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Rogeif Yharloc

Lemmy's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 5,246 posts (6,071 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 6 aliases.


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Tell him he's just being a spoiled baby. There is nothing wrong with your character. There's nothing particularly optimized with it.

That guy just sucks at building/playing characters and want others to join the suck-club.

Most 2/3 casters are actually pretty well balanced. Even Summoner is not too bad, save for a couple archetypes.

In fact, Inquisitor and Bard are probably the best balanced classes in the game.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Stabbing people?

Mark Seifter wrote:
I just trying unsummoning myself and it didn't work, so I checked my Bestiary 3. I think Blackvial is right on that one.

Couldn't you take levels in Summoner and summon/unsummon yourself?

Marroar Gellantara wrote:
Considering how I refuse to play those classes now that would make me a munchkin too :P

According to some posters here, yeah.

Apparently, if you see any problem with any class, even it has glaring flaws, you're a munchkin who only cares about DPR (they cleverly ignore the fact that Fighters have nothing but DPR and AC going for them)

Gonna sound like a munchkin here, but whatever...

The only classes I dislike are Fighter, Rogue, (vanilla) Monk and Cavalier.

Why? Because they are way too ineffective and their options are too limited. Fighters are even worse because the player can basically be replaced by a recorder playing "I full attack" over and over.

Rogues can be fun out of combat, but their awful defenses means they won't be fun for long, and their awful offense means they ain't fun in combat.

I like unarmed combat, but vanilla Monk takes too much effort and too many resources to work.

Cavalier/Samurai are rather dull, IMO. I don't like having to depend on a mount and teamwork feats are mostly bad. Additionally, their seem be about as as ineffective as Fighters.

Artanthos wrote:
Heavens forbid the fighter use a couple of bonus feats for Improved iron will. A fighter can, with a little effort, have higher will saves than your average wizard. Yes, not as high as the superstitious barbarian, but what does the barbarian do on surprise rounds?

Can he? Because a Half-Elf Fighter with Dual Minded, Iron Will and Auspicious Tattoo still only has a +11 will save.

I suppose he can buy headbands of Wis, but considering Wizards can craft magic gear and don't need to spend nay gold with armor and weapons, they can probably afford a headband of Int/Wis.

Blackvial wrote:
If you guys ever make a musket or rifle using Slayer archetype I can finally make Thane Krios

Musket Master Gunslinger 5/Slayer 15. Or Trench Fighter 4/Slayer 16.


Hexcrafter Magus comes pretty close to Hexblade. And it evens combos with Bladebound Magus.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also... If you have 8 combats every day, chances are some of them will be easy enough that you don't even need Rage.

Congratulations! Fighters are better at fighting mooks that could easily be wiped out by a well-built Warrior.

Barbarians win when the encounter is an actual threat.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Sorry to hear that. My condolences.

Marc Radle wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Hey, VM Merc, here's the perfect spell-less Ranger that you wanted. :)
Weeellll .... ;)

Well, yeah... Not counting 3pp, that is.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Secane wrote:

So are the Core Classes (Figher, Rogue, Ranger) still relevant at all?

Or are they being demoted to NPC classes?

Ranger is still very useful, and overall, actually more powerful than Slayers.

Fighter has always been underwhelming and Rogue were made obsolete before you even reached their chapter in the CRB.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Fighters get DR 5/- as well. And they make better switch-hitters... That's about it. (Although an Urban Barbarian with an adaptable longbow comes pretty close).

When it comes AC, remember Ghost Rager adds you Superstition bonus to touch AC, which is generally far more valuable than flat-footed AC by mid/high levels.

Buy, hey, Fighters can do it all daylong! Barbarians only have those bonuses for... Uh... At least 42 rounds... So probably twice as much as they will ever need...

Well... The Fighter's bonuses are still in place even out-of-combat! Oh, right...

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Skill bonuses, not attribute bonuses.

VM mercenario wrote:
Funny enough I already have one of each in my character fold (and a shaman, bloodrager, brawler and swashbuckler), This sunday when I finally get back to the group, can I use one of them instead of the paladin?

Screw that! You can use two!

Zark wrote:

What! Your not getting the book?

This is the first book in a long time I will get as a hard cover AND as a PDF.

I might... I'll buy the pdf, and probably the HeroLab pack. Then, if the other classes are really good (not just the 3 I like), I might buy the book as well.

4th gender? oO

That's a lot of bathrooms. I wonder what kind of stick figures they'll sue to represent each one. ;D

VM mercenario wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Hey, VM Merc, here's the perfect spell-less Ranger that you wanted. :)
I know! Between this, the Investigator and the Skald, it's already worth the book.

If I get this book (and I probably will), you better build one of those! >:)

Screw that! Build one even if I don't get the book. :P

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

What was the price for adding skill bonuses to items again?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey, VM Merc, here's the perfect spell-less Ranger that you wanted. :)

I hope you guys are right. Ignoring prerequisites is half the fun. ;)

I have a question... When Slayers take the Ranger Combat Style trick, do they need to meet feat prerequisites?

True... But did he take Gloves of Dueling into account? Those things are a pretty big DPR booster.

K177Y C47 wrote:
Well that is just because it just kinda happens... the class and its mechanics just kind of lend itself to dex builds due to the light armor in the beginning of the game (where most people usually play). Heck, even people who don't know much about optimizing are known for doing Dervish Dance thinking they found some cool combo...

I think the main reason for DD builds being so common is because Magi are pretty much forced in dueling, and DD is basically the only way to make dueling an effective combat style in PF.

Then agian, Str-based Magi are still very effective and have some solid advantages over their DD siblings...

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Adam B. 135 wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Rangers eventually pick up Hide in Plain Sight. So there's that.
I think there is an advanced rogue talent for that, probably not as good as the real HiPs though.
the rogue version requires them to take rogue talents for favored terrains. They only get HiPS in a favored terrain.

Also, they need to take it multiple times, while Ranger get it for free and can use Terrain Bond to treat any terrain as their favored one.

Torbyne wrote:
If the slayer did get its name by slaying the party rogue and fighter and then taking their place in the group... is the slayer entitled to two shares of party loot? Seems like it would a little unbalancing.

That's assuming Rogues were ever alive to start with...

eakratz wrote:

Oh, and a chance to pick up evasion.*

Lemmy wrote:
Rangers are considerably better at Stealth too.

How so?

*edit: just rechecked, evasion is an advanced talent.

Between Favored Enemy, Favored Terrain, spells (such as Conceal Scent and Terrain Bond), Camouflage (which Slayer can get as well, although it costs them a talent) and HiPS, Rangers have a solid advantage on Stealth.

Rangers are considerably better at Stealth too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Troodos wrote:
Because it doesn't make sense thematically. A knight isnt going to be sneaking around in the shadows, and a proud warrior isn't going to train for skills that favor assassination and "dishonorable" conduct, he's going to learn to fight fair and skilled. It isn't about what abilities are needed, it's about what abilities MAKE SENSE. When would a soldier who fights in formation have time to learn sneak attack? Why would a gladiator want to make less of a spectacle?

Then take different skills and act more honorably. Take a few Combat Performance feats. Cool thing about skills and feats: your class doesn't force you to pick any one you don't want.

And honestly, what warrior would not learn to focus their attacks on vital spots?

Here, let me give you a couple examples...

1- A Halfling Duelist (concept) who is a Barbarian (class).

2- A Knight-In-Shining-Armor (concept) who is a Barbarian 1/Ranger 9 (class).

And let's not forget the countless characters who are sneaky rogues (concept) without ever taking a single level in Rogue (class).

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Troodos wrote:
This class has a different theme than a fighter. Classes aren't about power they are about different play styles and character archetypes. A soldier, knight, or proud warrior isn't going to be a slayer, they are going to be fighters, cavaliers, and similar classes.

Character classes are just mechanical constructs, not role-play restrictions.

Class is not concept, concept is not class.

What is stopping anyone from using a Slayer (class) to create and role play a soldier, knight or proud warrior (character concept)?

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Jiggy wrote:

I haven't read the whole thread, but to my way of thinking there's one big thing that the fighter needs to be "unchained" from that's more important than anything else:


"You can't shoot a bow that many times in 6 seconds!"
"You can't jump that far!"
"You can't just cut through a door like it's butter!"
"You can't wrestle something that big!"
"You can't cut something incorporeal without magic!"
"You can't break that world record!"

You can't, you can't, you can't, you can't, you can't... No, you can't. That's why I'm playing a fantasy game starring someone who isn't YOU.

Currently, the name of the game is "if real people can't do it, then fantasy people can't* do it either".

I want my fighter to stop the dragon's bite by grabbing him by the teeth. And then body slam him.

I want my fighter to swing his sword and bat your enervation right back at you.

I want my fighter to get save-or-die effects at the same level your wizard does. Maybe even earlier, since I'm supposed to be good at killing things.

I want my fighter to have things he can do that no magic spell can duplicate.

Unchain the fighter from "realism". Everything else will follow.

Unless there's magic involved.

Quoting just because everyone should read this at least 3 times! (Especially game designers!)

Holy S*+@! This class turned out to be even more awesome than I expected! oO

Give us a Combat Maneuver-based Ranger Combat Style and this class will become my new best friend!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well... I actually tried compiling a list, but I kept remembering more and more names and it still felt like I was leaving someone out. So I'll cheat and just say there are too many posters whose opinion I learned to value even when I disagree with them.

Fortunately, I witnessed very few instances where disagreement and dislike escalated into something bigger and more personal than a discussion about mechanics. It happens, of course, but at least IME, personal grudges seem pretty rare around here.

There are posters with whom I completely disagree on pretty much everything rules-related, but still had no problem with the posters themselves.

There are some I don't like, of course... Mostly those who display a holier-than-thou attitude and behave and speak as if their gaming experience was more "right" than that of everyone else. Luckily, they seem to be a minority in here.

So... That's it. If you want to feel good about the forum, remember that most heated discussions here involve debating rules and game design, not holding grudges and making personal attacks.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10


A duelist with good skill points, real mobility and not awful saves.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

That's the runtime for the whole show... haha.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Yeah, Dorkness Rising is the 2nd one (and the best, IMO). There are also plans to make a 4th and final movie.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

No problem. I can sell it and get my Cloaker-skin cloak ^^!

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Yup. I was one of their Kickstarter backers. ^^ (My name even appears in the credits... Can you figure out which one it is?)

Also got "The Shadow's Dungeon" AP for Pathfinder (which we should definitely play at some point!), a poster and the DVD of the 3rd movie, and the DVDs for their live performance in Indianapolis back in 2012!

Awesome! :D!

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10


You know what I just got through the mail?

The miniatures of the characters from The Gamers 2 - Dorkness Rising. Including The Shadow!

Great Birthday gift from me to myself! LOL! Couldn't have arranged a better timing if I tried! :D

On, and BTW... If making 4 AoO (with unarmed strike) is unbalanced, we should probably ban most spells higher than 3rd level.

Just let martials have nice things already!

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Thanks, everyone.

Nicos wrote:

Now that I think about it, according to Rinjyn rules if you take summon monster from the summoner class feaute your summoner effective level eill be 1.

So, uhm, I suposse this post was not a good birthday present.

I can always retrain stuff.

I dunno... The gods feared the Kraken. It might have obeyed Poseidon like a tamed bear obeys the man who raised it.

Anyway, there will never be a perfect a match for game rules and fiction/mythology, but it seems a 13th-ish level druid comes pretty close to matching Zeus' deeds.

Wasn't Zeus afraid of the Kraken because that thing was too powerful for the gods to deal with?

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Swashbucklers will soon be joining Rogues and Ninjas at the "Obscenely Horrible Saves" club.
If they didn't fix that somehow. Which seems possible, if perhaps not likely.

I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Flashohol wrote:


Demon Spawn tieflings gain a bonus to str and cha with a pen to int. A bonus to Disable and Perception and Shatter instead of darkness.

Oops! I meant +2 Str, +2 Int and -2 Cha.

I'm about to build a non-Dervish Dance magus, so losing Int is not a good idea. :P

EDIT: Wait... We can build our character's races? Because if that's allowed, I could build a really cool "Tiefling". Like a human infused with infernal power to make it a better warrior/mage. :D

Now that I think about it... That would even fit the Hexcrafter Magus thing! It'd be awesome!

Hey, GM Dust, would you allow a Tielfing with a +2 racial bonus to Str instead of Dex?

i.e.: Str +2, Int +2, Cha -2.

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Aha! Now I'm officially as old as Korak!

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

Ayren speaks without even taking his eyes off his coins.

"Heh... You guys did a good job. I'll contact you the next time I find myself in need of skilled help for a profitable work. Ciao."

He pockets his share of the coins and leaves, whistling an old sailor song...

Male Human Dungeon Master 10/ Munchkin 10

I think the check for identifying banners is Kn(Nobility), which is rolled into Kn(History) in this campaign, but with Kn(Local) you know enough about the city to recognize the symbol). Also, remember to use "ooc" coding for describing mechanics and such. ;)

The symbol sparks Eitylen's memory. He remembers learning about that particular coat of arms during his past travels, and was also able to expand his knowledge in his short time in the city.

The Serpent wrapping itself around a trident rising from a wavy ocean. That's an image too unique to forget. Eitylen remembers the family it represents.

The Wavebraver lineage is well known in Blue Shell for being one of the three grand families who founded the city. Specifically, they are respected and feared for their naval power and influence over sea trade. It's said that every ship, every cargo and every crew member who sails the shores of Blue Shell exist in the shadow of the Wavebravers, whether they know it or not.

At the center of the Golden Plaza lies an immense marble statue of three men, back to back, looking at different directions. The one staring south, towards the ocean is a depiction of Khoi Wavebraver, who was the head of his family 50 years ago.

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