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KingmanHighborn's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter. 297 posts (662 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 aliases.


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I'd say from the moment you tried to steal it, you'd be in combat with it and it would be trying to kill or incapacitate you. Even if you got on it's back there would be ride check after ride check of a high difficulty all the while it would be raising a storm of neighs and stuff making to clear to anyone that can hear that your trying to steal it.

First off my gaming group rotates DMs around and it's getting closer to my turn to run a new campaign. Now previously I've used published materials. (RotRL, Kingmaker, Attack on Myth Drannor and a few other one shots.)

But I uh opened my big mouth about an idea to have a party start at lvl 1 and have the first few levels be about simply surviving AFTER their home city gets flattened by a colossal creature. In fact lvl 1 would be "Hey it's a normal day in your profession...then earthquake...huge roar...and all hell breaks loose."

(Inspired by Attack on Titan, and hordes of kaiju movies, the new Godzilla film, Pacific Rim, Cloverfield, etc.)

What my group liked was the idea of having to collect the parts and spells to build a colossus to protect their country from more kaiju and insanely large monsters.

(most likely going to use the stats for the stone colossus from B4, though it's not going to be just get the spells and gold to do it.)

Where I need the advice is:

1. I have never built a campaign on my own from the ground up. Yes I'm setting this in Golarion but other then that, not much structure, nor experience in how to build a 'by the levels' story campaign.

2. Going by strict CR there will have to be encounters where the party might be level 1-4, but the monster may be waaaaaay higher in CR. The hope being that rather then fighting the city eating monster head on, the challenge is dealing with not getting stepped on, rescuing people, fighting 'smaller' monsters, (like Clovie's parasites for just one example) and dealing with refugees and looters passing in the wake of the monster(s)

Unfortunately I have no idea how to scale such very dangerous but not technically combat challenges to award experience.

So...tldr...How to make/plan out a campaign? Cause I got overly ambitious and stuck my foot in my mouth.

Well Quest my big long post got ate T_T

So yeah, long story short, give us Americans more credit, I grew up when Serbia and Kosovo were THE hot button in foreign affairs. And Serbia's struggles with war and pressure internally AND externally, and having a generation of people with no parents, or siblings because of genocide parallels Isger better then anything else.

And while I can't speak for Paizo, it seems to me Golarion was designed to have these parallels to make it easier for people to relate to the characters and the homelands their characters come from.

Also though I WISH I was a game designer (And certainly tried via Superstar) I'm on the entirely wrong coast to work for Paizo. T_T

But Qatar and Qadira are similar.

And it's more then just Translyvania that links Romania to Ustalav. (Though Kazavon's cruelty and methods for stopping the Orcs, and person enemies is closer to Vlad's actions towards Muslim invasion and his personal enemies. )

Seth Parsons wrote:
@KingmanHighborn: I'm very interested in how you came to some of your ideas on why those nations correlate.

Any specifics?

Absalom - Island version of Switzerland

Andoran - Post Revolutionary War America with a bit of post Civil War America thrown in.

Belkzen - Mongolia back when Genghis Khan ruled.

Brevoy - Netherlands/Dutch

Cheliax - Imperial Germany or a blend of all of the Imperialist European world. (Or America if ran by Republicans.)

Darklands - No technical equivalent

Druma - Saudi Arabia

5 Kings Mountains -No technical equivalent

Galt - Revolutionary France

Geb - Egypt /w undead focus

Irrisen - Siberia (Or Silent Hill on Ice)

Isger - Serbia

Jalmeray - West India

Katapesh - Turkey/Ottoman Empire

Kyonin - No technical equivalent

Lastwall - South Korea in the since of always being alert to threats from a neighbor...culture is closer to Crusades era Holy Roman Empire

Lands of the Linnorm Kings - Scandinavian countries

Mammoth Lords - No technical equivalent

Mana Wastes - No technical equivalent, closest to Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland

Mediogalti Island - Italy (at least according to Assassin's Creed)

Mendev - Jerusalem in the Crusade Era when held by Europe

Molthune - Soviet Russia

Mwangi Expanse - Central Africa

Nex - Israel

Nidal - No technical equivalent (the European witch hunts are close as 90% of the torture devices came out then, but it's really Hellraiser nation)

Nirmathis - Poland

Numeria - No technical equivalent

Osirion - Pharaoh era Egypt

Qadira - Qatar

Rahadoum - no technical equivalent (anti-religious stance similar to red China)

Razmiran - no technical equivalent

River Kingdoms - City State era Italy

Sargava - Ivory Coast

The Shackles - The Caribbean

Steaming Sea - No technical equivalent

Taldor - Imperial Spain/Britain hybrid

Thuvia - Jordan

Ustalav - Romania

Varisia - Eastern Europe like Latvia, Lithuania, etc. The Shoanti are oddly Scottish parallels/transplants.

Tian Xia - China

Minkai - Japan

Nagajar - East India

Has anyone ran the campaign as Choral being behind it all? Or personally I was thinking of keeping the name Nyrissa and having her be a daughter or descendent, making plans to create the kingdom in the bottle thing, not as much directly evil, but as a way to isolate and eventually control and 'nurture' a nation she could then unleash when the time is right.

Particularly involving this trait: ambler

I'm looking for advice on the best classes to get morale bonuses on my self.

Orthos wrote:
Finished Goliath. Man that was a fun series. Totally wholesale stole the Darwinist fabricants for the Gnomes in my setting, with their naturemagitech theme already in place it was a natural fit.

Talking about Steve Alten's Goliath?

His Meg series freakin' awesome.

Al Franken's The Truth: With Jokes

What can I say I love a good book about the inept stupidity of the Republican party, Bush Jr. and how it's going to take 20 years or more to fix all the damage he did...but at least told in a way that makes me laugh and not want to shove Sean Hannity's head up Bill O'Reilly's a....*ahem* well...anyway good book.

Aasimar get a feat that lets their animal companions take the celestial template. So Smite away!

Barbarians for the all out mighty rage!

Rogues because if there is one thing I hate in RPGs and IRL it's a locked door.

Samurai for the sheer "I will not die yet!" motif.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Xzaral wrote:

In my home group, my hatred of 3.0/3.5/pathfinder/4e humans is a well documented fact. I understand the desire of a flexible race, I understand many people prefer humans. I just feel that humans have been designed to be a tad to flexible. Floating stat adjustment, bonus feat, bonus skill point. They can be pretty much whatever a person wants. Also the most hated statement in all RPGs for me is "Guess I'll go human for that bonus feat."

People have their preferences, and that's fine. But as a GM I'm far more lenient with the non-human races when it comes to making rules modifications to try something, including moving stat bonuses around to accommodate a player. I'd rather have a party of a Tiefling, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome and Catfolk then Four humans and the token demihuman.

Of course I've long since learned that seems to be the minority (from my experiences at least) and generally don't bring it up unless asked. Or threads like this.

Yeah I'm a major, major, major hater of humans in rpgs and most fantasy/ sci-fi books. Not the 'characters' mind you, just the overarching sense of superiority humans have over other races.

The are the 'balanced' choice but they are the boring flavorless choice.

I've said it before, I'm a human 24/7 in the real world, I'm also a very JADED human. To see the human race always having success against everything BUT other humans annoys me. And I'd rather be a catfolk. Cause catfolk are cool.

Truthfully if I could in the real world, switch my race to catfolk I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Anyways humans stink, and all the other races are cooler. Bottom line.

Cheapy wrote:
I could easily see him as LE.

Neutral Evil but yeah he is evil, the Templars are LE.

Mistmail is awesome for a Sohei monk. Just my 2 copper pieces.

There isn't one to my knowledge, if you just want an animal buddy, the Animal domain and it's subdomains are pretty cool. (Feather is a better then Fur, but I like both.) Animal domain gives you an Animal Companion like a Ranger at 4th lvl.

Just curious how would you build him? Ocelot is pretty much a pure bred gunslinger, but Snake is a different story. CQC is in the vein of a monk (maybe Martial Artist archetype, but I think he would fall under LN so normal Monk and monk archetypes could apply.), but the willingness to use guns, would mean gunslinger needs, and the stealth would be ninja or rouge at least.

Just the concept alone of sneaking up and quietly breaking someone's neck, (or knocking them unconscious if your being nice.) is in of itself interesting...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for the help. And yeah I saw that Teeth's not THAT bad compared to other movies I've seen.

And awesome there is a Cherokee affiliated 'little' folk. I'm part Cherokee and hadn't heard of the Nunnehi and Yunwi Tsunsdi. This is awesome.

Yeah I'm all for it. Hope to play again with ya Sig

Trying to help a friend out, fey and stuff are prominent in European literature, but is there any specific fey or spirit creatures in Native American culture and literature. All I could think of was a Wendigo, but that was far too malevolent for what my friend was talking about.

Something that'd play pranks and put 'weight' on people's chests. But not like 'harming' them like traditionally associated with things like Incubi and Succubi, etc.

I think Loxodons are WotC only as well (the giant elephant people with 2 snouts) Plus universe specific monsters aren't going to show up. Eberron's Quori, and Faerun's Sharns and evil monster wind socks.

I never thought about the bladed boots...hmm...fits the concept of a ball of anger, armor, claws, and stabby pointies. Like a weaponized living locomotive.

No it's not PFS. It's just for fun 3rd lvl and on from there, and maybe a character I'll play later.

So Str 20, 24 on rage +3 BAB

An attack would be 2 Claws +10 and Bite +5

and A.Spikes +10, 2 Claws +5, Bite +5

I'm just curious as to how this works. As I was playing around making characters and had this idea to make an Armored Hulk Barbarian.

Now he has the rage powers animal fury and lesser beast totem (so far)

he also is wearing spiked banded mail and carries a greataxe.

The plan is when raging to drop the axe and attack with his claws and bite, and follow up with the spikes as off hand. But I don't think that's how the rules work cause atm from the other threads I've read it seems like manufactured weapon (in the case the spikes) always take the priority BaB. So the claws and bite would roll in at -5 (-7 if power attacking)

Anyway what is the ruling? In a rage could it be claw/claw/ spikes /w off hand penalty (until I pick up twf) then bite at -5

Or must it be always spikes (primary) then claw/claw/bite -5?

Non rage IIRC the greataxe would be primary, and the spikes off hand, but since the greataxe is a two-hander I'm not sure.

If someone could transport me to Seattle, and give me a place to crash I'd do this...I mean hell I'd live in a cubicle and subsist on the water fountain and cheese nips if I could get on with Paizo.

I live North Carolina but I have ZERO need to be tied here, for a chance at a dream job.

So once Karzoug bites it, has anyone thought what the pcs do afterward have any meaning. At first I didn't have much of an opinion but as it seems these APs are in an order timeline of sorts. (at least it seems too) So I'm wondering what my gamers actions afterward would effect the next adventures. Or not at all.

The dwarven wizard plans to return with the half-orc tower shield specialist fighter to Janderhoff to clear the Vekker's name and lead the way back to Xin-Shalast to claim it for himself, with 'proper' dwarven backing (i.e. lots of dwarfs with armor and weapons)

The half-elf samurai/acrobat/chevalier nutter told him his character being a ronin would likely wonder off somewhere so he'd likely not make an impact anywhere same with the aasimar druid returning to guard nature in the mountain of Varisia.

The human Chirurgeon/Crossbowman though wants to take over the Santorium and run it as a 'proper' hospital.

I wonder if any of this would effect the APs?

And what did your pcs do when they put the big K down for good?

Just finished this campaign and got to say, if the pcs aren't careful this is a 2 round and done fight.

Team Heros:

A True Name called Planetar Angel
A Planar Ally called Marid Genie
Aasimar Druid and her Giant Mantis
Half-orc Tower Shield Specialist Fighter
Half-Elf Sword Saint Samurai, Acrobat Rouge, Chevalier
Dwarf Wrath Specialist Wizard
Human Chirurgeon Alchemist, Crossbowman Fighter

How it went down:

Round 1
If off Karzoug crited his Init roll so the moment the pcs arrived on the platform they ate a meteor swarm. He then used Time Stop, but could only put up his Prismatic Wall, and Wall of Force. The Samurai had Eldritch Heritage feat line for Boreal, so kicked up a massive Blizzard to give the hammered party some cover. The Rune Giant laughed and activated true seeing, even as he was buffeted by high winds, snow and ice. The alchemist, being the most wounded kicked up his spontaneous healing and then shared some of it with the dwarf wizard, burning it all in the round. The Blue Dragon with a roar pushed through the winds into the eye and blasted the dwarf and alchemist with it's breath, putting them back in jeopardy of collapse. The fighter did his best to cover up and live up to his name 'Turtle', Not wanting the dragon to have another fly by and being the only visible target the wizard dropped an Icy Prison spell on the drake, and the drake's wings covered up in ice and sent the mighty dragon screeching into pillars of molten gold and into the lava with a thunderous splash. The Planetar flew and being able to see through the storm blasted the Rune Giant with a Fire Storm and revealed it's immunity to fire. The Storm Giants couldn't find a good target through all the weather. The Marid berated the party for using it's wish to restore the mantis, after it had previously been baleful polymorphed into a cricket through one of Karzoug's images previously.

Round 2 Karzoug cast True Seeing and was shocked to not find his dragon ally anywhere and cast horrid wilting on the Planetar. Hurting it, but not as much as he hoped. The Samurai kept the blizzard moving forward as the party had started to make their way up, the eye being their only safe zone, until they were checked by the wall of force blocking it. Seeing this the Rune Giant tries to Dominate but found his spell matched by the samurai's resolve. The alchemist used this time to cast cure serious wounds on the fighter. The dragon burst from the lava, mouth agape, but it's vocal cords had long been melted away the corpse once again sank beneath the lava waves. With the way blocked the wizard disintegrated the force wall, and the winds once again took their protective shape. Braving the winds the Planetar flew through and struck out at the Rune Giant. The Storm Giants fired their chain lighting blindly into the storm still managing to wing the mantis, druid, marid, and wizard. Their saves mitigating the damage somewhat.
The druid cast heal on herself and sent her celestial servant the giant mantis to smite the RG, and while it got through the winds, it's claws found no good hold on the giant. The Marid tried to make a persistent image of a silver dragon on the Rune Giant's flank but it failed to impress.

Round 3
Karzoug time stopped again and added more to his defenses. This time going so far to even grease the steps for some minor fun at the PCs expenses, when that was over he used finger of death on the Planetar and removed it from existence with ease. The Samurai realizing Karzoug had dropped a cloudkill and solid fog inside the 'eye' used his winds to disperse it, stopping the wind, dropping the cover, and leaving everyone but the samurai a bit cold. With just a fake silver dragon and a very real giant bug left to fight the Rune Giant easily destroyed the mantis in front of the horrified druid's eyes. The only revenge was the alchemist putting a force bomb attached crossbow bolt into the giant's shoulder. The fighter run up the stairs nearly falling on the grease eyes on the rune giant, even as he felt a pull of his dominant acid dripping battleaxe guide his gaze to the runewell and the lens. Seeing the gloating Rune Giant the wizard opened up another Icy Prison on the giant and the giant's smug expression turned to shock when he became incased. Thought the cold didn't harm him, the helplessness would be far worse. The Druid, showing no mercy brought forth 2 massive Purple Worms, and let them feast on the helpless rune giant. Freed the Storm Giants joined the pcs. And the only one to slip on the grease was the berating Marid.

Round 4
Karzoug evens the score with a Wailing Banshee call that ends the purple worms existences in a flash. His glaive sends out a fireball towards the samurai who evades it with ease. The Samurai runs up the steps eyes on the runewell. The alchemist cure moderates the half elf, while barely keeping up. Seeing Karzoug's nervous glare on the lens and the well the fighter double times to the well and gets ready to attack the lens with everything he has. The wizard goes airborne while the giants move to the pc's side. The druid takes the form of a Quetzalcoatlus and gets airborne as well. The now humbled Marid creeps up the steps.

Round 5
Angered that his minions have either turned on him or outright died pathetically he targets the fighter with a quickened baleful polymorph turning the stout half orc into a mouse and then to make his point very clear disintegrates the mouse. Undeterred the samurai runs to the soul lens to stand right where his friend stood. Dominant holy adamantine katana poised to strike the lens. The alchemist now among the freshest of the pcs, runs to be in-between the samurai and the Claimer. The wizard seeing Karzoug hiding behind a wall the wizard knew he didn't have the spells to defeat instead pulls up a Wall of Force of his own around the Prismatic Wall but not touching it. Entrapping the runelord (so the pcs think). Blocked by the wall the giants wait taunting the runelord that enslaved them. The druid though uses her most powerful summon again and this time to Karzoug's horror 3 purple worms answer the druid and burrow out of the ceiling to bite and sting at the wizard. Making Karzoug feel pain for the first time in a long time.

Round 6
Though unable to grip him, the worms become the immediate threat to the runelord and he releases his glaive and works furiously with his talons to fight back. The Samurai though is now in place and begins to slice and stab the lens with a near insane fury.

Rounds 7-11
Karzoug tries to elude the worms first by dimension door and offensive spells. Even trying to nail the samurai who's evasion and sheer stupid luck with saves...saved his backside tremendously. The worms burrowing just let them move over the wall (since under was lava) to follow.

Round 12
Karzoug puts one of the worms down. Turns the other into an earthworm with quickened baleful polymorph. But by this time Karzoug was bleeding and badly poisoned and about to use wish to restore himself, but instead he watched as the samurai finally struck and shattered the lens, dropping the samurai into the runewell as it went off. The light of course only blinded Karzoug. As everyone else saved. (Well the worms failed but I think they are 'technically' blindish since they are worms afterall.)The druid adds a new purple worm to the fun.

Round 13 and on...
Karzoug gets his wish off and his glaive goes back into action with fireballs, but by then and the rest of this combat boiled down to healing the damage dealt by the glaive while a blind homicidal wizard swung away with his talons. The pcs and storm giants, and purple worms eventually tore him apart, the samurai dealing the death blow after getting out of the well, and maneuvering in place for smite, sneak attack, iaijutsu, challenge attack that critted. The Marid plane shifted them to safety as the place started to come apart.

I admit I think I made a few mistakes running Karzoug (I didn't use the glaive's fireball as much as I should, and should of made Karzoug dimension door further away when he used it. But all in all, I thought I was TPK bound after round one. Everyone nestled so close for that meteor swarm is evil. If he had had fly, I think he could of completely mitigated the worms buy staying out of reach flying over the platform at the entrance. But alas, the druid lost another dear celestial friend, (Celestial Servant feat.) but that was the only true loss.

The fighter will be true resurrected though.

Kobold Swarm Fighter with maybe a rouge dip, just to always be under people's feet stabbing them in the unmentionables, and even faced with machines crawling all over them stabbing gears and 'important' things. Chewing electrical cables...and basically being a dang gremlin to all things complex or techy.

Ahem...Jaguars...but yeah the point is valid Zhayne...T-T (Outside of the Panthers, the Jags, Lions and Bengals are my much heartache.)

Anyways yeah it's like when people argue over ninja and rogue. Combat is one thing, that flying buzzsaw of death trap spaced with magic flamethrowers is a whole nother can o' worms.

And a good DM will have combat, traps, and deadly environments, and bar fights, and that time the male fighter puts on the belt of 'giantess' strength +4...etc. All in a fairly equal mix.

Not to mention all the shenanigans that happen in JUST combat scenarios alone. Some things in combat a monk will rule at, others a fighter is awesome.

Edit: Gah ninja'd by mplin

Icyshadow wrote:

Exceptions like those make me hate the Human race as an option even more than I usually do.

Then again, when I am the DM, I am free to houserule away such stupid limitations with regards to racial archetypes.

Edit: Seems my first line was ninja'd by a Golem. Anyway, I've taken steps to discuss this logic error with my fellow players and fixing it with common sense.

AMEN! And Praise be on high to you. Can't stand humans.

Also remember anytime something attacks it's invis drops. Also flour, always carry flour.

Yeah Irontooth, you smile at what you bought...thank god for Paizo...then look at your wallet....and damn paizo to hell...

That said still love me some Pie-zo

"Get back here you cowardly overgrown turkeys! Crissor howls out, but also heads Kenan's warning moving to snap off a shot again, before taking cover. Watching the arrow pop into the drake's back

shoot the most wounded drake, move to L44

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (14) + 13 = 27

1d8 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9

Is there anything 'official' for the images of the orders? I mean Alain's Cockatrice order is displayed on him but I can't find anything on what or if there is an official image for the others (Sword, Lion, Paw, Stars, Tome, etc)

Thank you, it's a shame that Kingmaker campaign got cancelled I really wanted to see how Daz would shake out.

I fully plan to finish out the back 8 classes for the Dwarves. I might do this for other classes as well that get stereotyped into a handful of roles.

incredilee wrote:

Here is a great starting tutorial: amp;src_vid=8j39NqwL7s4&v=74HR59yFZ7Y

And here is a great online practice tool if you don't have actual models to practice from:

Good luck with your endeavors! Since there aren't many places on the web to get decent art critiques, if you ever want private feedback just PM me with your drawings asking for a critique and I will gladly give you feedback.

Ohhhh thanks a bunch.

Gliz wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:
Any feedback at all?

I'm not an artist by any stretch, so I can't really offer constructive feedback, per se. But if it helps at all, I think the paladin is by far the best drawing of the bunch. You would probably be better at drawing (no pun intended) conclusions from that than I would.

Good for you for jumping in to this and putting yourself out there!

Hey I appreciate complements too, and thank you.

Luz wrote:

Hi Kingman, most of what I'd say has been said by incredilee but I'll add a few things. Please accept this as constructive criticism, I absolutely mean no offence.

1. Subjects - Use a variety of different subjects for models. That is, don't draw only dwarves. I realize you're grouping your portfolio by race, but in order to get better feedback you need to show different types of people. Also, females (even dwarf females) are not males with a big rack. It is difficult to distinguish your male drawings from your female ones.

2. Faces - Not bad, but many of them share the same features with different dressing. The fighter and monk, for instance, look like the same dude with different hair styles. Also, your noses are too long, which makes your mouths and chins too small. A dwarf typically has a big nose, yes, but not a long one. And they usually have a strong, prominent jawline. Your dwarf wizard is by far your best face in terms of proportion, character, and features.

3. Proportions - As incredilee said, practice on your figure drawing. Build from the inside out, starting with the gesture (or scribbly stick man). The gesture is the hardest thing to nail down but once you get it your drawing will look a thousand times better. Construct the rest of the figure using basic shapes, leave the details for last. There are two other resources I highly reccommend: any book written by Andrew Loomis (there are many, but he is one of the best how-to-draw teachers ever) and "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way" by Stan Lee and John Buscema. Either of these will take your drawings to the next level. Finally, if your not sure about your proportions, look at your drawing upside down or in a mirror. Easiest way to spot problems.

3. Anatomy - Clearly you like to show muscles which is fine in itself, try not to let it dominate the illustration. Muscles can be just as impressive when suggested underneath clothes, scales, armor or what have you. Also, some of your arms and legs suffer from the "sausage-links" look. Keep...

1. Oh I do, I picked dwarves for both study and challenge. As I've done a lot of figure drawing from the 'normal' human proportions. I started in artwork as an anthro artist, and wanted a break from human or human like figures. As well as broaden what I can bring to the table so to speak. I did try to find some references on female dwarf anatomy (which didn't exactly turn out the examples I was looking for.) so I had to wing it. Some of them because of outfit, I had to use other means then breasts to distinguish them (the paladin and rogue respectively.) The ranger and druid were the only ones with large breasts. (Even then not that large compared to other fantasy artwork examples) When I was thinking about it, I figured they'd have the same short and stocky (i.e. broad shoulders and hips, short thighs and forearms) that males had. The major distinctions I tried to make were face construction, and neck line. Hair style and eyes as well.

2. Hmmm well that's something to work on then. And thanks.

3. I actually do sketch from inside out like that. That's true I like muscles, and dwarves even female ones have always struck me as having big bulky (but not cut) muscle groups. I actually have a few guides that show muscles with the skin 'peeled back' to see how they all fit together. The 'sausage links' thing is a very fair statement. Trying to make those 'pivot points' in the arms and legs 'work' drives me batty, even worse then fingers and hands.

4.Yeah your not the first person that ever told me that. Me and 'loose' have a hard time getting along even my 'stick' and 'general shape' stages are draw often with my fingers locked on the pencil, with a locked wrist. And unless reminded I generally draw like that all the time. And yeah foreshortening and the 3 quarters turn on a figure kill me, I can do front, back, side, but the in-betweens I struggle with. But your right, the forgemaster is by far and above the one I'm personally the least happy with. And the rogue is supposed to be resting her chin on the handle with blade in front of her feet, I was hoping to create the 'depth' with her arms and hand placement.

And yeah I do go straight for the icing and fret over it a lot.

This is some of my other non-dwarf work:
Gnoll Gunslinger
Kobold Ninja
My personal OC
For the DMS out there
More of my OC
Old but D&D related -This one I know has mistakes

Right well the only way to get better is practice. I'm always open to advice and construction criticism (part of the reason I put these sketches up).

I'd love to put stuff into Wayfinder one day.

Yeah they are a fun unique challenge. I wanted to go a little bit against the grain with 'traditional' roles, but also keep the proper feel and look of dwarves.

Any feedback at all?

ShadowcatX wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:
I want a turn based 3/4ths top down strategy game like Final Fantasy Tactics, using the Pathfinder rulesets. All the races and classes/archetypes available right out of the box. Make a party of 5 and send them on an adventure.
Gods I would love that.

I think it's seriously needed.

I just wanted to share and this seemed like the best place to do it, the first few sketches done here are all Dwarfs, and all of them are Core classes. I'll do the Basic and alt classes later. And then maybe requests and such, I'm looking for commission work later on and such. Anyways these are just pencil sketches, I don't know if I'll color them.

Barbarian and Bard
Cleric and Druid
Fighter and Monk
Paladin and Ranger
Rouge, Sorcerer, Wizard

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I want a turn based 3/4ths top down strategy game like Final Fantasy Tactics, using the Pathfinder rulesets. All the races and classes/archetypes available right out of the box. Make a party of 5 and send them on an adventure.

Akisu the analogy would be more like going to the Army-Navy store and asking if they have hand grenades. Then they'll ask if you want frag, white phosphorus, etc. etc.

18 Dex, I'd put some feat investment into a good crossbow, you can still sneak attack inside 30ft IIRC, and stuff, your just not a bladey, stabby rouge.

Giganotosaurus most certainly good sir, but maybe presented like Dino Crisis 2 presented it. Archaeopteryx familiar would be bad ass.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
I mean this is right up there with... WHY THE HELL AREN'T GNOLLS MATRIARCHAL?

I dunno I've always made the Gnoll's chieftains/shaman/etc. Females while males are warriors, or outright slaves.

GrenMeera wrote:
LazarX wrote:
The fetish forums are that way ---------->

What way? I don't see them?! Don't advertise a fetish forum and not deliver a link!


If your wanting catfolk and other anthros I can point you in the right directions in PM cause I draw it for a living.

Now...on topic. I guess it's up to the DM and in a serious campaign, I probably wouldn't bring it up, if everyone is on board with hilarity (also never beg me for magic items I WILL but gender changing items in if you beg) I can see 'heat' an alright thing to rp.

HOWEVER, there is some evidence that upright walking creatures (primarily us) and IIRC the great apes, don't go into heat, and that their pelvis are positioned to make the 'entrance' less pronounced. This was in a college Anthropology class, I took several years ago so exact details I'm not solid on, but suffice to say you could say that any bipedal/humanoid would not go into heat. Magical Beasts and certain monsters like lamias, centaurs, griffons, etc. Probably do go into heat though. Dragons too, I'd bet.

Turin the Mad wrote:
It will be interesting to find out RL Detroit's version of OCP. ;)

Wal-Mart *sits back with feet on the table sipping hot coco*

Hmmm that raises another point does reincarnate remove the dwarven racial traits like Hardy, Greed, etc, for the human bonus feat and skilled?

Cause I couldn't see the swap of the human racial bonus feat, though skilled is swappable I guess. It doesn't actually say one way or another. I just told the PC to pick one of the alternate race traits for the bonus feat.

But hey quick google search for kicks: ly-conclude-nonhuman-animals-are-conscious-beings t.aspx#.UeOitNbD_L8

I've put forth the evidence you choose not to believe and haven't once brought an example to support your position. Because no study has ever proven they don't have emotion.

You just 'believe' your right.

And yet studies have proven animal intelligence, and emotional responses, that you refuse to take as proof on your own.

Rynjin wrote:
KingmanHighborn wrote:

You could say the same about humans.

A friend dies, the human grieves but after a while the human gets used to a new friend being the one that hangs out with them.

You could say that, but you'd be wrong.

Humans understand the concept of a cessation of existence.

Nope your wrong, they understand it just as well as we do.

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