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KingmanHighborn's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 475 posts (935 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 7 aliases.


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A negative energy and a positive energy Kineticist options sound awesome to me.

Gorbacz wrote:
Human Commoner.

Canon Fodder/ Monster's snack? :P

Well can't speak too much on Golarion but I know Faerun had an entire race of dark skinned dwarves, called Gold Dwarves. I think they also had elves of varying skin colors and such. I really don't see why you can't make your character a certain skin tone if it fits what you want. Though it would be epic to have a 'modern' campaign with a dark skinned dwarf dressing and acting like Shaft or Mr. T.

Nighthorror888 wrote:
Four pages for each human ethnicity? A considerable chuck of this book has lost its value to my group and I. Darn, I was really excited for this one. :/

Well like I said it's just best to take the ethnicity stuff and apply to other races as well. IMHO. I don't see a good argument against a Varisian Dwarf/Catfolk/Half-Orc/Kitsune, etc. If that's the culture around them.

Anyways, any idea when the book will be on store shelves in September?

Yeah I wanted to try the tail feats too, but it seemed more like an NPC thing. I'd love to see a solid build

So an air being, bending air? :P

Yeah and if you are playing straight up Orc, its a massive nerf.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Doctor Majuba wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Scarred Witch Doctor was, and is, banned from PFS.
Really...How did i manage to play this guy

Nobody paid attention?

I think the change was to eventually make it legal, but it's actually more powerful now.

Except it's not, not by a country mile. It neutered the class. And made it a generic. The con casting was true to an Orc fluff and something no other class did.

Yeah that would be problematic. Mine was a replacement character for a Skull and Shackles game.

Just wanting to have fun, so I've seen plenty of Class this, Race that discussions so why not talk about the combo of the two. What's your favorites?

Mine in no particular order:

1. Catfolk - Inquisitor: Sure they have the penelty to Wis, but cat's are natural hunters, and who hasn't felt like their cat is judging them? I generally pop this out with Desna or Caydean as the deity as both make sense for the freedom and Cats=Chaos idea.

2. Kobold - Ninja: They are small, really sneaky, and love traps and sneak and stab. What's not to love? The fact they are generally adorable mini dragons helps too, vanishing trick, and tail terror feats make them fun as well. One of these days I'm going to build a Sweeper + Kusari-Gama trip build.

3. Gnoll - Paladin: Nothing says holy knight then a near seven foot tall creature normally known for eating people. Also lay on hands to people thinking a gnoll is about to eat them. It was hilarious.

4. Ratfolk - Gunslinger/Wizard: Because Skaven are awesome. If Spell Slinger was, I still like this, shooting and blasting people with lightning bolts and cloudkill...happy days.

5. Halfling - Cavalier (Order of the Paw): Tiny lancer of doom, with an adorable puppy as a mount. Bonus points if the riding dog can be a...Dire Corgi.

6. Dwarf Wizard -: I like them, Dwarves aren't normally thought of casters but this and Deep Earth Bloodline Sorcerers are so much fun. Dwarf Skald was very close to.

7. Half-Orc Monk: I also like Half-Orc Cleric, but even since 3.5 I've loved playing a big green and mean punching machine.

8. Kitsune Barbarian: Kitsunes are tricksters, kitsune have a str penalty, but you know what? A rabid angry fox to the face hurts. I had an Intimidate build and he was so cool.

9. Lizardfolk - Saurian Shaman: You know dinosaurs are awesome, this is also a class I like playing as a Kobold too, but Lizardfolk have the dino theme more to their side. And like the skaven analogy, Lizardman riding a Carnosaur. Oh yeah. Also fun to summon a T-Rex right onto a ship you are going to pirate...just saying.

10. Dhampir - Oracle of Life: Cause sometimes I like to throw common sense right out the window. Before the errata this would of been Orc-Scarred Witch Doctor, but oh well. This is still a fun build if a bit crazy. Have to get Life Dominate Soul though. Blood Drinker would be fun too if it wasn't considered evil.

(Oops I meant to put this in General Discussion not PFS, can someone move it please?)

Maybe cause my 'errata fu' isn't that good, but to me the only game breaking change is anyone with a half orc scarred witch doctor, as, unless you are allowed to seriously edit the stats around and make them just like every other witch, you have seriously gimped the class.

At least that's with PFS.

Homebrew for my group it's still Orc only (not half orc) and still Con based, but that's another story.

But it really is a shame, it was probably the most unique caster class in the game. If I had one in PFS I'd be asking to just drop the archetype and rebuild to another witch since now it's useless...or at least generic.

Sword Saint is brutal when mixed with a couple levels of Rogue to get minor magic/vanish.

That said how about the Savage Skald Bard, which is so cool but turns out it's 10th lvl performance is useless, and the entire reason for the class got gutted by the much more interesting and better designed Skald.

I adore this game, sure it has problems. But most of it can be hand waved or house ruled away fairly easily.

I like the ARG Lizardfolk just fine.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey don't feel bad I game by myself all the time, make my own parties and run them through an adventure. I then usually use what happens to write stories about the characters. And then when you do see an opening for a game you have 4-5 well tested character ideas to plug in for the party.

Capt. James T. Kirk - Reboot wrote:
Dr. Leonard H. McCoy wrote:
My God Jim... What happened to you?!?!
JJ Abrams :(

At least you are no longer played by a boring, and utterly annoying guy now stuck doing Priceline commercials. And you as a character are actually interesting now.

Rynjin wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:

What does your nickname here on Paizo mean?

It's a name I've went by since I was a teen, it's just how I love to think of myself, as a King and Highborn. :P

How the hell did you get people you know to actually call you "Kingman Highborn"?

I know I personally would have been like "Whatever Todd (or whatever your name is), I'm not calling you that".

Should say nick name then I guess. It evolved from a lot of influences and my (overinflated) ego.

Really only my close friends call me Kingman, and those in the furry fandom.

What does your nickname here on Paizo mean?
It's a name I've went by since I was a teen, it's just how I love to think of myself, as a King and Highborn. :P

Why did you pick it?
I've just gotten so used to it, I use it or just Kingman for just about anything I do.

Why did you pick your avatar?

Because I love catfolk, and want to be one IRL.

It's been awhile since I played him but I had a highly charismatic kitsune barbarian that was fun to play. (Plus Spirit Totem and the Terrifying Howl/Intimidating Glare rage powers rocked. )

But his normal strength without enhancement or rage was like 14 or so.

Darror smacks his mace into his palm and grumbles about goblin intelligence, as he moves to try and bludgeon the one attacking Thikka.

attack: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13

damage if hit: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8

A bag of holding

Maybe I just thought it might make those characters feel more 'special'

I dunno, I don't proscribe to the thought of martial classes lagging behind casters, but I do hear the blather enough that I had this idea.

Make Combat Feats either:
a.) Accessible only by Fighters, Barbarians, Monks, Rogues, Cavaliers, Swashbucklers, etc.


b.) Combat Feats can only be taken if the class gives access to them at the bonus. I.E. Fighter bonus feats, Ranger combat style feats, Cavs at 6s, etc.

This would mean a straight wizard or other caster (except Magus) for example could not have ANY combat feats.

Think that'd stop the whining?

Gorbacz wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:

I just don't want to play as one, and really if the option ever came up (never happen but I wish) I'd walk away from humanity to be a catfolk in real life.

Yeah, but I doubt that having a tail and whiskers would suddenly make you a better person. ;)

Not about being a better person. ;) But that's getting off topic.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I think Corvus and Myth Lord pretty much echoe most of my thoughts.

Especially this:

CorvusMask wrote:
I just don't find humans mechanically interesting(or any of core races for that matter) and thematically they aren't that interesting to me since because we are all humans, they are the default and so are the norm you compare weirder stuff to. Sure each of human cultures in game is interesting, but race itself? Not really.

Though I do like Half Orcs

As I said, it's much more interesting to apply the culture across all the races, then lock everything into humans.

manwolf wrote:
No, I read it as people take pride in their work product, as I'm sure Ms. Price does, and to see someone write something negative, something based solely on personal preference, could seem as devaluing work they have put so much into, it's a bit difficult to swallow.

I believe everyone works their backsides off at Paizo, but a statement of personal preference and opinion shouldn't be attacked either. It's not devalueing the work.

But the fact remains humans are WAY over represented, mechanical over powered (or overly flexible really, there isn't an overpowered race under 20rp), and over covered right now. It's nice to have quality products like the ARG, and the Monster Codex, where humans are the blurbs, and the deeper and richer races get some spotlight other then 'rawr monster' which is a category that even the other 'CORE' races get dropped into.

And as I said in response to James Jacobs remarks on the GM needing monsters, nothing has more monstrous potential then a human.

I just don't want to play as one, and really if the option ever came up (never happen but I wish) I'd walk away from humanity to be a catfolk in real life.

Humans are hairless and tailless monkeys and as interesting as the channel that shows you how to use the remote 24/7, ^-^

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I think ethnicity should apply across races. Humans should not have that all to themselves.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Nothing has more monstrous potential then a human ;)

Or high elves thanks to TES.

But still, I love gnolls, have played a paladin in a campaign set in Mendev, gunslinger in Kingmaker, a barbarian in CotCC, and currently a Chirurgeon Alchemist in RotR

Hmmm ever thought about expanding the 0HD Gnoll in ARG? It was simple but it was one of my favorite Pathfinder creations of all time.

I'm glad wyvarans are getting more love too.

Well I'd admit the reason I never play humans, is because unfortunately, no matter how much I beg the cosmos and whatever force maybe listening, in real life I'll probably never be a catfolk.

Because real life no one is anything more then a commoner, or if in a position of power, multiclass noble/commoner. Yet the game can give some 'vague' ideas of stats. My carrying capacity and max lifting I am probably a 13 str. I'm a frickening klutz though, and while not a 'bad' shot with a bow or gun I'm not making marksmen in anything. So Dex 8, I'm pudgy, tough, and stubborn, and survived car wrecks, bullies in school trying to kill me, and tanked a snake bite and have a resistance to poison ivy, so my CON is probably solid 14-15.

I put my foot in my mouth a lot and tend to get talked into doing stupid things by my friends, and me and common sense never see eye to ey, so Wis is a 9 or 10.

I'm college educated, ba degrees in history and political science. And I've always surrounded myself with books, and absorb knowledge like a sponge, so INT is definitely my defining stat in the 16-17 range at least.

My friends like me, and yet I can spur a burning passion of either love or hate, depending on how preachy I get on a subject, so CHA is maybe a 12-13.

If magic existed in the real world I'd of thrown my heart and soul, blood and tears into being a wizard, (probably evoker with some necromancy on the side.)

But as magic sadly doesn't exist I'm just a commoner with a decent INT, who makes furry and fantasy art, and argues on the net about politics and rpgs. :P

So to satisfy my curiosity and since this will probably be a guranteed Christmas purchase how much does it cover these races?

Half Orcs

Cause those are my favorites to play

Even though it takes a while to get going sorcerer/oracle works and is pretty good in my honest opinion.

Well my gaming group's rule is the armor you are wearing doesn't count for encumberence if you have the proficienty in it. Since that character would be so used to it. Ex: For fighter a plate armor is a second skin. To a wizard it's murder. Now dragging that second and third suit of Dwarven Stoneplate will certainly count.

Honestly if they like money they seriously consider an Anniversary edition of CotCT and SD and even LoF. Cause that was the 3.5 run of Pathfinder before the switch to straight up Pathfinder rules, and all could use some new 'juice'

Soooo....mine supports TLS I good? (on the desktop at least I'm sure the dinosaur of my laptop ain't)

Darn I really don't want to use another browser other then the basic IE on my XP (laptop)and 7 (desktop) computers.

I don't see why things have to be changed and forced into using Chrome and Firefox and such. Just leave stuff alone.

EDIT: For the record not mad at Paizo, just the circumstance.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I hate seeing humans in fantasy settings, books and movies.

Furries rule and I love them being 'mostly' in Pathfinder.

I like point buy

Wrath of Khan sucked compared to Into Darkness.

I hate humans as a race

The best villains are humans and elves.

Unchained was completely unnecessary.

The Rogue is a ton of fun to play.

Brawlers are kind of dumb.

The Belt of 'Giantess' Strength is my favorite magic item/cursed item.

I hate humans in RPGs

I like to play Pathfinder and D&D alone sometimes.

Sweet! Out of curiosity, Original or Anniversary edition?

Oh man I'd love to play Jarlmaker.

Puppy -Gnoll Barbarian

Gaedren Lamm had thought he was buying a ready made attack dog to keep his Little Lamm's in check, what he got though was frightened puppy that was scared of nearly everything after being separated from his mother and sold right after his weaning.

Even though he endured beating after beating, Gaedren couldn't make him hurt the other children, but when he finally did snap he instead took a bite out of Gaedren himself.

He was then beaten nearly to death, and as far as Gaedren was concerned beaten to death and disposed of on a Korvosan trash barge. He only survived because a blind half orc garbage collector took him in together they sifted refuse for food, and clothing.

Despite smelling like garbage and having almost everyone but other garbage collectors hate him for just being a gnoll, he grew strong and able to defend himself.

When a harrow card and an address fell into his hands he was happy to help this stranger get some well deserved justice.

Hmmm I have a few I like:
Armored Hulk: I like the idea of a very angry fella in a big box of metal.

Mad Dog: One of my current favs, even if you burn through rage at an insane amount. A raging Animal Companion is a boost to an already potentially powerful combat buddy.

Dirge Bard: Cause I love scaring people

Kobold Dragon Herald: With Coat of Arms and in service to a good dragon, it's one of my more favorite 'companion' choices.

Cloistered Cleric: It's more Friar Tuck then walking heal tank for one. Plus for the longest time it was my choice for playing an intelligent religious person.

Cad: Hooray dirty fighting!

Viking: Cause who doesn't love Vikings.

Hungry Ghost Monk: Stealing ki and HP is so freaking cool.

Sohei: It's been mentioned before, I just like it cause it's more weapon focused.

Holy Gun: Smiting Shot baby

Divine Hunter: Downtown long range

Tattooed Sorcerer: Walk in with a skunk tattoo...WIN

Chirurgeon: Combat medic again without having to be inside a tin can.

Kobold Alchemical Trapper: With the right party support, can be so much fun.

Beast Rider: Cause riding a giant angry tiger or bear or Lion, Oh my, is SOOOOO much cooler then a horse.

Witch Hunter: Burn the witch! Also very thematic to what I think of as an Inquisitor anyways.

Orc Scarred Witch Doctor: Con as a casting stat, Hell yeah.

Sword Saint: It's their only archetype really, but I like it, even if it takes some careful building to set up.

I haven't played that much with the ACG classes but:

War Drummer: I love the theme and yeah no martial weapons but a greatclub upside the head is still a good way to solve a problem, and it's very destructive if used right.

Annnnnd again you miss the mark. I'm sure the person putting effort into creating the catfolk and ratfolk races did a lot of work here at Paizo. But now you really want to talk lack of mythology? Or even established examples. As far as ratfolk go, even though Golarion's version have a much wider range of alignment possibilities, the most famous example is the Skaven.

As far as catfolk go, if you are wanting mythology, hello Egypt? Bast, Sehkmet, Mehit, Mafdet? Hell it was a pretty much accepted thing to the Egyptians that beings with human bodies and animal features existed, and those four are solid examples (In fact Osiriani is where I'd originate the Catfolk race in Golarion if I had a say.)

Japanese culture had the nekomata.

And for what Tolkein did for elves you aren't even going to give a nod towards authors like Niven for his Kzinti? Elder Scrolls is a video game sure but it's built a MASSIVE mythology and the Khajit and Argonians are deeply important to the world.

And then there is my beloved Kilrathi.

Star Trek is official with the Caitians.

Beautifully said.

Mighty Squash wrote:
The lazy naming all around is a bit bothersome, but I think I may be more bothered by catfolk existing at all (especially as a player race) than by their name in particular.

I could say the same thing about humans too, lazy name, and more infectious in a world then the bubonic plague.

That said Catfolk have just as much a right to exist in a world as elves and dwarves. And especially humans.

ElterAgo wrote:
Mighty Squash wrote:
... I think I may be more bothered by catfolk existing at all (especially as a player race) than by their name in particular.

+ 637

** spoiler omitted **...

Never happened in my gaming group, though I'll admit when Bestiary 3 dropped I bought the book day 1 BECAUSE of Catfolk, and was VERY happy with their stats. Besides I've seen more people female dogging about elves' stats then any other race. I do hope they stay with the more anthro look the ARG presented though.

GM_Beernorg wrote:
Bare in mind some of the folk naming trope is due to product ID laws. You can't copy write anthro animal races in general, but you can product ID things like Yuan-Ti, so to get around such things, snakefolk, catfolk, etc crop up.

That's pretty much the meat and potatoes of the reason they are named that way. D&D owns the Yuan-Ti name, And a lot of the good cat race names are already in use (Kilrathi, Kizen, Caitian, etc.).

Inquisitor's get a spell where you insult a group of enemies so badly they catch on fire.

Hayato Ken wrote:

That only shows that inherently chaotic foxes will not be contained to the forest of spirits! It´s in their nature to wander all lands and prank on people, while mixing with them! And they are a lot less suspicious than catfolk actually. So much for the human-centric world.

Here's to hoping less human-centric worlds in the future. Or at least no more human material in Pathfinder. They get too much as is.

Please no more or at least minimal humans, and more cool races like Catfolk, Ratfolk, Gnolls (though they did have some nice stuff in Monster Codex, I want more on the non lvl adjustment Gnolls from ARG)

Kitsunes, and Wyvarans. Seriously need some more Wyvaran love.

Considering I'm ONLY a Trekkie in regards to TNG and Voyager, 'maybe' as I HATED Shatner's Kirk and the all of the Shatner era Trek movies, except for Undiscovered Country.

I refuse to sit through Star Trek: Save the Whales!!! again. Ever -_-...I'd rather watch Twilight than that abomination.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Considering I have loved just about everything J.J. has done. Including making the two BEST Trek movies ever. I'm liking what I'm seeing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

With her looks, bright eyed naivety, and lack of interest in political power, she'd make an excellent trophy wife if not for the fact that she'd make a horrible trophy wife.

That made me laugh.

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