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Magaambya Priest

Laruuk's page

278 posts (302 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 aliases.


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Just received my SHIPPED email. It's not often I'm at the front of the line. Very cool.

Got my auth email. Now to impatiently wait for the beloved shipped email.
Has my stuff shipped yet?

I'm not bothered by the delay at all. Just pointing out that there was no assumption made about the release date. Adam said the 24th. No one assumed that would be the release date. It was pretty explicit.

Delays happen. No big deal. That comment bothered me though. *shrug*

Chris Lambertz wrote:

Re: Player's Guide

I know there was an assumption that it would be available on our monthly street dates for products...


I don't think this can be considered an assumption.

Adam Daigle wrote:
Everything's still on track for February 24th.

I'm a little confused by this order.

It seems to have shipped by itself rather than shipping with Order #3736605.

Is this one of those occasions where sending it in two packages is cheaper than sending it in one?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I cancelled my AP subscription because Hell's Rebels didn't turn my crank.

I'm more than ready to re-initiate my AP subscription with Hell's Vengeance.

A mature group will undoubtedly have fun with this AP.

Of the original choices, I like pyre the most.

Outside the lines, I'm partial to a riot of goblins.

Daniel Hamrick 458 wrote:
Laruuk wrote:
Received my base set and Add-On Deck yesterday. It is gorgeous!
Subscription or did you pick it up from a local store?

Subscription. Arrived at my door via UPS.

Received my base set and Add-On Deck yesterday. It is gorgeous!

This is probably the first Pathfinder product that I'm 'meh' about.

I still own it as part of my subscription, but don't think I'll personally use it.

Production quality is up to the usual high standards I've come to expect from Paizo. I enjoyed the art.

Now that I have the Rules Reference cards, please cancel my card subscription.



Got it.

Thanks, Sharaya!

Sara Marie wrote:

The glitch lies in our order checkout system and its less of a "glitch" and more of just "confusing interface" because sometimes you have to go backwards through checkout buttons to find the option for combining with subscription shipments.

You're right. That is confusing. If I understand you correctly, there's a button in the interface that will tell the system to ship a new subscription with my monthly subscriptions. ;-)

Sara Marie said to let Customer Service know if my S&S PACG subscription didn't spawn Adventure Deck #2 with this months order.

This is me letting you know.

Can you square this away for me?


Received my authorization last night as well.

However, last week I started a new subscription (PACG) and it authorized and shipped immediatly instead of waiting for my monthly shipment. Not a huge deal, definitely not upset, but wanted to bring it up in case this is another glitch in the system.

Sara Marie wrote:

We won't be authorizing/spawning today and I am holding off on changing things too permanently until we have a better idea of where we sit.

sara marie


OH! I missed that.

I was hoping they'd go with something older, but WotR is totally cool. It is in my top five hopefuls.

Okay, so who wants to speculate what's after that?

Predictions? Guesses? Wishlist?

Personally I'd like to see Serpent's Skull or Jade Regent with Curse of the Crimson Throne a close third.

I haven't played the three adventure path's above, so they may be terrible, or at least very hard to adapt, for a card game set.

What Adventure Path would you like to see turned into a card game set?

Which Adventure Paths would be best suited for a card game set?


I just say WOW!

I've gone through the setup, and watched the Mike Selinker preview on YouTube and absolutely cannot wait to play.

When I ordered it, immediately purchased the character add-on deck, my next Paizo order will be the rest of the Adventure Decks.

In case you can't tell, I'm really impressed thus far.

andi598d wrote:
Speaking of sidecart limbo, I seem to have something in there as well. Could you take a look? Order #3234723 in limbo, should ship with subscription order #3234725.

andi, it might be better to start a new thread for your request. The customer service folks are pretty good, but its easy to overlook a request like that in a long thread like this.

I am getting back sooner than expected.

Please reinstate my subscriptions and combine it with Order 3291518.

Thanks so much!

Please suspend my subscriptions.

Heading out of town for a couple weeks.

I will start a new thread to UNsuspend when I return.

Thanks in advance!

Mildly interested in this one.

Don't think it is my cup of tea, but I am certain it will be a great product.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Looking forward to this one. I enjoy the backstory in these kinds of releases.

Picked this up yesterday and have only thumbed through it so far.

Just getting into the combat rules today, but I like the write ups of the races and classes.

Will spend the next few days really digging into it, but I like what I've see, fluff-wise, so far.

Now for the crunchy bits.

Anyone else picked this up? What do you think so far?

No worries! Let's move it to my side cart for next month.

Thanks for the effort, I'm certainly not going to complain about the warehouse shipping my order too soon - that would be crazy!

Please combine the following two orders into one. Thanks!

3226573 and 3215250




When I look at "My Account" page, it says I have zero payment methods.

When I look at "My Subscriptions" it shows my current payment method.

When I try to add or change my payment method, even though the website goes through the process, nothing changes.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Hahaha! The Hold of Belkzen...

Looking forward to the first Iron Gods AP.

This thread has lost its stickiness, btw.

Sara Marie wrote:
Our estimated time of arrival at our destination is 1579 minutes.

26.316666666 hours...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

According to the FAA, you can now.

Though when flying PaizoAir, Rule #1 always applies.

I'm super interested!

I, sadly, decided to go hunt for Dungeoness crab instead of attending Paizocon this year. I'm not sure how I feel about that right now....

The crab is GOOD though, so there is that.

Paizocon is going on this weekend, followed by the GenCon crunch - things slow way down this time of year pretty consistently.

Great thread.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

That's 4.7348495370 days, if anyone's wondering.


EN World has the info HERE.

Or you can go straight to AMAZON.

Downloaded my stuff Tuesday evening.

Received my scratch-and-dent copy yesterday. There is one tiny dent on the top of the spine. If I didn't look for it, I wouldn't have noticed it most likely.

Checking the status of these two orders. I see they were combined and I took them out of my sidecart last week so they could be shipped as soon as possible.

Not terribly upset or worried, but want to make sure they didn't get stuck in a queue somewhere and need to be prodded.

Thanks in advance!


Got my email - off to load it on my iPad now.

Got back from a short road trip with a strange box on my kitchen counter. Love and behold it was Deep Magic, a Kickstarter I had honestly forgotten I'd pledged too,

The book is FANTASTIC!

So many spells and types of magic to look at.

Mere importantly, the quality of the book is phenomenal. Can't believe I forgot about this one, but am so glad I supported it.

One of my favorite aspects of Paizo products is the fresh ideas that are sprinkled throughout (if not wholly made of said fresh ideas.

Looking forward to this one, but to be fair, I'm always looking forward to new Paizo stuff.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I, for one, am looking forward to taking a warpriest out for a spin.


That saddens me.

This seems like a great product for the uninitiated and less detail oriented.

Looking forward to checking it out.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I was thrilled about "The Mummy's Mask", but "Iron Gods" has me uber-super-excited.

Plasma grenades and force fields?!?!

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