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Shalelu Andosana

Kristen Gipson's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 260 posts (263 including aliases). 20 reviews. 3 lists. No wishlists. 18 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Amazing Story Line


After playing and running this I am glad to say this is one of the best scenarios that Paizo has came out with it.

The thing that makes this scenario so amazing is the story. If you have played older scenarios it will have you on the edge of your seat the entire line. There was a lot of effort that was put into the storyline to connect a lot a missing pieces.

The first combat is what makes this scenario. Everytime it's done I want to say "welcome to the big leagues." The combats, other then the first one, seem balanced for the party.

If you haven't played much of season 0, 1, or 2 a lot of this won't make much since.

Also there were quite of few errors on how feats and abilities work. However, it did not take away from the scenario its self.

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Boring desert tromp

**( )( )( )

After playing this, I honestly don't remember much about it. I remember there are some random encounters. All of which seemed incredibly underpowered in comparison to mythic PCs. When you finally do catch up to Kafar and Nefti they are a rediculously easy fight. The you find the ruins. Do a puzzle and fight some constructs.

The only interesting thing is voting.

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Solid scenario all around.

****( )

I thoroughly enjoyed running this scenario. It has a nice mix of roleplaying, shananagins, investigations, and combat.

I really enjoyed the influence section. I especially liked how a few of the NPCs are intertwined so depending on how well you do and what you do your influence will change. It was also very creative to have actions throughout effect it as well. I was disappointed there was not a discovery option, as that is one of the ways to determine the alternate skill.

I also liked the take on the non-chase. It was very creative, although maybe the DCs should have differed per subtier.

The first fight seemed to be the most difficult and that just seems odd. However, it might have just seemed harder due to a poorly timed pit.

Overall, I enjoyed running this scenario and would love to in it again.

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Best of the Series

****( )

I have played this and GMd this (all on subtier 4-5 with 4 person scaling).

I thoroughly enjoyed this scenario. This is my favorite type of scenario. Dungeon crawl that has a really cool theme and lots of information to gain. In this case it is not only the backstory of GM Torch, but also the last resting place of some of the jeweled sages.

The one thing I thought was especially cool was that the dead PFs agents magical items were corrupted and turned into cursed items.

With all this said, depending on the party makeup, this scenario can be brutal for a unprepared party. The barbarian hits like a mack truck and then you have to deal with an incorporeal at subtier 1-2. I know there is some items that can help (+1 scimitar, scroll of Ghostbane Dirge), but only one person can use the scimitar and the scroll is only DC 13. This can easily be a party wipe, if they don't party with the other group.

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Initial Rating

****( )

When I ran this we were not confined to a 4 hr slot. It took 7 hrs with a dinner break in between. There were was some new rules discussions and ALOT of table talk. My initial review doesn't change any.

The roleplay primarily consists of investigating disappearances and spreading rumors. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if not done right, it can feel like it's missing something. At least one of the combats as the potential to not even break out into violence, which is nice.

The combats seem well thought out. I especially like how the combats are all completely different. The end fight before tactics seem a little off. Why wouldn't everyone be fully buffed going into this fight, when they know they are breaking into a Pathfinder Lodge?

One thing I especially liked about this scenario, is the fact that the players are able to learn the backstory. There are so many scenarios where you are completely in the dark about motivations.

This is very interesting approach to a skill scenario. If you flub the rolls or don't have to skill, it's ok. The scenario will end the same way regardless.

I did not particularly care for the size of the map. I get why it has to big so big, but it is just a pain. Other GMs might want to consider only drawing the manor, since the courtyard probably won't see any combat.

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