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KingmanHighborn's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 436 posts (866 including aliases). 9 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 6 aliases.


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Puppy -Gnoll Barbarian

Gaedren Lamm had thought he was buying a ready made attack dog to keep his Little Lamm's in check, what he got though was frightened puppy that was scared of nearly everything after being separated from his mother and sold right after his weaning.

Even though he endured beating after beating, Gaedren couldn't make him hurt the other children, but when he finally did snap he instead took a bite out of Gaedren himself.

He was then beaten nearly to death, and as far as Gaedren was concerned beaten to death and disposed of on a Korvosan trash barge. He only survived because a blind half orc garbage collector took him in together they sifted refuse for food, and clothing.

Despite smelling like garbage and having almost everyone but other garbage collectors hate him for just being a gnoll, he grew strong and able to defend himself.

When a harrow card and an address fell into his hands he was happy to help this stranger get some well deserved justice.

Hmmm I have a few I like:
Armored Hulk: I like the idea of a very angry fella in a big box of metal.

Mad Dog: One of my current favs, even if you burn through rage at an insane amount. A raging Animal Companion is a boost to an already potentially powerful combat buddy.

Dirge Bard: Cause I love scaring people

Kobold Dragon Herald: With Coat of Arms and in service to a good dragon, it's one of my more favorite 'companion' choices.

Cloistered Cleric: It's more Friar Tuck then walking heal tank for one. Plus for the longest time it was my choice for playing an intelligent religious person.

Cad: Hooray dirty fighting!

Viking: Cause who doesn't love Vikings.

Hungry Ghost Monk: Stealing ki and HP is so freaking cool.

Sohei: It's been mentioned before, I just like it cause it's more weapon focused.

Holy Gun: Smiting Shot baby

Divine Hunter: Downtown long range

Tattooed Sorcerer: Walk in with a skunk tattoo...WIN

Chirurgeon: Combat medic again without having to be inside a tin can.

Kobold Alchemical Trapper: With the right party support, can be so much fun.

Beast Rider: Cause riding a giant angry tiger or bear or Lion, Oh my, is SOOOOO much cooler then a horse.

Witch Hunter: Burn the witch! Also very thematic to what I think of as an Inquisitor anyways.

Orc Scarred Witch Doctor: Con as a casting stat, Hell yeah.

Sword Saint: It's their only archetype really, but I like it, even if it takes some careful building to set up.

I haven't played that much with the ACG classes but:

War Drummer: I love the theme and yeah no martial weapons but a greatclub upside the head is still a good way to solve a problem, and it's very destructive if used right.

Annnnnd again you miss the mark. I'm sure the person putting effort into creating the catfolk and ratfolk races did a lot of work here at Paizo. But now you really want to talk lack of mythology? Or even established examples. As far as ratfolk go, even though Golarion's version have a much wider range of alignment possibilities, the most famous example is the Skaven.

As far as catfolk go, if you are wanting mythology, hello Egypt? Bast, Sehkmet, Mehit, Mafdet? Hell it was a pretty much accepted thing to the Egyptians that beings with human bodies and animal features existed, and those four are solid examples (In fact Osiriani is where I'd originate the Catfolk race in Golarion if I had a say.)

Japanese culture had the nekomata.

And for what Tolkein did for elves you aren't even going to give a nod towards authors like Niven for his Kzinti? Elder Scrolls is a video game sure but it's built a MASSIVE mythology and the Khajit and Argonians are deeply important to the world.

And then there is my beloved Kilrathi.

Star Trek is official with the Caitians.

Beautifully said.

Mighty Squash wrote:
The lazy naming all around is a bit bothersome, but I think I may be more bothered by catfolk existing at all (especially as a player race) than by their name in particular.

I could say the same thing about humans too, lazy name, and more infectious in a world then the bubonic plague.

That said Catfolk have just as much a right to exist in a world as elves and dwarves. And especially humans.

ElterAgo wrote:
Mighty Squash wrote:
... I think I may be more bothered by catfolk existing at all (especially as a player race) than by their name in particular.

+ 637

** spoiler omitted **...

Never happened in my gaming group, though I'll admit when Bestiary 3 dropped I bought the book day 1 BECAUSE of Catfolk, and was VERY happy with their stats. Besides I've seen more people female dogging about elves' stats then any other race. I do hope they stay with the more anthro look the ARG presented though.

GM_Beernorg wrote:
Bare in mind some of the folk naming trope is due to product ID laws. You can't copy write anthro animal races in general, but you can product ID things like Yuan-Ti, so to get around such things, snakefolk, catfolk, etc crop up.

That's pretty much the meat and potatoes of the reason they are named that way. D&D owns the Yuan-Ti name, And a lot of the good cat race names are already in use (Kilrathi, Kizen, Caitian, etc.).

Inquisitor's get a spell where you insult a group of enemies so badly they catch on fire.

Hayato Ken wrote:

That only shows that inherently chaotic foxes will not be contained to the forest of spirits! It´s in their nature to wander all lands and prank on people, while mixing with them! And they are a lot less suspicious than catfolk actually. So much for the human-centric world.

Here's to hoping less human-centric worlds in the future. Or at least no more human material in Pathfinder. They get too much as is.

Please no more or at least minimal humans, and more cool races like Catfolk, Ratfolk, Gnolls (though they did have some nice stuff in Monster Codex, I want more on the non lvl adjustment Gnolls from ARG)

Kitsunes, and Wyvarans. Seriously need some more Wyvaran love.

Considering I'm ONLY a Trekkie in regards to TNG and Voyager, 'maybe' as I HATED Shatner's Kirk and the all of the Shatner era Trek movies, except for Undiscovered Country.

I refuse to sit through Star Trek: Save the Whales!!! again. Ever -_-...I'd rather watch Twilight than that abomination.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Considering I have loved just about everything J.J. has done. Including making the two BEST Trek movies ever. I'm liking what I'm seeing.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

With her looks, bright eyed naivety, and lack of interest in political power, she'd make an excellent trophy wife if not for the fact that she'd make a horrible trophy wife.

That made me laugh.

Character creation rules?

Well if it's a 'swarm' what about a Holy Gun's Smiting Shot /w a Blunderbuss or Shotgun?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Perfectly legal, though Silken Ceremonial Armor LOOKS more arcane casty armor.

dotting. Catfolk Paladin, Chosen One or Holy Gun...not sure yet. Leaning towards Chosen One.

The furry in me and the Evil Dead fan in me, wants to see a pic of her holding the ratfolk and saying "Give me some sugar ratty." :P

Or something like that. ^-^ Love this cover.

1. Nothing else in Varisia

2. A comedy adventure, like the PCs create and own a brewery or something.

3. Andoran based For Liberty!

4. And yeah a campaign to fight the orc hordes. Big numbers.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Divine Hunter Pally, if it's evil it dies.

Name: Ikcarn
Race: Male Wyvarn
Class: Urban Ranger
Adventure: Armageddon Echo
Location: In some random elf's home inside the echo.
Catalyst: An assassin's death attack.

I'm playing a ratfolk necromancer, my character and the Half-Elf Shaman, Dwarf Skald, and Human Monk are sleeping to recoup our injures and lost spells. Ranger and his constrictor snake are outside keeping watch. He has the snake hiding while he guards the door. An elf shows up saying it's his house, converses with the ranger, informs them about dark skinned elfs in an alchemist shop, he turns to have the elf come inside and meet the other pcs, when...Death Attack. Auto kill rapier through the throat.

Best thing was the apparent drow assassin, never saw the now very angry snake who pounced, and constricted the assassin to death slowly. Everyone inside SLEPT through this.

Said player of the ranger is still mad I animated his character's body to use as cannon fodder on the observatory. =^-^=;

You know what? Pay +350gp and it's both masterwork tool and masterwork weapon.

As far as goofy weapons I'm all for it, I had a Half-Orc Barbarian that used a large sized bag of holding as his favorite 'weapon'...

If you have ever read Erin Hunter's Warriors series, the cats in the clans are trained in fighting styles unique to their clans. I see no reason a dog or wolf can't have IUS. But yeah it's medium so it does 1d3 plus STR.

Another reason is some DMs will say biting a creature with a diease or certain poisons would make you roll Fort saves. An IUS is 'safer'.

I could see a dog or wolf getting IUS to get Improved Grapple, so they can also pin opponents like real police dogs do. Also IUS lets you do nonlethal. I don't think you can do nonlethal bites, or at minimum they take the -4 to attacks like using lethal weapons in a non lethal manner.

Mykull wrote:

I don't see a need for different gods for different races. They could worship different aspects of the ones you have.

For instance, Dwarves worshipping Prime of Optimus might focus on the Rule of Law aspect of the Law domain while Elves worshipping Prime might focus on the Laws of Nature.

You end up cluttering the pantheon and I think you should stick to something small to start. Wolfgang Baur had an excellent Dungeoncraft article entitled "The Perfect Pantheon (Brewing Up The Right Gods)" in Dungeon #146, if you have access to it. If not, I could be type it out.

I certainly would like to read it if you have it.

Xenre the Vague wrote:

Druids should get Capt'n Plannett, defender of nature, or Ororo the Weather Witch.

Plannett is a perfect being made of the five elements: earth, fire, wind, water and telepathic subjugation... I mean heart. Or love, or the spark of life. Which actually ties nicely to Transformers Allspark.
Domains: good, healing, earth, fire, air, water and Love.

Ororo strives for peace and harmony as her emotions control the very weather.
Domains: weather, air, but also the emotion subdomains fear, isolation, rage, lust, loss, hatred, solitude, and resolve.

Plannett sounds great. The rings and elements could work well with maybe coopting the Olympic rings for the holy symbol.

Ohhhh thank ya very kindly. ^-^

So basically I'm working on an alternate 'Earth' world where 'humans' are wiped out because of a mass release of Transmutation magic. (Not sure on 'exact' cause yet, but maybe a meteor or biological/technology reactivation of Earth's magic. And the return of magic obliterated most technological stuff.) The new races of Earth are transformed from humans to be: Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, Halfling, Gnome, and the beast races like Kitsune, Catfolk, Ratfolk, Gnoll, Kobold, Tengu etc.

Now the only surviving religions have formed from pieces of pop culture, famous names and hearsay from books, movie box art, etc.

What I got so far::


Prime of Optimus
Domains: Artifice, Good, Law, Protection
F. Weapon: Battleaxe

Short description: Also known as the red knight, whose armor looks like the front of the ancient wheeled transports, one hand grips a strange black staff, while his other hand is replaced completely by a glowing orange (obviously magical) axe.

CN- Conan (? Not sure really while Prime is the 'paladin god' need something for barbarians to relate to.)

Xenos Morph
Domains: Void, Darkness, Madness
Favored Weapon: Natural Attack

Strange god clad in all black, very lanky, kills so well his victims don't even get to scream in his home. Apparently found of eggs and parasites that burst out of a victims chest.

King El Vis
Domains: Charm, Travel, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff made of metal

Patron of Bards and odd Monks, priests wear flashy clothes, and temples often put their idols outside after services to show the king has left the building.

Domains: Scalykind, Liberation, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Musket (or other firearm?)

Followers often hear people think their god is dead, tend to also distrust government figures.

Domains: Death, Knowledge, Luck, Repose
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Surprisingly friendly god of death, followed by his two heralds that appear as young and very annoying children.

Magic Users
NG- (I have no idea, on true 'benevolent' deity. To fulfill a Sarenrae like role)

Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Travel
Favored Weapon: Sword Cane

Followers are often lame oracles, or healers with bad bedside demeanors but often granted keen insight on diseases and other medical anomalies.

NE- Crowley
Domains: Magic, Entropy, Rune
Favored Weapon: Khopesh

(I'm actually open to changing this one too, as he isn't as well known, maybe give this to Lovecraft?)

Dwarfs and Elves I have no idea. Dwarfs are probably going to have a lot of Scandiniavian influence with Elves being found mostly in France and Canadian areas, (Drow/Duergar taking up the Nazi stuff, and still being underground)

Not to fleshed out but for laughes Gnomes get:
NG- Lassie
Domains: Community, Animal, Protection
Favored Weapon: ???

Gnomes are tricksters but known to get help when kids fall in wells or other calamities.

Halflings not sure either, maybe Frodo/Sam?

Orcs I have no idea either, they are very British, so maybe the good ones follow The Tenet of David? or something. Evil? No idea.

Catfolks: Probably LG Simba and CN Cheshire

Druids get:

N - Nat Geo
Domains: Animal, Plant, Earth, Water
Favored Weapon: ??? Something that looks like a book?

Any input and advice is highly interesting to me. Racial deities and other alignment and class favored deities kinda needed, as well as evil ones.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Catfolk to be a legal race.

Party of Summoner, Rogue (Catfolks), Monk (Human) and Fighter/Inquisitor (Dhamphir) launched an attack on a goblin stronghold, and inside was several bunny rabbits in cages that the goblins used for food and ritual sacrifice (100 to be exact). The monk decided the kill 99 of the bunnies and give the rogue the last one as a pet.

One of mine is cohorts, animal companions, familiars, summons, eidolons and mounts, etc. Go on the 'owning' PCs initiative.

As someone that has picked up and swung a Tetsubo it is an entirely different beast then just swinging a big piece of wood around. (And for that matter the boat oar. Which is fun to use in katas.)

It crashes before I can even get to the point of switching views.

Is anyone else having trouble getting Professor Q's complete guide on Wizard to load?

Of those shown...this one:

My personal suggestion is find the old Jurassic Park board game it had some FANTASTIC raptor and T-Rex sculpts.

Example: 4405780?pt=Games_US&hash=item4d23480b14

2 people marked this as a favorite.

The Hex Gunner would be cool but if you are dropping the familiar then I'd say the gun HAS to be the spellbook...and commune with it instead. RP on that would be fantastic.

I like the idea of the Shrine Maiden Oracle too, and for me...

I would like a Sumo archetype for Monk or Brawler.

Love what you do, killing is fun to you, torture is fun, you spare your allies only because they are 'yours' (i.e. ownership whether they know it or not.) Most 'good' characters kill because it 'has to be done' for 'x' reason. You though the reason out the window, it's in your way and that's the only reason you need.

You could also take a page from Richard from LFG.

Warhammer and 40K have some novels from the Chao faction's POV, I'd look at some of those too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Especially when Gnolls and Lizardfolk can be good too.

I thought belladonna and wolfsbane were the same thing.

I vote option 1. Unarmed Strikes only.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Catfolk, Gnoll, Kobold, and Wyvaran, and someone that will pay me to illustrate the races for them. :P

*shrugs* I'm not going to belittle anyone about their likes, if you Jedi and Force stuff that's cool, not my gravy, but don't let me stop you from dressing up as Vader, Luke, Obi-Wan, etc. Just don't begrudge me for wanting my own B-wing...or an X-Wing...or an A-wing...or an Advanced Tie, or a Star Destroyer...etc.etc. ad infineum As I even love the flying craft Jaba had.

As far as JJ Trek goes, I just enjoy it more. *shrugs*

I didn't enjoy 1, 3, 4, or 5, I appreciated what 2 did linking a character encountered before in a tv series to the film, but still was boring, I liked 6 for the political intrigue.

Genesis, First Contact and Nemesis I liked.

I my favorite is Into Darkness, followed by Star Trek 09'


Aranna I loved Wing Commander, I grew up on all the games and Mark Hamill live action in-game of 3,4,and 5. And the cartoon on USA, and the books. I adored the Kilrathi...which lead to be finding Larry Niven's stuff, and LOVING the Kzin. So if I get to be a giant (or human sized) cat person in space, I'm happy.

You don't realize how much I absorbed of the universe's goings-on.

Unfortunately EA is sitting on the IP and not doing anything with it. T-T

And yeah Chris Roberts was cool, if the movie hadn't had it's funding and time to produce sucked away by Phantom Menace he'd of had time to do it right, the movie ain't canon for fans anyway. :P

I voted Star Wars, but really you could drop the Force and lightsaber stuff as it BORED me. I liked Star Wars cause there was so many cool places to go, races in universe, and the ships. Specially the fighters, I loved all the fighter craft from all the Wars movies, even the bleh prequels had awesome looking fighters. That doesn't include the awesome AT-AT that began my LOVE for mechs.

But see I love Trek too as long as it's not Shatner. (TOS is fine just I don't like Shatner's take on Kirk.) I grew up with TNG and loved it, as I loved the politics and 'feel' of it.

But then there was DS9 and I hated it, it was soooooooo BOOOOORRRRRINGGG! Nothing happened until the Dominion stuff started up otherwise it was Space CSI.

Voyager was the best of the best, crème de le crème series. As they had no Federation support. (Many times Enterprise had to go in for repairs or even complete rebuilds with a competent captain like Picard at the helm.)

The Captain Archer Enterprise didn't stay on t.v. long enough for me to have an opinion other then "It's not...bad."

J.J. has put out the 2 best Trek films

So weighing them...Wars won out. (An entire movie about going back in time to save whales is what caused me to vote against Trek.)


As far as my favorite sci-fi world.

Wing Commander, hands down, best.

RDM42 wrote:

Meanwhile one could also say that a 'good player' will find a way to play something that fits in the milieu as presented. I find the implication that if you don't fit in a wayang into your middle earth campaign you somehow 'aren't a good gm'.

It's not just a wayang but the point is there is ROOM in a Middle Earth campaign for more then just human, elf, hobbit and dwarf. And the DM and player can work together on it, but all it takes is a tiny bit of imagination on the DM's part.

JoeJ wrote:

I think the relevant point though is that all of the races Tolkien included in his party were established as part of the world, with societies that had been developing and interacting with one another for millennia. In other words, all of Tolkien's races fit. If you're following Tolkien's approach, you can't just add a wayang character to the party without figuring out where the wayang live, what customs they follow, who the great wayang heroes and/or villains were, and what role the wayang have played in world history. That's very different from the "cantina" approach, where strange aliens just show up with no explanation offered or expected.

Thing is if you are playing in a Golarion setting there is 50+ some playable races that are IN World. If you are playing an RPG on Middle Earth it's a different set of circumstances until you realize the books had a 'very localized' geography. Middle Earth not that big As compared to Faerun The bulk of Middle Earth's land mass and countries would fit almost entirely in a Faerun country. (If you go by how 'long' it takes to travel) So it's not outside the realm of possibility to put a Wayang in as a race from outside the very small focal point the Middle Earth books represented. A good DM will find a way that fits, especially if they actually 'read' the monster's entry, it generally points to their culture and where they like to live. You don't NEED to figure out the heroes and villains too much because that PC is going to BE the hero or villain recorded.

tonyz wrote:
A mount also allows you to move and full attack, which is huge.

It does? I'm pretty sure if the mount moves you count as moving too.

Actually I stated they look human, "but share zero mechanical similarities and are generally shown as parallel to humans and not a branch of it"

Not shortchanging them, but they are physically indistinguishable from human if you took the arcane ring around their heads away.

Ninjaxenomorph wrote:
Well, since in Rasputin Must Die!, the soldiers speak Russian, appropriately. I know its a fantasy setting, but it would make no logical sense if a language on a completely different world was a dialect of another language.

It's been done in some fantasy settings before where there is 'overlap' and stuff.

Cleric of Erastil with Animal Domain, gets you the prof in the bow, and with boon companion a wicked bodyguard/attack dog to go hurt things with you. (Seriously one of the players in my gaming group had a panda that killed things flat dead, including dealing the death blow to a black dragon.)

Well Molthune in Golarion is kinda sorta Russia. You could argue that since their languages are Common and Varisian, that Varisian being a 'gypsy-esque' racial language would have parallels in Eastern European/Western European dialects, you could say he starts with a 'dialect' of Varisian.

Just my 2 coppers.

Zolanoteph wrote:
...there are players who have more fun with an anything goes star wars approach, with as many sentient races walking about the kingdom as there are different ethnicities on a Manhattan sidewalk... Players like him and I wouldn't allow certain things in our respective worlds. In my case there would certainly be no fox people allowed at my table, or space travel, or frog people. Maybe at your table new races are popping out of portals all the time. Neither approach is "right" or "wrong", this is all a matter of personal preference.

While I agree there is no need for name calling I'll admit I'm in the bolded text's camp. But I think your reasoning against kitsune, (or any race outside of core for that matter.) is wrong. They don't HAVE to 'popping out of portals', or using anything else different. They are born into the world as much as any hairless vanilla ape is.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oh god an Ogre Fighter, Ogre Ranger, Awakened Cat Swashbuckler, and awakened Donkey Bard with a dragon cohort.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Not really, there is a lot of reasons to put odd races into certain adventures that don't use the 'far from home' idea. Exotic races can be be former slaves, known mercenaries, wilderness guides, or the people that perform certain tasks that others find unsavory.

take my Gnoll barbarian named Puppy for example:

This was for Curse of the Crimson Throne

Puppy was bought on the black market as a pup by Lamm in hopes of being a ruthless enforcer. But when he couldn't get the gnoll child to savage the other children he beat the gnoll nearly to death and dumped him on a garbage barge.

Puppy was pretty much forced to survive on Korvosa's cast offs, and was taken on as the equivalent of a garbage man and sewer cleaner. (both dangerous enough jobs to warrant weapons and nasty enough that no 'core' race would want to do it.)

So of course he jumped at the chance to even the score with Lamm, his childhood timidity replaced by the adult nightmare Lamm had hoped to create to begin with.

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