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Lambsteak's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 23 posts (32 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.


Lantern Lodge

Liz Courts wrote:

Thank you very much, Liz! Much appreciated.

Lantern Lodge

Hi, I was looking through my old posts with this alias and i stumbled across one where I posted my contact information, more specifically my email. I'm not comfortable with having that out there and linked to my roleplaying account, so I wanted to remove/edit it. Unfortunately I couldn't do either of them. The best thing I managed was to flag the post for "Personal offence" or something like that. Now, is there a moderator or something along those lines that could do me a great kindness and remove that post? Here's the link: Link

Cheers :)

Lantern Lodge

Wow that idea's awesome, I think I gonna run with that! :D
I looked into the works of Mr. Galloway, and it seems like he's written multiple book series all with different protagonists etc. Which one is the series that you're referring to? I have a hunch that it might be the one called Firestaff, but I want to be sure before delving into the books.
Also, what point buy would you recommend? I was thinking maybe something like this:

STR 16 (-2)
DEX 12 (+2)
CON 13
INT 16
CHA 12 (+2)

Lantern Lodge

Heyo, next week me and my group are going to begin the Skulls and Shackles AP with me and four others as players and one former player as DM. I've been DMing with this group for close to five years now, but never played as a PC before believe it or not. So I'm super excited for this different experience!
The thing is, I'll only be able to participate in the beginning of the module for real-life reasons, more specifically during next weekend where we'll play all the way from Friday to Sunday. We're experienced Pathfinder-marathoners though, so no need to worry about the excessive adventuring that we'll indulge in. ;)

So yeah, I'm only going to become something like level 2 (or possibly 3) before I have to leave the group temporarily. With that in mind I'm sitting down thinking what might be really fun/awesome to play during those initial levels aboard the Wormwood. What I know of thus far is the info from the Players Guide + that there will be lots of roleplaying in the initial part of the module (please correct me if I'm wrong), and based on that information I'm going to focus a LOT on the roleplaying aspect. I still want to have an awesome early PC build though that will be well remembered by my fellow group when I'm gone.
So I'm asking you who have experienced Wormwood Mutiny either as a player or GM; what build/character concept would you recommend that I play? The more unique and flavorful the better.

PS: Regarding others in my group, I honestly don't know what they'll play as. Our GM has this meta-rule that we aren't allowed to know anything about what the others are going to play as, in order to maximize the roleplaying aspect of being strangers and getting to know each other etc. Not classes, not races not anything. In other words, I can play whatever class and party role I want! :D

Lantern Lodge

Hi! I'm GMing Jade Regent at the moment and we are in the end of Tide of Honor having a blast. Tomorrow me and my fellow players will begin a 4-day RPG marathon playing the AP and having a good time, in which we will probably come drastically closer to reaching the climax of the AP.

A little while ago when one of my five players made a new PC he wished that she'd be allied to the Jade Regent. He had this idea that in the last fight against the Jade Regent (I've only spoiled to him that they're indeed fighting him in the end) his PC would turn against her fellow friends and declare her betrayal. Me, who found this to be an interesting climactic element, allowed this idea and began working with a fitting background story along with the player. The PC, a female Human Ranger (Beast Master) named Catherine, had been previously working as a wandering bounty hunter and recently got hired by the Jade Regent (kinda like how it was with Notori, the Raven Prince) to infiltrate and gain the trust of the scions and protectors of the last Amatatsu. We also filled the story gaps and such, so the twist was pretty much water-proof.

At this point it's still working fine (the two of us find it quite amusing that the other PCs suspect nothing), although the problem I'm thinking of right now is the difficulty of the upcoming final fight. It will basically be the Big Four and Catherine against Bink (Gnome Alchemist), Mokrok (Half-orc Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple), Wellme (Human Cleric w/ Healing and Light domain), Antal (Halfling Rogue) and Ameiko. I'm getting the feeling that the party is going the get wrecked by the enemies with the help of one of their former members, although I don't know how easy/hard the Big Four are to start with.
Please help me people who've ran the final encounter. Is the smartest thing to do to add more NPCs like Sandru or Koya? Or to decrease the bosses levels? Or even make things even harder? I have no clue what to do, please enlighten me what to do. :)

Many thanks, Lambsteak

Lantern Lodge

Hi, I'm a GM in the middle of Jade Regent, adventure 4. I have this player who have been an ordinary barbarian for eleven levels. Now he suddenly got this revelation that he should be a mammoth rider, and based on that he has a plan.
At the next level he begins to spec cavalier for six levels, and after that mammoth rider for as long as possible. During that time he thinks that he will spec intelligence as an ability score so that he can get enough ranks for the prestige class. Now while it's possible, I wonder if it's such a great idea. So I simply ask you for advice for my little player.

Here's the other PCs in the group:
Wellme: 11 Cleric of Sarenrae (Healing, Fire)
Mokrok: 5 Sorcerer (Draconic), 6 Dragon Disciple
Forin: 11 Monk
Antal: 11 Rogue (Planning to spec Assassin later on )

Lantern Lodge

Can there be any hint at which level the AP is gonna end at? :)

Lantern Lodge

Umbral Reaver wrote:
At those levels you increase one of your ability scores by 1. You don't earn points. You just increase it by 1 regardless of its current value.

Thanks, that really helped me out :)

Lantern Lodge

I've got a short question for ya. When you gain new points to your ability scores (at level 4, 8, 12 and so on), how many points do you earn each time? I haven't found anywhere in the rules where this is written. Please answer as soon as you can... :)


Lantern Lodge

Ah, the Bardbarian (the most epic name for a multiclass evah!)... :)

A friend of mine in another group tried it if I recall, although I think his GM was letting him houserule it. I haven't found any specific way yet to do it "rules-friendly", but it wouldn't surprise me if there is a way. So keep looking. :P

Lantern Lodge

I love how the developers seem to take a different approach instead of building a stereotype MMO without passion, I really think that this game will be successful. :)

A little question I've never seen anyone ask yet: will there be playable Prestige Classes in the game? I may have missed it, but I don't think Goblinworks has brought up that thing in their blog.

EDIT: Thanks Micman!

Lantern Lodge

I'm having a group that have just begun the assault of Thistletop in Burnt Offerings. I were using Pathfinder rules and a 15- points build. They´re hoping to get through the whole AP with these characters, but I must say that I'm doubtful... :P
Here they are:

Imperia, a strikingly cold chelaxian Cleric (Undead Lord), lvl 2 CE.
Makmuk, an enormous half-orc Fighter, lvl 2 NN.
Jal, a blessed aasimar Paladin (Hospitaler), lvl 2 LG.
Zandu, the calm Varisian Monk, lvl 2 NN

So far they have been doing great, except for the cleric maybe who got himself jailed, fired, reported for sexual abuse and almost killed during a single game session (Which is quite ironic if you look at his alignment)... x)
There have been some unexcpected situations that has made Burnt Offerings particularly interesting for me, like that the Makmuk would have a crush on Shalelu or that Imperia´s constantly bloodlust hindered them from getting important plot information. I don´t see these things as problems though, they feels more like unique details that have spiced up our campaign and made them more outstanding and memorable than the "original" path... :)

Lantern Lodge

I'm having a group with 3 players for now (more persons might join later, but let's face the facts first). How much earlier do you guys recommend that I level up my players? Is there any fact about this topic that might be useful for me before I run this AP? :-o

PS: sorry for short post, writing from my phone... :-P

Lantern Lodge

Kolokotroni wrote:
Flagged this to be moved, it should be under the AP forums for rise of the runelords hereYou'll get the attention of people who are or have run the AP there. Many of which ran it in pathfinder rpg. However you may want to consider waiting on this, since paizo has recently announced that they will be re-releases this AP for PFRPG in Hardcover form early next year.

Thanks for moving it, and yes I´ve seen the hardcover- book too, but our group feels that it´s best for us to play it now... :)

BTW, is this thread going to move or shall I start an identical new one at the right category? :o

Sean Terrill wrote:
I am running it now, i had the same question. its roughly around the normal track. i did fast and i had to skip the 2nd book because the party level was high enough to be 1/2 way through book 3 ><

Thanks for the advice, I will keep that in mind... ^^

Lantern Lodge

According to the silence this is probably the wrong category, am I right? xP

Lantern Lodge

Yo! :)

Just a quickie, I don´t really have much time: I´m about to run the RotRL AP (The WHOLE campaign ;P), and is right now converting Burnt Offerings (3.5) to the PF- rules. I´m wondering from you guys who has played that piece with PF- rules which level of the XP- advancement rules u recommend. Fast, Medium or Slow?
Answer as soon as possible, please... :)


PS 1: If there is any good conversation guide for RotRL out there, just give me a word... ;)

PS 2: I don´t know if this is the right messageboard category or not, so I may be in the wrong category... ^^´

Lantern Lodge

Ok guys (and girls), I´ve made my decision, and my choice was... *dramatic drums*... ISWG!
Yup, it took a hell of a while before I buyed it, but after about a month with it I can only say AWESOME! It is an excellent book and a very well-polished world that me and my players definitely will have loads of fun with... ;D

Thank you for all the wise answers and recommendations. See ya! :)

Lantern Lodge

Hello! ^^

I´m just wondering about a thing that bugs both me and my group. It´s about druids and magic. As I´ve seen it, druids can prepare and cast a couple of spells per day, drawn from their spell list. Is it correct that a druid know all the spells from the book, and that it´s only the times/day- thing that limits their use? I haven´t read something that reveals the opposite, but it feels a bit wierd that ever druid knows everything... :/
Can anyone please correct me if I´m wrong?

Thank you on beforehand, Lambsteak

Lantern Lodge

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
I would go one step further and recommend that you use less combats and more skill based/role-play based challenges in the game. With 2 skill monkeys and two cha-focused characters this party composition lends itself better to investigation/infiltration than straight combat.

Okay, I will keep that in my mind. Thanks!

Lantern Lodge

Thank you for all wonderful advices, I think that I should be pretty okay now. I will follow your two advices, Noah, and hopefully me and my players will have a better time with DnDP thanks to you guys. Rock on... :)

Lantern Lodge

Evil Space Mantis wrote:
If they have gone for the 'classic' character classes: Fighter, Cleric, and either a rogue or wizard; you can probably treat them as APL 1. If they have taken some of the more diverse classes, like Bards and Monks, or non-standard versions of normal classes, like a negative energy Cleric, or a concept Sorcerer/Oracle with a non-combat focused spell list, I would treat em as APL 1/2. Those classes tend to catch up, but they start just a little weak compared to most of the rest.

Well, my party is a lvl 1 Draconic Sorceress, one lvl 1 Bard and one lvl 1 rouge. Where would you recommend that I set APL? :0

Lantern Lodge

Howdy mates! :)
I´m in the middle of a very tough decision right now, and I thought "Why not asking dudes who actually got a hang on this?", and as you can see, so I did...

The question is; Shall I acquire the Patfinder Inner Sea World Guide or the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide? I´m wondering which one of these products that is most worth the money, the one that gives advice when you are GM and are creating your Campaign setting, or the one that actually gives you Paizo´s own complete world? Well, I don´t have a clue, that´s why I am asking you guys...

So, what is your opinion?

Lantern Lodge

Hello! I´m a little nooby GM who needs some help about the APL- rules...

So here´s the thing: Yesterday I was building my first own encounter for my players, and as normal I started out with calculating my group´s averege party level. After a little moment of math I figured out that the APL of my group was 0 (1X3/3-1=0), which felt kinda wierd. So without having a clue, I´ve turned my little case to this Pathfinder Community, in hope that someone here has an answer in store for me. I guess that the answer will involve house- rules, but busy as I am I didn´t "have time" to make my own (cough cough >.>)...

Thank you on beforehand


PS: Please forgive my bad english, I´m a swede... :P

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