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Shalelu Andosana

Kristen Gipson's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 246 posts (249 including aliases). 15 reviews. 3 lists. No wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Taldor *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Regardless as to what the online reporting says, as long as you have the chronicle, that's all that matters.

Taldor *****

Last year, it took them over a month for my 7 Gen Con tables for all show up.

Also, keep in mind that they are going to be EXTREMELY busy right now, since PaizoCon UK and GenCon are both coming up in less then a month.

Taldor *****

I have GMd this, but have not played it.

When I GM this I noticed that this was how the players felt. So to keep it from going down the very disastrous and inevitable path that it was headed, I had him start to ignore all the PCs that were asshats to him and he started talking to the no social skills fighter (he wasn't saying anything), that did well in the werewolf fight. Before long, the fighter buddied up to him and even sparred with him. The fighter really played up the whole situation. He "explained" that adventurers do not remove their armor when nature calls, to properly loot a corpse you cannot forget to look in their bum, and other remarks like that. In the end, they convinced him he is better off in court, and the fighter agreed to become his new instructor.

Taldor *****

1st table March 26, 2011 Darkest Vengeance
150th table March 29, 2014 Eyes of the Ten, Part 4

Taldor *****

Chronicle is up
Risen from the Sands Chronicle

Taldor *****

Combat synergy would be a good thing to focus on. More so, then just adding more combatants.

Wonders in the Weave, Part 1:
This scenario CRs might not be overly high, but the combats are constructed very well. Shambling mounds with shocker lizards and mummies with brown mold.

Storming the Diamond Gate:
The Final fight is built with some incredible synergy. A caster, some archers, and lots of difficult terrain. Making it time consuming to get to any of them. This combat can easily last 10+ rnd and end in a TPK.

We have seen from the earlier high level scenarios, adding more combatants isn't always the most efficient way to make combats more difficult.

No Plunder, No Pay:
one CR 6, and six CR 1, does not make for a difficult combat at tier 7-8

Echoes of the Everwar, Part 2:
32 morlocks is a joke at tier 11-12.

Taldor *****

Doug Miles wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
More DMs. Smaller tables.
I totally agree BNW, I think 6 & 7 player tables are boring. That's another aspect to consider. People need to step up or step aside.

I completely agree.

The early seasons are made for 4 players, but when the table has 6 or 7 players that makes a big difference.


Northern Ancestry is not legal for play. It is a campaign trait. So that should make the decision a lot easier.

Taldor *****

My table count says it is 6, when actually it is 155.

Taldor *****

Southern Illinois

We have 13 level 12+ characters. Although, 2 characters of the those have recently went to the Philadelphia region. With roughly 9 level 11 characters.

Eyes of the Ten- 1 table (The next group is almost ready to play)
Fortress of the Stone Giant-1 table
Sins of the Saviors-1 table
The Spires of Xin Shalast-1 table

Taldor *****

Yes, some scenarios can run short and that is usually 3 hrs, not 2 or 2 1/2.

If you do not have a dedicated group that will attend each session, you probably shouldn't even try to split a scenario between 2 slots. Yu would be better or compete with the other event and complete the scenario. Scenarios being short enough to complete in one session is one of the draws for PFS. Speak with the store owner and tell them you need at least a 4 hr slot to run PFS.

One of our local comic stores is having the problem of closing at 9. So that leaves games starting at 5 or 530 to have a 3.5 or 4 hr slot. Since the 5 o'clock starting time is incredibly difficult for people to attend, PFS has not been doing well at the store. They have tried different days (Tues nights, and Sat day and evening) without much success. They are usually able to get a table each slot, but hardly anything more. The store has extended the hrs until 11PM for the summer. So hopefully that will make a difference.

Taldor *****

Wraith235 wrote:

Not sure if it has been asked (Kinda in a hurry ATM)

if you apply this as GM Credit - does the PC it's applied to still need to aquire an attonment ?


Taldor *****

I noticed most people just write and X or a check mark in the box instead of writing the chronicle number.


This spam thing is getting a little nuts lately.

If I didnt already have the other deck, I would definitely be buying this one. Looks awesome.

Taldor *****

It's ok, it happens to the best of us.

Taldor *****

You need to use the werewolf stat block in the Bestiary and make the appropriate changes to the stat block that are listed in the scenario. You should use the hybrid form, since it is the closest to the scenario stats and the high tier is also hubrid form.

Taldor *****

Do we have any idea what the correction on the scaling for encounter B2 is, that is if there is any scaling (The CR is only APL+1).

Taldor *****

After 5 on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday it is free to park. So you just need to bring change (~$2-3) for the Friday afternoon slot.

SIU parking

You'll be driving on 51, then will turn onto Lincoln drive. There is parking right in front of the student center. It is parking lot 13 and 13A (N8 & N9 on the map).


I have a flowing monk with a high dex. I focused on trip and vicious stomp. I also went with Panther style to get even more attacks. Typically I would weave through everybody, get a retaliatory attack, trip them, then get and AoO while they are prone. This is incredibly affective.

Taldor *****

1-darkest vegengance
100-we be goblins, too
150-eyes of the ten, part 4

Taldor *****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks everyone!

@chris-I have had some really fun tables as both a GM and player, however, there is one table that has really stood out from the others. It was when I played Haunting of Hinojai (GM-Chris Mortika). You did such a fantastic job running the table, that I know of at least 2 people who say that it is their most memorable table. I especially enjoyed that you made the focus the house, not about the combats. You described things so well, that we actually imagined ourselves walking through the house. I try to incorporate this type of story telling when I GM, because it was incredible to experience as a player.

@Thursty. It was actually Eyes of then Ten, part 4. Table 151 will be Traitor's Lodge though. ;-)

Taldor *****

Herolab comes generally in one of two prefences. Either you love it or you hate it.

I personally think herolab is better for vetern players. Players need to know how to make a character from scratch, otherwise they will rely on it and not even know the basics. Especially players who are new to RPGs.

Recently, I completed a series of audits for my group going through Eyes of the Ten. Yes, there were far fewer mistakes on the herolab character sheets, then those of the manual. However, it was alot harder to figure out where some bonuses where coming from. There where some I could not even figure out and had to ask the player.

Overall, Yes, Herolab is very useful, it just isn't my cup of tea.

Taldor *****

Fighter 15
Sorceror 14
Druid 11
Ranger 9
Rogue 7
Inquisitor 7
Cleric 5
Monk 4
Oracle 4
Gunslinger 3
Paladin 2

Prestige Classes
Champion of Irori 4

Taldor *****

Ember is a 7 level dervish dance inquisitor of Sarenrae.

Taldor *****

Silbeg wrote:

Say, does anyone know a good battery backup for an iPad? Since this will be my primary means of carrying books, I think it would be good to have a buffer. Of course, my scenarios will be printed (looking into ways to reduce space and weight here as well, such as getting them spiral bound instead of using notebooks).

Pagans from a rookie Gen Con GM

Maybe look into something like a portable electronics charger. My husband has one and seems to like it.

Taldor *****

Inner Sea World Guide

Taldor *****

situational tactic for room 5:

If they enter the room through the room 6 door, the water elementals get a free 15ft push on their slams attack. So if you catch someone in the hallway you can push them into the mirror zapping them with the neg energy.

Taldor *****

Congrats Andrew on the promotion. It is well deserved.

Taldor *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thursday, August 15
Slot 1 (0800-1300): #5-09: The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)
Slot 2 (1300-1800): #5-09: The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)
Slot 3 (1900-2400): off

Friday, August 16
Slot 4 (0800-1300): #5-09: The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)
Slot 5 (1300-1800): #5-09: The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)
Slot 6 (1900-2400): off

Saturday, August 17
Slot 7 (0800-1300): #5-09: The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)
Slot 8 (1300-1800): #5-09: The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)
Slot 9 (1900-2400): off

Sunday, August 18
Slot 10 (0900-1400): #5-09: The Traitor's Lodge (3-7)

Taldor *****

There is one boon that opens up the Assassin prestige class. It was purchased during a charity auction a GenCon 2013.

That player has already applied it to a character, so it is no longer available to any other players.


Taldor *****

Druids are proficient with scythes.

Taldor *****

It appears the file listed for download right now is still the one with the incorrect Wand price. At least so far as I can tell.

Taldor *****

Torch Scenarios

Silent tide
Many fortunes of grandmaster torch
Deleriums tangle
Mantiss prey
Gods market gamble
Rivalrys end

Taldor *****

I also ran Bonekeep 1 at Gencon with the opposite result of James. There were 3 players and 3 brand new players.

It ended with 5 (4 PCs and 1 pet)deathes.

Taldor *****

It even says on the change log between the beta edition and the current edition that the change was made.

Taldor *****

DesolateHarmony wrote:

We also said we wanted to grab a big chunk of books to read later in safety, but were not allowed to do so.

They had bags of holding. That was the only reason they were allowed to take them with them. I even asked how they were gonna transport them.

So I was fine with them making the appropriate Know checks after the scenario so they could acquire the appropriate amount of points to succeed.

Taldor *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Matthew Pittard wrote:
Kristen: I like some connection between scenarios. I did have at least 2 players from the other scenario playing this one, so I knew id get at least a response out of them. I also had good points of surprise on faces when I placed the Glabrezu on the board.

I too love connection between scenarios and I felt that it has tons. Everytime I run it I find a new connection that I did not notice before.

At my first table, everyone had played siege and kalkamedes, so when i brought out a glabrezu mini they freaked out. I felt the extra need to have one of the PCs catch a glimpse of a gnome as they were running away, because one player has encountered 2 scenarios where a bad guy was disguised as a gnome (glabrezu and wolf-in-sheeps-clothing). So her characters tend to think that a gnome is never a gnome. It's just something far worse that is disguised. So I had to play it up.

Taldor *****

I always played it as stairs (no hands). I never had PCs make it that far into the map during combat for it to matter.

My personal opnion is that that combat already has alot going on for it (summons, AoEs, archers, burning bridges, 100+ falls, difficult terrain, flying caster). So making that even more difficult by occupying both hands is too much. That combat easily lasts 10+ rnds and has the real potential for PC death anyways.

Taldor *****

Yeah, you will most likely only see Siege at a con. You have to have at least 5 tables to play.

Taldor *****

Shifty wrote:

Right - I don't know a lot about THAT either...

If Desimire is involved I better start investigating.

Conviently it is an investigative scenario and amazing.

Taldor *****

Shifty wrote:
Hmmm I thought that sounded like it was some GMTorch type deal, will have to look into it!

Actually, it is the sequal to Siege of Diamond City.

Taldor *****

Also, 5-09 The Traitor's Lodge should be added to the end of the Desimire Arc.

Taldor *****

Also keep in mind the two negative levels have to be taken care of as well, before the character can be played again.

Taldor *****

Chris Rathunde wrote:

Thursty, speaking only for myself, I want more scenarios like this. Pretty please, with sugar on top.

And whip cream. Don't forget the whip cream! It might just make the differnce

Taldor *****

Kristen Gipson wrote:
For players that I knew played a certain scenario, I too included a quick glimpse of a cackling gnome. That is a freaking awesome idea from Matthew Pittard. I REALLY hope it is Koth Vaul.

The only reason I didn't do that was because I wasn't sure it WAS him.

Honestly, I think i'll continue to do this, even if it is not him. The looks on players' faces was priceless.

Taldor *****

Seth Gipson wrote:
Kyle Baird wrote:
This island needs more sharks.
Give it a couple months til Kristen swims over before you get more installed. :P

If you wait until April for shark installation, I'll provide the sharks myself. :-)

Taldor *****

Sior wrote:
Kristen Gipson wrote:
I am concerned about how I will play up the seriousness of the glabrezu to inexperienced players. I am curious how other GMs are emphasizing the seriousness. I ran this twice with very experienced players and they all ran like scared little school girls.

I would think perhaps you bring a huge glabrezu miniature to set on the table if they stick around. Emphasize how easily it busts through the stonework between the office and the lower level of the cauldron room. Have him toss the bubbling liquid aside as if it were a tiny Tupperware bowl, the boiling liquid sizzling at its skin with no effect.

Also, if they happen to talk to Aslynn, describe the writing that appears in the office as shaky. Because if it's enough to freak out Aslynn, it may stand to reason that the PCs should be afraid as well.

And, of course, have Valais bolt as soon as she is able. PC's tend to follow suit when it comes to running.

Push comes to shove, have a blue police box appear and a man peek out saying the classic three-letter-word. "RUN!"

Sorry, may have gone a bit far with that last one. Disregard.

Those are some good ideas. I have already been doing some. I pull out the the huge glabrezu mini when I describe the statue and state to the players that it looks exactly like that.

Andrei Buters wrote:
I ran this last weekend. There was a Dwarven Cleric of Torag. Valais started freaking out and asking the PCs why they couldn't feel 'it' looking at them. They rolled perception checks and realised the Dwarf's holy symbol was bent perfectly upside down, as if gravity had been reversed for holy symbols only. By the time a swarm of rats ran screeching in the opposite direction of the desk, the PCs were high-tailing it as well.

Ooooh. That's a good idea with the holy symbol. I also make the Valais freak out and run right after the speech and make the bugs flee.

I just wasn't sure that is enough to make a new player who isnt aware of what a glabrezu is run. Many players are still under the impression that to "win" the scenario does not include running away.

Taldor *****

Unless you have alot of time to prep scenarios the week of gencon, don't sign up to GM alot of new scenarios or the special. The scenarios are given to GMs almost as soon as they are finished and it is still only a couple of days for GMs to prep.

Consider only GMing one or two different scenarios. It will help keep your gear light and that is a necessity.

Kyle has the suggestion last year "put as much effort and excitement into your last slot as you did your first."

Also wear tennis shoes and a backpack with comfortable straps.

Taldor *****

Benjamin F. wrote:
I am trying to come up with a list of Scenarios and Specials that Thurl is in before running this. The only two I can think of is Sark. Prophecy & Seige of the Diamond City. Does anyone know of anymore?

those are the only ones I am aware of

Taldor *****

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I love this scenario. It is my new favorite.

There is a certain amount of pushing that the GM needs to make this scenario successful and not a TPK.

I found it necessary to at least remind the PCs that you are here to gather evidence of Thurl's betrayal by the time they get to the abyssal library. My first table said "we'll come back later" the next decided that "they would gather all the books and bring with". (very clever)

GMs also should heavily emphasize the chalk in the summoning circle room. Since it is only breafly mentioned in the box texts, players don't even realize they can write on the wall. My players never put two-and-two together.

I am concerned about how I will play up the seriousness of the glabrezu to inexperienced players. I am curious how other GMs are emphasizing the seriousness. I ran this twice with very experienced players and they all ran like scared little school girls.

For players that I knew played a certain scenario, I too included a quick glimpse of a cackling gnome. That is a freaking awesome idea from Matthew Pittard. I REALLY hope it is Koth Vaul.

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