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Shalelu Andosana

Kristen Gipson's page

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 229 posts (232 including aliases). 9 reviews. 3 lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters.

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A New Favorite


The whole feel of this scenario is AWESOME!

I, as a GM, appreciated the flexibility of this scenario. Depending on what the PCs done there could be anywhere between 0-5 combats.

Valais is a very memorable NPC. PCs where suspicious of her the entire time.

This is a fantastic investigative scenario that was a blast to GM.

My only issue with the scenario was the maze tiles. The 10x10 dimensions make it hard to print from a home computer. However, they were incredibly easy to draw.

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Maps Suck!

*( )( )( )( )

This scenario is purely a dungeon crawl, with little to no RPing. The only part of the scenario I even remotely liked was the first floor. I like that there is an assortment of traps throughout the first floor, but after the first floor traps were forgotten about completely.

The first fight is long and monotonous. Sure the nubglub with its high AC is fine, but at least give it some buddies that can do more then 1d3-2 dmg and 1d6 for SA. I have GMd this 3 times and played once and this fight takes at least 1 hr and its ends with the PCs take very little or no dmg.

The water fight is ok. The idea behind it is nice, the execution is poor. The unaltered aquatic ghouls are very under powered for a 5-9. The statues take penalties when they are in the water, so had it be given a piercing weapon would have been a huge improvement.

The party fight is dumb. The cleric is completely screwed over making this fight a complete cakewalk.

The puzzle is just confusing to understand and after you figure out what is going on, it makes no sense to even try to play through this.

I would have rated this 2 stars, but the absolutely terrible maps make this a 1 star. Not only is there the same circular room over and over, but they entire map is done on a 10 ft scale. Making ALL of the maps a b#**@ to draw and forget about printing because of the 10 ft scaling.

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***( )( )

I really liked this scenario, but it has some issues. It has solid roleplay opportunties and interesting combats.

The investigative roleplay is nice, because it can be changed to be suited towards your players. You get to hunt down magical beasts that should really put the fear into someone and then end with a gladiator fight.

The hazards are nice touch. Making it so you get to see how nasty it is in the cinderlands, however, rolling once every hour is wasting unneccesary resources. If it was evey other hour it would be a huge improvement. I ran it 3 seperate times. The first time it took 13 hrs and the second and third it took 12 hrs. That is alot of channels and CLW that were wasted. This is the section that most of my players did not like about the scenario. If I was running this for anything other then Pathfinde Society, I would be altering this.

The gladiator fight was very underwhelming. There is too much time for players to prepare for battle. Then battle ends almost as soon as it begins. The cows are hilarious, if the dont win initiative, and get to trample. Vroth goes done like a sack of potatoes. This combat lasted no more then 2 rnds tops for me. I would want a gladiator fight to a least last more then 2 rnds.

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Really, really great concept


After reading this, I havent played or ran it yet, I am REALLY excited about this scenario. I absolutely love the fact that even though pathfinders are escorting him, they still have to make sure he doesn't get himself into trouble from basic wilderness hazards.

Just the overall plot of the scenario is very clever. This might be my new favorite, time will tell.

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Blah Dungeon Crawl

**( )( )( )

I recently ran this twice (once at each tier) at a local con.

If you are a player who likes combats and rolling dice (rather then roleplay), then this is the scenario for you.

I love the fact that she has been wronged by the hellknights. I like that story has at least a little bit of tie-in to the Blakros Matrimony, The Disappeared, The Fortress of the Nail story arc. However, I feel that this is just a boring dungeon crawl. You literally walk from tile to tile and only stop for an encounter.

This scenario has roleplay possibilities. You can easily roleplay out of combat the first encounter. You take a typical sewer creature that you almost never speak with and give it a voice. I, personally, REALLY love this. This is, however, almost the only roleplaying capable in this scenario. There is potential for other roleplay, but a PC needs to speak an rather obscure language. When you start talking your way through the second encounter, a stealthy NPC provkes a fight.

I like the otyughs, we have just seen them recently. They are not overpowering, they just make you work for it. Same goes for the rangers. The plants are extremly underwhelming. I understand that they inflict more conditions than anything, but the saves and their attacks are so low that the conditions typically dont stick. The electric plant curatin hazard was a nice touch. The same goes for the oozes. Their attacks are so low or they dont have a lot of HP so they do not stay around long enough to do much of anything. The BBEG fight was well done. You give her battle field control spells and let her minions do all the heavy work.

overall: +2
There is a nice foundation established for a good story, but it quickly becomes a boring dungeon crawl. There is very little roleplay possibilities and the combats are what you would expect when to parade the Korvosan sewers. If you are going to be parading through the sewers give it more flavor, then just parading through the sewers, killing the things that live there.

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