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Kodger's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 152 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Worshippers of Abadar have a feat that allows them to average their damage dice. Why not let him do the same. You might want to have him roll dice when he gets a critical.

Taldor *

More correctly, you cannot change your build after the first time the character is played at second level.

You can use the training rules from Ultimate Campaign. However, the Guide to Organized play makes this fairly costly. The high cost means that changes you can make fall short of a major rebuild.


Aasimar had a 3rd-level spell-like-ability which allowed them to start Eldritch knight at level 3. Aasimar are no longer allowed in PFS, unless you have a boon.

You can also do the same with a Scryer Wizard (subschool of Divination). Their Arcane school grants them the equivalent of a third-level spell at first level.

I believe this is PFS legal.


The trait, Fate's Favored, doubles the effect of a Half Orc's Sacred Tattoo.


If you start a thread and nobody replies, don't bump it by replying yourself for 6-12 hours if your only intention is to keep it close to the top. I've seen people being very critical of those who bump too soon.

On the other hand, if you have something substantive to add, don't be afraid to post right after your first post.


My Aasimar EK took Warpriest at first level and Wizard at second. She also took Magical Knack to help make up for the dead levels at one and three.


I use the Abellius Character Sheet for all my characters.

I just noticed that it no longer does calculations.

I am using Adobe Reader 9.5.5.

Has anybody else had this problem?

Maybe I should revert to an earlier version of Adobe Reader?

Thanks for you input in advance.


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I wanted to combine Eldritch Scion and Greensting Slayer.


There is always: A Guide to Traits


In PFS, you can't be evil. You can be a cleric of an evil god if your alignment is within one step of it. This is all stated in the PFS guide.

You can use the gods on page 43 of the Core Rulebook.


In PFS, I have an Urban Barbarian 2 Weapon Master 3 that will take two levels of Shadowdancer followed by another five levels of Weapon Master.

The character is a half-orc who replaced darkvision with an extra skill point.


Your player may need to win all the time, in which case I don't think that there is much hope for him.

If, however, he just hates to lose, there may be ways to deal with it.

In PFS, there are shirt (and other) re-rolls. You might want to go to a Hero Points system (APG).

The Weapon Master archetype gets a free attack (or confirm or damage) re-roll for every five levels she has.

A Bit of Luck from the Luck Domain is a great buff since it lets the player roll two D20s for the entire next round.

If you did all of the above, he might still want to cheat. So, you should have all of you players call out the rolls of adjacent players.

It might very well be too late for any of this to work.

(On the subject of losing: for chess players, the pain of losing is four or five times greater than the pleasure of winning. Sorry, I saw this a long time ago, so I don't have a citation.)


I play only in PFS. My most successful build was a Fighter 8 Duelist 2 Aldori Swordlord PrC 2.

I also have a Mystic Theurge and an Eldritch Knight who will take 2 levels of Arcane Archer.

A friend of mine is also taking Mystic Theurge.


I never played D&D after 1984.

How does the Warlock compare to the Battle Scion from Kobold Press?

Thanks, in advance.


The swashbuckler automatically gets swashbuckler finesse which is a version of weapon finesse.


Why not take Toughness for the extra HP?

Unfortunately we all have different ideas of what you build is actually like. Could you please post some more and save the rest of us from making wrong assumptions?


She could also be a ballerina using Dance. Two levels of Perform (Dance) are needed for Dervish Dance and three will improve fighting defensively.

In PFS, Perform can be used for a day job check.

There are several traits that make Perform a class skill.


More accurately, your AC is 10 plus your DEX mod plus 1 for Canny Defense. Canny Defense will scale up by 1, each level, until you reach your INT mod. You could also wear Haramaki but it wouldn't count if you had Mage Armor up.

We could probably give better advice if we knew more about your build.


Also, Kensai are not proficient in any armor and have a spell failure chance and also reduce their chance to hit because of any Armor Class Penalty.

Edited: I forgot he couldn't wear light armor either.


As soon as you can afford it, get a wand of Mage Armor. If you can't get it going with UMD, ask a sorcerer or wizard to help you.

I agree with Dark Netwerk about taking Shield.

I assume you have Dodge which means you could get AC 23, without armor, assuming you used both Mage Armor and Shield.

I had a Kensai in PFS but went back to a regular Magus at level 2. Until I did, I always carried around a couple of potions of Mage Armor. The main downside was getting my buffs up at the right time.

If you would like some general advice on your build, you should post your Ability Scores, Traits and Feats.

Taldor *


I'm hoping that someone from the returning happy horde of GenCon goers will give me some help with this.

Taldor *

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In PFS, the Cavalier replaces Expert Trainer with Skill Focus (Handle Animal).

In Animal Archive, the Cavalier archetype Huntmaster replaces Expert Trainer with Animal Trainer (dogs and birds only).

Should a PFS Huntmaster replace Animal Trainer with Skill Focus (Handle Animal)?

Or does the lack of a specific mention in additional resources mean that the Huntmaster can keep Animal Trainer? It may well be that Animal Trainer is a weaker/more limited class feature than Expert Trainer.

I would like to hear from anyone who has encountered this problem.


Aasimar provided the only quick path to Mystic Theurge.

I hope some game mechanic emerges to restore the possibility of becoming a Mystic Theurge at fourth level.


Since I mainly play PFS, I'm never going to see a capstone ability. This encourages me to multiclass.

An Urban Barbarian 2 Fighter 8+ combination is one of my favorites. The Urban Barbarian has good skills which really add to any fighter.

I had a Rogue with the Swashbuckler and Scout archetypes. At fourth level I decided that the character was somehow lacking. She will now be doing eight levels of Dawnflower Dervish (fighter archetype). The resulting character will correspond to the original vision I had of her.

My most successful PFS character was a Fighter 8 Aldori Swordlord PrC 2 Duelist 2.


Don't forget that the Trickery Domain gives a 2nd level Clerical SLA. You could go Cleric 1 Wizard 3 Mystic Theurge 10.

I would second the recommendation of Magical Knack for the Cleric.

My first-level cleric of Calistria (headed for MT) also took the Luck Domain.

Taldor *

Remember, this thread is only about removing certain classes from PFS play.

Several classes have been suggested. Would removing certain archetypes or removing certain types of equipment be a better idea?

I would remove the gunslinger.


I'm doing an archery build. Once you have a 6 BAB, you can take Arcane Archer. I took a vanilla Assimar for early entry into EKt. The character started as a Warpriest of Shelyn.


The only way to get a Mystic Theurge at level 4 is to play an Aasimar from Blood of Angels.

With Aasimars disappearing from PFS, I hope they create another mechanic to get a 2nd-level SLA.


Paizo has ruled that Spell Like Abilities count towards qualifying for PrCs.

Ranger 1, Wizard(Scryer)1 Eldritch Knight 5, Arcane Archer 4 is a legal build.

Aasimar get a whole bunch of SLAs and there are other racial possibilities.


In PFS, you need the permission of your group to take the time to attempt to copy a spell or spells. This usually takes place at the end of the session.

Also, supposing that you found two scrolls and used one in the adventure, you would only be able to copy the remaining one. You can buy any scroll on the Chronicle sheet.

Fourth-level spell scrolls cost 700 GP. You can buy one for two Prestige Points. (2 Prestige Points can be used to buy something worth up to 750 GP.)

I currently have a Warpriest 1, Wizard 1, Eldritch Knight 2. After the character reaches Eldritch Knight 5, it will take a level of Wizard, followed by two levels of Arcane Archer.

Incidentally, the Warpriest follows Shelyn.


A Lich has DR15/bludgeoning and magic. Either works.


Longbow. Check out the Air Blessing.

I have a Warpriest of Shelyn 1 Wizard 1 Eldritch Knight 1. At level 9, he will take the first of two levels of Arcane Archer before reverting to EK.

If he had started as a fighter, he would get to AA one level sooner but he would have missed out on a lot of fun stuff.


There is an unwanted space between SA and Ck close to the end,

Remove and the link is fine.


For PFS, I am trying a Warpriest 1, Wizard 1, Eldritch Knight 6, Arcane Archer 2, Eldritch Knight 2. The Warpriest worships Shelyn, taking the Air and Protection Blessings.

So far, he has made it to level 3.


Don't forget the feat Magical Aptitude for +2.

Also, if you are using an item that you've used before, you get +2.


The Jotunkin archetype comes from Spes Magna Games.


I have a friend who took a one-level dip for Mage Armor.


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Two levels of Urban Barbarian is great for a fighter. You get:

3 extra hit points
4 extra skill points
Uncanny Dodge
Good class skills: Perception, KN: Local, Diplomacy, Linguistics
Crowd Control
(Controlled) Rage for 6 + CON Bonus rounds
1 Rage Power
The ability to use a Furious weapon

In return, the fighter gives up one bonus feat.

In PFS, you might consider joining the Taldor faction and taking the Expert Duelist campaign trait.

I mainly do this because I like the role-playing potential of the class skills.


Does anybody remember when you could get grid maps where every second row was shifted over by half an inch? It provided a sort of pseudo-hexagon.


Finesse fighters don’t do well at the higher levels of adventure paths compared to fighters who rely on Power Attack.

I built a finesse fighter for PFS: Fighter 5 Aldori Swordlord PrC 2 Duelist 2 Fighter 3. My character was a human Freehand Fighter, who had a very high AC. Improvements are possible.

Weapon Master or Lore Warden might be better archetypes. If you take Lore Warden, you should take four levels of Aldori Swordlord to get the synergy with Weapon Expertise.

I’ve considered taking Urban Barbarian at levels 1 and 3. In such a case, I would drop Aldori Swordlord and take Dervish Dance.

At higher levels, finesse fighters hit a lot but do not do quite enough damage. Taking 12 levels of fighter allows you to take Greater Weapon Specialization.

edit: missing word


Neither the level of fighter nor the first level of Eldritch Knight add to your spell-casting.


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There's nothing to stop a fighter from taking a level of perform.


I advocate always buying cold iron arrows at double the cost. I mostly apply silver weapon blanch to them. When they hit, the head deforms, exposing the cold iron under the silver blanch.


To make life easier, I use the Abellius character sheets.

They are a group of pdf fillable forms. Encumbrance is automatically calculated. The only thing lacking is a section for a familiar or animal companion.


I suggest that the fighter take one or (preferably) two levels of Urban Barbarian.

Urban Barbarians have great skills and class features. I use them in PFS to make sure that I have a character that can do something other than kill.

Barbarians can use Furious weapons. Adding Furious costs +1. Furious weapons give no adds except when the owner rages, when they add +2. So, a +3 Furious weapon costs the same as a +4 weapon but acts as a +5 weapon when raging.


PFS Guide 5.0 p. 10 wrote:
Your character’s choice of faction opens up additional trait choices presented in Chapter 4 of this guide. These faction traits count as campaign traits—in effect, they are the campaign traits for Pathfinder Society Organized Play. No other campaign traits from any source are legal for characters to choose. In order to select a faction trait, your character must belong to the associated faction.

I think I chose STR 15 CHA 16 because I wanted to really improve my saves when I got Divine Grace at level 2.


Warpriests use the Cleric spell list. Does that mean that they can take weaponwand?


Finding Haleen is a campaign trait for Legacy of Fire. AP campaign traits are not allowed in PFS.

I have a level 9 Paladin in PFS. Let me share my experience.

I took Oath of Vengeance but I've only ever used the extra smite once. On the other hand, I not sure that channeling would be better.

I've also never taken Extra Lay on Hands.

I think you should begin with STR 15 and CHA 16.

My Paladin of Torag took Defensive Strategist. He should have taken Magical Knack instead of Watching Taldor.


Because Pathfinder favors offense over defense, I like to start my fighters with a level of Urban Barbarian (to be followed by a second level later).

One nice thing about being able to rage is the Furious weapon quality. A +3 Furious weapon functions as a +5 weapon when raging. That's a saving of 18,000 GPs.


I think your Build 1 only gets one fourth level spell. The fighter and both the first levels of AA and EK do not add spells. With INT 18, you would get a second spell.

Going the SLA route does not improve your spellcasting progression. It does increase your BAB and HP, while giving you three levels of AA. For people in PFS, this is the way to go.

What level do you hope to reach with this character?

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