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Kardinnyr Azrinrae

Krisam's page

286 posts (3,304 including aliases). 1 review. 2 lists. No wishlists. 28 aliases.

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Thread necromancy! I want in on this.

All in one game, some version of Night Below using 2e:

1. DMPC party informs us that we're going to take a quest, or else. Are they forcing us? No, other than tying our characters up and gagging them when they protest. But they're really nice DMPCs, we should love them and do as they say. And they can kick our asses, so we'd better do it. That's one kind of character hook, I guess...

2. DM rules that something our characters tried and failed at (bribing a supposedly friendly NPC with pie, which it's been established that this NPC will do anything for said pie - and the NPC is the only one that can help us out of our prison, but currently "doesn't feel like it") - with no rolls - is automatically successful when their DMPC does it, immediately after our failure ("Do you want pie, NPC?" "Pie, yay!" *fetches the key to our cells for the DMPC*).

3. We come upon a canyon full of evil fire giants who plan to destroy us and the outside world. For some reason their canyon is dry, despite being a few yards from a huge underground lake. My character wants to use the Dig spell to dig a furrow that will lead the lake into the canyon, flooding it. No "it can't flood it fast enough." No "that's not a good idea, for these reasons." No "the stone floor is too hard," or anything of that nature. Just, "you can't do that." Apparently the spell can't even be cast. So we all are forced into melee with the fire giants, during which we're captured and (of course) our bacon is saved by the DMPC party.

4. The DM informs us that we're actually NPCs in a game she's playing with some other people, who are the DMPCs. That's why we couldn't be allowed to have any effect on the campaign, NPCs or surroundings. She believes this information should make us proud to have been allowed to play with these characters.

Yeah, I had to ragequit after that.

Another DM, this from a solo game that went from pretending to use 2e rules to flat-out freeform (thus not so much rulings as general idiocy):

1. His main favorite move was "you lose control of your character, he does terrible things. Now you're back in control." Used sparingly, this might not have been annoying. As a regular event, it left me wondering why, when he had the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD to play, he felt compelled to control my character, too. My "favorite" example of this was when he said that due to being infected somehow with some kind of seed of evil/demonic possession, my character turned into a horrible demon and raped his girlfriend. And enjoyed it. That last detail is pretty much the final straw.

2. His second favorite move was "it was all a dream." Again, used sparingly, it wouldn't have been so frustrating. Used so often that basically half of everything my character did was annulled, though, it was... aggravating. (Note: the event above was not one of those times. Not that it would have been okay if it was.)

3. I actually really liked his NPCs... back when that's what they were. They were living, thinking beings reacting to their world in an interesting way, with interesting personalities. Then they became DMPCs. The difference, to me, is that NPCs are there to make the game interesting for the player. DMPCs are there to show off how cool the DM thinks he is, usually via nerfing, belittling, and/or beating up the PC(s). Towards the end, it seemed like he'd have been happier writing a book about his DMPCs - and, it seemed, casting my PC as a rather unpleasant sidekick.

4. Finally, this DM loooved to make short statements, then make you fish for more information or try to play off the complete lack of information he'd given you (we played online). He would post a short sentence someone had said, without mentioning who. He would have his characters mock plans I made based on what he had told me, because the truth was something else - which my character should have known, but didn't. Because... actually, I have no idea why. I think he was just a prick. This got really old, really fast, but he didn't seem to know what I was talking about when I asked him, politely, to tell me what my character would know about any given situation. From the environment, to which of the NPCs he knew well was talking to him, to basic knowledge about the world that anyone should know, to specific knowledge that only my character COULD know, and absolutely should... either getting more info was like pulling out teeth, or I got smacked down in-game for acting on incomplete information.

5. OK, bonus round: Towards the end, my character couldn't do anything right, despite being (supposedly) high-level. He could just about handle what an 8th level fighter could (he was a gish-type character); everything else either failed, was made irrelevant, or was impossible for whatever reason. I couldn't affect the world or the story at all, which I'd be less annoyed with if it were some railroad module game. But it was a freeform game. Turned me off them, for sure. At least if you're following a ruleset, the DM has to make an effort/explanation to nerf you, rather than waving his hand and doing it by fiat.

Non-directly-game-related rant related to the second story:

I actually really wanted to give this guy a chance to redeem himself, because his early games were a lot of fun, and he was one of my oldest friends (we're talking 1st grade)... but finally he just didn't show up at the agreed time for a meeting. And then the next, and the next... I even wrote him a physical letter asking him what was up, and he never answered. That was 6 years ago. I know he's okay, because he's on social media. He's apparently just more of a jackhole than I thought.

I guess he wouldn't have changed, anyway. He was, self-declared, proud that he'd never played in a game. Not one, in any system OR freeform. I'm not sure how ignorance of half the table experience is a virtue, but to him it is, I guess. It sure explains his DM faults (at least, they're faults in my eyes). I'll always wonder how that game's story would have ended, though. It was pretty entertaining, despite everything.

Whew, that got long. Thanks for letting me rant, it's cathartic.

Edit: Threw things under spoilers to not eat the whole page.

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I'm planning to run The Sunless Citadel, The Forge of Fury, and Red Hand of Doom (converted to Pathfinder) as a campaign, all set in the Shaar of the Forgotten Realms, 1279 DR. The game will be a PBEM (NOT PBP) based out of Yahoo Groups, with a support website for things like character portraits and a collected archive of the story.

What I'm looking for:

- Players with a strong grasp of writing, as I collect all the posts into a story for everyone.

- Dependability. If you can't show up to post regularly, please don't apply.

- Players who are "engines" - they keep the game running by always pushing forward with actionable posts.

- Character concepts, NOT builds. Just a race, class, description and background (no more than 5 paragraphs, please). (The quality of the writing will be what sells your character, so don't sell it short!)

- 3-5 players. I have one spot reserved for an old player (an elf magus). I'm looking to keep the party size to 6 players.

What I'm offering:

- A RP-heavy game.

- Dedication. I've never given up on a game yet, and I don't plan to.

- 3pp allowed, pending review. No custom races beyond these offerings: Loxo, thri-kreen, wemics, and zebra-centaurs (see below). Note that some options will be reserved for certain races for flavor reasons, such as psionic classes for the thri-kreen, gungineers for gnomes, and legendary rogues for halflings.

House rules:

- Once you pick a favored class bonus, it's what you get for the entire campaign.

- Anything that can be Unchained, should be.

- No evil alignments. Also, no evil alignments masquerading as chaotic or neutral alignments. This is a game for heroes.

- Gunslingers must have some connection to the church of Oghma (unlike gnomish gungineers). Emerging guns.

- No traits meant for APs.

- All races age at the same rate until maturity, whereupon the longer-lived races age more slowly.

New races: (I'm open to comments about these races.)

Centaur (13 RP)

Racial features:
+2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, –2 Charisma: Centaurs are hardy and sensible, but lack social graces. (0 RP)

Centaurs: Centaurs are monstrous humanoids. (1 RP (-2 RP - no low-light vision or darkvision))

Large: Centaurs take a –1 size penalty to their AC, a –1 size penalty on attack rolls, a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a –4 size penalty on Stealth checks. A centaur takes up a space that is 10 feet by 10 feet and has a reach of 5 feet. (7 RP)

Fast Speed: Centaurs have a base speed of 40 feet. (0 RP (Quadruped))

Quadruped: Centaurs have a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts. Centaurs use weapons and humanoid armor (not barding) as if they were Medium (instead of Large). (2 RP)

Hooves: Centaurs have a hoof attack (1d6, x2, B). It is a secondary natural attack.(1 RP)

Desert runner: Centaurs receive a +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, as well as any other ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, thirst, and hot or cold environments. (2 rp)

Languages: Centaurs begin play speaking Common. Centaurs with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Shartaan, Dwarven (Dethek), Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, and Sylvan.

A typical centaur stands 7 to 8 feet tall from front hoof to crown and measures 6 to 8 feet long from chest to tail, and weighing in at nearly 1,000 pounds. The horse portion of a centaur's body resembles a zebra - a trait that distinguishes him from the centaurs elsewhere in Faerûn - and his face is decidedly fey in appearance, with swept-back, angular features and somewhat pointed ears. He has golden bronze skin, light brown, black, or golden hair, and eyes in any of a wide variety of shades. Shaaryan centaurs prefer to wear their hair long, though they usually tie it back and weave decorative tokens into it. The number and kind of decorations a centaur wears indicate his rank in the tribe, though such distinctions are usually lost on outsiders.

Loxo (15 RP)

Racial features:
+4 Str, –2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence: Loxo are powerful, but lack finesse and forethought. (2 RP)

Loxo: Loxo are monstrous humanoids with the giant subtype. (1 RP (-2 RP - no low-light vision or darkvision)) Loxo may take the Trample feat, and apply it to themselves as though they had hooves, ignoring prerequisites.

Large: Loxo take a –1 size penalty to their AC, a –1 size penalty on attack rolls, a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a –4 size penalty on Stealth checks. A loxo takes up a space that is 10 feet by 10 feet and has a reach of 5 feet. (7 RP)

Normal Speed: Loxo have a base speed of 30 feet. (0 RP)

Two trunks: Loxo have long, flexible trunks that can be used to carry objects. They cannot wield weapons with their trunks, but they can retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. They can maintain a grapple with their trunks and still make attacks with their hands.(5 RP)

Languages: Loxo begin play speaking Loxo and Common. Loxo with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Shaartan, Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, and Sylvan.

Loxos appear as large humanoid elephants with two trunks and bluish-gray skin. They roam the Shaar in hunter-gatherer groups.

Thri-kreen (13 RP)

Racial features:
+4 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, –2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Thri-kreen are deft, but are unused to thinking outside the box or relating to other races. (1 RP)

Thri-kreen: Thri-kreen are humanoids (thri-kreen). (0 RP)

Medium: Thri-kreen have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.(0 RP)

Normal Speed: Thri-kreen have a base speed of 30 feet. (0 RP)

Multi-armed: Thri-kreen possess four arms. They can wield multiple weapons, but only one hand is its primary hand, and all others are off hands. It can also use its hands for other purposes that require free hands. (8 RP)

Darkvision: Thri-kreen can see in the dark up to 60 feet. (2 RP)

Alien mind: Thri-kreen gain a +2 to all Will saves. (2 RP)

Languages: Thri-kreen begin play speaking Common and Thri-kreen. Those with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Undercommon, Shaartan, Dwarven (Dethek), Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, and Orc.

Thri-kreen are insectoid humanoids with six limbs: two for walking and four to use as arms. Their heads have compound eyes and antennae. They primarily fight with two types of weapons: the gythka, a two-headed spear (treat as spear with the double quality replacing brace), and the chatkcha, a triangular crystalline throwing wedge (treat as chakram).

Wemic (15 RP)

Racial features:
+2 Strength, +2 Charisma, –2 Wisdom: Wemics are strong and sociable, but often lack patience. (0 RP)

Wemics: Wemics are monstrous humanoids with the catfolk subtype. (3 RP) A wemic may take Catfolk alternate racial traits, alternate favored class bonuses, and feats.

Large: Wemics take a –1 size penalty to their AC, a –1 size penalty on attack rolls, a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks and to their CMD, and a –4 size penalty on Stealth checks. A wemic takes up a space that is 10 feet by 10 feet and has a reach of 5 feet. (7 RP)

Normal Speed: Wemics have a base speed of 30 feet. (0 RP (Slow+Quadruped))

Quadruped: Wemics have a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts. (2 RP)

Low-Light Vision: In dim light, wemics can see twice as far as humans. (-1 RP (monstrous humanoid with no darkvision))

Natural Hunter: Wemics receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception and Survival checks. (4 RP)

Languages: Wemics begin play speaking Common and Catfolk. Wemics with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Shaartan, Dwarven (Dethek), Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc, and Sylvan.

Wemics are a proud and noble people who may be the most skillful hunters in all Faerûn. From head to rump, wemics are 10 to 12 feet long, and they stand 6 to 7 feet tall from their front paws to the tops of their heads. They weigh around 600 pounds. Dusky golden fur covers them from head to tail. Their tails feature a brush of black hair, and the males have a long black mane. Wemics’ faces are a mixture of humanoid and leonine, and their golden eyes have the slitted pupils of a cat. Their ears are set high on their heads. All six of their limbs end in claws, but the ones on their hands and their front paws are retractable. Most wemics die in dangerous hunts on the savanna long before age can take them.

OK, that's all I can think of to add for now. Feel free to ask questions!

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catfolk monk 1 ranger 3 HPs:16/32 - AC: 19|13|16 - For:+6 | Ref:+8 | Wil:+2 - Per:+7 (+2 fe, +8 scent, +2 desert) Init:+3 (+2 desert)

Aha! So the snake-oil merchant didn't manage to hide! Koshu's gonna decorate him like a Christmas tree! Only more messy, because entrails.

Sense motive + favored enemy: 1d20 + 1 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 1 + 2 = 12 Also, LOL.

"LIAR! Scoundrel! Thief!" Koshukhep charged after the unfortunate merchant, tossing wares to the side left and right in his rage. "My faith is unassailable! If I believed any harder, I would be a cleric, so help me Ra!" He picked up a canteen of crocodile's tears (the finest in the land!) and hurled it at the merchant's head. "For shame, dealing in false trinkets! Your soul weighs heavy on the scale! I'm going to beat you so hard, your ancestors will cry!"

It's like a bull in a china shop, if the bull was very dextrous and the china was primarily amazing curatives, guaranteed magical relics, and shiny, shiny charms for what ails you.

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Kellid barbarian (Numerian liberator/primal hunter)/slayer 1. HPs: 15/15 - Rage: 6/6 - AC: 16|11|15 (+1 vs robots) - For:+4 | Ref:+5 | Wil:+1 - Per:+5 Init:+3

Gorum provides! All hail Gorum!

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Kellid barbarian (Numerian liberator/primal hunter)/slayer 1. HPs: 15/15 - Rage: 6/6 - AC: 16|11|15 (+1 vs robots) - For:+4 | Ref:+5 | Wil:+1 - Per:+5 Init:+3

Some primal hunter Valki Valka is! Can't hit the broad side of a barn. :P

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I agree with Nearyn. Killing sleeping, and thus harmless, people is evil. If you're concerned with alignment changes, though, I'd say it would take a pattern of such behavior to change an alignment towards evil... though a paladin would still have trouble justifying such a cowardly act to his/her god.

Tangent: I also don't equate chaotic behavior with evil behavior. Chaotic people simply value individual choice above abstract values such as "the greater good," while Lawful people believe that life is improved by placing your trust in laws that govern behavior, to the benefit of all who live by them.

People who play Chaotic Neutral characters as necessarily crazy/evil/downright stupid/disruptive drive me nuts. Especially evil. To me, evil is selfishness taken to an extreme. The sort of behavior that says, "my pleasure/convenience is more important than your pain/distress/life." Like the convenience of killing people in their sleep, rather than making sure they're actually foes first. /tangent

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Kellid barbarian (Numerian liberator/primal hunter)/slayer 1. HPs: 15/15 - Rage: 6/6 - AC: 16|11|15 (+1 vs robots) - For:+4 | Ref:+5 | Wil:+1 - Per:+5 Init:+3

Heh heh. Thanks for the PSA, Takek. Valki Valka will indeed continue to correct everyone (except the DM ;P).

Once she's more fond of everyone, she will relent and answer to Valki. To the bad guys, she's either "Valki Valka," or "Gods have mercy! It's her again!" ;P

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Kellid barbarian (Numerian liberator/primal hunter)/slayer 1. HPs: 15/15 - Rage: 6/6 - AC: 16|11|15 (+1 vs robots) - For:+4 | Ref:+5 | Wil:+1 - Per:+5 Init:+3


Valki Valka relented; it was not truly her intent to terrorize the cityfolk. They could not be blamed for having no backbone - their lives were too soft.

Nodding, she patted the man on the shoulder, releasing her grip. "Very good. Before you go, can you tell me what sort of gear it was that was so fancy? I'm sure you noticed, since you are so clever."

After he answers, Valki will politely wish him a good day before heading for the group's meeting at the Evercandle.

"To Town Hall!" Valki Valka declared, ready to go.

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Kellid barbarian (Numerian liberator/primal hunter)/slayer 1. HPs: 15/15 - Rage: 6/6 - AC: 16|11|15 (+1 vs robots) - For:+4 | Ref:+5 | Wil:+1 - Per:+5 Init:+3

"Surely you remember where you saw her last?" Valki Valka pressured, putting on a diplomatic smile. That always seemed to work for Takek.

While she grinned her predatory grin at the man, the smile didn't reach her deep blue eyes.

"Conspiracy!" Valki Valka declared. "I have heard that a purple-haired woman arrived before the Torch went out, and vanished when it was gone. One of Their spies, no doubt."

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Squirrel_Dude wrote:
I'd like to see some conversions/reissues of previous APs like Legacy of Fire and Curse of the Crimson throne to Pathfinder as they did with Rise of the Runelords, too.

HEAR HEAR! I would LOVE that.

Not too wild about another edition, though.

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alexd1976 wrote:

I also thought elementals had intelligence and souls...

Binding them into golems and such seems pretty rude to me, if not evil.

I wouldn't like being stripped from my home plane and forced to do some pansy wizards bidding.

Like Aahz? ;D

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Pixie, the Leng Queen wrote:

That is reckless immaturity and naivety that gets people killed for no reason at all. In the face of a disease with no cure that turns people into monsters if full gestation happens what do you expect the Paladin to do? Stand around hoping for a miracle and just let the guy suffer in horrid agony as he is slowly turned into an inhuman monstrosity?

Honestly, if anything, THAT is the cruel and heartless path.

Why, hello, Carol.

If you murder someone for your own expedience, it's still murder. The choice to die should always be your own. THEN it would not be murder, but a charitable act. "Death by paladin," if you will.

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goblin gungineer 1 HPs: 19 - AC: 19|17|14 - For:+2 | Ref:+8 | Wil:+0 - Per:+13 (+2 forest) darkvision, Init:+6 (+2 forest)

"Don't bring any bandits with us - can't trust them yet."

Wikiwik's sour face at Evan and Kejal's hugging grew even longer at the mention of riding the horses. In his opinion, horses were for eating. He eyed the beasts mistrustfully, but in the end he was cajoled into riding with Kejal - all the better to keep an eye on that Evan, who was never far from her.

Maybe he could find a burr to put under Evan's saddle...

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Velkommen tilbage, Black Dow!

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The Alkenstarian wrote:

A GM who isn't capable of planning for -any- group, regardless of class/race/species/gender composition, is either inexperienced (which is fair enough ... everyone needs to learn), or simply not trying hard enough.

"I don't want evil-aligned characters in my campaign" has become a soft, cushy pillow for a lot of GMs to hide their face in. But being a GM is about preparation, it's -meant- to be a challenge and it's meant ... at times ... to include the surprising and unexpected.

Gee, thanks for clearing that up for us. I guess 47% of DMs out there aren't worth their salt.

I don't think TrustNo1, or anyone else, has to justify not wanting to deal with certain alignments (or anything else) in their games. The DM is there to relax and have fun too, not just to work overtime. If they have a vision they want to share, it's fine to say "no thanks" and pass. If you don't like the games available, run the game you want to see. Trying to browbeat the DM into changing the rules because you don't like them? Not so fine.

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Thymus Vulgaris wrote:
Snorter wrote:

For a truly epic thread, join two epic memes together, into one super-thread.

"Was it right that I was kicked out of the group, for eating the host's marzipan?
It's not my fault; I couldn't read the label, and wouldn't have known what it was, even if I had."

Can someone enlighten me in regards to the other meme?

I'm interested to hear of this as well. I've just amused myself with rereading this thread, and I need more entertainment.

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HP: 47/47 - AC: 17 (21 w shield)|13|15 - For:+6 | Ref:+5 | Wil:+6 - Per:+10 Init:+2

Rythan uses the wand with a nod of thanks! He gave it back, then looked ahead again.

"Stront," he said succinctly as the dragon approached.

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Connor biting K'Don

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Misroi wrote:
Nualia's story is definitely tragic. I'm not sure what's worse: the majority of the tables that ended up killing her, the minority of tables that got TPKed against her (thus dooming Sandpoint), or the very tiny minority of tables that subdued her and took her back to town to be incarcerated in Habe's Sanatorium for her own good. There's never really a good outcome for Nualia, no matter what happens to her.

In my pbem game, our paladin of Sarenrae, who had a backstory as being a childhood friend of Nualia, did a kick-ass job of roleplaying trying to redeem her... and it worked. Though one player appears to have bailed on the campaign because he wanted her to be more hardcore Evil-evil, and the other characters aren't really all that happy about leaving her at Windsong Abbey to repent without a heavily-armed guard, the paladin's player told me it was his favorite character moment/event ever, which I think is all worth it. So, SOMEtimes there's a good outcome for Nualia. :)

After the party spent a month babysitting Nualia at Windsong, though, I'm having winter be slow in arriving because a barren cornfield is not nearly as iconic a battleground.

In my face-to-face game, the party slaughtered Nualia without a second glance. T_T I foresee the same thing from my second pbem group. (Yes, I run Runelords a LOT!)

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GM says: The friendly NPCs abruptly tie you down and are immune to all your attempts to escape or reason with them.
GM means: You are going on the damn quest the NPCs just gave you, no matter how incredibly suicidal and illogical it sounds. And you'll like it.

GM says: The NPC that refused your bribe immediately responds to the same bribe given by another NPC, who shows up to save your bacon... again.
GM means: I never bothered to tell you this, but you're just extras in a campaign I'm really playing with someone else, where the NPCs in your game are the PCs in mine.

OK, they're a bit odd... but on the other hand, they actually happened.

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half-elf gunslinger 3 HPs: 22 - AC: 18|14|14 - For:+3 | Ref:+7 | Wil:+6 - Per:+11 Init:+3

*sings the dentist song from Little Shop of Horrors* ;)

No worries, we ain't wanderin' off.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm thinking about subscribing just for this AP. I love the concept of Numeria, can't wait to hear more!

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half-elf gunslinger 3 HPs: 22 - AC: 18|14|14 - For:+3 | Ref:+7 | Wil:+6 - Per:+11 Init:+3

Ben was feeling mighty fine, all things considered. Not only had he gotten the bounty that lyin' polecat Mal had told him didn't exist, but she'd disappeared without taking him up on his promise of a drink, so he didn't have to seethe over it. A promise was a promise, but if she didn't want to take him up on it, well, he wasn't going to go lookin' for her. That way, he figured, he wouldn't run into the gnomes, either. He'd hate to have to shoot the Doctor dead in the street in front of his adoring public.

With people slapping his back and offering him both respect and drinks, and not a one of 'em gunning for him, he was in fine spirits when he finished the lone beer he'd been nursing and the tale of how he put down the band of monsters, especially the worst of them, Scalping Jack. Begging off further drink regretfully and waving off more calls to tell the story of his hair-raising fight, he went out to find if the gold weighing his belt pouch down could be put to use repairing the odd elvish antiquity he was carrying about.

He was sidetracked by the sound of a violin threading its way through the one-horse town. Curiosity got the better of him, and he followed it... until he heard a whiskey-hoarse voice singing. Familiar, that voice was, even if he'd never heard her sing.

Standing outside, he lit a cigarette and leaned against the wall, eyes following anything that moved while the rest of him stood still as stone, save for taking the occasional puff. He'd never have admitted it was because he was listening to the music. In any case, he'd be on his way in a minute. He just wanted to finish that smoke first, was all.

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Cleric (Helm) Init +0; Perception +11; HP 31/32; AC22 (+2 w Barkskin)/10/22; CMD 15; Fort +6; Ref +2; Will +9 (+1 vs. fear, incl. any allies adjacent)

While it might be best to have a Baron/Baroness to deal with both the peasants and the gentry, for metagame purposes it's probably best to have some sort of council, or at least clear areas of responsibility. What do you guys think?

Barons and bandits and undead, oh my.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In my games, I just assume that all the races mature at more or less the same rate, then the long-lived ones are just adults for that much longer. I don't use the suggested guidelines for how old a given race is when they begin adventuring, obviously.

When the race is considered an adult by their fellows can differ greatly from when they biologically are mature, though. In my games races like elves and dwarves place more value on the wisdom/common sense/knowledge of the world you've gained than your age or power level. I think this offers some interesting RP opportunities without straining credibility too much.

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I'm with the handful of people who mentioned Stone Age settings. I think an Ice Age game could be really fun... so much so that I'm currently planning something of the sort using Epic 6 Pathfinder rules.

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Cleric (Helm) Init +0; Perception +11; HP 31/32; AC22 (+2 w Barkskin)/10/22; CMD 15; Fort +6; Ref +2; Will +9 (+1 vs. fear, incl. any allies adjacent)

"I fear I was ill prepared for such treachery within the Lady's house," Matthias answered Hezar. "I have no spell to communicate with, but at the least I can try to heal the remainder of your wounds. After that, we must simply hurry to meet you again after checking the cell. Evaline, I trust you have alerted the household guards that there is an intruder who may appear as anyone they know?"

Channel: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 2) = 3

Well, THAT was helpful. :P I'm good with Hezar's plan of action. To the cell! *capewhoosh*

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Safarix wrote:
348. Dwarves are shaved by a serial barber under cover of night, and suddenly have to live with their newly clean-shaven faces.

"Serial barber" is the best villain, ever.

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I'm just kind of impressed by the people who say, "you don't have to play LG in a particular way!" and then they turn around and chide the OP for not playing his CN character a particular way. :P

Also, chaotic =/= automatically crazy, stupid, evil or ruthless. Acts of kindness aren't necessarily out of character... though what the OP describes sounds more like the character is fed up with the paladin than really concerned about the prisoners.

If the other player is OK with it, I see no reason why the OP's character shouldn't cause trouble for the paladin however he sees fit. Interesting RP could stem from it.


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Cleric (Helm) Init +0; Perception +11; HP 31/32; AC22 (+2 w Barkskin)/10/22; CMD 15; Fort +6; Ref +2; Will +9 (+1 vs. fear, incl. any allies adjacent)

I just want to say that I think everyone's scenes are really awesome. High-quality RP all around!

@Amestri: Heh, I thought the 'mystical words of power' sounded very Calishite in nature, so long as you don't read them backwards. I love it when people write out the mystic whatsits, I think it adds something to the game. Though sometimes, all you can do is write, "-and then they spoke the arcane words to do (whatever)." Same way with prayers when you're in a hurry. LOL

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I kind of turned that around in my homebrewish alt-FR game. In the Moonsea there, they worship the Dark Gods, but they basically get lied to - they don't think they're evil, just harsh in response to a harsh world. So Loviatar, for example, takes on the suffering of her flock, and teaches wisdom through painful experiences. Her clerics flog themselves in return for donations to the church, sending the pain of those donated for to Loviatar through their own suffering.

For another example, Bane is seen as a savior, rescuing the flock from false gods who would make them too weak to survive in their harsh environment. His "might makes right" rule comes naturally to them because their whole culture is based on it. And submitting to authority (Bane's authority, of course) both strengthens his church and makes people work together more in a chaotic frontier, ensuring more little Banites eventually.

I don't have any experience twisting the Golarion gods this way, but I'm sure it could be done. Because, who wakes up and goes, "Welp, gonna worship a crazy evil god from now on."

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Because of reasons.

Artists take note!

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Touc wrote:

Never include any description or text that tells players how they feel, act, etc. Don't ever make players feel like you're reading them a novel and they're along for the ride, rolling dice from time to time that really don't matter because your story will turn out the way you want regardless of the player's actions.

SO MUCH THIS. I've had some bad DMs, but the ones that did this were the most irritating. If the players wanted to be reading a novel, they would read a novel. My particular "favorite" example is a DM I know who constantly defaults to, "suddenly you're no longer in control of your body, and you do X bad things. And you like it!" Which is not only lame, but also insulting.

"Suddenly you wake up and it was all a dream" adventures I also personally detest, along with "reality isn't what you've been playing in for the last x months!"

Having NPCs then waltz in and easily do what the PCs were failing to do (sometimes using the exact same actions, like talking to NPCs that abruptly change their tune with no magic involved) is also bad. Or having NPCs dictate to the PCs what they should do, or worse yet, enforce their will in ways the PCs can't fight back against or get around.

Arbitrarily nixing solutions/actions that should either work or fail entertainingly is another bad idea. (Example that happened to me: For some reason, evil fire giants live in an underground rift very close to an underground lake. Like, a few meters away (I don't know either). You have to get past them (not in the rift, but past it), and they're way above your APL. Sneaking flat out will fail, as warned by the DM. Using the old Dig spell to dig a funnel for the water into the rift fails for no reason too. Not "Doesn't dig a channel wide enough to drown the giants quickly enough" or similar reasons; the spell just fails.)



  • hijacking characters
  • "it was all just in your head/a dream"
  • have NPCs succeed where the PCs fail
  • have NPCs dictate what PCs choices are
  • don't give players a chance to come up with something unusual (or just disallow actions that should be possible for story reasons)

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Irontruth wrote:
Shifty wrote:
TanithT wrote:
As to PC on PC rape being PvP, this is true. That doesn't address the issue of players raping NPC's in a gratuitous, totally non plot advancing way, when they are told they can't actually rape anyone's character. I don't want to play at that table, and no amount of game mechanics is going to fix that for me.

And neither does anyone else, which is why I suppose I have seen it precisely 0 times, ever. Nor has anyone I have ever met claim it has happened to them, only ever nebulous tales that start "This one time, at a games con, apparently..." and only ever from people on the internet.

So thats hundreds of tables just for me, and hundreds more for my friends, all of us with two to three decades of gaming and going to games conventions, and not one incidence of this happening.

Pretty good odds then of it not happening.

Are you claiming that the women in this thread are just making these incidents up?

That is certainly what it sounds like to me. It makes me angry, and sad. I think I've had enough of this thread. There are obvious posters who make it unpleasant to read.

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Whoa. I've been reading this whole thread, and I've been at it for hours. I didn't get all the way through yet, but I really wanted to add my experiences to the mix before I have to turn in.

I live in Denmark, and sexism isn't something I experience on a regular basis. That said, there are a few things that have happened while gaming...


The one that popped to mind first was the last con I ever attended. In it, I signed up for a slot of D&D that turned out to be for an evil game. Okay, I thought, that'll be different... but within seconds of being handed the pregen character sheets, the character I picked was whisked out of my hands and I was given the token female character, because hey, I didn't want to make the guys play her and be uncomfortable, right? Okay, I thought, I can live with that. So in our first scene, we were breaking out of jail, and one of the other players announces that he's going to rape my character. Yeah, another one of those again, sorry. The DM told him to roll for it vs. my Strength, which of course sucked because, hey, female characters must have sucky Strength scores. To this day, I have no idea what was going through that player's head, because he was laughing about it as though I might join in until I got up and left. The DM came out to apologize later, but... yeah. That was the cherry on top of the con FUBAR for me. Last one I went to. No intent of going to another. Creep factor too high to waste my money and life on.

In an earlier game at a school, one of the players insisted on going into details about how great the sex he was having with the NPC barmaid was. I didn't stay with that group either.

At yet ANOTHER first-and-only game with a new group, one of the other players simply tried to bully my character into doing what he wanted... and when I told him that was b*@#&~%~, he actually punched me in the face. He didn't get tossed from the group, as the DM was his friend, so I left.

All of these are obvious ways of how NOT to keep a female player (or in the last case, ANY player), but there are little niggly things too, which have been brought up by others. Things like being spoken over and ignored when you have ideas as to what the party could do in a given situation. Dumb blonde jokes as a staple of your joking. (I'm not blond, but the vibe can be unpleasant anyway. Maybe if some of the dumb blondes were men...) Unwanted advice every time you make a move. Lots of other things, some of them hard to formulate for me, that basically say "Deal with it or GTFO."

Right here on the Paizo forums, someone once mentioned that her character was against the church of Erastil because the church placed women as subservient to men. She was pretty much shouted down by people getting in a twist over her position, in her own home game, on a FANTASY RELIGION. Feminism was brought up in a negative light ("Hyuck hyuck, those damn feminists, what will they think of next"). Things like that make it harder to want to participate.

Most of the gaming I do now is online, with a smaller percentage being with my face-to-face group of friends. If I were to be lured back into gaming face-to-face with strangers, an all-female group would definitely alleviate most of the concerns I have with doing so. Don't get me wrong, female groups can have bad chemistry or styles or whatever, but I don't think the most egregious of the behaviors I've experienced would originate with them, simply because they don't automatically see another woman as "other" and therefore fine to treat as an object of gaming-at rather than a member of gaming-with.

For the record, for those who were interested in that, when I first got into gaming Dragonlance was a horrible bore. I leapt right at the Forgotten Realms, though. I think it was primarily because of the fiction I read about it, the terrible, terrible writing notwithstanding. It was fun to actually be able to step into the world a book had described, and affect things there.


Oh, that reminds me of another anecdote: my very first DM (a teacher who caught me reading Lone Wolf choose-your-own-adventure type books and told me that D&D was kinda like that, but much better) had to leave the school we all were learning to play at, and one of the older students stepped in to take the roll. Another girl around my age (12) was "the pretty one," and LAWDY but did she get spoiled. In battles, she made the last attack and was thus awarded all the experience for killing a foe (none for us). She found the good treasure, she got to make the fun discoveries... yeah, favoritism pretty much killed that game, which was an extension of the very first game I ever played.

I like the combat aspects of gaming as much as my male friends do; I can never help but suspect that claims of women naturally liking less combat, rather than being socialized not to engage in it, is gender-essentialist nonsense. The only caveat to that is that online combat is so, so slow that it's preferable to avoid it when possible, just to avoid boring your players to death.

Okay, one last anecdote:


I came across a job posting for a (video) game design position recently. The headline read, "Are you interested in advancing games for women?", and I was thinking HELL YEAH until I clicked the link. The very first lines of the job description said, "We’re looking for someone who relates to girls (aged 8-12) and who finds inspiration for their next game in pink hearts and cute ‘n’ fuzzy baby animals ... You must understand the ingredients that make a great girls’ game and use these in your design—whether it’s a cooking quiz ... or dress-up game. " Wow, thanks for the breadth of scope, game company. I'll check right in with you when I want to ensure girls grow up knowing they can make a difference. /sarcasm

Whew, that got long, and now it's REALLY late. I just want to say thanks to TanithT, Alice Margatroid and all the other gamers who are helping women find a voice in gaming.

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I'm not applying, but I just wanted to say that I love the way you've set up motivation for character submissions. Very nice indeed.

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Hey there jasonwire. GrumpyCelt seems to have dropped out, so I guess we can squeeze you in. :) What kind of character did you have in mind?

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Anyone who enjoys writing interested in joining an ongoing Rise of the Runelords pbem played on Yahoo Groups? We're still early in the first adventure. Only core classes and races, though.

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MendedWall12 wrote:

... I don't plan on any decision adversely affecting the paladin. We're there to have fun. If he has fun cracking open kobold eggs and killing them so they don't turn evil, so be it. If he has fun bringing them somewhere where they can be raised with love, so be it. If he has fun cooking them and eating them with ham and potatoes, so be it.

What's the point of playing a paladin, then, if there's no moral choice to be made? Might as well be playing a fighter, or some other class. I'd be disappointed if I chose to play a paladin and then found out that my choices had no consequences.

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I'm not a very experienced DM, so this is interesting for me... which is to say: dot.

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I don't have a good story, I just want to dot this thread for the epic lulz. I do want to say that I love the one about declining blood muffins best, though.

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