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Wen Histani

Lady Ophelia's page

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 833 posts (991 including aliases). 15 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 22 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Robert Hetherington wrote:
That schedule looks awesome, we're going to be stuck with all our walkins forever after you give them an awesome time w/silverhex.

I am pretty sure that has always been the name of the game but putting all those games conveniently on the same day.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber


Lady O’s schedule of awesome:

Fri Afternoon: Driving! Working ½ Day
Fri Night: Playing The Test of Tar Kuata
Saturday All Day: The Running of The Silverhex Chronicles
Sun Morning: Off – Breakfast, wander dealers room, talk to people. 
Sun Afternoon: Playing – The Fires of Karamoss (Otherwise my homeskillet Zach will be mad)
Sun Evening: Playing – The Scions of The Sky Key Part 3
Mon Morning: Playing – From Under Ice
Mon Afternoon: Playing – City of Strangers Pt. 2 (Played the first part at ConQuest Sac, looking forward to completing the series)

While I would like to get the coin, I just really want to get some gaming time and enjoy the convention instead of work the entire time. It’s all good.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I can sit here at great length and talk about all of my local VO’s at great length. But that will make you hate me so I will tie them all to the things they all have helped me with.

They have each taught me how to question the status quo, challenge it a positive manner if necessary, and accept it all at the same time: If there was something I didn’t like, I was always allowed to ask “Why is it that way?” If after explanation I felt that it wasn’t right, I was allowed to challenge it and see if there is a more productive way of doing things. If I did not find what I was sought, or discovered that it was impossible to create, then they gave me the space to accept the status quo, even if I did not like it.

Something specific that Andrea B from Central Valley (Now retired VO) taught me, that I plan to actually utilize more in 2015 is just the option of “being there”. Many days when she was at a convention running uber tables, she always found time to just sit and look around and take in everything. For me that has always been the hardest thing, because I have done the “managing” piece for so long that I don’t stop and get to enjoy the games and the people. This year I firmly have decided that I am just going to “be there”. By being more present in the games and situation, I can better support my fellow leaders and also build relationships with my fellow gamers that I don’t get to do.

Lastly, they have all taught me to think and be deeper than the games. A few of my VO’s have helped me in more personal ways, such as reading my stuff for Wayfinder (that never seems to get picked) and Pathfinder Chronicler (which has been picked!). They have never been afraid to call me out when I was not at my A-game. And then they allowed me to just be myself, consequences be damned. (And boy where there some.)

My VO’s have not only taught me how to be a better player, writer, and overall nerd. They all taught me how to be a better person, through their actions and the words. Through how they treat others, and each other. Mistakes and all, I am a better person because of all of them. So yeah. :)

The List of them, just make sure I mention them are Rich F, Michael T and Scott C (aka Xot) of Sacramento. My neighboring VO's are Will J and Josh M of Fresno, Andi B formerly of the Central Valley, Wendy-Ann and John Francis of South Bay Area, Josh A and Pirate Rob of the Central Bay Area, and Mitchell A of Oakland/East Bay

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

It sounds good right now. But I'll wait till I see these cards and how they are rolled out before I make any formal feedback. I fear that this will kind of turn into the old faction missions where it will be the only thing people will focus on instead of the actual mission at hand. I was really liking the integration of the factions into scenarios and it kind of helped me choose between characters when I was at conventions or other locations to bring and be properly prepared.

But you gotta try everything once to see if it will crash and burn or be epically awesome. So we shall see how it goes. :)

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

The church of Sarenrae mourns our loss, yet rejoices that he has gone to meet our faithful lady.

(OOC: Is there a place where we can send condolence cards?)

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

One my favorite conventions of the year goes again. I already submitted for games. So I am looking forward to the convention! :)

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Silbeg wrote:

It wasn't that bad... especially since I spent most of my time in the Sagamore Ballroom. They had it set up very nicely... with enough room to get around. The hallways outside before the events could get crowded, but that was reasonably short lived.

Guess I won't get to play at a table with Lady Ophelia and TOZ this year, either. *sniff*

Sorry Silbeg. It's just the way that goes for now. Hopefully it will change and go to another weekend, but Kublacon is one of my favorite conventions, and I used to have to pass on it in order to go to PaizoCon. Now I have no excuse. :)

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Steven Schopmeyer wrote:

My one player table this year ended up being with Walter, and he did a fantastic job. I kind of felt bad that I was a little off getting into character, but those high tier games can get really bogged with the combats.

I also managed to attend rknop's table which was equally impressive. I think the only person that might stand out among my gotta-catch-em-all policy at the moment is Lady O, after bantering with her between tables. Next year I may back off on the GMing just so I can experience more of our excellent GM community. :)

Sadly, this year I shall be at home in San Francisco, instead of my annual expedition to Seattle due to the change in PaizoCon dates. :(

I know most peeps would say "Come to GEN-CON!" but it's just too big and too much for me personally. Also, since I own a manor that requires much upkeep this year, I will need to remain in my local province. But if you are ever in the Nor-Cal region, shoot me a message. I'll find a way to meet up and get a game on.

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Paris Crenshaw wrote:

Just to throw my thoughts out there to help people "cage their brains" on the idea.

3) Golarion Gazeteer: The campaign setting books are riddled with mentions of monster lairs. If you've used one in your home game, taking the time to map it out and detail it for your players, now is your chance to share that creative work with the rest of the Pathfinder community! If you haven't, now would be the time to flesh out ideas for the locales that inspire you.

Make our own lairs, locations and encounters with maps? What is this RPG Superstar?

Just kidding. I should make a Dragon Church Shrine. *DIBS!*

Challenge accepted.

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment! -- Great for religious types. Stamp out the root of all this blasphemy.

Among the Living -- Also fun. But make sure you remind him about the laws of Taldor

Also Penumbral Accords or Voice in the Void are good ones for Sarenrites.

Those are my recommendations.

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Steven Lau wrote:

Has anyone else noticed the shift in the nature of the posts by our VCs?

In the past the VCs where not afraid to show their emotions in their posts, to argue with others when they where in disagreement. It was not unusual to see emotions fly about from the VCs, to stick to their guns and vehemently argue their sides!

Now we see post like "Thank you for your input", "That is a valid argument, but...", "(Explain rule) and see Additional resources for similar questions", when in the past we would see posts to the equivalent of things like "Yeah that rule is not going to change so no there is no reason to ask", "Man, will you stop arguing the same point over and over again it is getting annoying!" and "Grrrrr for the last time look at Additional resources, Good day to you sir!"

I miss the days when I used to get death threats in my email from VCs, VCs telling me to shut-up!** VCs acting like real posters not just throwing around rote.

I wonder if they release their anger of us lowly PFS players in their super secret VC forums to vent what they used to say in the open?

Mark Garringer: "Argh Dragnmoon is complaining again!"***
Michael Griffin-Wade: "Yeah I know, I wish he would shut up!"
Dave Woodfin: "Hey at least you guys don't live near him!"

* Post mostly in jest, but I have noticed a change in attitude by the VCs in the forums.

** No email death threats where actually ever received by VCs, but I am sure I have been told to shut up ;)

*** Yeah I know you guys talk about me!

See the thing is Dragnmoon is that now you are one of them, so they can no longer send you those "shut up and stop whining" emails like in the past.

Also, "VO brainwashing" is an incorrect term. The correct term is "Venture Officer Re-Education" so that all VO's have the proper etiquette in handling the general populace as provided from the Decemvirate Council concerning all matters temporal and spacial.

I guess Master Brock has not yet gotten to scheduling the PACG VO's for their initial Re-Education Orientation. Slacking. ;)

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Doombringer the DM wrote:
Kavapesta... done. There goes my third article. One for Fiction, one for Songs and Poetry, and on for Golarion Gazetteer.


I only had time to complete two this go around... I am researching to see if I can make one more happen before deadline, but that might not work out.

I did two this time, one fluffy one about the Church customs and styles of Pharasma in Ustalav and a Gazetteer on Saintsgrove. So we shall see. If they don't get picked, I may put them on a blog somewhere so fans can read it.

But man, having to research Uragotha and Penitence styles all in one weekend. That's was a lot of heavy stuff.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So I got my fluff article done. I love it, but we shall see what happens with the judges.

Doing one more quick gazetteer tonight to come in right at deadline. Darn holidays.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So I am on the way, pulling some midnight oil runs that is for sure. Good thing it's a light week here in the office so I have some time to finish up. Good thing I looked at the thread, cause a few of my ideas have already been snapped up.

I will admit, that keeping Pharasmin Penitence PG-13 has been a challenge. But a good one.

Only one gazetteer this issue? Hmm, perhaps I will now look at my notes and submit another one.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Nefreet wrote:

Lol, we're doing the same thing right now.

We're playing Pathfinder Munchkin and eating BBQ.

...and drinking cider...

Nefreet is right. Saturday was our area Holiday Party. This a was the first year of the party, but feedback states we will be making that a thing. We normally don't encourage PFS games, just food, friends, and libations. We have the whole rest of the year to play.

Our region has three a year. One is an outdoor BBQ/PFS game day in the spring, one is no gaming and we raid the VC house in the summer, and the winter holiday is open gaming day.

Also truth is we love libations. Lots of it, and we can only do them during said parties. So we treasure those days.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

This is the episode Pathfinder Society members dream of. And never get to do it. Oh well. Back to the archival grind. ;)

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

You are a week late! We are having a con this weekend in Sacramento with non-stop PFS!

But do not fret, we have games all over the area during the week. Our Warhorn is here:

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Sidebar: 15th level is a **** ton of fun.

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So this is my official speech when players *right before in-character briefing*:

Hi my name is Venus/LadyO and I am going to be your GM today. Thanks for coming to play!

I have three outstanding rules when you play at my table:

1) Please don't lie, cheat, or steal OUT-of-character. IN-character is on a case by case basis with consequences.

2) I have no GM screen, what you see me roll is what you get. I apologize if I crit you in advance. I ask that all players do the same and allow you fellow players to celebrate in your critical and cry with your failures.

3) Although I am pretty well-versed in the ways of Pathfinder, I am not a rules specialist. So in matters of life or death, I will stop and check a rule to ensure fairness. Otherwise, I am going to make a ruling and keep things going and we can follow up on the rules detailing a situation on a break.

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Robert Hetherington wrote:

I'm driving 3 hours to get there.

*Looks at title*

I'm a little crazy though.

I am driving three hours to Fresno..

*looks at her title*

Yeah.. I got nothing besides the fact that I AM crazy.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
The Fox wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
The Fox wrote:
I really think that I must be misunderstanding Lady Ophelia. Maybe I need more coffee?
Yeah, you're definitely misunderstanding. She's just saying you need to definitively declare what you're doing as you do it (or slightly before as in "I'm taking a 5' step" and then reach down and move your mini). She is in no way saying "state your whole turn in advance and then do what you said."
Ah. Okay, I get it now. But how is that different than for 5-foot square grids? Shouldn't people be stating such things always anyway?

You would be surprised how many people (especially new players) don't declare. They just start rolling dice. Bad move.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
The Fox wrote:

I disagree.

There are many turns where I know I might take a 5-foot step or I might not, depending on the outcome.

Example: My warpriest is fighting a ghoul. To her left is another ghoul being engaged with her rogue ally. Behind her is her barbarian ally who is chomping at the bit to charge one of the ghouls. The warpriest attacks her ghoul. If she kills it, she will stay where she is so that the barbarian can charge the one being engaged by the rogue. If not, she will 5-foot step to provide flanking for the rogue and allow the barbarian to charge the ghoul the warpriest missed. Would you allow this, or do I need to specify all of these contingencies beforehand?

There are many turns where opponents have used an immediate action or an attack of opportunity (often with Combat Reflexes) that makes me decide to take a 5-foot step that I hadn't anticipating needing earlier.

Example: My gunslinger with Quick Draw and several attacks goes to fire her pistol at an adjacent target who has already used an attack of opportunity this round. She didn't expect the target to have Combat Reflexes, but he does and disarms her with his AoO. She Quick Draws her backup pistol, and would like to 5-foot step back and fire off her second attack. Would you allow this?

So at this point we're getting into specifics, and that was not the whole point to my tip. My point, was to give an option to those players and GM's who don't like dealing with 10 foot squares a way to handle it. Declaring what you are doing at all times is the essential point. The rest really are details. But to please your ego, I'll go ahead and tell you what I think.

Example 1:

Ghoul doesn't die: you say to me "GM, I want to at the end of my turn take a five foot step to make room for my ally". Sure thing.

Ghoul dies: Nothing happens.

Example 2:

Here's how I would rule that: "Free Action: Quick Draw other pistol, Move action(So long as you didn't move already): 5-foot step back, Iterative Attack: Shoot em!

Additional rules note: Gunslingers should *always* have ten feet cause they are ranged weapons and always require at least 5 feet of space. There should be NO adjacencies unless they have "Step Up" along with that Combat Reflexes.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
The Fox wrote:

I think maybe I don't understand what you are saying here.

Are you suggesting that a player must decide at the start of their turn whether they will be taking a 5-foot step on that turn?

Keeping it real with you: Yes. Steve has it correct, they need to declare they are making a 5ft step before moving the mini, so there isn't any confusion about possible AoOs. It's easy to for a GM to get confused. (I know I do from time to time.)

But if they say: "I take a 5 foot step back, and cast a spell" that clears them, even in a 10 foot space. It can also work in the opposite direction of "I hit them, and then I take a 5 foot step back" and then you don't have to move the mini unless you plan on moving 10 feet.

Quite honestly, it's the little things in this game. You *SHOULD* know if you are taking a five foot step on your turn or not. Otherwise, pay attention cause you are so not playing the game if you do not know what you are doing on your turn.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Advanced PFS TIP: So here is how you deal with 1=10ft or more squares.

GM's: Tell them, that they must *verbally declare* that their character is taking a five-foot step BEFORE they take any other action. Otherwise standard rules apply in combat in relation to attacks of opportunity and so on.

Because players HATE this and I always seem to pick up the adventures that have insanely difficult terrain, I put this rule on the table every time so that players are REQUIRED to say it. They can't take backsies if they don't say it.

Bonus lesson for players: It teaches players declare their intentions as they act so that they know what they are doing and manage their action economy better.

YMMV, but I hope that helps

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Jeff Merola wrote:
Lady Ophelia wrote:

So my work-around with this new map is simple: They remodeled. I mean it makes sense, it's been two years since we went there last, that easily could have been the reason.

I'm not sure that's a work-around when the scenario explicitly says they remodeled. :P

Nigel Aldain wrote:
“I’ve been expanding the Blakros a bit. Our collection has grown over the years, and moving larger exhibits in and out of storage has always been such a chore. It is possible the building now defies the laws of nature, being larger inside than out, but many people would consider that a draw.”

So the Blakros Museum is a Tardis? Weird.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
June Soler wrote:
The Bit about the new map

So my work-around with this new map is simple: They remodeled. I mean it makes sense, it's been two years since we went there last, that easily could have been the reason.

I hope this will be the FINAL map they use for this location. And then make a map pack of it. I'll be having fun trying to draw this bad boy out.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

All hail the purple bunny!

Seriously, congrats! *puts on blue bunny ears in allegiance*

Silver Crusade

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Roll a percentile to get a new flight.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Huzzah indeed!

I remember meeting Todd as a GM this year at PaizoCon. The reason was because he misspelled my legal last name on the roster. Once I introduced myself, he never misspelled it again. (Partially due to the fact that he then on proceeded to rename me as Lady Ophelia)

I have not personally met Bob, but it has always been a pleasure to chat with him on the fourms and read his personal input. The same can also be said concerning Master Collins, despite the fact that we have not always agreed on certain topics. But he was still respectful and polite in all discourse.

Cheers to all three coin recipients! They are well deserved!

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I pre-ordered mine at the FLGS. And I am totally wondering if it also has the messed up cover. Better hold on to these books guys, they may or may not be worth something later down the road. :)

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Reynard de' Bonaire wrote:

Its been a bard days knight

I been delving like a dog

Its been a bad days knight
I've been singing all day long

but when I get to buff you, you'll find the things that I do
will make you feel alright

You know I buff all day
to get you hasted to kill those things
And it's worth it just to hear you say
you're going to slay that damn swarm that stings

So why on earth should I moan,
like all my prestige has been blown

Let me help you dodge that ray

This is one of the many reasons why PFS is awesome.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

*thumbs up at entire team for getting it all done and shiny*

I would like to note formally, that our Guide to PSOP is now the size of Pathfinder Campaign Setting Book. That says and means something.

Additionally, I love the art, still wishing we had a printer friendly version. I feel my printer groaning at all the ink I am about to burn.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So while I am figuring out what to write still, I do want to say thanks for being clearer about article word count. It really helps for those of us who are word count conscious (like me) and want to stay on target.

*sets a course for 1,500 words for her gazetteers*

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

So this is my official speech when players sit down to the table:

Hi my name is Venus/LadyO and I am going to be your GM today. Thanks for coming to play! I have three outstanding rules when you play at my table:

1) Please don't lie, cheat, or steal OUT of character. In character is on a case by case basis with consequences.

2) I have no GM screen, what you see me roll is what you get. I apologize if I crit you in advance. I ask that all players do the same and allow you fellow players to celebrate in your critical and cry with your failures.

3) Although I am pretty well-versed in the ways of Pathfinder, I am not a rules specialist. So in matters of life or death, I will stop and check a rule to ensure fairness. Otherwise, I am going to make a ruling and keep things going and we can follow up on the rules detailing a situation on a break.

This is how I handle all rules disputes. Because they know for a fact that I live by Rule Zero. Any player that wants to sit and fight me, won't if they want to play. Yes this means many don't play with me cause they value being right instead of having fun. But that's okay. If you are going to sit and fight me at the table, you aren't having any fun. You let me know how that goes for you. :)

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Now you are making me wish I could burn vacation hours from my job to go TOZ!

But alas, I must stay home as I will getting new books ready for print in time for Christmas :)

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Cheers June!

I know you and I have had many differences, but I am still very happy that you have made it to the island. It means there is more room for me to lounge in at the 4-Star Lakeside Cabin opposite the 5-Star Island now.

As Master Mortika is not here, I will continue the tradition:

Name one thing you love about Pathfinder Society.

Memorable PFS Moment as a GM for you?

Share one thing you would like to leave to all other GM's who aspire to the 5-Star ranks.

Congrats again, may all your dice roll high and criticals confirm!

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
TetsujinOni wrote:

There's the everyone-gets-this $10 thanks for PaizoConning gift certificate; GMs also get $10 credit per slot at PaizoCon and GenCon.

I suspect it's the latter which is glitching - mgcady was having a similar problem. Email customer service, sm or Sharaya or someone will look into it, I'm sure.

+1 this.

But I lost my $10 gift certificate for coming. Boo.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Kyshkumen wrote:
Andrea Brandt wrote:
I am home. I haven't unpacked, but I'm already trying to figure out how to get more card game in, and who I'm going to get to play it with me.
I'm in!

What he said. Also, I got a little time with the ACG for Skull and Shackles and so I am totally down with playing some of that as well as Wrath of the Righteous as well.

Silver Crusade ****

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
Wraith235 wrote:
Ophelia I Initially wasn't a fan of it either ... then I realized what that boon actually grants ... Page 30-31 in People of the sands are Campaign traits for mummy's mask I foresee a Lot of trap finders in the near future

Don't get me wrong, it's nice. Just not a "PaizoCon Exclusive" boon to me. But it's all good, like I stated before, I got way more out of it to make the trek up there worth it.

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber
rknop wrote:

Heh... I didn't get my credit either. I guess I should have read up on what I was supposed to ask for before I got there.

Mike? Anybody from Paizo? Any chance of getting the boon or the credit now, or is it too late?

Just email Master Brock, he shall take care of it. I know mine was missing two and I was a Tier 2 GM. He got back to me this morning and they are working on it now.

I won't lie however, not a big fan of the GM boon this year. But the shirts, other free swag, and having the best time ever, totally made up for the boon. I can earn sexier boons at another time.

Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Additional notes from Post Convention:

So here are some of my randomly funny/inside jokes from PaizoCon that I am allowed to share:

"MAN BEAR PIG!" -- One of my players in the special, after I read a description of something, in a certain place in the adventure. (No spoilers!)

"Hi my name is Sheppard, and with my flock, I am a follower of Shelyn. I believe in everyone being awesome and we should all praise her for the beauty and love of the earth. Also, please don't mind these scars on my arm, as I was abducted by aliens." -- David Shaw, VC of Georgia during our game of Port Godless.

"Hail Narwahal!" -- Two of my players during Fate of the Fiend

"Stop being awesome!" Justin Sluder to Carlos Torresblanca at the sight of the handout cards from Wayfinder 11 at the Banquet.

@ AFK, drinking a pitcher of Guinness with WillJ & Bruce Higa
"Venus, you should drink some more."--WillJ
"Yeah, but I have to GM in the morning."-Me
"Venus, it's only like 9:30pm."-Bruce Higa who bought the Guinness pitcher.
"Wait really? Oh well then in that case, hell yeah! But I am not finishing the pitcher."--Me

Also, Hashtags commonly used by me as a phrase during games: (Yes, I know I am showing my age.) Feel free to use these for future tweets on Twitter concerning games.


Silver Crusade ****

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Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

It is now 12am on Sunday night/Monday Morning. In the secret game rooms, there are still many who are playing Pathfinder and even Master Painlord, Verdgis, WillJ and a few other awesome people, who are apparently dealing out much pain with the Adventure Card Game.

As for me, I am sitting here in the lobby of the hotel, wondering what to make of my weekend. Which has been an even more memorable one than the year before. But first, recap!

Sat PM:

• So I signed the infamous scroll of silence and entered the Pathfinder RPG Design Panel. It was loads of fun, and we scored some serious mechanical and design insight that I didn’t have before concerning a few things I am not allowed to talk about. But trust me, you guys will see it soon, and I look forward to it.

• So despite the fact that they had tickets to the banquet, I held onto my plans to go to AFK for the Overflow Banquet and hung out with Bobby Lambertz who was our designated driver. (Who is the husband of Paizo staffer Chris Lambertz, so I guess that somewhat counts as having a staffer at our table too!) There was also, Rachel Ventura, Jason Nelson, Matthew Pittard, Jeff Lee and a few others whose names escape my frazzled brain.

• Additional Note: Thanks to all who lived blogged/facebook the announcements from the banquet. Yeah we were board gaming and were having a great time at AFK, it was nice to not miss anything absolutely exquisite.

• After the banquet, I returned to the hotel and just wander the bar. As the banquet has come to an end, the entire Paizo Convention had adjourned to the bar for additional debauchery. I had the pleasure first, of meeting Master Pierce Walters, who personally challenged me in exchange for a new hardcover book. I am looking forward to completing the challenge.

• I also had the honor of meeting Frank Metzner. Frank is one of the charter leaders of D&D, which lead the way to the whole reason this convention even existed. But one of the most amazing things, is something he said to me

o Permanent Highlight of life: I asked him, did he ever think in his wildest dreams that something like this would happen? His answer: Absolutely not. But he was eternally grateful that it has, and that people like me were going to be passing down this wonderful hobby for generations to come. He said to me, “No matter what happens, share your love of this game. It will gain many negatives sure, but it will also change the lives of many whose lives need changing for the better.”

• Additionally, I had the pleasure and honor of finally meeting Nani and Kyle Pratt who I always knew were awesome, but was able to confirm their awesomeness. We began to chat about an array of things which included women in gaming, writing for Pathfinder and also organizing for Pathfinder.

o Nani was always one of my personal heroes, as I would see her and chat with her on the forums being informative and inspiring the good in Pathfinders players, GM’s and just people in general. So to meet her and know she is just like herself on the fourms, just reaffirms why sticking with Pathfinder Society was and is a great idea after all this time.

• My evening ending with me floating and talking with Mazlith about a lot of in-house Society Life stuff. And while I do not plan on getting back into the organizer’s chair anytime soon, there are some plans I have that I want to make happen and I am on a mission to get it done this fall/end of year to grow as many societies as possible. So I guess in the end, one never really “retires”. You just go on to doing different things.


• With my voice hanging in there, I GMed my last runs of Fate of the Fiend. Unlike TOZ whose mission it was to murder all the players, I was on a mission to make all the tables not only challenging, but an absolute fun joy to play at. From the feedback I’ve gotten, it seems it just all worked out in the end.

• I originally had plans to go to Pike’s Market with Robyn, but on my way up to my room, I ran into Nani and Kyle Pratt once more. Running into them, turned into an impromptu game of Port Godless. With none other than John Compton as my GM. The table was Thomas LaBlanc, Kevin M, Nani, Kyle, me and Dave the VC of Georgia. I won’t spoil the game for anyone who has not played it. But needless to say, this was a game, that I was exhausted after playing. Not from fatigue of the convention, but from all the things that took place during the game. It was an incredibly complex plot, which had so many ways to get things done. I like to think of it as the “sandbox” of PFS Scenarios and that is a rare thing to accomplish. So props to the team for the most mentally and in some cases morally challenging adventure to date. I look forward to breaking this one down and reading more of it post-convention as well as taking a few brave souls through it.

Best. Game. Ever.

Best Quote from Game:
Thomas: So I am going to run and try to fight the baddie.
Kyle: Are you mad?
Thomas: No. I have balls.
John: The best feat one can have.

• The evening ends with loads of hugs and shaking of hands, a contingency of Pathfinders who remain on site, who are still playing games even as I speak. David Montgomery, is taking a new group of gamers into Mists of Miwangi, and the card games, oh yeah they are still going on as I finish this post. In fact, right behind me at the fireplace there is a game still going on.

PaizoCon 2015, will unfortunately be falling on the weekend of KublaCon for me. Which means, we may not be able to continue the tradition we once had with this blog. But I think, that we smart and resourceful Pathfinders, will find a way to make all things work for the good. I will say this: When PaizoCon is not on KublaCon weekend, I will return with a vengeance. This is pretty much my favorite convention of all time. So I won’t stay away forever.

But what does the future hold for the great Lady Ophelia? Who knows. All I know, is that it will involve dice, great people, and games that have changed my life for the best, in ways I will never forget.

On this note, I leave this thread and travel home to rest and return to my life as the resident cleric. I hope to see you at a game sometime soon.

May Sarenrae’s light be upon all of you in your journeys.

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Another break in between events, in an few hours, I am going to sign another scroll of silence and take part in the PFS Design Workshop. But before I do that, let me tell you all the things.

Friday PM:
-Completed the playtesting of Legacy of The Stonelords. I enjoyed it, and I wonder what the official will be like when it is done. I think I will play it the next go around so that I can be suprised as everyone else. When that will be? Who knows. :)

-I additionally have to give it up to my awesome players at the special. I had a table of players who knew every in and out of their characters AND their companions. Them being able to know what their turns are as soon as their turns came up, made the game move at an impressively fast pace. Sorry guys you didn't get to fight the final boss, maybe next time. :)

-The evening ended with the promotion of TriOmegaZero into the ranks of the 5-Star ellite. A title that is totally an accomplishment which was awesome to be a part of. Albeit late, congrats man! (Which means now I gotta hurry up and get to the island myself. Soon.)

Saturday to this point (2pm):

- The morning began with another run of Fate of the Fiend, with a good number of players sitting at my table. Additionally, there were two "vikings" who followed Narwhal, who had ships and had a great time running for them. My dice were rather hot, but the took all the pain like champions and were rewarded for their work.

-After a quick power nap, I now aimlessly wander the halls, until it is time for me to sign that silence scroll. I am going to find a power snack and wander some more.

Tonight.. Comes the Banquet and for me personally, the Overflow Banquet! Which means there will be many spoilers and fun things to come soon.

Cheers till then friends!

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So because I am stopping for a moment between sessions, I am going to do a quick recap.

Thursday PM:

-Wayfinder Dinner = Awesome! Got to meet Carlos Torresblanca who did my art for Wayfinder 10.
-Eventually made it to AFK -- to which needs to happen more in the Bay Area. Food was awesome, drinks were also awesome.
-Came back for after hours prep and good times with my roomates, Eric Bennett (Nefreet), Robyn Nixon and Brian Darnell.

Friday AM (as of 4pm)
-Ran Fate of the Fiend. Good times still abounded despite my rather powerful party. It was a pleasure to play with people from the Utah and New Jersey societies, and it was a even more fun watching
-My NeoExodus game unfortunately did not go off, I was excited to run that, but it's okay. Next time! But got to meet Clarence from Denver and Matthew Pittard from the fourms.
- Finshed some last minute printing, and harassed Master Kyle and Master Brock which ended up in me getting stuck writing thing for them on forms because I was the only one with decent handwriting.
-So now, after a shower and dinner, I begin my descent. Into the darkness of Jormadum I go and rule the world with the special! I look forward to killing-- I mean running the game for everyone.

See you soon!

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The Thursday before Paizo-Con congregations have begun!

To my left, is Master Paris Crenshaw. Who is the awesomeness. I mean, I already knew he was awesome, but meeting him in person, confirmed my assumption of his awesomeness.

In front of me is Tracy, who is a part of the Alaska Pathfinder Scene and she is telling amazing stories of Jason Bulhman buzzkilling her at Cards Against Humanity.

Behind me, is Verdgis and Painlord, playing the card game. Well, more or less, trying to organize the game, but are getting interrupted regularly with people who must meet the legendary Verdgis and Painlord.

OH! Master Brock and Master Thurston have passed by! It's so awesome!

More to come soon!

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So after a few hours of rest. I made it to my 5am appointment with the TSA and after a flight which ended with most of my plane mates with motion sickness, I arrived in Seattle.

Who is the first person I see upon my arrival? Well I call it fate that I would run into Verdgis and Aetherwulf! After the usual morning hugs and relief that we had all made it, they invited me to join them for breakfast with none other than Manjuba, the keeper of the Goblin Brains and his lovely wife Cass. He showed me this year’s batch of Goblin Brains, which are marvelous. However, upon inspection, I realized that I am allergic to Goblin Brains. Which makes me forgetting to RSVP mine not so bad afterall. :)

Picture: The Hit List of Goblin Brain Distribution

So my plans for this afternoon are to chill incognito and just enjoy the free wifi and prep Friday’s Special till more peeps arrive. I will see how long that will last. If you know what I look like, you are more than welcome to bother me.

Edit: Oh, things I want to see this year:

- AFK!!! I have heard many mythic things about it, so it is now a thing I have to find out about.
- I do want to check out the Pathfinder Card Game and not only check out the new OP for it, but if they have the Skull and Shackels box, I WILL take photos of it for all of you who are wanting to know more.
- I am also looking forward to GMing. I know a lot of people are clamoring to attend my table, which is so "no pressure" but it's all good.
- Maybe having some form of beverage with Painlord. We keep passing paths at convention, so we should work on that.

Until next report, this is Lady O, signing off. :)

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In true convention tradition, I am up the night before way too excited to sleep. Making the mistake of getting a 6am flight means I have a 5am appointment with TSA.

As this year will be my GM year, I look forward to running some fun stuff for all those who sit at my tables. There may be death and tears. But mostly loads of fun.

See you soon Seattle. Been waiting all year. :)

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No I mean the PaizoCon Version. It's still got a lot of errors in which Master Compton said needed to be fixed.

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TOZ wrote:
So when do we get the completed playtest update? :)

What he said? I am holding off printing till the update is complete and I would like to get it done. :)

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kinevon wrote:

Sound slike the issue is more a time issue than a scenario issue. Insufficient time likely means that parts of the scenario not vital to the story, and much of the RP of any scenario fits that bill according to many GMs, will get minimized or removed entirely.

I just had a problem, similar to this, with Destiny of the Sands, Part 2, here. We did have a time crunch, but the main problem was no one could speak <redacted>, and no one managed the SPellcraft check to find out about something, and they didn't set it off accidentally.

That cut off a lot of the fun in that scenario, along with much of the RP, and the ability to find out about all the backstory. When I played it, we managed to get alot of that during the game, but we had a bunch of knowledge junkies along for the ride, or just had some lucky rolls. It was a much different experience.

If that's what people want to lump this under, then sure. But that's not how I personally feel about this scenario. I personally, would have no fun playing it again with more time, let alone GM with no time constraints either. It really was not MY personal cup of tea. My party was wonderful, and our GM was wonderful, but the way it played out, on top of how it is written, just leaves a personal bad taste in my mouth. And quite frankly, that's okay. I am not going to love every scenario published.

I just hope this doesn't turn into a thing that Kyle does regularly, cause after The Confirmation and the Special, where there was a fun balance and people didn't feel defeated afterwards I hope that he just doesn't follow the murder hobos demands and just do more scenarios like this. Cause it just wasn't fun for me. And I get the sense from other posters, that this was not their sense of fun either. And it's okay, I am willing to give Kyle another chance at another time. Just not with this scenario is all.

I stand by this final statement: Better luck next scenario Master Baird.

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