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Shalelu Andosana

Kristen Gipson's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 246 posts (249 including aliases). 15 reviews. 3 lists. No wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Underwhelming Roleplay and Difficult Combats

**( )( )( )

I personally really liked the idea of getting to explore a pyramid that had been buried in the sand for a millennia. However, that is about the only thing I like about this module. The module itself is not bad, but it is far from good.

I GMd and played this for Free RPG Day.

There are WAY too many combats and not enough traps. Just because there is a room, doesn't mean there have to be baddies in there as well. Over half the creatures have DR, hardness, or are just out right immune to weapon damage.

The combats turned out be run as difficultly as were predicted. We ran 5 tables at our FLGS for Free RPG Day. One table made it completely through with no deaths(they ran no pregens) and one TPK. There were 9 out of 21 PC deaths total. The deaths occurred in different combats.

There is little to no roleplay. What little roleplay there is, you will be lucky if there is even a PC that speaks the obscure, ancient language. I completely understand why they speak ancient osiriani, it just makes it difficult and unenjoyable if no PC can speak the language.

The pregens that are allowed are far from optimal for the module. I understand the reasoning as to why those classes were chosen, however, the swashbuckler is basically useless, through the entire thing.

The main problem with the module is the difficulty of it. Free RPG Day is routinely used as a means to draw in new players, but if their character dies or there is a TPK, not many new players will want to return.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings if I never run it again.

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Difficult combats, but unrememberable roleplay

***( )( )

This scenario has the typical Kaer Maga feel. Investigation and roleplay in the beginning and combats in the end.

This scenario adds a couple new NPCS to the Kaer Maga lineup. I really appreciate the details that the author put into these NPCs. However, he fails to get across the reason the Gael family even wants Karela dead. Also, the story aspect falls a little flat. The PCs talk to a contact, they are then sent to another person, and then they are sent on a task.

When I ran it at a game day, my husband told me by the end of the day he didn't even remember what it was about.

(Rogue 1/Fighter 5, Barbarian 5, goblin gunslinger 6, sorcerer 9=6.5 chose to round down to 6)

My players thoroughly enjoyed the apartment. Especially, when the rogue said he wasn't going to check for traps, then went flying through the glass window and almost off the balcony. The handled to swarms and zombies easily. The started having problems when the goblin gunslinger got flanked between the two rogues, a bookshelf, and a wall with no where to go. Needless to say he did not survive. (BOOYAH!!!) After the combat ended they choose to go to a temple to get the gunslinger raised before heading down stairs. So everyone was fully buffed and waiting for when they returned.

The final combat was incredibly over powered for this party formation. They had the hardest time with the vampire. In between the good AC, DR, regeneration, and neg channeling cleric he was the last thing to go down. The fighter was pissed when he disarmed the cleric's holy symbol and I revealed the tattoo. By the end of the combat, all of the martial PCs were down (the barb was dead) and the sorcerer had 4 HP.

Overall Evaluation
I like this scenario. The roleplay did seemed to fall a little flat. I do think the more I run it, the more enjoyable it will become. Also, the last combat should be a higher CR then what it totals up to. There is a lot of synergy in the fight, making it that much more difficult.

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Solid Low Tier Scenario

****( )

This is a excellent mystery scenario. The cool thing about this scenario is that it can be a roleplay scenario or a combat scenario. The players decide how they want to play it.

I have GMd it both ways and my players have thoroughly enjoyed it either way.

The storyline for this scenario is well thought out and enjoyable to run. The government corruption angle is a great storyline for Andoran.

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Indifferent feelings

***( )( )

I have played and GMd this. I think I like the idea of this scenario more then the execution.

I really like Sir Ilivan, but I found it kinda a hard to roleplay him and really get across all the crap that has happened to him and why he acts the way he does. The combats were interesting, and some of them left you with moral decisions (which is a good thing). I, as a GM, have a hard time GMing combat trails scenarios and I understand that is why Sir Ilivan is an there. They are just not my cup of tea.

I played this at Gencon 2014, my GM was incredibly under prepared (he was also running the special). There was little to no rolepay with Sir Ilivan, there was actually more roleplay with the Crusaders at the fort, which was very basic, "why are you here", "what do we need to do". I, as a player, felt that the GM hadn't even looked at the enemy stat blocks. After starting 45 mins late and skipping the optional encounter (GMs choice), we finished in about 2 hrs. So by the end of the slot I felt like I just wasted my $6.

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Great Season 5 Starter

****( )

I played this with a party of 4. We thoroughly enjoyed this scenario.

It had interesting combats, a mystery plot, and plenty of roleplay to boot. We did notice the faction interaction were a little hard to determine who and where they were supposed to take place.

Our GM did a great job roleplaying the old ladies and really brought the story to life.

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