to armored warhorse.
Yes to pack mule or donkey.
Yes to pony or donkey with saddle for small characters.

Yes to multiples of common dumgeon dressing (candelabra, barrels, crates, tables, statues, small fires, bedrolls, etc)

Even though I've been collecting since forever, still don't have enough of these commonly needed items.

No to unicorns, dragons, manticores, chimeras, and other 'prestige' critters that are rarely encountered but have been produced in plastic many times.

Dissenting voice. I for one am a fan of "prestige" monsters - Unicorns (only 2 or 3 different ones in PPM and this one is the best I've seen yet), Dragons (As long as they are different than those we currently have), Manticores (only a couple have been produced in PPM and most aren't very good), Chimerae (As long as they are different), Hydrae, Gryphons, Hippogryffs, etc. Whether they get used often or not, these are "Tent pole" pieces which bring in new collectors and keep PPM lines viable.

I've been collecting PPM since the Alpha release of MageKnight and have watched quality improve by leaps and bounds. However, the only thing that keeps these sets viable is the continual infusion of new blood into the consumer base as older collectors drop off either because they "have more mini's than they can use / have room for," or just don't have the money for them, or they decide to try their hand at painting their own, and new collectors frequently want these prestige monsters, as well as common beasties like orcs, goblins, ghouls, zombies, and various other tribal types that people have complained "We Have enough of these already." Mr. Mona has to walk a delicate tightrope with the set list from each set to make sure he includes enough "prestige monsters," dungeon dressing, unique critters that he wants, PC types, and grunts to keep the vast majority of players happy and he still gets complaints about one or two pieces in every set.

Erik Mona wrote:

Here are the horse-like things I can see us doing, not including actual monsters like nightmares and pegasi and stuff, which is obvious and which we'll get to eventually.

Horse with saddle
Armored warhorse
Donkey laden with gear

That might be it. Am I missing anything?

How about a mule that is unloaded but has a cart/wagon yoke on it as a common? Limited use I know, but every so often you need to run into a dwarven mining caravan with 4 or 6 mule teams pulling carts of ore or tailings, or an 8 mule team pulling a slave wagon (or a caravan of them )

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Eric Hinkle wrote:

Heck I wish some movie directors could read it. Like every single one doing a "horror" film for the SyFy Channel.

I'm sure not EVERY one from SyFy needs it. They've had a couple gems. Not many to be sure, but a couple. Manticore (aka Manticore WMD) Reign of the Gargoyles, and Sasquatch Mountain (aka Devil on the Mountain) were really good. (I can't believe I am defending SyFy :) )

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

1 medium rare Jilia, female vampire?

I though Vampires were medium-rare only after Staking.

I need a half dozen or so of the cockatrice, if for no other reason so that I can paint them up as variants for an underground cockatrice-fighting ring. Doppelganger, I can use, but who knows how frequently. He kind of reminds me of the white martians from the DCU (not the Justice League Cartoon though).

What happened with the Movie Poster Homages no longer being the exclusive cover? I'm glad they haven't been discontinued, since they were (and still are) my favorite variant, but I am a little sad I don't have them coming in my subscription every month any more.

Tixt Proud wrote:

Hi Erik,

I think it would be amazing to do a set of miniatures called "Ironic Heroes" featuring the race/class combinations that are rarely chosen.

Examples :

Half-Orc Druid
Halfling Barbarian
Dwarven Rogue

Any other ideas?

Dwarven rogue is pretty common in groups in my area. Dwarven Sorcerer / Wizard and Half-Orc Wizard, those are rare. Gnome Barbarian is also rare.

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Berselius wrote:

I still hope we get an "Evolution of the Silver / Gold Dragons" as well as gargantuan miniatures for both of them.

Also, where on earth can I find artwork for ancient (or older) versions of either one? I think there's a picture of an ancient silver on the cover of Part 1 of Wrath of the Righteous but it's partially obscured by the female half-orc NPC of the Adventure Path and also there's the little dis-savoring part with the Balor decapitating it. :(

Does Paizo ever plan on giving us ancient (or older) artwork for the metallics? I really wanna know. :(

A gargantuan Silver or Gold Dragon would be nice (heck, ANY, Gargantuan Metallic Dragon would be cool). For that matter a Gargantuan Black (Pathfinder Style :) ) and a Gargantuan Blue (that isn't decked out in gold and magic) would be great. What can I say, I love Dragons.

This is why I'm so sad that the Evolutions only got 2 species of Dragon out before they more or less died :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Silver Dragon!! I love how the figure seems very sinuous, almost fluid in its build and posture. It is a nice contrast to the bulkier Red, and Whites we have had in recent memory. Its look also just screams Pathfinder.

The Beast!! From the cover of one of my favorite adventure paths.

The Kirrix !? It's cool looking, I know nothing about it, but I like it. Now all I need to do is figure out where I can use that bad boy.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
MrVergee wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:
Check out the Pathfinder Minis site.

Looks like there are some spoilerish protype previews on the gallery site as well.

** spoiler omitted **

Yes, I really love this set. It's definitely on its way of becoming my favorite so far.

The link in the post took me directly to it.

Apologies, the link kept taking me to a two-week old version of the site from my Cache where there was nothing even remotely spoiler-ish. now that I've tried it again all I can say is WOW.

MrVergee wrote:
Swiftbrook wrote:
Check out the Pathfinder Minis site.

Looks like there are some spoilerish protype previews on the gallery site as well.

** spoiler omitted **

Yes, I really love this set. It's definitely on its way of becoming my favorite so far.


Swashbucklersdc wrote:
and, a Rabbit Prince mini; or better yet, a whole Harrowed set, =)

Seconding this. Only problem is I'm not sure how well (if at all) the art from the Harrow cards would translate.

Charau-Ka. Ratfolk. Tengu. Kitsune. Catfolk. And Umpteenthing for the Spriggans, Darkfolk, and Duergar (though like the spriggans, I'd like both a medium AND a large version, preferably in both genders).

Also, I get it. Golarion Drow are different than D&D Drow. Fact is that Eberron Drow were different that Forgotten Realms Drow. Neither of these facts changes that Drow were done to death in the 21 sets of DDM. I'm with Yolande and Erik on this one, no Drow (even Golarion-specific), at least for the time being, especially since it looks like WotC's new mini line is heading in that direction.

Not a complaint, but what's with all the Princess Bride quotes this week in the store blog. Every title since Monday.

Kalindlara wrote:
They can't do the dark young, I suspect - unlike the OGL monsters, which are permitted as long as they don't use the names (or reprint the entire OGL in every pack), I suspect that even the image of the Dark Young is Chaosium's copyright. Same goes for Coeurl. :)

The Coeurl is a given, since it was only ever used with the original author's permission and then it was a one time deal. Not sure on the Dark Young however, Reaper's most recent Bones KS has one in one of the expansions, and they are fairly scrupulous about including logos for licensed products (Pathfinder in Bones KS I, II, and III; Savage Worlds in II and III, and Numenera in II, plus one or two others, yet there is no Chaosium of Call of Cthulhu logo to be found on the KS) nor was their a disclaimer on Impact! Miniatures Chibi mythos minis, and in the wake of a couple C&D letters from WoTC, they too are fairly scrupulous about copyrighted material. I suspect that it might just boil down to impracticality and limited utility os such a mini (though I'd totally be down for it, I put in for the Mythos set in the Bones 3 KS, but A) I won't see those until next September, and B) I am lazy and use pre-paints when I can so I don't have to paint my own.

The arms on the Cutthroat are proportionally correct, the "elastic man" thing you are seeing is an artifact of the still photo being only from the front. If you blow-up the multi-angle view, you can see that his arms are slung back as he's lunging forward.

Super-villain Kobold!! Can't wait to put together an all Kobold party to bedevil my players.

A second Horse is a godsend!! If only it had a saddle :( This now gives me a total of 3 different horses in PPM, though only one has any tack on it. Please include a couple of geared-up horses in a later set, PLEASE (one saddled, one blanketed maybe, one caprissoned and one barded) and please make them Common or Uncommon so I can get lots of them. Riding and war dogs in similar kit would be nice too :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Coin for scale, nice addition (especially with a Cutpurse). Though I have to ask, does that mean that the riding horse is a Quarter Horse? :)

crazy_cat wrote:
is there anywhere I can find a picture (with names) of all the current iconics - I've lost track of who/how many thee are?

When Occult Adventures is out and Ultimate Intrigue(?) there will be 38, I think (11 Core, 6 APC, 3 UC, 1 UM, 10 ACG, 6 Occult, and 1 UI)

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OldSkul wrote:
It would be fun in future sets to maybe get other races that are undead. I would love some dwarf wights and skeletons.

How about a Wight Dwarf, of does that step ON GW intellectual property?

So do them up as part of the Iconics line after the current crop of Iconic heroes are all said and done (a ways away, I know since we have only 15 at present out of 36[?]). I for one am always down for more variants of the Iconic characters, heck I want minis of the Valeros, Meri, Ezren and Seoni as goblins (Cover of Pathfinder Issue 1, exclusive variant) and I know that it's never going to happen.

Erik Mona wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
Any chance that we'll get a Non-adventuring variant of Ameiko Kaijitsu? After all the Rusty Dragon is HER Inn / Bar / Stomping Grounds.

This was originally on the list, but I had to drop it for a few reasons, not least of which being that we didn't have any decent art for it.

Understandable, so now there are two challenges: 1st get a good piece of non-combat art, 2nd find a home for the mini in another set :)

In any event, thank you for the prompt response.

Any chance that we'll get a Non-adventuring variant of Ameiko Kaijitsu? After all the Rusty Dragon is HER Inn / Bar / Stomping Grounds.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd like more male versions of the Succubus trope. Peronally I'd really like to see an Imp, Incuvan (you know, he's like an Incubus, only smaller ;) )

Myth Lord wrote:

I'd like to see a missing-mythology-monsters-only small bestiary next year, with world-over mythology monsters that don't appear in Bestiary 5 getting some love. 50 0f them would be lovely.

I'm not really a fan of inner sea bestiary, because of the unique creatures, the robots and the many too-much golems. There were only 10 creatures I used and liked in the last one.

I like the soft cover bestiaries, I really do. But what I really would like to see in the line for monsters is a couple more of the Revisited books taking 10 creatures related in some way and detailing them out to six pages each. We haven't had one for a couple of years now I'm starting to go through withdrawal. The last one was Demons Revisited, and that was well over a year ago. Even doing a Sequel to a prior one would be good. A Mythic Monsters Revisited 2, Mystery Monsters Revisited 2, or A Dragons Revisited 2 (particularly considering how scanty the information on the dragons is in Bestiaries 2 - 4 beyond the stat block) would be so nice. I know there are Dragons Unleashed and Undead Unleashed as well, but it's just not the same.

That said, I REALLY can't wait for both this and Bestiary 5, since I love monsters so much. [The six-year old in me is still very strong ;) ]

danielc wrote:
Swashbucklersdc wrote:
I actually like the bar idea; a whole tavern would be even better!
Please understand, the idea of a bar is not the issue. It is the idea of it replacing one of the many gargantuan monsters that could have been the case incentive that makes me less than excited. :-(

Agreed. I have no problem with the Bar as a miniature (and I am in fact a big fan of the dungeon dressing pieces and hope they do well), my issue is with it replacing a gargantuan monster, since as a case incentive is the ONLY way Wizkids has been producing the Huge and larger minis for a while now.

With the evolution sets not doing as well as they hoped and the Reign of Winter huge two-pack being a flop, the Case incentives have really become the only game in town for the biggest and baddest of critters.

Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
Eye rolling* really? a bar?

Agreed, waste of a mini. Especially in light of no firm information on how popular the dungeon dressing pieces will be. Oh well, Just saved myself 30 -50 $ :(.

Kevin Mack wrote:
Talking about rusty dragon then it's a bar

Bold assertion, where's the link with the spoiler to back it up? Not going to lie, it this is the case incentive, my interest has dropped about a 1,000%. I'm all for dungeon / setting dressing, but NOT as a case incentive. Waste of a figure.

Elrawien Lantherion wrote:
What will the chase figure for the new mini set be [green dragon?/gold?]

Since they've done a gargantuan Green, and the most recent Case incentive was a Red Dragon, I doubt that the next one will be a dragon at all or at least not one defined by a color. Maybe a linnorm? The Annihlator Robot (small hope)? A neothelid? Something else, that is a little odd? Or, if they do go Dragon, I'd suspect either Copper or Brass (the two metallics most likely to be antagonistic to the PCs).

Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:
Bill Redford wrote:

I'd like to see some more minion type creatures like:

4. Female orc Scout (monster codex pg. 169)

That would be great. Paizo has made some of the best looking PPM orcs, but no one has ever made a full-blooded female orc. It would be great to have a couple female orc minis. Not all female orcs are relegated to a breeder role :)

Ilka, on page 19 of Daughter's Fury would also be a great looking orc female mini.

Now that I think about it a bit, although Kor is right that not All orc females are relegated to a breeder role, a lot of them are. How about a couple of "non-combatant" (and I use the term very loosely here) female and juvenile humanoids defending the lair with what they have one hand. I don't know that there is any art for this sort of thing available, but it would be seriously cool.

Kalindlara wrote:

It bears mentioning that I come from D&D Minis, so I have the Gargantuan Blue and Black and Colossal Red from that line. (I skipped Icingdeath.) My "too many dragons" counts those, where others wouldn't.

I'm also biased in that I like Todd Lockwood's designs (for the 3e dragons) better than Paizo's for the most part. (The black dragon being the main exception.)

And of course, I'm still buying the Pathfinder Battles minis anyway - it's kind of a "not bad, could be better" thing.

Does that make sense? ^_^

It does make sense, and if you include the DDM Icons line, then yes, the Dragon percentages get skewed up towards the high end (out of 5 releases in the Icons series, 4 were dragons. I too liked Todd Lockwood's dragons (except for the green one, what was he thinking), But I also like Paizo's dragons. If anything though, I would like MORE Dragons as the case incentives, but more DIVERSITY of dragons. Pathfinder has Metallic Dragons, Primal Dragons, Imperial Dragons, Outer Dragons, Linnorms; None of which have they touched upon (And yes, I am aware of the 2 Gargantuan Metallics that have been produced for D&D Mini's Dragon Wing Game, but it's just not the same). I'd quite honestly like as a case incentive a Two Pack of Huge Elementals for a couple of sets. People have been agitating for Huge Elementals that match up with Paizo / Wizkids' Small, Medium, & Large versions, but so far, they seem to be a no-go. I'd also like an Annihilator Robot case incentive (although in that case I know I am in the distinct minority)

A Neothelid would be cool
A proper Purple Worm would be nice
A Bandersnatch (possibly frumious variant)
A Jabberwock

Or as slightly Over-sized Gargantuans:
Great Old Ones

Kalindlara wrote:

I'll have to think about this. But my big issue?

Less dragons.

I'd have to think about what I actually want (and maybe double check some size categories). :)

I have to ask, why? I thought the number of Dragon case incentives was a bit much at 1st, but it has been every other set which seems reasonable.

H & M - Black Dragon (huge)
RoTR - Rune Giant
Shattered Star - Gargantuan Blue (Significant NPC for the path as well)
Skull & Shackles - Brine bones (Undead Dragon, not a typical dragon)
Legends of Golarion - Gargantuan Green
Wrath of the Ritgeous - Demon Lord Deskarii
Reign of Winter - Gargantuan White
Lost Coast - Shemhazian Demon
Dungeons Deep - Gargantuan Red

Apart from dragons though, there just aren't that many Gargantuan monsters that would generate enough demand / would not be exceptionally divisive (The Annihilator Robot comes to mind).

Kalindlara wrote:

Merfolk. Never been done in prepainted 1".

Not quite true. Dungeon Crawler Fantasy Miniatures has done a 25 mm scale Mermaid (2 different paint jobs) but as far as I know, no one has done a Merman (or Triton, or Locathah, or Hai Nu, or Nigyo, or Pah'ri, or Irish Merrow, or pretty much any aquatic race but Sahuaghin, Kuo-toa, and Skum). Over all there is a decided lack of aquatic minis in pre-painted plastic.

Gnome-Mad!! Yes another gnome. And a female Dwarf!! This set is looking better and better (and it was already looking pretty darn good!)

Cat-thulhu wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
Cat-thulhu wrote:
Here looks to be a surprising lack of detailling on the goblin. Single tone to skin, black mouth ( teeth not picked out like on previous). I hope it matches the standard we've been getting, would hate the only archer to be the badly detailed figure. Odd, hopefully it's just a bad pic.

Took a look at the pic, the teeth seem to be picked out in white.

2nd pic here? Blobby feet, paint bleed onto the bow, black mouth. Not talking about the previously shown pics which was a render. Is thee another pic of the actual model somewhere? I've only seen the one here in the second picture above.

I'm not too fussed, rest of the set looks fantastic

There is another close up from Toy Fair, I'll post the link if I can find it. And yes the bow and the feet are still pretty bad, but the teeth have been picked out, just not as nicely as in the digital render. They look single coat dry-brushed in the close up. I'm with you in hoping that the Archer holds up to at least the detail level of the other goblins produced so far.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Cat-thulhu wrote:
Here looks to be a surprising lack of detailling on the goblin. Single tone to skin, black mouth ( teeth not picked out like on previous). I hope it matches the standard we've been getting, would hate the only archer to be the badly detailed figure. Odd, hopefully it's just a bad pic.

Took a look at the pic, the teeth seem to be picked out in white.

Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper, couple of corrections for your site.

The Dracolisk is a medium mini (It is also the one you have marked as Unknown, next to the Clockwork Golem)

and the Puckwudgie is a small mini.

I know you strive for accuracy.

Hobbun wrote:

I really like the idea of the dungeon dressings (the Sarcophagus is awesome), but does the chest really have a base?

I remember Erik had indicated some would have bases, some wouldn’t (on the dungeon dressings). I would think the chest would definitely be better without a base.

I respectfully disagree. If the chest is on a base, it doesn't look out of place next to the mimic.

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Ooze licker wrote:

A dire boar, really? Another big red dragon... Come on guys, some of us have all the wizards minis and don't need reprints.

Yeah, yeah these are nicer models and better painted by frankly I don't need any of this stuff. You guys know what's been released before so why not stick to pathfinder monsters and stuff that wizards didn't make?
It has to be better for sales - if anyone wants a dire boar mini just google it and it's yours already.
I'm finding your policy of pretending the D&D stuff doesn't exist utterly infuriating, which is why having religiously purchased every wizards set (and in the case of some of the first few, multiple sets) I'm not subscribing to your mini's range- not to mention they're overpriced.

Remember Backward Compatibility and it's importance at Pathfinders birth? We already got this stuff. Who the hell needs a dire boar who hasn't already picked some up?

Backward compatiblility is not the issue here. Availability is. The Dire Boar from the DDM line, was released in the Harbinger Set, as a Rare and was hard to come by even 12 years ago and currently goes for between 13$ and 25$ (19$ here on Paizo's Store) on the secondary market (Assuming you want a wild one, The Thunder tusk boar from Desert of Desolation is more moderately priced (6$ here at Paizo), but has the drawback of having a saddle and armor.) A Dire Boar (or any Dire animal really), is something that most DM's are going to need multiples of, something which is not really feasible at 20$ a shot.

As for the Gargantuan Red, it is A) the last Chromatic Dragon to get a Gargantuan Sculpt (And as much as I love My Colossal red, I've only really had call to use it once, but my Gargantuan White and Blue DDM Dragons have seen much use, and my new Paizo ones are likely to see as much (Blue, White, Green, Brinebones, and now Red), B) it is one of the most frequently requested miniatures out there, and, C) as you mentioned, it fits design-wise with the Red evolutions set.

I also have most (not all, I have a few gaps) in my DDM prepaints, and in many cases multiples. Yet I still buy the Pathfinder battles minis (which given the quality are far from over priced, falling in line price wise with getting a similar number of UNPAINTED Reaper or Games Workshop minis, and without requiring me to assemble and paint them). You don't want to buy them that's your bag, but the Pathfinder battles line has only re-trod a small portion of the path laid by the DDM line (which itself did reprints of certain figures as well, Large Blue, Red, and Copper Dragons, Huge Red Dragons, Storm Giants, and Drow, endless freaking drow all come to mind), and is doing quite well apparently without your contribution.

Cleanthes wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
All told, there are, I believe 3 female giants (Storm, Stone, and now Frost) currently in the Pathfinder battles line, 2 female trolls (The Matron and an Ice Trollop), at least 1 female gnoll, 2 female goblins. All in all Paizo is doing a wonderful job of upping the gender diversity in PPM.
Isn't The Matron a sahuagin? And we can also include the Brinebrood Queen.

My Bad, the Matron IS a sahuagin (which add's another race to the gender equality list), and there is also a female winter wolf (human form, but in the same set as a winter wolf in wolf form).

Isil-zha wrote:
Arikiel wrote:
Yes! Finally a female giant. They are so underrepresented. It is awesome that they're finally putting one out there.
there also was one in the previous set

All told, there are, I believe 3 female giants (Storm, Stone, and now Frost) currently in the Pathfinder battles line, 2 female trolls (The Matron and an Ice Trollop), at least 1 female gnoll, 2 female goblins. All in all Paizo is doing a wonderful job of upping the gender diversity in PPM.

As for there being multiple Gnolls in this set, Woot!!I have been requesting Lamashtu's favored practically since the line started, can't wait to get my hands on several of them.

Enjoy Maui Mr. Mona!

Frencois wrote:

No, wait... It's not dungeon dressing. It's a construct. Or a mimic... But it doesn't have base so I cannot attack it. Damned, Erik you got me :-) Worse: Vic is on the thread so now we will have Brasiers henchmen in the PACG. This is a nightmare...

Apocalypse will come next week with the large dungeon dressing being revealed as being a gazebo....
Just kidding. Superb preview. Was worth the wait.

The large would have to be a green Davenport. A Gazebo would be a Huge in a sperate pack :)

danielc wrote:
While I understand the reasons behind not wanting Drow models, I think of them in the same camp as Orcs, Goblins, Humans, Elves, etc. Just because old lines made tons does not mean new gamers have all the old models. They should make Drow as well as many other "commonly used" villain races. Now having said that, I do agree we don't need 20 different sculpts either. A few sculpts should do just fine.

The major difference between the Drow and Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, Lizardfolk, Kobolds, etc. (I'm excluding Elves, Humans, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Halflings, and Half-Orcs, as these are the core PC races and we can always use more of them) is that the latter races are, A) useful over a much larger range of levels, B) Drow are typically found in groups of 8 or less while the others are frequently found in much greater numbers.

And as I said, I am not so much against more Drow models because they had so many in the older sets, as because they were saturated the older editions of the game so completely. I have the same objections to large numbers of Duergar, Derro, or Aboleth minis (or for that matter Svirfneblin), despite coming from a realm deep beneath the world's surface, they show up at every turn.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Timothy Ferdinand wrote:
Drow, lots of drow.....

Please, no. One or two to get the Pathfinder / Golarion feel would be cool, but I for one (and I know I am not alone on this) am Drow'd out. They have been over exposed ever since a certain novel series brought them into view. I realize that they have been around since 1st Ed AD&D and are a part of this wonderful hobby's past, but they seriously got over used during 2nd Ed and 3rd. / 3.5 Ed. D&D. I'm glad that they did get to make an appearance in Pathfinder, spotlighted as the Villains in the Second Darkness AP, but I am equally glad that they haven't come to dominate the setting as the Main Villains, as they have in certain other game worlds, to say nothing of them showing up as heroes at every organized play event.

When it comes to Drow (or any shadowy, secretive culture really [Aboleth, Duergar, Derro, or basically any elder evil hidden from the light of day, either underground or in deep space]), less really is more.

Ashram wrote:
Siouxsie and the Banshees reference, huh? Someone's digging deep.

It's Either that or a 20+ year old Batman reference. ;-)

Eric, you've revealed the first 18(!) figures from the Iconics Series.

MaxAstro wrote:

These are really cool, but...

Is that Hellknight wielding a double lance?!

My brain is trying to come up with what such a weapon could possibly be used for... and failing...

Nope, just a standard lance with a counter-weight to the back for ease of balancing, that and that bulbous point also looks as if it would help the Hellknight use the lance as a spear if unhorsed, allowing him to set it to receive a charge. Bear in mind this is all guesswork by me.

Sorry, I want a flumph, just to get it out of the way. They have a niche.

Get better Mr. Mona.

Finally, A Badger, now my Dwarf Sorcerer can have his familiar, Lazybones.

Dave Gross wrote:

I adore the unique figures like Pazuzu. As long as they're rare, they don't feel like they're taking a slot from a miniature I'd use more often. My players love it when the miniature for a boss looks exactly like that boss.

Granted, they haven't irritated me enough to set down Pazuzu lately.

Lamashtu, Baphomet, Deskarii? Just waiting for my players to Piss me off enough to bring one of them to bear.

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