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Feral Halfling

King of the Jakers's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 86 posts (132 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.

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Mother of God.


This monster of a die reached my doorstep for my most recent game. I laughed as I hoisted the feather light piece of awesome into the air. The color is well purple, which is awesome. I like purple. But more importantly it is huge, and I mean huge. I dwarfs all the dice in my gaming group, and many of the miniatures that graced out table. You can read it from a great distance, and should the roll get away from you there is no squinting required. More importantly the GM sitting on the far side of the table doesn't even need to ask what was rolled as even from his doom throne it is clearly readable. That and when he catches a glimpse of the 'paizo' side he just glares and mutters curses.

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Pleasant, in the right light.

***( )( )

I received my set of these in time for my most recent gaming session. I have to say they are quite beautiful. I like the color combo and the flowing script that the silver helps bring out in the etching.

Now for the not so awesome. The picture there makes these dice rather easy to read, that must have been taken under some high power lighting, or a flash (or both). My session started when we still had some sun shining in the widow. And while that additional light was present I was commended on my excellent choice of pretty dice for this week. Problem is as the sun dropped below the horizon and we were forced to use conventional lighting (My game room has only one light in the ceiling, that uses two lower wattage bulbs.) they became rather difficult to read. My rating would be 4 would it not be for the fact that they became annoying enough to read that I grab a clearer pair. For those of you with super blinding light these would be perfect. For those of you with lower wattage lighting like myself and my group, well get ready to squint and reach across the table to read the numbers.

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Pretty Awesome.

****( )

These caught my eye so I picked up a generous handful (10) of them for 15 bucks and some change. I figured they would fit in for a pretty good mood setter at a tavern's game of chance. When I got them they were much larger than I had anticipated, which is to say a good thing. They feel like actual dice made for use rather than a dainty little gussied up die that is just there to look pretty and make people squint. Practically they work just like I wanted them to and added a little extra umph to a little in game detour.

They receive a 4 star rather than a five due to the fact that their design, which is what makes them cool, seems to stunt the amount of rolling that can be done with them. The don't so much as roll, on my marble gaming table, as the just sort of thud and skid.

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Red Unavailable

Deceptive and Massively Over Priced.

*( )( )( )( )

I am a fan of Q-Workshop products, I own a myriad of their products though mostly dice. I saw this cup and on a whim purchased it. I received it in the mail today. First there was a surprise inside the cup, it did come with a Runic(Dwarven) Die, a D12 which likely will not see much use in any of my games. And the cup looks almost exactly like the picture.

Now the problem with the cup is it's almost comical size. For 24 dollars the cup measures in at a grand total of 3 1/2 inches tall. I literally laughed when I opened the shipping box. The thing is hardly capable of holding two whole sets of dice. Ridiculous.

It's cool and I like the concept, in a store or provided with a measurement I would not have paid more than five dollars for this product. Such a let down.

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