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Krome's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 4,679 posts (4,697 including aliases). 16 reviews. 5 lists. 2 wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

Full Name



on your mark, get set...


Everyone says I have no class...


Why didn't they ask for sex?


Getting AWFULLY personal there!


we don't talk about that...

Special Abilities

able to defeat seven-headed cryohydras single handedly




Someone is greater than me?




I can barely speak dwarven and common, let alone any of that fancy pants elven crap


what is this occupation you speak of

Strength 20
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 16
Charisma 5

About Krome

Had the good fortune to be born in Texas and married to a Missourian.

KromeDragon Games is now live and doing well. You can expect to see creative and original game adventures from KroneDragon Games with three product lines.

The first line is Sidetrek Adventures™ which will feature short side treks that can be fit into most ongoing games or used as one night stands.

The second line is Sidetrek Encounters™ which features a single encounter location that can be used as a random encounter or even to spin off some other side treks.

The third line is Adventure Delves™ with full sized adventure modules.

You can keep up to date with KromeDragon Games on Facebook

ALSO Check out the Facebook page for Pathfinder Lodge of Missouri!

contact me at:

oclark86 (the "at" symbol) gmail (a simple little dot) com

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