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Kraven_Redcloak's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 26 posts (159 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 aliases.


Can anyone give me some advice on how to build an occult paladin? Gained a level in our last adventure and I want to cross-class over into an occult class. At the moment I've been looking at the spiritualist and occultist since I think they would best compliment what I'm going for with this character but all the same any input would be greatly appreciated.

So our group recently started playing Curse of the Crimson Throne, presently we're on Seven Days to the Grave and a few of us recently decided we want our characters to have a name for their group. So far we haven't been able to come up with anything, in part because nothing we've come up with really catches our appeal and that only two of us are really making the attempt to think of anything. I would like for this group to have a decent name for a change instead of regulating to some lame, idiotic lazy attempt at a name like what normally tends to happen whenever we try something like this. Can anyone give me some good suggestions for a group name or at least a theme that we could follow or model a motif from?

Our group currently consist of the following...

human cleric of Cayden Cailean
dwarven stonelord of Torag
half-orc falconer of Gorum
human razmerian priest of Sheyln (don't ask)
gomish grenader of Cayden Cailean (recent convert)

Occassionally we have between one to two more characters but this is our primary group.

kinda want to but not all that familiar with how to play online campaigns like this.

James Jacobs wrote:

(checks computer files)

Yup. I have the version that went to the editors at 24,774 words (about 13,000 words shorter than a typical Pathfinder adventure path installment, by the way), and the uncut version that weighs in at 29,619 words. That's about 5,000 words I had to cut from the adventure, which equates to about 6–8 pages of content, more or less.

Most of those cut words come from Parrot Island—at one point, I had encounters in all the rooms of that dungeon, not just a few rooms. Plus bits and pieces everywhere else.

Any chase you would be willing to post that material or would it be prohibited?

Also who do you think would be your favorite NPC out of all the Pathfinder Adventure paths?


Do you still have the original draft for "No Honor Amongst Thieves"/Savage Tide?

Dear James

As the Lotus Dragons were never demolished and have become an intergal part in campaign what prestige classes would you reccomend for Lotus Dragon characters and NPC's?

Also any advice for building a prestige class around the Lotus Dragons them?

Are there going to be any prestige classes based off the Runelords

James Jacobs wrote:
That's certainly an interesting idea... but that crosses the line between creature and object too far for my taste. Once an intelligent item gains class levels, it's a creature in my book. And that gets weird.

so by that token it would probably be more like an animated object at that point?


Is it possible for sentient items to have class levels? Thought it would be a cool idea to have a something like a longsword with levels in summoner running around using its eidolon to masquerade as its wielder.

James Jacobs wrote:
Oof... I'm honestly not sure. It's been over 5 years since I've had my head in Savage Tide after all... And in any case, I'd let their interactions with the PCs influence their fate. A Jade Raven that was disliked would likely become a villain later on, while one that was liked may well become a PC cohort.

It's all good, I can roll with this.

In that case our Ravens probably follow the following trend

Kaskus - cohort (PC's ressurected him at Scuttlecove, probably hang around until his debt is repaid)

Liamae - reluctant ally (good natured fling resulting in a kid with one of the PC's and the party rescued her in Scuttlecove)

Zan - frienemy (PC's saved him from the Seventh Coil and cured him of his sickness but I still think he'd feel pretty neutral towards them)

Tolin - possible villian (never quite got on with the PC's and was rejected by Lavinia; probably doesn't help that his teammates feel more indebted to the party for rescuing/raising them during their last hurrah)

James Jacobs wrote:
Kraven_Redcloak wrote:

James, Savage Tide question.

Provided they all survive the events of the campaign what would you say would be the ultimate fate for the individual members of the Jade Ravens? It seemed like they were on the verge of breaking up as a group when they got to Farshore, I don't imagine the incident in Scuttlecove will really have improved things.

Likewise what about Lavinia? Would she be more likely to stay on Farshore or head back to Sasserine? And provided the PC's decided to ressurect Vanthus in the last stretch of the campaign what is the likelihood him finding redemption and his sister forgiving him?

The fate of the Jade Ravens should be intrinsically tied to the fate of the PCs. They're kind of meant to be the "here's what happens to the PCs if they weren't the PCs, and thus weren't the main characters of the campaign." If the PCs don't help, they do indeed break up and go their separate ways. If they live at all.

As for Lavinia, what happens to her depends on the PCs as well. If they cut her loose, she'll end up staying at Farshore and building a brand new life there. My assumption has always been that she hooks up with a PC as a romantic interest though.

Right, let me rephrase that. Should the Jade Ravens break up what would each of the individual members likely wind up doing?

So with Savage Tide over I've been wondering what to do with some of the surviving NPC's from the campaign, particularly the Jade Ravens since the party used a staff of life to resurrect Kaskus and managed to save Zan and Liamae before reuniting them all with Tolin.

It seemed like they were on the verge of breaking up as a group when they got to Farshore, I don't really imagine the incident in Scuttlecove improving things. Since I like to recycle notable NPC's into future adventures and campaigns (they also make good PC's)I thought it would be cool to establish what became of the Jade Ravens after Savage Tide so they could pop up from time to time in different adventures.

Kaskus I see remaining in Farshore for a few years to repay his debt to Lavinia (possibly any remaining PC's as well) before eventually returning to his clan.

Given his intense hatred of life outside the city I figure that Zan would probably return to Sasserine and become mercenary

Tolin's rather hard because his character is a bit harder to read and he has a couple of options available to him. We figure he could either disband Jade Ravens and relocate to another city, remain in Farshore and join the local militia (possibly putting him at odds with the PC that ended up marrying Lavinia), try to found his own House in Farshore and become nobility (likely making him a potential rival for the Vanderborens), return to Scuttlecove and join the Protectorate, or potential member of the house guard for the Vanderborens.

Liamae wound up getting knocked up in our campaign after a fling with one of the PC's which has opened a couple of options for her. Presently she can either relocate back to city of origin [Greyhawk?] to raise the child, return to Scuttlecove with Tolin and join Protectorate to help liberate the city and get revenge for everything that happened to her at the Birdcage (though the harpies were already whiped out), or remain in Farshore and assist Cessin in religious matters. Plans have been made for her kid to become an adventurer so we've also been discussing what kind of a parent she would be since the player is considering having the kid be either Chaotic Good or Neutral Evil.

James, Savage Tide question.

Provided they all survive the events of the campaign what would you say would be the ultimate fate for the individual members of the Jade Ravens? It seemed like they were on the verge of breaking up as a group when they got to Farshore, I don't imagine the incident in Scuttlecove will really have improved things.

Likewise what about Lavinia? Would she be more likely to stay on Farshore or head back to Sasserine? And provided the PC's decided to ressurect Vanthus in the last stretch of the campaign what is the likelihood him finding redemption and his sister forgiving him?

Avner actually played a rather small part in our campaign and wasn't really used more than necessary for the adventure, in fact I believe he got knocked out at some point on the Wyvern during our encounter with Rowyn. Once we got to Farshore he pretty much just faded out into obscurity like most of the NPC's, however we started going back and making plans to use noteworthy NPC's after the campaign finished.

Avner's fate was sealed when he accompanied our binder on an expedition into the jungle surrounding Farshore for a little excitement and was infected with a mind seed, personality wound up being erased and replaced with the binder's so that he could gain a foothold in House Meravanchi and fianance a few projects he's running when he goes back to Sasserine while under the guise of a "reformed" Avner.


We've been trudging through this campaign since 05 I think, work coupled with some unforseen hiatus' and running Shackled City and Savage Tide around the same time (dad seemed to think a trifecta of epics was a good idea, now not so much) unfortunately put us behind schedule so the adventure is still ongoing...sorta.

The last time we played the party got their asses handed to them by Brazzemal resulting in most of the party fleeing, the capture of our cleric, and the death of our primary fighter.

In a nutshell several characters failed their save against Brazzemal's frightful presense and proceeded to panic leading to two of them running off and using the Ominous Fabler's helm of teleportation to escape the city (with Dragotha's phylactery), our mage (tiefling witch) wound up grabbing the rogue and teleporting them both to the furthest place he could think of at the time: Greyhawk; our cleric was driven insane after Brazzemal cast insanity and ended up getting captured, and our kobold vassal of Bahamut wound up getting ground to paste from a particularly noteworthy tail slap.

So now the party is scattered across the continent and don't really have any way of locating each other to get back together in time to stop the Age of Worms from kicking off. The two PC's that managed to score Dragotha's phylactery are presently on the run from Brazzemal, not to mention just about every other minion Dragotha has sent their way. The rogue and witch are currently still in Greyhawk trying to rally together help to prevent of Age of Worms, but they're essentially strangers in the city and the only people they really know are the survivors of the Champion's Games which ended rather badly. And of course our cleric is presently imprisoned in Wormcrawl Fissure and being interrogated by a very enraged Dragotha, at this point in time it is unclear what will wind up becoming of him as we've been discussing several possible ideas.

So at the moment it seems that the best hope we have for preventing Kyuss from rising or at least facing him is going to be a group of former NPC's led by the veterans of the previous group. We're actually going to have several adventures running parallel to each other dealing with everything that's going on in each of the seperate groups running around from this campaign, naturally all of it is going to tie into AoW.


In the wake of our last major campaign I've been discussing introducing a new demon lord to fill the power vaccum caused when our group killed the last one. I've been veering towards something along the lines of an Incubus King since there have been a number of Succubi Queens over the years, the main issue at the moment stems from a lack of knowledge over what abilities to give to the aforementioned king.

Been toying with the idea of borrowing some abilities from the different queens but from my understanding of Incubus they tend to be a bit more brutal than their female counterparts which kinda goes against the more seductive creature I have in mind. I suppose if it really comes down to it we could always borrow the concept of duality from Shackled City but I'm not sure how that would work for this.

Anyone have any helpful ideas or advice?

Well the character was captured and has been effectively removed from play for the time being. The party itself kinda broke apart during the last fight with two of the PC's relocating themselves halfway across the continent with no way of finding the rest of their party, two PC's teleporting themselves outside the immediate city they were in and being the primary target for being in possession of Dragotha's phylactery, one PC dead, and the last PC being driven insane and captured by the opposition. Since the campaign has been running for so long everyone kinda agreed to put the adventure on hiatus for a while and move on to something else but in the mean time we're still establishing everything that's going on with the PC's. Likewise since this particular PC has been involved in the campaign since it began and is rather crucial (he is one of the remaining three characters from the original party, now down to two) the PC's will have the oppurtunity to decide if they want to rescue him when they resume the adventure (at least the two characters close enough to what's going on to be involved in the adventure) though with everything that's happened I've been thinking about using the character as an opposing NPC. Barring that the only thing I can think to do with him is have him locked away somewhere as a prisoner or just kill him out right.

Don't really think that being a stronger form of confusion really covers the ramifications of what Insanity could possibly do all that well given all the possibilities you see from all of the demented characters you see running around. Haven't really seen any insane characters running around that were good aligned which is why I want to know if it would really effect alignment at all, think the closest I've seen has actually been Chaotic Neutral.

Jak the Looney Alchemist wrote:

It could also function as

This will be most useful.

Right I got a question about insanity and alignments

During the climax of our last adventure one of the PC's being driven insane from an insanity spell and captured by Brazzemal the Burning to pop up at a later date as an NPC.

From what I gathered reading the spell the effects of insanity are permanent however outside of it being a stronger version of confusion I haven't really been able to gleam any real useful information about characters suffering from this condition. I've gone through Heroes of Horror, the DMG, Lords of Madness, and Unearthed Arcana however none of them have really supplied the information I'm looking for.

My question is this, how does one determine the alignment for a character that has become insane? Would they be required to change their alignment to cope with their newfound condition and if so how far off would it have to be from their original alignment? Furthermore how does one go about deciding the exact nature of the afflicted's psychosis?

The character in question is a Chaotic Good cleric of Kord who I'm considering converting to a follower of Kyuss depending on what I can learn here.

Is it possible for sentient items to have class levels? I was reading about Balimar and Balio while looking through the Harrowing earlier and got an idea for a unique NPC that was sentient sword with a few levels in summoner.

I figure after living so long this particular weapon could have learned how to summon and conjured an eidolon to double as it's wielder while it travels around. Barring that the weapon have had levels in summoner programed into it upon creation or be possessed by the spirit of it's original wielder which could attribute to it's unique abilities.

Opinions please.

Got a kobold heavy campaign coming up and was just wondering if it was ever established who is the kobolds primary deity in Golarion? Does Kurtulmak exist in the Pathfinder universe or do kobolds revere a different god?

Hey James, I got a question for you.

Who are the characters shown in the AoW campaign? So far the only one I've been able to learn anything about is Tyralandi (enjoyed reading her playtest btw) but who are the Tiefling, the Drow, and the other two humans I've seen with them (dude with the blue uniform carrying the tower shield and the guy that looks like Raistlin wielding swords)?

Also, since I've seen that you've created a new vestige, how would you go about making Vestige's for the following characters/demons/gods: Kyuss, Demogorgon, and Iuz?

Well that's actually kinda complicated since our party pretty much turned on each other as soon as the Crown of Power appeared. Basically what happened was our cleric of Pelor decided to attack my binder right before he could make a bid for the Crown. While he was busy attacking my binder our fighter made a mad dash for the Crown and attempted to claim it for herself which pretty much ended the fight as both cleric and binder turned their attention to her. Somehow in the brawl the cleric and fighter wound up teaming up against my binder early on, apparently deaming him the most dangerous threat. Rather than fight them both my binder opted to teleport a short distance away and claim the Crown for himself around the same time everyone else was trying to.

My only beef with what happened here is that the cleric should have been focused more on the fighter who was not only lawful evil but a werewolf rather than my chaotic neutral binder. I know that clerics don't like binders but the fact is that no one was really sure what my character was since I never bothered to tell them and he always did his bindings in secret.

What makes the situation complicated is that technically my character beat out everyone one competing for the title of Demon Prince, however as the person DMing the campaign is not our primary DM (ie our dad) depending who's DMing at the time he didn't ascend to demon lord status.

The general consensus is that my binder got interrupted while he was absorbing the power and wasn't able to claim it all but still acquired some unique abilities (according to the guy DMing STAP (my brother) after our dad said my binder wasn't ascending), someone else (Dagon I think, it's either him or a lesser demon) claimed the crown (high DM's ruling), or my binder managed to become the new Prince of Demons and wiped out the two characters that turned on him (my ruling as I succeeded the necessary roll and DM these games from time to time). It really depends who's DMing at the time.

Right, our group finished the Savage Tide adventure path a while back and I thought given how the campaign ended it would be cool to make Demogorgon a vestige. Given the sheer power he possessed in life and the present state of his soul at the end of the campaign I assume well within the realm of possibilty that he'd become a vestige. Has anyone ever created this vestige before and if so could they kindly send me a link to it? If not what would be some good abilities, signs, and influences to give binders that bind Demogorgon's vestige?

I'm thinking of looking over some of the class features Demogorgon's thralls get and using them as a reference point, so at the moment I got some gaze based attacks and Schizophrenia. Outside of that though I'll probably look over a couple of other demonic vestiges to use as templates.

Is this thread still going on?

Thanks, I'll look into those.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the stats for the Orange, Yellow, and Purple Dragons or at the very least what issues of Dragon/Dungeon I can find them.

I've been trying to find a copy of the Dragon Compendium over here but haven't found one and I have neither the money nor the resources to order it from here.

Also if someone knows which issue I can find the stats for the Tibbits that would be great too.

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