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KingmanHighborn's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter. 325 posts (695 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 aliases.


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That is blasted works for me when I first link it. Now it's not even working for me...okay let's try this...

Alchemist and Gunslinger
Inquisitor and Magus
Oracle of Flame
Summoner and Witch
Colored 1st six classes

Here is the ones from the last post that weren't working:

Kobold ninja
My OC vs. a Klurichir
Kobold ninja in modern world
My OCs newest look

Well I just unleashed him in as a lvl 10 in a one shot adventure, most fun PC character I've got to use in a long while. Now I just got to figure out how to get the horns Grey Seers have to complete the 'fluff' look.

That's odd considering I am logged in there...this is odd.

I checked them and it's just the cavalier that's 403 for me so try this:


Edit: Okay this time it works for me, so enjoy the artwork.

1. Catfolk - It's what I truly truly truly wish I was IRL (I hate being human. In rpgs and IRL) Also I'm a mountain lion furry so sue me. Best and sexiest race ever. Period.

2. Gnolls - So happy the ARG removed the absolutely stupid and pointless level adjustment on these guys, they are so much fun to play.

3. Kobolds - Small and deadly, AND HIGHLY underrated.

4. Ratfolk - They make such fun wizards and witches. ^-^

5. Wyvaran - Kinda fit as that race for those that want to play half-dragon, but still be in the same league as any other starter race. I want more on this race hopefully.

If I expanded out to ten

6. Half-Orc
7. Changeling
8. Tiefling
9. Kitsune
10. Dwarf

Here was my first post with my artwork:

Back in Aug of last year.

Well I'm back

The Sketches:
Dwarven Beast Rider Cavalier Order of the Tome..

Grenadier Alchemist and Gun Tank Gunslinger.

Exarch Inquisitor and Soulforger Magus

Oracle of Flame, Blackened Curse

Summoner and Gravewalker Witch

And now for some COLOR!
Meet the Dwarves First 6 classes

Don't let anyone tell you a race can't be a certain class folks. And enjoy.


I thought about it going to conversions, but I want to know how to build them well inside the scope of the rules without having to house rule or change the game.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ratfolk and Wizard are the obvious starting points, but looking to build one for Golarion, and yet stay close to the Warhammer roots on what they do.

But what school fits them best? What makes good opposition schools?

I mean some spells they have in Warhammer fit into Golarion just fine.
Teleport, Dimension Door, Lightning Bolt, Cloudkill, etc.

It's just's harder to mimic they do have one spell in the Ruin style that buffs allies, but can potentially kill them, so my fellow PCs might not appreciate that one and I don't think there is a spell similar.

The Plague style outside of the Cloudkill gets a bit harder to match. They can summon rat swarms, give allies poisoned attacks, breath poison/plague onto enemies, make their enemies slowly shrivel and die (enervation?), and infect their enemies.

Then there is the crème de le crème spell that turns their victims into Skaven, or they horribly mutate and die. I'm thinking Transmuter but all the plague and death stuff is similar to Necromancy (though they can't raise dead oddly)

Also need those horns somehow...maybe...


Other then that I'd like to make a facsimile to Ikit Claw, I'm thinking the Plague Alchemist archetype Ratfolk get maybe...but just look at his Sir Badassness: Model


Old style

Got to have at least Medium Armor, Glaive, and that flame thrower claw (combo of spell and gauntlet maybe?) And a pistol.


Anyway Help making these 2?

wspatterson wrote:
fray wrote:

Have you seen how it works?

The PC doesn't have control over the change... (unless they take a feat from some book, which I can't remember right now.)
It is only as powerful as you let it be. Not to mention, the party is high level at that point anyways... that template should not really make a huge difference in the game overall.

You are seriously underestimating what becoming a werebear does for a character. Especially a monk.

+16 str, +8 con, +2 wis, DR 10/silver, the brown bear's hit dice on top of their own, etc, etc.
And the deck doesn't cause an affliction. It makes the person the naturally occuring type, so they have automatic control over their change.

How the heck are you getting +16 Str and +8 Con?

The ability adjustment is +2 Wis, -2 Cha, And +2 Str and Con in hybrid and animal form.

That's not Baltar, that's the bastard version of Baltar, from the bastard version of a once great sci-fi show.

This is the one AND ONLY Baltar:

That said:
I'd like to see this guy done for Pathfinder:
Let me introduce you to Kenshiro:

Correct me if I'm wrong but why wield two short swords? The penalty for two weapon fighting is -2 & -2 if you have the TWF feat, a 1 handed weapon in main hand and a light weapon in the off hand. So if you are TWFing it's like longsword in one, short in the other. There is no point in TWFing with 'just' two light weapons.

Is there anyway to get these two together? Class wise, archetype, prestige class, etc?

Hmmm I forgot about that part of disintegration.

By the way want a good flavorful way to play a character from a typically evil race that isn't evil? Get another PC to take this trait:

Now you are done, and done.

Just wondering...about something....

Question about event in Crown of Fangs: a GM what would you do if the a certain PC sorcerer disintegrated the False Illeosa in the castle? It says when she hits 0 hp she turns to a puddle of blood basically, but if disintegrated she turns to dust, the whole blood thing is a tip off the pcs just met a fake sure, but if she just got dusted, there isn't any real hints it seems to tell the pcs they got a fake and the day isn't saved.

Well I've never made a drow, but I have made several Gnoll characters and that race being generally CE, like Drow, I can still find ways to make them interesting and tie them into the campaign.

Crissor Salem is my LG paladin character, and since I'm not writing on book, (Cause a was a long time ago and the project got scrapped.) he is basically the prototypical 'adopted' (by a Halfling paladin no less, as a pup, after said paladin smited the hell out of his birth mother. Since LG gods would look down on killing babes.) character. He grows up, still a gnoll in the since he is an carn(Omni really)ivorous character, but he has standards he sets down above everything else. He'll growl when frustrated, but at heart because of the way he is raised he acts like a big fuzzy Halfling. (though he hits his head on the ceiling...a lot...)

Daz Bangfang, is a character for Kingmaker, he was charmed once, and helped a group of adventurers, decided to not kill him, he took an interest in the gunslinger, and even after the charm effect followed them since they feed him, and he learned how much fun shooting stuff is, and making gold. (Granted he is a mercenary, he is in it for gold and excitement.) He isn't evil, since evil actions would get him killed in the places he loves. (taverns! and shops that sell the stuff to make black powder)

And finally there is my Curse of the Crimson Throne Gnoll Puppy, as in Puppy is his name. He was one of Lamm's Little I think you can see where this barbarian gets his mile wide vicious streak. Needless to stay once he was beaten and left for dead, he only survived by digging through his would be grave (garbage barge) for food, and grows up to basically be a Korvosan garbage collector. Which makes for a way to have a monster in a town, and the town know about it and not care. People won't turn away someone doing them a service no matter how they look.

So anyway just a way of showing how to work more races into this. As a GM my Golarion has racism but I allow all races so if someone brought me a good drow, I'd let em' in any campaign.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

It's true. I'm bigoted against humans.

Pinkskins out! Gobbos forever!

Yeah humans stink. Catfolk and Gnolls 4 life.

It's a well known fact, Republicans have a phobia of facts. ^-^

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The only one that serves Wall Street is the Right wingers. The left has always been about the commoner, and common interests, like clean water, air, food that isn't genetically modified, laws and regulations to protect people from huge corporate businesses. (For the record the Right wing WANTS laise faire, caveat emptor, and Capitalism, the left wants a strong and fluid central government that can move and protect people as problems occur.)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

If Gore won:

9/11 still happens but only the first plane makes it to the tower, the rest are shot down. Republicans cry foul.

Osama bin Laden is dead 12/11

Government moves to protect Napster and file sharing sites from RIAA bs. (at least I'd hope)

Cars made before 1985' have to under go a modification to limit their emissions. (car enthusiasts cry foul.)

North Korea is choked into collapse after multi nation deal with China, S.Korea, and Russia. North Korea is carved up and turned into an international trade center, like a nation sized Hong Kong.

Koch Brothers and their companies go out of business saving lives of millions

Monsanto goes too.

Because of fair business regulations and a fair pay act combined with a ban on price increases the stock market doesn't collapse. Avg income for a family of 4 goes to 85,000K a year, almost double over the minimum needed.

Because of regulations and government lookouts, changes are made to bring United States health care to mirror Germanys.

United States becomes a nation in the top tens for health care, ease of living, environment, and safety.

Next gen fighters like the F-22 never see the light of day saving billions. Soldiers get power armor instead, from the massive reinvestment into protecting ground troops.

Astronauts land on Mars by 2008

John Kerry is elected after Gore's 2 term an though most of the nation considers him the war hero he really is, a small contingent of Republicans are found out, trying to make up stuff to defame him and are all laughed off by the media.

Fox News folds. Cartoon Network buys rights to the Simpsons, and Firefly goes to Sci-Fi where it has an 8 season run and 3 spin offs.

During this time Barack Obama takes the reins of the United Nations, and announces the groundwork to a one world nation.

In 2014 a stupid rancher has all his cattle taken because he is an ignorant fool. No one comes to his aid, and he has to pay his fines like he should.

Magus, level dip in barbarian, (he did snap a go rage mode at one point) Eldritch Knight, and repackage Aasimar for race.

Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!!!!

I loved the ARG and bought it the first chance I could get since it covered my three favorite races (Catfolk, Gnoll and Kobold) And got rid of the STUPID level adjustment rules so I could make a Gnoll or Lizardfolk at lvl 1.

Now gnoll centric feat(s) and class archtype(s)? Color me SOLD BABY!

Seriously I love playing a (L,N,C)G Gnoll that after the party kills the BBEG, just sits down and cooks (Or maybe not depends on the character) and eats them and looks at the rest of the party like "What?!"

Any help? Decided at the very least to have him worship Calistria if I go Inquisitor route for the Trickery domain.

Alright I'm terrabad with math but I got the bare bones for two builds and want some input.

Build one aka stabby, stabby, whack

All the race traits, stats and stuff stay the same. Weapons are a kukri and pounder.

1. Swarm Fighter 1 Feats: Mobility & Weapon Finesse
2. SF 2 Feat: Escape Route (Teamwork Feat)
3. Knife Master Rogue 1 Feat: Tail Terror -get Pounder here
4. KM 2 Rogue Talent=combat trick= 2 Weapon Fighting +1 Dex
5. SF3 Feat: W. Focus (Kukri)
6. SF4 Feat: W. Spec (Kukri)
7. SF5 Feat: I. 2WF
8. SF6 Feat: Precise Strike (TF) +1 Dex
9. SF7 Feat: I. Crit (Kukri)
10. SF8 Feat: Combat Expertise
11: SF9 Feat: Butterfly Attack
12. KM3 +1 Dex
13. SF10 Feats: Double Slice, Coordinated Charge (TF)
14. SF11
15. SF12 Feats: 2W Rend, G.W. Focus (Kukri)
16. SF13 Feat: Step Up +1 Dex
17. SF14 Feats: C. Reflexes, Broken Wing Gambit (TF)
18. SF15
19. SF16 Feats: Mericless Precision, G.W. Spec (Kukri)
20. SF17 Feat: Following Step +1 Dex

First off dropped duelist as I think /w the favored class bonus kobold's get for fighter combined with SF9's Strike the Underbelly I 'should' always be getting sneak attack, and denying dex bonus to ac.

Still with a small kukri by lvl 12 it's 1d3 + 4 + 2 + 2d8 sa, criting on 15 or better, the pounder is 1d6 + 4 + 2d4 sa, and the damage is even better if I can get Agile weapon on them. If that's still not enough, I can pass the crit on to someone else with Butterfly Sting.

Biggest issue is TF feats are mostly dead weight unless some brings a character using them as well. (I don't know 100% yet what the other 3-4 players will bring.)

The second build inspired by Humphry's sound advice, aka Measure Twice, Cut Down Once (okay I stink at nicknames.)

First off dropped Dragonmaw from Prehensile Tail for this.
It also goes Inquisitor instead of Knife Master.
Also switch the Cha and Wis scores around goes:

1. Swarm Fighter 1 Feats: Mobility & Weapon Finesse
2. Witch Hunter Inquisitor 1 (Kobold...jumpy around magicky types...Yark bet cha')
3. SF2 Feats: Precise Strike, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Aldori Dueling Sword
4. WHI2 +1 Wis
5. SF3 Feat: W. Focus (ADS)
6. WHI3 Feat: Outflank
7. Aldori Swordlord 1 (Prestige Class) Feats: Dazzling Display, Aldori Dueling Mastery (from what I saw on d20pfsrd don't need Quick Draw for this since it's a class bonus feat. )
8. SF4 Feat: W. Spec (ADS) +1 Dex
9. SF5 Feat: I. Crit (ADS)
10. SF6 Feat: Shake it Off
11. SF7 Feat: Piranha Strike
12. SF8 Feat: G.W. Focus (ADS) +1 Dex
13. SF9 Feat: C. Reflexes
14. SF10 Feat: Seize the Moment
15. SF11 Feat: Crit Focus
16. SF12 Feat: Penetrating Strike +1 Dex
17. SF13 Feats: Step Up, Staggering Crit
18. SF14 Feat: Coordinated Charge
19. ASL 2 Feat: G.W. Spec (ADS)
20: ASL 3 +1 Dex

The best thing about this is solo tactics means I can really make good use of the teamwork feats, and I have one weapon to really worry about. AND thanks to the Aldori prestige class I don't 'need' an agile weapon. I also get some spells, which is never a bad thing.

If I got this right lvl 12 would be 1d6 + 4 + 2 + 5 each hit.

The negative side though is lvls 1 & 2 I'm going to either have to use a finesse-able weapon like a rapier, then 'switch' to the dueling sword at lvl 3, OR use the dueling sword as a longsword, and not be able to hit the broad side of a barn from the inside, with the doors closed until lvl 3.

As far as Domain I'm not settled yet:

Air's Subdomain Wind, as neat power and 1st lvl spell that I could see as 'oh crud get help from such and such npc'

Artifice is situational, but...this is an adventure path I would suspect a construct or 2 could pop up.

Darkness's Subdomain Night is sweet and flavorful for a sneaky kobold.

Liberation's Freedom Subdomain is cool too, but not as flavorful.

Magic's Divine Subdomain is good team playing

Trickery though is really cool with Copycat.

Really leaning towards Trickery or Night subdomain.

As far as gods that leaves me with few options,
Nalinvati makes sense, Khepri is a local deity along with Nephthys, Sun Wukong and Tsukiyo are oddballs but could be fun for a troublemaker, like this character might turn out to be.

I think I'm more striker then outright tank. Obviously I'll have to switch Wis and Cha around if I dip into Inquisitor. I know one person in our group will more then likely bring a Barbarian or other 'straight forward' martial character.

Thanks for the reminding on Spring and Whirlwind. I forgot I couldn't 2wf with them.

No one in my group really plays small characters, but I'm looking for a more fun but not game breaking character that is simple to play, but rewarding in spite of obvious faults.

The basic idea is this:

Rolled stats: 13,13,11,14,16,14

After racial adjustments:


HP:11 (We start max+con, then roll for hp on lvl ups.)
Kobold Favored Class bonus for every Swarm Fighter lvl.

race traits:
Day Raider
Wild Forest Kobold (-part of backstory)
Dragonmaw (green scaled for acid)

Language: Draconic, Common

Campaign Trait: Trap Finder
Trait: Lair Snake (-more for backstory reasons, i.e. stole from green dragon and ran like hell all the way to Osirion, passes self off as having that 'kobold skill' with traps.)

3 Skill points at 1st lvl would go to: Stealth, Survival, Acro

As far as equipment goes leaning towards Kukri, Chain shirt, and grabbing a Pounder later.

Build goes like this in theory:

1. S.Fighter 1 Feats: Mobility & Weapon Finesse
2. SF 2 Feat: Escape Route (Teamwork Feat)
3. Knife Master Rogue 1 Feat: Tail Terror -get Pounder here
4. KM 2 Rogue Talent=combat trick= 2 Weapon Fighting
5. SF3 Feat: W. Focus (Kukri)
6. SF4 Feat: W. Spec (Kukri)
7. SF5 Feat: Spring Attack
8. SF6 Feat: Precise Strike (TF)
9. SF7 Feat: I. Crit (Kukri)
10. SF8 Feat: Combat Expertise
11: SF9 Feat: Whirlwind Attack
12. KM3
13. SF10 Feats: Dodge, Back-to-back (TF)
14. Duelist the rest of the way.

+1 Dex at adjustment times.

Feats: Greater W. Focus (15), Combat Reflexes & I. 2 W. Fighting (17), and Merciless Precision (19)

1. Doing lots of stuff and getting a feat almost every level.
2. 'Should' hit a lot and 1d8 sneak attacks while standing UNDER someone is fun.
3. Kukri slashes, Pounder bludgeons, and the bite does S,B,P at the same time. So all damage types covered (it's a tick of mine that ends up in my characters.)
4. Can deal with traps, scout, and even pinch in as a face.
5. Lots of attack sources.

1. Str 10
2. Dependent on getting an Agile weapon. (I'll probably bug the heck out of whoever is being the casty.)
3. Need lots of gear, need a bag of holding...probably...
4. Teamwork Feats...ick...(Unless someone brings a Cavy, or Inquistor that gets these as well.)

Anyways thoughts? Changes? I had entertained going Urban Barbarian or Vivisectionist instead of Knife Master, but wanted to hear ideas first.
(Also thought about Inquisitor 3, for solo tactics, since Teamwork Feats generally suck unless someone else takes them.)

Imbicatus wrote:

Kobold swarm fighter 9 / Dagger Master rogue x will do very respectable damage to anything medium sized or larger, but it doesn't really take off until 10th level. Basically, it lets you move into the space of a medium or larger creature and they are denied dex vs your attacks. That means you can full attack sneak attack each round and not need to worry about flankers.

Finesse and Agile weapon is needed for this build as well.

Post the build please? I might be playing Mummy's Mask soon, and want to roll a Swarm Fighter into the fray.

Yeah I'm going to have to bow out as well, the month of May is becoming hectic. And keeping the ability to post at least once a day would be strained.

I'd say from the moment you tried to steal it, you'd be in combat with it and it would be trying to kill or incapacitate you. Even if you got on it's back there would be ride check after ride check of a high difficulty all the while it would be raising a storm of neighs and stuff making to clear to anyone that can hear that your trying to steal it.

First off my gaming group rotates DMs around and it's getting closer to my turn to run a new campaign. Now previously I've used published materials. (RotRL, Kingmaker, Attack on Myth Drannor and a few other one shots.)

But I uh opened my big mouth about an idea to have a party start at lvl 1 and have the first few levels be about simply surviving AFTER their home city gets flattened by a colossal creature. In fact lvl 1 would be "Hey it's a normal day in your profession...then earthquake...huge roar...and all hell breaks loose."

(Inspired by Attack on Titan, and hordes of kaiju movies, the new Godzilla film, Pacific Rim, Cloverfield, etc.)

What my group liked was the idea of having to collect the parts and spells to build a colossus to protect their country from more kaiju and insanely large monsters.

(most likely going to use the stats for the stone colossus from B4, though it's not going to be just get the spells and gold to do it.)

Where I need the advice is:

1. I have never built a campaign on my own from the ground up. Yes I'm setting this in Golarion but other then that, not much structure, nor experience in how to build a 'by the levels' story campaign.

2. Going by strict CR there will have to be encounters where the party might be level 1-4, but the monster may be waaaaaay higher in CR. The hope being that rather then fighting the city eating monster head on, the challenge is dealing with not getting stepped on, rescuing people, fighting 'smaller' monsters, (like Clovie's parasites for just one example) and dealing with refugees and looters passing in the wake of the monster(s)

Unfortunately I have no idea how to scale such very dangerous but not technically combat challenges to award experience.

So...tldr...How to make/plan out a campaign? Cause I got overly ambitious and stuck my foot in my mouth.

Well Quest my big long post got ate T_T

So yeah, long story short, give us Americans more credit, I grew up when Serbia and Kosovo were THE hot button in foreign affairs. And Serbia's struggles with war and pressure internally AND externally, and having a generation of people with no parents, or siblings because of genocide parallels Isger better then anything else.

And while I can't speak for Paizo, it seems to me Golarion was designed to have these parallels to make it easier for people to relate to the characters and the homelands their characters come from.

Also though I WISH I was a game designer (And certainly tried via Superstar) I'm on the entirely wrong coast to work for Paizo. T_T

But Qatar and Qadira are similar.

And it's more then just Translyvania that links Romania to Ustalav. (Though Kazavon's cruelty and methods for stopping the Orcs, and person enemies is closer to Vlad's actions towards Muslim invasion and his personal enemies. )

Seth Parsons wrote:
@KingmanHighborn: I'm very interested in how you came to some of your ideas on why those nations correlate.

Any specifics?

Absalom - Island version of Switzerland

Andoran - Post Revolutionary War America with a bit of post Civil War America thrown in.

Belkzen - Mongolia back when Genghis Khan ruled.

Brevoy - Netherlands/Dutch

Cheliax - Imperial Germany or a blend of all of the Imperialist European world. (Or America if ran by Republicans.)

Darklands - No technical equivalent

Druma - Saudi Arabia

5 Kings Mountains -No technical equivalent

Galt - Revolutionary France

Geb - Egypt /w undead focus

Irrisen - Siberia (Or Silent Hill on Ice)

Isger - Serbia

Jalmeray - West India

Katapesh - Turkey/Ottoman Empire

Kyonin - No technical equivalent

Lastwall - South Korea in the since of always being alert to threats from a neighbor...culture is closer to Crusades era Holy Roman Empire

Lands of the Linnorm Kings - Scandinavian countries

Mammoth Lords - No technical equivalent

Mana Wastes - No technical equivalent, closest to Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland

Mediogalti Island - Italy (at least according to Assassin's Creed)

Mendev - Jerusalem in the Crusade Era when held by Europe

Molthune - Soviet Russia

Mwangi Expanse - Central Africa

Nex - Israel

Nidal - No technical equivalent (the European witch hunts are close as 90% of the torture devices came out then, but it's really Hellraiser nation)

Nirmathis - Poland

Numeria - No technical equivalent

Osirion - Pharaoh era Egypt

Qadira - Qatar

Rahadoum - no technical equivalent (anti-religious stance similar to red China)

Razmiran - no technical equivalent

River Kingdoms - City State era Italy

Sargava - Ivory Coast

The Shackles - The Caribbean

Steaming Sea - No technical equivalent

Taldor - Imperial Spain/Britain hybrid

Thuvia - Jordan

Ustalav - Romania

Varisia - Eastern Europe like Latvia, Lithuania, etc. The Shoanti are oddly Scottish parallels/transplants.

Tian Xia - China

Minkai - Japan

Nagajar - East India

Has anyone ran the campaign as Choral being behind it all? Or personally I was thinking of keeping the name Nyrissa and having her be a daughter or descendent, making plans to create the kingdom in the bottle thing, not as much directly evil, but as a way to isolate and eventually control and 'nurture' a nation she could then unleash when the time is right.

Particularly involving this trait: ambler

I'm looking for advice on the best classes to get morale bonuses on my self.

Orthos wrote:
Finished Goliath. Man that was a fun series. Totally wholesale stole the Darwinist fabricants for the Gnomes in my setting, with their naturemagitech theme already in place it was a natural fit.

Talking about Steve Alten's Goliath?

His Meg series freakin' awesome.

Al Franken's The Truth: With Jokes

What can I say I love a good book about the inept stupidity of the Republican party, Bush Jr. and how it's going to take 20 years or more to fix all the damage he did...but at least told in a way that makes me laugh and not want to shove Sean Hannity's head up Bill O'Reilly's a....*ahem* well...anyway good book.

Aasimar get a feat that lets their animal companions take the celestial template. So Smite away!

Barbarians for the all out mighty rage!

Rogues because if there is one thing I hate in RPGs and IRL it's a locked door.

Samurai for the sheer "I will not die yet!" motif.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Xzaral wrote:

In my home group, my hatred of 3.0/3.5/pathfinder/4e humans is a well documented fact. I understand the desire of a flexible race, I understand many people prefer humans. I just feel that humans have been designed to be a tad to flexible. Floating stat adjustment, bonus feat, bonus skill point. They can be pretty much whatever a person wants. Also the most hated statement in all RPGs for me is "Guess I'll go human for that bonus feat."

People have their preferences, and that's fine. But as a GM I'm far more lenient with the non-human races when it comes to making rules modifications to try something, including moving stat bonuses around to accommodate a player. I'd rather have a party of a Tiefling, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome and Catfolk then Four humans and the token demihuman.

Of course I've long since learned that seems to be the minority (from my experiences at least) and generally don't bring it up unless asked. Or threads like this.

Yeah I'm a major, major, major hater of humans in rpgs and most fantasy/ sci-fi books. Not the 'characters' mind you, just the overarching sense of superiority humans have over other races.

The are the 'balanced' choice but they are the boring flavorless choice.

I've said it before, I'm a human 24/7 in the real world, I'm also a very JADED human. To see the human race always having success against everything BUT other humans annoys me. And I'd rather be a catfolk. Cause catfolk are cool.

Truthfully if I could in the real world, switch my race to catfolk I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Anyways humans stink, and all the other races are cooler. Bottom line.

Cheapy wrote:
I could easily see him as LE.

Neutral Evil but yeah he is evil, the Templars are LE.

Mistmail is awesome for a Sohei monk. Just my 2 copper pieces.

There isn't one to my knowledge, if you just want an animal buddy, the Animal domain and it's subdomains are pretty cool. (Feather is a better then Fur, but I like both.) Animal domain gives you an Animal Companion like a Ranger at 4th lvl.

Just curious how would you build him? Ocelot is pretty much a pure bred gunslinger, but Snake is a different story. CQC is in the vein of a monk (maybe Martial Artist archetype, but I think he would fall under LN so normal Monk and monk archetypes could apply.), but the willingness to use guns, would mean gunslinger needs, and the stealth would be ninja or rouge at least.

Just the concept alone of sneaking up and quietly breaking someone's neck, (or knocking them unconscious if your being nice.) is in of itself interesting...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for the help. And yeah I saw that Teeth's not THAT bad compared to other movies I've seen.

And awesome there is a Cherokee affiliated 'little' folk. I'm part Cherokee and hadn't heard of the Nunnehi and Yunwi Tsunsdi. This is awesome.

Yeah I'm all for it. Hope to play again with ya Sig

Trying to help a friend out, fey and stuff are prominent in European literature, but is there any specific fey or spirit creatures in Native American culture and literature. All I could think of was a Wendigo, but that was far too malevolent for what my friend was talking about.

Something that'd play pranks and put 'weight' on people's chests. But not like 'harming' them like traditionally associated with things like Incubi and Succubi, etc.

I think Loxodons are WotC only as well (the giant elephant people with 2 snouts) Plus universe specific monsters aren't going to show up. Eberron's Quori, and Faerun's Sharns and evil monster wind socks.

I never thought about the bladed boots...hmm...fits the concept of a ball of anger, armor, claws, and stabby pointies. Like a weaponized living locomotive.

No it's not PFS. It's just for fun 3rd lvl and on from there, and maybe a character I'll play later.

So Str 20, 24 on rage +3 BAB

An attack would be 2 Claws +10 and Bite +5

and A.Spikes +10, 2 Claws +5, Bite +5

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