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Full Name

Laele Tuin


Drow Noble


Cavern Sniper 7




Medium, 5ft 7in





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Strength 18
Dexterity 23
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 9

About Laele Tuin

Statistic Block:
Laele Tuin CR 7
Female Drow, Cavern Sniper 7
N Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init +8; Senses Darkvision, Low-Light Vision; Perception +13
AC 27, touch 16, flat-footed 21 (+8 armor, +3 shield, +6 Dex)
hp 58 (7d10+12)
Fort +8, Ref +10, Will +4
Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities; SR 18
Weakness Light Blindness
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Longsword +5 (1d8+4/19-20/x2)
Ranged +2 Darkwood Longbow+18 (1d8+11/20/x3)
Spell-Like Abilities Dancing Lights (At will), Darkness(1/day), Deeper Darkness (At will), Detect Magic (Constant), Dispel Magic (1/day), Divine Favor (1/day), Faerie Fire (At will), Featherfall (At will), Levitate (At will), Suggestion (1/day)
Str 18, Dex 21/23, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 9
Base Atk +7; CMB +11; CMD 27
Feats Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Weapon Focus:Longbow, Precise Shot, Manyshot, Weapon Specialization
Traits Reactionary, Path of The Hunter, Eye For Danger
Skills Acrobatics +17, Perception +13, Linguistics +3, Stealth +16
Languages Common, Elven, Undercommon , Drow Sign Language
SQ Poison Use (Ex)


Laele Tuin has always had a fascination with physical perfection. Might for might's own sake, not clouded by agendas, politics or abstract goals. Her favorite moment is the time of the hunt, when there is only her and her quarry, and life is simple and uncomplicated. The only thing in the world is her and her physical prowess, and the target that that prowess will be tested upon.

As such, her goals are ultimately not tied to the world of humanoids around her, with hierarchy and politics, but to achieve the greatest possible prowess within her limits. Compared to that goal, her very soul is inconsequential.

Outwardly, she is very honest and direct. She respects those she believes deserve it, and looks down on those she believes does not. Her devotion to her beliefs and opinions could be considered beyond the realms of sanity.

Physical Description:

Laele Tuin's physique is something to behold; when she is still, her muscular body appears as steel wrapped in soft velvet, immovable.

However, when she moves, she does so with precision, without any sound or unnecessary movement whatsoever, as light as a shadow.

Her frame is not tall or broad, no, but her size does not make her feel diminutive. While still, her size makes her seem all the more compact, immovable. While moving, her size makes her seem all the more light, untouchable.

Her eyes are shapeless, formless spheres of yellow, without pupils or irises; her skin, dark purple; her hair, white.

Born a Drow Noble to two common parents, from first breath Laele Tuin was the target and intended victim of the desires of others. However, this did not cause her to become aggressive or hateful; in her, it merely spawned an observant state of mind, constantly watching her surroundings. She never lashed out blindly - when attacked directly, however, she would responded as appropriately, a signal to others that this was not someone to merely roll over or ignore.

She never had to get rid of her own parents, as another did this in her stead, in a misguided attempt at attaining her affections. She waited her chance and orchestrated his downfall. She never held him any grudge, however, and remembered him with fondness.

Even among the Drow Noble, she was physically talented, a talent she trained and built upon for the majority of her active hours, until her bow became an extension of her own self, her own will, and her muscles became perfectly pronounced under her soft skin.

Joining the Wovirl was a matter of course: Its lack of ties to the Drow houses, and by extension its refusal to lower itself to those debauched backstabbing’s and politics, had always been a point in Wovirls favor in the mind of Laele Tuin. While Laele Tuin had initially been treated without respect, as tradition was for females within the company, she did not mind. Wovirl wanted her to prove her might, her capabilities, her prowess, and judge her as a person merely on these values.

She wanted nothing more, and obliged with her entire being.

To this day, if Laele Tuin has anything that might be called loyalty, the leader of Wovirl has earned hers.

Class Features:
Imbued Shot (Su)
At 1st level, the cavern sniper gains the ability to imbue his arrows or bolts with the effect of one of his drow faerie fire, darkness, or deeper darkness spell-like abilities (provided he has access to the ability) as a swift action. When such an arrow or bolt is fired, the spell's area is centered where the arrow or bolt lands. If the target of the attack has a space larger than 5 feet, the cavern sniper can choose which square of the creature's space is the center of the spell-like ability's effect, as long as that square is within line of sight of the cavern sniper. The cavern sniper can instead choose to target a single square within line of sight with an imbued arrow or bolt, and uses that square as the center of the spell-like ability's area of effect on a hit (AC 5). The arrow must be fired during the round it was imbued, or the spell-like ability is wasted. If the arrow or bolt misses, the use of the spell-like ability is wasted.This ability replaces the 1st-level fighter bonus feat.

Silent Shooter (Ex)
At 2nd level, a cavern sniper gains a +2 bonus on Stealth checks made when loading a bow or crossbow, poisoning ammunition, and making sniping attempts. This bonus increases by +2 for every four levels beyond 2nd.This ability replaces bravery.

Armor Training (Ex)
Starting at 3rd level, a fighter learns to be more maneuverable while wearing armor. Whenever he is wearing armor, he reduces the armor check penalty by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by his armor by 1. Every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and 15th), these bonuses increase by +1 each time, to a maximum –4 reduction of the armor check penalty and a +4 increase of the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed.

In addition, a fighter can also move at his normal speed while wearing medium armor. At 7th level, a fighter can move at his normal speed while wearing heavy armor.

Quick and Deadly (Ex)
At 4th level, the cavern sniper can move at full speed while using Stealth at no penalty and can apply poison to a single arrow or crossbow bolt as a swift action.This ability replaces the 4th-level fighter bonus feat.

Sniper Training: Bows (Ex)
At 5th level, the cavern sniper chooses the bow or crossbow weapon group and gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels beyond 5th.This ability replaces weapon training 1, 3, and 4.

Racial Traits:

Spell Resistance: Drow nobles have spell resistance equal to 11 + their character level.

Spell-Like Abilities: Drow nobles can cast dancing lights, deeper darkness, faerie fire, feather fall, and levitate each at will, and have detect magic as a constant spell-like ability. A drow noble can also cast divine favor, dispel magic, and suggestion once per day each. In some cases, a drow noble's spell-like abilities might vary, although the level of a particular spell-like ability does not. A drow noble's caster level for her spell-like abilities is equal to her character level.

Darkvision: Darkvision 120 ft. Drow can see in the dark up to 120 feet.

Keen Senses: Drow receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Immunity to magic sleep effects.

+2 racial bonus to saves against enchantment spells.

Light Blindness: Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds drow for 1 round; on subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area

Poison Use: Drow are skilled in the use of poison and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves. Drow favor an insidious toxin that causes its victims to lapse into unconsciousness—this poison allows drow to capture slaves with great ease.

Weapon Familiarity: Drow are proficient with the hand crossbow, rapier, and short sword.


Eye for Danger

A natural aptitude for dungeon-crawling--and perhaps a touch of paranoia--makes you acutely aware of your surroundings.

Benefit:Perception is a class skill for you with a +1 trait bonus.

Path of the Hunter

You are nimble by nature, which has been accentuated by long hours of hunting your prey through thick and difficult terrain.

Benefit: Acrobatics is a class skill for you with a +1 trait bonus.


You were bullied often as a child, but never quite developed an offensive response. Instead, you became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.


Point-Blank Shot (Combat)

You are especially accurate when making ranged attacks against close targets.

Benefit: You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.

Rapid Shot (Combat)

You can make an additional ranged attack.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Point-Blank Shot.

Benefit: When making a full-attack action with a ranged weapon, you can fire one additional time this round. All of your attack rolls take a –2 penalty when using Rapid Shot.

Weapon Focus: Longbow (Combat)

Choose one type of weapon. You can also choose unarmed strike or grapple (or ray, if you are a spellcaster) as your weapon for the purposes of this feat.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on all attack rolls you make using the selected weapon.

Precise Shot (Combat)

You are adept at firing ranged attacks into melee.

Prerequisite: Point-Blank Shot.

Benefit: You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an opponent engaged in melee without taking the standard –4 penalty on your attack roll.

Manyshot (Combat)

You can fire multiple arrows at a single target.

Prerequisites: Dex 17, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: When making a full-attack action with a bow, your first attack fires two arrows. If the attack hits, both arrows hit. Apply precision-based damage (such as sneak attack) and critical hit damage only once for this attack. Damage bonuses from using a composite bow with a high Strength bonus apply to each arrow, as do other damage bonuses, such as a ranger's favored enemy bonus. Damage reduction and resistances apply separately to each arrow.

Weapon Specialization: Longbow (Combat)

You are skilled at dealing damage with one weapon. Choose one type of weapon (including unarmed strike or grapple) for which you have already selected the Weapon Focus feat. You deal extra damage when using this weapon.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, Weapon Focus with selected weapon, fighter level 4th.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on all damage rolls you make using the selected weapon.

Equipment Cost:

+2 Darkwood Composite(+4) Longbow 8930
+2 Mithral Breastplate 8350
Darkwood Buckler 203
Cloak Of Resistance 1000
Efficient Quiver 1800
Belt Of Incredible Dexterity 4000
Various Arrows 505
Courtier’s Outfit/jewelry 80
Masterwork Backpack 50
Trail Rations 5
Waterskin 1
Potion of Infernal Healing 50