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Vedavrex Misraria

Kryzbyn's page

Goblin Squad Member. 11,069 posts (17,239 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 56 aliases.

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Count me in as well!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hell, go dread become a tank that can eat souls, then SLA pane shift to...wherever the hell you want.

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As someone who played a dark jedi imperial ace pilot in SWG...I concur.

There was a quest you could get from Darth Vader to get his old fighter from SW III, that if you failed any step, he'd force choke you to death. Was the best quest ever :)

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I read them :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just got the DVD series for Venger's stats...

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Male Human Gestalt Inquisitor/Dragon Knight 16
Elektra Kalama wrote:
Ghalen Kiln wrote:
Elektra Kalama wrote:
Ghalen Kiln wrote:

Winces at the sudden telepathic message...

"I'm never going to get used to that..." he mutters under his breath.

"Get used to what?" she asked, confused.

Heh. When you grow up around telepathy it's not so jarring. :)

"Telepathy. I don't like it, although I'm sure dating the high seer's daughter will probably cure me of that eventually."
"So, telepathy is weird where you come from? Sorry, it's just that's really weird to me. It's just such a normal part of life for's easier I think when you're used to it. You know you have good control of it so it's fine. And really useful."

He nods in understanding.

"I don't spend enough time in dragon form to really use it a whole lot, so I'm not there yet, and I don't seem to be able to do it in this form.
I have noticed that a lot of 'native' species here on Agartha seem to have the ability. It's a marvel, really, from a scientific standpoint. Though I imagine magic has far more to do with it than any evolutionary need for it. Or possibly a combination of the two..."

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My favorite character of all time was played in a one-on-one format for most of the almost 20 years I got to play him. He was an anti-hero from day one, and those types of characters are still a favorite to play to this day.
He started as an anti-paladin in 2E, spent some time in GURPS, then to D20 after the gestalt rules came out, and finally played with the rules of the GM's home-brewed game system.
I've played with better DMs, and had other characters I really, really enjoyed, but those games, and that character will always be my favorite.
When playing that character, the dice always landed where they needed to whenever he was doing something crazy, or arrogant, or in regards to his faith in his god. Every, single, time. Haven't had that with any character since.

I guess the "embarrassment" factor comes from my favorite character not being from a game with other players, in a game that's intended to be at least four people plus DM.

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Hiyas KC!
This looks like tons of race I've always wanted to give a shot is the Entobian

Would this be acceptable?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What are some common misconceptions about sea life (like sharks having to stay in motion)?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This is all looking so fantastic. The more I read on Starfinder, the more I want to see. Keep it comin'!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah...I dunno. I'd become pretty scary. Enough so that I'd need to become a hermit, probably. Or, take over the planet. Tomayto, tomahto.

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Bob_Loblaw wrote:

I was invited to game as Cindy with some friends this weekend. There will be 5 of us. 3 know about me and one has never met me before. I was told that he would be fine with it (I don't think that they've talked to him though). I am really thinking about doing it. I would normally avoid meeting a new person as Cindy, but I'm starting to think that this may be the best thing I can do. I will be among friends, doing something I enjoy and the one person who doesn't know me yet hasn't had a chance to form any opinions. This means that he will start off knowing right away. I will have nothing to hide. I can always just leave if it's not comfortable. Since he will be on a date with one of the ladies there, she will learn how he treats people who are different.

I'm still scared, but I think this may be a good idea.

Your example of courage is inspiring. Good luck, and have fun!

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Don't forget ranks in Heal. He didn't spend time in medical school to not have ranks in Heal ;)

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thejeff wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:

Quoting Glenn Beck now?

Using the king of the tin foil hat people to justify something is amusing to me, seeing as how he wouldn't have been a reliable source 8 years ago.

It's kind of along the lines of "when Jerry Garcia tells you you're doing too many drugs, it's time to cut back."

When the wacko racist tin foil hat guy thinks your ideas are too far out there, you may have a problem.



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Male Kobold (Adult Black dragon) Gestalt Sorceror/Oracle Necromancer; Champion of Death
narrator wrote:

Death looked uncomfortable, insomuch as a skull could show discomfort. Which, as it turned out, was rather a great deal. AH. STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. I DON'T SUPPOSE WE COULD AT LEAST HAVE COOKIES FIRST? NO? IT'S PROBABLY FOR THE BEST. THEY DIDN'T TURN OUT ANY BETTER THAN THE TEA.


Krays' anger melts as he walks forward, and places his had on his master's shoulder, giving him a look of sympathy.

"Master...I'm sorry for my pointedness. Things are never simple, or straight forward in my service to you. I did not intend to cause you discomfort. I worry not just for the lives of my family and friends, but I worry for your existence as well. I will not ask you to betray any confidences, even if it's to my wife's former master. Please, Master. Tell us what you can. Help us help you, and help me champion your power."

Ephebe will realize over her bond, that Krays does not see Death as just his Master, but as a father-figure or other deeply admired and respected family member. It may be hard for any other creature, but for Krays, he simply loves Death, like Ephebe loves Ryleh. This is where his zealotry comes from, his fire when dealing with those that abuse the powers of death, or attempt to harm his loved ones.

Heh. Sympathy for a giant robed skeleton...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I believe that for today, McRibs qualify as health food.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Has anyone talked to Betts? Is he ok?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It's simply too early to tell. We already have protests, and the man isn't even in office yet.

My advice is to not give in to fear, and live your life. Worry about the day to day, here and now. This is not a dismissal of your fears, as no one has the right to say it's not valid to you.
I'm simply saying that living in fear is no way to live. Do whatever you do now; if you're politically active, keep doing it. Keep working for your ideals where you live. Be a decent human being. Love your neighbors, take care of those you love. Live your life.
This too shall pass.

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Hanging out in space is illogical...friggin' morons.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Let's also stay classy and not imply that people's deaths would be ok, shall we?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Slowing down/stopping Muslim immigration and/or building a wall along the southern border isn't even remotely the same as concentration camps, which is what you're talking about.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
A highly regarded expert wrote:
The good news is that Hillary probably won't try to run again.

Somehow, I doubt that. I don't think she's done with politics. One can hope, though.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It would look like his warlock sorcerer methinks.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

HIllary couldn't keep enough of the black or hispanic votes to win. The swing states were decided by independants. I think the "angry old white people" rhetoric doesn't fit here.

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Jiggy wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
I voted, and now I'm watching Google's live election map. Interestingly, Texas keeps flip-flopping between red and blue as we approach its final count. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I'd have thought it was a dead lock for red.
Was everything ok where you went? Some polling place across the country have been a bit froggy.
Completely quiet and uneventful. :)

Good to hear you're safe, as well as the other voters in your area.

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If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. - Rush

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KingOfAnything wrote:
Kryzbyn wrote:
Besides the presidential election, we had some local board and judges, as well as a congressional race. Also big ticket is a repeal of the state legislature's repeal of the death penalty.

That ballot issue is amusingly obtuse (Yay mandated language!). Vote to RETAIN the legislature's repeal of the death penalty in order to abolish the practice*, or vote to REPEAL the bill in order to reinstate the right for the state to perform executions.

Spoilering my opinions to avoid political derail, but a quick rant.
** spoiler omitted **

I think they clarified what each response meant well on the ballot. As to my personal view, I'd like it there as an option. I don't think it should be used nearly as often as it is some places, but for Nikko Jenkins, I'll make an exception.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Adjule wrote:

Tank, in MMORPG terms, is someone who takes hits while holding all attention of the enemies while everyone else attacks it (or heals the PCs). The part of being a tank that doesn't really translate into TTRPG is the "holding aggro" where the enemy focuses solely on the guy in front of him with tunnel vision.

So making a "tank" is really difficult and requires GM cooperation. Of course, most creatures who are somewhat intelligent wouldn't focus solely on one person (unless they can take him out, in which case the player would probably get angry that his tank didn't perform like he thinks it should have).

As others have pointed out, the reason that role is called "Tank" in an MMO, is becasue plate fighters were called Tanks in TTRPGS before MMOs existed.

The aggro mechanics of the MMO is irrelevant when using the term to describe a role you want your character to portray in a TTRPG.
Everyone understands what it means, unless you spend time splitting hairs.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

OMG yes please! I've been trying to homebrew a mesmer for a couple years, but couldn't get the illusory pets to feel right.

Would be super cool. May have to give them diminished casting, though, and maybe some bumps to melee ability.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
thejeff wrote:

Except that the Fighter doesn't do a great job of protecting people by soaking damage, the thief doesn't do a great job of melee DPS and the Wizard has better things to do than Ranged DPS most of the time.

The classic 4 TTRPG roles don't really map onto the MMO roles. 4E pushed it closer, giving classes explicit roles, (maybe partly why somepeople thought it was the MMO RPG?).

Any given fighter can be built a bunch of different ways, for different functions. If they take intercept feats, or feats that give penalties if other people don't attack them, it can be done.

So in this case, if I said I wanted to play a fighter, and the GM asked what kind of fighter, I'd say a "tank", and he'd understand the goal, whether it's 100% mechanically possible or not, he can still be RP'd as a protector, and act that way in combat. You dig?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm not a mechanics monster by any stretch of the imagination...
While the class looks cool, I'm not sure I understand what it's niche is, or what you're doing with the "lightsaber". Why the arbitrary time limit?
Looks like a monk that flurries with a weapon, and has paladin auras?
It seems all over the place, and I don't know that the immunity to fear/mind effecting stuff fits the theme of the Jedi. Yoda wouldn't caution folks about fear leading to the Dark Side if they were immune to it...
It's not a bad first effort, but unless everyone in the party were playing one of these, I think there could be balance issues.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Linkified, part deux

3 people marked this as a favorite.

You can be one or the other, or both.
I play with a guy who enjoys the mechanics of building characters. He rarely actually contributes to roleplay in the game, or give anything in detail about a character background. It is what it is, but his character still contributes.
In the same group, we had a gal who was the polar opposite. She would come up with backstories, and ask her husband to create the mechanics for her based on the backstory (which class made the most sense, could do what she had in mind, etc.) She didn't like combat much, but always roleplayed the hell out of her characters.
The other three folks in my group, including myself, do both in varying degrees.

Are any of us less gamers than the other? Are any of us "better" at gaming? Being geeks?

Are broad brush terms stupid? Yes.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Re: Rifts
To be fair, it's the human's escalation of conflict to a nuclear exchange that causes the monster invasion. The sudden loss of life, release of all that life energy caused the ley lines to swell with power, making them hundreds of feet tall walls of energy crisscrossing the Earth that wreaked havoc on the workings of physical law, causing magical storms of biblical proportions and opened random portals to other dimensions by which monsters of legend and other things inconceivable to modern people invaded and took part in the bedlam. Millions of people died from the initial eruption of the ley lines, and millions more died at the hands of "demons" after.
All caused by a limited nuclear exchange in South America, on the day before Christmas, no less.

Wikipedia wrote:

Rifts begins with two future-historical premises: first, a golden age of humanity occurs, with tremendous advances in science, technology, military, and society. Humanity as a whole is at peace as a majority of Earth's nations decide to cease world war and begin to share ideas and technology freely. Much of the solar system is conquered, humanity's wars will end, and harmony will reign. Second, that this golden age is followed by an apocalyptic nuclear war, causing a disaster that cascades into tremendous destruction via a domino effect.

The cataclysm begins with border incursion by NEMA (North American Economic Military Alliance, comprising Canada, The U.S., and Mexico) forces in South America during the year 2098. A nuclear response that follows involves the deaths of millions of living beings, and the simultaneous release of their PPE.

What is already a huge release of mystical energy is multiplied as a result of several special conditions: a rare multi-planetary alignment, occurrence during the Winter Solstice, and all at midnight. The deaths of millions at this time amplifies these already high psychic energies, triggering many powerful natural disasters across the world, including the return of Atlantis.

The energy release from the deaths of millions more in turn releases even more mystic energy, causing more disasters in a vicious cycle. Ultimately, the total destruction brings an unprecedented energy release of billions. Ley Line networks that crisscross the globe are energized as never before, causing rifts to open both on Earth and throughout the Megaverse. Untold numbers of alien beings are pulled from their own home worlds, while Great Powers of the Megaverse are alerted of a new and valuable planet to conquer.

For hundreds of years after the holocaust, many creatures, both mythical beasts and alien beings, come through the Rifts - some of them now permanently opened - to wreak additional havoc. The old world gone, a new dark age dawns and humanity's shrinking population is reduced, due to catastrophe and domestic failure, immeasurably.

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Male Drow (noble) 14 Ranger

After a weekend of prednisone and antibiotics, the puppy (I say puppy but she's a 9 year old blue heeler) is doing much, much better.
Thanks for the good vibes!

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Bros before hoes is a terrible phrase, mostly because it implies that a man spending time with his lady should never supersede wanting to spend time with his male friends. This is belittling to the woman in question, and the person who is supposedly your friend doesn't take your feelings for her seriously.
It also comes up when a male's male friend has a go at his girlfriend, either trying to bed her, or otherwise disrespect her, he should let it go, because the male-male friendship is somehow automatically more important than his relationship with his girlfriend, and degrades her to being an object unworthy of consideration. This is often used by douchebags to justify their douchebaggery and try to stay being friends with people they've been c#@&s to, cuz, hey man, it's just a chick.
The whole idea is pretty much anti-chivalrous, and disrespectful all around.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
UnArcaneElection wrote:
Cool thoughts

I think, more than anything else, Asmodeus wants to give Sarenrae no reason to shift him from "redeemable" to "unredeemable" in her book. He's seen what happens when she decides a foe fits in the latter column. The response is quick, furious, and unrelenting. He would really have to have his ducks in a row before trying the "blackmail Sarenrae with releasing Rovagug" idea.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Planet Bob.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When I bought the engagement ring for my wife, I had paid attention to various things she had said while we were together, so I knew:
1) ring size
2) favorite color or rings/jewelry
3) favorite diamond cut
4) preferences on band thickness

I found a ring that matched those, and when I proposed she was ecstatic when she saw the ring. I had never asked her a direct question about rings, so it was somewhat of a surprise, and she got the ring she wanted.
Her comment was "you do listen!" through the happy tears.

This was definitely a win/win :P

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Good thing my paladin is Tim Curry.

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