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KingmanHighborn's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 353 posts (758 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 4 aliases.


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graystone wrote:
Unfolding Wind Strike, one of the Perfect style feats lets you "Double the range increment of thrown weapons". Seems pretty clear you aren't throwing your unarmed attack...

You sure about that?

Joke aside point taken but it's clear this feat is for unarmed strikes only and if I'm DMing that's how it will be used.

I even checked for errata, and there doesn't seem to be any? I'd like to get some insight here.

Inner Sea Races sounds wonderful.

Odraude wrote:
Up to the GM but I'd say they would be built like npcs.

Darn, this is for PFS, and I'd hate to put extra work on the DM's shoulders just to build a bunch low level flankers and bodyguards. This is making me like this class even less, and I'm not going to have cash for ACG until December. T-T

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Song of the Fallen (Sp): At 10th level, a savage skald can duplicate the effect of a Horn of Valhalla. This effect requires 10 continuous rounds of performance and summons barbarians as a silver horn at 10th level, as a brass horn at 13th level, as a bronze horn at 16th level, and as an iron horn at 19th level. The warriors remain only as long as the bard continues his performance. This ability requires audible components.

Horn of Valhalla

Specifically this: Summoned barbarians are constructs, not actual people (though they seem to be); they arrive with the starting equipment for barbarians. They attack anyone the possessor of the horn commands them to fight until they or their opponents are slain or until 1 hour has elapsed, whichever comes first

So...what ARE the Barbarian's stats, and what is 'starting' equipment?

This is true, but I have a feeling Lizardfolk would be somewhat 'adjusted' to it since it's so deeply entrenched into their beliefs. Unless a 'new' disease was introduced, it'd make for an interesting rp. But bottom line is I could see even a good Lizardfolk doing it, especially to one of their own as it's done in the same reverence as burial or cremation that other cultures do. It's not just "Let's cook em' all." In other words.

Ed Reppert wrote:
I'm pretty sure that if someone were found to be practicing cannibalism, TPTB would find something for which to prosecute him. Murder. Graverobbing. Being nasty. Something. And they'd find some way to lock him up and throw away the key, if they can't get the death penalty. Possibly they'd get some shrink to certify him insane, and use that excuse.

The way it was done, was a woman willed her corpse to her boyfriend for consumption, and he did so. So yeah it's BEEN DONE and there is legal avenues to do it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dragon78 wrote:
Considering lizardfolk tend to eat humans(and there own kind) I can see them being in there.

Yet considering it's not even illegal in the United States to eat someone, it's really just a 'culture' thing. 'You don't waste anything' mentality is what Lizardfolk have. And I've played a Lizardfolk like that as a PC and he was fun. Party thought it was weird at first, but the fact he'd do EVERYTHING in his power to keep them alive made them realize he was still 'good' And nobody minded his crocodile animal companion eating the hag...God bless Mad Dog Barbarians...

Ross Byers wrote:
And I've never used catfolk, and cannot wrap my head around the appeal. Different strokes, can't please all the people all the time, and so on.

And I've never used humans, I can not wrap my head around their appeal, no fur, no fangs, no personality, not even a tail! Weird hairless apes. But yeah I agree can't please everyone.

Well only D&D based video games I've played is Eye of the Beholder GBA, (Played it on my ds though), Baldur's Gate on PS2, and Eberron: Unleashed.

EotB was the only one that really felt 'close' but it did have some major annoyances for me. (Only 4 classes! Boo!)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That just makes it even more interesting from a RP prospective.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

It's not evil, it is kinda weird outside of the bipedal serpentine if...naga *shrugs* Not the weirdest thing I've heard, and it wouldn't of bothered me much.

To be honest it'd make for a great novel read though. Nice spin on all those romance novels, and much more interesting then romances with bdsm dom wanna bes and/or sparkly vampires.

And it does make me think about how an Eidolon blooded Sorcerer would work.

And just a side on the whole 'married couple' idea I could see them raising a kid, get into an argument over parenting and the summoner go "Oh go away!" anytime he or she starts to lose the argument, to save face. :P

Thank you ^-^

Darn I fix the links and now no one comments. T-T

Mark Stratton wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:
Well color me interested I'll check it out. Funny enough I'm fine with Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves, its humans that I think should be hammered down more then any other race. I mean especially if we are going to talk about OP, in comparison to the other races I've pointed out.

How are they overpowered, exactly?

I mean, people here have convinced me that they are better than I had thought, but OP? No way.

If you look at the Advice page Human is almost always lit up as the best choice for any class, the extra feat at 1st level is also worth well and above the racial features of other races.

Should clarify though by 'hammered down' I was meaning there is 'too many' humans in the fantasy world, I think numbers wise humans outnumber ant colonies in Golarion. And the point was an Aasimar, Tiefling or any other race mentioned is NOT more overpowered then a human.

Even the races that dip past 20 RP like Centaur really aren't 'better' then human in the scope of an adventure. (When I DM and this is obviously non-pfs I allow any race below 20 RP, and still human is strong in comparison.)

Well color me interested I'll check it out. Funny enough I'm fine with Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves, its humans that I think should be hammered down more then any other race. I mean especially if we are going to talk about OP, in comparison to the other races I've pointed out.

What is this Talislanta?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

You know I prefer the 'cantina effect' and as far as overpowered to me only Drow Noble stands out as op in the entire listing of Core, Featured, and Uncommon races. I'd even argue the Advanced Races Here: p

And ESPECIALLY the Standards here:

Are no more oped then a stinky plain vanilla human.

I'd be one happy kitty cat if Paizo just opened all 50 (by my count) playable races. And just keep the caveat of having to have the book or watermarked pdf to play them.

I'm very interested! I'll put up a character for you to look over tonight!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A Sumo archetype for Monks

Dwarfs rock as wizards, their favored class bonus is great if you are going to be making stuff for the party. A pickaxe to the face is still a pickaxe to the face when you are in dire trouble. Great saves, and a penalty in your dump stat. Not to mention you don't have to worry about encumbrance issues.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Something set in the stone age.

Well a Spiked Chain doesn't have a range per se, just the feat Cornugon Throw lets the user throw the chain to make a trip attack with a range increment of 10ft.

Something like the Thread from Pern would be awesome.

Scythia wrote:
Subparhiggins wrote:
Not necessarily specific characters but if I could get the rules for a Dragonriders of Pern or How to Train your Dragon style of character or campaign for Pathfinder I would die happy.
Now I want to use Thread in a game.

And now I know what to suggest for Bestiary 5.

Huh...that's a really good question now that you mention it. I guess if I was DM I'd rule it as the function over the form. I.E. Heavy Mithral Lamellar = Iron, Medium Mithral = steel.

Either that or considering it's made with just as much leather product as metal, you could make the case for it being able to made out of any of the alternative hide materials out there. Like Dragonhide, Darkleaf cloth or Eel hide Iron Lamellar Armor for example.

The Morphling wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:
In a similar vein I've wondering if certain feats like Cornugon Throw, which involves throwing a spiked chain at someone could then count the weapon as a ranged weapon to get 'returning' put on it as an enhancement.
I would rule that unless the item itself is a throwing weapon (not reliant on a feat/class feature), you can't get ranged weapon enchants. So, even if you have Equipment Trick (Shield), you can't put returning on a Heavy Shield unless the shield in question is a Throwing Shield.

Yeah that's what our DM for Curse of the Crimson Throne ruled.

Shame there isn't an enhancement that could make a weapon count as a thrown weapon and then take returning on it. Like a +1 throwing, returning spiked chain would be a +3 enhance or something. *shrugs*

In a similar vein I've wondering if certain feats like Cornugon Throw, which involves throwing a spiked chain at someone could then count the weapon as a ranged weapon to get 'returning' put on it as an enhancement.

Hey guys I got it fixed now I think...any comments?

That is blasted works for me when I first link it. Now it's not even working for me...okay let's try this...

Alchemist and Gunslinger
Inquisitor and Magus
Oracle of Flame
Summoner and Witch
Colored 1st six classes

Here is the ones from the last post that weren't working:

Kobold ninja
My OC vs. a Klurichir
Kobold ninja in modern world
My OCs newest look

Well I just unleashed him in as a lvl 10 in a one shot adventure, most fun PC character I've got to use in a long while. Now I just got to figure out how to get the horns Grey Seers have to complete the 'fluff' look.

That's odd considering I am logged in there...this is odd.

I checked them and it's just the cavalier that's 403 for me so try this:


Edit: Okay this time it works for me, so enjoy the artwork.

1. Catfolk - It's what I truly truly truly wish I was IRL (I hate being human. In rpgs and IRL) Also I'm a mountain lion furry so sue me. Best and sexiest race ever. Period.

2. Gnolls - So happy the ARG removed the absolutely stupid and pointless level adjustment on these guys, they are so much fun to play.

3. Kobolds - Small and deadly, AND HIGHLY underrated.

4. Ratfolk - They make such fun wizards and witches. ^-^

5. Wyvaran - Kinda fit as that race for those that want to play half-dragon, but still be in the same league as any other starter race. I want more on this race hopefully.

If I expanded out to ten

6. Half-Orc
7. Changeling
8. Tiefling
9. Kitsune
10. Dwarf

Here was my first post with my artwork:

Back in Aug of last year.

Well I'm back

The Sketches:
Dwarven Beast Rider Cavalier Order of the Tome..

Grenadier Alchemist and Gun Tank Gunslinger.

Exarch Inquisitor and Soulforger Magus

Oracle of Flame, Blackened Curse

Summoner and Gravewalker Witch

And now for some COLOR!
Meet the Dwarves First 6 classes

Don't let anyone tell you a race can't be a certain class folks. And enjoy.


I thought about it going to conversions, but I want to know how to build them well inside the scope of the rules without having to house rule or change the game.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Ratfolk and Wizard are the obvious starting points, but looking to build one for Golarion, and yet stay close to the Warhammer roots on what they do.

But what school fits them best? What makes good opposition schools?

I mean some spells they have in Warhammer fit into Golarion just fine.
Teleport, Dimension Door, Lightning Bolt, Cloudkill, etc.

It's just's harder to mimic they do have one spell in the Ruin style that buffs allies, but can potentially kill them, so my fellow PCs might not appreciate that one and I don't think there is a spell similar.

The Plague style outside of the Cloudkill gets a bit harder to match. They can summon rat swarms, give allies poisoned attacks, breath poison/plague onto enemies, make their enemies slowly shrivel and die (enervation?), and infect their enemies.

Then there is the crème de le crème spell that turns their victims into Skaven, or they horribly mutate and die. I'm thinking Transmuter but all the plague and death stuff is similar to Necromancy (though they can't raise dead oddly)

Also need those horns somehow...maybe...


Other then that I'd like to make a facsimile to Ikit Claw, I'm thinking the Plague Alchemist archetype Ratfolk get maybe...but just look at his Sir Badassness: Model


Old style

Got to have at least Medium Armor, Glaive, and that flame thrower claw (combo of spell and gauntlet maybe?) And a pistol.


Anyway Help making these 2?

wspatterson wrote:
fray wrote:

Have you seen how it works?

The PC doesn't have control over the change... (unless they take a feat from some book, which I can't remember right now.)
It is only as powerful as you let it be. Not to mention, the party is high level at that point anyways... that template should not really make a huge difference in the game overall.

You are seriously underestimating what becoming a werebear does for a character. Especially a monk.

+16 str, +8 con, +2 wis, DR 10/silver, the brown bear's hit dice on top of their own, etc, etc.
And the deck doesn't cause an affliction. It makes the person the naturally occuring type, so they have automatic control over their change.

How the heck are you getting +16 Str and +8 Con?

The ability adjustment is +2 Wis, -2 Cha, And +2 Str and Con in hybrid and animal form.

That's not Baltar, that's the bastard version of Baltar, from the bastard version of a once great sci-fi show.

This is the one AND ONLY Baltar:

That said:
I'd like to see this guy done for Pathfinder:
Let me introduce you to Kenshiro:

Correct me if I'm wrong but why wield two short swords? The penalty for two weapon fighting is -2 & -2 if you have the TWF feat, a 1 handed weapon in main hand and a light weapon in the off hand. So if you are TWFing it's like longsword in one, short in the other. There is no point in TWFing with 'just' two light weapons.

Is there anyway to get these two together? Class wise, archetype, prestige class, etc?

Hmmm I forgot about that part of disintegration.

By the way want a good flavorful way to play a character from a typically evil race that isn't evil? Get another PC to take this trait:

Now you are done, and done.

Just wondering...about something....

Question about event in Crown of Fangs: a GM what would you do if the a certain PC sorcerer disintegrated the False Illeosa in the castle? It says when she hits 0 hp she turns to a puddle of blood basically, but if disintegrated she turns to dust, the whole blood thing is a tip off the pcs just met a fake sure, but if she just got dusted, there isn't any real hints it seems to tell the pcs they got a fake and the day isn't saved.

Well I've never made a drow, but I have made several Gnoll characters and that race being generally CE, like Drow, I can still find ways to make them interesting and tie them into the campaign.

Crissor Salem is my LG paladin character, and since I'm not writing on book, (Cause a was a long time ago and the project got scrapped.) he is basically the prototypical 'adopted' (by a Halfling paladin no less, as a pup, after said paladin smited the hell out of his birth mother. Since LG gods would look down on killing babes.) character. He grows up, still a gnoll in the since he is an carn(Omni really)ivorous character, but he has standards he sets down above everything else. He'll growl when frustrated, but at heart because of the way he is raised he acts like a big fuzzy Halfling. (though he hits his head on the ceiling...a lot...)

Daz Bangfang, is a character for Kingmaker, he was charmed once, and helped a group of adventurers, decided to not kill him, he took an interest in the gunslinger, and even after the charm effect followed them since they feed him, and he learned how much fun shooting stuff is, and making gold. (Granted he is a mercenary, he is in it for gold and excitement.) He isn't evil, since evil actions would get him killed in the places he loves. (taverns! and shops that sell the stuff to make black powder)

And finally there is my Curse of the Crimson Throne Gnoll Puppy, as in Puppy is his name. He was one of Lamm's Little I think you can see where this barbarian gets his mile wide vicious streak. Needless to stay once he was beaten and left for dead, he only survived by digging through his would be grave (garbage barge) for food, and grows up to basically be a Korvosan garbage collector. Which makes for a way to have a monster in a town, and the town know about it and not care. People won't turn away someone doing them a service no matter how they look.

So anyway just a way of showing how to work more races into this. As a GM my Golarion has racism but I allow all races so if someone brought me a good drow, I'd let em' in any campaign.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

It's true. I'm bigoted against humans.

Pinkskins out! Gobbos forever!

Yeah humans stink. Catfolk and Gnolls 4 life.

It's a well known fact, Republicans have a phobia of facts. ^-^

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The only one that serves Wall Street is the Right wingers. The left has always been about the commoner, and common interests, like clean water, air, food that isn't genetically modified, laws and regulations to protect people from huge corporate businesses. (For the record the Right wing WANTS laise faire, caveat emptor, and Capitalism, the left wants a strong and fluid central government that can move and protect people as problems occur.)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

If Gore won:

9/11 still happens but only the first plane makes it to the tower, the rest are shot down. Republicans cry foul.

Osama bin Laden is dead 12/11

Government moves to protect Napster and file sharing sites from RIAA bs. (at least I'd hope)

Cars made before 1985' have to under go a modification to limit their emissions. (car enthusiasts cry foul.)

North Korea is choked into collapse after multi nation deal with China, S.Korea, and Russia. North Korea is carved up and turned into an international trade center, like a nation sized Hong Kong.

Koch Brothers and their companies go out of business saving lives of millions

Monsanto goes too.

Because of fair business regulations and a fair pay act combined with a ban on price increases the stock market doesn't collapse. Avg income for a family of 4 goes to 85,000K a year, almost double over the minimum needed.

Because of regulations and government lookouts, changes are made to bring United States health care to mirror Germanys.

United States becomes a nation in the top tens for health care, ease of living, environment, and safety.

Next gen fighters like the F-22 never see the light of day saving billions. Soldiers get power armor instead, from the massive reinvestment into protecting ground troops.

Astronauts land on Mars by 2008

John Kerry is elected after Gore's 2 term an though most of the nation considers him the war hero he really is, a small contingent of Republicans are found out, trying to make up stuff to defame him and are all laughed off by the media.

Fox News folds. Cartoon Network buys rights to the Simpsons, and Firefly goes to Sci-Fi where it has an 8 season run and 3 spin offs.

During this time Barack Obama takes the reins of the United Nations, and announces the groundwork to a one world nation.

In 2014 a stupid rancher has all his cattle taken because he is an ignorant fool. No one comes to his aid, and he has to pay his fines like he should.

Magus, level dip in barbarian, (he did snap a go rage mode at one point) Eldritch Knight, and repackage Aasimar for race.

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!!!!

I loved the ARG and bought it the first chance I could get since it covered my three favorite races (Catfolk, Gnoll and Kobold) And got rid of the STUPID level adjustment rules so I could make a Gnoll or Lizardfolk at lvl 1.

Now gnoll centric feat(s) and class archtype(s)? Color me SOLD BABY!

Seriously I love playing a (L,N,C)G Gnoll that after the party kills the BBEG, just sits down and cooks (Or maybe not depends on the character) and eats them and looks at the rest of the party like "What?!"

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