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Grey Render

Last one's page

48 posts. Alias of Nightskies.


I will eat the Last one to win thread someday. Because I am the Last one.

Nor can I for I-! (gobbles the thread)

10,000th post wins.

Manuals are for doing things manually. I automatically win.

(draws breath)


My hunger?

I do win.

That is just outri- ah. Ah... Oh. Mmm. Yeah... excuse me.

The bath scene:
EXPLOSIVE RUNE: 6d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 4, 2, 2, 2) = 18 force damage, no save.

Ahem... I wish love were timeless.

And then I eat you, as per the wish you made. I do not commonly grant wishes, so don't complain. Oh, and I win again.

Granted. You will be eaten by me. For when you have been eaten, all your problems become simply irrelevant.

I wish my bathtub were a little bigger and a lot sexier.

7/10 Sultry, not enough skin in image, and common. But it is none the less kind of pleasant to look at.

It would be foolish to vote for Nightskies, for I, Last one, winner of the Last one to post thread, have eyes far superior. While Tarrasques make good chew toys, they taste terrible. I offer Tasty Tarrasques if I win.

They can induce euphoric calm in would-be loud children. If that's not a good reason to you, please apply for babysitting. The world needs you.

The next poster knows the what the current capital of Assyria is, and will babysit.

I endorse the following message.

When you are eaten, the pain will go away.

Vote Last one for thread winner.

(sniff) They... they just won't recognize that I've posted... and... (sniff) that I won because of it. *drops a man in mouth with tentacle, insert Wilhelm scream* (munch munch- talking with mouth full) I guess I'll live with only half a win.

The next poster will justify kicking a puppy.

Belphegor is banned for not having given anyone wealth through discovery or invention lately, as is his purpose. The world cannot end until it has matured!

Not with such a simple statement. Refusal to accept my win will only result in pain.

Its good to be bad, if you know what I mean.

The next poster is bad bad.

Pointless? You consider this pointless? Winning is all that matters!

Lies! You no take win!

Perfection is created, not evolved.

The next poster refuses to change.

The game is over, as I am, and always will be, Last one.

Its a new page. Time to forget the pages of the past.

Its alright, I don't have to use pick up lines anyway. I'm the Last one.

I'll go with this one. "My magical watch says you aren't wearing any panties. Oh, you are? It must be an hour fast!"

Remember, pain is weakness leaving the body.

If you let me eat you, your weakness will go away.

You should have no memories!

gran is banned for not trying to be a good sister.

Sissyl wrote:
He didn't just lose his mind, though. He also LOST.

Oh, that deserves a counterattack! Hang on, let me buff up for this, Favored Enemy. Smite evil! Judgement of Destruction! Challenge! Strength Mutagen! Inspire Competence! Enlarge Person! Oh, HANG ON, I'm still getting warmed up here. Divine Favor! Shillelagh! Draconic Bloodline Claws! True Strike! (gasp) CONTROLLED RAGE SPELL COMBAT SHOCKING GRASP SNEAK ATTACK STUNNING FIST POWER ATTACK!

...Hey, where'd you go? Darn it. I knew I should'e just gone fighter...

I guess that means I win?

I eat all you. ALL OF YOU! (this is my thread!)

I eat your win.

Both she and Ni! I enjoyed the spanking. Ni!

The fey of the forest have seeNi! the error of their ways, but they lack the power to undo it. The Ni!xt poster will help the fey disenchant this +5 Cursed AdamantNi! HerriNi!ng!

Pickle-barrel, kumquat.

Because I, Last one, have posted, thus, I have won.

A moderator cannot take that from me!

Its all part-and-parcel of the whole genie gig.

The next poster will quote Conan, the Barbarian.

That won't happen.

And they still wouldn't let me join the Old One club.

The next poster will provide Pi out to ten digits, but completely out of order.

And I am THE Last one.

Granted. It turns out, however, that 93% of the player base are worshipers of the Old Gods, yet unaware they're just playing Lovecraft-themed games. They also provide power in exchange for sacrifices.

I wish people would stop trying to deny my rightful victory in "Last one to post wins".

Here I am to say that this thread has been mine for some time, only to see this ... this ... offensively late entry by Kyros? Enjoy being Godlike, yet it is still my win.

Claim as you will, but for naught.

The Last One has won, just give up already.

How dare you fail to acknowledge the true winning race! You may redeem yourself by leaving this thread to its rightful victor.


The thread is ours.

I shall not leave my prize to the likes of you.

Until I came back to observe my realm.

If only there were more like us to dominate this thread.

But now that I have posted, the thread is mine.

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