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Lark Lighthead's page

145 posts. Alias of Kobold Cleaver.


Female Pegasus Pony: Wounds 0 | Dts 0 | Ftg 0 | Cha +2 | Pce 6 (+d6) | Prry 5 | Tough 5 | Bs 4

About Lark Lighthead

Agility: d4
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d10
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6

Athletics d4
Fighting d6
Grace 0
Healing 0
Intimidate 0
Intuition d10
Investigation 0
Knowledge (geology) d4
Leadership 0
Nature d6
Notice d8
Persuasion d4+1
Piloting 0
Spellcraft 0
Stealth 0
Streetwise 0
Taunt d8
Vogue 0

4 points gained, 2 spent to increase Vigor and 2 spent to gain Attractive.
Big Mouth: Cannot keep secrets, will not shut up.

Minor Enemy: Lark has a minor rivalry with a secretary for one of the upper nobility. She targets the secretary with minor pranks and by waking the unicorn up very early with loud noises, and the secretary retaliates by subtly raising Lark's taxes (making Lark a bit penniless) and keeping an eye on Lark. If the pegasus gets into even the slightest bit of trouble with the law, charges will escalate easily.

Minor Geas: Lark visits her father once every month, bringing with her supplies and gifts. If she does not spend some time gathering the supplies she'll need, she starts next session with -1 Bennies.

Major Phobia: Lark is terrified of silence. When all is quiet, she receives a -4 penalty to all Trait rolls.

Poverty: Due to a combination of her demanding father and her being an 'enemy of the state', Lark is dirt poor. Half the usual money at character creation, and must send away half of any monetary rewards received.

Attractive: Besides being fairly good-looking, Lark has an inherently likeable manner, and a great deal of personal magnetism. This manages to mostly offset her talkativeness.
Danger Sense: As part of her special talent, Lark has an innate sense for when things are about to go wrong.
Any time you are about to be the target of an unpleasant surprise or ambush, you get an immediate Notice roll at -2 just before the event occurs (the Game Master announces this). If successful, you know something terrible is about to happen (though you are not sure what exactly) and are able to act accordingly. In terms of combat situations, this means you are on Hold for the first round of combat if combat occurs or may act first otherwise. On a raise, the Game Master must reveal the general nature of the threat (for example,‘hostile enemies’ or ‘hidden traps’ might be possible clues).

Broken Arbalest: Was recently smashed by a manticore, hidden in tent, 10 Weight
Flathead Bolts: 15 possessed, hidden in tent (one loaded in arbalest), 3 Weight
Lantern: Back in tent, 1 Weight.
Tent: Back at campsite outside town, 5 Weight.
Soap: Back at campsite
Thirty Matches: Back next to lantern, 3 Weight.
Pack Saddle: Worn, 8 Weight.
Helmet: +2 armor, back in tent, 5 Weight.
4 silver pieces.

Feats of Daring:

Suit: Diamonds
Requirements: Novice, Pegasus pony
Duration: Instant
Weathertouch takes an action to perform. You touch a cloud, which you may change into a dark cloud that begins raining, hailing, snowing, or discharges a small lightning bolt directly down towards the ground that deals 2d6 lightning damage. You may also choose to instantly dissipate the cloud.

Lark only employs this ability when things get desperate--she has to concentrate, meaning she has to not say anything and not touch anything other than the cloud. Meaning things get quiet.

Lark's mother was a pegasus in Commander Hurricane's army, and her father was an earth pony hermit.

Lark doesn't know much about her parents' relationship--she hardly ever saw the two together. She spent the majority of her childhood with her mother at the fort.

When Equestria was founded, Lark and her mother set out, but her mother--by then rather old--did not survive the journey. Lark's father did, though, being of sturdy stock.

Her father retired to another cave, and hasn't left.

Lark doesn't keep her father's reclusive nature a major secret, though she dislikes talking about it. The real secret is that her father is far from self-sufficient.

Indeed, he isn't sufficient at all. All he does in his cave is meditate. Therefore, Lark must make the trip every month over the mountain and into the cave, bringing him food and other amenities.

Of course, this isn't easy for Lark. The cave is far from civilization, and she must therefore fight her way there. As her arbalest broke on the last outing, the next trip will be especially dangerous.

Besides which, Lark has trouble affording the supplies. A long time ago, her mother badly injured a unicorn she'd had a long-standing rivalry with.

The daughter of that unicorn is now a secretary of the state, and the rivalry has passed down to the next generation. The secretary has ensured Lark is as close to penniless as possible.

Lark isn't sure where the money for the supplies will come from next. Only one thing's for sure: she is not looking forward to the next departure.

Appearance and Personality:
Lark is an attractive white pegasus with a short pink mane. When in hostile territory, she wears a badly dented helmet that no longer goes on straight.

Lark talks a lot. The pegasus is actually literally afraid of silence. If she can't talk, she'll hum. If she can't do that, she will tap her feet. She fills her pauses with "um"s and does her best to include others in the conversation when at all possible.

Although Lark is cheerful and talkative, she isn't exactly naive or innocent. She can be a bit of a jerk, in fact, not considering whether her vitriolic style of humour might hurt a pony before brandishing it. She gets especially nasty when having to deal with dangerous situations.

Despite that, Lark is a decent pony at heart. She dislikes violence, and does her best to hide how often she ends up having to resort to it. She will do her best to help ponies in need, though looking out for her own interests sometimes takes precedence.

To make a long story somewhat short, Lark is a very pleasant pony when she's in a good mood, but can be downright cruel when she's not. Therefore, some caution around her is required, especially if her victims are not especially self-assured.

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