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Koldoon's page

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I'm doing a 13th age experiment in Golarion and I'm going to use some strung together pathfinder modules. So I have a couple options and was hoping someone might chime in with some pros/cons of each I haven't thought of (and if they think there's an obvious adventure for one of these groups I HAVEN'T thought of)

For game reasons I'd like to keep them roughly geographically grouped.

Option 1:
Darkmoon Vale:
Hollow's Last Hope
Crown of the Kobold King
Carnival of Tears
Revenge of the Kobold King
Hungry are the Dead

Obvious Pro: I have the Guide to Darkmoon Vale available
Obvious Pro 2: Tim Hitchcock and Nick Logue - what's not to love about that!
Con: Having Darkmoon Vale limits interaction of One Unique Thing and backgrounds

Option 2:

The Godsmouth Heresy
Murder's Mark
Feast of Ravenmoor
Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
Conquest of the Bloodsworn Vale
Seven Swords of Sin

Obvious Pro: I have the Rise of the Runelords Player's guide available
Con: a fair amount of travel between adventures, as these are much more scattered than the darkmoon vale adventures.

Nirmathis/Last Wall area:

Crypt of Everflame
Into the Haunted Forest (possibly first, unsure)
Masks of the Living God
Fangwood Keep
City of Golden Death

Pros: Crypt of Everflame has a very strong 1st adventure together hook.
Con: That limits backgrounds somewhat for 13th age, possibly more than I'm comfortable with.

I'm looking at starting an online game and was thinking about using 13th age - but I have all these pathfinder books, and I thought it might be cool to use Golarion and some of my pathfinder adventures as a base.

The one big game element that pathfinder lacks is a set of icons. I played some 13th age at GenCon and I thought the icon relationships really gave some good life to the game, so I'm looking for some suggestions.

I'm thinking about starting an online 4e game with the pathfinder setting. I'd prefer to do one of the pathfinder APs, but I am unsure which one would work best, both in terms of ease of conversion and for running in an online setting.

Any suggestions?

- Ashavan

The GSL has been posted to:

like 2 min ago.

- Ashavan

I'm looking through the first few GameMastery Module products, and I'm not seeing the declaration of product identity or of open game content. Am I just missing these? I've checked both D0 and D1.

- Ashavan

Okay, since a monk's unarmed strike is considered both a natural and a melee weapon (and can be affected by spells or effects that target either), can a monk effectively gain the unarmed attack damage a monk one size larger by taking the Improved Natural Attack feat?

I've checked the errata and FAQ and haven't been able to dig up an answer.

- Ashavan

For relatively high hd creatures with class levels, I'm finding the point at which they hit epic progression, and which parts of classes hit epic progression confusing...

A medusa cleric 15 has 21 class levels - 6 monster levels, 15 cleric levels. Does she stop receiving spell slots (the epic rules would suggest so), or does the spell level progression continue until hitting 20th class level?

I'm finding epic progression a little confusing... this is probably why I focus on low and mid level adventures.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have a question on progression for monsters with class levels, especially for spell casting monsters:

A medusa cleric has 6 hit dice from it's "monster" levels... at Cleric 15 - does the epic progression start??? which is to say, under epic rules a creature stops gaining additional spell slots at 20th level... and Cleric 15 would put the medusa at level 21.

epic levels aren't my strongest suit, and with monster and multi-classed characters I'm finding some of the rules a little confusing.

Some clarification? Anyone?

- Ashavan

"Going out again, my son?" The voice, so soft that Solon almost suspected the lightbringer of touching his mind, was enough to cause him to turn. Hanamelk sat, calm and still, on a cushioned pedestal in the great hall performing his primary function - for he was the passive voice of change, his meditations the relentless weapon of the kalashtar to bring down the Dreaming Dark. It had been more a statement than a question, but with the unearthly calm and patience that marked the race Hanamelk stood, gripping his walking stick, and waited for a response.

With piercing eyes reflecting a mix of crystal sky and emerald forest, scarcely visible in the shadow of the deeply cowled cloak Solon favored, he answered simply, "I have a client, lightbringer, would you have me stay?"

"My son, this is not a profession you have chosen. Selkatari has nothing but praise for your skills in combat, for your grace in the dance - only your meditations suffer. And for you, above all the others, the meditations must not fail. You were too long away from us, and we all walk a line of madness. This life you have chosen represents a legacy of pain from your past. You can be more. And I fear if you continue to abandon your meditations that you will fall into the abyss of the darkness."

The boy's eyes suddenly became hard and focused. "You do not understand, lightbringer. My past may have guided me to the door, but I choose to walk this path, I was not fated to it." Solon lowered his head, a sense of shame filling him for a moment, "My talents have never been with my mind. We have turned from the flesh and reflected within because we are more - but I have never felt that way. Artisans and performers - philosophers and priests - all of these for il-Yannah, to turn the age to light. But my memories are nightmares and madness, a reflection of my past. I do not forget. My meditations are not forgotten, lightbringer, they are with me in that moment. And maybe they are with my client too. You may not see me as one, but I too am an artist, a performer, and yes, my friend, even a priest." The boy turned back to the door and without waiting for a response fled the Gathering Light.

A woman, lithe and beautiful with a grace that bordered on supernatural, stepped from the shadows. "Will we lose him too?" she asked.

"I am a philosopher and a seer, Selkatari, but that I cannot see. The boy believes his words. But the trauma of his past is deep, and we will never know how much it has truly impacted him. He hates the Riedrans, and that was never our goal. Opposition, change - these things we need, but if he embraces that hate the madness could take him. As for his "profession" - the boy is a monk and priest of il-Yannah. That he sells his company is troubling, but remember - you found him because of it. We had long thought him dead."

"He could be a master, Hanamelk. And there are too few of those. The darkness that dreams doesn't have the same lack of soldiers and priests. I need him whole. Let him wander and whore if he must. As long as he comes home."

Hanamelk did not need to see to feel her leave the room. His mind was attuned to everything in this chamber, from the crystal mosaics on the walls to the comings and goings of every member of the community. Her troubled thoughts lingered hanging close to the floor at the edge of his perception, and he could not blame her for them. They had come so close already to losing Solonovakhtash - so dreadfully close.

The boy stopped only two bridges from the hall of Gathering Light. Briefly he considered hiring a courier to cancel his rendezvous and going to talk to Havakhad at the shrine, but, though he would never admit it to Hanamelk, he would never interrupt his devotions for just any client. He wished they would not invoke his past so much as an attack against him. Why did they attack his devotions? Why was ecstasy and sex not an appropriate offering to the Light? Why did they care so much about his past?


Solonovakhtash witnessed tragedy from an early age. The son of an unknown kalashtar, Solon was raised by his mother in the Ship's Towers district of Cliffside in Sharn. They lived a simple life and spoke his mother's native Riedran at home. And then one day they came for his mother. He had heard the Riedran voices, the insistent "Where is he?" of the men. He peered through the porthole of the houseboat he shared with his mother just in time to see the men rape her, and then break her neck. A memory of holding her on fields of sunlight passed through him, and then he fled into the seedier districts of Cliffside.

Solon fled initially to the homes of friends. His friends in Ship's Towers had been mainly families of goblin servants who served in the many districts of Sharn. They could not keep him forever, he knew.

Solon did not wish to be a burden to anyone. Solon possessed the extraordinary good looks common to his race, but lacked the kalashtar height, and most on the street assumed him to be a golden child, a gorgeous young human child. Strong and muscular for a youth of twelve, his looks soon had him receiving offers of compensation for his companionship. Realizing quickly that these men did not realize just how young he was, Solon seized upon selling his body and companionship as a means for him to support himself, to rely upon his own talents. Solon left the homes of his goblin friends and adopted the name Sultesh to help obscure his origins. Diligent searching and careful inquiries soon led him to a "reputable" establishment led by Ilara, a halfling madame of House Ghallanda. A dragonmark heir, Ilara had deep affection for her charges, especially those who came to her young. She ensured that Solon had two sets of paperwork - one for him to keep safe and secret that revealed his kalashtar heritage, the other with his adopted name of Sultesh, naming him a servant of the house of Ghallanda. Ilara taught him many things about seduction, teaching him to use his special talents and grace to enhance his own pleasure, not just that of his client. She also enforced schooling for all her charges, teaching them to read and write both common and goblin. She quickly realized the fierce intellect Solon possessed and engaged special tutors to complete his education.

At twenty, Sultesh was chosen from Ilara's charges to attend a human soldier of the citadel - Selar, a young man of some rank. Acting as a body servant, and providing special services when requested, Sultesh spent five years in the field of the Last War, most of them away from actual battle. When the soldier returned to Sharn, the war finally over, Sultesh found that Ilara's establishment was gone. Unable to find any trace of her, or the establishment that he had called home and lacking any connection with the kalashtar community of Sharn, indeed unaware that they even existed, he took a final payment from Selar and established himself as an independent escort in the embassy district of Ambassador Towers. With his company in demand by both men and women, Sultesh's profile raised slightly too high, and he caught the notice of a malevolent Riedran guard from the embassy. Somehow, despite his usual precautions, the guard discovered his heritage. Brutally raped by the soldier in a dead-end alley, Sultesh was rescued by a small group of kalashtar, led by the head of the monastic community in Overlook, Selkatari. She looked upon the brutalized young man and immediately recognized both his heritage, and the spark that made an exemplary monk. She knew that spark well, having spent her life training the community at the Gathering Light.

Selkatari took the still young Sultesh in. For the past eighteen months Sultesh has excelled in the training she has provided, especially the early stages of the Path of Shadows. He has refused, however, to give up his chosen life. Taking clients only from outside Upper Dura, and avoiding his once favored haunts in the Ambassador's Towers district, Sultesh struggles to be part of a community that is still somewhat alien to him.

Now I just need to work in relations with the other characters.

- Ashavan

My husband would like to submit an adventure query with me jointly (we're working on the adventure idea together). The Standard Disclosure form is clearly intended for an individual submission, and the writer's guidelines don't seem to cover this situation.... how would you prefer to receive the query? Should we both just sign on the Submitter line...

How should we proceed? Please let us know.

- Ashavan

I was struck by a couple of things in issue #118. Erik's editorial was one... Too Young for Nostalgia - I wish I was. I can't be much older than Erik, but I certainly have enough nostalgia for things to go around. I remember the poster maps from that boxed set, and I am still hoping to see Saltmarsh properly labeled when I see the appropriate part of the new map. While I am happy to see the map a reality (and I am, as a child of cartographers I have a great love for maps), adventures are what tend to call to me in the nostalgia department. When Dungeon did its review of the top 30 adventures of all time, I was thrilled to see so many of my favorites. I was especially pleased to see that B4 made the cut. It was the first adventure that I ever owned, and I've always had a soft spot for it.

A Prison Mail writer in the same issue asked for more classic adventures to be redone or paid homage to in the pages of Dungeon magazine (for that writer's information, in case he didn't know and is reading, Keep on the Borderlands was revisited in Return to the Keep on the Borderlands, a late 90s title I regret I do not own). Since classic adventure locations and characters do occasionally appear in both Dragon and Dungeon, I was wondering what the process is. All of the material is clearly copyrighted... is it fair game for queries, or does Wizards of the Coast, or your editorial board, need to specifically solicit such adventures or backdrops? Just curious.

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