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Dark Ice Brownie

Landon Winkler's page

Goblin Squad Member. RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 535 posts. 36 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist.

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Two Classic Tastes, Better Than Ever


Short Version: It's a hex crawl you don't want to skip and a dungeon crawl with ample roleplaying.

The first section, finding the sphinx, is handled as a hex crawl. I'm not a big hex crawl fan, but it's handled very well here. In particular, things you find or learn during the hex crawl directly provide more options during the rest of the adventure.

The second part of this adventure reminds me a lot of the best sections of Shattered Star, where the relations of the NPCs in a dungeon are as much the "map" as the physical layout is.

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Not Quite There

****( )

Short Version: A solid adventure that didn't quite gel for me.

This adventure has good encounters, brutal traps, some interesting NPCs, and a solid central conceit that'll keep PCs moving.

But the setting of the adventure never really seemed organic to me. It doesn't come across as anywhere that was intended to be used, which works for the tombs throughout the path but seems much weirder here.

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Excellent Capstone


Short Version: What I want the 6th installment to be.

This is a good finale to the Mummy's Mask path, with mummies (so many mummies), traps (so... many... traps), and the final showdown with the Sky Pharaoh.

I suspect some of the puzzles will feel videogamey in play, but that's Legend of Zelda or Castlevania videogamey, so whether that's a bad thing is up to the group. I doubt my group would object.

This also has some of the best non-adventure material of any AP I've read. The continuing the campaign is awesome. The finale of Amber E. Scott's Pathfinder Journal really sells the new format. And Wes Schneider's guide to the afterlife is almost worth the price of admission on its own.

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Awesome or Awesomest?


I've spent the last couple years telling my gaming friends, secular friends, and random people on the internet to read Death's Heretic. And I have an unhealthy fondness for Kaer Maga, so my expectations could be accurately described as "sky high."

And this was everything I wanted and a few things I really should have remembered to ask for. There's a good mystery, interesting characters, and a central philosophical question that actually makes you think.

One thing that still took me by surprise was the quality of the planar scenes. There are seriously things about the planes that have been bugging me since TSR was running the show... and get neatly tied up here like it was the plan all along.

I could pick nits, but my only real regret is that the central question of Death's Heretic speaks to me more than the central question here. I don't think it's actually a weightier issue, just one that's more important to me.

Short Version: If you've read Death's Heretic, read this. If you haven't, go read Death's Heretic, then read this.

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The dead rise for a solid urban adventure


Short Version: The rare well-implemented urban adventure with equally solid back matter.

This adventure hits some high points: ample chances for roleplaying, an extended investigation with thorough guidelines for managing the pace, and an interesting smattering of battles.

What bumps it to five stars for me, though, is that it keeps the PCs firmly in center stage and does not let up on the urgency. Those are the two biggest weaknesses in most urban adventures and this one does a good job addressing them.

Aside from the adventure itself, you get a Pathfinder Journal in the new handout-ready style, a very appropriate selection of monsters, and a hefty article on the gods of Ancient Osirion/Egypt.

If I were running a game in Osirion, Thuvia, or Egypt, I'd consider picking this up in PDF just for the back matter.

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