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Magaambya Priest

Laruuk's page

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Great start!


Bought this for my three teenagers to tide them over until I get home from Afghanistan. They took to it right away and sent me enough emails that I know what an excellent product this is! If you're new to Pathfinder, or want a way to introduce Pathfinder to new gamers, this is the product to use.

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Doesn't Disappoint


I've been an avid DnD gamer since 3.0 was released.

Have been playing 3.5 regularly for the last four years with the same DM. During a deployment to Afghanistan, a friend loaned me his Pathfinder Core Rulebook and I was impressed with the wuality, but didn't really give it a through read.

My DM buddy started talking about Pathfinder right before my current deployment so I picked up a copy of the rules and have been slowly digesting it.

Wow! Absolutely excited about what Paizo has done with the OGL. Pathfinder is what 3.5 could have been. Have been creating characters just to get a feel for them and love what I am finding.

Great product!

The layout is good. The artwork is first rate. The quality of the book is good.

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