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Lasoric's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 12 posts (13 including aliases). 17 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 9 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Nice Introduction Module

****( )

This is module that helps new members to the Pathfinder Society understand the factions that are available for play. It has a variety of tasks that must be completed that are not solely dependent on hacking and slashing villains. The challenges are also able to be completed using a variety of approaches, not just one spell or skill check. This allows players to be successful with several different approaches.
However, it is not too challenging. To date I have ran this module three times, and only once did it place the party in peril. I can see how this would be a good thing for beginning players who are new to a strange system, because you don't want to TPK them right off the boat.

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A standard has been set


What can I say?

The trolls, owlbear, lizardfolk, and werewolf are fantastic! The other figs are also very well done.

Crystal Frasier has become a gold standard for quality in this product field. I have yet to be disappointed with any of her work.

The camel and goat from the Kapeshi Caravan are equally brilliant.

I recommend this set to anyone looking for an excellent example of paper miniatures, whether you are using them for "Rivers Run Red" or not.

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A good set of Arabic or desert themed minis

****( )

This set is much better than the goblin set. The camel and goat are very nicely done. The majority of the minis are brightly inked and look pretty good.

Other writers have stated that it is cartoonish, and that is true, but I find it refreshing. I will be using these miniatures, but if you are some sort of a "mini-snob" who cannot mix affordable "pre-painted" paper minis with your other metallic figs then this may not be for you.

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Goblins in a pinch

***( )( )

I like the paper minis. They are a fast inexpensive way to put some visuals in your game without spending a fortune. That being said, this set was a tiny let down. I like the goblin illustrations in the module, but these are not as good. The goblin on the product cover is one of the best in the set, and they look just like him.

I enjoy the playfulness of the set, but the colors where a little off putting.

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Frozen Waste

**( )( )( )

We ran this adventure with a group of experienced players, and it lasted under 3 hours. The difficulty of this adventure was weak.

Without spoiling the adventure, I can say that the first encounter lasted about 15 minutes with roleplaying and less than 5 minutes or 2 rounds of combat.

The later encounters were also destroyed in horrific fashion due the party having an ample number of fighters and clerics. This was after two of their number suffered the wrath of the lantern, and they soldiered on just fine.

We finished the adventure so quicky that we played another adventure, which thankfully someone had prepared. I recommend that you have the same option available, unless you force your players to have an exceedingly pointless roleplaying session to extend the game.

My rating is 3 stars for combat, 3 stars for ease of play, and 1 star for interest. It was a great disappointment after The Silent Tide.

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