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It was trial and error for Elana as she tried to figure out the clasps and straps of the Empire's armor. Everything seemed too big on her, and even her helmet fit loosely so that if she tilted her head down it would slump forward and cover her eyes.

Langbard kept on apologizing profusely to her, but Elana simply waved his worries away. "No need to fret," she told him as she belted on the sword belt. "You shouldn't apologize for saving us."

As she fiddled with her helmet strap, her eyes caught Caithas' who seemed to be avoiding her. Indeed, she was still upset with his decision regarding the Zaracas issue, so the avoidance was mutual. Jules still hadn't come back, and Elana hoped he'd do the right thing. More so, though, she hoped Zaracas wouldn't prove her wrong if they did spare him.

"A soldier should relish a fight," Elana said, after Jules left. "And for someone who condemns a man for violence, you sure are eager to murder."

She leaned back in her chair, arms crossed. "'For the love of sanity'?" she quoted. "Really?" Elana shook her head and let out a frustrated sigh.

"We shouldn't murder a prisoner of war," Elana replied. "If we're a part of the rebellion, then we're an extension of that will-be government. Otherwise what difference is there between us and the corrupt soldiers of the Empire who kill indiscriminately?

"I understand your concern over Grunur and Eva, and I agree that we shouldn't put them at risk. Still, if Zaracas is a mercenary then why don't we buy out his services? Why throw away your opponents sword when we can wield it ourselves? You know he's a good fighter, and the rebellion needs every man it can get."

Elana crossed her arms and fixed Caithas with a stubborn look. "I don't think we should kill him. He fought us, yes, but he's a mercenary. He has no allegiance to the Empire. If we have no use of him, we can just stuff him in a barrel and kick him into the river, or something."

If not TTW, then I think Myth would be a better hosting site. Something about this white background that bothers me . . . plus the censorship.

"We should retreat," Elana suggested. "With the entire legion out looking for us, we can hardly even move from our room. Staying here doesn't seem to be doing any good."

She crossed her arms and glanced at the door that held Zaracas. "So what do we do about him?" she asked. "We can't take him with us, can we? And if not . . . can we afford to let him go?"

Elana was pondering over what she had seen that night while the others discussed plans. The temple was gone, now. All the priests had been displaced to who knows where. It seemed that everywhere they went they brought misfortune upon the innocent.

She poked at the beans on her plate with uncharacteristic lethargy as her melancholy surfaced.

The knock on the door jolted her back to the present. Since Caithas mentioned it, it did sound like Langbard.

"Alright," she called. "Just a second." She stood up and moved to the door, casting one glance back at the others before opening it.

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