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Kirth Gersen's page

25,367 posts (26,255 including aliases). 8 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 13 aliases.


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Gulthor's post is a good example of my attitude, when I'm DMing. Someone picks something totally "inappropriate"? Fine, that's a fun challenge. We'll MAKE it appropriate. Best case we'll make it seem like the AP was intentionally written with the player's "inappropriate" character in mind.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Helio -- it never rains, it pours! Looks like Wyvurn finally took his turn on the other PBP...

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Haha! Wonder if Jaegr is aware?

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Assuming the others left the secret door open, Uro finds the secret hallway easily. Remember, the hall is only 5 ft. wide, and everyone is clustered in front of the door at the end. It's aaaaaaaawfully cozy for a hobbit, but probably uncomfortably claustrophobic for the others.

Firewarrior44 wrote:
As it works as a strike feat you could apply it on attacks that qualified to trigger strike feats yes? For example on a critical with critical focus or on AOO's with combat reflexes.
Kirthfinder wrote:
A strike power follows the general rules for [Strike] feats. It can be used as part of an unarmed attack (a melee attack that deals unarmed damage and spell effects on a hit) or as a melee touch attack that simply delivers the spell. In either case, the attack and discharge (if the attack hits) generally take 1 standard action. Other activating conditions for [Strikes] can also be applied; see Chapter 5.

We won't even talk about how Daario morphed from fabulous Fabio to nondescript nobody between seasons!

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

You can't see or hear each other. Jym and Gwl and Elebrin are at the end of a dead-end secret hallway, looking at a door.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
Beyond the man, you can see you're in a 10-ft. x 30-ft. room with a table, a number of chairs, and a door in the north wall.

I wasn't going to watch S2, because if there's an actor I like less than Colin Ferrel, I have a hard time thinking of who it might be. But Mrs Gersen and Baby Gersen are out of town, so I had some non-rated G viewing time available...

E1 sucked. E2 was meh until the end

Kirth jumps up: "Don't look behind you! YEAH! Got him! Two episodes in! Is this a great show or what?!"

E3 starts... double meh.
E4... meh... waitwhathellishappeningholycrap

"Cover me!" "Okay" (starts running) BLAM! dead. Nothing heroic about this gunfight. No cool-guy quips like James Bond; just people running and panicking and shooting and hiding. And dying. A lot. Great shootout scene; one of the best ever shown on television, IMHO. And I love it that only the "named characters" survived.

E5... meh.
E6: finally we get some background on why McAdams' hangups come from. And a great party scene. Good enough to get me to watch the next disk. Two more episodes and done.

Really want a Season 3 now, but sadly it seems that's not going to happen.

Best line from S2 so far: "Did you see the kid out there? He was a f---ing god warrior that day!"

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Apparently the guy's not too tough without an illusory wall to hide behind. Uro's axe unceremoniously drops him to the floor; he'll most likely be dead in less than a minute.
There's a Lotus Dragon tattoo clearly visible on his shoulder.

What I want to know is why the Mountain ages in reverse. In seasons 1-2, he was apparently in his 40s. By the time he fights the Viper, he's in his 20s. I need to be able to do that, too!

Or maybe the guy in the duel is Gregor Cleghane Junior, trying to make his daddy proud?

10 + Level of Ki Power + Cha/Wis (Serenity)
(Exactly as if you were using a spell + the Spellstrike feat.)

I'd probably also allow a Serenity analogue, selectable as a feat, that works off of Con ("Prana Practitioner" or something). In fact, you pretty much need something like that for Str just to make constructs with SLAs actually work.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

The corridor is more a short hall; after 40 feet, it dead-ends at a stout-looking door.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Absolutely agree, otherwise every strike in melee would be one to Sunder your opponent's weapon...

I'm not sure I follow.

Opponent wins initiative, sunders my sword on his turn.
On my turn, I draw another weapon and kill my opponent with it.

Yizzik Uhari wrote:
Do you normally play the only human? Cause as a DM that allows all things I've found that most still steer near the core humanoids and only a few really drift into weird like I do

Yep. Last time they told me to "go crazy," so I ended up playing an elf -- in the party with a gnoll and a dragonfolk lizard-thing.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

The other morning Mrs Gersen stopped me on the way to the coffee pot and said, "So, how late were you up last night listening to songs from 1967?" I was impressed with her knowledge of the time period, but, damn, I guess there were a lot of good songs that year.

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Jimi Hendix - Red House
Albert King - Born Under a Bad Sign
Box Tops - The Letter
Big Brother and the Holding Company - Ball and Chain
The Association - Never My Love
The Doors - Love Me Two Times
The Beatles - I Am the Walrus (Also Stawberry Fields Forever and A Day in the Life)

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
I chalk it up to a generational thing. The over thirty comrades are always fighting over who's gonna buy the gas ("It doesn't take $20 of gas to get to Boston and back!" "But you paid last time," etc., etc.); the under 30 crowd seems to think that everybody is their mommy and free rides are part of their birthright.

So, there was a language issue last time a bunch of us went to lunch, and I ended up with the entire check. I said, "Look, I'll just pay it so we can get out of here -- you guys can owe me lunch."

The 50-year-old guy had bought me lunch the week before, so I owed him anyway. The guy in his 20s invited me to lunch (and paid for it) the very next day. The three 30- to 40-year-olds just assumed that I was an ATM machine or something, I guess -- no chance they'll ever return the favor.

So, yeah, I'd think it was a "young people" thing, except the guy in his 20s broke the hell out of that generalization.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Yizzik Uhari wrote:
Why is it that GM's in general seem to want to avoid "Mos Eisley" or stick to only core? The world is so diverse, I don't understand the hesitance.

As a DM, I want the players to play whatever they want to play. So diverse parties are fine then.

As a player, I hate having to always come up with in-character ways to react to new "friends" that consist of (a) a Furry straight out of a convention, (b) a bug, (c) a robot, and (d) a sofa cushion. I get really tired of always having to be the only near-human creature in the entire game world that's somehow not an NPC mook.*

"OK, FINE, I'll talk to all the townspeople in this town, too -- since Bob's mute spider-creature died last session, and for his new character he just had to play a wookie."

* This can get to be a bad joke: "Hey, let's all call Kirth's character 'Finn' -- because he's obviously a stormtrooper who defected and not a cool UNIQUE alien like us rebels!"

Dug wrote:
I've considered converting the gunslinger into more of a magical class, i.e., guns are enchanted, can only be used by the gunslinger, bullets are magical, have magical properties, do various things, almost like an alchemist. Then it feels more fantasy to me.

I've long wanted go the opposite route -- gunpowder *should* be inert in Fantasy Land, but the gunslinger is outside of that reality and carries the physical laws of another universe with him. As he levels up I'd give him more abilities along that theme. Haven't worked it all out yet, though.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

An inappropriate quote from my RL game table. They tend to gallows humor and often cross the line as to what constitutes good taste.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Jym and Elabrin manage to press the correct stone in the wall, causing a portion of the wall to pivot open. Beyond is a straight, 5-ft. wide corridor, sloping upwards to the north.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3
Uro Taraka wrote:
I just realized that I didn't factor my DR from the last arrow. Is it cool if I do that now?

Yes, please do! As Uro steps through the wall, he's met with the thrust of a rapier: 1d20 + 2 - 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 - 2 = 91d6 + 2 - 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 - 2 = 3 held by a wild-eyed rogue. Fortunately, this assailant is intimidated anew by Uro's prowess in climbing the wall, and the attack misses.

Beyond the man, you can see you're in a 10-ft. x 30-ft. room with a table, a number of chairs, and a door in the north wall.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

I'm back, for the time being! They gave me a 2- or 3-day suspension and now I'm apparently on probation -- anything I post in the future that's not PC enough will apparently be deemed a "pattern of unacceptable behavior" and I'll be perma-banned.

Tormsskull wrote:
In the few games I have been able to get into as a player, the GMs have come across as people-pleasers. Anytime a judgment is made, they seek validation from the players regarding their decision.

More so -- when I propose a house rule, it's subject to a table vote, and I abstain except in the case of a tie. I was an old-skool DM back in the early 80s. I like to think I've learned from my experience.

Tormsskull wrote:
They seem very focused on the players liking them rather than liking their game.

The players already like me; I don't invite people unless I get along with them. So it's all about getting them to like the game. And most of my players are capable of DMing, and are relatively intelligent adults, and don't need me putting on airs or pretending I'm doing something they can't. That kind of crap can get in the way of their enjoyment.

Deadalready wrote:

Simple math:

*100% of GMs want to play or be a player
*Only a small fraction of players, want to GM

I don't agree with your premises, as direct experience has taught me they're not always true.

Some (bad) DMs don't want to play, they only want to DM.
Most players I meet usually end up trying their hand at DMing -- like I said, EVERY player in my last long-term group, save one, was a DM for other games.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Elebrin shakes her head sadly at the madly scurrying halfling and wonders why he doesn't just open one of the secret doors in the dry part of the tunnel, before it dips into the deep water.

There are two of them, located across the hall from one another.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3
Jym Withawye wrote:
3 rounds?! How far away is it? And is there any place Jym can stand that's not in view of the south wall arrow slits that he can get to in one round?

Chest-deep water, dude. And getting deeper. So it's not run-run-run; it's more run-swim-run.

If only he had a bicycle he could make a mini-triathlon out of it!
Jym wrote:
And is there any place Jym can stand that's not in view of the south wall arrow slits

Remember, Jym's down the crocodile tunnel, so he's currently not in view of the south wall arrow slits.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3
Kirth Gersen wrote:
the middle of the tunnel floor is uneven and has some deep water segments and some with just puddles.

Jym is unable to sprint through difficult terrain. With the water still pouring in, the deep parts are chest-deep on the little halfling.

It will take him 3 rounds -- one to reach and enter the deeper water, one to clear it, and another to enter the well room and position himself at the beach where he can cast at the arrow slits. And, as he knows from experience, he won't be able to cast while moving.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Isn't Hulk best modeled using alchemist -> master chymist? That's not full BAB.

Barbarian! Just because his skin is green while raging is no big deal. His human bonus skill points all go into Knowledge (Physics).

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Uro swims out to the north wall, grabs a handhold, finds a foothold on a small pipe, and begins to climb. The angle is such that people behind the illusory wall can't shoot at him, although he loses his Dex bonus to AC against the shooters to the south -- he's not too worried about that, because the little bolts they're shooting practically bounce off his skin, and the poison on the one that hit him doesn't seem to be having any effect.

Start round 4:
Two more bolts from the south, aimed at Uro:
1d20 + 0 ⇒ (10) + 0 = 101d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 51d20 + 0 ⇒ (12) + 0 = 121d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5
Both of them miss. Come Uro's turn again, he reaches for the next handhold and finds his hand goes right through the wall there.

Elebrin, Jym, Gwlybwr are up. Elebrin is still entitled to that Perception check.

That's what I like about the show -- none of the plotlines actually make any sense anymore. So you can just turn your brain off and watch it.

I use a leopard and then add a modified version of the half-farspawn template from 3.5 Lords of Madness. It makes a great displacer beast!

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

They're high enough up the wall that they don't inhibit the flooding of the room -- say 10 ft. above the normal floor level, or 20 ft. higher than the big pool in the middle of the room. There are two total, about 5 feet apart, and angled facing the main room below the well (so that people down the crocodile tunnel can't be hit from them) -- so far only Uro is still in that room and not in the tunnel.

Elebrin, please roll a Perception check.

Here in Houston we have the opposite issue -- DMs are a dime a dozen, but finding good players is very hard. Until 2012 or so, I DMed a game for other DMs who just wanted to play a bit in between running their own games, or who temporarily ran into a shortage of players. Currently, me and another DM have an agreement to share our small pool of players between my Skull & Shackles campaign and his Ravenloft one.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Round 1: 17--croc grapples Gwl; 15--bolt fired from north; 12--Elebrin activates mage armor; 9--Jym begins inspiration, moves to Gwl; 6--Gwl attacks croc; 4--Uro intimidates north wall.

Round 2: 17--croc begins death roll; 15--demoralized bolt fire misses; 12--Elebrin moves to Gwl; 9--Jym fires sling, hits Gwl; 6--Gwl attempts to escape croc, fails; 4--Uro sloshes about, fails to find jumping point for north wall.

Round 3: 15--more bolts fired, Uro hit once; 12--Elebrin magic missiles croc, which disengages; 9--Jym pulls potion, hands it to Gwl; 6--Gwl drinks potion; 4--Uro up.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Another bolt through the north wall is joined by two more from the arrow slits to the south: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (20) + 0 = 201d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 51d20 + 0 ⇒ (10) + 0 = 101d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 31d20 + 0 ⇒ (6) + 0 = 61d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3
The main room, even outside of the pool, is rapidly filling; Uro is now knee-deep in water (difficult terrain). The end of the tunnel (where the crocodile was chained, and is now hiding) is also underwater, although the middle of the tunnel floor is uneven and has some deep water segments and some with just puddles.

Crit confirmation fail: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (8) + 0 = 81d4 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3
Uro, you've taken 5 damage from a bolt. Make a Fort save, please.

Anzyr wrote:
I wouldn't really put the Cleric anywhere near the "most versatile" class categories.

Instant access to your entire class spell list -- core and all allowed splats -- every morning is really hard to beat. Not even the wizard can do that (the druid can, but their list is more restrictive than the cleric's).

Syrus Terrigan wrote:
Regarding the "uses per day" observation -- Are you referring solely to class features (fervor, lay on hands, smite, etc.), or spells, as well?

Most especially spells, but class features to an extent as well.

Syrus Terrigan wrote:
I would love to hear more of your thoughts and concrete examples, chief.

The biggest problem I ran into was that, for a lot of the classless systems I enjoyed the most (e.g., Victory Games' James Bond 007), buying skills becomes the predominant building block of character advancement. That doesn't work at all in 3.5, which was written from the ground up as a system in which almost all skills are essentially totally obsolete by 5th level.

I'm very sympathetic to the OP's project, as I'd once started various abortive early-draft attempts to do the same thing (Click on "Classless.pdf"). Unfortunately, the math underlying 3.5/PF, in a number of places, simply doesn't work.

1. The spread in total bonuses, vs. the size of the d20 RNG, means that you often see cases where a moderately competent person has no chance of succeeding at a task which is trivially easy (auto-success) for a specialist.
2. "Uses per day" is vastly overestimated as a balancing factor, leading to some classes with *I WIN* buttons and other classes with no ability to do a lot of things at all.
3. Situational feats and minor combat bonuses are highly over-valued.
4. The game assumes that everyone follows a very rigid railroad and thinks tactically rather than strategically, meaning that large-scale abilities that directly change the narrative are "priced" as being absurdly less powerful than they actually are.
5. (etc.)

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

The crocodile, busily mauling Gwl, is too preoccupied to dodge effectively, and its scales are of no use against Elebrin's massive blast of force. On top of the damage already inflicted by Gwl's claws, the crocodile is now wounded -- and, being a normal animal with no one controlling it, it doesn't like it when the food becomes too difficult to eat. (Also, not knowing any better, it assumes that Elabrin can keep blasting it if it stays put.) Reluctantly releasing Gwlybwr in order to do so, the big reptile slides into the deep water in order to make good its escape.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Most of the groups I play in have at least one or two people with a modicum of system mastery -- which means that, instead of people "refusing" to play a cleric, I more often see people very eager to play what is arguably the most powerful and versatile class in the entire game. In my houserules, I massively buffed the martial classes and nerfed the cleric -- and I STILL have no shortage of them.

Another multiple-dimension one I really liked:
Jack Chalker, And The Devil Will Drag You Under.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Harry Harrison's The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell is a classic SciFi novel w/alternate universes.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3
heliopolix wrote:
Nothing like trying to finish your degree while raising kids.

I would not have been able to do that.

RainyDayNinja wrote:
Thanks for the recommendations, everybody. Oddly though, I was expecting sci-fi, but all of the books you mentioned were fantasy! Is there no hard(ish) sci-fi dimension-hopping out there?

Heinlein is (nominally) SciFi.

1. Take all the Shadow Dancer's class features.
2. Turn them all into rogue/slayer talents.
3. Do the same with the assassin PrC.
4. And the spy PrC, and so on.
5. Done.

M Goblin Beer Snob 1/Freethinker 3

Elebrin -- You still with us?

RainyDayNinja wrote:
Anyone have suggestions for books involving travel between multiple universes (a la Sliders)? I poked around the Kindle store, and found only a bunch of... lackluster self-published stuff.
  • deCamp & Pratt's "Compleat Enchanter" stories remain the pinnacle of the dimension-travel genre.
  • Heinlein's Glory Road and Number of the Beast are worth a read.
  • Zelazny is all about that stuff. In addition to Amber, check out, e.g., Roadmarks and A Dark Traveling.
  • It's slower going, but if you have the patience, the first 5 or so books of Andre Norton's "Witch World" series have some really cool dimensional gate stuff.

    More recommendations coming as I think of them...

  • Aelryinth wrote:
    Here's a small list of what fighters lost going from 2e to 3e.

    Let me add one: WBL. In 1e, you generally couldn't buy items, you just found them. The ones you found were determined randomly. The random tables were heavily geared towards magic weapons, armor, and shields -- stuff the fighter can use. By 10th level or so, the fighter more than likely had an intelligent magic sword that could grant him powers, along with magic armor and a magic shield. His WBL naturally ended up being several times everyone else's.

    Thanks for the examples -- given those, the text file is more recent.

    Arakhor wrote:
    A question if I may - do the text files you sent out in 2014 take precedence over the 2013 PDF? I have noticed that there are a few differences between them.

    I don't know -- I didn't make the PDF -- but if in doubt go with the more recent stuff, I guess. There's been nothing "official" recently, anyway.

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