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Kruelaid's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 12,331 posts (18,798 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 59 aliases.

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This is an excellent start to building up your Golarion campaign. Haven't seen much of it, though, since I started passing it around amongst the players.

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Here, folks, is a resource that speaks to new and experienced GMs alike. Diverse campaign embellishments in each chapter were worked, no doubt, by inflamed, rabid imaginations. There is no system here, it’s like a collection of classic Dungeon magazine support articles: generators, lists, locations, and sundry GM brain feed so good that this puny little review just can’t do it justice. I think even a first rate screen monkey brimming with creativity and wickedness will still find plenty in here to fire up a campaign; and if you’re a noob – this stuff will be priceless.

The layout is gorgeous, but then I bought the pdf and an opulent look like this could be a killer for your game laptop. If that worries you - you’re in luck - the download comes with two copies, one with and one without page background. Hey, I’m not a collector and this isn’t something I need to carry to my games, so I’m going to call this the best 9 dollars I’ve spent on pdf game supplements in ages, and that includes the stuff I nicked during Paizo’s clearance sale last year.

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Desert goodness


I'm not going to spoil anything and I see no reason to repeat my sage peers below--so I'm just saying that this is a great adventure and you won't regret ordering it.

Tragically, this beautiful little folder is it's own worst enemy, because when you read it you'll want more on Osirion and right now it's not there.

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Two problems

**( )( )( )

It looks good but I have two problems.
1) The creases from shipping have not come out no matter what I do. My Chessex mat can be crumpled for years and the creases always come out within a day or two of being rolled or layed flat.
2) The lines have flecked off where it creased so I assume that in time all of the other lines will fleck too. My Chessex map has survived 12 years of gaming and the lines are still all there (along with various stains and roach burns).

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