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Kräftig's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 15 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


The Exchange

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Too close to the Ed Greenwod goal not to bite! I'm in for a c-note now ... don't judge me.

The Exchange

Mark Moreland wrote:
Let's not accuse other posters of being sock puppets, please. Just because someone is new to the community and has a specific interest in Pathfinder Online doesn't make them any less valuable a member of the community than anyone else. Until Goblinworks has their own messageboards and no longer needs to use for discussion of their game, I think there will be a lot of folks who are here simply for that and not for the Pathfinder RPG or other elements that might draw a majority of our posters to the site.

Sincere apologies -- I have deleted the potentially offending post.

The Exchange

<sigh>This boondoggle is almost enough to make me cancel my subscriptions. Hasn't anybody else done their due diligence on "Steve Jobs" Dancey from his days at Eve Online?</sigh>

The Exchange Goblin Squad Member

Grats on the funding!

... but doesn't the Kickstarter project have a Heisenberg or false analogy problem associated with it? E.g., I'm not really interested in the MMO, but I would like to get the Thornkeep book -- so if I pledge funding to get the book, it will be communicated to Angels/VC's as interest in the MMO?

The Exchange

Liz Courts wrote:
Tome of Horrors Complete: Unlimited Edition has arrived in our warehouse, and we'll begin shipping them out shortly. :)


The Exchange

There is nothing that WotC can do to regain my trust or business. Hasbro/WotC underestimated the effect that an alienated segment of their fan base would have. They guessed wrong. I, for one, hope that they have to live with the consequences for some time ... (all the way to the bank)^-1.

Paizo didn't treat their customers as fungible revenue units. Loyalty and integrity count.

The Exchange

Took a long time to clear credit card authorization -- probably a lot of people checking out at once -- but I am pre-ordered. Woot!

The Exchange

malanthropus wrote:
Ok...I saw where there will be a second printing. WHEN?!?!?!?! Now that I'm paying attention I want this book!

I'm not sure if I call say where I heard it (so I won't), but look for an announcement later today.

The Exchange

I was going to make a comment about overuse of the word "nigh" when read together with previous weeks' installments, but exploding Pursers can always be counted on to cover over a multitude of sins. Great imagery, Mr. Greenwood!

The Exchange

Wow! Cannibalism and projectile vomitting -- great bookends. Would that be a Dex check for Aebos and a Ref save for Juval?

Much fun and a good read. Thank you, Erik.

The Exchange

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

So the Gorilla Grodd .. er, King articles are blogs giving the run down by games by the Paizo staff ?

I thought we already got that from time to time : )

But hey the new art's great Hyrum.

The Gorilla King looks like The Flash just spoiled one of his plans for world domination.

Suffering succotash ... you beat me to the clever Grodd reference!

The Exchange

Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
Unaware is not the same as helpless. If the target was sleeping, you could use a coup de grace action to effectively cut his throat though, forcing a fortitude save or die.

I agree with Alexander and would add that if the target successfully saved, it should probably be helpless for the next attack in the same round.

The Exchange

I'd buy one in adult and two in kid sizes.

The Exchange

"The Four Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris and "Beginner's Guide To Day Trading Online" by Toni Turner.

The Exchange

Freehold DM wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Now with more art.
Hey man...can I get me some of the shrooms you used as a reference for the drawing?, man.

Myconids always remind me of A4: In the Dungeon of the Slavelords. What a great module!

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