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Kolby Sample's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg. 85 posts (90 including aliases). 7 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 15 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Congratulations both of you!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

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I present 6 mighty adventurers who bested the Waking Rune hard mode.

Nailo Tealeaf, the undefeated alchemist.
Tsemichla Tal'Nar, elven alchemist extraordinaire.
Varric Chaoswielder, The Righteousness of Iomedae.
Henric, humble servent of the Dawnflower.
Ahote Takoda, Warrior of Tamiir-Quah
Cyax the Horselord.

Despite the chalange put before these 6 they were able to overcome a 7 hour battle of wills and end the Runelord of Sloth.


Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber
René P wrote:
If it makes a difference the grab can happen before the Hamatula Strike.

In terms of each attack there is no before hamatula strike. Its part of the attack. The double up on grapple constrict would not happen as far as I can see.

Master Bruno's option Version B would be the correct (and devastating) full attack.

An interesting combo but to be honest I would personaly prefer to never see someone this fully specialized at a pfs table.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

My half orc ranger has a pteradon mount from the racial feat beast rider. I have to cast ant haul on it to make sure he stays in light load but it makes for an effective and monstrous animal compaion who is also a flying mount.

I took this feat after a pack of hill giants beat my axe beak mount to death on some stairs.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

I asked the question to customer service last week what steps would need to be taken to drop the subscription at the end of mummy's mask and the answer I got from Erik Keith was that after paizo ships book 5 to then send in an email to customer service asking to end my adventure path subscription after book 6. Paizo can then set my subscription to end with mummy's mask and I won't get charged with iron gods.

Its a personal taste thing and for me iron gods offers no attraction. I hope to learn more about the next ap and if I like it I will re subscribe.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

I agree with John that for special events hard mode is a great extra flair to put on select adventures.

I am running hard mode waking rune this weekend and looking forward to it. The group who signed up has been preping to work as a team we have had alot of build up.

When I ran weapons a couple of weeks ago the party did not want hard mode and that was good. They were 2 rounds away from total failure and likly would not have survived the additional chalanges.

As lomg as players understand what they can do I like how hard mode offers additional risks and opertunities for teamwork and creative problem solving rather then seeing superheros just power attacking and oneshoting everything.

It would be nice if in the future hard mode also allowed for changes in enemy alignment. More chaotic neutral big bads!

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Well I like most of the changes I strongly disagreed with Shaman origionaly being based off the cleric list and have said that the witch list is a better choice. Druid spell list is better but still a mistake, the witch spell list is the best choice in my opinion.

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Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

I have been running this for a few groups and this is the pace I have been seeing or expect to see for each section

Intro and Witch tower 4-5 hours
Abandoned quarry 3-4 hours
Hunclay's mannor and cave 4-5 hours
Auction and Town meeting 2 hours
Dragon slayer's tomb 3-4 hours
Creepy abbey 5-6 hours
Lair and wrap up 2 hours

So your looking at 25-30ish hours for just the enconters depending on how well you bring the town to life, side quests, breaks for food and distraction add more time as needed.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Gone and made Aeteperax angry now,,,, I hope your happy John!

At paizocon I had the good fortune to meet John and I'm going to say the over/under for how many bites it would take to gobble him up should be around 2.

More serously I get that it's not John's fault for the hold up. Without knowing for certain I would guess he has been told a few dates now when the chronicles would be released. There is a lot of product coming down the pipe. The next adventure path,10 new classes splat book, beast 4, etc. Some of these are big expensive hadcover books that I'm sure are more of a priority to get them right before they go off to production. What were asking for is a set of 4 pdfs paizo won't make any money. Plus paizocon, gencon, pax are all big distractions. I understand why the chronicles are not a focus as a consumer I do.

That said this is the first of the new modules as a cordinator I want to get these included into our scheduled organized play events to show to the player base. It has not been as easy as I have hoped. I'm not sure if I want to scheduel the new modules going forward but now the second has already been pushed back and we are still waiting on the chronicles for what will be about 2 months.

It does not reflect well on the new format and might drive away people from buying all the things that were added for this. A promotional poster, a set of adventure cards, a paper pawns print. I know I'm not intrest in pre-ordering them from paizo or my local store if it is for an adventure I would need to wait 2 months to get chronicles for.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Any progress been made on the chronicles for this adventure (cough still waiting on ones for dragon's demand) Is it going to be similar to the dragon's demand with 3 chronicles and a bonus? A bunch of my local players have expressed intrest in playing this once it comes out so would be good to get a rough idea how I am going to plan out the sessions.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Thanks for the update John, been holding one group from starting act 2 so they can level and use the same characters.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

John Compton wrote:
Chronicle sheets for this will be showing up very soon after Gen Con.

John, any update on the Chronicles? I was hopeing to finish running my first group through act 1 this weekend and then have another group starting act 1 next week. Would like to start schedualing when act 2 will run and get chronicles to players.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Well this was my first Paizocon so I can't compare it to any others so here were my impressions

-hotel was nice and very close to the airport
-THE MEET AND EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-The Banquet. Got to sit with SKR, big highlight, and exciting upcoming products.
-Getting to meet so many people an put faces to names. Painlord (truely a pleasure to speak with though only briefly), Rogue Eidolon, SKR, Denis Baker, Todd Morgan, Big Kyle, Gary McBride (So many fantastic stories), Mike Brock and so many others.
-Flying to and from the con with Thursty. Bonus of living in Winnipeg he was a great travelling companion.

They say that people make a con great and these people any many more that I meet really were the key to that.

-food options were somewhat pricey and limited to just the hotel restaurant and a Denny's. Food Trucks would have been a nice option.
-Store was not as accessible as I would have liked, I was running alot of games and would have been nice if the store stayed open after the game slots a bit more. I was able to do some shopping but it was rushed and would have liked more time.
-Being able to pick up my orders at the store and saving myself shipping costs. From what I was told this was something that was done at other Paizocon's and would have been nice to do.

Looking forward to next year

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Thanks John I like this idea!

For special events like season conclusions it should feel like a mighty chalange marginaly overcome. I am not sure if this concept should be applyed all the time but for the big special things I like the concept.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Ya the canadian customs was an extra hit for the shattered star set of around an extra $70. I think that order worked out to around $700 after the dragon add+shipping+tax+customs.

A lot of broken mini's in that order but I hope for better this round!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

What happens to a lantern lodge member that fails the mission the way of the kirin? I assume they don't get the boon but can they still switch factions for free?

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

They started out by thinking about playing down but talked themselves out of it and into playing up when one player changed to his "tanky dwarf fighter". Personaly the only season 4 I have played up in with 5 players has been king of the stairs and it was like a 9 hour game that had us on the verge of a tpk for hours (Myron Pauls ran it it was fantastic!).

Well unless Dennis, Mike or Mark wants to change something I'm going to report the game tonight as a fail and all players getting 0 or in the case of one faction mission 1 pp. The party did not hold the line for even one wave. I can't see Tsuneo finding anything to be impressed about.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

What I read Dennis it said that the Kirin appear after the PC's confront the Final encounter regardless if they are unable to defeat him. Since the PC never made it out of the first encounter no Kirin to save them.

Ok so did I make a mistake? I have not reported the session yet and can make changes to chronicles. I'm not trying to screw players but if the kirin save the day no matter what is no way to fail the mission?

*edit that last part could come off a bit confrontational and that's not my intent*

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Ran this tonight and had the following happen. Had 5 PC's with an APL of 5 that decided to play up. They did not have very good skills for adding to defences and basically barricaded windows placed the bear traps inside the house and used the oil to make a square that they ignited with a necklace of fireballs that trapped 2 mooks for a couple rounds till it burned down then just waited till the attacking force showed up.

PCs split themselves up between the floors and once combat started the Grapple fighter moved through the second floor unblocked windows as the mooks moved to the lower floor. The grapple fighters caught 2 caster PC's upstairs and grappled both. As the rest of the party defended downstairs one of the castors upstairs was pinned and carried over the water and dropped and the other was pinned and tied up. So now it's 3 pc vs 9 NPC's and it just went downhill. The PC who was dropped outside had a bad swim and climb and basically gave up and waled along the bottom till he finally found a place to walk ashore. the rest of the PC's were able to finish off the conscripts but eventually were all grappled pinned and tied up and that was the first wave...

So ended up calling the game at that point. It will be reported as a failure but the scenario did not really have any description of what happens if the whole group is captured so I ruled the following:
-The PC's did not hold on long enough for the Kirin's to arrive and aid them in battle.
-Tsuneo was captured an beheaded ruining any chance for the society to make the alliance.
-Amara Li was captured with the PC's tormented and tortured for her role in the attack on Shadow Orchid (from Fabric of Reality) leaving her permanently crippled.
-The PC were roughed up and questioned but since nothing was written as for cost or consequences they were released with only a beating and the shame of failure and what happened to the venture captain the were suppose to be protecting hanging over their head.

Looking forward to running this again and making it to the second wave!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

I like this idea. Though I'm not sure on how many race boons will be issued I think it should be a a rare boon indeed. Fact is some people can't attend the big cons due to age, geographic location, family commitment etc. To have something like this as a way to potentially reward those who still support PFS locally is something I can really get behind.

Great Idea!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

With the last faq update the spell listed in the ring of counterspells will not work with the spell cast into it. Invisibility purge is not a targeted spell but an area effect. Should the spell in the ring be changed to dispel magic or another targeted spell so that it works or have the ring do nothing?

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

I have so far avoided posting in the goldilocks arguments but this one seems way more constructive than the others turned into.

Its going to be very hard to add hard/average/easy to scenarios. I think it comes down to reading the reviews and putting in as much time as you can as a gm to prep a game.

Leaving things mostly as is:
-add more alternate tactics/spells
*using king of the storval stairs as an example it has is a combat where the tactics withhold a spell at gm's call. Though this is subjective to a gm's experence it creates an enviroment where you can increase or decrease a major aspect of an encounter. Perhaps ability or tactics should be looked at as more optional in the writen tactics for a group playing up vs one at the top of a teir.

The power creep, skewed wealth per level and increased basic table size required a lot of these changes. Is it perfect? no, but paizo has and is listening. The important thing is to keep puting forth constructive arguments and ideas. Orgainzed play has grown to the point where no matter what happens not everyone will be happy.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Liz if a person was going to be gming enough games to qualify for the free con pass but had already bought the con pass prior to signing up as a gm how is that going to work on their piazo account? Will the pass be refunded back as a credit after the con? Should we let organizators know at the con, or send something in before hand?

I'm in this boat but may not be the only one so thought I should ask the question publicaly rather than e-mail

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Had the chance to run this last night, was very dangerous game for 4 players at the high tier, review will be posted later but as I did more prep a couple other things poped into my mind.

In reguards to the imentesh protean's and the stats given for the sphinx shape. Should it not also include the spell resistance, dr and elemetal resistance/immune in this form? Change shape functions as polymorph but calls out that the creature "retains most of it's own physical qualities".

Also after a further review of change shape as a whole I agree with seraphimpunk that the stats were not calculated correctly on how the beast shape spell cast by a large creature would work. I think Mark is incorrect in restarting the stats as if the creature were medium creature when it goes from a large form to another large form.

I would have loved more time to run this game, I think 7 hours is how long it go in an enviroment with no time restriction.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

When people ran the ooze trap did they hit the ooze with falling damage for the 40ft drop? Just thinking that maybe it slows itself down just enough sticking to the side.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

In the notes it says that Zonaladin has no way to remove the negative levels. If the party decides to rest will he recover them from resting himself? Is there anyway to clarify if these negative levels are permanent or temporary (also to help determine what players may need to do to heal them).

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

I agree with this change, but as a discussion as an alternative perhaps this:

What about adjusting the fame caps?

Current fame/purchase cap
Under 5 0 gp
5 500 gp
9 1,500 gp
13 3,000 gp
18 5,250 gp
22 8,000 gp
27 11,750 gp
31 16,500 gp
36 23,000 gp
40 31,000 gp


Under 5 0 gp
5 500 gp
9 1,200 gp
13 2,000 gp
18 4,250 gp
22 6,000 gp
27 8,750 gp
31 11,500 gp
36 16,000 gp
40 22,000 gp

Would reduce how early people could get the signature items or major enhancements and would level out the playing field as people are still getting PP at the same rate playing up or down

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

So I have been trying to get the interactive maps printed and have not had any luck with taking a snapshot of an area and sending it to a printer. At first it seems ok but when I check the printer status only a couple of bits have been sent and even after 2:ours of waiting nothing more seems to happen. Never had this problem with modules or scenarios. Can anyone offer some help on what I might be doing wrong.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

No Response from Deepmar has a dragon in the random encounter table. When I played we ended up hunting it down. Very epic!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Thanks to not only Scott and Myron but a big thank you to all the members of the Manitoba group that provided so many enriching game experences since I became a member. You guys are what makes it worth while to me and look forward to continuing to do my best to expand the player base and offer great games to both new and experenced players!

My first pfs game was last winter and since then pfs and pathfinder home games has become a big part of my life. I'm honoured to move into the officer ranks.

Looking forward to meeting a bunch new players from all over, other venture officers & store coordinators, contributors and paizo peoples at paizocon this year!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Thanks guys, looking forward to doing even more to help grow pfs!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

I average around 1 character death per 10 games I GM not counting TPKs and we be goblins silly fun with pregens.

Character Deaths
7* (does not count TPK's)

Animal companions/Familiar
4x ranger/druid ac
1x Witch familiar

4 (I do count we be goblins games but that's more people having fun then anything else)

Individual character deaths
You only die twice
-Soloing when the rest of the party was forced to run away

The Flesh Collector

-nom nom nom purple worm food

Severing ties

-Tactics that have a creature pin and kill a character leaving them dead dead dead

City of Strangers p2

-Ghoul Touch and people backing away from a paralyzed ally so they don't get sickened leaving a melee castor with a helpless foe adjacent target that just told her she was going to kill her....

Shadow's fall on Absolam

-Level 8 player playing up and getting surrounded by rogues & left in the room as the castors backed out of the building.

The Blackros Matrimony (2 characters)

-Taking many rounds to resolve the first part of the final combat leaving players with a dangerous foe for longer then they could hold out.


Among the Living

-Reason played up and only the cleric had a slashing weapon. He use all his spells and channels early. Fought the final encounter with no healing and partly wounded party and no way out of the building

Gods Market Gamble
-One character that can heal with a wand, and bad bad bad player tactics combined with bow crits.

We Be Goblins x2

-In both cases bad characters finding the belly of a beastly just that seems to have a few to many hit points for characters to kill in time....

-People having fun doing crazy things as goblins

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

I will repost what I had said on facebook as an idea.

I think the best solution to adding tricks from the animal archive would be to create a inclusive list of the tricks an animal can learn as a seperate file and have it available to download similar to how traits are available seperate from the apg and included in the core assumption.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Well after am much more detailed review I stand corrected on Orchid's ability to do a death attack at the lower teir. I had it writen down as sudden death which is a level 9 assassin ability but it is a normal death attack which any assassin can do at level 1 after 3 rounds of study. I have read reread and rereread both her tatics and the assassin ability death attack and still would rule that if the pc are lulled into a sense of security that yes at both tiers the deat attack would be effective. The difference at the high tier is with sudden death she does not need any time to study and could strike with a much smaller window.

The thing with the death attack ability is that it has 2 variations. One that kills and one that renders people helpless from paralysis. I think that the paralyzing attack is a better flavor to apply here (she uses he training to target a bunch of pressure points to leave people helpless).

Using the death attack to kill would also pose the problem of of the true death class ability at both tiers that can cause raise dead to fail. I am not sure I would be ok with players spening gold or prestige then failing the check and having it go to waste. Again a reason to stay away from the "killing" version of death attack.

In application I would have orchid use the paralyzing version. I know it says that the players are not effected because they know who she is but if they do not "recognize the assassin as an enemy" then I would rule the death attack works.

Orchid specifical tries to bluff the pc's into thinking she is harmelss. If she gets some good bluffs vs sense motive or players don't seem to mistrust what she say with no roll and move off to focus on faction missions or perhaps a pink book then in my mind conditions are satisfied and pc would need to make a fort save vs the death attack (vs paralysis)

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

TetsujinOni wrote:
Stuffs about Sudden Death.

I agree 100% on the low tier its not something she can do.

For the high tier I am torn. I have not run this yet but my initial review says look at how the PC's are reacting to her. Are they hostile, attentive, making a lot of sense motive rolls? or are they being lulled by a sweet old lady interested in talking about books. If I don't feel that the PC's are on guard then yes I think they could be targeted by the death attack with success as they did not know the danger they were in.....

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Well I have never or will ever made the kind of character that would be able to optimize a level one spell to this point I am disappointed with snowballs removal as I was looking forward to adding it to the spell options of my witch.

Thorn river exploration company

I love my phone for browsing,,, comunication time out after comunication time out

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Ones people have mentioned for sure and I would add
Hao Jin
The World Wound
The Eye of Abendego

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Runelord of Sloth wrote:
Yes, keep up the discussion about the person of no consequence at the beginning of the scenario. I'll just wait. No big deal.

Simmer down there lazy guy you still got a few months to sleep

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

I'm of a simmilar view as Deussu, Miss Feathers is a intresting character that I feel can be played in a way that can be memorable for the players without being offensive but has a strong element of humor. For refrence I left the character the same as in city of strangers as I had just ran part 2 for at least one of the players and I tend to try to keep characters the same. That approch was pointed out earlyer in the thread was fine for gms to do so. When the players react, interact and have fun with the concept I have for an ncp that's a win in my book and I'm all for people remembering the characters they encounter.

If you think that this is the incorect approach and the this character needs to be treated with more sensitivity than any other ncp I have run because of the gender issue that were going to have to agree to disagree Mikaze.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

No problem Dennis, I will post a different review from the other side of the table after Monday, signed up to play a game for a change & looks like were doing the 7-8 tier.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Matthew Morris wrote:

Basically it *adds* the <redacted> to your potential familiar list. You still need to qualify for it normally (Improved Familiar for casters with a critter, 3 feats (Skill Focus (knowlege), Eldrich Heritage (arcana) and Improved Familiar and level 7 (level nine for the EH route, unless you burn a 4th feat))


Where does it say you need to other feat? As far as I knew the only prerequisites were: Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level & the improved familiar feet

I have never seen anything about skill focus & Eldrich Heritage. Are those specific to sorcerers?

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Full run down from a 4 person high tier


Level 10/1 Paladin/Duel Cursed Oracle {Tank}
Level 7/2/1 Monk/Barbarian/Cleric {DPS} *hyper optimized
Level 11 Cleric {Healer}
Level 10 Mystic Theurge {negative energy}

Adventure started and one player was part of a funny encounter with mis feathers. Had some fun with the personality and it took us about 20 min before the party even left to begin the mission.

The Lethe house got side tracked a bit as some faction mission of "I want to go look for this person" side tracked 2 members but after a couple of checks we were back on track & the whole party walked right through the front door without asking any questions. In retrospect I should have put one of the tough's outside on guard duty/bouncer but o well in they went.

Drollis was done in full Scottish and I really has some fun with him, Tank was crushing out 30+ diplomacy checks so Drollis really warmed up to "Pretty boy" and he was more than happy to invite them to the ritual & some samples of Lethe (which the DPS burned once they stepped out of the drug house).

Came back & all the players were scared to sit down at the table & do the ritual. The negative energy cleric decided he would got the boon. After that point people wanted to smash symbol which started combat.....Drollis was nailed by an metamagic touch of idiocy and never got to act in the first round as his charisma got dropped to 0. Mooks got bent over by the party, I think one got one hit in before they were all goners.

A grumpy Drollis woke up 80 min later striped of loot and after some verbal sparring they left him tied up in his office ****he was unharmed otherwise**** the party moved on & I started making escape artist checks for Mr Grumpy.

Wisps were a huge disappointment, Healer put of resist energy communal in the first round after the first Wisp attacked & meant that other than lighting form they had no real way the damage the PC's. Seeing how this fight was going & because I rolled good Drollis made his return, & actually got to do a dirty trick in the paladin's face but then the party closed the door and I was left with a choice... was he going to keep getting in to the Wisp room or just head down stairs and warn the mistress so away he went.

Party finished off the Wisps with a bit of humour since they were stuck not able to do any damage and the players closed the door. People went downstairs to find everyone waiting for them.

Final combat was somewhat disappointing the 4 player reduction really put things in the players flavor, even with the add of Drollis. Forbiddence was a little scary to people but they all had monster saves (one fail the entire night) and the amount of healing the 1/2 damage did not really matter. Drollis at least got to spit again, did not work on the tank this time so ruled he got it all over the chest rather then in the eyes. PC's traded spell passed all saves and 4 rounds in all the mooks & Drollis were dead & Kes started to run. We were running short on time and with air walk and running Kes was fast enough to get away. Once outside it was basically can the one person who could see invis do enough damage before she was out of range. That Scroll of heal came in handy & Kes got away.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

One cast of resist energy by 7th level (20 resist) or 11th level (30 resist) makes the wisps very kitten like. The group I ran through it suffered 6 points of damage outside of damage done by lighting form & flame strike from all the full round attack actions of around 10 rounds, thanks to resist energy communal over 25 "hits" for 6 damage.

That's not much of a CR 16

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Adam, its not just a matter of a character going from evil to super evil, its that repeatedly commiting evil acts gets a character removed from socity play. If a player keeps making a character do evil thing reguarless of how many times he pays for atonement that character is suspose to be retired.

Though I might be a bit harsh (hey I gave the boon to my character as a present for making it to 33 games and paid the atonement costs) if a character does some thing that's an evil act, is told its an evil act, is warned that what he about to do is another evil act, does it again anyway and had been warned about commiting evil acts before,,,, well I have my view.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Hah that's the problem I had with Drollis, I had him marked in as a level 8 monk when i was doing my prep still at the higher tier (seriously he should be, he needs the help)!

I thought it should be a symbol of pain for the low tier.

The way I handled it was that in the description for the basement it gives info that might help. Above the temple is basically an entire block of empty buildings other than the drug house. Though no map of this block is provided with the adventure if the PC chose to scout the surrounding area than they have the % chance of breaking into the building that contains the secret hidden exit that leads down to the temple (Stairs with the P at the bottom) It gives a mechanic for groups that would rather scout or sneak than walk through the entrance of a drug house.

My person view for the companion nibbling on a soul
-Why would someone want to infuse a trusted, beloved animal companion with an essence of evil? I would count it as an alignment infraction for the PC.
-If they wanted to eat the wafer as well then that's another one. If that character had ever had a prior infraction or warning then I would rule that they were at a high risk (I would strongly recommend that the character be removed to my VC/VL) of having that character removed from society play for repeated evil actions if they chose to follow through on that course of action.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Drollis spit Chewing tobacco on the paladin twice :) .....good time had by all.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

Well the note players find a note on Drollis that says she is leaving tonight so players rest = "win" but no treasure. Makes sense.

This is what I am doing for tonight
-damage dice on unarmed strikes has been corrected to a d10
-Extra ability point remains unassigned (should go to wisdom.....)
-Feats and skills will not be changed. I still think there is a problem here but RAW.

-feats unchanges, shes not going to scribe any scolls so should not effect game
-divine power will be used for the 4th level spot. Not leaving a first level spell in a 4th level spot after Dennis said its a mistake. "Should not matter" but with a scroll of heal and grace Kes might be able to strech out melee combat enough to get a chance to cast this or at least have a spell that can be subed out for inflict critical wounds

All indications are that I will be running the high teir tonight so will post a review of how the game goes tomorrow.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Winnipeg

The range on deathwatch is 30 feet so if you create the illusion of something at range (.....first thing I grabbed out of the mini box was a lich, player reaction was hilarious "O my God it's a Lich!!!! We gota run guys") it still follows tactics and takes deathwatch out as a factor. Plus you can roll the will save to disbelieving behind the GM screen and maybe buy your players a moment if they need it that bad.

Another option once this is done for Rip is to use grease to reduce the movement & possibly trip the BBE (this tactic saved the first group I ran).

As far as the familiar goes, no this boon does not allow a fighter to get a fairy dragon. To access this boon you need to have the familiar class feature and the boon just added a new option not normally available.

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