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Rogeif Yharloc

Lemmy's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 7,131 posts (9,327 including aliases). 4 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 9 aliases.


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I'm sure it varies per region... But as a general rule, what are the laws of inheritance for when someone returns from the dead? I suppose the returnee usually retains his property... But what if he comes back after a long time (e.g.: 5 years... Or 10). What of he returns as an undead? I suppose unintelligent undead can't hold property... But what about intelligent ones who "live" in areas where undead are hated but not necessarilly illegal?

That's the impression I have as well... The new Eidolon format is a bit too restrictive for my taste. I really like the changes to the Summoner's spell list, though...

KenderKin wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Last but not least... I don't like Dr.Who.
None of them?

None of them. I tried to watch different seasons, since quite a few of my friends recommended the show... But I really don't like it.

Considering that pretty much anything can be poisonous, depending on the dosage... If your GM is that strict about the "poison use" clause, your Paladin will starve to death. Hell! Even air is "poisonous".

Besides, it's only poison if its consumed by someone who is affected by it. Many people are allergic to peanuts... Would the Paladin fall for eating peanuts? Other people are lactose-intolerant... Do Paladins fall for drinking milk?

Rynjin wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
I think Final Fantasy VIII is a piece of s&~+. Quite possibly the worst game in the series. Awful characters, awful mechanics, awful plot... Only good thing about it was its graphics, which were gorgeous for its time.
I thought this was about unpopular opinions or some such?

Apparently, a bunch of peple actually like that horrible game... My guess is that it was succesful because it came after FFVII... And now nostalgia goggles make people remember is abeing better than it actually was.

Oh, and FFVII is a good game... But extremelly overrated. Sephiroth has a cool design, but otherwise is a rather lame villain...

Last but not least... I don't like Dr.Who.

Anything between 6~12 is okay for me... 8~9 being the sweetest spot.

I do enjoy playing 1-20 campaigns, though.

Tongues is pretty light too... Doesn't give you much of a benefit, though.

I think Final Fantasy VIII is a piece of s&+#. Quite possibly the worst game in the series. Awful characters, awful mechanics, awful plot... Only good thing about it was its graphics, which were gorgeous for its time.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Huh... I had edit my post but it seems it didn't update for some reason...

IIRC, we let them live because Byrdd said he likes drow.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

I have no idea who is Michaelis, actually... Was he the drow?

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Kirth Gersen wrote:
Turin the Mad wrote:
I'd call ahead and talk to a manager first before booking your ticket. The Alamo is pretty firm on that policy. Having said that, they sometimes have specific showtimes for films where they don't completely darken the theatre and tone the sound down a bit specifically for the parents bringing little 'uns.

Thanks for the advice! Manager said earliest show on Tuesdays ONLY - no exceptions. Good to know!

(I'd dearly love to see Mad Max at the Alamo, but Mrs Gersen wants to see it, too.)

Is there anyone who can take care of your child for a few hours? Taking young children to theater is risky... It often ends with neither the parents nor the children having fun (much less the other patrons)...

I speak this as someone who often takes a bunch of younglings out (tutns out that being the only uncle who is single and with lits of free time makes you one of the parents' favorite baby-sitters).

I don't mean to discourage, I know how difficult it can be to go out when you have a kid, but if possible it's best to find someone nice and trustworthy to look after the children while you go out with the misses for an evening. :)

Eithet way, do find a way to watch the movie! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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Ranger is actually more effective and versatile than Slayers... Spell alone give them a huge advantage.

There has never been any reason to play a Rogue... Even in the CRB the class was obsolete before you even got to it (Bard and Ranger come first). It is a horribly designed class and extremelly underpowered, Slayer or not...

Well, at least now we have the Unchaines Rogue, which is decent enough...

I watched Mad Max Fury Road... AND IT'S F%*!ING AWESOME!!!



A 5~6th levl Slayer focused on fighting with a bardiche or lonspear should work...

The Mountain is probably a Barbarian/Fighter multiclass... Probably at lower level but with a far greater Str score.

Well... At least she has the excuse that aingularities aren't her field.of work (she is a doctor/biologist, right?). It could have been worse... Remember in Amazing Spider-Man 2 (ugh) when super-science-genius Peter Parker has to look up how batteries work on Youtube? ><'

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Ignoring the non-sensical science and time paradox (because really, they reached the point where it's so ridiculous it's not even worth bothering)... This was a great episode, with very emotional scenes and great acting...

I think everyone in this thread saw the episode already, but...

Just in case:

Why did they have to allow Thawne to go back to the future, anyway? What was stopping them from saying "Well, now that you taught us how to do it, we don't need your help anymore, so we'll just let you rot in a cell forever and ever...".

Also, I really loved seeing Jay Garrick's helmet and Thawne being apparently so scared by it that he wasn't willing to stay another second in the present time. I don't think it makes much sense (What, did JG decide to throw his helmet at a nearby wormhole or something?)... But it was still awesome!

And instead of dying, why the hell didn't Eddie simply have a vasectomy or, if he was feeling dramatic, shoot his own testicles?

As usual, the series has great character intereaction and development, and really stupid or nonsensical character decisions... So we take the bad with the good... Well, at least it didn't have any painfully frustrating action scenes this time.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Welcome to The Grind. :)

Orthos wrote:

Unfortunately, looks like the sales have been poor all around, and unless the last two issues can change that, the comic will likely end at the end of volume one rather than going the full three-arc storyline the author intended.

So he's posting the whole thing on his DeviantArt in hopes that, since a teaser will get some people to pitch in funds with things like Patreon and Kickstarter, posting the whole thing will get them to pitch in funds a little more.

I personally have been only picking up the digital copies off Image's website as they're released, but I'm strongly considering finding a local comic shop and seeing if they carry it. Google brought up a shop that's pretty close to where I work... might have to swing over after work today.

Man... That's a shame... I really like this comic, it has beautiful art, cool.characters and a very interesting storyline... I sure hope he finds the funding he needs. :(

Meh... IMO, you should forget what's "logical" and roleplay however it is that you find more fun... Having fun is kinda of the whole point of the game... Roleplaying your character should never become a chore.

Lance Manstrong wrote:
Wholeness of body isn't worth it just for the sake of having to take it INSTEAD of something else. You wait until you finally get a ki power, just one for a few levels, and thats what you would take?

Wholeness of Body was worthless even when it was free and Monks didn't need Ki to do everything.

Is this flow of "Ask <insert forum member> all your questions here" threads a new meme or something?

How does a Paladin fall...

Prone, usually...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thread #987664209 that should be titles "Why I'll never play a Paladin with a GM I haven't personally known for years. Specially not in an online game.".

Now, back to the old routine of hiding all alignment/Paladin threads and moving on...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What happens if, say, a LE person is affected by a Helm of Opposite Alignment just before they die? Does Pharasma worry about deserved reward/punishment or is she more concerned about sending souls to the best fitting theme?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Good Things: FoB upgrade, full Bab and proficiency with all Monk weapons... And if it took them more than 5 seconds to think of these changes, someone better sharpen their game-desogning edges...

Increase in mobility thanks to Flying Kick... Most other Style Strikes are "meh" at best...

Had they only changed that... The class would be ok. But no... Paizo's irrational fear of Monks strikes again! "A class with full BAB and all good saves?! Broken! How with Wizards compete? Better nerf their saves, remove their access to archetypes and tax their class features!"...


In the end... Unchained Monk is slightly better than old Monk... And still not as effective as a Barbarian or any spell-casting class in the game...

Best Monk is still the Qinggong Zen Archer.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

So... I'm temporarily without access to the internet. It should br bacl by Tuesday or Wednessday... I'll try to post from my friend's house, though...

Ventnor wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Starbuck_II wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
Healing being inefficient in combat (with notable exceptions like Heal) is just math. There's no point in being upset that 2 + 2 = 4. Being upset won't make 2 + 2 add up to 5.
Um, 2+2 =5, if we are using vector math. Stop thinking on 2 dimensional in your math (sarcasm but still fits).
Not to mention that 2+2=5 for sufficiently large values of 2.
There are only two values of 2. My value of it, and the wrong way to value it.

Well... "The wrong way to value it" isn't a value, but a way of valueing something...

I assune you probably know this, but... " 2+2=5 for sufficiently large values of 2" is a joke about rounding/estimating numbers and how they can stack on each other and lead to bizarre results.

Starbuck_II wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
Healing being inefficient in combat (with notable exceptions like Heal) is just math. There's no point in being upset that 2 + 2 = 4. Being upset won't make 2 + 2 add up to 5.
Um, 2+2 =5, if we are using vector math. Stop thinking on 2 dimensional in your math (sarcasm but still fits).

Not to mention that 2+2=5 for sufficiently large values of 2.

Shisumo wrote:
And if you're going for three levels, you might as well go four and grab debilitating injury too...

As well as not losing any BAB in case you decide to go for another class with Medium BAB progression.

The series was never perfect, but it was pretty decent and quite entertaining... I really think it started going downhill after Penguin deposed Fish (at that point, they should have killed her and ended season 1)

Barbara is a wasted character, IMO... But she is not as infuriatingly annoying as Fish (yet).

Well... I'll give it another chance next season... Let's hope the writers know how many episodes they'll have to make next time around.

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Chengar Qordath wrote:

Actually, I find the Unchained Barbarian got a lot of subtle but powerful nerfs, several of their best powers like Spell Sunder and Come and Get Me were redone in heavily downgraded versions, reduced damage with two-handed weapons, rage no longer boosting fortitude saves...

Plus I never really understood why it needed redoing at all. I mean, the only "problem" is that Paizo thinks adding four strength is complicated and confusing compared to adding +2 to melee hit and damage.

Admittedly rage adding temp HP change is nice, but from what I've seen that's the only thing that the barbarian gained by being "unchained." (Okay, there are a few new rage powers too, but that hardly requires a class rewrite).

I might be being pessimistic... But seeing the way Paizo handles Monks (and martial classes in general), I think the devs are just not comfortable with how effective Barbarians turned out to be after the APG, so they just used the "it's too complicated" as an excuse to nerf Barbarians and call it "Unchained".

I don't even understand the "Rage is too complicated". I'd never even heard of that being a problem prior to the announcement of PF Unchained... And there are a bajillion different effects that are just as complex, or even more so...

Hell! Wild Shape alone is far more "complicated" than Rage! And yet we didn't get a stealth-nerf "Unchained Druid". Or how about the Brawler's spontaneous feat-chain selection abilities? Or the Hunter's attribute bonuses who are permanent on the AC, but not on the Hunter himself... Unless the animal is dead, of course.

Unchained Barbarian is nothing but pointless. And possibly dishonest as well...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Finally saw last episode... I'm not sure why they decided to have Barbara go evil, but I don't really care about the character so whatever...

I'm more pissed that they didn't give definite end to Fish. They made it look like she could come back, when all I wanted is for her to get a bullet in the head.

I'd also enjoy it more if penguin learned to keep his mouth shut instead of announcing his deeds to everyone he wronged every time... -.-'

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

All my girlfriends are very understanding and accomodating... With them being imaginary and all... XD

It's work that's been eating up my RPG time.

It's pretty sad how this series took such an abyssal dive in quality on its last 6~8 episodes or so... It's becoming increasingly difficult to go through the bad in order to enjoy the good...

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Sorry, can't post today... I'll try and do it tomorrow morning"

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Yup. It's a Dodge bonus, though... Admitedly, it wasn't created with FFCS in mind, so it might be a tad too cheap... But that goes for everthing else as well...

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Well... I'll allow Scavion's healing... If nothing else, it works as a test. If it turns out to be too much of a problem, we can rework it later, but I'm willing to at least give it a chance.

On the unarmes/unarmores variant... You can find it in my list of house-rulea, but the quick version of the AC bonus was like this:

At 1st level, the character switches his armor proficiency for a Dodge bonus to AC. If all he haw is Light armor, he adds a bonus equal to one of hia mental attributes, if he's proficient with Medium armor, the bonus raises by +1 for every 8 levels in the class, if he has Heavy armor proficiency, it instead raises by +1 for every 4 levels.

What's in the box? wrote:

oooh... yeah! Rolling spells... I like that.

How would that work Ash?

Actually... I was referring to rolling saving throws... But it's pretty easy to convert spells so that the roll is made by the caster...

Caster rolls 1d20 + spell level + casting attribute modifier. Saves become a statix defense of 10 + usual saving throw bonuses...

The math stays exactly the same.

The only problem is that this makes SoL effects even more infuriating... -.-'

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The problems with balancing casters by limiting their spells slots while giving them incredible cosmic power is that 1- They still have game-breaking abilities, 2- It's really boring for caster playera to stand around doing nothing.

It's very freaking difficult to make spells powerful enough to compensate only having a few of them without giving out so many spells per day that expenditure becomes a non-issue.

IMO, simply removing/revising the most troublesome spells (Simulacrum, Maze, etc) would make casters balanced enough... I'd also prefer that SoL spellz had more gradative effects based on your roll, rather than being the all-or-nothing b*~~!@+& they are.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

I think Jason is great at designing cool and flavorful options... But I also think his views on game balance are... blurry... To say the least...

Here's the guy who said the Arcanist is perfectly balanced and then created an even more powerful 2nd version of the class... And yet, he is also the guy who designed the Unchained Monk and made it barely better than the old Monk (which is proven to be one of the weakest classes in the game)... And to make things worse, he had to be convinced to uprade an even weaker version of the class...

This kind of thing is why I have no faith in Paizo's ability or willingness to improve game balance. They sure do create fun and flavorful stuff... But when it comes to creating balanced stuff, they aren't very good at it... And they don't really care.

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Kalindlara wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Seeing how horribly designed those Monk vows are, I don't see why it matter... Those things are character-crippingly awful.
You're not the first to say that about my monk builds (even though they always seem to rock our home games). Either everyone is overly critical of my monk builds, or monks are just plain bad, or I can't make a decent monk to save my life. Care to elaborate why you think that?

Did your example monks use any of the Monk Vows? (Vow of Silence, etc.)

Because otherwise, I think you misinterpreted Lemmy's post. I think he was talking about the monk vows themselves, not your builds. :)


Yeah... I know RD had already understood what I meant and even replied to Kalindlara's post... But how often do I get to say "Jackpot" around here? XD

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Seeing how horribly designed those Monk vows are, I don't see why it matter... Those things are character-crippingly awful.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Krensky wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
(e.g.: We know they would never kill Captain America, but it breaks immersion when he is barely inconvenienced by stuff that should kill him)
Proposition: Whedon put the infamous "Untron shooting Captain America" as a kind of temper tantrum because he was not allowed to kill any of the major characters.

Ah, you mean someone kept the hack from killing a puppy just because he wanted a cheap emotional shock Fromm the audience and doesn't know how to get one otherwise?

Yeah, no wonder he's pissy.

I'm pretty sure it's more of a case of "This battle looks cool! I don't care if it should've killed one of the characters, I'm keeping it!". It's far from being the only scene where realistic consequences were sacrificed in name of cool visuals... I don't generally care for realism, its just the inconsistency that botheree me a little (These characters have pretty well-established power levels, after all).

That said... It's never so much that it becomes a real issue...

Some really freaking stupid actions/ideas/plans by supposedly smart characters (most notably Tony Stark and Ultron) annoyed me a lot more... Those are the only major flaw I noticed in the movie... All other issues either went unnoticed or were small enough that they didn't bother me.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

For the same reason the Unchained Monk has a bad Will save...

Because Paizo is pretty bad at game balance and irrationally afraid of certain game options, even though they wouldn't break anything... Specially considering the shenanigans casters have been able to pull for years now.

Lord Snow wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
"Dumb, but fun" is how I'd define this movie... The only two things the bothered me is the way-too-obvious plot armor that most characters have (e.g.: We know they would never kill Captain America, but it breaks immersion when he is barely inconvenienced by stuff that should kill him) and how freaking stupid aome characters are at times... Specially Tony Stark and Ultron... And I don't mean ina frodge logic sense where you later realize there was a much simpler solution for a problem... I mean it in a instantly-thinking-"Why the hell would he do that?" way...
crosses fingers please let it be really dumb...let whedon have overreached....

Nah. Sorry, but he is up to the challenge in a way that most directors will never be. When watching the movie and saying it's merely OK, one tends to overlook just how incredibly hard it is to balance so many moving parts in a project like this. Whedon makes it look easy, even if the result is not a very memorable movie in anything but it's premise. Again, though, actually delivering on this basic premise is very far from trivial.

I'm not discounting Wheddon's ability. I know that movie-making is hard... I'm just saying what I saw... A movie that is pretty dumb... But incredibly fun! I do recommend the movie to everyone who enjoys mindless fun super-herp flicks (I do!), but there certainly were moments where I almost facepalmed due to thinking "Why would you do that? It's a really stupid idea!"

Still... The movie is really freaking fun! Good humour and amazing action scenes! (Even if the villain is surprisingly stupid. XD)

I don't know about full-fledged pacifism... I've never seem that work very well...

But what can work is make a "reasonably pacifist" combatant... I once had a Paladin who tried to avoid violence whenever possible, usually through Bluff/DiplomacyStealth (please, don't get hung upnon the Bluff part, we really don't need yet another Paladin thread. If it bothers you, just pretend he was an Inquisitor or something). and in combat he'd would always use non-damaging options, such as Disarm, Grapple and Trip. If attacking was unavoidable, he used non-lethal damage... The only exceptions to this rule were undead and creatures with the Evil subtype (and even then he'd occasionally offer them a chance to surrender).

That was as close to successfully playing a pacifist character as I could manage.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Potato, potahto... ^^

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Ah! My bad! I thought I had already replied to these questions before the short hiatus during which I couldn't post.


- You can use the Inquisitor spell list if you want. I don't mind. If you're making it prepared, I think your best option is using thr Warpriest's table for prepared spells per day.
- I'd like input from everyone to know what you think about Channeling Hex... While it's not gam breaking, having a character who can heal everyone (possibly twice per round) for[ (character level)*d10 + character level] might be problematic... I'm leaning towards allowing it, but I'm unsure of what would be the effect on combat.


- Remember my unarmed & unarmored class variant? For Canny Defense, I suggest you make it something similar to that and charge the same cost of the equivalent armor proficiency.
- Clerics are already impossible to build due to having to save 8 points at 1st level (in addition to the initial 6 pts for spell casting). Also, unless I made a mistake, it should be a total cost of 85 for full casting (5 buy-in + 4 pts per level x 20 levels). I suppose lowering the buy-in to 4 pts and giving spontaneous casting for free to the appropriate spell lists should work.

Gisher wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
necromental wrote:
RoboPorthos wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Halfling Ronnie James Dio, no contest!
Whaaaaaaaa- where?
Halflings of Golarion. I loved that image.
Page 24, IIRC... It's the image for the Halfling Jynx.
Your memory is pretty good. I found it on page 26.

I made a Halfling bard based ont aht image, that's why I remember it... Heh... I wasn't sure if it was page 24 or 26, though. ^^

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lost In Limbo wrote:
That's of course assuming that for some reason for a big bulk job you've decided to roll every time instead of just taking 10.

Saying "I take 10" two hundred times isn't very entertaining either...

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