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Kullen's page

113 posts. Alias of Kirth Gersen.


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"Icing Death?" Does it inflict diabetes on a crit, due to sugar overlaod?
"Twinkle?" Does it force people you're fighting to save or die laughing?

How can anyone take this crap seriously?

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Dire Elf wrote:
I realize my wizard has spent most of her life learning magic, but couldn't she have picked up a few other things along the way?

You realize that the wizard has 2 + Int bonus skill points/level, right? And that wizards can't cast spells unless their Int is high enough? So, at the end of the day, they end up with more skill points than rogues? And that you don't need to spend skill points on Concentration anymore, because in PF you get it for free?

Dire Elf wrote:
What has my elf been doing for all those years if all she can cast are 1st-level spells, and she doesn't know how to ride a horse or treat a wound?

If you want to ride a horse, take the Ride skill. If you want to treat a wound, take the Heal skill. Cross-class ranks don't even cost double anymore, so there's very little advantage to having something as a class skill. Pathfinder is pretty much set up so that wizards are more skilled at more things than anyone else. Also, starting at middle-aged in order to cheese extra Int is considered poor form, and most DMs with half a brain will nix it.

Dire Elf wrote:
Even the kids in Harry Potter learned a bit about the world they live in

At 1st level, assuming Int 17, you have 5 skills. Take Ride and Heal. Take Spellcraft if you want. Take Fly in case you find a magic broom. And you still have one left over. Harry Potter would be envious.

And all that ignores the fact that PF wizards would be fine with no skills at all, because that their low-level spells are, for the most part, 1,000x better than any skill (hint: compare Climb and spider climb).

And, despite all that, you still want MORE skill points for them?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In other words, "There are no problems in the rules because the DM should fix all the problems with the rules." Oberoni writ large.

Oh, dear Loki, no, don't fix problematic spells in the rules to make them less problematic; then beginning DMs would still be able to run a working game, and we just can't have that! There goes the neighborhood! Only a seasoned DM's so-called "common sense" can know exactly how to ameliorate problems in a consistent and predictable manner, and it's very important not to share any of that insight in the rulebook, or -- heaven help us -- incorporate it directly into the spell descriptions.

Also, we mustn't let the PCs ever learn how things work in the game world. That would ruin the funhouse-on-acid atmosphere we're trying so hard to maintain, in which there really is no cause-and-effect to anything.

...Please excuse me while I recover from a coughing fit.

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knightnday wrote:
Well, it wasn't for a political jab although this certainly has a feeling of the same tired "must be doing things in X way" that I've come to class together with political correctness.

That's exactly how it read to me as well, so it's not just KnD. I get tired and sad when the "enlightened" people constantly go out of their way to prove they're equally as authoritarian as the "reactionary" people.

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Jiggy wrote:
Kullen wrote:

So, wait, I'm trying to understand something.

How does one square the "racist characters bad!" sentiment in this thread -- that goes far beyond the article the OP cited -- with "Ooh! A goblin tribe! Let's slaughter them and steal their stuff!"?

Those of us who don't do the latter have no need to square it with the former.

Or has the International Tribune of the One Right and True Way to Game...
Says the guy who presents the slaughter of goblins as something so universal to the gaming experience that surely he's now caught all these anti-racists red-handed in their hypocrisy?

I'm well aware that adventures like "Against the Giants" and so on are no longer universal; I just hadn't realized that they're no longer even permissible.

I'm trying to point out that, if slaughtering goblins has been abandoned in favor of some kind of Carebear kumbayah in which we're all best friends, we should be cognizant that we've left the game's foundations totally behind.

Let me be clear that there's nothing wrong with abandoning old stuff -- I sure as hell don't miss the "weapon vs. armor type" tables, either, and I'm fine with "elf" not being a class.

But as someone who grew up with The Keep on the Borderlands, it's hard to accept that not only is there no place for modules of that type anymore, but that I'm now considered to be an objectively bad person to have ever enjoyed playing it.

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Hama wrote:
I never ate peanut butter nor maple syrup.

Peanut butter is a vile substance. Imagine Nutella, except a lot worse. Only a nation of people who think that Bud Lite is beer would willingly ingest something like that.

So, wait, I'm trying to understand something.

How does one square the "racist characters bad!" sentiment in this thread -- that goes far beyond the article the OP cited -- with "Ooh! A goblin tribe! Let's slaughter them and steal their stuff!"?

Or has the International Tribune of the One Right and True Way to Game condemned things like Keep on the Borderlands and Against the Giants? Also Tolkien, for making elves and dwarves not get along (with two notable examples)?

We should burning Gygax in effigy, the racist bastard! And Tolkien! DOWN WITH TOLKIEN! DOWN WITH GYGAX! DOWN WITH D&D!

Neal Litherland wrote:
The point I'm making, Kullen, is that more often than not we get so caught up in how unique and cool OUR idea is that we fail to look at the actual consequences to the group or game we're playing in.

I simply found the article you linked a trifle condescending. Some of us have been playing for close to 4 decades -- presumably we've learned by now that D&D/PF, in any incarnation, is a team game?

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Neal Litherland wrote:
The 5 RPG Characters We Should Stop Playing?

Stop having fun wrong!

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Yes, anything but admit the fact that you're wrong. Stall! Stonewall! Demand sources! Then stall some more!

Person 1: "No, elephants and mice are not the same size. Just look at them!"
Answer: "Well, a month-old fetal elephant still in utero might be smaller than a full-grown mouse!"
Person 2: "Look at mean adult size."
Answer: "There is no definitive mean for elephant sizes! And looking at them doesn't count!"

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Shroud wrote:
I have never seen this martial / caster disparity in any game I have ever participated in. Vanilla fighters remain a popular choice in our games and we generally have one in every campaign because a straight-up fighter is a fantastic option and in 90% of our encounters ends up the MVP. You do not need magic or gimmicks to have a fun game. What you need are players that cooperate and are interested in playing a ROLE-PLAYING GAME instead of just rolling dice for damage.

I have never had AIDS. You do not need retroviral drugs to have a healthy life. What you need are people that cooperate and are interested in DENYING THE PROBLEM, because if it doesn't affect them directly, why should they care about it, amiright?

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Apropos to the discussion.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
Really, if you're going to bank on the trustworthiness of paladins, you need a way to know the paladin is who he says he is. Much like the summoner and his eidolon are marked with a rune that can't be hidden. And it should be something that can't be faked.

You need an Arisian Lens! Good job, messageboards -- we finally caught up with 1950!

captain yesterday wrote:
Nope, properly rated. a 1 out of 10, by me!

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"You're out of your element! -- When do we bowl?"

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If your wizard character doesn't wear a pointy hat and have a robe with stars on it, you're playing wrong!

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Alzrius wrote:
It's not "limiting their effectiveness" so much as it's saying "this doesn't happen in a vacuum; what are the consequences?" At least that's how it looks to me.

Kind of like casting create water!

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Casting create water might offend the elemental fire gods, causing them to send fire elementals to punish the offender. Every time you cast create water, roll 1d6. If the result is 1-3, the DM causes the fire gods to be angered, and an elemental swarm spell (fire elementals) is manifested in the area, with all of the elementals targeting the caster.

That's totally within the rules and is obviously a logical consequence of your actions. Much as casting simulacrum or summon monster automatically makes you a slaver, probably changes your alignment to evil, and summons hordes of pitchfork-wielders to do you in (I can only assume they have levels in the Angry Mobster PrC, to make them a credible threat). It has nothing to do with stealth-nerfing casters by DM fiat.

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Sissyl wrote:
Don't keep harping about liches and hags, it's getting too sodding old.

Ah, "that argument is inconvenient for me, so please stop using it."

KingOfAnything wrote:
An interesting development in the study of male/female brain structures

I question the objectivity of a "science writer" who produces pieces with titles like (I am not making this up) "Scientists examine why men even exist."

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Queen Moragan wrote:
I also find it VERY OFFENSIVE of you, MichaelCullen, to even vaguely suggest...

oh noes! And now I say I am VERY OFFENDED by you being offended, and so on...

Charlie Hebdo pretty much convinced the world that "I'm offended!" is no longer a viable argument among civilized people.
If you want to convince people, back your argument with logic, not drama.

Vanthus is definitely one serious prick.

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One day TOZ will read a book that doesn't have any pictures in it ;P

thejeff wrote:
Honestly, most of the Vance I've read is the same way.

Yeah, I don't know you, either!

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Choosing height and weight is a symptom of rampant player entitlement. You can't let those special snowflake players choose stuff like that, or they always end up with something totally inappropriate to your campaign world, and will destroy the game that you worked so hard to create for them. Why do they need to run a tall person when tall people obviously do not exist in your setting? Not only is it totally unrealistic, it ruins the storyline you want to run about them being rejected by all the girls because of their lack of height -- this is important because the angstyness of your setting demands it.

And besides, if you let them just CHOOSE stuff like height, you have to allow them to choose everything, like race -- so allowing them to pick height and weight inevitably results in a kitchen sink campaign full of cybernetic half-dragon catgirl space marines. That might be fine for some people, but I refuse to run something like that and I value my setting far too highly to allow it.

So when I have a player who rudely shows up with something like 6'7" written on their character sheet, I calmly but firmly explain that they're free to pick any height between 5'9" and 6'1" (the campaign restriction range), and if they don't like that, they know where the door is.

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
I'm fond of Second American Revolution, myself.

I'm fond of Second Breakfast, myself.

Jacob Saltband wrote:
What I dont understand is why do 'you' care if some likes to play a rogue? If the group is having fun, how does that effect 'you' who are not even in the group/state/counrty?

What do 'you' care if my little cousin gets traded from his Pee Wee Little League team to your favorite major league baseball team, to pitch in the World Series? If your favorite player is the catcher, he's still catching, so it shouldn't matter at all who's pitching, right?

The fact that it's a team game is exactly why people care that the rogue is presented as being equal to a bard or investigator, but is actually worse at everything.

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yronimos wrote:
"...she just kicks ass!"

For real! I mean, look at that stupid "d'Artagnan" character. Got nothing going for him except being a swordsman. What does he do when Dumas the DM gives him a social encounter? He challenges the NPC to a duel. So Dumas tries again, and he does it again. And Dumas tries again and he does it again! Stupid player never got the hint! And to think the campaign went on for like five volumes!

Orfamay Quest wrote:

I'd just like to address this claim specifically.

Here's the global temperature graph. Notice the numbers for the 1930s? Notice the numbers for the early 21st century?
If "another" did point that out, "another" is either misunderstanding, misinformed, or outright lying.

But... emails! Therefore, your graph is false propaganda, right?

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Irontruth wrote:

Just a reminder, scientists can now directly measure how much CO2 is impacting temperature.

I think the importance of this fact has been overlooked.

Naw, the article contains "science" and hence is automatically wrong because conspiracy theory.

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Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
I don't like giving out my government name in situations I don't need to give it, but if the name they ask for has to be my government name, I need to know that, so I know which name to give, thanks

"So, you admit to using an alias? I believe you must be a terrorist. Come with us, please."

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I feel almost ashamed to admit that I've temporarily stopped including "trans" NPCs ever since it became the flavor-of-the-week on the boards. Some kind of Driz'zt clone syndrome at work there, maybe. I'll include them normally, but stubbornly refuse to do it in order to be one of the "cool kids."

MrConradTheDuck wrote:


Chemlak wrote:
Second, don't let anyone else tell you how to drink Scotch. If you like it over ice and drowned in Coke, that's fine.

Er, to quibble, I'd say that's fine if you drink it alone and not when other people might smell it. Scotch and Coke?! That's like saying "You want a bite of cooked carrots mashed into chocolate milk?" No one is going to thank you for sharing.

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666bender, did you notice that everyone else in the thread is posting in sentences, and that your posts are in bursts of microbytes? It kind of reminds me of my grandmother, who would sometimes sit there and interject Spanish into everyone else's English conversation, just because she knew half of them wouldn't pay attention.

I'm not saying it's wrong, just that your points would reach more people by following their lead.

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Damn, there's a lot of blue hors d'oevres in this thread...

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I just ban everything. Including players. Everything is much purer to my personal vision that way.

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MrRetsej wrote:
Go ahead and whine about it being suboptimal. Many people do and will. But opening character concepts up without having to cringe every time you roll a d4 is priceless to those players that want to roleplay over rollplay.

Oooh, good, Stormwind Fallacy, badwrongfun, and condescention, all in one post!

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Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:
Going to the opposite silly extreme does not invalidate someone's preference of something somewhere in the middle.

"Squatting in between those on the side of reason and evidence and those worshipping superstition and myth is not a better place. It just means you’re halfway to crazy town." --P.Z. Myers

So, is Zoobie the 1,977th sock puppet of Driver the 325th Successful Troll?

Lamontius wrote:
The terms comes from some old d&d thing, some race that inherently mixed weapons and magic.


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"This adventure can only be completed if someone climbs this rope for 24 hours straight, while someone else stands and full attacks all day, and no one uses any spells to bypass these sorts of insanely contrived scenarios. Rogues and fighters are awesome!"

I know, lithium's a total scam, right? It's not like it helps with bipolar disorder -- oh, wait, there's no such thing, right? Hahahah.

houstonderek wrote:
If I can't sample whatever hoppy IPA the DM is offering that day, I just don't want to game.

Hipster. You probably like PBR, too!

TOZ wrote:
And when he says 'houstonderek, TOZ, and I' he means 'that TOZ guy showed up to a couple games and had fun'. :)

Modesty -- from YOU of all people? What's the world coming to?

Seriously, though, your insatiable interest in what makes a good game had as much influence on the rules as all of Derek's grognarding. (Also, it should have been, "Houstonderek, TOZ, myself, et al.," because Jess Door's systems mastery and incisive reasoning had a lot of influence, too; and Frank Trollman's various rants during the PF Beta playtesting, some of which finally sank in; and Psychicmachinery pointing out "you've kicked the wizard enough, it's time to ease up on the poor guy!"; and so on.)

Wait -- you disagree with a factual observation? Uh, okay, definitely best I be gone.

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I think this thread is coming along excellent.

Thin Skinned wrote:
Grand Anthraxus

Hey! This is the "demon lord" thread; the "daemon lord" one is next door!

[Vomits copiously]

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