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Kirth Gersen's page

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Kahel Stormbender wrote:

What is an adventure? A series of encounters tied together by an overarching story. Take the following encounters

1. party approaches a farmhouse and hears a woman's scream. A group of armored men are attacking the farmhouse, one of them rides off with a bound woman.

Let me stop you there for a second, because that's absolutely not how I personally would have done it. I'd have a note like "Tuesday, attack on farm at dawn if still on original timetable (adjust if needed). Attack takes 10 minutes, so assume 06:10 ride off with woman."

The day before: "So, are you guys stopping for the night, or do you try and push on to the farmhouse in the dark?"

Same for all your other examples. For example, I use their actual movement speeds, rather than the Speed of Plot. That way, the ranger's ability to keep from veering off-course, and to track at full speed, has actual value instead of just being flavor text. A dwarf or halfling with no pony slows the party to 2/3 normal and might make them too late for some encounters. A night ride, and not being able to rest and re-prep spells, is a calculated risk. Etc. Yeah, you have to track time, but, hey, being an immersive DM involves some work.

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THIS was posted by my friend Russell Blackford; figured I'd share it here. It implies that a lot of what we think about "Trump supporters" may not be totally accurate.

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Just gonna leave this here.

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stormcrow27 wrote:
That's because they wanted to make it easy for lower level PCs. Frankly the best conversion for a 2e/1e killer adventure to 3.5 was the one from Dungeon called The Mud Sorcerer's Tomb.

We tried that one. Every monster has DR 30/adamantine. We had no adamantine weapons. We didn't last long.

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RDM42 wrote:
Why does every race/class combination need to be equally viable?or even viable at all?

Do you play a lot of Commoners?

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
With that said, I don't see anything particularly objectionable about KG's "Hard Work Party," except by omission. One of the key points that distinguish modern Democrats from modern Republicans is the issue of protecting people's rights, particular the rights of vulnerable populations. Would the "Hard Work" party act to prevent states from disenfranchising minority voters? Would it act to make sure that schools in minority districts were fairly funded? Would it act to make sure that local police treated all citizens fairly? If these are among the "hot-button" topics that are left to the local governments to decide, then we've just allowed the racist dog whistles back into the "Hard Work" party.

Ideally, they'd be selling (and basing their platform on) the idea that anyone can succeed through hard work. To make that even remotely convincing, you'd need fairly-funded schools, equal treatment by police, no disenfranchisement of voters (except maybe if they're unemployed? I'm obviously spitballing here.) You could actually sell this even to the borderline racist contingent by explaining that you therefore favor and encourage "hard-working" minorities who "believe in the American way" (as opposed, in their tiny minds, to "thugs"), and of course you'd have no problem selling most of it (except maybe the no welfare votes) to Democrats.

When it came to issues like abortion and gay marriage, they'd fall back on Jesse Ventura's famous, "the supreme court already decided that, so I don't have to comment on it."

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It surprises me there isn't a "Hard Work Party." They could tap into the bootstrap myth but appeal to a broader base. They'd have a platform that looked something like this:

  • Job creation
  • Reduce "entitlement" programs
  • Eliminate large corporate subsidies & loopholes; tax breaks for small businesses only
  • Less overseas adventurism to focus on internal infrastructure
  • Non-career politicians claiming to present "common-sense" bills that "make sense" as opposed to making back-room political deals with other "insiders."
  • Renewable energy recast as job creation for American know-how, sidestepping the whole anthropogenic climate change vs. denialist issue.
  • Hot-button religious topics like abortion and evolution/creationism left to lower courts as a means of conspicuously avoiding having a stance.
  • Claims of being in favor of "small government"

    You could tap into the disaffected jobless base that Trump is relying on, but without the overt racism. You'd also appeal to the Sanders people/OWS contingent.

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    1. I've been using Dimensional Jaunt, per Firewarrior44. And, yes, rogues using Shadow Hand and/or skill tricks can qualify, per Talonhawke.
    2. There's no reason not to apply metamagic to [teleportation] spells! In fact, I tried starting with a "basic" teleportation spell and deriving the whole subschool using metamagic (see spoiler below).
    3. Per the consensus, 9-level spell lists are more or less assumed as the standard, especially for PCs. (I've occasionally deviated from that in designing monsters, but only when the array has a very tight "theme" more appropriate to a 6/7-level caster list.)

    Teleportation (unformatted):

    School: Conjuration [teleportation]
    Level: arcane 1
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: standard
    Range: touch (subject)/close (teleport range)
    Target: creature or object (up to 50 lbs.) touched
    Duration: instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Will neg.; Spell Resistance yes
    Description: teleports target to a specified location within close range.
    Improvement: metamagic.

  • Dimension Hop (PHII): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Still Spell (+1 level) = 2nd level spell.
  • Dimension Door: Dimensional skip (1st level) + Still Spell (+1 level) + Reach Spell (close to long range; +1 levels) + Mass Effect Spell (1 creature/3 levels; +2 levels) + Personal Spell (you must be the primary subject; -1 level) = 4th level.
  • Dimension Shuffle (PHII): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Still Spell (+1 level) + Mass Effect Spell (1 creature/level; +3 levels) = 5th level.
  • Dimension Step (PHII): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Mass Effect Spell (1 creature/3 levels; +3 levels) = 4th level.
  • Dimension Swap (SRD): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Reach Spell (target; touch to close; +1 level) + Cascade Spell (dimensional skip on additional close target; +2 levels) + Location-Specific Spell (switch places only; -2 levels) = 2nd level.
  • Dimensional Bounce (ACG): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Variable Spell (two target locations; +1 level) + Delay Spell (up to 1 round/level; +1 level) + Concentration Spell (swift action; +3 levels) = 6th level.
  • Hostile Juxtaposition (UC): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Delay Spell (until you are attacked; +1 level) + Cascade Spell (dimensional skip on target creature; +1 level) + Reach Spell (target, touch to close; +1 level) + Delay Spell (when you teleport; +1 level) + Interrupting Spell (+1 level) + Location-Specific Spell (switch places only; -2 levels) = 4th level.
  • Hostile Juxtaposition, Greater (UC): Hostile juxtaposition (4th level) + Mass Effect Spell (1 creature/3 levels; +2 levels) = 6th level. You can switch places with 1 different target/3 levels (once each), after which the spell is discharged.
  • Inconstant Location (SSt): Dimension skip (1st level) + Still Spell (+1 level) + Silent Spell (+1 level) + Concentration Spell (swift action; +4 levels) + Personal Spell (-1 level) = 6th level.
  • Ride the Lightning (UM): Dimension skip (1st level) + Reach Spell (close to medium; +1 level) + Quicken Spell (+3 levels) + [Cascade Spell (electric arc; +1 level) + Reach Spell (close to medium; +1 level) + Staggering Spell (+2 levels)] + Concentration Spell (+1 level) + Reduce Spell (25d6 to 10d6; -3 levels) = 9th level; damage cap 10d6 plus staggered.
  • Scattering Trap (PHII): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Shape Spell (ray to cubes; +4 levels) + Widen Spell (10-ft. to 5-ft. square/2 levels; -2 levels) + Delay Spell (square stepped on; +1 level) + Random Destination (ad hoc -1 level) = 3rd level.
  • Teleport: Dimensional skip (1st level) + Reach Spell (close range to continental; +5 levels) + Mass Effect Spell (1 creature/3 levels; +2 levels) + Personal Spell (-1 level) + Mishap Possibility (ad hoc -1 level) + Ritual Spell (full-round; -1 level) = 5th level.
  • Teleport, Greater: Dimensional skip (1st level) + Reach Spell (close range to planar; +6 levels) + Mass Effect Spell (1 creature/3 levels; +2 levels) + Personal Spell (-1 level) + Ritual Spell (full-round; -1 level) = 7th level.
  • Teleport Self, Greater: Dimensional skip (1st level) + Reach Spell (close range to planar; +6 levels) + Personal Spell (-1 level) = 6th level; self and up to 50 lbs. of objects only. This is the greater teleport variant used by demons, etc.
  • Teleport Trigger (SRD): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Reach Spell (close range to continental; +5 levels) + Delay Spell (activating condition; +1 level) + Mishap Possibility (ad hoc -1 level) + Personal Spell (-1 level) = 5th level.
  • Translocation Trick (MF): Dimensional skip (1st level) + Cascade Spell (dimensional skip on target creature; +2 levels) + Reach Spell (you; close to medium; +1 level) + Reach Spell (target; touch to medium; +1 level) + Location-Specific Spell (switch places only; -2 levels) + Cascade Spell (disguise self; +1 level) + Cascade Spell (disguise other; +1 level) + Still Spell (+1 level) = 6th level.

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    thejeff wrote:

    That the two are not mutually contradictory doesn't mean there can't be tension between them or that people can have preferences for one or the other or that more optimization and more roleplay always makes a better game for everyone.

    I've posted before that the most enjoyable games I've ever been in were with people who were very good at both. The least enjoyable experiences involved people who were good at neither. And I've never actually seen a well-optimized character in play who wasn't role-played well, unless someone else built the character.

    People may prefer one aspect over the other. But generally, in my experience, people get better at BOTH of them the more they play.

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    Snowlilly wrote:
    The two gaming styles are mutually exclusive at any given point in time.

    In the same way that only the moon or the stars can be out at night, but never both!

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    claymade wrote:
    Kirth Gersen wrote:
    A martial guy should be able to do that with mooks, sure. With equal-CR martial combatants, 50/50 -- he dies or they do. And you can hit that benchmark with a reasonable PB. But that's not all he should be able to do, so that he pretty much has to sit out any encounters that don't involve a mundane opponent walking up to him and offering to trade blows Queensberry-style.
    So I still don't understand enough of what you mean by "competent" to tell if I even disagree with you or not.

    Let me try and clarify that killing equivalent opponents in an equal fight is indeed attainable at lower PB. But when I have to identify the enemy's weaknesses and can't afford to buy Knowledge ranks, or talk my way past someone and not only can't afford Diplomacy but also had to tank Cha to boot, or have to climb out of a pit and realized all my skill ranks went into Perception to keep me from getting surprised -- the game grinds to a halt for me. So I've sacrificed my ability to even meaningfully participate in many scenarios, in order to be competent in one limited area. That's something that a higher point-buy can help ameliorate.

    My buddy's caster doesn't need higher point-buy to be good at all of those things and more, but let's gloss over that for now. And if my archer's enemy is standing behind a wall of force, higher stats still aren't doing me any good. But that -- as you correctly point out -- is still an issue, but a separate one.

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    RDM42 wrote:
    And I have somewhat of a problem with the idea of 'ideas' being offensive and not allowed to be expressed. Its only a short road to very bad places with that particular methodology.

    The problem with this is that some "ideas" are factually incorrect. I can express my "idea" that gravity is false and we can all fly like Superman if we really want to. I can derisively refer to everyone who doesn't fly as "lead-body," and they might find it offensive -- but more likely, they will find it absurd.

    Likewise, the Stormwind Fallacy is actually a fallacy. Referring to someone as a "role-player, not a roll-player!" implies that the two are mutually-contradictory, which they demonstratively are not. So when someone calls me one or the other, I'm not offended so much as shocked at their ignorance.

    So, if you want to spout all kinds of falsehoods and then claim people who argue against them on that basis are simply "trying to find offense," you're living in an imaginary world in which physical reality doesn't actually get factored into your thinking.

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    Point buy is a tool of the magocracy. As noted upthread, 15 PB is more than enough to make your wizard or cleric into a god, whereas 25 PB is barely enough to make a competent martial. The problem isn't with the number of points; it lies in the martial/caster discrepancy that's built into nearly every aspect of the game from the ground up.

    If you wanted to even that out in terms of stats, start with a relatively narrow array (10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15) and don't let racial bonuses apply to one's primary casting stat.

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    KingOfAnything wrote:
    Hillary Clinton calls for imposing a four-percent “Fair Share Surcharge” on Americans who make more than $5 million per year.

    In other words, on a few pro athletes only. CEOs don't get a $5M salary; they get $200K and then $4.8M worth of stock options and so on that, like Trump, they can easily avoid paying any taxes on. Very wealthy people don't get any salary at all; they just sit around and their money generates more money faster than they can spend it. Hillary's proposal, as stated, affects almost no one and generates almost no revenue.

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    Just started Theieves' World. Finding it hard to believe I'd somehow never read this before now.

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    To answer the big unasked question: "Kirth, you openly suggested that Trump wasn't worse than Cthulhu, how do you feel now?"
    The partial answer is, "That was before he openly admitted to committing multiple felonies."

    The upshot is that we can no longer get bludgeoned with "Must vote for Hillary lest Trump win!" -- because Trump winning isn't within the realm of remote possibility now, so we can vote our conscience.

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    DoubleGold wrote:
    My arguement is that the consequences are largely up to the DM

    Funny, when I DM the consequences are up to the game rules and the results of the dice. I try to make the monsters act according to their intelligence and aims, rather than to artificially maintain a certain challenge level.

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    1. Roughly half earth-sized, but that's only because we haven't developed the other hemisphere.
    (a) Like, binders full of paper, plus innumerable e-files.
    (b) Everything from global-scale maps to continent-scale to province-scale to city-scale to building-scale to room-scale.

    2. Mostly original, with other stuff integrated as seamlessly as possible.
    (a) A lot of my original adventures draw on one fantasy and one non-fantasy novel for inspiration, and then go from there. I've done Wellman/MacDonald, Vance/MacLean, etc.
    (b) See above. I also steal adventures, strip them down, make them setting-specific, and paste them into the ongoing events.

    3. YES!
    (a) As requested, and as specific as they want to get.

    4. Since roughly 1983, but it's had a couple reboots, too.

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    As a far better designer than I am put it to me:

    "The problem with dipping into barbarian isn't that 1st level is too good. The problem is that 2nd-20th aren't good enough to make you want to stay."

    Spell progression is good enough to keep people playing single-classed full casters. Make rage and rage powers scale quadratically with barbarian level, the way spells scale with caster level, and you eliminate the dip incentive.

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    Aberzombie wrote:
    I often decide what's for lunch/dinner based on how much space I have to fill in my dishwasher,

    When Mrs Gersen and Baby Gersen are out of town, I don't even use the dishwasher. I recycle one coffee cup, one glass, one plate, one set of silverware -- wash them after use, ready to use the next time.

    To Mrs Gersen's mind, this is utter madness.

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    Rysky wrote:
    Watermelon flavored drinks tastes nothing like watermelon.

    Mrs Gersen always refers to "green apple" flavored candy as "wheeze flavored." The first time she said it, I immediately understood what she meant, without needing to ask for clarification.

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    Firewarrior44 wrote:
    How does that interact with Block Arrow? (Deflect an arrow with a shield (effective immunity to arrows at level 16 with combat reflexes)). I Assume not at all but just checking

    Rock - paper - scissors. Precise Shot ignores the shield; Block Arrow turns the tables and lets the shield-user ignore the arrow. I unfortunately have yet to see any combat in which combatants had both feats and used them against each other, but the anticipation for a time when a Precise-Shot guy gets his arrows blocked by a shield is still exciting to me.

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    So, I'm totally coming here as a refugee from the election thread, because I'm finding my political views this cycle bizarrely aligning with a lot of what Comrade Doodlebug was saying over there, which really sort of makes me think.

    Evidently I'm now only a very bad stooge of the plutocracy. (And strangely glad of it.)

    EDIT: And if I spend too much more time in that thread, Citizen Robespierre Betts' obnoxious, humorless zeal will coerce me into voting for Trump just to spite him, which is a piss-poor reason at best and not to be contemplated.

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    Spastic Puma wrote:

    I'm not gonna vote this election because I don't like the candidates.

    When they count up the votes in my state they're gonna be like, "hey, where's Spastic Puma's vote? He's a pretty smart guy. Why didn't he vote?" And the other guy's gonna be like "Didn't you check Facebook? He thinks both candidates are dumb because they don't match his impossibly liberal tastes". And then Trump and Hilary and the party leaders are gonna be like "What have we done?" and impeach themselves. Then the whole country will unite and from the ashes will rise the perfect political demigod -- like a phoenix born from apathy and disdain for incrementalism. Then everyone will know that being right and having the most correct worldview is much more important then stopping the most ludicrously destructive incarnation of beta carotene this nation has ever seen.

    Was it Steve Brust who said something like "Sarcasm works a lot better when you lightly dust a phrase with it, instead of drenching every word."

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    Some of us maybe just aren't that resigned to the fate our corporate masters have decreed. I KNOW I'm stuck with Clinton or Trump this time. It's next time, and the time after, that I'm looking at. And in my estimation action needs to start before the 2020 primaries. It needs to start now, with unprecedented numbers of people saying, "Look, give us someone we can vote for, mkay?" And you don't do that by agreeably voting for whomever you're given.

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    I'm not convinced that a third-party vote or abstention (arguably the same thing) is either pointless or irrational. If Clinton is elected, but receives only, say, 5% of the popular vote instead of 50% because of low turnout and/or write-ins for Cthulhu, don't you think some bright political strategist will look at that and say, "Hey, we can clinch the win next time by taking this into account?"

    Saying "vote major-party candidate, no matter how bad, or you're a traitor!" sounds like the voice of someone who is desperate to see that the economic and foreign policies of Bush, Obama, et al. not be questioned, and be continued at all costs.

    Yeah, I know, the primaries, blah blah blah. Who gets into the primaries? Sure, the ones with the money, but the donors aren't going to eager to back a sure loser if there's a potential winner out there.

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    Syrus Terrigan wrote:
    And yet, the assertion that refusing to back HRC to oppose Trump is "stupid, short-sighted, and selfish" merited no backlash on an infamously active thread apart from one person, so far.

    I seem to recall that both Comrade Anklebiter and I had things to say about that stance. And when he and I agree on political stuff, that's news.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Just out of curiosity, is there anyone in the thread who dimly suspects that any part of Trump's campaign is maybe acting? That he's intentionally pandering to the tinfoil-hat electorate but doesn't actually support a lot of the crap he's spouting? (In other words, that he's like pretty much every other candidate ever, in that respect)

    I don't for a second doubt he's a racist, imperialistic buffoon with the business sense of a squirrel, but all of the "Trump is much worse than Cthulhu!" stuff is starting to seem maybe a bit overblown.

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    HeHateMe wrote:
    I definitely don't agree that PF has ever stated that all classes are created equal. I don't recall ever seeing Paizo write that in any of their books.

    The XP chart sort of disagrees with you. The entire CR system strongly disagrees.

    If a 10th level fighter BBEG is an equivalent challenge to a 6th level wizard BBEG, and is supposed to be, then they should both be CR 5. By claiming the NPC fighter is CR 9, Paizo is explicitly stating that a fighter is equal to a wizard. Not hinting; not implying -- stating outright.

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    My version:

    (1) Play a human or elf.
    (2) Under "description," write a lot of wordy crap about how magic symbols float in the air around you for no apparent reason.
    (3) Pick traits and/or favored class bonuses that do what you wanted your sigils to do.
    (4) If glowing sigils is a big deal, play a class that gets light as a 0-level spell.

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    Stein isn't anti-vax; she's anti-"FDA is run by corporate pharma lobbysists."
    Longer description, with quotes.

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    Overall: I like having actual rules for stuff. Even if those rules are incomplete or aren't really doing what they're trying to do, at least it's something. As a DM, I despise making up rulings arbitrarily when a unified mechanic is more appropriate.

    Specific Feats: Leadership. I LOVE how much this adds to a campaign. I wish more players were less afraid to take it.

    Specific Races: Humans. I'm tired of dwarfs and robots and dragon-people and furries and intelligent tapeworms. I would love to play in or DM a human-only campaign sometime.

    3 people marked this as a favorite.

    Hi, independent voter here. I've voted both Republican and Democrat, sometimes for/against the same candidate when hindsight benefit applied (e.g., against Bill Clinton when he was 1st elected, but for him when he ran for re-election; for Obama when he was 1st elected, but sat out his re-election in disgust).

    And, to me, there is not a good candidate this time. Hillary represents a continuation of the policies of increasing the wealth gap, sending more of our young people to fight foreign wars, and putting more of our citizens at home in prison. These policies represent, to me, grave evils against the American people, and I unequivocally oppose anyone who champions them, from either party. Stuff like upholding Roe v. Wade and supporting gay marriage are things I strongly support, but -- at the risk of Godwinning the thread -- Hitler also liked dogs, and he made the trains run on time. By themselves, they aren't enough to make up for the big three, and if you're voting based on them, you're basically getting a consolation prize for agreeing to lose.

    I find it incomprehensible that the Republicans have redefined their entire party as a carrier for the above-mentioned evils. I find it nauseating that most Democrats are so determined to seek consensus that, being denied someone like Sanders as a candidate, they all run skulking like curs to Hillary and lap her hand, hoping she won't kick them.

    I don't expect anyone in either party to agree, but hopefully one of them might understand that refusing to support Hillary is not automatically an act of Republican partisanship.

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    Baby Gersen is now almost two, so actually a toddler, and is beginning to enjoy linguistics -- specifically, constructing sentences. She's also obsessed with Minions, so when she sees me with a pencil, she invariably cries, "Dada! Draw Bob! King Bob! Draw more Bob! Poochie Rat!"

    Thankfully, she is sometimes inclined to more matter-of-fact utterances, rather than simple demands. Last night she dumped her water on the bed, then ran to get me and proudly explained, "Wawa! Big bed all wet."

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    To the OP: Because Paizo does not want tripping to be a thing. That's why it's hidden behind two feats, and why half the critters in the Bestiary either get huge bonuses against it or are simply outright immune. Making flying creatures immune, too, is par for the course.

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    Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
    It's giving the lie that the some players want.

    So it behooves the DM ask them first, instead of assuming he/she knows "what's best for them."

    Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
    When groups fail its generally not because of railroading but of player/GM disconnect.

    Yes, this.

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    Murdock Mudeater wrote:

    It still works provided that both ends of the split path form a loop.

    DM: "So, you go off the right side of the screen and re-appear on the left side!"

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    TriOmegaZero wrote:
    I believe you are thinking of the Medium from Occult Adventures. The Vigilante is the classic two-faced character, from comic book heroes and villains, to pulp serial killers and detectives. It's in Ultimate Intrigue and uses a lot of rules to overcome the mystery-busting effects of normal Pathfinder like divinations making murder mysteries impossible.

    I need to set aside some time and read up, then -- I've fallen behind on looking at stuff.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Thanks for the breakdown!
    I do have to quibble with this, though:

    Jiggy wrote:
    nearly as old as D&D

    Google says 1986, vs. D&D's 1974. So 11 years younger, or < 75% as old.

    I'm senstive because I'm only very slightly older than D&D, but apparently a lot older than the 30-year-olds I work with.

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    Limeylongears wrote:
    Which part of jazz-funk do you like best, the jazz bit or the funk bit?

    I like bebop jazz and especially hard bop (e.g., Max Roach, Freddie Hubbard), that some people called "funky hard bop." I like funk music (e.g., Sly & the Family Stone; P-Funk). Mixing the two directly (e.g., Herbie Hancock) isn't really my thing, although I have to admit that Traffic did a lot of jazz-like improv stuff and a lot of funk-sounding stuff, and were one of my favorite bands.

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    Tacticslion wrote:
    Oh, and one more thing: if you lived through a Legend of Zelda (as one of the Links); which would it be, and why?

    I don't know what that is.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    Tacticslion wrote:

    1. If you could have 1d4 different super-powers, what would they be and why?

    2a. If, instead, you could be a gestalt of 1d2+1 super heroes, who would you gestalt to be yourself? Why?
    2b. Which comic universe would you run around in? Would you prefer to be in that one, or this one?
    3a. You just gained 3d6+2 levels in a Pathfinder class (or classes)! Which class(es) do you pick, and why?
    3b. Incidentally, if you could spontaneously switch races, would you?
    4. You won the super-lottery, and gained mythic tiers! 3d3+1 of 'em! What path do you take?
    5. Yet another query: you monster. Specifically, you [dice=CR]d30 (or less) monster! Which are you?! ... and would this have been your first choice? If not, which would be?
    6a. You've just become a prepublished NPC from an official source! Which prepublished NPC is it?
    6b. What campaign setting do you run around in? Why?
    7. As a final thing: blend any and/or all of the above questions into a single ginormous question: an optional blend of a prepublished NPC, monster, and some superheroes all walk into a bar... and out comes you, as a gestalt of those guys

    1. Teleport without error anywhere in the world at will. Get put in prison? No worries, teleport out. What dinner at Antoine's, but you're in Tibet? No problem. The possibilities are limitless.

    2a. I don't know enough about super heroes. I'd be hard-pressed to list half the Avengers, even limiting it to the ones in the movies.
    2b. None. I could never afford comics as a kid, don't read them now.
    3a. Wizard or druid. No sense playing a chump.
    3b. Human, all the way.
    4. "Mythic" should have been integrated into martial classes standard 1-20 progressions. So, no, I don't play that.
    5. See 3b, above.
    6a. Do previous editions count? Elminster controls the universe and uses goddesses as cheap sex hook-ups. Might be fun for a weekend.
    6b. Real life. Because I hate FR with a passion.
    7. I'm already a gestalt -- no need to hypothesize!

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    I saw a trailer for the new Tarzan. As near as I can tell from that, the movie consists of a bunch of computer pixels that rapidly shift around. It was like someone made a time-lapse recording of a screen saver.


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    OK, let's try this again.
    BARBARIAN (Revised)

    HD: d12; BAB: Full
    1st Endure elements, feats, furious counterstroke, rage (+1), totem
    2nd Damage reduction 1/–, lesser rage power
    3rd Totem ability
    4th Totem feat, lesser rage power, superstition +1
    5th Improved rage (+2)
    6th Damage reduction 2/–, improved rage power
    7th Totem ability
    8th Totem feat, improved rage power, superstition +2
    9th Greater rage (+3)
    10th Damage reduction 3/–, greater rage power
    11th Totem ability
    12th Totem feat, greater rage power, superstition +3
    13th Mighty rage (+4)
    14th Damage reduction 4/–, mighty rage power
    15th Indomitable Will
    16th Totem feat, mighty rage power, superstition +4
    17th Primal rage (+5)
    18th Damage reduction 5/–, primal rage power
    19th Perpetual rage
    20th Totem feat, primal rage power, superstition +5

    Saves: Barbarians gain a +2 class bonus to Fortitude and Intuition saves.

    Bonus Skills: All barbarians automatically receive one free rank per class level in Athletics, Endurance, and Perception. These are otherwise treated as class skills, but do not count against your total number of skill points.

    Class Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Craft (any), Handle Animal, Knowledge (linguistics, lore, warfare), Planar Sense, Profession (sailing), Stealth, Survival. Your totem (q.v.), provides additional class skills.
    Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Int modifier.

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency:


    A barbarian has Martial proficiency with all weapons and shields, and is proficient with light armor and medium armor. At your option, you can make one or more of the following exchanges:
  • Agile Dodge (Ex): You may choose to give up light and medium armor proficiencies in exchange for the Dodge feat. When unarmored, you also gain a morale bonus to saving throws against fear equal to your dodge bonus. You can gain these benefits and still use a shield.
  • Canny Defense (Ex): You can trade proficiency with shields for the Canny Defense feat.
  • Brawler (Ex): You may choose to downgrade your weapon proficiencies to Simple rather than Martial. If you do so, you gain Exotic proficiency with unarmed attacks and Two-Weapon Fighting (unarmed only) as bonus feats. At 6th level you gain Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (unarmed) as a bonus feat.
  • Endure Elements (Ex):

    Whether they hail from the frozen north, the steaming jungles, or the blazing deserts, barbarians are inured to harsh climates. A barbarian can survive in conditions between –50 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit without having to make Fortitude saves or Endurance checks. This ability provides no protection from fire or cold damage, nor does it protect against other environmental hazards such as smoke, lack of air, and so forth.[spoiler]

    Feats (Ex): [spoiler]Feats (Ex): Barbarians are ferocious in combat and notoriously hard to kill. All barbarians gain Diehard, Fast Recovery, Power Attack, and Vital Strike as bonus feats at 1st level.

    Furious Counterstroke (Ex):

    At 1st level, you gain Diehard as a bonus feat. In addition, when near death you are spurred to a murderous fury. Whenever you have less than 1 hit point remaining but are still functioning (due to the Diehard feat), you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls and +2 to damage in melee or with hurled weapons (other than splash weapons or grenade-like missiles). These bonuses increase depending on the type of rage of which you are capable, according to the following table.

    Rage Attack/Damage Bonus
    Lesser +1/+2
    Improved +2/+4
    Greater +3/+6
    Mighty +4/+8
    Primal +5/+10

    Rage (Ex):

    As a free action, a barbarian can call upon inner reserves of strength and ferocity, granting additional combat prowess. Starting at 1st level, you can rage for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + your Constitution modifier. At each level after 1st, you can rage for 2 additional rounds. Temporary increases to Constitution, such as those gained from spells like bear's endurance, do not increase the total number of rounds that you can rage per day. You can enter rage as a free action. The total number of rounds of rage per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours, although these hours do not need to be consecutive.
    While in a rage, you gain the following:
  • +1 morale bonus to all d20 rolls (attacks, combat maneuver checks, initiative, saving throws, skill and attribute checks, etc.) and to all static d20 target values (AC, CMD, special ability DCs, etc.). This bonus overlaps (does not stack with) morale bonuses from other sources (spells, a bard’s inspire courage ability, etc.). However, during any round in which both effects are active, you choose which of the bonuses to accept, and that round does not count against your daily rounds’ worth of rage.
  • Temporary hit points equal to your rage bonus x your total number of hit dice. When your rage ends, any temporary hit points not already lost disappear.
  • Temporarily immunity to the effects of minor conditions (Chapter 7). These conditions are not removed; they are merely suspended until your rage ends.
  • When in a rage, all successful attacks you make deal Vital Strike damage, even if the normal activating conditions are not met, and this additional damage stacks with sneak attack damage (if any).
  • While in a rage, you cannot cast spells, use any Intelligence-based skills, or use any other ability that requires patience or care on your part; your effective Intelligence score for other purposes is reduced by an amount equal to your twice rage bonus (to a minimum effective score of 2). The use of spell-like abilities in a rage is generally permitted, however.

    When your rage ends, you damage (not reduced by damage reduction) equal to your rage bonus x the number of rounds spent raging. You are also fatigued for a number of rounds equal to twice the number of rounds spent in the rage. If already fatigued, you become exhausted instead (if already exhausted, you become unconscious). You cannot enter a new rage while fatigued or exhausted unless you succeed at an Endurance check (Chapter 4) to ignore that condition. (Note that your bonus ranks in Endurance render you immune to fatigue and exhaustion at 6 and 11 ranks, respectively, however). If you fall unconscious for any reason while raging, your rage ends, and you are at risk of death when you take the damage from your rage ending.

  • Totem (Ex):

    You may select one totem from the list provided in Appendix A, to reflect the guardian spirit associated with your tribe, or else a personal spirit guide. Each totem grants a favored terrain and has two associated skills, as listed in Appendix A. You do not receive bonus skill ranks, but totem skills are always treated as class skills, and when using your totem skills you gain a sacred bonus to checks equal to your rage bonus (even when not raging).
    You gain a +4 sacred bonus on Handle Animal checks when dealing with creatures of the same general category as your totem (e.g., amphibians, fish, reptiles, canines, felines). With creatures that match your totem (e.g., frogs, sharks, snakes, wolves, lions, repectively), this bonus increases to +8. As a rule of thumb, general categories should be based more on casual visual recognition by laypersons than on scientific taxonomy; when in doubt, referee discretion prevails.

    Damage Reduction (Ex):

    At 2nd level, a barbarian gains damage reduction. Subtract 1 from the damage you take each time you are dealt damage from a weapon or a natural attack. Every four barbarian levels thereafter (6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level), this damage reduction increases by 1 point. While you are raging, add your rage bonus to this damage reduction (e.g., an 11th level barbarian in a greater rage has damage reduction 6/—, rather than DR 3/—).

    Rage Powers:

    As you gain levels, you learn to use your rage in new ways. You gain the benefits of rage powers only while raging, and some of these powers require you to take an action first. Unless otherwise noted, you cannot select an individual power more than once. Rage powers come in 5 “levels”—lesser, improved, greater, mighty, and primal—based on the level of rage (q.v.) of which you are capable. When eligible for a new rage power, you can choose to select a lower-level power in place of a higher-level one, if desired. Tables listing examples of rage powers are provided in Appendix B, with rules descriptions following.

    Totem Ability (Ex):

    Your totem provides a special ability at 3rd level, as described for the totem chosen at 1st level. You gain additional totem abilities at 7th and 11th levels. You may also choose to have no totem, gaining more generic barbarian class features instead (see Totems, below).

    Superstition (Ex):

    At 2nd level, you gain a +1 sacred bonus on saving throws made to resist spells, supernatural abilities, and spell-like abilities. This bonus improves by an additional +1 per 4 levels thereafter. However, in order to be the willing recipient of any spell not cast by you, you must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + spell level + the caster’s Charisma modifier).

    Totem Feat:

    At 4th level, and every 4 class levels thereafter, your totem provides you with a bonus feat, drawn from the list given for your totem (barbarians without totems still gain bonus feats, taken from a separate list). You must meet all prerequisites to select any given listed feat.

    Improved Rage (Ex):

    Starting at 5th level, during your rage, your rage bonus improves to +2, and you are temporarily immune to the effects of minor and moderate conditions (Chapter 7). These conditions are not removed; they are merely suspended until your rage ends. Likewise, any magical [death] effects you would otherwise succumb to (such as a wail of the banshee spell), as well as death from massive damage, are delayed until your rage ends. You can ignore up to 1 negative level while raging, and attempt a save to remove that negative level when your rage ends.
    As the name implies, improved rage is an improvement to your normal rage, not a separate ability to be kept track of separately. Likewise, the greater rage ability (q.v.) is an improvement to your improved rage, and so on.

    Greater Rage (Ex):

    Starting at 9th level, your rage bonus improves to +3, and you are temporarily immune to the effects of minor, moderate, and severe conditions. These conditions are not removed; they are merely suspended until your rage ends. If ignoring an energy drained condition, you can attempt a save to remove the negative levels when your rage ends.

    Mighty Rage (Ex)

    Starting at 13th level, your rage bonus improves to +4, and you are temporarily immune to minor, moderate, severe, and critical conditions. These conditions are not removed; they are merely suspended until your rage ends.

    Indomitable Will (Ex):

    Starting at 15th level, once per rage, you may attempt a second saving throw against any condition temporarily suppressed by your rage; if successful, that condition ends.
    If you are affected by an enchantment spell or effect while not in a rage, you can choose to activate your rage as an immediate action so as to delay the onset of the effects (assuming you have rounds of rage remaining for that day).

    Primal Rage (Ex):

    Starting at 17th level, your rage bonus improves to +5. During a rage you are temporarily immune to the effects of all status conditions and effects—including death—that would impede your fighting. These conditions are not removed; they are merely suspended until your rage ends.

    Perpetual Rage (Ex):

    At 19th level, as an immediate action you can initiate any rage power you know even when you are not raging. This lasts as long as desired, but only one such power can be in effect at a time. You can switch out the power manifested as an immediate action.

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    Freehold DM wrote:
    Daved M Mallon wrote:
    A new set of Starfleet uniforms was intended to be introduced in the 1994 film Star Trek Generations...

    For the record, Star Trek is the poster child of nerd subculture. It could therefore be considered the very antithesis of "cool."

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    The words "Winter is Coming" don't actually appear in any of George R.R. Martin's novels. They were invented by HBO as a catchy tag phrase for the TV series.

    This "fact" is totally bogus, of course.

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    Kazuka wrote:
    in the Vance novels, people were effectively charging themselves with magical energy that was set to go off. So the limit on spells wasn't a limit on how many you could remember, but on how much energy your body could store without killing you.

    You clearly have never read The Dying Earth. Let's please not just make up the "facts" that go in this thread out of whole cloth.

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    David M Mallon wrote:
    On a 1999 episode of TV series 3rd Rock From The Sun entitled "Dick's Big Giant Headache, part 1," series protagonist Dick Solomon (John Lithgow) meets the character Big Giant Head (William Shatner) at the airport. During the scene, Big Giant Head mentions "seeing something on the wing of the plane," to which Dick replies, "the same thing happened to me!" This is a reference to the fact that both Shatner and Lithgow played variations on the same character in the 1963 Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet," and the "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" segment of the 1983 film The Twilight Zone: The Movie, respectively.

    Similar fanservice in-joke in the pilot eposide of the 1980s Buck Rogers TV show -- Gil Gerard, playing the main character who has been frozen for 500 years, meets an old-time pilot who makes some comment about comparative ages; they go back and forth a bit. The old-timer was played by Buster Crabbe, who portrayed Buck Rogers in the late '30s.

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    Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
    Hamilton, NJ (the one near Trenton)

    That's a fairly nice part of 'Jersey! Spent a bunch of time in Hamilton a couple years back, working with another office on some technical stuff.

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