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Shanda Faravan

Koya aka GM Edwin's page

17 posts. Alias of Insnare.


That evening you eat a hearty meal of boar and a few glasses of the water of life and everyone wakes up the next morning.

Koya first thing makes her way to Ahiko and casts cure poison on Ahiko.

Mornin' chile, says she as she presses her fingers to her temples and says a brief prayer to Desna while touching Ahiko on the shoulder.

....Poison cured....

Koya looks at Ahiko and says, "Well young lady, I can do that for you tomorrow morning, just make sure you remind me before you leave for the castle."

Koya smiles and says, "No problem chile, all of you come over here who need a little health..."

She then waits for the group to come over and channels positive energy 2d6 ⇒ (3, 5) = 8 and then again 2d6 ⇒ (3, 5) = 8 and a third time 2d6 ⇒ (4, 1) = 5

Koya finds Takeshi and says, "Young man, your sister, I think is improving a bit, she is now speaking in Varisian albeit in macabre riddles. How was your trip to Brinewall?"

Koya shoots Vermundr a strained look then realizes that from his point of view that is a reasonable remark and she says, "Actually no, we arrived two nights ago and she was fine, we were all about to leave for the castle yesterday morning and well, she fell into a coma..."

Ok guys, I will give you some options, you can choose to take one of the NPCs with you to the castle excluding Koya and Ameiko... the list consists of Sandru, Shalelu, Kelda, or Spivey, or go it alone.

"I have had many other duties mostly helping raise my mother's adopted children, like Sandru and of course my mother who had been ill for a very long time, Pharasma took her just a short time back."

Koya shrugs her shoulders and says, "I am not sure young Takeshi"

If you want to continue to rp with each other other the NPCs feel free if not and you want to continue to the next day just tell me

Koya blushes at the remark and says, "Well Mr. Tribble you are mistaken I am not married nor was I ever helping my mother was what spent most of my life doing. So what exactly are you wondering?"[b]

Ameiko says something else in Tian

[b]“Grandfather waits in the dark, but he knows not who he was...”

Koya wiping a tear from her eye with the hand that had wringed out the towel responds to Takeshi's query, "I will be able to cast detect law on the morrow until then I do not have the facilities to figure out what has come over your sister."

Ameiko has a seizure and starts to mumble not in her voice and then says audibly in Tien

“Beware the cuckolded cuckoo—it is in his shattered silent love you should seek aid...”

Koya escorts you to Ameiko's impromptu hospital wagon, where she is lying on a straw mattress with a wet rag on her forehead, where you can tell she is sweating profusely every few seconds she convulses involuntarily.

Koya then says, "Ameiko comes to life and speaks in a voice not her own and always in Tian everyone hour or so" as she grasps Ameiko's left hand with her right and takes the rag with her left and wrings out the sweetly smelling sweat water and returns it to her forehead.

Koya turns and says, Good point my dear, well she does look peaceful, Could one of you carry Ameiko back to her wagon?

While Ameiko is being transported, she continues "She does seem to be sleeping comfortably and well I can take a long nap and memorize detect Law for tomorrow or this evening to see what the scoop is..."

Takeshi takes a step and nothing happens to him.

Koya hears Ahiko and says, Well my young friend, you are pretty good at your craft. Hmmm magic you say, let me decipher what it is

Koya concentrates on Ameiko casting Detect Magic for a while and then says, "Strange it seems to be an aura of law, hmmm, does anyone have detect law?"

Koya takes the quilt into her hands and stretches it out to take in the craftsmanship and the detailed colored design in the sun, and then says with an extremely large smile on her wrinkly face, "Child, you really shouldn't have, however, this is exquisite work, I mean, it's just heavenly. It wasn't me at all it was Desna and her love, so I will humbly accept this gift in her honor."

You can add 1 to your relationship score to Koya

Koya looks at the mass grave, kneels and says, "May Desna guide your path better in death than whomever your deity did in life. They deserve peace where conflict guided them in life, may love guide from henceforth"

Afterwards she casts positive energy on the group, twice 4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 3, 4) = 12

Koya waves her hands and a glow of positive energy disseminates out towards all May Desna be praised!!!!

Koya coughs a little and she looks a wee bit weary due to lateness of the evening and meekly says,Did you have a chance to give me friend Megus, my letter?

A spry older woman makes her way to the Dragon, she opens the door and everyone turns to look at her.

"Morning everyone!"

She then sits down near where Liu is and says [b] "How are things going with you? May I have some eggs please?"

A spry older woman makes her way to the dragon, she opens the door and says... "Liu, may I have some eggs and some bacon, I heard Sandru is in town"

She see Takeshi

"Morning Takeshi, how's the academy treating you?"

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