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Just finished talking to our writer and it looks like we are going to make the first product for Pirates of the Bronze Sky will be the full fluff AND crunch write up of the Kayleton. The Kaylethon are the iconic race for the setting. We wanted a race that on sight people knew they were built for that campaign setting it and looked awesome. Coming very soon!

Pirates of the Bronze Sky in a table top gaming campaign setting for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game inspired by the American Revolution, Dungeon & Dragon's game setting, Spelljammer, and fiction genre of steampunk.

Pirates of the Bronze Sky, or POTBS, has been under development for several years and now looks with the help of Patreon, this campaign setting will be coming to the fans of Spelljammer and Pathfinder Role Playing Game. We have done everything we could to keep the inspiration and disincentive of Spelljammer while at the same time creating something exceptional and unique. Click here to learn more!

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limsk wrote:
I think Dreamscarred Press has carved itself a nice little valley on this topic. Anytime I think about implementing Psionics in a game I would just open Ultimate Psionics.

Agreed. As a 3PP it just made more sense to team up with Dreamscarred over doing something silly and starting for scratch with my own psionics system. They save me a LOT of time and better still open up there customers to my psionic based products. I call that a win-win.

AS always, thanks for the review!

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We just updated the classic NeoExodus Chronicles: World of Exodus with new artwork, added iconics, Detailed empire descriptions and information about the planet, Exodus, itself. Go and enjoy, best of all FOR FREE!!!!

Set wrote:
Will non-Core elements, such as a Druid whose companion is one of the dozens from the Bestiaries (such as a Roc or Elk or Styracosaurus), be available?

I am trying to keep it Core with the actual supplement/book of the class. I mean these are iconic we are creating after all so nothing crazy.

Just sent off a new art order of two pieces to a new artist who approached me looking for work. I looked over their resume, and it said he worked with people that I knew personally. I liked their work and decided to give them a shot. In less that one hour this art was hired and working with us after send just ONE email. Tell me again how tough it is to breaking into OR get work in the RPG Industry?

Looks like we might be on the process of adding ANOTHER well known 3PP writer and design to do an iconic for the class they created. Who is the writer/game designer? What is the class? Who is doing the artwork? I guess we will know soon.

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Well just to get people more excited about this, I have been talking to Owen KC Stephens and Andreas Rönnqvist who both have agreed to create iconics with this project, most likely the Time Thief from Owen and possibly Aegis from Andreas from Dreamscarred Press. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Marco Polaris wrote:

Question: When you say you are making iconics, do you mean short backstory characters that will be seen repeatedly in artwork for future NeoExodus content? Or will you stop at evocative profile images that try to catch the flavor and excitement of the class?

Follow-up question--if it's the former, does the machinesmith have an iconic background to her, and where could I read it?

The easy answer is, Yes we do and no you can't read it.

It is all in my head and it is tied to our webcomic, Grand Theft Exodus, that has been in development for a few years. I am hoping that we can start showing and releasing it some time in the very near future.

Kolokotroni wrote:
The Wolf Shifter: Wayfinder

You wouldn't know who wrote this would you?

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

Classes I'd like to see in NeoExodus:

And from that other 3PP, Paizo


We are planning to cover ALL the basic, advanced and hybrid classes from Paizo as iconics

So I have been talking to a few 3PP and I have decided to start making iconics based off of their most popular classes for the NeoExodus: A House Divided Campaign Setting. We are going to do the Time Thief (from Rogue Genius Game), the White Necromancer (from Kobold Press), and Psion (Dreamscarred Press). What other classes from the 3PP would you like to see as iconics?

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
Publishers, get Justin for crunch-work. His builds are things of pure beauty.

Funny you should say that....

Axial wrote:
It seems as if one creature from this book found it's way into Iron Gods.

Which one?

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OK here is a question, what is your least favorite Iconic? I mean the one you had to really push to connect to visually?

Congratulations Monica!

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released Terrors of Obsidian Apocalypse: Haunts for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at and Here is information on this product:

On rare occasions a soul tainted by dread, fear, rage and anger leaves its broken corpse, if it is powerful enough, that soul may return as a ghost, a wraith or some worse form of undead. If it is powerful enough, angry enough…..Souls lacking the metaphysical hardiness to retain their own identity after death may also return to the living as something else, something lesser, a ghostly presence that blurs the line between a magical trap and a true undead. Inside this sourcebook you will find haunts you’ll need to enhance fear and terror in your home and local Obsidian Apocalypse including:

- Creeping Ectoplasm (CR 2) - A minor haunt devoid of any shred of individuality or history,manifesting as a shapeless blob of ectoplasm.

- Doors to Damnation (CR 9) - A soldier guarded this door against overwhelming forces and cursed the invaders with his dying breath when he finally fell.

- Hangman’s Jig (CR 5) - A desperate prisoner was incompetently hanged in this small cell.An echo of his painful death lingers and haunts anyone visiting the room.

- Memory of the Late Mistress (CR 7) - A woman died, choked to death by her jealous lover on this bed, forever tainting it with ghostly malice toward the living.

- Warlock’s Doom (CR 8) - This haunt is the lingering residue of a powerful magician’s final stand—slivers of his spirit and the last spell he ever cast bound together in a volley of destruction unleashed against the world.

- Plus nearly 15 more all new haunts.

Available at here!!!

If you would like to try our Post-Apocalyptic Survival Horror campaign setting then I would suggest, Obsidian Apocalypse.

If you would like to try our Science Fantasy campaign setting then I would suggest, NeoExodus: A House Divided.

Hope this helps.

It seem to me that most people will agree that they would not want this to be a regular thing doing PvP? I would assume this would be a once and while kind of thing maybe 3 to 4 times a year kind of thing.

This is the question: Do you want to "play in a game" that focuses on Player Versus Player combat and interaction? Please discuss.

Now available for sale!

Now available at!!!

I have to say from what I have seen on this project I am very interested in seeing the final product. Good luck!

Louis Porter Jr. Design, has released Lost Races: Elves for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game at and Here is information on this product:

In forgotten ages, a great race of elves ruled Exodus: a tall,proud folk, unmatched in martial prowess and gifted with magical might. They were beautiful and terrible like the sun, possessed of powers beyond those of the other infant races of the world. They ruled a vast, wild region, dwelling in subterranean fortresses. Magic was in their blood. It was said they could step through a doorway and end up halfway across the world, and could enter the dreams of sleepers on a whim. They forged fantastic weapons, crafted cunning tools, and created magnificent works of art. Their rule lasted for untold millennia. Then came the First Ones.

The interlopers launched a swift and furious offensive upon the elves, intending to conquer and subjugate them before taking the rest of the world for their own. The elves’ counterattacks brought the First Ones’ campaign to a standstill. Both forces were equal in magical power, but the elves were superior on the battlefield, their united front more than a match for the First Ones’ loose collective. However, the slave races used by the First Ones’ provided them with the sheer numbers necessary to keep fighting. The stalemate continued for centuries. Then the Khaynites—greatest of the First Ones and children of the bloody god, Khayne—invented a new weapon that tipped the scales and brought an end to elven rule of Exodus.
Inside this sourcebook you will find you’ll need to enhance on adventures when using the Lost Races: Elves:

History of the Lost Races: Elves
- Six unique elven races including Deep Elves, Dark Elves and Planewracked Elves
- New Racial Rules and Racial Archetypes including Charoteer (Cavalier), Desert Viper (Slayer), ), Dream Eater (Witch) and more
- New Equipment including Desert Glass and Elven Bronze
- New Feats including Communal Summoning, Liminal Magic Adept and more
- New Magic Items including Elixir of Stolen Dreams, Sicking Elfshot and more

Available at here!

Since we know the Machinesmith is one of the favorite artificer / crafter classes for Pathfinder, we decided to take it one step further and create a Mythic Path for the class.

And with that we have the Futurist.

This is the first rough draft version of the class that we are releasing so you Pathfinder fans can go over it, kick the tires on it and just see what we did right and wrong. So this class will be available for a limited time and writer, Jonathan Palmer, will be following this thread, commenting and explaining issues that need to be fixed.

This link to this playtest PDF will be available for only a limited time

Fergie wrote:
Thanks Louis and Sean, that was very entertaining and informative.

Thanks for supporting us on this. I hope to do more of these around holidays so people can be free to watch them live or later on YouTube.

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Only an hour to the Transparency Agenda President's Day Special with Sean K Reynolds!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just is case you were wondering where and how to watch tomorrow's Transparency Agenda President's Day Special with Sean K Reynolds, game designer​ here are some of the links you can use to watch or code to embed.

YouTube​ Link here

Google+ page here

And if you are looking to embed the video to your website, here is the code:
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

OK here is somethings I noticed right off the bat when I read it:
1) You never tell me if you are using Dreamscarred Press psionic rules or you are building on from the ground up?

2) You mention your artist Yama Orce (who I know and have worked with) but you don't link to his deviantart page to help promote his reward level or to show off his work.

3) I found it kind of odd that you had never actually backed a kickstarter, especially since you are doing a kickstarter.

Hope this helps.

Ashiel wrote:
The biggest problem is that Paizo approached the ARG like creationists approach science. They began with what they considered the answer and then built a system around trying to make it fit that answer rather than actually building a system that works.

You do know that the races in Pathfinder ARE NOT balanced and never will be. All there needs to be a "perception of balance".

TarkXT wrote:
I'm currently working on a project that works to bring at least a good bit of technology together with mythic.

I wonder if it has anything to do with this:

Oh look what I got in the email today: The write up for the Machinesmith Mythic Path called Futurist. Here are the 1st two paragraphs. I wonder if this will get you Pathfinder Roleplaying Game​ fans interested:

Technology and science are still quite young disiciplines in worlds where magic has performed all the functions that technology would normally do. However circumstance, discovery, and culture can all contribute to grand leaps in scientific and magical knowledge and from these leaps the futurists rise above all else.

For the futurist all that which is possible to be achieved with the right knowledge and tools becomes reality. That which appears to be magic is broken down into individual processes and formulae which are then used to harness immense power without the necessity of years of magical training or the patronage of alien forces outside of reality. But even more than that the futurist challenges common understanding and prejudices on an esoteric level. A futurist does not merely use technology to improve everyday life he uses technology to delve into the very foundations of reality, to find the very essence of the divine, and to discover those things no man or god could dream.

We at LPJ Design are doing a Mythic class version of our very popular Machinesmith. Expect to see the playtest draft very soon.

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Gladior wrote:
Is this going on at 10:00a.m. EST or 10:00p.m. EST?

10 PM EST. Thanks!

Vic Wertz wrote:
Sean: What does the "K" stand for?

K stands for Konrad I have heard.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Louis: What does the "Jr" stand for?

Jr stands for jerk.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Sean and Louis: Any chance of arranging a trade so you end up "Sean Reynolds Jr." and "Louis K Porter"?

Please don't talk about our love children.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

So with the date announcement I want to know: What questions would you like to ask SKR, myself or both of us? Nothing will be off limits so you can ask anything you want about game design, Pathfinder hell better still the rumors you have heard about us. Feel free to ask those tough questions ND tough answers you want to hear.

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LMPjr007 wrote:

OK Here I go...

Publisher Name:LPJ Design looking for a freelance writer for our upcoming bestiary for our campaign setting, NeoExodus: A House Divided.
Project Length: Each Monster write-up will be 500 to 1,000 words
Pay Rate: 0.01/edited word
Additional details: Those with monster creation & building experience and writers who have been published are encouraged to apply. Please submit samples of work with initial email.
Respond by: February 7th, 2015

I would like to thank everyone who applied to this writers call. I am glad we were able to find writers for our bestiary. I am even more enjoyed that we were able to find more writers for additional work for LPJ Design. Best of all one of our newest writers discovered here just turned in his first project with us and I can see many more projects for them in our future. Once again thank you to everyone's support on this and for Paizo for letting us 3PP do this on their website.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I sense a great disturbance in the Force.

Come on, what is the worst that can happen?

Fergie wrote:

Sounds great!

Where do I find out more?

We will have a link going up by the weekend to tell everyone where it is going to be.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Who would like to see Sean K Reynolds​ and myself doing a LIVE Transparency Agenda episode talking about Pathfinder Roleplaying Game​, game design and other cool stuff like that February 16th on GoogleHangout on Air?

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gamer-printer wrote:
Brvheart posted above that he considered Frog God Games a small 3PP, and honestly that is not true. They are a larger concern than most small 3PP. Consider that Rite Publishing and LPJ Publishing, for example are small 3PP, and only consist of a single person for the entire company - Steven Russell for Rite Pubishing, and Louis Porter Jr for LPJ. Everyone else working for them are freelancers. One man companies, by and large, are what most small RPG publishers consist of.

I would love to get to the size of Dreamscarred Press. They are a TWO men company.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
I'm surprised a freelance layout/graphic design contract would be negotiated on an hourly rate. Is that common? I would have anticipated it would be on a $x/page arrangement (with a varying rate based on complexity, whether there are pre-existing templates, etcetera...)

For RPGs it would be silly. At my fastest (10 -15 years ago) I could layout 30 to 40 pages in a hour. My freelance rate for layout is $35 to $50 an hour, but in the RPG industry it would be $1 to $2.50 a page.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

First try out all the FREE 3PP on the market. Then try some of the stuff from the free stuff you liked. Simple.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Just to let all yo know, we at LPJ Design have four several new writers who we like and have assigned projects to already. So if you are interested and not sure you think you can be good at this, I will just say, don't miss out on your dreams because you are afraid to go after them. Those guys did and now they are going to have writing credits with the 3PP that MANY well know Pathfinder, WOTC and OGL writers worked with including Owen KC Stephens, Neil Spicer, Tim Hitchcock and MANY more. It is your job to loose.

CrinosG wrote:
Question, I do have a sample of my work, but its for something that hasn't been released yet and I'm not sure I can use it. Can I give a link to where I've posted up some monsters online for this?

Sure, just send the link to my email. Thanks!

Drejk wrote:
Would it be possible to add sample monster statblock to the guidelines - do you use any sort of header for the name of the monster (and possibly lower tier headers for sections of the template) or is the whole monster entry plain text without headers?

I will see what I can do about that. Thanks for the interest.

Drejk wrote:
Louis, do you want sample monsters in the body of the email or as attachments?

Attached would be best.

EDIT: Would be link to blog entry acceptable?

Yes it would, especial if there are comments from other people about what they thought about the monster.

Bardess wrote:
What kind of monsters would you like?

Honestly, creative as possible. Take a look at the monsters we have done already for NeoExodus and see what you might be able to add to the setting.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

OK Here I go...

Publisher Name:LPJ Design looking for a freelance writer for our upcoming bestiary for our campaign setting, NeoExodus: A House Divided.
Project Length: Each Monster write-up will be 500 to 1,000 words
Pay Rate: 0.01/edited word
Additional details: Those with monster creation & building experience and writers who have been published are encouraged to apply. Please submit samples of work with initial email.
Respond by: February 7th, 2015

Here4daFreeSwag wrote:
Had me at free :)

That happens to a lot of people.

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