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Kylan MacFiona's page

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Its basically a throwback to earlier editions. I suspect that old time players love them most of the time. That said there was some kind of a frog fixation in the early years of the game. Frogs show up in adventures of every level far more then could possibly be attributed to random chance.

In fact I suspect one could - if one put their mind to it, run an entire campaign in which the players never met anything that was not a frog.

See, the thing is, all the frogs are semi-iconic for the game ...
one of the original "Creator" races was batrachian. So, all the frogs and frog-like creatures are 'carry-overs' or 'throw-backs' to that time.

makes a kind of sense when looked at in that light, eh?

Let's see ...

I play Faerun, but with more than a few "homebrew" twists, i.e. locales I've imported from fantasy I particulary enjoyed, to cities/nations from other published game worlds, including Mystara ...

I play high magic, though not so high and commonplace as Eberron

I play with Psionics, but use the "Psionics is Different" variant so that magic and psi don't really 'interact' -- and just as there are accepted Wizardry schools, there are also certain places one can go for training in the psionic arts, a la the "towers" of MZB Darkover fantasy ...

There was a Dungeon(r) adventure within the last couple of years that addressed this issue ... if the characters questioned the horses in the stable, there were sets of information that the horses could give, and what the limitations might be ... The horses aren't Narnia-esque animals that carry on intelligent conversation, and they aren't necessarily anthropomorphic -- they referred to their owners as "the two legged ones" and were able to answer questions about not being beaten, about being curried, brushed and combed, and having hay and oats. They weren't able to answer motivational questions, as they had no frame of reference. The were able to answer questions about noises they heard, but not about anything that would require an understanding of Common, or a word that they hadn't been "trained" with. they were able to answer questions about the layout of areas that they had access to, but not about the interior of any other buildings.
All in all, pretty limited, although still useful enough for background info.

It really is sad, though ...
My tattoo is from a Wormy strip, towards the end even ...
the big flying panther ...

ah, well....

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