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Kraschyn's page

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Traps: Get a Priest to cast som Glyphes on strategic Position.
Dimensional Anchor to make retreat difficult.
Disguise some of the Mercs as commoners who are just
having the bad luck to beeing in the Building.

Help: Jenya Urikas or Kristoff Juergensen could come there
to have a look on whats going on...........
Maavu Arlintal could make an appearance if he is still
alive and last but not least the Striders could give a
helping Hand. Every of this persons has an interesst in
the party.

Hope that helps.
Will have to run Lords of oblivion next Saturday and my Party Wizards plans to level House Rhiavadi with an preemptive strike since she thinks oberserging the meeting to difficult.
Problem is she develloped a plan who really would work........


My Group cant take on Vhalantru yet.
They have 13 Hours game Time until the "Conference " at House Rhiavadi.
When they go hunting Vhalantru they will miss the conference.
Dont think they will get through Oblivion in 13 Hours.
Problem is that the City Watch is looking for them.
Some have a quiet impresive List of warrants and the rest is searched for possible having informations where the fugitives are found.
So they have to keep a low profile atm.



The Prob is my Party messed earlier with Lady Thirifane and it didnt went well for them.
They are quite Paranoid about the building and think it massively protected which isnt the case.
I will have only Wards against Scrying there during the Meeting.
The halfling is the only one who can try to get in.
He was a rogue before changing career.
And yes i dont think it will went well when he will attend the meeting 2 Rogue / 11 Level Paladin of the God of Justice.
This will give me some Headache, i always get remembered on a campaing in which i played and we infiltrated a meeting of some Vampires with a Lathander priest in the Party........
That went well until the Priest saw the Vampire: " In the Name of the Morninglord............."
Yes this will be real interesting.

Someone any proposals how the Party could gather some Informations about the participants and how to find them afterwards?
Legend and lore?
Do the Guest leave all at the same time or do some of them stay longer?



My Party is debating storming the conference of the Bad guys in House Rhiavadi or not.
They want to inviltrate the house.
Would it be possible to replace a simulacrum Halfling through a real one?
One of my Party members is a Halfling Paladin of Tyr and he wants to replace a member of the Household
Would that work?
Somehow i have a bad feeling about that.........
Second they think about to hunt the Guests down separately when they are leaving the House.
The party doesnt know who is meeting there between the House Lady but they think its to dangerous to storm the builiding directly.
Does anyone around here had his players hunt the Guests down after the Conference?
Any comments or proposals for that?


Kraschyn christoff wasn't statted out in the hardcover. You can use a standard level 4 cleric from the DMG if you're badly in need of some stats. Unfortunately, he won't be able to do much for the party. If they are in need of raising of resurection, I think your best bet is for Jenya to break out a scroll to cast the spell.


I thought i did see him somewhere.
Will have build him himself.
We have 3 dead atm, thats 50 % percent of the Party.
Jenya can definitely help but i am not sure yet how she
will react on the news that 2 of her Paladins assaulted the
Temple of Kelemvor and waged a major war in the Cataccombs
of that Temple :).
Have to think about that.
Since Kristoff is closer the survivors sent one of theirs to fetch him.
They nedd to get a lot of Constitution restored before searching the Kelemvor Temple.
The Dread Wraith was a really real Bad Guy.
The Fight in the temple went nearly 3 hours.


Hi i am runining Soull pillar atm.
My party just stormed the Temple of Kelemvor ( i took as
replacemant for Wee Jas in the FR).
They where victorious but had a bad fight and 50 % of the Party didnt make it.
Since Lathander ( Pelor ) is allied with them they sent one
Survivor to fetch Kristoff Jurgenson but my Problem is
i dont find ANY STATS for that NSC in the HC.
Was he forgotten?
Or if he in, can someone tell me where to find him, hes realy badly needed atm.


Thanks for the ideas.
The Party will absolute sure return to Vapraks voice.
First they want to settle their Account with the false Archons.
But the most important point is they have to save the missing Paladin.
In my campaign Alexis is a female and one of my players got to be her Novice Paladin and is courting her.
No chance that anything will stop him as long as he lives.
They still believe them to be real.....
My Wizards began resarch an inquiries about Archons...

There any proposals what Guards Nabathoron could lent to the Hags?
The Group is now
Solmyr Human Fighter 6 / 1 Cleric of Lathander / 2 Paladin of Lathander
Benji Stichgood Halfling 2 Level Rogue / 8 Level Paladin of Tyr ( Tyr replaces ST. Cuthbert ).
Caldana Sommerwind 7 Wizard / 3 WarWizard of Cormyr
Duran Eisenbeiser Dwarv 7 Fighter / 3 Defender
Gnome 9 Druid (Got killed by the Hill Giants )
Daja Moonblade 3 Fighter 4 Wizard 3 Eldritch knight

I intent to have the Hags to animate all Deads.




i am just runing Demonskar Legacy.
We had some fun.
Until now my Group succeded in missing all Hints to the Cagewrights.
I hoped they would get some Ideas when they found the Prototypyp
Soulcage by the Fire Giant in Vapraks Voice.
Ok thats the Plan.
After messing with the City Watch when Hell broke loose as
Alexis didnt appear to the Challenge.
They had to leave Cauldron fast but they saved Maavu.
The Group went to Redgorge and from there straight to Vapraks Voice.
The Druid scouted the Gate room as Bat.
They planned and attacked and after a great fight they took the Gate with loses.
The druid went into an infight with a Hill giant and got killed.
After that they went to the Dungeon and went straight to the Hags.
And here all went wrong.
One Paladin drunk the poisoned Elixir and went down.
The forgot the Warning about the false Sister from Nidrama.
The main Tank got dominated and attacked the helpless Paladin.
The group retreated in Chaos from the Chamber.
The Wizard took out the dominated Tank with Feeblemind and the Teleported out of the Dungeon.
Now they rested one Day raised the Druid and healed all Party members and next time we game they want to go back.

Now my Question ist what would you the Hags have done in the Time until the Group returns?
Will they stay or evacuate?
The Hill Giants and Guards in the Gate room are Down.
If they leave the Group will miss the Prototype Cage.
Any Advice or proposals?



Famous last words.
Paladin to the Dwarf: Why comes the Mage in the infight?
Let us kill him........


Good ideas Thanks.

Didnt think on the Cagewrights.
By the way there are some Undeads in the Church of Wee Jas / Kelemvor in my campaing that fit the Bill too.
Could he find them too?


Thanks for the Answers.
Will have to think about what i will do with the Druid.
By the has someone Druids in his SCAP Campaing?
Does they fit in?

Just have the impression that the class dont fit realy good in the Campaign since it the main Villains are City based.


Got some Questions perhaps somene has any ideas how to handle his.
My Party just finished Zenith Trajectory and we will begin Demonskar next session.
One of my player is now playing a Druid and is tryind to establish himself in the Cauldron Region.
He is Casting Comune with Nature to find the presencc of a migthy Creatures.
Question could he find the Morkoth in the Lake?
This is the only creature in his Spellcasting area that fullfills the description.
What do you think?

Question two.
Our Druid get his Spells from the Nature, he doesnt have an God.
If he gets to Abyss in test of the smoking eye where there is no Nature around, would he still get the Spells?
What do you think?

Thanks Kraschyn.

I am runing SC in the Stonelands.
I changed the Churches to FR Churches.
Does Work well, dont had any troubles yet.


I would like to see have an update for
Into the Fire, Out of the Ashes and A Rose for Talakara.
By chance someone updated them?


Age is 36.
Playing since 1987.
Played all D&D Editions and still have fun.
Atm Dm for Shackled City Campaign and have much fun.
Hope the same for my players.

Our Group Ages lies between 23 and 38 and we play together since


We play since 1990 as a group.
We changed from second to 3 edition last year.
Our round adopted fast without trouble to third ed.
If you invest some time and are interested in the new
rules there is no problem here to adopt.

The difference between the Edidions.
Good question.
The third has more possibilities in develloping Charachters.
This gives the players a lot of interesting possibilities.
But you cant really compare the Edition because a lot
of the Things in third dont exist in second.

If you neglect this and compare the Editions a third edition
Char is always much more powerfull then a second one.
Imho you cant compare them directly because of the
differences in the rules.

The main differences lies in the Feat system.
You got much fun and possiblieties from it but because second lacks it you cant compare them well.

If you simply compare the Editions you get the impression that
Third is Power gaming. But if you take in that the Monsters in third are much more Powerfull then in second it is relative.

How easy is it for old time player to grasp the new system?

You need some Time but i think you will adapt fast.

Is the 3rd Edition clearly superior to the 2nd?

IMHO, Yes.


My first Charachter was born in 1987.
He was 1. edition a Halfelf Mage named Kyrill.
He is still around from time to time.
He was a Master of fireballs since i couldnt imagine
6 M radius correct.
His Fireballs mostly fried the Monsters and most of his group members.


In my campaing the group got drafted into the military.
There they had some training together :), was fun
as our 0.96 m Halfling tried to climb the wall in the training
The dwarfes solved the problem to meet the timelimits and throw him over the Wall.
After that training they got an assignment as scouting force.


Only thing my group got in trouble was the Child auction
at the end of Life Bazar.
Because the Half Fiend Dwarv who was interested in buying the childs could Cast unholy Blight and that woudl have Killed the entire party at that time. Didnt used that ability.

Another tough figtht was the battle with Tongueeater.
Our great Dwarfen Leader sold all silver Weapons they found :).
The fight took them over 3 hours.
They only won because one Paladin got to the dead body of Darcem and used his Weapon.

Kraschyn wrote:

The party just fust finished Flood Season and is

now on the way to Zenith.
Playing in the FR.

Benji Stichgood Halfling 2 Level Rogue 5 Level Paladin of Tyr
Solmyr Human 6 Level Fighter 1 Level Paladin of Lathander
Darja Moonblade FE Halvelf 3 FTR 4 Wizard
Caldana Human FE 7 Level Wizard going for Warwizard next level
Duran Ironbiter 7 Level Dwarf FTR going for Defender PRC
Evendur SturmbringerHuman 7 Level Cl of Tempus.
And a new member FE Elf 6 Level Rogue 1 Wizard.


The party is just fust finished Flood Season and is
now on the way to Zenith.
Playing in the FR.

Benji Stichgood Halfling 2 Level Rogue 5 Level Paladin of Tyr
Solmyr Human 6 Level Fighter 1 Level Paladin of Lathander
Darja Moonblade FE Halvelf 3 FTR 3 Wizard
Caldana Human FE 7 Level Wizard going for Warwizard next level
Duran Ironbiter 7 Level Dwarf FTR going for Defender PRC
Evendur SturmbringerHuman 7 Level Cl of Tempus.
And a new member FE Elf 6 Level Rogue 1 Wizard.


Have the same Probs with the Cagewrrights here.
But i solved the problem with Vhalantru.
He is the leader of the Jesters in my Campaign.
My Group did mess with the Jesters and they hate them and they hate the leader of the Guild which is .... Vhalantru.
My two Paladins are on the hunt for the Jesters since it seems that the guild is involved in certain "accidents " involving Priests of their Churches.
Since the Cagewrights want to open a Portal they dont want to habe Priests messing with their agenda.
Therefore they are trying to eliminate this Problems beforehand.
Their tool is the Jesters.
My Group now knows that the guild is on the hunt for Priests but not why.
I will have Ike Iverson lent the Jesters a hand in healing them and buffing them.
So i can invovle Embryl.
But i am still thinking about how to involve the other Cagewrights in the Campaign before the End.
Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.


Good ideas though.

They're not called classics for nothing eh...

delvesdeep wrote:

I would like the players to see and even meet Vhalantru in his beholder form a number of times before the ultimate show down. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this without TPK?


meeting Vhalantru in beholder form (without the obligatory TPK) is a tough one. I would think Vhalantru assumes his natural form for two reasons: to directly confront (and probably kill) his enemies, or to relax in his private sanctum. At other times he would probably use his elven disguise. Even when dealing with allies who know his true identity (such as the Cagewrights and Embril)

If you want the PC's to see the beholder, I would probably go for the first option: Vhalantru is set to kill one of his oponents. Maybe a higher level adventurer, or some powerfull evil NPC not aligned with the cagewrights. How about one of the members of that greyhawk museum of yours? Perhaps as a warning to the other members or something. The PC's could spy on the meeting, or could be sent to either kill or capture that particular character. Only to find that Vhalantru beat them to it.

In my Campaing Vhalantru is the leader of the Jesters.
Some time in the Future my party will observe a meeting between,
the Jesters and the beholder.
Perhaps that would work for you too?


How does the party gets on Vhalantrus tracks?

About my Setting up.
Vhalantru is in my Campaign the Leader of the Jesters Guild.
He is using the Jesers to rid the City Council of opposition so he can exert his Control.

In the Campaign is mentioned that the Highpriest of Pelor before Kristof Jurgenson became highpriest, had an Accident.
In truth the Jester killed him under Order of Vhalantru and they killed Darcem S. and the Wands are the cover for the murder.
And the Jester will Profit from selling the Wands back to the City.
Why does Vhalantru do this?
He sees the Priests as a main obstacle to the Plan of the Cagewrights and tries to diminsh the power of the good Churches.
How does the party can come on his tracks?

Several possibilities:

First Jenya hires the Party to bring the murders of Darcem to Justice, this will lead to the Jesters and then to their leader.
Second The party will get hints when the City politics changes and members who take an opposite stance to Vhalantru end up missing or dead.

In my Campaign their was an hearing after the Murder of Darcem where the Party had to give a full Report to the Council with Vhalantru
asking the Questions.
During the hearing their was a heated debate about the security in the City and how the murder of a high priest can happen.
Vhalantru was pleading for an increasing of the Size of the Guard and that measures have to be taken to guarantee public security.

Our Paladin of Tyr / which substitutes ST. Cuthbert in our Realms campaing didnt like this very well and began investigations about Vhalantru
rihgt after the Meeting.

Our other Paladin of Lathander / which subistutes Pelor is looking into the accidentsof his Priests.

So both them will come after Vhalantru in time.
But the Tyr Paladin is in the lead atm.

Comments and Ideas are welcome.


I like the idea of Vhalantru acting like a nice guy to the
Kraschyn, what role did the lord mayor play in the gathering you had with Vhalantru? Was he a fop/fool, inteligent & well spoken, quite/reserved, unsure/jittery, disturbed/worried or something else completely?

Vhalantru in my Campaign is the Secretary of the Lord Mayor.
Official he handels most the bureaucratic Affairs for the office of the Mayor.
He does it to have a better controll of the affairs in Cauldron and dont risk that the Mayor will escape his Control ( spells dont hold forever ).
As Secretary he can manipulate all things without rising suspions.
And if something goes wrong he can always point the guild at the Lord Mayor.
The Lord Mayor encountered the Party only at the banquet at the start of Flood season.
The Mayor will not appear often in public but his Secretary will act in his name most time.
I am curious if someone will get suspious.

I modified something in my Campaing according to ideas from the message board.
If you want to know more or discuss somethings you can reach me per mail


My Party is in Floodseason now.
Darcem Sel. the Cleric is dead.

The party did meet Vhalantru 3 times atm.
First they meet him as Beholder when he rescued Terrem.
After live Bazar their was a public meeting of the City council where Vhalantru intterogated the party leader about the incidents in Jhzadirune and Malachite Fortress.
At this meeting our Party leader did heavily insult the Beholder.
In his story of the Combat in Jhzadirune he humiliated the Beholder.
It will be great a realy great moment when he realizes
that the beholder and Vhalantru are one and the same person.

After that at the begining of Flood season their was a banquett
for important Citizen of Cauldron where the entire Party meet with the City Counsil including Vhalantru.

Next time we play they will be ordere again for the Council for their involvement in the murder of an importang High-Cleric.
Vhalantru has a big grudge against the party and especially its leader.
How i play Vhalantru.
He is the good guy in the goverment ;) but in reality he is trying to set them up for trouble without endangering himself or his cover.
Its fun.

I think they will meet many times til the final encounter.


Party is just begining Flood Season.
They will be meeting Tongueeater next Session.
They are

Lady Sommerwind 5 Level Cormyrian Warwizard in Training going for the Warwizard Prestige Class.
Benji Stitchgood Halfling 2 Level Thief changed his way now
3 Level Paladin of Tyr in Training.
Duran Ironeater Dwarf 5 Level Fighter going for Defender.
Daja Halfelv female 2 Level Fighter / 3 Level Wizard
Brokel Dwarf 2 Level Ranger / 3 Level Tempus Priest
Solmyr Human Male 4 Level FTR / 1 Level Paladin of Lathander
and a 5 Level Tepmus Priest.



Saarbrücken, Geramny.


If your group come to the Encounter with Valanthru in Life Basar they will certainly try to take him down.
They will not win but who cares they are the good guys.
I have a Paladin in training in the party, he just converted and followws the God Tyr since we play on the Realms.
He started a really mess in that encounter and he was just one 1 Paladin a that moment.
And he got the Party to attack the Duergar / Fiend Pyrzagon,
nearly TPK because of his unholy blight Spell abilility.
Since your Guys are all good they will have more trouble with it.
Finally there is the Proble with Terrem, the Child is evil because of his heritage.......
Its up to you if your Paladins will see it.
I let our Paladin see it that the Beholder saved a evil Child.
Now they are on the Hunt why.
Since they found the Child was returned to the Orphanage by the beholders Allies.



I like the idea...

I didnt say anything yet, but i would like to help.


Got a Question and would like our Oppinion.

Last Saturday my group mananged in 4 Session to go finally
to the Malachite Fortress.
According to their luck yet they got the shortest route to
There i thought they would be hard pressed but their War Wizard in training got Lucky und managed to make 40 Points of Damage with Aganazzars Scorcher and Melfs Acid Arrows in 4 Rounds.
Then the rest of the party took care of the rest.
They won because of their Wizard.
Then Valantru appeared and their Paladin Errant got mad but luckily he couldnt do anything.
He got the Idea that the Dwarven statue with in the Entering Hall could perhaps help and run their to release her from the Iron what was wound around her.
Bad idea :).
Got som hits but managed to run away.
The Beholder grapped Terrem and vanished.
After that, the Party tried to kill Pyrzagor and their comes the troubel i have.
How shall a 4 Level Party stand against the unholy Blight spell he can use?
I see through the Fight that Pyarragor came away without whipping out the PCs since i didnt want to start anwew.
That abillity would be a TPK for my Party at full Hitpoints.
Anyone had the same Prob?
Any comments?


Chef's Slaad wrote:
Flushmaster wrote:
Any form of resurrection by magical means normally results in the subject locing a Con point, as well as (usually) a level (if a familiar is resurrected, it does not lose the Con point).

Not according to the spell description of raise dead or resurection. And It's not in any rule I found.

Could it be a house rule of yours?


We still playing 3.0 but according to Players guide:
If you die and get raised you loose so much EP that your EP stands in the middle of the last level before.
Means if you are 4 Level and die you have after getting raised the EP of a 3.5 Level Charachter.
I dont have a PG at Hand but i will look on which site it stands if i get home.


No deaths yet.
My group is just in the first part of Life Bazarre.
They took 1 session to find the way to the gnome City and whats going on in the City.
They are now 2 sessions in Jzadirune and will perhaps in the 4 proceed to the Malachite hold.
They had most trouble with the Traps but not with the mosnsters since they are a really Comabt oriented Team.
I am running the Game in FR.
The group consists of
Male Dwarv CL 2 Tempus / 1 R
Male Dwarv 3 Fr will become Defender
Female Halbelf 1 Fr / 2 Wizard
Female Wizard 3 runing to become a Cormyrean Warwizard.
Human Male 3 Ftr
Human Male 3 CL Tempus
Male Halbling 2 / Rogue and now Paladin Noivice.

Our Rogue appealed successfully to become an Paladin errant at the Church of Tyr which i use for St. Cuthbert.
Its a long story if i find time and others are interested i will post it.

Since the Halvling and the group had to part last time they dont know what the halvling did :).
Will be fun when they meet again.


At the Moment i am playing D&D 3. Ed.
We changed the DM and now i am running AP1.

I played Shadworun and Battletech, but the rounds i played that games dont exist anymore.

Aside from RPGs i play Tabeltopps and from time to time Magic and i played a MMORG DAOC, but dont have the time for that anymore and RPGS are a lot more fun then the MMORG in the long run.


One more Question.

How do you others handle Training?
Do you let the group gain Levels on the run or do the charachters need to train.
I would personally prefer if they had to train to gain some skills but this will interrupt the game.
My group is just entering Jzadirune and will make third Level will down their.
Since time is of essence they cant stopp and go training without loosing the Childs and other prisonners to the Slavers.

Any Advice?


Oliver von Spreckelsen wrote:
WormysQueue wrote:
by the way, Kraschyn, are you german? And if so,do you read germany's greatest sci-fi-series?

both yes.

I am from germany and i have read nearly the enteire series.


I began running AP1 last Weekend and i had a lot of fun.
But i got a Question about Terrem i couldnt solve yet.
The Child wears the mark of Carceri and is Evil
Is he Evil because of the mark or is he evil from his own
And the mark is invisible.
Could a Mage detect it with see invisible?
What would happen if a Paladin would check on the Child?

How did other DMs solve that Situation ?

I believe this points will turn up in my Campaign.
We play at the realms and the Party consists of
1 Dwave Male Warrior
1 Dwarve Male Cleric / Tempus
1 Human Fighter and 1 Half Elf Female Fighter.
1 Female Cormyrian War Wizard in training.
And finally one Halfling dressmaker 4 cm short of a meter.

First thing they did after arriving in Cauldron was breaking a part and everyone startet looking for trouble.

Our Halfling run into another one and got told about Tyr which i substituted for ST. Cuthbert who hold all Halflings for thieves.
After running into some Merchants who all believe Halflings are
thieves our Halfling decided to go to the temple of Tyr and have a chat with the Clerics about Halfling and their behavior.
He ran into the "thieves" who assaulted the Cleric Rufus and it ended all with the Halfling dragging an unconscious Tyr Cleric to his Temple.
After having a good chat with the Clerics he aquiered the
Friendship of the Tyr Paladin Alex Tercifall.
And i can see it happen that the Halfling will drag along his
new Friend and end running into Terrem.
How to solve that then?

Any Advice?



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