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Amin Jalento

Kyremi's page

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In a campaign, our party of three are discussing some books nicked from the local town's library, and upon learning nothing important was taken, I jovially suggest "oh, just 'how to do flower arranging' books then".

The DM is silent for a second, before replying... "Did you just say 'How to deflower a ranger'? Same as you would any other class, surely!"

The whole table just collapses into laughter. It's probably a 'you had to be there' moment... :P

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My wizard took out a whole bunch of miffed undead with one well-placed fireball spell. Being undead, they all failed the Reflex save and dropped to the ground, burning. Granted, this was an ideal situation, but still a very good demonstration. Besides, Fireball is a classic, it's like a vintage wine from yesteryear; you just can't not choose it.

(Of course, the undead I killed had the last laugh when they managed to band together as a spirit, possess me, and almost made me kill our Paladin. One painful month-long exorcism later, involving Protection from Evil literally being tattooed onto my wizard's body, taught me to think about desecrating unholy places a bit more carefully next time... but hey, due to the spirit I now speak Abyssal and have permanent defenses against Evil.)

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Hello to all...

I've seen a lot of threads around here about various solutions for spell cards, but most of them tend to be either flat out boring, or they're too small to fit even most spells on them. Seeing as I recently started a wizard character, I wanted a better way to keep track of spells than 12 pages of print-outs.

My solution is the PF Spell Card Template, designed to be used with Magic Set Editor 2, a program originally meant to create fan-design MTG cards. However, it's capable of making any sort of card, as long as someone's made a template. So, I designed and created a template specifically for PF spells... I posted a few links (one from each school of magic) below.

Elemental Body
Ghost Wolf
Hideous Laughter
Interposing Hand
Mind Blank
Scintillating Pattern
Temporary Resurrection

A few points... the jagged edges one may notice in the pictures are gone in the template; that was a compression issue. Also, no card would be big enough to carry all the information contained in spells like Detect Magic or Permanency, so in these, it's probably best to just add a bit of the text and then a page reference. Lastly, it's important to note what I'm providing here isn't a finished set of cards; it's a means for anyone to create their own set.

So... to use this, one simply has to download the template file from this link here, while Magic Set Editor 2 can be found at this link here. Once downloaded, simply install MSE2 first, and then unzip the folder containing the template files. In there reside a few fonts which will be necessary, so install those. Then, simply double-clicking the file pfspells.mse-installer should open up a Package Manager (part of MSE2), and you click on each of the three components (opening each drop-down box) and select 'install'... and it should be done.

To use it, start MSE2, select 'New set' and in the new window, under 'Game type', find PFSpells. There's only one style choice for now, so select it and click OK, and it's time to make cards. The process for making a spell card is pretty easy, and I can elaborate in another post if need be, but the one important thing is to click on a bit of the card which isn't in a box to choose the spell school (and therefore the border colours).

Apologies for the massive post... Feel free to critique my design; it's definitely not perfect, I only came up with it a few days ago :P Suggestions for improvement are most welcome and encouraged, since I'd like this to be something anyone would be happy to use. I hope this resource is useful :)

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Ah yes... this topic. Let's start from the top...

Straight Talk wrote:
Our "covendom" was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; just a short drive away from the world headquarters of TSR, the company which makes Dungeons and Dragons in Lake Geneva, WI.

Well, dang. Everyone knows that proximity to a location means they're somehow related... they've got it all figured out.

Straight Talk wrote:
If you play at shooting your friend in the head with what you think is an unloaded pistol and don't know a shell is in the chamber, is your friend any less dead because you were playing?

Sure, but you call me when someone 'accidentally summoned a demon and it ate my friend'.

Straight Talk wrote:
One pro-D&D psychologist wrote that "There is hardly a game in which the players do not indulge in murder, arson, torture, rape or highway robbery."

I don't know about everyone else's games, but I've never experienced torture or rape in my games, and probably not even highway robbery. Murder and arson are a bit more likely... but it's all about the context. If there's a party that goes out and says 'right, we're burning down this town and slaughtering the people COS WE CAN', then that's different to 's&~$, there's an evil cult who are attacking us, let's destroy their base along with their leader so they don't kill the innocent villagers'.

Straight Talk wrote:
In fact, the Dungeon Master's Guide gives the celebrated Adolph Hitler as an example of a real historical person that exhibited D&D charisma! The values contained in the game are, at the very best, "might makes right."

No, they're not. Time magazine has put Hitler and even Stalin as 'Man/Person of the Year', so good Christians shouldn't read Time magazine? (As a side point, if they really did use Hitler as an example of high charisma, they really could've come up with someone less controversial...)

Straight Talk wrote:
Additionally, male characters in the game often try to seduce female characters; and references abound to things like venereal disease and satyriasis (a male condition of permanent sexual arousal).

That's completely in the hands of the player; there's no class called the Seducer. And I'm pretty sure the DMG doesn't have a section on sexual diseases...

Straight Talk wrote:
Fear generation-via spells and mental imaging about fear-filled, emotional scenes, and threats to survival of FRP characters.

Snakes and Ladders can induce fear in you if you've got a 1 in 6 chance only of not landing on snakes that send you all the way back to square 1. That's a 'threat' to your 'character' too; without threat in a game, also known as obstacles to a goal, what's the point?

Straight Talk wrote:
Isolation-psychological removal from traditional support structures (family, church, etc.) into an imaginary world. Physical isolation due to extremely time-consuming play activities outside the family atmosphere.

This is typical of addicts of anything, anywhere. Not at all exclusive to D&D.

Straight Talk wrote:
Physical torture and killings-images in the mind can be almost as real as the actual experiences. Focus of the games is upon killings and torture for power, acquisition of wealth, and survival of characters.

Again, what helluva kind of game are they playing?? None of the campaigns I've experienced have been 'focused on killing and torture'... they're focused on having a good time.

Straight Talk wrote:
Erosion of family values-the Dungeon Master (DM) demands an all-encompassing and total loyalty, control and allegiance.

I nearly LOLed at this one. I doubt when I was DM to my friends I suddenly became a paternal figure... and they definitely never gave 'all-encompassing and total loyalty'.

Straight Talk wrote:
Situational Ethics-any act can be justified in the mind of the player, therefore there are no absolutes of right or wrong; no morality other than "point" morality needed to ensure survival and advancement. There are no win-win situations and good forces seldom triumph over evil forces.

They obviously never heard of the Paladin. 'Nuff said.

Straight Talk wrote:
Loss of Self-control-authority over self is surrendered to the DM. Depending on the personality and ego-strength of the player, this loss can be near absolute.

Screw the rituals, all you need to do is be a DM and apparently you get COMPLETE authority over your players! World takeover, here I come...

Straight Talk wrote:
Degradation-pain and torture are heavily involved in sadistic, sexual situations that graphically appeal to visceral impulses. Much of the material (as mentioned above) is well into pornographic areas and stresses the defilement of innocence.

Seriously... no. Same point as a few quotes up.

Straight Talk wrote:
...they also entrain the player in an entirely different way of looking at life: what is called by anthropologists the "Magical World View(MWV)." This MWV is far outside the cultural norms of most societies, and certainly outside the realms of Biblical values.

What? Magic is a worldview? As far as I've ever seen it, it's just another tool for the job, really.

Straight Talk wrote:
The MWV is like that. If you know the right technology (spell, ritual, incantation, etc.) the universe must respond-just like the light must go on if you flip the switch. It is automatic, and scientifically repeatable.

They obviously never played D&D. They describe magic as an I-WIN button, whereas it's anything but... funnily enough, they seem particularly irked by the fact it's 'scientifically repeatable'. Bonus point: they've obviously not heard of arcane spell failure either.

Straight Talk wrote:
The Judeo-Christian Worldview (i.e. from the Bible, and held by most cultures in the Western world to some degree) teaches, on the contrary, that the universe is in control of a sovereign Person, God. To get "results," He must be asked. Thus, it is more like a child going up to a parent and asking for candy, than getting it from a vending machine. The parent may say "yes," "no," or "Wait till later."

Funny that. In my most recent game, a cleric of a dwarven god prayed to his deity to resurrect a person; the DM made the cleric roll a knowledge (Religion) check to see if it worked... wait, this sounds familiar! Blimey, dwarven gods are part of the Judeo-Christian Worldview!

Straight Talk wrote:
The reason is that in the "universe" of Dungeons and Dragons magic is neutral, and can be used by "good guys" or by "bad guys." It is like "The Force" in the Star Wars movies. This magical morality pervades D&D, and it is utterly in opposition to the Word of God and even common sense.

Yes, it is like the Force, since it's a tool. Not a worldview.

Straight Talk wrote:
If games and manuals which extol black magic, rape, sado-masochism, murder and violence are not "evil communications," then I do not know the meaning of the terms!

A rare moment of agreement here. Yes, those sort of things are undoubtedly evil. However, that isn't D&D. It's hard to imagine one of the world's largest toy companies buying a company whose main product 'extols black magic, rape, sado-masochism etc.'... one would imagine the investors might be a tad put off.

Straight Talk wrote:
Whole long list of an entire 11!! people who've died

Correlation doesn't imply causation. If you look at the number of pirate attacks in the past 20 years, and correlate this with global temperature, you see they both rise. O S*#%, PIRATES CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING!! Another rebuttal; these are 11 examples, from millions of people, plenty of room in millions of people for 11 crazy ones.

Straight Talk wrote:
...there is no doubt that Dungeons and Dragons and its imitators are right out of the pit of hell. No Christian or sane, decent individual of whatever faith really should have anything to do with them.

Well, that's all of us damned then. Who's going to go let Vin Diesel know he's not a sane, decent individual?

Apologies for the long post, so here's a tl;dr: these people crazy. This was fun though, any other whacko articles out there we can rip apart?

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I like that hamete dice server for its pretty pictures, but there's an even more serious dice calculator out there... You can literally write programs in this to simulate any sort of dice rolls imaginable, over different scenarios e.g. you can ask how often you'd hit a target with different weapons and such. It's most awesome.

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