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Unsure as to why this is not there

Ghost in the shell soundtrack.

What about taking the glorious heat feat for some added fluff :)

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If the party is finding the campaign not a challenge;

1. Max all creatures hp - this way you might chew up some of there more valuable resources
2. Dial back on the magic items - force them to rely on each other than there own possessions
3. Don't play every encounter to there strengths - it is obvious very strong melee/mobile party. Find a means around that strength.

For solo boss structure
1. Add obstacles - summon monsters, terrain effects (difficult terrain, water, fire, pits etc), hazards (molds, slimes etc),
2. Add area effects - light continual toll damage may force them from offence to defense. Eg an energy effect the boss is immune to (red dragon fighting in larva)
3. Make sure the boss is prepared - buffed and ready. Has a good set of options for defense/offence eg resilient sphere for when fighters get close or globe invulnerability/spell turning for enemy spell-casters
4. Force saves and often - two failed saves by party members can drastically change the outcome of any battle
5. Consider using fumbles - extra attacks mean extra chance they could role a 1.
6. Illusions are a GMs best friend - they lack a strong arcane cater
7. Change the dynamics for a battle - why wait for the good guys to come to the bad guy stronghold, try changing it up. Eg the PCs fight in a prior room to the throne room, the boss is alerted and starts his/her assault there. He can then ambush/retreat/calling allies etc.

Most important though, if your currently players seem to be satisfied why change a thing. GMs responsibility to set achievable targets in which if completed the party comes out satisfied with the session.

Thanks Kazaan, I have since jumped the fence - so to say - with your informative post. I agree with your post. I have spoken with the player via facebook and obsidian portal that it is fine to take the feat as a drow, but suggested as part of the character background or while roleplaying (for those players that like to roleplay a history rather than write one) that he simply use the description: "you have a lifetime of knowledge and training" in some degree of context with his roleplay.

Do drow who are a racial subtype of elf qualify for the Breadth of experience feat?

Feat: Breadth of Experience
Although still young for your kind, you have a lifetime of knowledge and training.

Prerequisites: Dwarf, elf, or gnome; 100+ years old.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on all Knowledge and Profession skill checks, and can make checks with those skills untrained.

If yes, do half elves also qualify?

I purchased it. great product. Just a few small hiccups on p.7 of the pdf (one side d paper minis only and some names missing). Also the artwork for Korga extends over the fold line. Apart from that expecting some good use come January. Love your work Jack.

Hey all one of my players asked me this. Can I get a community clarification of how to rule.

As a android I'm immune to sleep effects, but not unconsciousness so Drow Poison could still effect me right. Tho id get the +4 racial bonus on all saving throws vs poison..
Also would I get +8 vs a paralysis poison...?

but then is it even possible to render a golem unconsciousness. Poison's are a pain in this regard because they dont tell you why there unconsciousness...

Emotion spell effects an Android can't have

Core Rulebook: antipathy, bane, calm animals, calm emotions, cause fear, crushing despair, doom, eyebite, fear, good hope, phantasmal killer, rage, symbol of fear, sympathy, weird

Advanced Player's Guide: aura of greater courage, blessing of courage and life, castigate, euphoric tranquility, forced repentance, hunter's howl, mass castigate, moonstruck, phantasmal revenge, rally point, scare, shared wrath, weapon of awe, wrath

Advanced Race Guide: agonizing rebuke, battle trance

Inner Sea World Guide: unbreakable heart

Orcs of Golarion: blood rage

Ultimate Magic: aura of doom, compassionate ally, curse of disgust, delay pain, delusional pride, envious urge, joyful rapture, malicious spite, miserable pity, oppressive boredom, overwhelming grief, overwhelming presence, reckless infatuation, serenity, smug narcissism, terrible remorse, unadulterated loathing, unnatural lust, unprepared combatant, utter contempt, vengeful outrage, waves of ecstasy

Maybe a feat tree which could reverse these?

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Tesla Towers - As there name suggests

Brain rat - rats with psionic potentials

Walking bomb - suicide minions

G.E.N.I.S.I.S (General Electric Neohumanoid Engineered for Scientific Infiltration and Sabotage)
- Android Machinesmith (Analyzer)
[From "Machinesmith" by 'Neoexodus')

- Human Machinsmith (Mobius suit)
[From "Cutting Edge Machinesmith" by 'Neoexodus')

- Gnome Gunslinger (Experimental Gunsmith)
[From "Advanced Races" by 'Paizo')

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Pure Shapeshifter class would be pretty sweet.

I like the idea. A character that permanently mutates themselves like the Witcher (game) would be cool. Mutation points which can be spent to get abilities. Grow some vampire fangs, claws like a bebelith, darkvision like a drow etc

Go to The Witcher.


Tinkerer - similar to the machinesmith (NeoExudus games)/Artificer (Ebberron) that creates science wonders and useful contraptions. Should concentrate on the ability;
- to create turrets,
- use spells (4th lv like ranger/paladin),
- create constructs or utilises strange works of art (like inspector gadget or Leanardo assassin creed 2. Focus intelligence class.

Eg wonder/contraption
Spring boots
Set on coiled springs these boots allow the wearer to jump as per the jump spell as a caster whose level is equivalent to the tinker's level

Mystic - A hybrid of the Gypsy (Dreadfox games)and Magic the Gathering deck yourself/mill deck (blue/black).

Essentially the mystic will have four types of cards. Spell cards, Minion cards, item cards and meta cards

- spell cards function as any other spell. However they are drawn from a spell library when the mystic wishes to cast a spell (random). The mystic can hold the spell card or discard it for another, redrawing from the spell library next turn. The spell library is shuffled when the mystic rest. The spell library is chosen similar to that of a wizard who prepares his spells in the morning, and has a number of spells in it equal to the wizard. The mystic must create the cards like a wizard scribing a scroll to there spell bock, when wanting to make new spell cards for there deck.

- Minion cards are incorporated into the spell library. A minion card functions as a summon monster spell, however the mystic can tailor the minion card upon crating it. Eg a minion card might summon a named NPC from the NPC codex, a dead hero who returns as a spirit, a group of loyal peasants the mystic helped in the past, a specific monster etc

- item cards are just as they sound, useful items. later the Mystic can can magic item cards to there deck, but cease function and disappear after an allotted amount of time. Eg a mystic might put several alchemist fire cards when facing trolls. The items are chosen and added to the deck when the mystic rests.

- A meta spell deck rests to the side in which a mystic can choose to add a metamagic feat to a spell from there spell deck. Essentially since cards are drawn at random from the spell deck shuffled when they rest, the meta deck will allow a Mystic to essentially deck/discard a number of cards from the top of there spell deck equal to the meta level they wish to apply. Eg Extending a spell they would have to discard one card from the top of there spell library, Quickening they would have to discard 4 cards. Discarding such cards reduces there allotted number of spells they can cast in a day. And since drawn randomly, balances out. Eg, quickening a time stop spell at level 9, may result in the mystic discard 4 other level 9 spells because they rest at the top of her spell deck under the time stop card when she shuffled it.

- later the Mystic can get talents like that of a rogue which allow them to modify there deck, or utilise it better
- Draw two cards a round and choose one spell to cast and return the other to the bottom of there library
- can hold two spell cards instead of one
- shuffle there spell deck
- play with the top card of there spell deck revealed, the card is only revealed at the end of the mystics turn.
- return a card in from there spell graveyard (a previously used spell) to there spell library, or
- Discard a number of cards from the top of there library equal to the spell they wish to return from the graveyard to there hand, return that card to there hand and they can cast it this round (MTG dredge ability)
- add an additional spellcard or item card to there deck, which must be at least one level lower then the highest spell the mystic can cast

Sounds costly to incorporate. Wrong. Paizo already offers such cards, all that would be required is to create some plastic sleeves/card protectors, which would allow a person to use items from the Carrion Crown item card deck along with item cards from another series.

Speaker - Skyrim shouts, truename magic and abilities taken from noble class (tome of ingenuity - little red goblin games)
- class has a seething tongue which cause damage (see noble class), CHA focused
- can sting together words of power
- based similar to the warlock (Complete Arcana), Shadowcaster (Tome of Magic) and dragon adept (Dragon Magic) dnd 3.5.
- with the words of magic have words places next to the magic. In the Ultimate magic book it list spell words, but add a name for them so players have to say it. EG RAH (target one character at close range [25ft+5ft per caster level]) - TOOK (Does 5d6 damage) - ZEN (does acid elemental damage)
So RAH-TOOK-ZEN shout targets one character at close range, deals 5d6 acid damage.
- later the speaker could add extra power words
eg 4 words instead of one (of which one must be a meta magic)
LON - Empowered metamagic power word
RAH-TOOK-LON-ZEN shout targets one character at close range, deals 8d6 acid damage.
- words of power can also have levels - Minor, Medium, Major words of power, or schools - siren (water/charm focus), odin (sonic/lightning)etc like the shadowcaster or warlock.

Psyker (couldn't think of something better)
Pretty much similar to the jedi starwars ropleplaying game.
- Give up all skills for a new skill list.
- DC of abilities (eg force push) based upon the skill check. Eg force push skill check rolled in total was 24. On skill table skill check 15-19 range was DC 10+WIS, 20-24 DC 15+WIS, 25-29 20+WIS. Since rolled a total of 24 for the skill chck the DC is 15+WIS. Randomises the DC level.

Can't think of any others atm. But do have a trap in mind;

Creature of the Pit (Trap and spell – Summoner 6, Wizard 8)
- Demon bound to extra dimensional pit
- Pit appears as just a shadowy darkness, like that of a deeper darkness spell
- Can be placed on any surface (wall, ceiling, floor)
- Caster creates a ring or set of rings during its construction that make them immune to the Telekinesis effects
- The demon bound inside the pit can pull victims into the darkness via Telekinesis or Telekinetic sphere (higher CR trap)
- Once drawn into the pit the character suffers as though they were being tortured by the creature in hell, or;
- The character faces the demon of the pit directly as an encounter
- The pit is turns spells as per spell turning by the wizard who created it, which refreshes every day
- If the magical trap is dispelled the bound demon has 50% chance being freed or 50% chance sent to its home plane
- The bound demon can see into the room the pit was place as thought the pit itself had Clairaudience-Clairvoyance.

Idea from 'TSR 9586 - A Paladin in Hell' final encounter

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I like the idea of a Numeria campaign, and are currently running a Numeria version of Kingmaker called Rise of the Artificers (website on obsidian portal). This was entirely due to the PCs choosing a theme for the kingdom for the Adventure Path - choosing a technological based society. Therefore the current party were or are some how involved with the technic league of Numeria. I also adapted the starter feats in the Zeitgeist players guide. Currently I am drawng from a number of sources including;

Zeitgeist (en publishing - magic clashing with technology. Including laying a railway for there kingdom)
Iron Kingdoms

I really like the idea of the Numeria technology being similar to that displayed in the chaostech book by Sword and Sorcery, or similar to the art of HR Giger. Alien, foreign and strange, which have different effects on humanoids due to exposure. Chaostech also links current philosophy about information about the crashed ship at Star Mount. I am another advocate for the region and think it is a great area for Paizo writers to develop, continuing to demonstrate the rich cultural differnces of Golarion. So count me in for a Numeria themed adventure. I might discuss it some of my local writer buddies and get up to some mischief myself.

Well there is a simple solution, Warforge Machinesmith. See the links.

Warforge in Pathfinder

In the "Heroes of Horror" (3.5 edition) there is the monster on p. 153-154 called the Tainted Raver. I am thinking of using the template from to add to the lunatics to toughen them up a little.

From Heroes of Horror

Tainted Raver:
“Tainted raver” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid creature with at least mild levels of both corruption and depravity (referred to hereafter as the base creature). It is most often applied to a creature that goes insane because its depravity score exceeds the maximum for severe depravity for a creature with its Wisdom score; see Table 4–1: Taint Thresholds on page 63.

A tainted raver uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. Armor Class: A tainted raver’s state of perpetual rage gives it a –2 penalty to Armor Class.

Special Attacks: A tainted raver retains all the special attacks of the base creature and gains a perpetual rage ability.

Perpetual Rage (Ex): A tainted raver is constantly in a state of insane fury similar to a barbarian’s rage. In this state, the raver gains a +4 bonus on its Strength and Constitution scores, a +2 bonus on Will saves, and a –2 penalty to Armor Class. An effect that counters rage, such as the calm emotions spell, temporarily suppresses this ability and negates these bonuses and penalties. Unlike a barbarian’s rage, a tainted raver’s perpetual fury does not prevent it from taking actions that require reasoned thought or concentration. A tainted raver can cast spells, use skills, activate magic items, and even act calmly and rationally. It retains at least some modicum of tactical and rational thought, although its madness can cause it to act on those thoughts in an unpredictable manner. While some tainted ravers become screaming maniacs, others manifest their lunacy in more subtle and sinister ways. A rare few can suppress the outward signs of their innate wrath and even pass, for a time, as normal. Eventually, however, even the most iron-willed raver must give vent to its rage, resulting in fi ts of homicidal temper.

Special Qualities: A tainted minion retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains those described below.

Fast Healing (Ex): A tainted raver heals 3 points of damage each round.

Madness (Ex): A tainted raver is irretrievably mad. It uses its Charisma modifi er on Will saves instead of its Wisdom modifi er and has immunity to confusion and insanity effects. Anyone targeting a tainted raver with a thought detection, mind control, or telepathic ability makes direct contact with its tortured mind and takes 1d3 points of taint (depravity) from that contact. A tainted raver cannot be restored to sanity by any means short of a miracle or wish spell. If restored to sanity, a tainted raver loses this template and all the modifi ers it applies.

Saves: A tainted raver’s state of perpetual rage gives it a +2 bonus on Will saves.

Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +4 (for raging), Con +4 (for raging), Wis –6, Cha +6.

Taint: A tainted raver no longer acquires taint. For purposes of special abilities, its corruption and depravity scores are both considered to be half its Charisma score +1.

I will change the tainted depravity to the loss of insanity points.

Is there anything else that needs to be changed?

Well it is going to come down to some form of divine intercession. But that can be cheap.

Idea 1
You could have them break there souls out of hell, with the final devil they encounter having a device similar to the dagger in the prince of persia sands of time. In which they can revisit the moment before they died with added knowledge of the encounter so they can change things.

Idea 2
Similar to above except Desna intervenes with a so called butterfly effect from the ritual of the high throne.

Idea 3
Baron Samedi, an aspect of Pharasma offers them a deal (rather then a devil). According to wiki;


He is usually depicted with a top hat, black tuxedo (dinner jacket), dark glasses, and cotton plugs in the nostrils, as if to resemble a corpse dressed and prepared for burial in the Haitian style. He has a white, frequently skull-like face (or actually has a skull for a face) and speaks in a nasal voice.

He is a sexual Loa, frequently represented by phallic symbols and is noted for disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and having a particular fondness for tobacco and rum. Additionally, he is the Loa of sex and resurrection, and in the latter capacity he is often called upon for healing by those near or approaching death, as it is only Baron who can accept an individual into the realm of the dead.

Baron Samedi spends most of his time in the invisible realm of voodoo spirits. He is notorious for his outrageous behavior, swearing continuously and making filthy jokes to the other spirits. He is married to another powerful spirit known as Maman Brigitte, but often chases after mortal women. He loves smoking and drinking and is rarely seen without a cigar in his mouth or a glass of rum in his bony fingers. Baron Samedi can usually be found at the crossroad between the worlds of the living and the dead. When someone dies he digs their grave and greets their soul after they have been buried, leading them to the underworld.

Loa are essentially psychopomps. Perhaps the Baron can offer them a favour for a favour. Eg choose one of you whom will die when the carrion crown is destroyed. A gift which will allow the baron to partake in the pleasures of the flesh. This could be the ravens head artifact or something similar.

1dea 4
Lady Hawkren may appear as an apparition and save them by offering her own soul, fommiting it to oblivion. Or perhaps she possesses a body temporarily. Doing so frees the Harrowstone ghosts once more that seek to torment there captors.

Idea 5
Instead of just the wish, the PCs have to duel a demon with either cards, wit (challenges whether quizzes or riddles) or some other form of game for years of servitude to the demon/devil. Use chips to wager as years or the like in which they must serve the demon.

Idea 6
One of the great old ones reforms the pcs material bodies (see HP Lovecrafts Call of Cthulhu when the ship rams the ancient diety). However they come back twisted or deranged in some metaphysical way. Er go insanity or madness of some kind.

No matter what you choose it will be a gray area. Whatever you choose, make sure they have to give up something valuable for it.

I am also considering including a device similar that which is described by Lovecraft in is weird stories collection "From Beyond" that will allow one to be able to see the naturally invisible spawn of Yog-Sothoth.

Lovecraft describes it as;


"It would he too much... I would not dare," he continued to mutter. I especially noted his new habit of muttering, for it was not like him to talk to himself. We entered the laboratory in the attic, and I observed that detestable electrical machine, glowing with a sickly, sinister violet luminosity. It was connected with a powerful chemical battery, but seemed to be receiving no current; for I recalled that in its experimental stage it had sputtered and purred when in action. In reply to my question Tillinghast mumbled that this permanent glow was not electrical in any sense that I could understand.

He now seated me near the machine, so that it was on my right, and turned a switch somewhere below the crowning cluster of glass bulbs. The usual sputtering began, turned to a whine, and terminated in a drone so soft as to suggest a return to silence. Meanwhile the luminosity increased, waned again, then assumed a pale, outrè colour or blend of colours which I could neither place nor describe. Tillinghast had been watching me, and noted my puzzled expression.

"Do you know what that is?" he whispered, "That is ultra-violet." He chuckled oddly at my surprise. "You thought ultra-violet was invisible, and so it is - but you can see that and many other invisible things now. "Listen to me! The waves from that thing are waking a thousand sleeping senses in us; senses which we inherit from aeons of evolution from the state of detached electrons to the state of organic humanity. I have seen the truth, and I intend to show it to you. Do you wonder how it will seem? I will tell you." Here Trninghast seated himself directly opposite me, blowing out his candle and staring hideously into my eyes.

"Your existing sense-organs - ears first, I think - will pick up many of the impressions, for they are closely connected with the dormant organs. Then there will be others. You have heard of the pineal gland? I laugh at the shallow endocrinologist, fellow-dupe and fellow-parvenu of the Freudian. That gland is the great sense organ of organs - I have found out. It is like sight in the end, and transmits visual pictures to the brain. If you are normal, that is the way you ought to get most of it... I mean get most of the evidence from beyond."

It is obvious that using such a device will essentially provide those whom use it with see invisibility while near it. What should be the drawback however? Ideas? Obviously Tillinghast in the story has gone a little insane due to the repeated use of the device. I am thinking of putting an alchemist in Carrion Hill that can help the PCs by letting them essentially plug in and use it giving them temporarily the ability to see things once unseen. Or maybe the PCs can lure the spawn to it. Suggestions as to the properties of the device?

Any suggestions were I could use a red jester in the module as an encounter? I was thinking the asylum.

Red Jester

A horrid walking corpse appears, arrayed in brightly colored clothes, floppy shoes, and a bright red jester's hat complete with jingling bells sewn to the ends of the cap. The rigor mortis seems to have permanently pulled the creature's face into a broad and horrific grin.


XP 9,600 CN Medium undead Init +8; Senses darkvision 60ft.; Perception +15


AC 24, touch 14, flat-footed 20 (+4 Dex, +10 natural) hp 67 (15d8) Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +11 Defensive Abilities channel resistance +4, unassailable mind; DR 10/magic; Immune undead traits; SR 21


Speed 30 ft. Melee +2 light mace of merriment +17 (1d6+4 plus merriment) or 2 slams +13 (1d4+2) Ranged jester's deck +15 (see below) Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. Special Attacks fear cackle, jester's deck, merriment


A red jester opens combat using its fear cackle attempting to affect as many opponents as possible. Those that resist its effects are assailed with its magical playing cards and mace. During the entire combat, the red jester talks, laughs, and tells jokes and riddles.


Str 15, Dex 18, Con --, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 16 Base Atk +11; CMB +13; CMD 27 Feats Ability Focus (fear cackle), Catch Off-Guard, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Mobility, Spring Attack, Throw Anything, Weapon Finesse Skills Acrobatics +17, Intimidate +16, Perform (act) +16, Perform (comedy) +20, Perform (oratory) +16, Perception +15, Sense Motive +15, Sleight of Hand +17, Stealth +17; Racial Modifiers +4 Perform (comedy) Languages Common plus any 2 Combat Gear jester's deck; Other Gear +2 light mace of merriment


Fear Cackle (Su)

A red jester can unleash a fear-inducing cackle as a free action. All creatures within 60 feet that hear it must make a successful DC 22 Will save or become panicked for 2d4 rounds. Panicked creatures suffer a -2 morale penalty on saves and flee (if possible). A panicked creature has a 50% chance to drop what it's holding. If cornered or unable to flee, a panicked creature cowers. This is a sonic, mind-affecting fear effect. Whether or not the save is successful, an affected creature is immune to that red jester's fear cackle for one day. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Jester's Deck (Su)

The red jester uses a deck of playing cards in combat that functions as a deck of many things. Once per round, as a standard action, the red jester can draw a single card and throw it at an opponent to a range of 20 feet. This requires a successful ranged touch attack. If successful, the card takes effect that round and affects the target just as if he had drawn a card from a deck of many things. A red jester can draw the same card more than once. The playing cards only function in the hands of a red jester. To anyone else, they are merely normal playing cards.

Merriment (Su)

If a red jester strikes an opponent with its mace, the creature must make a successful DC 20 Will save or fall to the ground laughing for 1d3 rounds. The opponent is not helpless, but is unable to move or act for the duration. A mace of merriment functions only in the hands of a red jester. In the hands of any other creature it functions as a masterwork light mace.

Unassailable Mind (Ex)

The mind of a red jester is a twisted and dangerous place to journey. Being undead, it is immune to all mind-influencing effects and should a creature target the mind of a red jester with such an effect (including psionics, telepathy, or the like), the creature attempting to invade the red jester's mind must make a successful DC Will save or suffer the effects of an insanity spell (caster level 15th). The save DC is Charisma-based.

Well I have included the Horns of Naraga except I warped it a little. In my campaign one of the PCs got access to the Deck of Harrowed tales from the module "the Harrowing". But died before a card was pulled. Due to the Night Harrow's (Whispering Way rival party - see rival guide) pursuing, they collected the deck and completed the adventure, only they turned the entire Harrowing realm into undead realm. Being able to now warp the Harrowed realm the Night Harrows can now call upon Zassrion, the patchwork lord through the Deck of Harrowing tales for a short time. I have changed Zassrion into a CR 14 Night dragon (see Mythic Menagerie -Kingdom of the Grave)

In the Dungeons of Golarion it says;
1) The Great Seal prevents planar travel or teleportation as a means of exiting the prison (does not include entering). Such effects function normally when the departure and arrival points are both within areas of Gallowspires dungeon beyond the Great Seal itself, but do not allow travel beyond that.

2) Conjuration effects that call or summon creatures function normally within the dungeon, save that creatures called into the dungeon cannot then leave, a surprise that outsiders greet with rage once they are freed of their obligations to the spellcaster that called or summoned them.

3) The Great Seal protects Gallowspires dungeon from being altered by physical or mortal magic means. Which means the interior walls/gates cannot be manipulated.

Tar-Baphon tried to teleport, planar travel out, dig out magically/physically. All of which did not work. In his frustration he destroyed the interior of the lower levels of the dungeon (behind the great seal).

There are numerous ways the Horns of Narga could be set free;
1) Iliamaniss (NE elf vampire druid) whom had been scheming for 100 years, managed to trick Shadnusaptera (LN sphinx oracle 12 whom protects the warded great seal door/area) by entering the great seal with a fragment piece of the shield of Aroden. Either by stealing one from Vigil or locating Tar-Baphons coporeal body and retrieving the fragment imbeded in his hand which destroyed the tyrants body. The fragment was enough also to trick the Great Seal and the Sphinx to ignore the Vampires presence. How the vampire can hold the object without being consumed like Tar-Baphon is another story. Furthermore Tar-Baphon not taking the object an trying to leave himself is another (maybe he has a fear of the shield because it destroyed him).

2) Overtime the Great seal has waned. The lesser seals may have been destroyed ("Hungry are the dead" module - has an example of a lesser seal, "City of Golden death" module - possibly another seal location etc). The seals like supernatural the TV series ( could have also been based upon Arodens love for the human race. Maybe the Carrion Crown broke a few of these seals (the attrocities committed in the Carrion Crown poem - Vrood Handout), or the Whispering way are trying to pervert the seals by corrupting humanity. Alternatively they collect the ingredients in the dark cults rituals to weaken the seal foothold on the tyrant. Now that the seals have been weakened enough Tar-Baphon tried to teleport out once more. However the magics prevented him from leaving but sent his helmet spiralling through various realms, nations or dimensions, in which it finally ended up in Adivions hands.

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Yes I am GM'ing for a large group 8 players. They have had a few deaths but these are most memorial characters.

Tarkus Finley - Male LN Human Inquisitor 8 (Vampire Hunter) of Pharasma.
Tarkus has been brought up by his family to continue there tradition of hunting vampires. His motto "Protect the family, follow the churches bidding, put all undead to rest". Due to unfortunate incident with a vampire Tarkus brother Gyles was turned and sired. Along with his father Kane, the family were working with Lorrimor to create a cure. He now hunts the Whispering way in the hope one day he will find a cure to free his brother from the blood curse/disorder and remove the taint of the dark cultist from the land.

Ostarian the Dark - Male LE Dwarf Wizard 8 (Necromancy, Undead path), does not worship gods because they are fickle. Uses spells like blood transcribe, create treasure map etc. Plays very similar to Dexter off the TV series Dexter, killing out of need. He was bit by a Vampire (Vessnic of the Night Harrows - See Rival Guide) and has a permanent limp. Is always doing shifty stuff away from the party. He has a defy fear of vampires, and is always eating garlic. He intends to steal the Whispering Ways knowledge for himself.

Ulli Gengari - Male CN Human Ranger 8 (Archery path) of Earastil, Warden of Shudderwood. Ulli is in a relationship with Kavalca Sains daughter Yeselda whom is trying to take over as the new packmaster of Shudderwood with the desth of her mother. To do this he is trying to reclaim Kavalcas heart fo his beloved to claim the throne, continuing the ancient old tradition of consuming the heart. As such Ulli is in a game of tribes situation, trying to promote his beloved interest by making the various tribal leaders kneel before her or face eradication. Ulli is using Ecthelions inquisition to further his own agenda.

Ecthelian Talamar - Male LG Halfling Paladin 8 (Oath against Undeath/Lycanthrope - of Sarenrae. Ecthelion is leading his own personal crusade to clean up Ustalav. Ecthelians sister (Saera) was given to a demon by his father (Epstien) in order to save his mother (Ilyena). Ecthelion killed his two parents because of there deal with the devil and now seeks his sister. Currently Ecthelion has commanded a few loyal Sarenrae worshipers to conduct werewolf trials (similar to that of the witches in medieval times)in Lepidstadt to clean up the Shudderwoods. Natural werewolves are skinned alive and pacified by holy fire. Infected werewolves are healed. Dark cultist are either killed or sent to the tower of conviction to be rehabilitated. The tower is a asylum/prison for evil practitioners of magic.

Viktor Von'Drakh - Male CN Human Alchemist 8 (Clone Master), does not believe in gods rather the new science. Viktor was a member of the most influential Professors from Lepidstadt University. Alongside him was Montigue Crowl, Gordon Krane, Adivion Adrissant, Petros Lorrimor and Alphon Cormarc. After Lorrimor was cast out of the University Viktor took up Lorrimors old position, with the pupil succeeding the master. Viktor is interested in genetic manipulation and is very eccentric. He intends to unlock the secrets of the Whispering Tyrant as professor of the reclamation of rare antiquities. In particular the Carrion Crown. Viktor worst crime thus far was freeing the beast of Lepidstadt during the trial of the beast riots.

Cassielt - Male LG Aasimar Oracle 8 (Possessed, Heavens) of Iomeade. Cassielt fell from the heavens during Lorrimors funeral. Those at the funeral believed it an ill omen as a white star descended to the ground. It was visible to all those of Ravensgro. Cassielt fell well outside the small town. He made his way into Ravensgro and befriended the heroes. Cassielt is possessed by an ancient being that fought against the Whispering Tyrant more then 1000 years ago. It is only recent Cassielt learnt the beings name Sapael. Sapael has been both a curse and a blessing to Cassielt. Sometimes for days he can posses Cassielt whom looses himself. Both Cassielt and Sapael, fight to protect the great seal from being opened and freeing the Tyrant.

Don Blanco/El Guerreroe Murete - Male LN Half-Giant Monk 6 (Tetori)/Psychic Warrior 2 (Brawling Path) of Pharasma. Taught the art of the Luchador and following La Dama De Las Tumbas (Pharasma the Pale Lady). Without his mask he is known as Don Blanco, a kind hearted man whom is friendly. With his mask he becomes El Guerreroe Murete, a famous wrestler with a mammoth following of fans. Murete is followed around by a Carnivarle, whom carry coffins and make praises to the dead (like Mexican festival day of the dead). As a peoples champion, Murete looks to further his own name and legend (which is similar to Zoro). Murete is frequently visit by Baron Samedi, an Emissary of Pharasma that trades in favours and protector of the Luchador mask. Following Samedi's orders Murete is looking to destroy the Whispering way and tyrant once and for all.

Unit 1 - Male LN Warforge ( Machinesmith ( achinesmith) 8 (Analyser), a creation that is unaware of the gods existence at this time. A piece of left over technology of the late Professor Petros Lorrimor that was decommissioned and not finished. Unit 1 awoke with instructions to protect Kendra and several other of Petros Lorrimors friends euring the arrival of Ecthelion whom possed the last piece of technology that Lorrimor had asked his halfling friend to collect. Unit 1 like shale from dragon age origins, is slowly developing a personality. Unit 1 continues to follow Lorrimors last order which was to protect the late professors friends on there journey.

Stonecrow of the Tuskmountains - Male CN Half Orc Fighter 8 (Two handed fighter) of Gorum. Saved Lorrimors life once and came to pay his respects. On his own personal pilgramage to kill a creature of note to return to his clan and challenge for leadership of it. Unknown to Stonecrow is that his father Ironcrow and his clan the Blood Moons have fallen under a curse of Lucimar of the Whispering Way. The Worg Lich polluted his tribes water supply aznd along with several other tribes now swear fealty to the Whispering Way. Ironcrow is Lucimars righthand man.

Lady Ambriel - Female NG Aasimar Sorcerer 8 (Celestial Bloodline) of Aroden. A student of Lorrimors, Ambriel is obsessed with the rebith of the human god. She personally holds Pharasma responsible for with-holding Arodens soul which she believes is locked in the Pale Ladies Vault of Souls. After spending years of study at Lepidstadt University she is sure that if she can get ahold of a fragment of yhe shield of Aroden she can locate Arodens soul. As such she is tracking down information regarding the Tyrant and his battle.

The Watcher - Male TN Human Bard (Dirge Bard) of Pharasma. Stories speak of a kindred spirit that when it dies it is reborn again of Golarion. Varisians call the being the Watcher. Stories and folk tales all around Ustalav speak of the watcher. But no-one truely knows his motives, except that he is a legendary bard whom traverses the world sharing his tales. Lorrimor met the Watcher on the road and after sharing a story the watcher promissed to play a ballard at the professors funeral. Over the years Lorrimor had compiled allot of information on the legend of the watvher. Using his departed friends knowledge, the watcher is now on the path to discover the true meaning behind his existance.

Anca Willow - Female NE Changling Witch (Grave walker) of Norgorber. A text subject of Lorrimors for many years Anca through her own research believes there are certain doors or boxes that should only be opened when the time is right. Dark secrets whisper to her in her sleep that the world is not ready for the Tyrants rebirth yet and that she is to destroy or hide any information on how to awaken the tyrant. Before the tyrant awakens a door in the dark tapestry must first be found. Anca voices that speak to her when she dreams. For many years Anca was unsure of her heritage (half hag/human) and Lorrimor vonducted his own research on her.

Toss in the Night Harrows from the pathfinder Rivals Guide. They are whispering way and a good fight. I added them to the module as a group helping Adivion behind the scenes. Furthermore when the level 3 gunslinger died in Harrowstone the Night Harrowers added him to there troop as a lv 3 gunslinger/pale stranger (bestiary 3). But hey I am GM'ing for 8 players.

I know lots of people talk about Adivion and Lorrimor being friends, I went one further and added Alphon Cormarc. This felt natural as I used Cormarcs research on the storm caller as the means to how Adivion managed to open the maelstrom of undead that usually surrounds Gallowspire. I know the storm at Gallowspire suggests people can pass through it usually, but it was something I added, with Alphon replicated his friends device to open Gallowspire. Adivion felt like to me a man whom would discard his friendships for power using both Alphon and Lorrimor to further his own ambitions. It also made more sense as to why the whispering way used the beast of Lepidstadt to steal the Seasage Effigy when they had a lv10 or lv 17 magnus whom could steal the artifac, as Cormarc knew stuff about Adivion he wished to remain a secret. Furthermore I added all three of the professors had a grudge against Esoteric Order of the Palantine eye. Lorrimor lost his position at the university, as the order destroyed his name and research forcing him into exile at Ravensgro. Alphon his title. Adivion his wealth.

I have also included Adibion as contacting the PCs through a journey book. A journey book is a book that when one scribes in blood it appears in its sister book. This way Adivion has been taunting the PCs from a distance or keeping tabs on them.

I also am using the Night Harrows, a Whispering Way rival adventuring party whom has been monitoring the PCs. I intend to drop them as a battle in the last module. The Night Harrows from the pathfinder rivals guide also like to animate fallen heroes and bend them to ones will, making them chasing the chasers. If you use them, for Adgrief the insane serial killer whom is alchemically invisible if you use Carrion Hill in the adventure path drop info about the insane serial killer as a test subject of the insane asylum. Especially since the boss in the module is also something that causes insanity and is also alchemically invisible.

Vessnic the vamp I will drop hints about in the fifth module.

The harrower is working for Alphon to become the whispering tyrants wife and the mummy to destroy the palantine eye.

Tetrix wrote:
Helaman wrote:
Tetrix wrote:
Has anyone tried to roll the Dawn of the Scarlet Sun module into the events of the Trial of the Beast?
Where do you see the module rolling into the AP and how?
Actually... scratch that, after reading more this would just be over kill. I was thinking however to add it as a day of the trial. But it really isnt needed at all.

Well I added the Carnival of Tears into the module, with several Carnival freaks befriending the beast and willing to make statements in court to profess the beast innoncence. I simply added in the module that the crooked kin when 1st arriving in Lepidstadt were setting up a freak show north east of Lepidstadt in close proximity to Dipplemere swamp at a Carnival called the Carnival of Tears and that they would be happy to show the PCs around.

With rumours of Chaos in Shudderwood due to trouble amongst the werewolf tribes (see Broken Moon) and a dark presence casting a shadow over the woods, many of the seelie (good) and unseeli (evil) fey have been forced out of the woods due to the werewolves becomming more territorial.

Not only does this link well for Broken Moon but also means the Crooked Kin and Keleb Hesse is not so pointless in the module. Will also help if the PCs missed allot of the xp drops.

The storm caller is part of the Mindslaver thrall. Gallowspire in the last module of the adventure path has a undead maelstrom that surrounds the spire. Although in "The dungeons of Golarion" book it says the living can pass through the storm of undead around the spire, I made it so the storm consumed the spire until recently. Adivion Adrissant worked alongside Alphon Cormarc to find a way into the spire for many years as a research partner. When Cormarc created the mindslaver, Adivion replicated the device to open the storm at Gallowspire, allowing access to the spire itself. This way Adivion has set up his old buddy to take the fall in the adventure, meaning he is more involved with the modules orientation then simply stealing the seasage effigy.

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I like to have an enemy story plot as posts for my adventure log to foreshadow enemies or provide an insight into there motives so PCs get to know there enemy out of game. For Vrood I used the following;

The collapsed sections of the tower completely blocked of the farther passage creating a small aclove for Vrood and his tent. The interior of his tent lined with vivisection tables. Some holding twitching animals pinned to the tables in various grisly surgical inspection. Near each was a small easel holding a stretched canvas of which was a masterfully excuted painting of the various subject matter.

The horrific pictures would be enough to turn a sane persons stomach. The paintings themselves contained detailed notes about the operations performed upon the specimen and the reactions they had. Elsewhere on the table was some long steel pins, carving tools, a candle, paints and brushes; a tray with ash, hair, bits of cloth, and other scraps of mundane items. Working on his next specimen which jerks as the creatures still attached spinal cord is prodded. Vrood talks to the man bound to the table. The knights cloak was adorned with the Bastoi symbol of the royal guard. "Do you know why I am angry" Vrood said as he continued to prod his victims body to create the perfect model for his next work of art. "I was only eight years old when your counts troops tore through my land. Did you know Neska's troops slaughtered my family, salted my famlies fields and left death and destruction in there wake. I myself was lucky to survive, if it wasn't for me burying myself among the corpses of my brothers and neighbours, I would have also perished". Vrood continues to contort his victims ribcage in such a way that the ribs tensile strength almost began to buckle. The knight on the table could now see his own ribcage. He could also see his organs still beating, housed in alchemical recepticals. "They even made a second trip killing my friend Samantha whom luckily survived her house being burnt to the ground with her inside of it".

Vrood changed his current approached to his flesh muse. He took a step back and made a square with his hands to make sure his model was how he wanted it. Vrood used his thumb to make sure his dimensions were correct. "I only survived when the knights returned by hiding in a trench". Unhappy with his current models position Vrood moved closer to change the arrangement of the mans internal organs, like a normal painter would when assorting a fruit bowl he or she was getting ready to paint. "For years I lived as an orphan. I scavenged what little food I could from the corpses and burnt houses. I fought the rats for food, and found comfort in speaking to the corpses of my fallen friends. Even the soldiers in the trenches could be friendly when I spoke to them. I even built my own little town of bones right here in Feldgrau, the perfect backdrop for what had happened".

Vrood shifted the nights intestinal tract to the side and began to unravel it like a ribbon. "You know many people would say I went a little mad. But when the skulls of my fallen friends and family spoke back to me, I knew I could canvas the perfect vengeance for them. Although, I thought they would have been more mad at me for gnawing off the flesh from there bones in order not to starve to death". Vrood said the last line flicking blood over the knights helm."My fallen friends whispered to me. Vengeance.... vengeance....". Vrood spashed the mans blood around like that of a child with food.

"The skulls... they spoke to me in my dreams and haunted me while I was awake. Samantha told me how to survive. I learnt from her how to hide in trenches or under byroad bridges laying traps to topple passing horses. When riders fell, I took their throats so they could join my kin. Do you know how one survives a wasteland?". Vrood paused for a moment, looking to rekindle his memories. "Do you know how scarce food is in a wasteland that had been salted and burnt?". It was obvious Vrood had lost his chain of thought. He moved back to his canvas and began to paint. "Flesh can be quite an intoxicating palette to taste. You can boil it, crisp it, roast it, steam it, sauce it or season it". Vrood moved over to the knight again, his eyes full of fear. "Do you know what my favourite part is?". He let the sentence hang out for a while to track the mans reactions. "The tongue". Vrood picked up the knights raw tongue off the table and put it in his mouth. He slowly chewed it, savouring each delicious blast of meats tenderness. He began to lick his lips before he gulped down the last of the raw meat. "Now... now, how rude of me, to eat before my work is done. And I still have not told you the rest of my story. Tar-Baphon has always told me in whispers that eating while I work spoils my art". He moved back over to his canvas again.

"One day a rider came to my part of the Furrows. I lay in waiting under a bridge, ready to add her to my extensive collection of art. She stopped in front of my traps. The rider had grey skin, withered like that of a corpse. In a dry throaty whisper she told me come out of hiding." Vrood changed his voice to act out what the woman had told, clearing his throat. "Auren Vrood, she said. The spirits of this place have told me of your beautiful artwork. Worry not, for you have a greater role to play. I revealed myself to her and showed her some of my favourite pictures of artwork." Vrood measured out the knights stomach circumference with circular tubing. "She told me she could teach me how to perfect my craft". Vrood let his nostalgic memories flood back.

"She took me to Virlych, to the omnious town of Redchurch. There she taught me the art of necromancy, which allowed be to perfect my artwork by learning more about anatomy." Vrood resumed painting. "Do you know the best art comes from painting death. The best of which is watching the transition from life to death. There is nothing quite like it as I am sure you will agree. There’s no meaning to a flower unless it blooms. The same can be said about the transition of death. Life only blooms once it ends. Something that I love to capture, so it is not lost to the sands of time. Look at those fools." Vrood points at the knights fallen friends. "They have no appreciation for art. You have to feel art. And true art… is an EXPLOSION!" Vrood taps the end of his paintbrush on the mans ribcage.

"Fine art is the beauty of that single fleeting moment of the soul as it seeks semblance of its life. Yrasa Nine-Eyes, my mentor taught me to appreciate the art of this world that happens on a daily scale. Death. Beyond the pitiful and helpless artworks of those I experimented with in my youth., it has taken me years to perfect my artwork, yet there is somebody even better then me. The Carrion Crown is a piece of artwork that will eclipse all that stands before it. I am just happy I have been a part of it." Vrood adjusts his canvas so it sit more appropriately on its stand. "First was the Wardens soul. I had to crush a mans head to prevent the people of Ravensgro learning to much. Then the effigy, sent to Thrushmoor to be traded to enhance the canvas of the dark cloaks work. Finally, the heart of Kavalca Sain. Yet though my contribution to the picture is only the sketch, more wonders will come from it. The items I gathered are useless without masterful hands working them. Like many others, even Yrasa will confirm this, a true maestro will soon be soon born unto this world. His canvas will become the ultimate artform".

The knights nearly decapitated head rolls to onside. His blinking slows as the darkness of death descends upon him. "Well, it will be picturesque when it is finished. But first I must destroy the fools that seek to prevent my landscape of death. To long have they critiqued my work. And you know what happens to those whom cannot appreciate true art. They are removed from the picture...". The last thing the knight saw was the metallic glint of metal pins before they were shoved through his eye socket.

Steev42 wrote:


As related in my obituary post, Auren Vrood dominated the party thanks to good perception and low save rolls. After retreating, they holed up with the Prince's Wolves for a night or so (while waiting for replacement party members to wander through Feldgrau).

Since the book says that the Way is getting ready to leave, I said that Auren headed out, leaving the acolytes to try to move the skeleton 'army' across the land.

And then I re-read stuff. Is it really the case that the *only* way to direct the party onto the next book is by bringing Auren's head to the ghost? My party has avoided that particular building thus far--I could easily see other parties doing the same, and destroying Auren's body before speaking with the ghost.

Am I missing another way? Anyone have any suggestions as to another way to direct them on?

Drop a fragment if Kavalca Sains heart somewhere and the heartripper(see above). Or you could use a harrowing, a blood stained parchment with the only discernable word Thrushmoor, rumours of a grotesque painting with the name of Vrood being sold in Thrushmoor (remembering Vrood is an artist) or use Carrion Hill instead sith a call for heroes sent out from the town.

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I dropped the heardripper blade from GameMastery Module D1: Crown of the Kobold King, to account for how Vrood removed Kavalca Sains still beating heart as loot on Vrood. It also is offers an option for PCs whom refuse or bypass help from the ghost to extract memories from Vroods mind. It is an alternative way of linking the wake of the watcher into the adventure path. As one of the PCs may accidently activated the blasphemous word activating the divination ability of the blade. It is also a ceremonial dagger used in sacrifices.

Heartripper Blade
Aura moderate conjuration, divination, and evocation; CL 10th Slot none; Price 11,302 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This +1 dagger is granted baleful powers when used in bloody sacrifice. Whenever used to deliver a coup de grace, the Heartripper Blade pulls the victim’s still-beating heart free from his body. You may then consume the heart to gain any of the following abilities.

You may eat the heart to gain a simultaneous remove disease, restoration, and cure serious wounds effect. This consumes the heart.

You may utter a command word and cause the heart to burst into flames, after which the Blade becomes a +2 flaming burst dagger for 1 hour. This consumes the heart.

You may speak a blasphemous second command word to cause the heart to boil and smoke. Breathing in the smoke gives you glimpses of the future or far off places and objects, granting you the ability to use divination or scrying. This consumes the heart.

Craft Magic Arms and Armor; flame blade, keen edge, restoration, scrying; Cost 5,802 gp.

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So rather then running Feldgrau which seemed for my party of 8 PCs would involve the tedious searching of individual buildings of the destroyed town, I jazzed it up with running an open battle between an allied force and the whispering way. There were a number of reasons for this.

1) Broken Moon hints at the werewolf tribes being larger in the module then that of which the PCs meet
2) The module explains Vrood is in Feldgrau to raise an army to march on Gallowspire.
3) Over the course of the adventure the PCs should have made influential friends that can help with the battle (eg Vessorriana Hawkren and the ghost prisoners under her influence from Harrowstone, Alphon Cormarc and his construct amalgamations, Ravensgro citizens, Werewolves of Shudderwood from different tribes, Ascanor Lodge influential members, Silver hand - Silivio rangers from Ascanor lodge he leads to hunt werewolves - Lepidstadt university fighting fraternities, druids of the shudderwood, commoners or nobels from Lepidsadt etc)
4) Pcs are at a level were there reputation is as famous as that of the noblemen who run the different states of Ustalav
5) The furrows is a legendary old battlefield more then 20 years old. It felt natural to have alarge battle take place there once more.
6) The Pcs had essentially been chasing Vrood whom is suspected of being the cultist for Lorrimors death and the orchestrator behind the Whidpering Way cultists
7) The poem for the Carrion Crown has a passage "a hundred slain lie innocent"
8) I have slowed the module down to allow for wizards to craft items
9) None of the states claim the furrows as there own land (border disputes).

I dropped the fact the Whispering Way had a large army by Rhakis Szadro after the high throne battle. But this could be done at Ascanor Lodge in Estovions Journal, a premonition about an impending war, a harrowing by Ivanja etc

So basically the PCs had three weeks to muster up an army spearheaded by the werewolves Alternativerly you could use Yharloc (in my adventure he is the leader of the silver hand organisation that hunt down Shudderwood werewolves, Yharloc is from the rule of fear book) or Cilias Graydon if he survived, if the PCs turned the werrwolves down.
They also were required to create a basic encampment.

There are a number of ways you can run a open war scenario.
The book called "Warpath" has rules for mass combat which has been specifically designed for pathfinder.I recommend this book if you want to run a mass combat scenario.
The 3.5 book called "Heroes of battle"allows for PCs to be a special forces unit which is essentially a black ops team which takes out enemy strategic locations.
The D20 books "Fields of blood - the book of war" and "Cry Havoc" are also good sources.

The scenario I developed used the army cards of Warpath and the mass combat rules associated with them. Basically this allows one to mark off casualties, attacks, saves, initiative CMB/CMD checks for armies. Each of the PCs created there own army and recruited someone to lead it. The army was to combat the undead hordes while the PCs attacked strategic locations. It was the PCs job to throw the battle in there favour by attacking or defending strategic locations. The locations I came up with were;

1) Beacon of unrest - a device which was attracting undead to the ruins of Feldgrau, emanating a strange necrotic impulse like that of Gallowspires undead storm (See "dungeons of Golarion" pathfinder chronicles book)

2) Changing pit (from the module "Hungry are the dead" , the book also has Lucimar [a Whispering Way lich and leader of the cult - according to "Fractions of Golarion" book - that the PCs will meet later in the adventure path] history -the pit itself was the same as in Hungry are the dead, where corpses or farmers bodies were being tossed into a large pit and changed into undead by Whispering way Curates.

3) The ziggurat of control - a device allowing the whispering way cultists to control a large army of the undead. I used Drazmorg from the Hungry are the dead module, changing his usual book of "The whispers of the tyrant" to a "book of eternal necromancy" ( see ts/3rd-party-minor-artifacts/bastion-press/book-of-eternal-necromancy). I kept the encounter and description the same from the inner seal room from the Hungry are the dead module.

4) Undead catapaults, loaded with screaming skulls, belching skulls and flaming skulls from the Haunting of Harrowstone module. A few whispering way cultist necromancers were in charge of the catapaults. Page 47 Broken Moon

5) Rot giants as the whispering way terror units. They are from the book "Mythic menagerie - Kingdoms of the grave". Pretty much giants that can create skeletons by eating corpses and are immune to non magical missile fire.

6) Enemy Hq, Vrood in his tower. Same as in broken moon

7) The hungry fog, bestiary 3. Protected enemy flag.

8) Defend an allied unit in trouble (random encounter dependent upon how the battle plays out)

9) Stop enemy charge - nerfed grave knights, beastiary 3. Undead cavaliers left over from the Bastoi knights that died in the "War without Rivals", that created the furrows.

10) Surviving an encounter with an overwhelming enemy (3 rounds). The Furrows before the "War without Rivals" use to be called the "Dragonsvet plains", so called for a blue dragon that was killed there. I used the night dragon "Mythic menagerie - Kingdoms of the grave" the whispering way briefly animated.Due to the devestating impact the dragon was having the PCs had to rally routed units and hold out versus the dragon while units reformed themselves. The dragons breath was not used to increased the likelyhood of survival.

The PCs were awarded 25 points for each strategic location they captured/protected. With 100 points changing the battle and causing almost all the enemy units to de-animate and return to the grave.

The fun thing about changing Feldgrau was allowing the Pcs to create an encampment. Recruit an army. Deal with problems in the encampment (eg suspicious behaviour, prisoners captured, preventing a plague from spreading -ghoul fever, choosing a supreme commander for there war council, scounting the enemy using skill checks and terrain [remembering the furrows is nicknamed the man made maze], sustaining morale, making alliances, Pharasman clerics organising soldiers to fill out wills to ensure the soldiers families were looked after in the event of there death, the morbid feel of fighting a loosing battle, battle tactics/strategies for the battle, lack of food/rations due to the food tasting like decay or ash due to the proximity of the furrows and much more). Most of all it escalated the adventure, allowing the PCs to really make use of the friendships they had created.

Reading through Feldgrau it sounds fine to run. But I did not feel it really did justice to Vrood and his scheming plans. Also it was unlikely to provide a challenge to PCs either in roleplay or combat for 8 PCs, even if encounters were doubled. Feldgrau feels more like a dungeon crawl with the numerous minor encounters. But hey that was just me.

I am going to use Adimarus and the demon wolves as an encounter between Broken Moon and Wake of the watcher. Whom comes for Kavalca Sains heart after the battle.

Basically the battle ended up with the PCs destroying the beacon of unrest, the changing pit (enemy supply line), ziggurat of control (disrupt enemy communications). Now the PCs encampment is being besieged by Vrood and what is left over by his army.

Using the magical/psionic transparency rules.

The case:
A psion used the read thoughts ability infront of an entire audience while on stage. He failed his check to hide the mental display. A bard on stage next to him felt the chime, can he spellcraft the power.

Under psionics unleashed displays it states:
Mental: A subtle chime rings once in the minds of creatures within 15 feet of either the manifester or the subject (at the manifester’s option). At the manifester’s option, the chime can ring continuously for the power’s duration. Some powers describe unique mental displays.

Under spellcraft it states;

Identify Spell Being Cast
Identifying a spell as it is being cast requires no action, but you must be able to clearly see the spell as it is being cast, and this incurs the same penalties as a Perception skill check due to distance, poor conditions, and other factors.

Does this mean it is impossible to spellcraft a mental display (chime) for one to know a spellhas been cast?

Can you only spellcraft spells that have a visual component?

Does this mean any spell cast using still and silent metamagics is therefore undetectable and cannot be countered, even during combat?

I do not like the fact you have to clearly see enemies. Would it not be better to have it if you cannot. Clearly percieve the spellcasting?

I am GMing for 8 players, how should I alter the fight

Nice work Evil Paul, players always enjoy it when you give such a detailed history for items. I am GMing for Broken Moon atm and are finding your item packs as a great addition, especially since there is 8 members in the party (biggest group I've ever had). I had been finding it hard to spread the wealth issues but you solved my probpem, thankyou very much for the additional packs.

Return of the stone lords: terracotta army raised reeking havoc. Based on jakie chans hero, mummy 3 or jet lees legend. Big baddies running around with flesh to stone weapon. Eastern themed adventure. One module could be the forbidden garden based on alice in wonderland or honey I shrunk the kids. I would also have npcs based on the seven samurai.

Tower/dungeon of shadows: ultimate dungeon or tower crawl. Based on temple elemental evil, tower of druaga (anime), trial of the champions or death trap dungeon (old school pc game). Every so often creatures begin to surface from the tower/dungeon and plague a nearby city. Adventurers are sent into clense it, clearing out levels. Could be similar to undermoutain (under Waterdeep forgotten realms).

The puzzlebox: a themed adventure with lots of puzzles. End in the challenge of the starstone in Absalom or dire gambling clubs challenge.

Planechaser: based on planeswalkers from Magic the Gathering. Altercations over different planes. Maybe someyhing like zelda ocarina of time or close temples and prevent planes from leaking into each other.

Its war: anything that uses the heros of battle book 3.5, based in Belkzen or Lastwall maybe.

Just justice: Conman campaign based on the tv series Leverage or oceans 11. The party must pull off amazing cons. Eg fake a kings death without him knowing or pulling off the greatest heist from the safest guarded vault. Traits could be added like leverage characters. Eg Mastetmind, Grifter, Hitter, Thief and Hacker (obviously changed).

Discovery: Steamcraft based campaign with the return of the technomancer, artificer or clockwork wizard. Flying ships, crazy gnomish designs (Lantan forgotten realms or Jazrune Cauldron: Shackled city) ancient or forgotten technologies (ffX or Sacred 2). Maybe Howls moving castle (anime movie) as one module.

Monster hunt: as its names suggest, hunt down mythical creatures and become the ultimate hunter. Quest could include cooking the ultimate feast (weird ingredients needed), saving a village from a ramoaging beast (minotaur of the maze etc). Should use ideas like heracules trials.

The fade: dreamscape based campaign.

Redemption: evil characters who must redeem there vile deeds. Paced with a curse or the like by a powerful deity.

The tower of conviction: arcnum asylum for wizards.

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I have read through many other groups whom have run broken moon adventure path whom did not enjoy the werewolf tribes that were used. I diasgreed as thus far I have found most to be fun to play around with. Nevertheless I decided to make some smaller wolf tribes for Shudderwood listed below which are simply just random encounters while in the woods.

Here they are:

Smaller tribes

Kumori Pack or Akumas : Tien descendent wolves, the Kumori pack prefer to fight with weapons and recruit large wolves to serve as mounts. They are lead by Akuma. They fight from dire wolves wolfback. The Kumori are very ceremonial.

Faded Shadows, Spirit Wolves or Ghosts : Ghost like wolves that can turn ethereal and move through solid objects. The faded shadow are believed to be possessed by spirits of the wood. They rarely are ever seen and only ever attack those that would harm Shudderwood. They are lead by Ghost, a large white wolf. It is believed they can never expand in number due to there only ever being a dozen or so spirits which possess there members. When one dies another is choosen to take there place.

Forest Fires or Markovs : Natural blighters, this pack ritually burns down parts of the forest and scavengers those unlucky to escape the fire. There favourite tactic is to circle there victims in a circle of fire and pick off any who make it through the flames. Many believe they may be merging with the demon wolves. They are lead by Markov.

Crimson Hollows or Drethnozzrna : Given there powers by anicient rituals to dark gods, the Crimson Hallows are like dark shadows in Shudderwood. Lead by Drethnozzrna, a suspected drow. The Crimsons Hallows use darks magics to rnender there foes blind, relying on there scent to track down and kill their foes.

Skull Pack or Set'Ufnar : Guardians of the ancient burial sites or ancient tombs, the Set'Ufnar are approacable and leave obvious warnimgs to those who would tresspass on their religious or protected sites. The Set'Ufnar are respected by all wolf clans as they protect the heritage of all Shudderwoods packs except the renegades who often try to steal from the ancient tombs. They are lead by Set'Ufnar. There grounds are always marked by piled skulls. They use totems of power or magical traps to keep foes out of their lands. Totems are often linked to nearby tribes and sent to get immediate aid when danger approaches. As such the skull pack usually fight in a defensive manner until they can get support from another tribe.

The Forsaken or Menzoon : Made up of outcast wolves from other clans. The foresaken are lead by Menzoon. Usually left to scavenge off others the Menzoon scavenge only attacking those foolish enough to travel alone or unarmed.

The Moonstone pack or Inogios : The Moonstone pack are tribalisitic. They use only wood and stone for weapons. They are lead by Inogio. They pelt there victims from high above in the trees with stones. They capture younglings (children and claim them as there own), often bestowing them with the gift (lycanthrope).

The Nightwalkers or Fasmire : This pack contain a rare form of lupis which makes them deftly ill in direct sunlight and sensitive to forms of light. The Nightwalkers only venture out during the night and live a nocturnal lifestyle. They are lead by Fasmire. They uses there ability to be stealthy to sneak up and drag off unsuspecting victims into the night.

Feral bites or Gnaw Marrow : This pack fangs contain a natual poisons that can be devistating, and often hard to cure. The feral bites torment and stalk there prey for long periods of time. Often just biting and running away, staying close enough to there prey to kill any that go for help and continue to poisons there victims with bites until they die. Packleader is "Gnaw Marrow" the sick.

Blood Moons or Howlers : Natural frenziers, these werewolves fight until they are literally killed. Blows that would kill most werewolves are simply shook off by them and returned in kind. They are lead by Howler, an old grey wolf with more scars on him then a seasoned figter who has retired. The Blood Moons employ no tactics except for shear brutality, often just power attacking, cleaving or sundering any thing in sight.

The Renegades or Symcas : Dirty by nature, the rengades offer no loyalty and nothing is sacred to them. They are lead by an almost ever changing hierarchy. They are more like pirates then wolves, easily turning on each other if an opportunity presents itself. They are currently lead by Symca. The renegades use dirty figthing tactics like throwing dirt in ones eyes or calling shots on there enemies to render them helpless.

Jagged Tooths or Ulferics : The jagged tooths have seratted teeth which often cause there Victims to bleed out. The Ulferics resemble vampire more then werewolves in that they live only to taste blood. They are lead by Ulferic. They like to pin there foes and bleed them out, with there strong jaws.

Thick Hides or Kensil : Gifted with naturally thick skin, the thick hides are naturally tough. More then one unsuspecting enemies have gotten to close after believing they had killed one only to be torn to shreads. The thick hides are lead by Kensil. The thick hides love to play dead and ambush there enemies, often staging areas of bloodshed or posing as injured or dead villagers to lure there victims in close.

Swiftclaws or Wranglers : The swiftclaws are the fadtest of all the wolf clans and the fastest growing in strength of the lesser clans. They have a unatural presence about them that can evoke fear in tbe hardiest of men, making them flee. When there victims run in fear they hunt them down and kill tem. They are lead by Wrangler.

The Predators or Hunters : Sadistic and lovers of pain and tortures, the predators love to skin there victims alive while others watch. The predators enjoy taking victims alive to ritualistically torture them. As such, they usually carry clubs or saps to knock enemies out. Those that survive there tortures long enough become members of there clan. They are usually left with permenant mental damage as a result or horribly disfigured. They have psychotic tendencies. They are always lead by the one called Hunter, which is symbolic of whomever leads them.

The Mirage or Kuunas : Ancient scholars and traditionalist, the Mirage envoke a covenant of silence that prevents them from talking to other tribes or people. When confronted by an adversary they use magical illusions usually in an attempt to flee. They prefer to remain reclusive to other tribes. The Mirage more like monks then werewolves, enjoy a long time in hybernation and meditation. They are lead by Kuunas.

The Gunrunners or Milvines : A splinter group of the silverbacks, tbe gunrunners have taken to new science after raiding merchant wagons containing gun powder headed for Lepidstadt University. Involved with drugs, smuggling and gene therapies the gun runners like to gentically manipulate themselves with mutagens or use black power weapons to kill off enemies. They are lead by Milvine. They recently procured goods from Gorden Winchesters Trade Consortium, raiding one of tne noblemans caravans.

I am still running the campaign after I ran The Haunted forest module as a prelude to shudderwood on what I called Edgewood (Edge of Shudderwood).Obviously it was converted to met the criteria of an 7th level module. This was done because I have 7 players, quite a large group who were falling behind in xp despite me vamping up encounters. If you guys have any other ideas for some werewolf packs post them up :) as they have only reached Ascanor Lodge.

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Thread designed to aid GM with a quick reference guide for some store ideas. Can include; blacksmiths, pawn shops, food outlets/restaurants, good/resource traders, gun smiths, magical items etc.

Name: Welbies's Traders
Owner: Welbie Gumble (Gnome)
Description: A wooden weather board single story shanty with a tin roof. Welbie keeps a pen of geese, which are let out at night to protect the shanty from would be thieves. The geese honk when anybody gets to close. The shanty has a worked rough stone floor. Above the entrance is a large saloon like swinging sign with a lizard wearing a hat as the store emblem. The walls are covered with ropes and adventuring utensils. Various large barrels are scattered about the room. Each barrel contains a wooden stamped sign indicating what is in the barrel. A small wooden desk (bumb height) indicates where goods can be purchased in a corner near the entrance of the room. The entrance has two doors, a saloon like swing door and a lockable wooden blind (suspended over the door by a pulley) which is lowered and clamped into the ground at night.
Sold: Welbie's trade in all basic adventuring gear, but specializes in rope and mechanisms that use rope (pulleys, clamps, rings etc).
Slogan: "Welbies, where else"

Since they are all adventurers familiar with the wilds, anything to do with non urban environments. Setting it in a genre to a popular film, is always a winner.

Some ideas
Warring tribes brought together for a common goal (latest Conan the barbarian movie, Ace Venturer 2)

Growing threat of a creature type (Game of Thrones white walkers)

Capture by bandits/slavers, work together to escape. Lost memories/amnesia (Saw I/II/III/IV etc)

Spies, sent to gather intelligence

Exploration (Kingmaker - Paizo pathfinder module)

Queer storm brewing, a strange omen. Eg blood moon/red sun which has allowed lycans/vamps to walk during the day.

Strange disappearances, discovery of a new tomb/treasure map. (Indiana Jones, Missing [Dungeon and Dragons Online - check the wiki])

Plague or drought, need to search for resources/cures.

Escort/merchant wagon (Jade reagent - Paizo pathfinder module)

26) Fancy Dress. Flaunt charisma, enchantments, bluff (ridicule others), diplomacy and intimidate skills

27) Face your fears, horror house in which competitors face increasingly higher fear checks. Awards to those who make it through. Lots of side doors so people who succumb to fear immediately run out.

28) Tug of war, One combatant team has a druid shift into an elephant ^_^.

29) Beat the dealer, black jack with cards.

30) Fortune telling. Harrowing.

31) Egg hunt. Find hidden eggs in forest, smashing them. Some contain different colored ribbons, which have assigned prizes with them.

32) Sleeping dragon. People must sneak up on a sleeping dragon and steal its treasure. Three are several rings, as you get closer to the inner ring treasure (which includes magic items) contestants can steal from the dragons loot. Cost associated with each try. If tagged by the dragons younglings or the dragon, contestants are out.

33) Potion brew. Must create a potion but make it taste nice. Nicest tasting potion which still emulates the magical effects of the potion required to be crafted.

34) Royal rumble pit. Ven diagram maze. Players start on the outer circle and must make there way to the inner circle when the whistle blows. Players are required to knock contestants out. Fighters/rogues or the like are given blunted weapons of there choice, wizards/clerics are given wands that deal non lethal damage. No offensive casting that deals dice damage allowed, and no spells greater then 3rd level.

Currently I am GM'ing Carrion Crown - The trial of the beast. At the moment there is a half-orc quadraplegic psion (psionics unleashed) running around as part of a seven member party (concept based on Professor X). He has the bite alternate racial feature of a half-orc (APG), foul belch trait (sickens) and is telepath focus psion. He gets around by using the skate power(LMFAO), charming monsters or people to push his wheel chair. So far he has been dragged off by a wolves, left to drown in a swamp (survived by float power), had items stolen from him (yelling abuse the whole time), left behind by the party running from trolls (only to betray the party swearing vengeance, he betrays so easily), levitates up and down to get out of trouble and is completely reliant on the rest of the party. He is the dirtiest and most foul mouthed old half-orc you have ever seen. He needs people to do menial tasks (eat, put him to bed, change him) and uses his mage hand like power to grab stuff for him. He attacks with his mind (mindthrust, crystal shards etc). It is the most interesting concept I have ever seen and would love to write a story arc based on him.

Please note, this is not meant to offend anyone who knows or is a quadraplegic. I am just commenting on the fun the current player is having with the PC.

I only GMPC a character if for some reason a PC can't make it to that session. The group I am involved with at the moment is growing like crazy. Currently I am trying to run Carrion Crown with 8-10 PCs. O.o

I believe a GM should never GMPC - unless a character has taken leadership or something.

24) Trap Bridge - Parties design a trap which other parties must try an cross. Whomever has the least amount of people from the other teams able to cross it wins. Designed for engineers. Travel or polymorph spells are prohibited.

25) Tough man challenge - Obstacle course designed to test Reflex and Fort. Competitors must climb up poles imbued with chill or heat metal, dive into icy lakes (designed to fatigue)dodge spinning traps or projectiles, jump slippery pits. Competitors go in fours or fives per round. Whomever makes it to the finals is the winner. Quarter-staffs are carried by all competitors. Competitors usually start from different starting locations and meet up inside. Trippers and bull rushers have a significant advantage in the contest.

CaptainJandor wrote:

11) wrestling (first to pin their opponent wins, maybe best 2 out of 3).

Bear/midget/sumo wrestling added also

18) Wizard ball, Blood-ball except with spells, only fun for high level arcane and divine casters. Pretty much Rugby, except only 2 casters can cast on enemies, 2 castes can cast only on allies and 3 anywhere on the field as long as enemies/allies are not in the targeted square of the spell cast. All casters can cast on themselves. If the referee looses sight of the ball for more then 2 rounds (due to burrowing, ethereal or other planar travel) the ball is recalled to the center of the field. Winner by points or knocking out all opposition players. Played in a force domed arena.

19) Master chef - must track down animals, kill them and then harvest parts to cook. Nicest meal is the winner. More for parties then individuals.

20) Goblin run - explosive glyphs are placed randomly everywhere on a field. People then bet different distances on how far the goblin will get before he blows up.

21) Drunken daggers - darts but with daggers and drinking

22) Master artisan - sculpture or painting contest

23) Remorhaz riding - who can ride the Remorhaz the longest, withstanding its thrashing and intense heat ability. Usually only done on juvenile Remorhaz's because of the heat they generate. Whomever stays on the longest is the winner.

5) Jousting - just don't go up against the hound.

Use Maptools - there be no cheating there and its free.

1) Last man standing - contestants scull an ale at the same time. Whoever is the quickest goes 1st. They then hit there opponent as hard as they can. There opponent then sculls another ale and returns the favor. Contestant continue to take turns. The victory goes to the last man standing. Highly favors drunken masters.

2) The summoners duel pit - summon monster battles

3) Cat and mouse - in a secluded fenced off area in the woods, contestants must evade capture as long as they can. Over time more watchmen are sent into the woods to search for them. Once stripped of there ribbon a contestant is out. No weapons are allowed, but apposed CMB checks are fine.

4) The master thief - a course designed to test rogues to there maximum capabilities. Is time based. Traps weapons are blunted as not to cause serious harm, but any mistakes incur a penalty. Rogues must open locks, disable traps, jump crevices, scale walls, contort themselves through small openings, balance across objects, obtain items without being seen, convince people to spill secrets, pick pockets and so on. One of my favorite is to add ostrich racing like off the "Prince of Persia: sands of time" movie.

Part of the fun is when things go bad. When knee deep in it, teamwork is what resolves situations. All players need to role with the punchers. Like in 3.5 when faced with numerous undead rogues had it tough. Wizards with Rakshasa high spell resistance. Last week I had a guy critical fumble with his level 6 rogue, draw the crit fumble card. He drew a card that made him fall unconscious for 1d4 rounds. Only problem was he fell unconscious next to a goblin, who Coude'gra him next round. For his fort save he rolled a 2 and died. When things go awry that's when you focus your character on the ROLEPLAY and not the dice. Eg wizard with continued spell failures "I need to study harder in the mornings" or "that dam druids wolf keep me up all night, I can't concentrate at all". A cleric "Pharasma why have you turned your back on me". Rogue "By Beshbas hairy armpit, nothing is going right today".

The Hairy Badger - sells bad ale
The Pickled Parrot - for travelers
The Crested Cock - for farmers
The Balls and Shaft - for golfers
The Alamo - for people who can't score anywhere else
The one eyed snake - for gypsies
The unblinking eye - for beholder cultists
Twin peaks - for climbers
The silly sausage - for cooks
The moist valley - for wine enthusiasts
The clutched sword - for fighters

If we look at the Manticore and its mate from the Bestiary p.199 we get;

Manticore’s Mate....Offspring
Lion................Standard manticore
Dire lion...........Advanced manticore
Lamia...............Lamia with spiked tail and spikes special attack
Sphinx..............Sphinx with spiked tail and spikes special attack
Chimera.............Chimera with spiked tail and spikes special attack

Hmmm I wonder what the child's special attack will be...

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A party of 7 adventurers sneak up on 2 goblins.

Lance: They are only goblins so I attack
GM: roll for attack
Lance: rolls a 1
GM: potential critical fumble, roll to confirm
Lance: rolls a 2
GM: fumble confirmed, draws critical fumble card. You are unconscious for 1d4 rounds, rolls a 3
Goblin: Coude'gras
GM: Goblin did 6 dmage, you need a fortitude DC 10 + 6 or you die
Lance: rolls a 1 and fails fortitude save
GM: Yes they were only goblins
lol so much

Soaked in blood from goblins
Durgar: You smell like the captains old piss bottle he use to keep in his cabin.

Paladins... cause you can't play an evil character without a big confrontation. Plus heavens wenches smite evil, are restricted by alignment, touch themselves, have an ability called mercy and lack feats

Possible side effects of this kind of relationship

1) being sent to the dog house is now a literal thing
2) newborn looking like a wookie
3) associated with furries
4) morphing genitala, somebodies bound to get hurt
5) a dangerous STD to pass, lycanthrope
6) full moons are definitely when the freaky people come out... especially when the rest of the party care to listen to weird noises emanating during the night
7) people viewing this post being scarred for life

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