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Lady Zaldane's page

223 posts. Alias of Critzible.

Full Name

Lady Zaldane Yadair




Cleric(of Shelyn) 17/Mythic 10 hierophant







Special Abilities

see below


neutral good






common, elven, celestial, orc, dwarven, gnome


traveling preistess and part time cook

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 16
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 28
Charisma 18

About Lady Zaldane

Lady Zaldane Yadair
Race: Human Class: Cleric Level: 17/Mythic(heirophant)10 Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: Sune
Sex: Female Height: 6’1” Weight: 210lb Hair: Scarlet Red Eye: Violet
Homeland: Sipplerose, Varisia Complextion: Dusky olive
Strength: 14 +2 Hit Points: 82 (17d8+) Speed:30 feet
Dexterity: 18 +4
Constitution: 16 +3 Initiative: +2
Intelligence: 18 +4
Wisdom: 28 +8
Charisma: 18 +4
AC: 22 = 10 +6 (armor) +4(dex)
Flat footed: 16 Touch: 12
Fort: +11 = +8(base) +0 (con) +3 (domain)
Reflex: +9 = +4(base) +2(dex) +3(domain)
Will: +16 = +8(base) +5(wis) +3 (domain)
BAB: +9/+4 SR: 0
CMB: +11 = +9(BAB) +2(str)
CMD: 23 = 10 +9(BAB) +2(str) +2(dex)

Light Crossbow
Attack: +11/+6 Damage: 1d8 Critical Threat: 19-20/x2 Range: 80ft. Weight: 4lb.
Type: Piercing Ammunition: 20 bolts
Dagger (x4)
Attack: +11/+6 Damage: 1d4 +2 Critical Threat: 19-20/x2 Range: 10ft. Weight: 1lb.
Type: Piercing
Light Mace
Attack: +11/+6 Damage: 1d6 +2 Critical Threat: x 2 Weight: 4 lb
Type: Bludgeoning
Attack: +11/+6 Damage: 1d4 +2 Critical Threat: 19-20/x2 Weight: 1lb
Type: Bludgeoning

Masterwork Mithral Agile Breastplate
Armor Bonus: +6 Type: Medium (Light) Check Penalty: +0 Weight: 15lb Spell Failure: 15%

Extra Channel, Weapon Focus: Whip, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload: Light Crossbow, Selective Channeling,toughness,

Skill Points: 72 ( 2+2+1+1x12)
Acrobatics: +5 = 3(ranks)+2(dex)
Bluff: +3 = 1(rank)+2(cha)
Climb: +3 = 1(rank)+2(str)
Craft (alchemy): +6 = 1(rank) +2(int) +3
Craft (Clothing): +7 = 2(rank) +2(int) +3
Craft (weapon): +7 = 2(rank) +2(int) +3
Diplomacy: +10 (+11) = 5(rank) +2(cha) +3 +1(charming)
Escape Artist: +4 = 2(rank) +2(dex)
Heal: +10 = 2(rank) +5(wis) +3
Knowledge (Arcana): +7 = 2(rank) +2(int) +3
Knowledge (History): +7 = 2(rank) +2(int) +3
Knowledge (Local): +3 = 1(rank) +2(int)
Knowledge (Nature): +3 = 1(rank) +2(int)
Knowledge (Plane): +7 = 2(rank) +2(int) +3
Knowledge (Religion): +8 = 3(rank) +2(int) +3
Linguistics: +10 = 5(ranks) +2(int) +3
Perception: +10 = 5(ranks) +5(wis)
Perform (Sing): +10 = 4(ranks) +2(cha) +3 +1(Artist)
Perform (Dance): +10 = 4(ranks) +2(cha) +3 +1(Artist)
Profession (Cook): +10 =2(rank) +5(wis) +3
Ride: +3 +1(rank) +2(dex)
Sense Motive: +12 = 4(ranks) +5(wis) +3
Spellcraft: +7 = 2(rank) +2(int) +3
Stealth: +4 = 2(rank) +2(dex)
Survival: +7 = 2(rank) +5(wis)
Swim: +4 = 2(rank) +2(str)

Handy Haversack (* means is in haversack) 5lb
3 Belt Pouches 1 1/2lb
50ft Silk Rope*
Healers’ Kit*
Scrollcase 1/2lb
Wineskin 4lb
Whetstone 1lb
Flint and Steel
Small Steel Mirror *
Melodies of Inner Beauty (Shelyns’ Canon)*
3 days Rations 3lb
Soap ( Lavender and Rose scent)*
Perfume ( Rose oil)*
Silver Holy Symbol 1lb
Explorers’ Outfit 8lb
Clerical Vestments*
Courtiers Outfit*


Love (Charm Domain)
Adoration: 7/day, DC: 21 (will) You can as an immediate action declare before an attackers attack roll, state you are using this ability. It allows you to negate the attack as if having cast Sanctuary
Charming Smile: 8th level, DC 21(will) mind effecting effect, usable up to 12 rounds/day
This ability allows you to cast Charm Person as a swift action, on one one creature, and only one creature at a time. You can dismiss this ability as a free action.
1st- Charm Person, 2nd- Enthrall, 3rd- Suggestion, 4th- Heroism, 5th- Charm Monster, 6th- Geas/Quest, 7th-Insanity, 8th- Euphoric Tranquility,9th- Dominate Monster

Gain +1 to all saves , and gain +1 for every 5 levels after first Currently +3
Deflection Aura: I/day The Cleric can summon forth a 20ft radius aura that gives all allies within it +2 to Armor Class and to CMD for up to 12 rounds.
Aura of Protection: 8th level, Up to 12 rounds/day ( nonconsecutive) the cleric emits a 30ft radius aura that provides all within it a bonus to Armor Class of +1 and Resistance 5 to all energy types. The AC bonus goes up by +1 for every four levels the cleric attains over 8th. At 14th level the Energy resistance to all energy goes up to 10.
1st- Shield, 2nd- Bark skin, 3rd- Protection from Energy, 4th- Spell immunity, 5th- Spell Resistance, 6th- Antimagic Field, 7th- Deflection, 8th- Mind Blank, 9th- Prismatic Sphere
Aura of Good
Channel Energy: Positive, 30ft radius, 6d6, 7/day, DC 18 (will)

PP- 0
GP- 50
SP- 0
CP- 0

Common, Varisian, Elven, Celestial, Dwarven, Orc, Halfling, Slyvan, Draconic


Beauty’s Might
+2 Keen Glaive of GrayFlame
Handy Haversack
Headband of Inspired Wisdom (+2)
2 Wands of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges each)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
6 Potions of Cure Light Wounds

0- DC: 15 Total: 4
1st- DC: 16 Total: 6 + D (4+2)
2nd- DC: 17 Total: 5 + D (4+1)
3rd- DC:18 Total: 5 + D (4+1)
4th- DC:19 Total: 4 + D (3+1)
5th- DC:20 Total: 3 + D
6th- DC:21 Total: 2 + D

0- Light, Mending, Create Water, Detect Magic
1- Bless(x2), Shield of Faith(x2), Cure Light Wounds, Ant Haul, D: Charm Person
2- Cure Moderate Wounds, Spiritual Weapon(x2),Sound Burst(x2),D: Enthrall
3- Magic Vestment(x2),Cure Serious Wounds, Prayer, Invisibility Purge, D: Protection Form Energy
4- Restoration, Neutralize Poison, Death Ward, D: Heroism
5- Breath of Life, Raise Dead, True Seeing, D; Charm Monster
6- Blade Barrier, Joyful Rapture, D: Geas/Quest

Born Zaldane, to a group of gypsy Varisians. Zaldane grew up the youngest of 5. Her father was a gifted balcksmith and jeweler, however at the age of 4 she lost him to bandits. Her mother is Velsera a notable Dancer and singer in the camp. In her younger years Zaldane learned much from her people, she perfected her singing and dancing (Artist, and those skills carry with her today. she also learned the beginings of seduction form her mother and clan (Charming). At about 12 her clan saved a young priest of Shelyn from death of exposure and greivious wounds. her was the last survivor of the adventuring group called the Golden Hearts. He stayed with the clan as the traveled during this time Zaldane delevoped a crush on the Adair, the priest. When she was fourteen, and the priest decided to return to his temple in Spittlerose, she went with. There she learned combat, and excelled quickly, and with her history of dance easily adapted almost uncannily to armor (armor adept). She left the temple at 18 after Adairs' death She took an honorific last name based off his last name and traveled to Cheliax, to spread the word there she joined a small group of adventurers and meet Lilliana, a half-elf bard and Zaldane and her striked up a romatic relationship. When the Bardess died at the hands of a Bandit king named Vesser, she went after him. she earned a dozen of scars her most prominent are the one over her right eye that goes from brow to cheek, the other is on the left hip down over to her upper right leg, wounds she suffered form Verris himself as she fought him. She earned a title from Cheliaxian noble Asmadus Chandier, and she accepted as she was happy to help, and statisfy her lovers memory by giving her land to her Church and Calling it The Voice of the Lilly.
Zaldane wears mostly purple, with pink trim, but keeps herself an orange scarf of Lillianas' for reminder. she now roams depensing her healing powers to the poor and spreading the ideals of art, beauty and true love.

Intense Artist( faiths of purity): +1 trait bonus on two Perorm skills of your choice, and Perform is always a class skill for you
Armor Expert(APG): your armor you wear has its armor check penalty reduced by 1 point, do to your superior training and familiarity

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