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First one to post spotting Steve Geddes wins...

Where the fun never stops.

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I'll see you all at Chupacabracon.

36) How will you answer questions 15, 15 and 16 and the 16th question, seeing as those all exist in this thread?

38) Where is question 37?

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My favourite Adventure Path hardcover is still the Advanced Class Guide.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Duct Tape, Baling Wire, and Gum(12th)

You may use Computers or Engineering ski...

Duct tape AND gum? Why not just carry around an RV with all your gear in it. Replace ONE of those with an orange and we're cooking with gas. Or citrus, as the case may be. ;)

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Internet threads are naturally absurd

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Some of these puns are so old, they're cheesy.

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People have quoted a heck of a lot of books in this thread. Ere long, it will be a veritable swamp of pages to drown said tarrasque in. For a while....

To elsewise kill a Tarrasque by the books might require using the bestrenghened corners or ensorcell'd paper cuts? Drop them on it from a mythic height?

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I'm happy I read this thread. I will be using oocly and ICly from now on. Some people are entirely oocly AND icly. In game AND IRL. ;P

Golem oozes are the result of pickling golems in magical bacteriacid that reduces to a slow moving slime. Each golem ooze is consistent with its original golem form - thus iron golem oozes wash around much like a mercury puddle, while crepuscular flesh golem oozes stench about stolidly.

Sadly, golem oozes retain much more sentience than a regular ooze, and their automatonic meanderings are accompanied by much souching and whining. However, they make loyal pets if fed enough brocade, vellum, electrum or similar material depending on their source golem.

Substance: Keratin

A typo:

Cure eight wounds

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:

It'd be cool if the census was just:


and that's it.

How can you be so short-sighted Kryz?

Earthling/Non-citizen of Anywhen and Everywhere and...that's it.

Oh sure, play the universalist card. We all know it should be:


To really rain down on them, AND bring the pain, there is only one role for halflings:

Catapult ammunition.

Wear armor spikes for added fun. ;p

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Starfinder Society:
Season 4: The Black Dominion Emerges

Now that Golarion has been returned to its rightful place in the celestial clockwork of the stars, the Starfinders must now tousle with the heavyweights of the void-realms - the Dominion of the Black, and discover not just why, but how they made Goarion disappear - and why in all creation did they bring it back. Will the Dominion stop referring to grey as "rainbow"? Can the Starfinders finally confront their own shadowy leadership to reveal just who and what decided updating Wayfinders to space was a bad idea? How will a returned Absalom deal with Absolom-in-the-skies? Can the fact that Galt has been scrubbed from the multiverse, and time, ever be reconciled with the small scrap of parchment found under the Space Shoggoth's heel that read "Vive le..."?

Stay tuned for the exciting fourth season of Starfinder Society, and be sure to enjoy SFS Adventure 4:1 "What the Shoggoth's hoary tail told."

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Player 1 Um. What's with all the Bone-Eye talk?

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Beats the hell out of donuts then, donit?

Simply explain that there is no favoritisim intended.

If the GURPS-fugee is unhapy with the situation then try to explain that character's aren't always created equal, and that's ok. Tell them to "roll with it". If this slight pun is too much you know you have a difficult player.

Why do people think that if characters aren't "equal" or "balanced" that someone is being maligned or is somehow missing out?!?

It really seems as if the player base being represented on the boards in these types of threads is aged around... 8 years old?

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Richard Pett wrote:
Crai wrote:

Lol. I'm imagining the Castorhage census-takers walking up to the doors of the homes of the 7,000 undead and asking them questions regarding demographics.

I imagine that would make for some quite stressful moments for said census-takers.

That concept has some golden potential and images Crai, thank you:)

With all the references to ancient powerful entities consigned to attics, and now census takers - are thee not familiar with the wonderfully derang'd Bojeffries Saga? 'Tis some fine British farce...brought to us by the finely mad Alan Moore... though granted the idiot in that piece was a taxman not a census-er....

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Rhymes and Octagons, the game where it doesn't need to...

Excuse me Mr Conquest, my friends and I are want to play, but we are unsure how to tell if we are beginners. Two of us have +3 banhammers we won at the fruit-drive and I have a mould of thirst.

Will Battles of Conquest fully support Anvils of Hammer as suggested in the early-late Beta?

What if we cash in all of our SPAM points? I have 3, but my buddy says they are infected by my mould of thirst. I disagree, as AoH keeps all your inventory separated from your SPAM points unless you have levels in Odorous. Which I do, but that is my Secondary.

To the OP:

Easy. Be rich.

Because everyone knows rich people aren't evil. They just do evil things.

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Thread title is misleading.

Kill the dorf.

'nuff said.

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

...Tastes like peanut butter'n'chocolate.

The tricky bit is spitting out the dwarves. And gnomes. And halflings. And....

Uhuh. And this from someone who advocates vegepygmies and gelatinous cubes as PC races.

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Cheapy wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Thank you my Expensive (and expansive) friend!
Did you just call me fat?!?! :p

Nope. Genial and generous.

Plus: You called?