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Lady Aurora's page

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Deck: $10.99

Non-Mint: $10.99

Best NPC pack yet!

****( )

I just recently purchased this pack and I'm glad I did. Quality issues in past packs had caused me to hesitate. This pack has good quality cardstock and good artwork. It didn't have any cards that I can't imagine a use for; as compared to other packs with up to half the images too weird, monster-based, or cartoonish for any practical purpose. A couple faces looked like they were drawn from real-life neighbors or something. It's great. Definitely worth the money.

Our Price: $5.00

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Not so bad, but oh so bad

****( )

Had this mini about a year and just got the chance to use it. I admit I used it to represent a spirit naga rather than its original purpose. It is solid and sturdy, well-built. It is difficult to appreciate at a distance; you really need to pick it up and study it but it exudes a certain malevolence just the same. It is so much better than any other naga on the market that they don't deserve to be classed together. Fun to use. Understated but cool.

Our Price: $10.00



too cartoony

**( )( )( )

This mini is too big. It's a shame to waste a "giant" mini on a creature of this type. That aside, the paint job makes this mini look like something straight out of a low-budget cartoon. It's green - and I mean, John Deere green. No shading or realism. The paint job destroys a decent design. And I can't decide which is worse the mouth or the eyes. The ridiculous black grin with triangle white teeth - again cartoonish. The eyes are a flat black, expressionless and disturbing. While I might be able to figure this guy into play (maybe once) - he demands a repaint.

Our Price: $4.00

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Grick or just ick?

*( )( )( )( )

Cartoonish. Ridiculous paint scheme combines with strange pose and poor design. This thing doesn't even match its own creature description in the MM. Ick!

Our Price: $3.00

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Blah, Blah, I've come to suck

*( )( )( )( )

Who sculpted this Vampire Spawn? A third grader? The pose is horrible and yet, better than the paint which was apparently applied with a spackle tool. This mini isn't scary or impressive, it borders on cartoonish. The vampire doesn't suck blood. It just sucks.

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