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Klorox's page

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Happy turkey day y'all

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Coidzor wrote:
Spacelard wrote:

If my addled memory is correct RQ Ducks were included as the Gloranthan 'Hobbits'.

Re-skinning is going to be your only choice with Pathfinder...Goblin or Halfling maybe?

Always got the impression that it was worse than that, the ducks were Gloranthan Kender.

Going with that interpretation, gobbos are definitely the cathartic reskin option.

Kender? never was under that impression, especially given the sheer amount of Humakt and Storm Bull worshippers amongst them... short and angry is more like it.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

I also remember Unholy Reaver from 1st Edition -- originally from a Dragon article.

Thanks, I wondered why I had no such thing in my old AD&D books

Frag it bob, I don't know what to say...
*channels positive feelings if that will help*

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*channels good feelings toward Wei ji and Cindy*

Will take what hugs and good feelings I can get, today I turn 50 and my morale is low enough to qualify as clinical depression... not gonna tell my shrink though, he's not prescribing me any drugs at the current time, and I like it that way, not that the drugs prevent much depression or shield me efficiently from it.

last fumble system I found bearable was Role master... because the chance of critical were conversely much greater, and more fun.

in the Golarion pantheon, Sarenrae, Asmodeus and Gorum

That's because in Runequest, elves are sentient plants and dwarves are literally the children/creations of a mountain deity

How do you rationalize a LG palading worshipping a CN goddess?

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Pun-Pun wrote:
Yeah golems are a bit to crunchy for my liking.

Flesh golems DO have the gamey taste, though ;)

lemeres wrote:

A lot of it is necromancy stuff. And curses.

So still fairly nasty.

But I'd still feel fairly safe if you are really, really good against mind affecting. That takes care of most of the 'kill your friends' saves.

Isn't necromancy mostly Fort save based? Last time I played a necromancer, I had the biggest trouble because all my spells were fort saves, and I just could not take the barbarian/frenzied berserker out of commission.

I prefer to have several copies of all my spells, with some kept in safe places... in a game I'm currently playing a wizard did not have the funds to do that, and his book was stolen by a footpad that we have no hope to track down (we were attacked by a force of more than 25 bandits who came all over the place and mucked all the tracks before we could start pursuit)...

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I hate characters with bad weaknesses, dump stats are such a weakness.

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depends on a lot of factors, but given my taste for low BAB spellcasters, I'd guess that it might be reflex saves, the sheer deadliness of those effects to a low HP character is a bother...

2 caster levels per class does not make sense, one could be enough, or commitment can be demanded as per the current requirement for ability to cast 2nd lvl spells. but adding class features (like specifying that MTh levels stack with base class levels for this or that class features, like school powers, undead turning/rebuking, or even druid abilities...) might mitigate the barebones nature of the MTh... similarly, making it into a 12 levels PrC instead of 10 levels might help.

actually a broken pistol sells for 750 gp, 325 if sold from a non merchant to a professional merchant, a broken weapon is worth 3/4 normal price

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*takes hugs and gives more back.

I fracking own the Psionics book and I still can't use it in PFS... must admit that when I own the Occult book I might want to try a kineticist or three

like a cleric's allowance of spells and the need to rest to replenish them is my guess.

by your definition, infinite healing cannot exist since that would imply an actually infinite number of hit points to be healed, which is an impossibility as any non divine being has a finite number of hit points.

A ring of regeneration is infinite healing, it will heal all that you have suffered while wearing it, just not instantly, but MUCH faster than by rest/extended rest.

Vidmaster7 wrote:

Well the game balances around resource management. Your reducing what you have to manage.

Honestly I don't know how you guys think unlimited healing is not a game changer.

I don't know too many GM that let their players gain a full rest up after every single encounter.

The one plus side is at least you made the fighter a completly resource-less class. Should never have to stop.

Hit points area managed resource too

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Usually, the sheer cost of a firearm, given that your estimate is rather off the mark...if the broken condition is so easy to cure, it's not going to turn a 1000 gp weapon into a 22gp item. There's a reason why getting a broken firearm at lvl 1 is a class feature and not an equipment option.

Doomed Hero wrote:
In Neverwinter Nights one of the companions you get is a dwarf monk named Grimgnaw who shaves his beard. I don't remember why though.

He's a monk in a death cult and it's a symbol that he's already dead.

but you have to be able to afford 200K gold to start with.

Vidmaster7 wrote:

Hmm I feel like their was a 3.0 prestige class that gave you fast healing at some point. hmm might have been psionic... anyways I feel like fast healing 1 at to low of a level does kind of obsolete your healers. Which may or may not be good in some games.

Also yeah I feel like the op will probably not be back.

As barbosa said: I feel that the magic item creation rules is more guidelines (Don't make me reference a ring of permanent true strike.)

beside the fact it would have to be command word activated, you mean a ring that potentially works every round? just how much would a thing like that cost? (if actually possible at all)

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last time I tried that, it fell so completely off the shelf I don't think I'll try again.

MageHunter wrote:

Just for fun I thought I'd brainstorm some ideas.

It is implied that male dwarves are never cleanly shaven unless something SUPER serious is going on. What kind of reasons could you think of for a dwarf to be beardless?

- They shave it as penance for some sin
- They had it burnt off and scarred

Any others?

I did not think of the witch curse thing but my character Gunnar Bearchin was indeed debearded with hot irons and banished for a killing. and no, I can't think of any other reasons, though even nowadays crftsmen are close cropped (can't have the beard fal into the forge fire or receive hot coals and sparks during hot xwork).

or today I arrived full on an hour late for an online game because I had time change last weekend, but the Americans didn't have it yet.

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rolling very high on secondary/useless stuff, and very low when you're in an actual character life or death situation

Core RulesBook

Possible ARG, if you really want to try non standard races (drow, tieflings etc)
I also find the Equipment guide uncommonly useful, especially since it makes UC virtually superfluous where I'm concerned.

well, if you get on this line of reasoning, every class BENEFITS from high scores, that doesn't make them MAD, a wizard can be efficient with only INT above average, even though he'd be an even better wizard on the Conan build

if he's core only, I strongly doubt that he allows archetypes... archetypes are worse headaches to keep track of than normal classes.

Scrapper wrote:
Lady-J wrote:

as long as they meet these prerequisites sure i dont see why not

Base Attack Bonus: +5.
Skills: Intimidate 5 ranks, Knowledge (planes) 2 ranks.
Armor Proficiency: Must be proficient with heavy armor.
Alignment: Any lawful.
Special: You must slay a devil with HD greater than your own. This victory must be witnessed by a Hell knight.
That last part I'm a bit concerned about "You must slay a devil with HD greater than your own." Personally I'd go with a Demon as they oppose Devils as a side issue, but the 'Slay' part is possibly a major issue, as that requires the Devil to be on it's native plane, any where else and it's just a defeat/banished unless summoned/bound by certain spells. 3.5 carry over that still pops up in some more resent books, so I'm inclined to believe it's still a valid issue at this time.

I would assume that 'slay', is used here in its most usual meaning, as in kill the corporate entity of the devil, as opposed to actually permanently kill that particular devil and destroy its essence, which is what you do when you kill it on its own plane. the hard part is to get a hell knight to go with you while you find a devil, (or other fiend if your DM is liberal enough) powerful enough for the victory to qualify, and then get it off this plane of existence.

Good for you... I guess you could approximate a swashbuckler pretty closely with a rogue, with possibly a couple ranger levels for that great rapier and dagger style

But for my well loved alchemist, I'm stumped. a cleric with the right buffs could approximate the extracts (and infusions), and even the mutagen, but I'm totally stumped about the bombs... possibly ready access to severely discounted necklaces of fireballs? and of course the alchemical manufacture ability would be restricted to standard manufacturing rules, and skill points would be... scanty.

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heck, nothing pure core will even give you an alchemist or magus ... Your Gm is plain wrong in saying that base classes from other books are just refluffed core classes. I don't know why he's so strict about core only (beside possibly wanting to keep an AD&D1 feel, or just being lazy and unwilling to even get remotely familiar with mechanics other than those of the corebook), but he's mutilating the game by so doing (I feel that the sheer amount of options is one of its strengths).

I'll be following this thread's efforts to achieve that interesting goal without the necessary tools... but I don't expect surprises.

seldom, especially since 3e did away with the sword of sharpeness and all other sharpness effects.

does regrowing a vorpally severed head dispensate you from needing a raise dead/resurrection spell cast on you?

I myself can't stand that ability, the sheer degree of system mastery required to make it work is a gaming pleasure killer

graystone wrote:
Forsparda wrote:
Celestial Healing

Just the mention of this spell makes me ill... It's just SO very, very, very bad/horrible/sucktastic...

As Azten points out, there is already an at will fast heal item, the boots of the Earth. If you put it on an item with no strings attached, multiple the 5000gp cost by x2 or x3 and call it a day.

As to "wear the ring for a full day before it started working", I don't think it needs it as the boots can be passed around at will.

The boots only work while you are conscious, though.

As for the ring, the 'must wear it for 1full day before it starts working' clause is absent from the PFSRD. It wasn't present in the 3.5DMG either, I'm too lazy to dig out my AD&D DMG to check, but I bet such clauses hadn't even be thought of yet.

Rathendar wrote:

If you feel that is overpriced, i suspect you will also be unhappy with suggestions following since many will(presumably) base off of that existing item for relative comparison.

Magic item pricing is more art then science, as the DM you could assign whatever value you wish and choose to allow/disallow as you prefer.

Fast healing will translate to free healing after every battle back to max(for everyone since the ring could just be passed around.) which puts it in the same vein as the unlimited cure minor wounds debate from the 3.5 to PF transition ruleset. It was not something the creators wished to see, so it was very expensive to get. (see linked ring above)

Hope that helps a little bit on other perspective, and good luck with whatever you choose!

and remember that very interesting limitation that goes vs passing the ring around : you have to already be wearing the ring for it to cure a given set of damage on you... if you're already hurt and put one the ring, it will just assume that this is your normal state and do nothing.

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eh? I'd use them, I don't have the right feel for when to let the PCs rise in level without that kind of a yardstick.

limited... my Dwarf cleric would prefer something that does it on orcs, goblinoids and giants...

Will I admit that Wolverine likes are a standard template of mine of superhero games?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

On that side I tend to favor high Int and/or high CON characters, because those attributes are just too interesting to dump. (and yeah, I'm an intellectual snob with sub par health, so I craft my characters from there)

and there's one race I'd like to test ; drow

It's made to give you double 9/9 casting, adding feats would be totally OP

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well, the Mystic Theurge is made for people who don't use gestalts... personally, I'm fond of them, but of course to make a gestalt character, I'd have to find a DM ready to make use of them... same problem I have with wanting to play psionic characters.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Gygax would never have put a DoMT in a first level adventure
Yeah, he's not THE standard, but he's the creator.

Point is, the DM has all power to change anything he sees fit... if he uses an unmodified deck, he has to be ready for the results, if he does not want to deal with the power and randomness, he can stack the deck however he wishes.

That's not really the spirit, but maybe the spirit was wrong and you got a great idea... too bad I play so little, I'd love to test it.

if you're afraid of running out of spell go for a sorcerer or oracle, you get more, but who knows, maybe you just hit your sweet spot with the alchemist and yet have to realize it

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