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Klorox's page

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LOL, I've seen DMs do the most stupid things with artifacts and relics... I remember the time I had to send a couple vrocks to take back the Wand of Orcus back from a lvl 2 character, I did not TPK the party because he surrendered the wand without resistance.

Have a good game Vixie, me, I don't even know what to expect

<channels hugs and positive feelings to all that need them>
had a crappy week by all accounts, no money, no paramour, no hope, and already in the throes of a depression that is force 6 on a 1-5 scale

had a middling good game yesterday (what do you do with a charismatic and flamboyant character when discreetness is the order of the day?), but I have better hopes for my two games of the weekend.

wow, that room looks awesome... is there somewhere an actual description for it in full, or should I make stuff up for it? (well, I might do so anyway, but I'd like to see how somebody else did such a setup)

let's face it, barbarians are defined by their rage and rage powers, take that away, or choose to do without it (like if you don't want to spend rage rounds on a bunch of lesser mooks), and the barbarian is a meh type of fighter, bull BAB with a lot of hit points, but not that efficient or flexible.

I don't really play 3.0, but my next homebrew campaign, if it ever takes off, will be a horrid mix of 3.0 , 3.5 and PF, depending on my preferences... for instance the skill system, and the class skill bonus will be from PF, but for most spells the authoritative edition will be 3.0 where they got the least nerfing...heck, wish and some similar spells might even go back to AD&D 1 for the authoritative wording, if it's more interesting than the guidelines in the more recent versions...

funny, I got one of those too, bought it back in 1982 before Chaosium threatened lawsuit and caused T$R to make reprints without the Melnibonéan and Cthulhu chapters.

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I achieved two TPKs (well, only one, but I let the players leave Barovia on the second time only out of Mercy, I could have TPK'd them at will) on 1st ed AD&D Ravenloft...

I also reduced a 12th level wizard to lvl one... he rescued two fair Maidens in Distress and proceeded to get a reward in kind from them, they were actually succubi.

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My very first game were plagued by a good for nothing, lousy DM, that was back in late 1981.

First game, he managed to TPK (new characters, 1st level, I played a half orc assassin, which just shows how mature I was to make such a choice for my very first character) with a single bugbear...

second game, I tried a cleric, priest of Thor, whom he force converted, I don't exactly remember how, to the worship of South, God of all things Meridional... needless to say, the character dumped that stupid god , got atonement, and went back to worshipping Thor as soon as I could play him with a reasonable DM, he finished his career as a lvl 9 high priest, having completed the quest for the full panoply of Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Girdle of Frost Giant Strength and Hammer of Thunderbolts... I just wish I could have played him later, but the occasion never arose.

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well, it seems that in some views, "bad RP" is roll playing as opposed to role playing (saying, I'roll diplomacy rather than trying to say what the character would say) must admit that I'm not so keen on punishing that, given that I myself am a reclusive type and not a good actor, especially when I must do on the spot improv

yeah, I know that... onre of my DMs has a cat that is used to regarding the dinner table as her territory... we regularly have to get a megacolossal feline off from the battlemap...

AD&D 1e, 1st lvl character meets a giant spider, tries to find it hand to hand, gets bitten because one blow was not enough to kill it... and fails the save or die ST

must admit the PvP campaigns are one instance of bad GMing I definitely hate, even when my (usually evil in those instances) characters manage to get out of the fight in one piece

I have a thing for all 9lvl spellcasters
but I must admit that the most fun I've had was with a chirurgeon alchemist... then again, my experience with PF is limited...

I had a DM who used extremely artificial and unexplainable ways to railroad us into doing the scripted adventure (like, we're in a given place and on a certain course of action at the end of one session, and we wake up prisoners at the start of the next, with no real explanation about how we even got captured... he did that twice on contiguous sessions) well, I no longer play with that guy, who also decided to cut on his gaming time and so shelved another campaign right when it was becoming really interesting.

My usual DM now is a guy who is comfortable improvising to adapt to what we do, we only have to be careful about what we say and do, he's adept at sticking our noses into our own poo.

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Good afternoon and happy new year ladies and gentlequeers... I've been a bit remiss in my attendance here since mid december, sorry about that, I've had a major bout of depression, and could not be assed to come, or do much else for that matter... fortunately, I'm, at last, under a medication that seems to be enough to hold me in one piece and dam the floodgates of mine eyes... so maybe I'll come back to celebrate happy events and commiserate on less happy ones with ya'll... at any rate, I hope this post finds you all in good health and better moral than I (and I hope Kitty's toe heals well).

See y'all soon

I'm too lazy to catalog my collection of RPG, let's just say it's extensive, and I still have my 1e AD&D stuff... after that, it starts getting a bit disorderly, especially the vast amount of Rolemaster stuff...

GM Fez wrote:
Derailed your campaign so hard you've had to stop in the middle of a session and say, "I need to consider the ramifications of what just happened."? I like stories, and am extremely interested in hearing about something like this.

In my own DMing career, I don't remember any such episode... but I have a horror story about something related... so it happened in D&D5 quite recently, our party was tasked with finding a bunch of ingredients for a ritual, and then to take the ritual's result to a certain place so as to summon a bunch of BBEG's that were causing havoc in the game world, so they would fight each other, and then we'd deal with the survivor. we finished the scavenger's hunt and brought the components to the wizard who prepared the ritual, and gave us the activating item to put somewhere and then message him so he would launch the ritual and we'd wait in ambush for the surviving BBEG to destroy it and be done with all those things' exactions.

Well, in seesion end -2, I don't remember what we did wrong, but in session end-1, we wake up in a mysterious environment rather than where we finished last session... eventually, it appears that our guide, an evil wizard has betrayed us to a souped up spider monster who has captured us and taken us to her lair while putting us into deep hypnosis with the illusion of a shared fantasy world. We avoid major interaction with the fantasy, destroy the spider monster, and decide to pursue our way to a goal we want to accomplish before we finish the mission. (going to a certain city of ill repute to attend a wedding of old friends and have some words with the mofo who started all the trouble we're out to put an end to))... so we go to that city and start getting in trouble... session end-1 finishes.

Final session, well, what happens but that we wake up prisoners to a group of mind flayers, betrayed again by our evil wizard mentor, and realize that every event of the preceeding session was a dream sequence.
We're suitably furious at the DM, and manage to negociate our freedom with the Elder Brain who sees our mission in a favorable light as the BBEG's playing havoc in its bailiwick is less than an enchanting perspective to it... so we're being railroaded into finishing the mission this session rather than spending another session or two on our own pursuits, which would not have endangered the mission anyway.

Final results, both myself and a fellow player are furious at the DM, and have not seen or played with him since (ok, that was december, as he plays about once a month, that's not much missed yet), but seriously, a guy ready to go back like that on stuff that reasonably happened in game, and to which he didn't oppose a veto while we were doing it, or planning it, is what I deem to be one of the worst faux pas a DM can commit : if, at any time, he had told us that he was not ready to let us go on side quests of our own choosing rather than cling to what's prepared for in the campaign book, we migh have accepted it, but there he just let us go on our sidequest, and just tried to railroad us back into the formatted adventure, twice, and decreed that preceeding side stuff we had done was "only dreams"... definitely the worst possible breach of etiquette.

I miss the AD&D color cantrip, with a duration of 24h, my drow mage/assassin character used it a couple times daily to be able to pass off as a surface elf

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My mary sue was a wizard with Daemon, succubus, and Melnibonéan ancestry mixed in with the mostly human blood, he had mighty psionic powers and was a walking Xmas tree of magic items... even had to have chain bracelets to hand all his rings to his wrists, since he could only use two at a time... and I know he was a mary sue because I sought out the old AD&D charsheet, and then converted him to 3.5/PF as a gestalt wizard/psion... that's how much that character means to me, even though, of course, I don't know any GM to whom I'd even submit the character to give him more game time...

Go on Vixie...

*distributes and accepts hugs from those who give them*

lol, vigilante teams = power rangers

but will it be as good as it used to?

Good morning all... *hugs all around*

Happy turkey day y'all

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Coidzor wrote:
Spacelard wrote:

If my addled memory is correct RQ Ducks were included as the Gloranthan 'Hobbits'.

Re-skinning is going to be your only choice with Pathfinder...Goblin or Halfling maybe?

Always got the impression that it was worse than that, the ducks were Gloranthan Kender.

Going with that interpretation, gobbos are definitely the cathartic reskin option.

Kender? never was under that impression, especially given the sheer amount of Humakt and Storm Bull worshippers amongst them... short and angry is more like it.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

I also remember Unholy Reaver from 1st Edition -- originally from a Dragon article.

Thanks, I wondered why I had no such thing in my old AD&D books

Frag it bob, I don't know what to say...
*channels positive feelings if that will help*

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*channels good feelings toward Wei ji and Cindy*

Will take what hugs and good feelings I can get, today I turn 50 and my morale is low enough to qualify as clinical depression... not gonna tell my shrink though, he's not prescribing me any drugs at the current time, and I like it that way, not that the drugs prevent much depression or shield me efficiently from it.

last fumble system I found bearable was Role master... because the chance of critical were conversely much greater, and more fun.

in the Golarion pantheon, Sarenrae, Asmodeus and Gorum

That's because in Runequest, elves are sentient plants and dwarves are literally the children/creations of a mountain deity

How do you rationalize a LG palading worshipping a CN goddess?

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Pun-Pun wrote:
Yeah golems are a bit to crunchy for my liking.

Flesh golems DO have the gamey taste, though ;)

lemeres wrote:

A lot of it is necromancy stuff. And curses.

So still fairly nasty.

But I'd still feel fairly safe if you are really, really good against mind affecting. That takes care of most of the 'kill your friends' saves.

Isn't necromancy mostly Fort save based? Last time I played a necromancer, I had the biggest trouble because all my spells were fort saves, and I just could not take the barbarian/frenzied berserker out of commission.

I prefer to have several copies of all my spells, with some kept in safe places... in a game I'm currently playing a wizard did not have the funds to do that, and his book was stolen by a footpad that we have no hope to track down (we were attacked by a force of more than 25 bandits who came all over the place and mucked all the tracks before we could start pursuit)...

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I hate characters with bad weaknesses, dump stats are such a weakness.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

depends on a lot of factors, but given my taste for low BAB spellcasters, I'd guess that it might be reflex saves, the sheer deadliness of those effects to a low HP character is a bother...

2 caster levels per class does not make sense, one could be enough, or commitment can be demanded as per the current requirement for ability to cast 2nd lvl spells. but adding class features (like specifying that MTh levels stack with base class levels for this or that class features, like school powers, undead turning/rebuking, or even druid abilities...) might mitigate the barebones nature of the MTh... similarly, making it into a 12 levels PrC instead of 10 levels might help.

actually a broken pistol sells for 750 gp, 325 if sold from a non merchant to a professional merchant, a broken weapon is worth 3/4 normal price

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*takes hugs and gives more back.

I fracking own the Psionics book and I still can't use it in PFS... must admit that when I own the Occult book I might want to try a kineticist or three

like a cleric's allowance of spells and the need to rest to replenish them is my guess.

by your definition, infinite healing cannot exist since that would imply an actually infinite number of hit points to be healed, which is an impossibility as any non divine being has a finite number of hit points.

A ring of regeneration is infinite healing, it will heal all that you have suffered while wearing it, just not instantly, but MUCH faster than by rest/extended rest.

Vidmaster7 wrote:

Well the game balances around resource management. Your reducing what you have to manage.

Honestly I don't know how you guys think unlimited healing is not a game changer.

I don't know too many GM that let their players gain a full rest up after every single encounter.

The one plus side is at least you made the fighter a completly resource-less class. Should never have to stop.

Hit points area managed resource too

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Usually, the sheer cost of a firearm, given that your estimate is rather off the mark...if the broken condition is so easy to cure, it's not going to turn a 1000 gp weapon into a 22gp item. There's a reason why getting a broken firearm at lvl 1 is a class feature and not an equipment option.

Doomed Hero wrote:
In Neverwinter Nights one of the companions you get is a dwarf monk named Grimgnaw who shaves his beard. I don't remember why though.

He's a monk in a death cult and it's a symbol that he's already dead.

but you have to be able to afford 200K gold to start with.

Vidmaster7 wrote:

Hmm I feel like their was a 3.0 prestige class that gave you fast healing at some point. hmm might have been psionic... anyways I feel like fast healing 1 at to low of a level does kind of obsolete your healers. Which may or may not be good in some games.

Also yeah I feel like the op will probably not be back.

As barbosa said: I feel that the magic item creation rules is more guidelines (Don't make me reference a ring of permanent true strike.)

beside the fact it would have to be command word activated, you mean a ring that potentially works every round? just how much would a thing like that cost? (if actually possible at all)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

last time I tried that, it fell so completely off the shelf I don't think I'll try again.

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