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Amazing but....

****( )

I love having the art of the monster manual on my grid. It helps with the flow of the game. Instead of this wolf is a giant and this cleric is actually a small dragon its... You see this. Amazing!
My only gripe is that there is nothing for monsters above Huge. I can get that printing the 4+ inch pawns would quickly add a much larger cost to the box. I can understand that decision. One suggestion going forward, maybe give us 4+ inch bases to allow for the spacing rules for the gargantuan and colossal monsters and just print the artwork on a 3 inch pawn to slot into it.
The main reason I was excited for the pawns was I was hoping that I would not have to say this 4 in square piece of paper is the legendary Sea Serpent that the sailors have been whispering about. Looses that epic feel I was shooting for.
All and all very happy with the product.

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