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Leo_Negri's page

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Gnome-Mad!! Yes another gnome. And a female Dwarf!! This set is looking better and better (and it was already looking pretty darn good!)

Cat-thulhu wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
Cat-thulhu wrote:
Here looks to be a surprising lack of detailling on the goblin. Single tone to skin, black mouth ( teeth not picked out like on previous). I hope it matches the standard we've been getting, would hate the only archer to be the badly detailed figure. Odd, hopefully it's just a bad pic.

Took a look at the pic, the teeth seem to be picked out in white.

2nd pic here? Blobby feet, paint bleed onto the bow, black mouth. Not talking about the previously shown pics which was a render. Is thee another pic of the actual model somewhere? I've only seen the one here in the second picture above.

I'm not too fussed, rest of the set looks fantastic

There is another close up from Toy Fair, I'll post the link if I can find it. And yes the bow and the feet are still pretty bad, but the teeth have been picked out, just not as nicely as in the digital render. They look single coat dry-brushed in the close up. I'm with you in hoping that the Archer holds up to at least the detail level of the other goblins produced so far.

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Cat-thulhu wrote:
Here looks to be a surprising lack of detailling on the goblin. Single tone to skin, black mouth ( teeth not picked out like on previous). I hope it matches the standard we've been getting, would hate the only archer to be the badly detailed figure. Odd, hopefully it's just a bad pic.

Took a look at the pic, the teeth seem to be picked out in white.

Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper, couple of corrections for your site.

The Dracolisk is a medium mini (It is also the one you have marked as Unknown, next to the Clockwork Golem)

and the Puckwudgie is a small mini.

I know you strive for accuracy.

Hobbun wrote:

I really like the idea of the dungeon dressings (the Sarcophagus is awesome), but does the chest really have a base?

I remember Erik had indicated some would have bases, some wouldn’t (on the dungeon dressings). I would think the chest would definitely be better without a base.

I respectfully disagree. If the chest is on a base, it doesn't look out of place next to the mimic.

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Ooze licker wrote:

A dire boar, really? Another big red dragon... Come on guys, some of us have all the wizards minis and don't need reprints.

Yeah, yeah these are nicer models and better painted by frankly I don't need any of this stuff. You guys know what's been released before so why not stick to pathfinder monsters and stuff that wizards didn't make?
It has to be better for sales - if anyone wants a dire boar mini just google it and it's yours already.
I'm finding your policy of pretending the D&D stuff doesn't exist utterly infuriating, which is why having religiously purchased every wizards set (and in the case of some of the first few, multiple sets) I'm not subscribing to your mini's range- not to mention they're overpriced.

Remember Backward Compatibility and it's importance at Pathfinders birth? We already got this stuff. Who the hell needs a dire boar who hasn't already picked some up?

Backward compatiblility is not the issue here. Availability is. The Dire Boar from the DDM line, was released in the Harbinger Set, as a Rare and was hard to come by even 12 years ago and currently goes for between 13$ and 25$ (19$ here on Paizo's Store) on the secondary market (Assuming you want a wild one, The Thunder tusk boar from Desert of Desolation is more moderately priced (6$ here at Paizo), but has the drawback of having a saddle and armor.) A Dire Boar (or any Dire animal really), is something that most DM's are going to need multiples of, something which is not really feasible at 20$ a shot.

As for the Gargantuan Red, it is A) the last Chromatic Dragon to get a Gargantuan Sculpt (And as much as I love My Colossal red, I've only really had call to use it once, but my Gargantuan White and Blue DDM Dragons have seen much use, and my new Paizo ones are likely to see as much (Blue, White, Green, Brinebones, and now Red), B) it is one of the most frequently requested miniatures out there, and, C) as you mentioned, it fits design-wise with the Red evolutions set.

I also have most (not all, I have a few gaps) in my DDM prepaints, and in many cases multiples. Yet I still buy the Pathfinder battles minis (which given the quality are far from over priced, falling in line price wise with getting a similar number of UNPAINTED Reaper or Games Workshop minis, and without requiring me to assemble and paint them). You don't want to buy them that's your bag, but the Pathfinder battles line has only re-trod a small portion of the path laid by the DDM line (which itself did reprints of certain figures as well, Large Blue, Red, and Copper Dragons, Huge Red Dragons, Storm Giants, and Drow, endless freaking drow all come to mind), and is doing quite well apparently without your contribution.

Cleanthes wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
All told, there are, I believe 3 female giants (Storm, Stone, and now Frost) currently in the Pathfinder battles line, 2 female trolls (The Matron and an Ice Trollop), at least 1 female gnoll, 2 female goblins. All in all Paizo is doing a wonderful job of upping the gender diversity in PPM.
Isn't The Matron a sahuagin? And we can also include the Brinebrood Queen.

My Bad, the Matron IS a sahuagin (which add's another race to the gender equality list), and there is also a female winter wolf (human form, but in the same set as a winter wolf in wolf form).

Isil-zha wrote:
Arikiel wrote:
Yes! Finally a female giant. They are so underrepresented. It is awesome that they're finally putting one out there.
there also was one in the previous set

All told, there are, I believe 3 female giants (Storm, Stone, and now Frost) currently in the Pathfinder battles line, 2 female trolls (The Matron and an Ice Trollop), at least 1 female gnoll, 2 female goblins. All in all Paizo is doing a wonderful job of upping the gender diversity in PPM.

As for there being multiple Gnolls in this set, Woot!!I have been requesting Lamashtu's favored practically since the line started, can't wait to get my hands on several of them.

Enjoy Maui Mr. Mona!

Frencois wrote:

No, wait... It's not dungeon dressing. It's a construct. Or a mimic... But it doesn't have base so I cannot attack it. Damned, Erik you got me :-) Worse: Vic is on the thread so now we will have Brasiers henchmen in the PACG. This is a nightmare...

Apocalypse will come next week with the large dungeon dressing being revealed as being a gazebo....
Just kidding. Superb preview. Was worth the wait.

The large would have to be a green Davenport. A Gazebo would be a Huge in a sperate pack :)

danielc wrote:
While I understand the reasons behind not wanting Drow models, I think of them in the same camp as Orcs, Goblins, Humans, Elves, etc. Just because old lines made tons does not mean new gamers have all the old models. They should make Drow as well as many other "commonly used" villain races. Now having said that, I do agree we don't need 20 different sculpts either. A few sculpts should do just fine.

The major difference between the Drow and Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, Lizardfolk, Kobolds, etc. (I'm excluding Elves, Humans, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Halflings, and Half-Orcs, as these are the core PC races and we can always use more of them) is that the latter races are, A) useful over a much larger range of levels, B) Drow are typically found in groups of 8 or less while the others are frequently found in much greater numbers.

And as I said, I am not so much against more Drow models because they had so many in the older sets, as because they were saturated the older editions of the game so completely. I have the same objections to large numbers of Duergar, Derro, or Aboleth minis (or for that matter Svirfneblin), despite coming from a realm deep beneath the world's surface, they show up at every turn.

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Timothy Ferdinand wrote:
Drow, lots of drow.....

Please, no. One or two to get the Pathfinder / Golarion feel would be cool, but I for one (and I know I am not alone on this) am Drow'd out. They have been over exposed ever since a certain novel series brought them into view. I realize that they have been around since 1st Ed AD&D and are a part of this wonderful hobby's past, but they seriously got over used during 2nd Ed and 3rd. / 3.5 Ed. D&D. I'm glad that they did get to make an appearance in Pathfinder, spotlighted as the Villains in the Second Darkness AP, but I am equally glad that they haven't come to dominate the setting as the Main Villains, as they have in certain other game worlds, to say nothing of them showing up as heroes at every organized play event.

When it comes to Drow (or any shadowy, secretive culture really [Aboleth, Duergar, Derro, or basically any elder evil hidden from the light of day, either underground or in deep space]), less really is more.

Ashram wrote:
Siouxsie and the Banshees reference, huh? Someone's digging deep.

It's Either that or a 20+ year old Batman reference. ;-)

Eric, you've revealed the first 18(!) figures from the Iconics Series.

MaxAstro wrote:

These are really cool, but...

Is that Hellknight wielding a double lance?!

My brain is trying to come up with what such a weapon could possibly be used for... and failing...

Nope, just a standard lance with a counter-weight to the back for ease of balancing, that and that bulbous point also looks as if it would help the Hellknight use the lance as a spear if unhorsed, allowing him to set it to receive a charge. Bear in mind this is all guesswork by me.

Sorry, I want a flumph, just to get it out of the way. They have a niche.

Get better Mr. Mona.

Finally, A Badger, now my Dwarf Sorcerer can have his familiar, Lazybones.

Dave Gross wrote:

I adore the unique figures like Pazuzu. As long as they're rare, they don't feel like they're taking a slot from a miniature I'd use more often. My players love it when the miniature for a boss looks exactly like that boss.

Granted, they haven't irritated me enough to set down Pazuzu lately.

Lamashtu, Baphomet, Deskarii? Just waiting for my players to Piss me off enough to bring one of them to bear.

Lorian wrote:
They plan to kickstarter a tarrasque next, but that's the first one. It should be available to buy after the kickstarter ones ship.

The Kraken have cleared US customs and should be shipping soon. Can't wait for mine!!

Erik Mona wrote:
Cat-thulhu wrote:

Now a quick question arising from Gen Con. I saw some photos on another site of a goblin pyro promo from gencon. I thought we were looking at a goblin rider or hell wisp? What changed? Also when do promos usually hit this site for us in the far away places?

I have a sizable pile of different promo repaints, some of which we haven't ever told anyone about. They'll be a surprise, when they show up.

So far this convention season has gone like this:

ORIGINS: Hellfire Wisp (Will-o-Wisp Repaint)
PAIZO CON: Bloodbriar Goblin Raider (Goblin on Goblin Dog repaint, slightly different from Emerald Spire version)
GEN CON: Goblin Raider (repaint of Goblin Pyro)
GEN CON PFS SPECIAL: Horned Demon (red-skinned repaint of purple WotR demon)

ALL of these figures exist in huge quantities in the Paizo warehouse (I think we gave away fewer than 500 copies of the Origins figure). They will all, eventually, appear on the store, probably after the convention season in a few weeks.

As soon as these are up I'll be grabbing them (like Pokemon, I gotta catch them all). Anything we'll have to purchaser to get one (like the Goblins Comic and Rita's Bridesmaid) and any restrictions on number purchased (I'm specifically thinking of the goblin raider and Bloodbriar Goblin on this.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
jimibones83 wrote:
Ahrien wrote:
jimibones83 wrote:
First off, your maths wrong. 3 is 60% of 5, meaning it's only a 40% increase, not a 66%. Also, 4 iconics for $13 is actually $3.25 apiece. Lets just use that figure so we don't have to debate whether or not a large should count as 2 mediums. $3.25 to $5 is only a 35% increase. A significant increase, but far from 66%.

Actually my maths are pretty solid. A medium figure costs $3, but for these you will have to pay $2 more. $2 in addition to $3 is a 66% increase.

But I am not here to argue about maths, I am just asking the increased price gives us better quality minis from Wizkids.

Ah yes, i see what your saying. Where are you getting medium iconics for $3 though?

Harsk $9
Seoni $11
Lirianne $10
Seltyiel $10

And so on and so on...

Now I understand that your basing your price off if these, but again, that would be $3.25 apiece, not $3, nor do they represent the entirety of the iconics.

I agree, the $3.25 price point was great. I really wish we could get them for hat price, but I suppose I'll still pay $5. More than that though and I'll probably he getting the blunt end from my fiance.

Ah but the problem is, that you can't get the Iconics (with the exception of Harsk) for that price, they are all unavailable on Paizo and they go for a hell of a lot more through another retailer, assuming you can find one that has them in stock.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I have to ask, could we possibly get The Iconic heroes as Goblins as one of the post "we've done all 31 Iconic heroes, now what sets?"

a la The Exclusive Pathfinder Issue #1 cover

It would give us four more of those wonderful goblins ;-)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Big Jay wrote:
Already there ;) Got massive metal, resin, plastic and ppm collection. I conplain for all of those. What im scared is if people do like me and cherry pick it will kill the line like it did DDM.

It wasn't just people cherry-picking pieces that killed the DDM line, it was also the rapid downward spiral in quality, and increase in price point that really hammered home the last few nails in the coffin.

Squeely Nord!! And Alhazra, nice. They more than make up for the additional daisy-eating elf in the set. Though as pointy ears go, our resident alchemist isn't as bad as most. Set keeps looking better and better.

So now we have - Cult leader Etainia, cult alchemist Thelsikar, A goblin mutant, Lamashtan Cultists, 2 different bully boys for the cult, and Lamashtu herself. Please tell me that there will be one or two of her favored children in this set. Tell me we are going to get some Gnolls.

CanisDirus wrote:
Just had an odd thought, Drogon - didn't White Wolf have minis for their Werewolf: The Apocalypse once upon a time? A Crinos (Warform) Werewolf might work for a Kitsune fighter/barbarian, perhaps?

The Crinos form Werewolf Minis are way to big to serves as a Kitsune (even a fighter or barbarian) unless they are also under the influence of an Enlarge spell. In scale they are roughly 12' at the eyes, putting them in line with your typical Ogre.

Pigraven wrote:
J. Chris Harris wrote:
Okay, I love the stone giant and the hill giant. The fire giant, however, looks like he should be wearing roller skates. I'm sorry.
As long as he's not trying to roller skate in a buffalo herd, he should be okay.

But he could be happy if he had a mind too.

Erik Mona wrote:

I'd love to do a trollhound mini.

Then, to quote a famous starship captain, "Make it so." Use your super Publisher Powers and put it in a set.

Asgetrion wrote:
Hmmm... a hillbilly giant, really? I don't own that particular AP, so I haven't even heard of this guy, but I have to say I don't like the idea of a giant or ogre that seems to come from Louisiana or Georgia and wears overalls patched with modern t-shirts.

Funny that the very thing about the figure that appeals to me is precisely what you dislike about it. To each his own, but it really in a good likeness of Munguk (Rivers Run Red, pg. 30), if only it had his medallions and buttons (particularly, the smiley face, it just seems so appropriate to Munguk's personality).

Not a bad one in the bunch.

Conna the Wise - I like her. Slighter build than the other Stone giants to date, and looks to be a good match for the portrait. I think she looks female, albeit a very lean female. She'll be a nice addition to my mini's alongside my other RotRL minis.

Fire Giant King (or fire giant Noble given his rarity per Mr. Mona) - I like him too, He's a nice replacement for my King Snurre from the DDM line as a leader for my tribe of fire giants.

The Hill Giant Chief - This is the crown jewel of the reveals though. Finally, a hill giant that doesn't look like a stereotypical 'cave man' type giant, and further differentiating Hill Giants from Ogres. This one has the added benefit of being a "twofer," in that it will also double nicely as an Appalachian giant in the Deadlands game I run off and on.

These three more than make up for no Dwarves in this set. Dwarf-squooshers are just as useful.

catron1601 wrote:
Could you try to include a badger in a set? All the other animal companions for the Iconics are included except for poor Biter (who isn't even mentioned in Hasrk's bio and therefore gets no love). I would love to be able to add him to my collection alongside Daji, Droogami, and Donahan.

Bet they'd make him if his name started with "D" :)

Erik Mona wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:
Depends. Are you an orc?
No, just a person with a real hate for those smug daisy-eaters. Question is, Where are the Dwarves, and Gnomes; the two least represented races in the Pathfinder battles line (in fact gnomes are the least represented in PPM over all).

Well, we've already previewed a gnome in this set. There was also one in Heroes & Monsters, and of course Lini is a gnome, and we did a mini of her. There's another gnome in the set after this, too.

I'm pretty sure there are no dwarves in this set. There are several in the next set, though!

Yes!! A fourth Gnome! and Dwarves in the next Set. Thank you Mr. Mona, you just made my day.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Isil-zha wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
Where are the Dwarves, and Gnomes; the two least represented races in the Pathfinder battles line

Non-human core races are being treated fairly equally in PFB, equally bad, but at least equally. (numbers include already previewed miniature sculpts for LC)

Dwarves: 3
Elves: 5 (6 if we count Ardathanatus)
Gnomes: 3
Halflings: 3
Half-elves: 4
Half-orcs: 4

For medium sized races there are another 6 or so sculpts with helmets or masks that have no discernible race.

Elves / Half-elves are fairly interchangeable for one another and they cross the gamut of class types (save for specialized classes like monk, Samurai, and Ninja) and with a fairly even gender split(perhaps a slight favoring of females to males).

Dwarves - have a generic, an Iconic, and a villain. (All male and all of a martial nature, not one that could pass for a rogue, priest or wizard)
Halflings - An Iconic and two pirates. (2 males, 1 female but all skill monkey's - 2 that are or could be bards)
Gnome - Generic fighter, Iconic, and one yet to be released. (2 male, 1 female
Half-Orc - Tsadok, Irabeth, and Imrijka, and the Half-Orc barbarian from H & M. (2 male and 2 [badly needed] females, but once again all martial character types).

I really like the Pathfinder battles line, but it is continuing to promote the massive race / class disparity that is found in PPM. It is remarkably easy to find an acceptable elf or half-elf miniature for either gender in virtually any class, a male dwarf of most classes, a halfling skill-based character of either gender, and only a smattering of Gnomes and Half-Orcs, predominantly male and primarily of martial types.

Erik Mona wrote:
Depends. Are you an orc?

No, just a person with a real hate for those smug daisy-eaters. Question is, Where are the Dwarves, and Gnomes; the two least represented races in the Pathfinder battles line (in fact gnomes are the least represented in PPM over all).

Finally, a bard to play Thunderstruck by AC/DC on the bagpipes, cello, or whatever. Skald, the Metal Bard!! Only class I want to play more at the moment is the Warpriest.

Cat-thulhu wrote:

Awesome! Looks like I'll need to keep my eyes peeled for those.

Just did a quick size comparison. Looks like the giants sizes go (smallest to largest):

Stone giants x2(Runelords)
Ice trolls (RoW)
Hill Giant (SS)
Marsh giant (LoG)
Frost Giant
Fire Giant (SS)
Sea Troll (SS)
This troll
Troll champion.

That's some big trolls. Curiously it also means we have 5 trolls to date (6 if you include tiny) and 6 giants (7 If you include the storm). I would love to see some more giants given the vast variety of them in the game. Perhaps a female fire, hill, frost or stone (Conna the wise?). Ash or cave giant, there art is pretty amazing. A second male fire or frost giant would be cool - love the originals, but variety is always good on the tabletop. But then my sets would need to be 100's on minis in size to met all my needs (perhaps wants is a better term).

What about the the Gargantuan Rune Giant? The Cyclops (Skull and Shackles), Mokmurian (Stone Giant from Rise of the Runelords), the Gug (Shattered Star, and tallest giant in size large to date)? And no mention of the 5 Ogres (Jaagrath Kreeg is bigger than the stone giants (not taller, but certainly bulkier).

Lilith wrote:
Dustin Ashe wrote:
And is it normal for a berserker to have no memory of her rage?
Blackout angry is a thing.

Yes it is, unfortunately, just wondering why his eyes are white and not red. Blackout rage, and berserking are usually accompanied by the BURSTING of the surface capillaries on the eyes, coloring the sclera. Usually a portion of the blood also seeps into the vitreous humour (eyeball jelly) tinging everything with a reddish tint, hence "so angry I'm seeing red."

Kemiroch wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:

Looks like the Reign of Winter Monsters set is doing well enough that there might be room to do similar packs in the future. I think I've mentioned before how that set was the result of a couple of compromises. The Frost Worm was originally a part of Heroes & Monsters, and the Svaathuurim is one of the only interesting Huge creatures in the Reign of Winter Adventure Path.

It's not the Huge 2-pack I would choose starting from scratch. I think that's a good thing, as other monster mixes will probably sell even better.

Erik that is the best news I've heard all day!

My vote goes to a Huge Elemental pack next.

2 Elemental Packs !! Fire and Water, Earth and Air.

Balgin wrote:

For when Quinn the investigator gets here,

everybody's gonna jump for joy.......

Glad I'm not the only one who thought it, still pretty cool. Going to reserve judgement on which new Iconics is my favorite until I've read up on all of them, but he's more of a contender for the title than Jirelle.

Curmudgeonly wrote:

I believe the only ones set in Varisia are:

Rise of the Runelords
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Second Darkness
Shattered Star

I would probably add the following two as viable sources as well:

Varisis - Birthplace of Legends and Magnimar, City of Monuments.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Orthos wrote:
Samy wrote:
What role could the mysterious Smoke Wizard of the Choking Tower play in this unfolding threat?

"The old world will burn in the fires of industry."

"The trees are strong, my lord. The roots go deep."
"Double shifts. No breaks."

"Know what this means don'tcha? Beaucoup overtime."

Since when is Sophie an Angel?

Cultists!! A Shemazian Demon! No AP Tie-In!! Throw in a couple of Gnolls to go with the Lamashtu cultists (or even better a Large Lamashtu Rare) and I'll be happy as all get out. So excited to see that the cultists and thugs are based on Huerta's art.

Tiny Fey the size of the Demonic Familiar? That would be cool, I could get behind that.

Any Kaiju, or other monstrous mythic beasties in Kadria? Firearms? Notable undead?

Just my Browser IE opened it no problem

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Leo_Negri wrote:
Nope, checked it again today, still getting the error message.

Try this one?

It's the same info, but a different file. Maybe that'll help.

That one did it too, I think it may be my browser.

Nope, checked it again today, still getting the error message.

The two I was able to read (making a total of three with the one from the other thread) seem really interesting (they also seem on par with how I have been running my Orcs for years now). However Google docs keeps telling me that the file is corrupted and will only load the first page. :(

Responses done in-line.

Frencois wrote:

First thing first : Welcome in our beautiful country Erik !

Hope you'll have a blast.
Will try to show up at Black Book Edition this week :-)

For the "other" subjects :
- Less sculpts per release is never good news. Well, we will have to deal with it.
- I fully agree that the mix that sells is :
1) A bunch of potential characters that we can play (from gnomes to half-ogres with of course humans), with variety of class/sex/looks/weapons...

Hopefully no more than half a set at a shot, otherwise it is of limited utility to many GMs

Frencois wrote:

2) A bunch of classic or nearly classic monsters (make sure you have the basic Bestiary well covered) - you never have enough gobs, kobolds, trolls or purple worms.

Hopefully no more than 1/4 of any given set, and then not every one, otherwise you end up losing regulars who have too many of these 'Classic Monsters' (Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to have too many kobolds, orcs, trolls, Dragons, and even Goblins (though this is one I have yet to hit the too much threshold on) )

Frencois wrote:

3) A few exotic monsters (not that much)

15% to 20% per set to keep long-time collectors interested, with the cut comming out of PC types at the rarer end of the spectrum if need be.

Frencois wrote:

4) 2 or 3 of the "big boss" type

This is fine.

Frencois wrote:

5) and forget about animal farms or modern stuff - if I want some, I get them eslsewhere

Um, No. Animals are needed as familiars, animal companions, summoned allies, and wildshape forms. It is remarkably hard to find decent, appropriately-scaled animals, especially for the size small animals. As for modern pieces, if they are appropriate to the theme of the set (Russian Soldiers and Rasputin in the Reign of Winter set) then put them in. As for buying them elsewhere on moderns, where would you suggest? I've been looking for a decent source for pre-painted modern pieces (18th century on in fact) but apart from an occasional piece here and there, there just aren't that many (even paint it yourself, pieces only increase the numbers by a handful until you get into Ultra-tech wargamming in the distant future.)

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