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Rich Diver

Klaus van der Kroft's page

Goblin Squad Member. 1,533 posts (1,599 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 16 aliases.


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I had ignored this series for quite a while (to be honest, I've never been a fan of anime in general), but after accidentally watching the first episode last week, I was caught. Ended up binge-watching the three seasons.

I really enjoyed the series, and cannot wait for Season 4.

Now, I have a sort of tangential question: I understand LoK is a spin-off from Avatar: the Last Airbender. I tried watching some of the first episodes, but it felt more like a kid show compared to LoK and so far I have not been able to get caught.

Is the tone and style of the first episodes of The Last Airbender the same throughout the rest of the series, or does it change afterward?

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That seems like a dicey situation, Sean.

Got invited to the beta. While the game seems to have some very interesting concepts, so far the controls and interface are really clunky and uncomfortable to use.

I've suffered several MMOs with excellent concepts that stumble on the interface and control aspect, becoming a hassle to play; it's like having a really cool shirt that itches the whole time you wear it. Hopefully they can tackle those issues before launch. Trion did a good work in terms of usability with Rift, so maybe they can add in their expertise in the final stages of westernization process for ArcheAge.

I did find offense in the indignant lack of beards, however. Being able to change your character's skin to appear older is nice, but as far as facial hair goes, the best you have is an almost transparent stubble.

While I will continue to monitor the game, for now I prefer to wait to see how it develops.

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My little sister is visiting for the day, so I'm making pepper-crusted avocado cheeseburgers. Just add oil, melt some butter, add black pepper and then sear the burgers with the mix.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Chicken breast I left marinating in white wine and then coated in a crust of honey, mustard, and pepper, along with some garlic rice.

If it goes well, it should provide a sweet & spicy crunch on the outside and a juicy softness on the inside.

At risk of this ending in some sort of Yellodingo experiment I might later regret:

Tensor wrote:

1) What is your favorite animal and why (give two or three sentences only) ?

The dog.

A friendly, loyal companion that can also help you in a variety of tasks. Great to have around when raising kids as well.

Tensor wrote:
2) What is your favorite color and why (give two or three sentences only) ?


Things painted white give a sense of spaciousness and calm. Also, white cars look less dirty.

Tensor wrote:
3) Imagine yourself sitting alone in a completely white room with no windows, describe this room in two or three sentences.

A comfortable room with a comfy sofa, very tall and dimly lit by a side lamp. No noise or distractions, so it's great place to sit and read.

Tensor wrote:
4) Imagine a waterfall, describe it in two or three sentences.

A relaxing experience to the eyes and ears, its sound soothing enough to make you sleepy while you watch the changing surface of clear water. The otherwise warm air is fresh with mist and quite invigorating.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Whew, good to know it all went alright (and that the heart thing is where its supposed to be).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I am absolutely, definitely going to forget someone here, because my brain works on an exception-based system. But still:

-TOZ: As previously mentioned, because TOZ. He is always there. No thread escapes his sight. And it wouldn't be the Paizo forums if they did. It would be... I don't know, Paiso with an S or something tacky like that.

-Orthos: One of the friendliest guys in the forum and always a voice of calm and prudence, helping discussions remain level-headed. Also a Jim Butcher + Terry Pratttchet fan. No more needs to be said.

-thejeff: In my opinion, one of the best users to have a debate with. Always very thorough in his arguments and incredibly well-informed. An excellent addition to every discussion.

-Kobold Cleaver: Just the right amount of insanity makes his posts an entertaining read in every thread.

-Doodlebug Anklebiter: Our resident bolshevik goblin is a wellspring of information and seems to have read the most obscure treatises in existence. He is always bringing forth something new and interesting to talk about.

-Liz Courts: How she manages to keep this monkey cage from exploding never ceases to amaze me, while at the same time finding the time to review products that, many times, seem to be made by the same monkeys. I'd say it's bananas, but that would be poor taste.

-Mikaze: A neverending source of good thoughts and well-meaning-ness (is that a word?). We need more Mikazes.

-Aberzombie: All-around great poster who constantly contributes with interesting information (and so many Did You Knows I don't even know how much Did You Knows I didn't know before I knew them!). However, I have one complaint: I still can't stop reading your name as Amberzombie.

-Gorbacz: It is not easy being fun in few words. Gorbacz gets it done in an excellent fashion. Also a very interesting user to read in the rules forums.

-Ravindork: A tremendously interesting user to read in the rules forums. Has some pretty amazing insights I enjoy poring over.

-Slaad-Barr: Holder of some of my favourite usernames in the forums. Also a really friendly and entertaining addition to any topic.

-Freehold DM: Always a good laugh to be had with his posts.

-Scott Betts: A very thorough poster who goes a long way into making well thought messages that I believe enrich many a conversation.

-Set: I always remember his excellent contributions over at the Conversions forums. A great user to feed off of.

-Dungeonmaster Cal: One of the cool users. A combination of entertaining subjects and all-around nice guy.

-Adamantine Dragon: A polemic user at times, but I think often shares some very thoughtful points in the Rules forums.

-Celestial Healer: This user always manages to get a bucket of laughs out of me.

-Terquem: Another user that's a great comical addition. No matter how interesting a thread, if you don't have posts from users like Terquem, they just don't shine as brightly as they should.

-Meatrace: I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him around too much (then again, I've not been able to visit these places as much as I'd like lately), but I like his keen opinions and powerful argumentation, interwoven with a very sharp sense of humour.

-Callous Jack: A really friendly user with a penchant for being pleasant and amiable in threads, always keeping it cool and levelled.

-Sissyl: She can raise some pretty interesting debates, and has a fantastic sense of humour. Plus she loves old editions of D&D, and anyone who does that is automatically a better person.

-yellowdingo: A user I seriously cannot figure out, but that I'd be damned to see away from these forums. Sometimes I think he has a very sofisticated sense of humour that just flies over most people's heads. The rest of the time I think he is partially insane. Either way, one of Paizo's most unique and idiosyncratic denizens.

That's the list, I think.

OhgodImforgettingsomanypeopleandIllkeepeditingasIrecallmorebutthentheeditfu nctionwillbedisabledandIllfeelhorrible

1 person marked this as a favorite.

All I can do from here is pray to the Heavens for you and your loved ones to be safe, Lord Snow, and for Israelites and Palestinians to one day find the strength to forgive and be forgiven.

I need physical books. Sure, I got the iPad with some cool apps for tracking initiative and quick-searching of spells, but I cannot properly play without several books scattered around.

I've long noticed that the reason I cannot properly read a PDF for enjoyment is because part of what I like about reading a book is the smell of the paper, the sound the pages make when going through them, and the tactile sensation of holding it. I know it sounds lame, but for me that's fundamental in reading a book. Also, seeing the books I've read lined on the shelves feels like a collection of trophies I've earned. I love seeing books everywhere I go.

Same goes for RPGs (and I'm sure we all love that brand-new book smell. Though my favourite book smell for RPGs is still AD&D 2e).

Also, I like to think I'm poring through obscure arcane tomes whenever I have to consult a manual at the table, elaborately point at something with an interested face and then close it loudly before dramatically telling a player "It's a DC 8 for scratching your butt with that".

It's like neither team wants to win and have to face Germany after yesterday's result!

Got the game and I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Or, should I say, I dig it.

It pushes all the right buttons by both appealling to a strong sense of nostalgia while at the same time providing a very entertaining gameplay (and a fantastic soundtrack!).

It's like I'm playing a mix between Mega Man and Ducktales. And I loved both Mega Man and Ducktales.

An amazing game indeed.

Congratulations, Germany, for a well-excecuted... excecution, I suppose.

Still, my sympathies for Brazil. Love you guys.

Hama, I think what the others were pointing at is that it is alright if you don't like football, but choosing a thread specifically meant to discuss the world cup by people who are enjoying it to say it is kind of an unnecessary downer.

Hell, my office is right around the corner from the biggest german colonial club in the city.

I should probably start heading home before the game ends, or I'll be stuck in traffic while the kuchens and frankfurters fly all over the place.

Oh shi-!

Germany! I wanted you to win, not to murder the Brazucas!

I mean, in the course of me typing this post, you scored a 5th goal!

Come on!


They can't win!

I love my transandean neighbours, but with both a World Cup and a Pope under their arm, they won't stop rubbing it all over our faces!

That's like controlling the entire Latinamerican pantheon (they already have Maradona).

I was pondering getting it later today.

Since both countries I am a national of -Chile by birth, Spain by blood- have been eliminated, I'm currently rooting for Germany.


Good game by the Charruas against the Brits!

Mexico - Brazil last night: Ooh. The brazucas really saw it black at times. Well played, Mexicans!

Australia - Holland: Even though the latter won, the Aussies really made them sweat it. Very nice indeed! After the massacre of the game against Spain, I was expecting Holland to steamroll the rest of us in the group. Well done, Australia.

Now sitting tight for the Chile - Spain game set to start in 30 minutes.

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Well, in the spirit of covering all different play styles, I heard 5e will include flavour packages with each manual.

Maybe you play with them, maybe you eat them. The game makes no judgement.

I usually rinse before putting the things in the dishwasher, in order to avoid the food scrappings from falling into the drain and potentially clogging it or becoming attached to the inside of the pipes and turning malodorous.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

When I was 7, our science teacher asked everyone to propose a futuristic idea. Everyone proposed things like flying cars and underwater cities. The teacher congratulated everyone.

I proposed attaching turbines to tectonic plates in order to both avoid earthquakes and to make people from one country be able to visit people from other countries if they wanted. "You just move the continents around!"

The teacher quite literally told me "That's stupid". I got no congratulation. I was the only one without congratulation.

Then I told him in a totally serious delusional-angry tone that only a 7-year old can muster "Well, you're stupid, because one day I'll build turbines for tectonic plates and I will have a flying mountain and I'll call you stupid and go visit other countries and you won't, because you won't have a flying tectonic plate!".

Got scolded for calling him stupid (or perhaps he was envious of my would-be flying mountain), but maybe one day I'll be able to fulfil my villainous threat.

For some reason, it still makes me angry.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:
Mexican cocaine and Mexican hookers and I'm all yours, Comrade Dingo. I'll work at a wind turbine factory, I'll grow mangoes, I'll rough up counterrevolutionaries [pushes Citizen Magus out of the thread], as long as I'm to be fully renumerated, I'm ready for duty.

I'm not sure it would be wise to let a cocained goblin handle powertools, let alone build wind turbines.

MagusJanus wrote:
I think they'll find they underestimated the size of the universe.

As far as I understand, current astronomical agreement is that the total size of the universe is something we cannot entirely appreciate, so we will always be underestimating it.

Instead, what we can see is the Observable Universe (or Hubble Sphere), which is the region of space within an 18-billion light-year radius from Earth.

In other words, we can only see the parts of the universe from where the light has managed to reach us (as it appears the universe would have expanded/is expanding faster than the speed of light).

So technically, each one of us is the centre of a specific universe (which also means The Sign of One faction from Planescape might have been onto something).

Peanut butter + honey + mustard.

Then you spread it on bread along with creamy cheese, smoked ham, and rucola.

Makes for a pretty fantastic sandwich. If no rucola is available, lettuce with a hint of pepper achieves a similar effect.

I also like making grenadine and lemon slushies on the blender.

Considering I own 30% of a food-production company, am I one of the bad guys?

I don't perform on TV, though, so I would only be 30%x50% = 15% bad guy.

That's very nice of them.

Joined a couple of days ago.

Currently playing as Boulderfist, a Granok Engineer/Settler, on the RP-PvE server of Evindra.

Will try out a Chua Gunslinger after lunch. Also tempted to try out the Warrior for tanking.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Aye. Those Dutch are on fire indeed.

Might be relevant: image

Well played on your part as well, Australia.

Cahill had me chewing my fingers down to the bone. Man that lad is good at jumping.

And that offside goal of his... whew. T'was tense.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Woosh! That was quite the beating the Dutch handed out to the Spaniards!

Great game indeed! Though it makes me tense considering we have to play against them the 23rd.

It's 13:45 here in Chile and, wee of four hours for the game against Australia, the country is effectively under temporal stasis as every single company closed doors after lunch and sent everyone back home to watch it.

Meat in excessive quantities has been brought to watch tomorrow's game between Chile and Australia with my dad, brother, and a group of friends who're joining us.

May the best team win!



4 people marked this as a favorite.

Hands purple after digging through 9 feet of snow. Had the genius idea of visiting Coyhaique (in southern Chile) just in time for the blizzard season.

On the bright side, the guys helping me dig out the car invited me to an asado (like a BBQ, but with basically 100% of the animal on the grill) to celebrate the, uhh... well, to celebrate us digging out of the snow, I guess.

People around here make asados to celebrate just about anything from someone getting married to the laundry being ready.

Goblin Squad Member

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Remember Bluddwolf?

Who started all the trouble?
Well, I've been told by someone who should know...

But I just heard that Bluddwolf was arrested in Mendev!

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well, if people don't fight over something, what are we going to gossip about?

Can you imagine a game like this without the gossip?

We can't have that!

Goblin Squad Member

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Whew. It feels like just yesterday I was tempted by the Tech Demo and the funding Kickstarter, and now look at it, PFO is already in the middle of the Land Rush and so close to Alpha I think I can already hear the ominous Gustav Holz's "Mars, Bringer of War" tune in the background as the game slowly approaches!

While I've not kept up with all the daily board minutia, I've tried to stay updated with the main updates and gee willikers, can I hardly contain the expectation.

I guess I just want to say: oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Maybe add one more "oh boy" in there for good measure.

And a resounding applause of gratitude for Ryan and the Goblinworks team for having the vision and panache to convince us this was going to be the actual Next Big Thing and the force of will to drag us all along for the ride.

Of course, it's still a bit early to enroll with any actual opinions (see what I did there?), but as I said before: oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

It's almost here!

And yes, I do realise I sound like a kid undergoing sugar intoxication. But with God as my witness, I am darned glad to participate in something that produces such level of immature excitement!

Go go go Dancey and the Dancing Goblins!

<Drinks a cup of tea while amusing himself at how witty the magical imaginary messageboard inside his head can be sometimes>

Freehold DM wrote:
houstonderek wrote:
thejeff wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Moreover, getting people who have fled Cuba for Florida to be quoted in the article is really telling.
Not so much as you'd think, given that (a) it's not really kosher to just pop over to Cuba to ask people there; and (b) this is probably an absurd exaggeration, but someone once told me there may be more Cubans in Miami now than in Havana anyway*.

Yes, but people who've fled the Cuba regime (and their children) might not be exactly the most unbiased sources.

Yeah, because people who feel oppressed enough to basically swim ninety miles through shark infested waters (seriously, have you ever seen a refugee raft in person?) to taste a little opportunity and freedom are definitely not the people to ask. You should ask an unbiased source like Michael Moo...oh, wait...

in that they are far from unbiased, yes.

Moreover, you're living in a fantasy land if you think there isn't a swinging business in leaving cuba. There will alwasy be the poor and disenfranchised who leave. But there are also those who aren't and leave cuba through other means.

I actually had the experience of having to stay at a hospital in Cuba back in 2007. I was taking a 2-month trip through the island and contracted some sort of stomach thing that did the other thing with the thing.

The good thing about the Cuban system is that it is indeed completely free (even for a "Chilean Capitalist Traitor", as the military guy at International Police in the airport called me when he found out I was Chilean and asked me what I thought about Salvador Allende*). The bad things is that it is horribly mismanaged and extremely precarious; dirt everywhere, humid beds (if you get one; you are asked to bring your own pillows and blankets, among other things. I had to go buy mine from a nice lady in what I'm pretty sure was an illegal minimarket), patients left to their own devices left and right. I mostly recuperated out of my own volition and my desperation to get out of the sticky beds. Oh God they were so sticky.

One thing you have to consider is that there are actually two parallel systems: One the common Cubans get to see (the one described above, although patients at the hospital told me some way more horrible stories, like people being sent home without fully stitching the wounds because they had been there too long and were "hogging" the medical resources), and another were the Castro regime welcomes the Red Set (ie, important, often mediatic people that publicly proclaim far-left ideals but live lavishly). It's the latter one that's truly fantastic, but then again it's meant for the Chavez's and Maradonas' of the world, not for the average Jose.

Not to say I didn't enjoy my time in Cuba; there is a very unique thing about that country you can easily fall in love with. However, it's a disaster otherwise, which started as a well-meaning communist dictatorship (overthrowing an ill-meaning capitalist one) and eventually turned into a run-of-the-mill oligocracy. A single stroll across the streets that house members of the government tells it pretty clearly (hint: all the houses are perfectly well kept and sporting great cars, whereas the rest of Havana is crumbling down to dust and filled with antiques. But boy they take good care of those antiques).

*: My family on my mother's side owns the oldest hat factory/shop in Chile, and all presidents since the late XIX century have bought their hats there. That included Salvador Allende, who bought a truckload of hats for Fidel Castro when he was invited to Cuba; Castro himself went there to get more hats when he visited our country in the 70's. My grandfather, God rest his soul, would usually point at the TV when Fidel Castro was on and say stuff like "Look, we made that hat. You can tell because of the way the stitches on the front are aligned". Gramps was a die-hard anti-communist, but actually became a good friend of Allende.

Krensky wrote:

All popes get cannonized. If they don't they're not real popes.

Or something, church politics and history isn't my strong suit.

All it is required for someone to become a Pope is for the person to be male, baptised, and capable of willingly accept the title if chosen; the Pope is a bishop (the Bishop of Rome, more specifically, although his throne is not in Saint Peter's Basilica, but rather in Saint John Lateran's Archbasilica), so if a non-bishop gets elected, he needs to immediately be consecrated and ordained as one. In other words, any male Catholic is a potential candidate for the Papacy.

Canonization, however, is not required. Since one of the prerequisites for canonization is that the candidate is dead, it would be rather problematic if it was!

Even though the setting will be different, let's hope they can achieve the same level of narrative of SMAC.

The gameplay in that game was great, but it was the way the setting and the story unfolded and entwined with your playthrough that made it a true masterpiece.

I always loved how each faction was more than just a set of themed bonuses, instead having a very well-developed story about the flaws and virtues of mankind seen from different angles. And the way they all reacted to the nature of Planet and the paths taken by the rebuilders was really fantastic.

Oh, Bill, no worries, no worries!

This is the OTD; of course some kind-hearted humour is bound to take place! Besides, it's all well-intentioned.

And thank you for your words. I know it can seem rather trivial from the outside (it's not like we have a shortage of saints in the Church, to be honest), but it's a really powerful and deep moment for me and other who profess the Catholic faith. Sharing the same moment of joy with a billion human beings is something pretty strinking, I think.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Today's been pretty historical: For the first time in twenty centuries, two Popes have co-conducted a mass, and to canonize two other Popes simultaneously, no less!

In a tag-team of holy sacramental pontification in front of about a million attendees, Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI went on to proclaim the double-consecrated former popin' duet of Blessed Pope John XXIII and Blessed Pope John Paul II into sainthood.

For fellow Catholics worldwide, it's a great moment to rejoice, but also a great moment to think about what it means to be a Catholic and how these two men shaped the modern Church.

For non-Catholics, it's still a pretty cool occasion to witness, I would say!

Cheers, Hama!




+10 hours of Mr Bison YES

Cheers! Congratulations!

Not that I recall.

My dreams feature an alarming amount of construction tools for some reason, however, hammers and cranes in particular.

So either God is telling me to build a pyramid or I picked the wrong career.

Aberzombie wrote:
I hear Captain America did well at the box office. This makes me happy. I won't be seeing it yet. My nephew wants to go with his friends, his dad and his Uncle Scott. I think he wants to wait until around the time of his birthday, which is about a month away.

I thought it was pretty fun. Felt more intense than the original and the characters are treated more in-depth.

But mostly, it's the cool fight scenes, really.

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